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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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for the weekly if the countries do not have you know security at some countries risk. heaven for you know or terrorist or criminal are going to scream at us the government say they're working to stop that from happening for samantha and some we have decided to escalate our security approach in dealing with these attacks and violence so that's africa union will come in and take charge. this way the cell region will be safer and all the flashpoints can be contained in the solved by africans themselves on the african continent of free trade agreement is expected to create there was no largest single market in the continent is home to one and a quarter 1000000000 africans leaders hope that the free trade agreement will help create jobs as breaking up the growth but it's not clear whether investors will overlook the internal strife in many african countries and bring in the much needed capital to boost production of goods and services.
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african entrepreneurs say the agreement could be the answer to the continent's many problems and the truth is we do have china africa by the know where to get the kind of returns on investment that you get in the future so you're confident the investors will come and come to visit all we need to do to fund the war program was going to put in place policies that will be able to create jobs i live in poverty there are also fears that corruption and we can force make some countries modest success of what's being billed as a historic free trade agreement. so basically we will see a lot of negotiations a lot of trading between the member nations especially the key member nations who will try to get as much concessions as they can in the next few months before this deal finally takes off next year climate or an address that. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including tens of thousands of protesters back on the
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streets of hong kong this time aiming their message at visitors arriving from the mainland. we'll look at the dangers people desperate for a better life are facing on the mexico u.s. border and there was heartbreak from a host egypt the africa cup of nations details in sport. protesters have returned to the streets of hong kong in their fight to have a controversial extradition bill scrapped this time a rally is being held in loon we're looking at live pictures coming in from hong kong tens of thousands marching towards the new train station it links the territory to the chinese mainland organizers say they want to educate because it's from china about their struggle. as you can see in these live pictures police are
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taking their positions perhaps to try and prevent a repeat of what happened last week with protesters storming the legislature building angry at government plans all what had been government plans to introduce legislation allowing extradition to the mainland times which was shelved. but not completely cancelled from a grind as the latest from hong kong. literally thousands of people swamping the streets of calhoun district at home calling on this demonstration it several hours after the start of this march and the march is still going on the end of the march is the main terminus that. hong kong to mainland china by high speed rail that is now completely surrounded by thousands of demonstrators thing the whole object of this march according to the organizers was to educate mainland visitors who
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often come to this part of hong kong to do a lot of market luxury shopping and so on is to tell them all about the extradition route we have see a number of interactions between these protesters and also very long visitors that have been very good natured as they've been handing out leaflets to many of these day long visitors who for the most part of being good news to see such a sight of course hong kong is one of the only cities in china where you could hold demonstrations like this the mood has not been so polite towards the police they have kept a largely low profile but according to these protesters they want not just the complete withdrawal of this controversial extradition bill they also want to see an investigation of police tactics despite police did not also they've been using minimum force many of these protesters believe that police have been using excessive amounts of force against peaceful protesters and they want
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a full independent investigation. voting closes in an hour in greece's general election the 1st since the end of the financial bailouts opinion polls are predicting a defeat for left wing prime minister alexis tsipras he called an early election after his series of parties stinging loss in the european parliament elections in may and he's expected to be ousted by the conservative new democracy party. joins us now live from athens so it's kind of interesting john that the country has been allowed back on the markets to borrow money and yet series is expected the ruling party is going to be punished why. well 1st of all greece borrowed 256000000000 euros from its eurozone partners and a little of that came from the i.m.f. the international monetary fund at an average of 2 percent interest its borrowing from markets at above 4 percent interest so going back to markets is
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a kind of freedom but it is also more expensive it's not as though the greeks can borrow unlimited amounts they are also bound by the stability and growth pact of the eurozone to not supposed. to cent of g.d.p. in terms of their deficit each year and right now they're aiming to do far far better than that which is to maintain a balanced budget because even going as far as one or 2 or 3 percent deficit might undermine market confidence in greece that's the 2nd reason why it doesn't make a lot of difference and the 3rd reason is that most of the money greece borrowed before from its partners and is borrowing now from the markets roughly 70 percent of that money goes towards repaying all debt turning over old debt about another 20 percent has gone to refinancing the banks because greeks have been failing to honor their loan commitments and repay their loans to the private sector and so the banks
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have been in danger of default only 10 percent of what greece borrowed from its partners and is borrowing from it's from the markets has gone into the real economy so it's not as though greece can now borrow large amounts and spend freely on the domestic economy and stimulate growth in that way it doesn't have the freedom to do that this is a symbolic freedom it signals that greece is bankable again to the international markets and it has a long road ahead of it before it convinces those markets that it is sustainably bankable this is something i discussed earlier with my colleague. really these a seasoned journalist and political commentator and this is how he described the gambit that faces new democracy conservative party leader. if he does take the reins of government next week. what i term greek normality may not seem
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like normally to many other people because the the norm was overspending. basing economic growth on consumption rather than productivity and competitiveness it's very difficult to see where this is heading. austerity has not ended the bailout programs have ended but those stared has not ended now new democracy it would be one of the greatest upsets in history if they don't win an outright majority tonight new democracy have been promising more growth orientated policies lowering taxes lowering social security contributions it all remains to be seen how feasible these are because the fiscal restraints remain in a vigil is no out yet. very simply what all of this means is that new democracy appreciates that prosperity isn't going to come from the ability to
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borrow it is going to come from the greek economy is ability to generate growth generate new tax revenue for the government and show that the economy is extrovert export driven competitive within the global economy that is what you democracy says that it can achieve it is a difficult thing to achieve because the greek economy has been left without reform for many decades and so this is still a huge challenge even if there is a decisive electoral victory on sunday or a johns hopkins than from athens. oh increased enforcement along the us mexico border is expected to deter people from entering america with authorities participating and dissipating rather a 25 percent drop in arrests as venue or apollo reports and more desperate the still willing to risk their lives and freedom as they attempt to cross the potentially deadly. on the banks of the rio grande the mexican 1st
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responders are searching for a missing person it's a joint operation between mexican authorities and u.s. customs and border patrol they're looking for a little girl about 3 years old the daughter of haitian migrants who crossed the river into the united states a few nights ago and. in this case unfortunately we are looking for a girl between 2 and 3 years old it's best that we search down stream because she's the baby she could have been swept away easier than an adult we've also had cases where bodies are stuck deep in the water or in the surrounding brush. at a nearby camp for migrants we met 2 brothers from cuba they've been here for almost a month while they are asylum cases are processed in the u.s. they tell us it's quite common for migrants to get impatient and take to the river . there was one night were 80 people crossed others across the river 20 or 30 at a time including children sometimes younger than 2 years old. the camp has become
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a temporary home to more than 300 asylum seekers most of them are from west africa haiti and cuba. but not of those from angola he's been at the camp for more than a month he plays music most days to pass the time. we are expecting to wait here 23 or 4 months because there are many people ahead of us on the asylum list. many of the people we spoke to at the camp like that an article say the plan to wait as long as it takes to cross into the u.s. legally. but illegal crossings at the rio grande they have in. recent recent months and so have drownings we were at a municipal cemetery in pierre that us neda's mexico where the bodies of migrants who died trying to cross into the united states are often brought in have these wooden crosses placed over their graves and this one here simply reads mail not identified pulled out of the rio approximately 300 meters from the black bridge in the neighborhood. there are several other graves of unknown migrants near pine the
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groundskeeper told us he period 8 drowning victims just last week. back at the river looking just across the water in the u.s. soil authorities say they will continue the search operation for one week as per protocol we've been told however that at this stage now several days since a child went missing the odds of finding her alive are very good little affluent as eda bitterness neda's mexico. thousands of migrants rescued off the coast of libya have dissin bogs it into me despise an italian government ban all rescue vessels docking there the alex has been impounded on the measuring united of lampedusa the german vessel with $65.00 rescued migrants aboard is heading to malta instead of italy or about manly has more. thirsty and exhausted but say they survived the dangerous journey across the mediterranean from north africa
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after the italian charity mediterranea rescued them from the stranded. but arriving on the island of lampedusa they were surrounded by police and ordered not to disembark the charity says they're lucky to be alive i think when montanus or not more of those new ones in that sea did die such a small dinghy does not even gets parted by the radar they were lucky they were able to one of us shortly before we had met in the water and the rest of the ship wrecked. the italian flag rescue boat the alex had run out of drinking water and was carrying 3 times as many people as it should when the boat's crew were denied permission to dock by the italian government malta offered to take the vessel but the crew declared a state of emergency government so you're guessing it's a good thing we are in emergency conditions that force is to go to the nearest port
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we finished our food and water supplies we are overcrowded with several cases of physical pain coast principally by whether this boat is not suited to remain for 45 hours in these conditions therefore we ask you to risk or to record. the island of lampedusa is closer to north africa than italy but migrants aren't welcome. last month italy's interior minister and deputy prime minister met they are said vinie issued to korean posing heavy fines a migrant boats which trespass into italian waters. and you know yeah i am not reopening a tally imports especially if you ask me to but as a german ship and then you take care of it or we put them all on a bus in front of the german embassy that's enough and this applies to the french the dutch and to anyone who thinks anything can be done in italy. but just over a week ago after rescuing dozens of migrants the captain of
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a german rescue ship was arrested when she defied italian orders and docked in lampedusa an italian judge's since ordered. rolly rocketed to be freed from house arrest saying she'd been acting to save. the human rights group says 681 people have died while attempting to cross the mediterranean just this year but many continue to attempt the dangerous the crossing in search of a better life. and rescue crews say that continue to put the lives of refugees before rules the war about in manly al jazeera former us vice president joe biden has apologized for his remarks about working with segregationist janice's during his early days in congress rival democratic party white house hopefuls have highlighted his opposition to a federal policy in the 1970 s. to integrate black students the public schools folks now is i wrong
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a few weeks ago somehow give the impression of people that i was praising those men who are successfully opposed time and again yes i was i regret it i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception i may have caused me but. that misstep to find 50 years of my record for fighting for civil rights racial justice in this country i hope no i don't think so. that just isn't an honest assessment of my record i'm going to let my record of my character stand for self and not be distorted or smeared so the head of al jazeera . farewell to the father of boston of brazil loses a musical legend. in sport when
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a messy claim south america's biggest football tournament is corrupt and these here with that story. hello welcome to another look at the international forecast mobile services usually cross the middle east is hot and it's dry we've got a few showers little more cloud up towards the caucasus so just around pushing across some mania into georgia we could see some wet weather over the next couple of days so they'll be a few showers in play here as we go on through monday for the south as out sons i mean forty's for baghdad and for kuwait city a rather more pleasant 30 celsius there for beirut in a similar temperature for jerusalem over the next couple of days spot the difference on shoes day still those showers between the caspian and the black sea
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war hot sunshine less how should we say for baghdad temperatures of $43.00 degrees celsius that's what those numbers found for karate warm sunshine here at around $34.00 degrees plenty of hot sunshine across syrian peninsula perhaps a little bit of cloud just sliding its way into the central areas of the red sea maybe up towards the far south of amman is well but essentially it does look dry and settled temperatures here in doha day pick up to around $45.00 celsius but a smile when plans to watch have some lifted dust and sand so any staying dry staying dry across the southern parts of africa over the next couple of days little more clout to the south. 3 decades of the collapse of the soviet union russia gaging with africa to raise its political clout and we look at the economics behind.
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counting the cost on a. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested in global perspective that al-jazeera provides. one of the last remaining ancient forests in southeast asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumberjacks and drivers. we follow the treacherous journey as they walk through extreme conditions. together and transport this dangerous but precious cargo risking it all. on al-jazeera.
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you're watching out just 0 time to recap pipelines now iran will increase enriching its uranium levels in the next few hours breaching the limits of the 2015 nuclear deal to her on had given the you until sunday to save the agreement it plans to scale down commitments every 60 days but says it still is open to talks. both will close in under an hour in greece's general election the 1st since financial buyouts and the indian polls are predicting defeat for the left wing prime minister likes to suppress the new democracy leaders to tipping to. nigeria and the latest african nations to ratify a deal to create the world's largest free trade zone it's being finalized at the summit of african union leaders in eritrea remains the only one but all to sign up
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to the single market. and supporters of the deal hope it will create employment opportunities for millions of africans malcolm webber affords from kenya what it may mean for farmers there. betty tibet grows here on her farming kenya and up in more than a dozen african countries beings from the soil of plants will make cooking oil. no more a so we decided to call soya because this is the. draft . and then it is the main quest grow up for us. the oil from bessie's beans is bottled at this food factory in the town of seeka as well as using locally produced oil its owners sometimes in poor toil from neighboring countries as well so that's subject to trade tariffs and so it costs more the products made in this factory were also subject to trade tariffs in some of the african countries that they're
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exported to the proponents of a new interest in continental free trade agreement say that could soon change. nearly all of the member states of the african union has signed the agreement is due to take effect next year and progressively phase out 97 percent of terrorists. at the factory the director told us it will create jobs and reduce costs if it's implemented this will be the single biggest market in the world where there will be free movement of goods and services big. projects like this look very good but the implementation has to be done with a united africa with united thinking united limitation when leaders promise free trade the african union many still pursue protectionist policies at home selling manufactured products across africa's borders often isn't easy it's here at the
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port of mombasa that goods manufactured outside of africa are imported to the region. most african countries trade more with countries in europe and asia and with each other economists say the free trade agreement alone won't solve that and that they'll be resistance from a powerful few who make fast profits from the status quo the politicians have become beholden to these types of folks and i think you're breaking up much more than might appear at 1st glance you're bringing in a system that's been there since independence the products from the food factory a truck to around the region that this kind of manufacturing and export happens less in africa than any other continent economist say free trade within the continent would change that and create more jobs and income for people like betty but many feel it's still a long way off malcolm webb al-jazeera kenya on my column our is a visiting fellow at the london school of economics for us large the center for
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africa joins us now from london good to have you with us so where are we understand they're on the verge of launching this free trade agreement is this a turning point for the continent. oh yes this is a definite turning point for the continent in many ways it's a surely it's a free trade agreement but this is how it impacts on politics and economics our social lives and this seems to be the clear way forward for progress on the continent at the moment is going to impact on every country that participates all it means for economic growth participating countries. well it is a surely it means that african countries can now of trade freely with with each other and in previous the you only had 16 percent. with african countries but
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that's as it happens this is going to actually boost in traffic control by 60 percent even just by 2020 in 3 years time that goes to show how might a for the economy boost this is actually supposed to be in care on the continent and you also actually mean is that countries that didn't have markets to actually export the foods are devastated and going to have $54.00 other states to actually export to and vice versa or that looks good and sounds good on paper can they actually be perhaps challenge by security issues across the continent. well that's an issue which is being looked at i mean for example if if a country's most even secure then we have this free movement of people who turn fest meant there will be restricted people are going to make sure that then going invest or trade in a secure areas and actually that is going to be
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a wakeup call for countries that are how we security problems to now try and cut back on on courses of in security and other things however regardless of any security problems or pockets on the continent i mean the police is go ahead and 6 trade up their victory is actually going to be monitoring in safe areas of trade and actually steer their policy to make sure that investors and traders and countries and economies actually guy that in their ways and places that the rest. of our tree policy is still details we work our labor wars of or origin of goods traded and so on and you confident this ability to actually put into effect. oh yes initially looks complex however i mean. the thieves actually sat down to plot this very well i mean the rules of wire it in really we're talking about just
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the economic nationality of a product which could be merely china or made in ghana and made in nigeria for example so all these will factory and i mean these with me clear to countries and trade this and investors will know exactly the rules of origin nuclear by the roofs and the observatory actually coordinate effectively all these things i mean this is no sort of strange thing to africa in the sense that already the regional economic communities eco our sense outside that we see are operating in many ways with rules of our region based practice and and therefore they just have to coordinate and update you know systems and strategies to actually aligned with the new continent off area and do things are actually have to be done more and thanks so much michael armor. taliban fighters in afghanistan say
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they've killed 8 security personnel in a car bomb explosion close to $200.00 injuries are reported in the central province of ours ne taliban say an intelligence gathering base was the target of the attack coincides with the start of 2 days of talks between taliban representatives and afghan society groups here in qatar the german government is mediating the tours which is separate to negotiations also in doha between the taliban and the us american special representative says substantial progress is being made to end the afghan conflict shelob ellis is following the talks. well talks are underway here in doha the doors behind me there are 17 members of the taliban and more than 60 people have been flown in from afghanistan members of the government opposition civil society all meeting here in their personal capacity not professional capacity
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this is very much seen as an icebreaker where they get to know each other what their priorities are what their red lines are then they can move forward hopefully if things go well over the next 2 days into more formal negotiations with the afghan government and the taliban as part of almost a one year kind of peace process that the u.s. has started with the taliban they are primarily focused on a troop withdrawal and guarantees from the taliban that afghan soil will not be used by groups such as to plan or execute attacks of war smalling it's been very positive watching kind of members of the taliban and afghan delegation having coffee together tea sometimes laughing trying to find common ground on how to move forward now that is in stark contrast to what we have see. this morning to the military factions of the afghan government and the taliban still very much a war talk to the taliban to break concessions and they say that is the case until we have an agreement we are still at war that they tried to avoid civilian
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casualties in this they were targeting an afghan intelligence unit they say you know if the government really does care about civilians that they should stop fighting so they are saying that this will continue until an agreement in this kind of forum in daraa is 6. but it's monks ensured anker are discussing banning all ash list religious and the extremist groups thousands of monks and sets are at a conference rather of the buddhist nationalist group or the by the center discussing who supported presidential elections in december other proposals being discussed think banning clothing that threatens other cultures face were banned following the easter sunday suicide bombings churches and hotels which killed 258 people. well founder's has more from candy. started in pretty much measured tones the head of the board while a saint of the venerable gallagher. the buddhist priest you see speaking in
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addressing the gathering here behind me has got increasingly vociferous in talking about the need to take this thing holabird it state during the speech basically is alluded to the fact that the single the buddhist nation is very much in terms of a global minority and that in moral terms must be protected now $37.00 points of proposals covering $37.00 different areas have been presented at this conference today and those range from consolidating national security by strengthening the intelligence services he talks about the education system it talked about bringing all the countries citizens under one sort of common set of laws that is applicable to all about stamping out racism about stamping out essential extremism are talked about things like safeguarding indigenous foodstuffs so it is quite
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a broad sweep of proposals that have been presented here now the conference itself had created some concern people had thought that it might spark off a certain tensions muslim community also planning to sort of close down shutters particularly in terms of business here in candy and basically saying that they hope this whole thing ends peacefully and for them this is the needed the hour it's dialogue more dialogue and even more dialogue. a world war 2 bomb discovered in germany's financial capital frankfurt jury and construction workers sent to be diffused on sunday around 16500 residents have been told to leave their homes the american explosive weighs about half a ton it was found close to the european central bank headquarters it was discovered during construction work last month unexploded bombs are still
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frequently found in germany more than 70 years after the war farming in the shadow of the world's highest mountains has never been easy climate change is making it even more difficult to be in the shasta reports from nepal villagers are having to come up with innovative ways to grow their crops because the lack of water. there is a trout here in garvey district but cultivates he doesn't seem to be suffering this canopy of green has been made possible because people here have changed they'll be fine. if it is tapper and only for a few hours a day come in at the minute and i says the farmers don't waste any water every troop is trained it is prudent for their crops. yes. as the temperatures have risen so too have the number of pairs i mean. like earlier we want over there and we would literally spray the village with chemicals these are much better
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. she is referring to the eco friendly compost she uses now gone are the chemicals that once made her body ache and gave her head aids i wanted a few years ago these streams were a constant source of water now it's just a trickle the springs that feed into these streams have all but dried up people here say the monsoon rain patterns have changed the rain still come but they are now followed by long periods of drought at the international center for integrative medicine development easy mode climate change scientists on both the shasta says people across the region should prepare for disasters caused by a changing climate this includes prolonged period of drought intercepted by floods from intense monsoons for others it could bring floods from the accelerator die smells of the himalayan glaciers listen this is also to go through this. picture.
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later in 2016 nearly 200 nations signed the paris accord that seeks to limit any average global temperature rise to one and a half degrees celsius. but even if that goal is met scientists predict that by the year 2100 at least one 3rd of the glaciers in the region will have melted managing those extremes so that's going to be the most important factor. in the future the decision for now the farmers of this village are coping but they don't know for how long swedish russia is the topic district and. so ahead of al jazeera high hopes of the 5 and he has this whole thing clear in the latest from the women's world cup final. he lived in brazil's largest for valor. one day the police came for.
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like thousands of others he disappeared. witness follows a family's epic struggle for justice which became a national cause and sent shock waves through the upper echelons of the political establishment in the shadow of the hill on al-jazeera. when the news breaks beats of protesters and the stanley a bill that's. when people need to be out yet again today as if you know. if you don't have rights. and the story needs to be told. i'll just see you as teens on the way to when you hold windows in the trees and light nymphs on air and online.
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welcome back now the brazilian musician known as the father of bossa nova has died that is so when the rio de janeiro. was 88. the girl. was a global hit $964.00 track from his multi-million selling grammy winning album it helped popularize the fusion of samba and jazz which became known as the bossa nova sound fellow artists say he's left a huge musical legacy. fix contrasts hosts of the.
12:38 am
show on national public radio in the u.s. he says. the influential in brazil and beyond. is one of these kind of people you can put a marker down and talk about what the world was like before him and what the world was like after him because he had such a profound influence on music on the culture and society there in brazil and what he did was he didn't really create he sort of created something new but more and more he transformed it transformed the sound of that you mentioned before he transformed it into something sort of stripped it down to it as it's down to the pulse really and just with his guitar technique and his voice that you hear on the break right there and a little bit of music transformed it because it's very boisterous very loud very fast it's like an extrovert paradise. bossanova just the complete opposite and that's what he helped establish and decide it would take another generation to really understand his influence and his impact on brazilian music and music in
12:39 am
general because bossa nova had a huge influence on jazz had a huge influence on popular music there was a special relationship between the united states and brazil and they spoke the same language and that bus and over was one of those things that helped bring those 2 countries together and those those kind of things are some of some of his legacy as well. all right time to catch up with all the sports news here's andy thank you so much sammy was just coming up the halftime of the women's world cup final in leon defending champions the usa taking on 1st time finalist the netherlands well 4 years ago in the usa when the final against japan they scored 4 times inside the 1st 60 minutes that's not quite happened this time around it's still nil nil in france just at the moment are reports of poor is stadium life or is a pull fee for estimates of missed sort of insists 1000000000 viewers worldwide do
12:40 am
you think it's been a breakthrough tournament for women's football. well i think women's football has been developing so much so quickly over the last few decades that each tournament in its own way is a breakthrough you can think back to 999 the stadiums in in the u.s. the iconic image of brandy when she scored the winning penalty in the final against china that went around the world you can think of 2011 japan becoming the 1st asian team to win a world cup 25th in the tournament being expanded to from 16 teams to 24 of course giving the netherlands a chance to play on the big stage which has has led to them reaching these finals of course the final but there is a failing and i i'm not sure it's just the bias of the fact that it's happening now there is a failure now the women's world cup has really arrived in the mainstream as you
12:41 am
were saying the global figures hovering around the ring around the 1000000000 mark which is is broken or broken all records this final jus to break the average average attendance as well and there is that feeling that it's there's no longer the argument arcade is this worthy of the media coverage no it's just a great tournament it's being given coverage because people are enjoying it it's a great competition and just talk us through the atmosphere in the dutch fans i'm sure making their presence felt. yeah absolutely you know the dutch of gotz decades of practice of going to big torments with the men's team as well and they really took over city center not really going to the official fee for fun park but having their own party and they were they were there for hours singing and dancing being being led on by d.j.'s in a big orange bus it was a great album fare i think there are actually more american fans here i think the
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estimate is there are about 20000 here in new york and when we got to the stadium there was certainly a much bigger force of us fans here outside the ground it's it's pretty silent at the moment obviously all the fans are inside we're not hearing that much cheering from inside been the slightly subdued 1st half i think a very crucial 45 minutes coming up paul race in leon 4 hours just to let everyone know it is nil nil now at half time in that world cup final plenty more from paul throughout the day argentina cat selena messi has claimed the corporate america is corrupt and that the tournament has been fixed to benefit hosts brazil or messi was sent off for just the 2nd time in his career during saturday's 3rd where france chile. argentina win the game $21.00 for the national football association complaining about the standard of refereeing in the game or event organizers responded by saying messages comments were unfounded and represents
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a lack of respect brazil played peru in the cup final in a few hours' time. the shock exit of host egypt to the africa cup of nations on saturday has cost their courage his job and surprisingly just hours after the $10.00 defeat to south africa in the last 16 havea equerry was fired egypt or record 17 winners of the tournament. also africa now face nigeria they got through by beating defending champions cameroon the super eagles coming from behind so win this 132 scoring twice and setting up the winner fast and alex it was a football authorities in gaza now want the united nations to step in and try and resolve disputes delayed the playing of the palestine cup goss's gazans cannot rough it seems blocked from leaving gaza to play in the west bank by israeli authorities israel granted only 4 travel permits for the entire squad for the 1st
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flight was played in gaza last week the palestine football association has also called on football's governing body pfieffer to help parents. know your moon with it's time for the united nations politically free in pieces to help us get our rights including the freedom of movement in fide and to other parts of our country . might surface and remains the man to catch after the 2nd stage of the tour de france the dutchman is part of the young business team who won the head of team any os in brussels on sunday service and holds a 10 2nd lead in the general classification. mark mark has won the german moto g.p. to achieve the feat of 10 successive years of victories at the sachsenring the honda rider and defending world champion beating fellow spaniard maverick banal is to stretch his lead in the championship to 58 points after 9 races for his 1st one of the circuit in moto 3 and 24 that it with sea wins in the moto to cast
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a great and he's won the last 7 german by searching. for an n.b.a. star anthony davis is officially an l.a. lakers player the 26 year old 6 time all star will be paired with le bron james the lakers a mistake in the playoffs last season and the franchise hasn't won the championship since 2007. a reminder that it is nail nail in the women's world cup final between the netherlands and defending champions the usa will have plenty more from that final being played in france right i was always fulfilling thanks are chandy well spain's famous ball running festival is kicked off in the town of. at least 5 people were injured during the 1st morning run that lasted less than 3 minutes a controversial san fermin festival draws around $1000000.00 visitors every year.
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from me down for this news hour be back in a moment with more of the day's news including some of the live developments going on with those protests in hong kong you can see the pictures there will bring you more details of that standoff as it develops as well as all the other stories we're following at the top the hour. in the 7183 on the telly and set out on an extraordinary journey marco polo followed the silk road to santa to the heart of the concept. retracing his
12:47 am
steps our modern day explorer discovers the descent. echoes last week and the mind of water and food survives history. mark. on al-jazeera. new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds the work as mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. richard problem
12:48 am
is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to monitor over 1000 refugees don't have the right to more freely on the other hand gord's can move freely as far and as much as they want it's multinational colonialism this is a very i'm not alone and over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera. defying the nuclear deal iran will start in a region uranium beyond the limits agreed but says it's the ones that talk. and sam is a dan this is al jazeera live from doha so coming up
12:49 am
a new standoff in hong kong police trying to clear streets encounter loon after tens of thousands to protest passage to tourists from the mainland. polls are closing around now in greece is 1st general election since the end of financial bailouts the latest from athens plus. the african union moves a step closer to creating a new trading bloc for 54 nations with over a 1000000000 people. stuck to the nuclear deal for nearly 4 years but iran's commitment to a new rainy i'm enrichment will likely be broken within hours by monday morning it expects to pass the limited greed in 2015 iran's deputy foreign minister blames european countries for failing to live up to their own commitments until now iran's
12:50 am
kept the maximum level of uranium purity 3.7 percent enough for electricity generation and compliance with the deal will be reduced every 2 months unless other signatories work to stop u.s. sanctions ukrainian becomes nuclear bomb grade material if it's enrich to 90 percent uranium is denying wanting nuclear weapons france says the dispute resolution mechanism won't be triggered at least for now if the dispute can be resolved un sanctions could follow. so. it is the boldest step iran has taken so far in its choreographed campaign to reduce compliance with a 2015 nuclear deal on sunday morning it announced it would start enriching uranium to higher levels than allowed under the joint comprehensive plan of action. in a few hours the technical process will come to an end and enrichment above 3.67
12:51 am
percent will begin tomorrow when the i take the sample the level will be higher. iranian leaders warned for months if the international community did not help their country reap the benefits guaranteed in the way it will no longer honor its commitments the level of enrichment is unclear but senior leaders have suggested it could be as high as 5 even 20 percent still far from the 90 percent needed for weapons grade uranium there has been a flurry of diplomatic activity in recent weeks with meetings of the united nations security council and the commission in vienna there was hope that an injection of cash into instax or european bypassed u.s. banking sanctions might convince iran not to rollback cooperation in stakes. in stakes is a good 1st step is taking too long it can only be successful if europe buy some more oil well located some credit to it it's not useful yet but is politically significant in a call with president hassan rouhani on saturday night french president emanuel
12:52 am
acknowledged that nations had been unable to mitigate u.s. sanctions but he also warned his iranian counterpart of the consequences of weakening the deal mccrone and rouhani have agreed to a deadline of july 15th for all parties to resume talks what comes next is unclear . so far the international atomic energy agency the un's nuclear watchdog has issued 15 separate reports confirming iran's cooperation with the way when iran breached a nuclear stockpile limit last week the i.a.e.a. refrained from reporting that as a violation with this latest move that could change. everyone benefited from us adopting the. u.s. made a strategic mistake by leaving it but we will not stay in it at any cost the decision taken today is in order to preserve the j.c. but it depends on other parties now to say the deal is fragile is to perhaps understate the complicated power dynamics at play the united states pulled out of
12:53 am
the nuclear deal in may last year reimposing unilateral sanctions crippling an economy that was experiencing a long awaited period of growth since then remain. signatories to the deal have been caught in the middle of escalating tensions between tehran and washington but despite recent military escalations in the gulf at its core this dispute is economic and putting pressure on the day seems to be iran's way of dealing itself a stronger hand you can. joke about the u.s. can attend meetings if sanctions are lifted how would that process go 1st or then banking sanctions and then other sanctions that latest 8 years before the u.s. pulled out of the deal iran was exporting up to 2800000 barrels of oil a day as one of the largest producers in the world it wants back into the international oil market for now the spokesman of iran's atomic energy agency says it will not renew work at nuclear facilities that was halted as part of the j.c.b. away but iran's deputy foreign minister had a warning iran can do so whenever it wants and if in the coming 60 days their
12:54 am
demands are not met that's exactly what iran might do next. or protesters haven't have returned rather to the streets of hong kong in their fight for a controversial extradition bill to be scrapped this time around is being held in cali tens of thousands are marching towards the new train station which links the territory to the chinese mainland organizers say they want to educate visitors from china about their struggle for more on this let's cross over live now to ron mcbride he's in hong kong how do the protests look like now ok we're going to. well some of the protests throughout the day was a much bigger than the organizers that expected that beginning of the day they were talking about maybe a few 1000. during the day it swelled to look we organized the security of the you know we are armed by sunday evening. we.
12:55 am
think how lulu was it is you know if this hotel was still. hard core protesters i. got was that what you're exactly what's going on here so this seems to be a scuffle possibly between some of the protesters and some of the people most of them i'm not quite sure. but the scuffle has broken out there was a tense standoff with riot police. wads of riot police and did some of the surrounding streets so it looks as though the police. to clear the protesters away now that i've been a scuffle and i don't know why. why scuffle is taking place. there are a number of marshals it has to be censored i mean who have been trying to keep order with the protest of the protests throughout the day as we've seen in the pictures you've had a quarter of
12:56 am
a 1000000000 people going through the congested streets of cow lou. the idea was that they would talk to mainland visitors about their the whole row over the extradition bill and it has been extremely peaceful and it's been extremely well behaved this is at the end of the day we have a hard core of us i guess around probably several 100 several 100 protesters in this part of calhoun that's called long park and is this continuing standoff as you see here with the police now the police have been issuing warnings for people to go home normally what they do is around about this time we're up to about midnight normally police start giving warning saying it's time to go home their patience starts to wear thin during the day where they've had 2 the police have been keeping a very low profile they have not been wearing helmets already right garrett it's about this time that they do come out where in their helmets carrying the shields as a message i think for people that it's time for them to go home we've have police in
12:57 am
the streets here also in the streets alongside us but this seems to be one of the main protesters left wing. still waiting to see exactly what's happening whether the police are moving or whether or not the scuffle has broken out are you still there sammy you are still here i'm listening on a. temporal describing to us why this standoff is taking place outside the prime station. well this is this is rick's going to move away from here because they see something up with stuff. they could well be some of these people are pro establishment or probation people often in this part to how well it was called month it is an area that is known for. its high state activity to have you know triads for criminals that changes things are pretty good gangs but you do often i get this during the occupy protests of 5 years ago we
12:58 am
saw lots of these kind of clashes people probably go along who disagree with the with these democracy protesters they are pro establishment they don't mind having a go that could be what we're seeing here that these people had just turned up and decided to take issue with some of the these protesters but it's time for them to go you know also you've got to remember that they sat through parts of calhoun is that i think it still holds the record as being one of the most heavily populated places on earth we're surrounded by buildings here a lot of apartment blocks there will be a lot of people who would have had enough of this protest after a long day of protesting in the heat and would want to see these people gone that could be what we are seeing here the police are still holding back but we are expecting that quite soon what normally happens with these protesters are about about this time the police as i say do been they are normally quite tolerant during the day they quite wisely perhaps allow people to let off steam to vent their anger
12:59 am
to come out and protest like this but then there's a certain time they will start to close things down so that's possibly also what we're. we are seeing it this might be testing their patients a little too much and they might be closing this down and getting people to clear away but it's worth pointing out that this is only several 100 people on a day well according to the organizers we've seen 230000 people on the street according to the police of course their estimate is a lot less the way they estimate these numbers they say about 58000 people were out on the streets sammy all right rob we'll let you. take cover and catch up with what's going on there own no doubt we'll come back to you later on robert right there from hong kong. our voting is just closed in greece's general election for the 1st time since the end of the financial bailouts and associated instead exit polls are predicting a defeat for the left wing prime minister alexis tsipras he called an early election after his series of parties heavy losses in the european parliamentary
1:00 am
elections in may the conservative new democracy party is predicted to get an absolute majority john psaropoulos joins us now live from athens i think the polls they've just about close now any indication where this is heading. but under the greek law television networks can now make public the estimated results or exit polls one of the 1st exit polls we've heard puts new democracy at between 38 and 42 percent of the popular vote series are quite a bit below that between 26 and 30 percent if you tally roughly if your estimate that those will be roughly right if you take the let's say the midpoint between those ranges it does give new democracy as you say. one party rule in parliament but to discuss the implications of these another figures we've been hearing i'm going to turn to michael.


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