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african leaders hope the new free trade deal is the answer to help reduce the poverty that helps fuel the fighting experts say an african common market will come with additional risks that as national organized criminals could take advantage of this free movement you know to flow from one country to another and that is can just is or to perpetrate their nefarious activities so definitely do looking for the for the chink in the armor you looking for the weak link in the countries do not have you know security at some countries risk becoming safe heaven you know or terrorist or criminal or organized criminals the government say they're working to stop that from happening. we have decided to escalate our security approach in dealing with these attacks and violence so that's africa union will come in and take charge. this way the cell region will be safer and all the flashpoints can be contained in the solved by africans themselves on the african
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continent of free trade agreement is expected to create the world's largest single market the continent is home to one and a quarter 1000000000 africans leaders hope that the free trade agreement will help create jobs and striking a growth but it's not clear whether investors will hold one of the internal strife in many african countries and bring in the much needed capital to boost production of goods and services. african entrepreneurs say the agreement could be the answer to the continent's many problems and the truth is we do have change in africa by the new with educated kind of returns on investment. so you're confident the investors will come and come to visit all we need to do. we develop. create jobs i live in poverty there are also fears that corruption and we can force mccain some countries could model success of what's being billed as
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a historic free trade agreement but you crease al-jazeera. also had an al-jazeera calls for police reform in israel continue after the shooting of a young black man by off duty officer in spall the women's football world cup final is over classic match between the netherlands and 3 time champions usa. however welcomes another look at the international forecast mobile service is usual across the middle east and strife we've got a few little more cloud up towards the caucuses just around pushing across. into georgia we could see somewhere. weather over the next couple of days will be a few showers in play here as we go on through monday for the south as out sunshine
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made forty's for baghdad and full kuwait city a rather more pleasant 30 celsius there for beirut in a similar temperature for jerusalem over the next couple of days spot the difference on shoes day still those showers between the caspian and the black sea was hot sunshine last how should we say for baghdad temperatures of 43 degrees celsius for those numbers from for karate warm sunshine here at around 34 degrees plenty of hot sunshine across syrian peninsula perhaps a little bit of cloud just sliding its way into the central areas of the red sea maybe up towards the fall all the mana as well but essentially it does look dry and settled temperatures here in doha day pick up to around $45.00 celsius but a smile when plans to watch have some lifted dust and sand be staying dry staying dry across the southern parts of africa over the next couple of days little more clout to the south.
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every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss no one tone. is sweeping association of islam with violence leaves european muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they. love and moon the tragic loss of life. on al-jazeera. you're watching our minding our top story is iran will increase in reaching its
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uranium levels in the next few hours breaching the limits set under the 2015 nuclear deal given the e.u. until sunday to say the agreement plans to scale down to 60 days but says it's still open to talks. been scuffles in hong kong between protesters and police as demonstrators returned to the streets in their fight to have a controversial extradition bill scrapped the rally is being held in. tens of thousands march towards a new train station which links territory to the chinese mainland. nigeria and the latest african nations to ratify a deal to create the world's largest free trade zone it's been finalized at the summit african union leaders in the. remains the only member to sign up to the single market. voting has closed in greece's general election the 1st time since
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the end of the financial bailout sandor société to stare at the legs that polls are predicting a defeat for left wing prime minister alexis tsipras he called an early election after his series of party's heavy losses in the european parliamentary elections in may opinion poll suggests it 1st will lose power to the conservative new democracy party johns roberts joins us now live from athens so john there's a look like it's gone the way expected. at the moment polls from 4 different polling companies combined just somewhere between 38. $41.00 and a half percent for new democracy so far in the lead of a suit is a which is placed it between $27.00 and. percent of the popular vote if those numbers come true once the official results become fairly consolidated which happens after about 20 percent of the vote count then new democracy has
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a clear majority and can rule on its own without looking for a coalition partner that would then in syria enable new democracy to enact its program so you democracy might be looking at between $155165.00 seats in parliament at the moment is the estimation it's a clear win there's no doubt about it how much of a real change is this to the greek political landscape return to mainstream politics. it appears that way because back in 2012 both the socialists and the conservatives who had formed a century the 2 party system that's run this country since 1974 were absolutely devastated they lost a lot of voters not only to cities which was then an up and coming political power but also to other smaller fringe parties and the political tendency of that time
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at the height of the economic depression here was for voters to go from the mainstream from the political center left and center right towards more extremely positioned parties in ideological terms that anger now seems to be subsiding and people seem to be coming back into the fold but that's not the story for the socialists they do not have a happy ending their voters seem to have gone over to caesar for good so they have been quite gutted by this crisis new democracy if they do assume power on their own and do rule for 4 years stand a very good chance now of an acting a program of reform that would in series see greece's economy become great lead reinvigorated and hundreds of thousands of new jobs created that is the great gambit that is the hope on which voters have now gone to vote for give you a christmas of thank yous are john stop us there from athens. taliban fighters
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northern afghanistan are claiming responsibility for a truck bomb explosion which killed at least 10 security force personnel close to $200.00 others were wounded and an intelligence base in that as in the province it was target is as groundbreaking talks began in the carter involving taliban political representatives shall about us reports. so a lot of model tele band delegates sit across from afghan politicians ready to talk peace for the 1st time everyone has come to doha in their personal not official capacity the 2 days of talks are pitched as an ice breaker hopefully leading to more formal negotiations between the taliban and afghan government every step that can be taken for the peace it's optimistic about that it is the happiest occasion of my life a person who waited for 41 years for this very day. i know that's not the end of it but i'm delighted to be when it begins
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a previous attempt in april to get them to talk failed mediators from karsan germany convinced both sides to try again i would like to express my gratitude to all afghan participants for agreeing to engage in a constructive dialogue with each other inspires and also because of all the suffering which the afghan people has endured and are still and during while the taliban's political look for common ground and or her its military wing needed a truck bomb in the central province of gosney for what they said they were targeting an afghan intelligence base they blame for targeting civilians it more than 10 people were killed nearly 200 civilians injured in the tech talking to the taliban here they say what happened in gaza and shows why doha is so important and that the war will continue until a settlement is reached with the afghan and u.s.
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governments they aired that if the afghan government is so concerned with civilian casualties that it should stop its military operations. negotiations to end the 18 year war started in earnest a year ago the 7th round of negotiations between the u.s. and the taliban also in doha have been put on hold while the afghan talks on how it . they say they are close to agreement on the withdrawal of foreign troops and the policing of armed groups such as il qaeda in afghanistan the aim is now persuading the afghan government and the taliban to accept formal talks this is off on on up on the process this is the afghan for themself to decide the future we are just helping them so we managed today to bring them we want them to stay by themselves to the side without any kind of influence from anybody there is hope that these groups can turn 2 days of talks into a unified future shall of ballasts. the parents of an israeli
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teenagers shot and killed while off duty policeman are calling for widespread police reforms the death of solomon taken in haifa last sunday provoked riots in other israeli cities but of smith reports the family how. these people are in law as jewish as anyone else who has the right to move to israel and claim citizenship but many of them will tell you that their skin color means they don't get equal treatment in this country. had solomon take up in white his family and friends believe he would not have been shot dead by an off duty police officer during a confrontation in a park. people have empathized and supported me but it's not going to help what will help is if the police in israel change and go in a new direction we need a new understanding from the roots all the way off. prompted nationwide demonstrations led by ethiopian israelis who say they have enjoyed decades of
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racism from the government and police. tens of thousands of ethiopians emigrated here in the eighty's and ninety's encouraged by successive governments 3 years ago a ministerial commission made a series of recommendations after widespread discrimination against ethiopian jews was exposed a coordination unit to prevent racism was set up critics say what has been done on paper isn't being put into practice the police are supposed to well thought it comes to film every interaction. not there also supposed to be stiffer penalties for violent police officers and a reduction in the use of tasers but there's no evidence that any of this is. according to the justice ministry the police have not published yearly reports on how officers who acted in a racist manner have been disciplined we don't want no one to hug us or say that
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they understand or our feelings feelings won't make me feel safe in the streets what made well will make me feel safe is police officers being indicted over killing young black people and it's not only young black men it's also. a. community we have the orthodox we have. and here that are suffering from police brutality this is an issue of civil rights . the police officer shot solomon is under house arrest solomon's name is 11 on the list of people who've been shot by the police in the last 5 years according to official records no police officers have been charged over any of those deaths bernard smith al-jazeera haifa. the champions of the women's world cup final have been crowned in france defending champions the usa have defeated 1st time finalists
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the netherlands are reporter paul rees joins us now live from leon so team usa become the 1st team to win the title 4 times right how exciting was that. well it's a very exciting achievement as you say no team has ever won it 4 times the u.s. adding there for a limp 8 golds and now there are 4 world cup final victories in terms of a much i would say it wasn't particularly exciting after what has been a very successful and exciting torment it did have some control over say the u.s. pups benefiting from a slightly soft penalty on video review for their 1st goal but definitely no argument about their 2nd roosevelts excellent finish for 2 you know the netherlands where they missed the chance to add to their amazing really achievement at becoming european champions 2 years ago after having never reached a world cup at all before 4 years ago when they finished 13th so
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a silver medal incredibly exciting for them even though losing a final is always disappointing so it's had it surprises. to next for women's football. well i think. as many of the tournament have been has been a breakthrough torment for women's football fever claiming that around a 1000000000 people worldwide have been watching t.v. and there's definitely been a real buzz around this tournament i think it's really entered the mainstream consciousness. you know the battles now coming off the pitch the usa will take their 4th trophy home to the u.s. where they have a lawsuit against the federation to try and get equal pay if not more pay than the u.s. men's team just as a comparison. the men's team in 2014 at their world cup reached the round of 16
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and got $9000000.00 for doing that at the last world cup in 2015 the u.s. women only got $2000000.00 so they are far more successful than the u.s. men's team they're the real driving force of women's football they're claiming they should get more pay and that's a battle we're going to be seeing across women's football in the next years and decades i think paul reese their family on thousands of buddhist monks are gathering in sri lanka for their 1st major conference since the easter sunday bombing the meeting in candy was called by the influential. group they discussed proposals the strengthening security services and banning religious . parties. and you can get much more nor those stories we've been following by heading over to our web site al jazeera dot com see
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front page there but the lead story runs decision to extend its uranium enrichment limit. and let's take you through some of those stories now and iran will increase enriching its uranium levels in the next few hours breaching the limits set on the 2015 nuclear deal to iran have given the e.u. until sunday to save the treatment plans to scale down commitments every 60 days says it's still open to talks. we are going to announce that we are not committed to the level of the in breach meant. a letter was sent to. me in which we
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have. mentioned to cause the lines of the deal that we are not going to be committed to any longer and again we are going to give another 60 days time and i would like to also explain that the process for decreasing the commitment of iran is actually in order to protect the nuclear deal. now there have been scuffles in hong kong which when protesters and police is demonstrators returned to the streets in their fight to have a controversial exhibition. the rally is being held in. tens of thousands march towards the new train station which links the territory to the chinese mainland. nigeria and the latest african nations to ratify a deal to create the world's largest free trade zone it's being finalized at the start of the african union leaders. eritrea remains the only member not to sign up
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to the single market. is too weak it is the biggest historical event for the african continent since the creation of the organization of african unity in 1963 and its transformation into the african union the continent of free trade area is the path to prosperity for africa it is the establishment of a market a vast market the largest market in the world a market of $1200000000.00 consumers today and it will be 1700000000 consumers in 2030. voting is now over in greece's general election it's the 1st since the financial bailouts ended opinion polls are predicting defeat for the left wing prime minister alexis tsipras the new democracy party leader is tipped to beat him. those i had lines the news continues after inside story stay with us.
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it's stood up against austerity measures as greece faces the worst economic crisis but the series of party ended up implementing them now that strategy is being put to the test as greeks fight in a general election so will a new leadership emerge and could it be the end of populism in this european country that is in charge. hello and welcome to the program on iran can prime minister alexis tsipras led his
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left wing syriza party to power in 2015 with promises that offered much hope to the greek people but fixing a country facing its greatest economic crisis in recent history proved to be a challenge rather than end the austerity measures that he campaigned against suppress imposed more taxes giving in to creditors demands greece exit is final bail out last year and the economy is expected to expand but its unemployment rate is the highest in europe and people are struggling to make ends meet this has upset many voters who say they're in favor of the conservative new democracy party poll show the party was tipped to win the snap general election on sunday john psaropoulos reports from athens. the main issue in this election is the economy series which has been in power for the last 4 and a half years has nursed greece out of its austerity program in august of last year
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greece was declared fit to re and to markets and has been successfully selling government bonds again but what series a hasn't done is to bring greece back to prosperity after shrinking by 26 percent during the years of recession the economy is now growing by about 2 percent a year and that is the forecast for the foreseeable future new democracy the opposition say that that isn't enough to make good the damage that's been done to stem the flow of young people leaving for better job markets they want to boost the economy to at least 4 percent growth and create 700000 new jobs in the next 4 years so they will do this they say by lowering corporate taxes taxes on individuals on farmers' social security contributions lowering the cost of labor and of doing business in greece and they will also streamline governments of it doesn't stand in the way of entrepreneurship people seem to believe that new democracy despite being a party that helps to bankrupt greece by overspending in the past under its new
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technocratic leadership may be capable of delivering on that program and they certainly seem to be willing to see such a program being implemented by any political force i'm jumper up a loss for inside story. let's bring in our panel in athens via skype demetrius he's a political advisor to their syriza party in london vicky pryce she is a chief economic advisor at the center for economics and business research and also in athens a european affairs analyst yes simitis welcome to you all i'd like to begin with demetrius repeated. your party said or did rather what it said it wasn't going to do and now it's going to be punished and the the general election is that right. well it seems that. on
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from so far what we have from the polls is that our new democracy is ahead on the poll should seems that it's a bit of it a difficult fight political struggle for syriza. it's soon to be to have some final results but it seems that the situation is is difficult for for the party and it follows the the defeat we had 6. 3 weeks ago when the european union elections so what's happening here is that you have a electorates that's unhappy with the policies that your government put in place policies that you said you were never going to do and then you did. so what's the next or what what happens next verse or it's a why why did you do that. well there are a number of factors weiss's ace in these difficult position electorally the 1st these are that. actually since 2015 we lost the
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so-called war on media which is that the best believe which is that the majority of t.v. stations and private media were endorsing mr mitchel diapers from his very 1st day not his as head of your democracy and mainly what they were doing is to spread propaganda against the government the fact is that seat is actually the citizen government prime minister it's it was did actually minutes to stimulate the economy after a long period of recession and a study we did actually. were forced to adopt a 3rd bailout deal and implement the toughest of the program but at the same time we managed to alleviate the damage for the most of all of the groups social groups and create some fundamental safety nets why trying to address the
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huge humanitarian crisis that was headed by the previous government another issue for the difficult position that see the stance right now it's the fact that the greek electorates and explain jory t's exhausted biased it all dick's throughout those 8 years and now this source shill negativity in this disappointment is reflected in the governing party cvs are and there's also another 3rd factor i would say that can explain. their the fact that see this as losing forces is the fact that the party itself didn't manage to build this strong organizational capacity throughout those 4 years didn't manage to to create and focus on how to build strong links with society despite the fact that at the same time it did implemented the pro-social political agenda let me bring in bring in yes a coots and that's his he's also in athens you're actually outside the parliament
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building there. is demetrius writes in his defense of cigs a party is it the fact that they tried to do everything they could but simply they lost the middle class vote. well linda we need to go back to the 2015 drama to figure out how series i came to power they were voted on the ticket though for no worse there would be there to relief and better days regarding corruption and the social inequality in greece in these 4 and a half years they didn't manage to fight the austerity they were forced to sign a 3rd bailout agreement and the debt relief were not as extreme as they had promised so much of the population can see this series to have failed on its promises for lesser spirity my position is that much of the middle class
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have been overtaxed and have been considering syriza is being a very against business and anti andy a free market economy so this is to get that series was voted on and it failed to deliver on its promises let me bring in vicky pryce here from london the greek economy was in a huge mess at the time so it's the one that won the election and now after 4 and a half years they have allowed us to deliver some of the blame has to be put with the european union surely they put too stringent conditions on the streets a party that was too much belt tightening for a country that was struggling to actually afford it built well the european union and the i.m.f. puts rather stringent conditions on greece even before series it came to power so we mustn't forget that we already had a number of bailouts before since 2010 of course situation had deteriorated and the economy was sinking. lost about 25 percent of its output before even
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sousa came to power so they didn't inherit anything particularly solito safe and of course in addition to all this because of course they've been. a little delay in reaching an agreement after they were voted in in 2015 we had about 56 months of negotiations we didn't go anywhere we had even worse conditions put on such as capital controls so the greek economy suffered even more not received really as it was doing before but certainly there was no recovery for a bit it took a little while before some signs of improvement where we've seen that recently i think it's mostly because basically there is a limit to how much you can fall in naturally our forces that start bringing you up again and and of course there has been some of that restructuring and there has been a little bit of investment although investment still very very poor in greece and the return of confidence there is now construction going on in greece for the 1st
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time in ages and when i visit greece and i do that very regularly i was there last week suddenly there were new buildings going up some hadn't seen in 10 years so there has been a change of sorts of i feel as one positive thing about a series i mean just said inherited a very very difficult situation i think the europeans did not understand what they were doing to a considerable extent where they were imposing those conditions on greece. over series or did manage to do is get loss of implementation of measures without too much disruption the economy the sense of demonstrations in the strikes there were a few but nothing like as many i'm guessing as they would have been if they had we had actually a right wing government like new democracy trying to implement those measures that would have been a lot more disruption in the economy and what you have to be astonished and actually be admiring in what to process done is that he was voted on the left wing
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ticket very radical left wing ticket he actually implemented a right wing policy very effectively and he's still there he has not lost completely. terms of support if you look at the opinion polls he has been receiving about 2425 percent some time spent 8 percent of the vote for quite some time now so he's still there there's still a lot of support for him despite what the greeks have gone through let me just bring in dimitri his head demetrius. thins head you have gone through some tough times with the political party but there seems to be a quite positive notes coming out from london that some things did change why isn't that reflected the opinion polls why is it likely that they will lose the election well it's actually years opposed to same from from london but it's most of the other told you before. actually. the citizen
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government super's government did a prevent a number of progressive. the dementor because of agenda in many different areas just to identify a couple of those the 1st is the on the health care system. there the government headed adept of around 70000000000 euros from public hospitals and managed to create a surplus of 70000000 euros giving at the same time 3 access to primary health care system to more. than 2500000 uninsured people this is something big this is a big achievement in my view from from the government the 2nd is that despite the fact that we still have a long way to go to create quality jobs and decrease our salaries and wages we
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did manage to lower the unemployment rate from around 27 in the beginning of 2015 to 1818.5 percent today which shows are huge. achievement shouldn't the fact that yes we actually didn't have big investments we didn't actually have the creation of. high income jobs but at the end of the day we did manage to improve all. mostly all shore szell and financial indicators wide to do we're in a sense a difficult position electorally is that as you told you before this thing a long way to go. we didn't pass from the night to a part of the days but actually we're still managing to get the country outside the crisis we did concluded with a 3rd bailout deal successfully but we were still facing a crisis in social and economic crisis and. people who possibly expected much
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for more from our side and we should have done much more than we have already made to our yanis also in athens it seems to me that we have a situation here now where we have. the syriza party very much looking after and doing things that were unpopular but ultimately they did work however new democracy is much more center right it's much more pro-business and when it comes to implementing austerity measures it's going to be a lot tougher perhaps than serious ever will be that might be popular with the middle class votes but it's going to alienate the more poor a voter's with any grease and in 4 years time are you likely to be facing a situation where the poor actually votel democracy new democracy party because they didn't get what they wanted is it just a merry go round is what i'm actually asking. well this is an interesting question
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because. for the 1st time in the year of the elections we've seen parts of the youth young people voting for new democracy and also pension is voting for a new democracy as well despite the negative campaigning of syriza so. it's a thank you skim out with a positive agenda saying we're not going to scrap the social security situation we are not going to raise taxes we're going to lower taxes we're going to lower the there are some question marks though where this is going to come from all these cuts and the lesser stare at the but still these positive agenda catch the people even the lower wage people there are some people that are afraid about the wage the bulk of the social inequality and this is an issue that the new government needs to face. mr mitchell darkeys wants to have and free market and very
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pro investment friendly economy it's needs to be seen how the new this new idea of this new model of economy can be inclusive for parts of the society not just the middle class or the opposite losses how the lower classes especially the youth which are much unemployed can coming into this growth friendly environment this market friendly environment and become part of the of the new world it's going to be created it's a very interesting point he's making that i think you price i want to bring you in here we've seen time and time again a year i.m.f. world bank bailouts loans etc all come a very high cost for the country that's implementing the classic example is say probably pakistan which is going through a restructuring of its state right now with the i.m.f. but it's putting in place very well. policies as a cost of doing that that drives social change with in the country itself because
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and we've seen it in pakistan we've seen it in greece people rising up people getting out the streets people protesting and then people blaming poor people and immigrants for the situation that they're in is there a better way of doing this without causing this belt tightening that is so restrictive. well there is and i think the i.m.f. itself was told by its own economists that what he was doing was going to be counterproductive because basically you could enter into a sort of vicious cycle and you just can't get out of it except once you reach the bottom really so what happens is if you try and reduce the deficit very fast which is exactly what was going on in greece then you institutional sorts of measures which include cutting back spending obviously raising taxes repeatedly which was exactly what happened in greece cutting pensions which again is exactly what happened in greece are reducing wages more generally which is also a serious serious problem for loads of greeks and that of course leads to spending
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less money out in the shops collecting less taxes so they were told that very stages they should watch out for that possibility happening which would mean that you need to think again and have perhaps a slightly different way of looking at how a country needs to adjust so we shouldn't do too fast and not so strictly and of course you alienate people there is no real middle class left in greece about half a 1000000 young educated greeks have emigrated and we know from research that's been done recently that 4 out of 10 of those greeks have no intention of coming back certainly not over the next 10 years but yes there are problems in greece that we have to deal with and maybe new democracy will be able to do it faster series or should have perhaps privatized faster you should have reduced bureaucracy considerably more quickly than it's been doing it has been functioning badly but it has not been given the impression to foreign investors that it's really open for
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business and it needs to do more to pursue selfish been traveling around trying to attract more investment he's actually realize that and i've been to some venture he's actually. spoke at here in london but of course when you have this bureaucracy when you have concerns that come in such as environmentalist. she supposedly stopped redeveloping great big chunks of of bits of athens like the airport is finally moving towards that direction but it puts people off in terms of really coming in and spending money in a country when they just don't know whether the conditions are going to be such to allow them to to get something out of it and there are so many areas the greece can develop that needs a proper strategy for growth i think it can be done but i think going back to your original question the damage does the you and the policies is of course greeks with blame up to a point but the damage that those types of policies have done will take
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a very long time. to get over and people will be suspicious of politicians over any promises that are made to them and i think new democracy will suffer if it can deliver in the future assuming it gets elected of course today demetrius and. is this then the fault of old northern europe fronts germany really pushing forward and pushing on greece these policies austerity and knowing that it was going to put greece in the political system there under pressure. well actually. the bed a system of uta's own is but the structure which is that the dog gets of this to be didn't growth back cannot be met in such a fragile financial environment in the u.n. years on and greece along with other member states but they specially greece was the experiment for the for the limitation of cards or state the in europe we have
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seen in the recent past we have we are already experiencing. serving actually similar problems with public deficits and over dept at this by other member states like for instance you need to leave. but in greece the situation was much tougher comparing to other member states why because for 2 main main reasons the 1st was that for the last that he is or previous governments didn't manage to create a sustainable viable growth model that the majority could benefit from and at the same time title efficiently bureaucracy and some state burdens that could create a more friendly environment for investments for instance so cities and headed sets a bad situation and it's very. unfair to to to exert some that house criticism on the government that within all only for years and months to
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creates. to tackle all of those problems and issues that were headed by the previous governments the 2nd thing is that we did. see in the previous years that there was a problem with this is a government when it was the go skating. with its seat of camp botanists. politics which is the 1st critical semester of college 15 sorry if we just we all running out of time and i would like to bring in. to counter your point it's an interesting thing there were changes happening so it's a dead do something to improve the economy now we have likely to be a new government in greece where the new democracy but there are the old allies the old players still exist it's france's germany's e.u.
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and they have very specific things that they won't greece to do are they going to give this new government potentially if it does win the election are much more sympathetic and than they did the last one. well this is the the $1000000.00 euro question because both the series of democracy are promising that there will be a renegotiation of the fiscal targets for the next years for greece i see that there's extremely difficult at least for the short future and the distant future yes we will we could have some renegotiation but 1st of all the new government should indicate not only b.k. but prove that it's very pro reforms very pro open market and it's willing to make this necessary changes in the greek public sector in the greek economy that needs to have a more growth friendly economy this time there will be some friendly gestures
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from euro zone partners but there needs to be proof in the next months that the new government is really going to implement reforms because syriza did this specific mistake they implemented the or stay with the without implementing reforms as the portuguese left wing government did together with the hard left. in the implemented reforms and they didn't have any problem with the population and even the lower class people but syriza was very hesitant in implementing reforms and now they want to backtrack on the reforms that already had been agreed with the eurozone baden's i just want to thank our panel of experts dimitri dimitris sorry vicky pryce and yanis kids and that is and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and further
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discussion goes well facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at inside story for me and the whole team. can the unrest in mali be stopped the situation and it's not easy i would look at there's not a magical one has the united nations failed to protect the people and help end the
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violence special representative of the un security general from ali mohamed salah hina defs talks to al jazeera. in the guitar of 71 a day on italian merchants set out on an extraordinary journey marco polo followed the silk road to santa to the hot of the cars and by. retracing his steps modern
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day explorer discovers the descent distanced echoes of last words and a mind of what and who survives history. co-pilot on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sammy's day than this is news out live from coming up in the next 60 minutes defying the nuclear deal hiran the started reaching uranium beyond the limits agreed says it's still wants to talk. yet for communion moves a step closer 1 to creating what it calls the largest trading bloc in the world.
2:49 am
in london with the top stories from europe including early indications show that greece's opposition party new democracy is on course for an absolute majority in the country snap general election. in school the usa become women's football world champions for a record 4th time successfully defending their title with a 2 no way in over the netherlands in the final in front. of the nuclear deal for nearly 4 years but iran's commitment to uranium enrichment will likely be broken within hours by monday morning it expects to pass the limits agreed in 2015 iran deputy foreign minister blames european countries for failing to live are for their own commitments until now iran's kept the maximum level of
2:50 am
uranium purity at 3.7 percent enough for electricity generation and compliance with the deal will be reduced every 2 months unless other signatories work to stop us sanctions uranium becomes nukes. bomb grade material if it's enrich to 90 percent the iranians deny it wanting nuclear weapons or france says the dispute resolution mechanism won't be triggered at least for now if it is food can't be resolved un sanctions could follow them both of the has more from tehran. it is the boldest step iran has taken so far in its choreographed campaign to reduce compliance with a 2015 nuclear deal on sunday morning it announced it would start enriching uranium to higher levels than allowed under the joint comprehensive plan of action. in a few hours the technical process will come to an end and enrichment above 3.67
2:51 am
percent will begin tomorrow when they. take the sample the level will be higher. iranian leaders warned for months if the international community did not help their country reap the benefits guaranteed in the way it will no longer honor its commitments the level of enrichment is unclear but senior leaders have suggested it could be as high as 5 even 20 percent still far from the 90 percent needed for weapons grade uranium there has been a flurry of diplomatic activity in recent weeks with meetings of the united nations security council and the commission in vienna there was hope that an injection of cash into instax or european bypassed u.s. banking sanctions might convince iran not to roll back cooperation in stakes. in stakes is a good 1st step is taking too long and it can only be successful if europe buy some more oil or locate some credit to it it's not useful yet but is politically significant in
2:52 am
a call with president hassan rouhani on saturday night french president emanuel acknowledged that nations had been unable to mitigate u.s. sanctions but he also warned his iranian counterpart of the consequences of weakening the deal mccrone and rouhani have agreed to a deadline of july 15th for all parties to resume talks what comes next is unclear . so far the international atomic energy agency the un's nuclear watchdog has issued 15 separate reports confirming iran's cooperation with the way when iran breached a nuclear stockpile limit last week the i.a.e.a. refrained from reporting that as a violation with this latest move that could change. everyone benefited from us adopting the way the u.s. made a strategic mistake by leaving it but we will not stay in it at any cost the decision taken today is in order to preserve the j. c.p.o. way but it depends on other parties now to say the deal is fragile is to perhaps understate the complicated power dynamics at play the united states pulled out of
2:53 am
the nuclear deal in may last year reimposing unilateral sanctions crippling an economy that was experiencing a long awaited period of growth since then remaining signatories to the deal have been caught in the middle of escalating tensions between to iran and washington but despite recent military escalations in the gulf at its core this dispute is economic and putting pressure on the seems to be iran's way of dealing itself a stronger hand. so what about the u.s. can attend meetings and if sanctions are lifted how would that process go 1st or land banking sanctions and then other things that led to states. before the u.s. pulled out of the deal iran was exporting up to 2800000 barrels of oil a day as one of the largest producers in the world it wants back into the international oil market for now the spokesman of iran's atomic energy agency says it will not renew work at nuclear facilities that was halted as part of the way but iran's deputy foreign minister had
2:54 am
a warning iran can do so whenever it wants and if in the coming 60 days their demands are not met that's exactly what iran might do next. is the french ambassador to iraq he says the u.s. president is desperate to present some success on the international front with a new iran nuclear deal. there is no. imette get dans on to produce a bomb one needs a baltar one tonne of. lightly enrich uranium to be of course further and reach up to 90 percent of course and they are still very far very far from this quantity of you made them and their number of course another factor which would be really dangerous and would be that iran if iran expelled the international nuclear inspectors will know who are precisely controlling the nature of its
2:55 am
program the extent of its program this is what north korea did in 2002 and this op and the way to the bomb but up to now we have no signal in that direction coming from iran trying to nothing munawar noise he wants to he fact basically he wants to fight a deal with iran on the on his own terms of course but this is what he wanted to specially as he's entering the. electoral campaign you know for the next presidential election and he would like very much to put defender on his cap you know because he has to knowing are no big success you know in the in international affairs no which i now know we north korea and perhaps he run could be to the solution a new way for him to present at least a visible success. there have been scuffles in hong kong with tween protesters and
2:56 am
police as demonstrators returned to the streets in their fight to have a controversial extradition bill scrapped this time around he was being held in cali tens of thousands marched towards the new train station which links the territory to the chinese mainland organizers say they want to educate visitors from china about their struggle. bryant has more from hong kong. it's been an ill tempered end to another day of anger on the streets of hong kong police are leaving these streets of cow lou which have seen this sunday evening some angry scuffles between protesters and police who have come in late in the day riot gear to say that basically the protest is over it is time to go home about a couple of 1000 protesters broke away from the main demonstration that all denies that said comprised up to a quarter of
2:57 am
a 1000000 people earlier in the day. they say they're walked around the streets of cow blocking different roads 3 police then moved in the day has to be said the police are generally kept a very low profile show a lot of restraint during the day allowing people to have their protest to vent their anger as they often have done when the demonstrations get to the kind of sizes that they have it is later in the day when the numbers dwindle that the police presence tends to build up and turning up in riot gear it really is a hint to protesters that it is time to go home this is been another weekend of protests we have now seeing smaller protests not the kind of mass protests of 2000000 people and this protest over on cow losing side of the current side of hong kong harbor was the 1st time that the extradition bill protesters have taken their campaign to the streets they have promised more demonstrations they said this is an
2:58 am
ongoing campaign and they haven't stopped yet. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including tell you why this meeting of monks in sri lanka has taken on renewed significance. calls for police reform in israel continue after the shooting of a young black man by an off duty officer i mean small in south america's biggest football tournament is corrupt here with that story. now to developments in greece where any indications show the service is series of party has lost the general election to the opposition new democracy party for more on this let's cross over to marion massey in our european broadcast center merrier . hello sami yes that's right new democracy was expected to win
2:59 am
a resoundingly victory in this election and now prime minister alexis tsipras has called the opposition into korea mr tarkus to concede and to congratulate him early indications project that new democracy is on course for an absolute majority in the parliament allowing its leader mr tak is to effectively become the new prime minister so the handover is expected to happen on monday but in terms of the exit polls right now mr taxes in the new democracy party are projected to take 155-2167 seats in the 300 seat legislative house while alexis tsipras is there it's a party is expected to gain between 77 and 80 seats. is live for us in athens now and it looks like a resoundingly tree for the opposition new democracy public party that was expected to happen and it looks like they will also have a significant presence in the parliament. yes it's very much as you described it
3:00 am
in terms of the numbers at the moment we're seeing huge democracy for cause to get about 40 percent of the popular vote a big advance on the 33 percent but it goes in the european parliament elections 6 weeks ago and that results short the ruling today is that they called this snap election fearing that if they waited until the end of that. the losses would be great to see these i have to say has done well back in 26th of may in those your european parliament elections they got 23 percent they would 9 and a half points behind you democracy if these numbers bear out that we're seeing now and that still the vote count is still 3rd of the way through so they will change.


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