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and. yes it's very much as you described it in terms of the numbers at the moment we're seeing huge democracy for cause to get about 40 percent of the popular vote a big advance on the 33 percent that it got in the european parliament elections 6 weeks ago and that results shocked the ruling cities that they called this snap election fearing that if they waited until the end of the term in october the losses would be great to see these i have to say has done well back in the 26th of may in those your european parliament elections they got 23 percent they would 9 and a half points behind you democracy if these numbers bear out that we're seeing no and that still the vote count is still a 3rd of the way through so they will change they may have narrowed the gap a little bit to about 8 points between themselves and new democracy and that if it turns out to be true will be a testament to the campaign qualities of elections to put us who don't forget
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raised this party from nothing from obscurity it was 4 and a half percent of the popular vote 10 years ago and he rode the wave of dissatisfaction with austerity policies to steal away the socialist voter base from the socialist party and to bring his party gradually toward towards the political center and get what appears to be 27 to 30 percent of the popular vote even in defeat that is an enormous testament to his political talents. but because we know that this election was ready for on the economic crisis in greece isn't expected to really recover to the sort of enjoyed before the crisis until the early twenty's not for some time to come so one of the challenges now facing the task. it's a turkey's has won this election on one basic campaign.
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plank which is economic reform that will liberate the power of the greek economy to become more productive more competitive within the global economy more extroverted and export driven so that it can bring in the world from abroad syriza had been very much focused on. boosting the minimum wage at home in order to generate more disposable income and boosting domestic consumption but that was something that greece's credit to the eurozone partners principally saw as only a temporary source of wealth not a sustainable recovery it was like he says we can do this we can be competitive we can have an economy that doesn't have to be afraid of the rest of the world and that is something that he's going to have to achieve not only through the lower taxes that he's promising but also through negotiations with creditors that will allow greece to spend less money repaying them and retaining more of the treasuries
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tax revenues to give back to taxpayers that's going to be one of the difficult points of one of the big gambles of his administration and many of the reforms that he has promised will also be battles to be fought over the next 2 years thank you very much from athens john psaropoulos 65 rescued migrants stranded on board a german rescue ship that was refused entry to italy are to be trying to transfer to a multi-sport where they will then be relocated to other member states despite an italian government ban on rescue vessels docking had dozens of migrants saved off the libyan coast have disembarked in italy or about and money has more thirsty and exhausted but say they survived the dangerous journey across the mediterranean from north africa after the italian charity mediterranea rescued them from this trying did. but arriving on the island of lampedusa they were surrounded by police and
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ordered not to disembark the charity says they're lucky to be alive i think when modern wantonness or not more of those new ones in that sea did die such a small digging does not even gets potted by the radar they were lucky they were able to one of us shortly before we had met in the water and the rest of the ship wrecked. the italian flag rescue boat the alex had run out of drinking water and was carrying 3 times as many people as it should when the boat's crew were denied permission to dock by the italian government malta offered to take the vessel but the crew declared a state of emergency government so you don't think it will be we are in emergency conditions that force is to go to the nearest port we finished our food and water supplies we are overcrowded with several cases of physical pain principally by whether this boat is not suited to remain for 45 hours in these conditions
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therefore we ask you to risk or to report. the island of lampedusa is closer to north africa than italy but migrants aren't welcome. last month italy's interior minister and deputy prime minister met there said vinie is used to create imposing heavy fines a migrant boats which trespass into italian waters. and you know yeah i am not reopening a tally imports especially if you ask me to there is a german ship and then you take care of it or we put them all on a bus in front of the german embassy vats enough and this applies to the french the dutch and to anyone who thinks anything can be done in italy. but just over a week ago after rescuing dozens of migrants the captain of a german rescue ship was arrested when she defied italian orders and docked in lampedusa and italian judges since ordered. roller rocketed to be freed from house
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arrest saying she'd been acting to save. the human rights group says 681 people have died while attempting to cross the mediterranean just this year but many continue to attempt the dangerous a crossing in search of a better life and rescue crews say they'll continue to put the lives of refugees before rules about a manly al-jazeera. saw a bit of news to bring you germany's deutsche bank is planning to cut 18000 jobs in a radical overhaul designed to turn around the struggling lender the bank is saying it expects a 3100000000 dollars net loss in the 2nd quarter as a result of restructuring it's been struggling for years with the decline of its investment arm and the failure to agree with rival comments bank it's hoped the reorganization will lead to savings of over $900000000000.00 by 2022 that's it from london for now i'll see you
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a bit later in about 40 minutes time but over to sammy in doha thanks so much for nigeria but they are the latest nations to sign the african free trade deal that the african union summit in asia $54.00 out of $55.00 countries in africa are now part of the single market agreement eritrea is the only african country that hasn't signed up to the deal yet it didn't participate in negotiations in the past because of its conflict with the remains hesitant fear called removes 90 percent of trade tariffs between signatory states trading is set to start next july to give member states time to prepare. remarks. it is the biggest historical event for the african continent since the creation of the organization of african unity in 1963 and its transformation into the african union the continental free trade area is the path to prosperity for africa it is the establishment of a market a vast market the largest market in the world a market of $1200000000.00 consumers today and it will be $1700000000.00 consumers
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in 2030. various reports from the capital in the army. stepped up security in the hurt of the capital underlining the growing concerns not only here in the sahara region of africa but in many other parts of the continent. from north to south east to west and in the hurt of africa 2 governments are struggling to contain communal clashes and violent extremism african leaders hope the new free trade deal is the answer to help reduce the poverty that helps fuel the fighting experts say an african common market will come with additional risks that as national organized criminals take advantage of this free movement you know to. one country to another and that is can just his or to perpetrate their fighters activities so definitely there will be looking for the for the chink in the are you looking for the weak link in the countries do not have you know security at
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some countries risk safe heaven you know or terrorist or criminal or organized criminals the government say they're working to stop that from happening. we have decided to escalate our security approach in dealing with these attacks and violence so that's africa union will come in and take charge. this way the cell region will be safer and all the flashpoints can be contained in the solved by africans themselves on the african continent of free trade agreement is expected to create there was no largest single market the continent is home to one and a quarter 1000000000 africans leaders hope that the free trade agreement will help create jobs and sprite intimate growth but it's not clear whether investors will overlook the internal strife in many african countries and bring in the much needed capital to boost production of goods and services.
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african entrepreneurs say the agreement could be the answer to the continent's many problems and the truth is we do have change by the new with educated kind of returns when you 1st get in with them so you are confident the investors will come from there was a. problem was trying to put in policies that create jobs i live in poverty there are also fears that corruption and we can force mccain some countries could model success of what's being billed as a historic free trade agreement but crease al-jazeera there may be share there are supporters of that free trade deal hope it will create employment opportunities for millions of africans bangle web reports from kenya what it may mean for farmers there. want betty to bet graze here on her farm in kenya and up in more than a dozen african countries beings from these soya plants will make cooking oil. some
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also be at it we. know more aid so we decided to call soya because there are this is the. draft. and then it is the main quest grow up for us. the oil from bessie's beans is bottled at this food factory in the town of seeka as well as using locally produced oil its owners sometimes import oil from neighboring countries as well but that's subject to trade tariffs so it costs more the products made in this factory were also subject to trade tariffs in some of the african countries that they're exporting to the proponents of a new christian continental free trade agreement say that could soon change. nearly all of the member states of the african union have signed the agreement is due to take effect next year and progressively phase out 97 percent of terrorists. at the
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factory the director told us it will create jobs and reduce costs if it's implemented this will be the single biggest market in the world where there will be free movement of goods and services big. projects like this look very good but the implementation has to be done with a united africa with united thinking united limitation when leaders promise free trade the african union many still pursue protectionist policies at home selling manufactured products across africa's borders often isn't easy it's here at the port of mombasa that goods manufactured outside of africa are imported to the region. most african countries trade more with countries in europe and asia and with each other economists say that free trade agreement alone won't solve that and that they'll be resistance from a powerful few who make fast profits from the status quo the politicians have
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become beholden to these types of folks and i think you're breaking up much more than might appear at 1st glance you're bringing in a system that's been there since independence the products from the food factory a truck to around the region this kind of manufacturing and export happens less in africa than any other continent economist say free trade within the continent would change that and create more jobs and income for people like betty but many feel it's still a long way off malcolm webb al-jazeera kenya. thousands of buddhist monks are gathering in sri lanka for their 1st major conference since the easter sunday bombings the meeting in candy was called by the influential group they discussed proposals including strengthening the security services and ballingall of just based political parties. more from candy. the conference bringing together thousands of buddhist called by the board. the general secretary to get out there
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now and solder to row recently released from prison on the presidential pardon very much the kind of driving personality behind this conference he has said that a number of issues that need to be taken up and indeed here at this conference we've seen a $37.00 point set of proposals being tabled which cover a wide range of issues it talks about the need to strengthen national security by strengthening the intelligence services it talks about everyone in this country coming under one common set of laws it talks about the need to basically ban political and religious parties that are based on those foundations also talks and a wide range of issues as safeguarding indigenous foods encouraging the use of these food items and things like that now in terms of some of the speakers what we're
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hearing they talk about all the threats essentially to the country in terms of its history of a lot of criticism of sort of extremist views on the head being concerned about the possibility that this forum would prove provide a sort of a spark that might sort of cause and to muslim violence as seen in the past last year candy was the scene of much violence but so far things have been relatively peaceful and for everyone concerned they're hoping it stays that way. also ahead of al jazeera we look at the dangers people desperate for about a life are facing on the mexico u.s. border. up until a few years ago the stream for a constant source of water now it's just a trickle. because farmers adapt to the perils of climate change. and install the defending moto g.p. world champ double figures in germany and we'll be here with that story.
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hello welcome to another look at the international forecast mobile service is usual across the middle east is hot and it's dry we've got a few showers little more cloud up towards the caucasus so just around pushing across some mania into georgia we could see some wet weather over the next couple of days so they'll be a few showers in play here as we go on through monday for the south as out sons i mean forty's for baghdad and for kuwait city a rather more pleasant 30 celsius there for beirut in a similar temperature for jerusalem over the next couple of days spot the difference on shoes day still those showers between the caspian and the black sea or hot sunshine less how should we say for baghdad temperatures of $43.00 degrees
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celsius that's what those numbers found for karate warm sunshine here at around $34.00 degrees plenty of hot sunshine across syrian peninsula perhaps a little bit of cloud just sliding its way into the central areas of the red sea maybe up towards the far south of amman is well but essentially it does look dry and settled temperatures here in doha day pick up to around 45 celsius but a smile when plans to watch have some lifted dust and sand so any staying dry staying dry across the southern parts of africa over the next couple of days little more clout to the south. from cutting edge medical technology toxic venom could be a fast untapped resource for the development of lifesaving drugs to advances in the most difficult regions of the world. ends up in the same. site every. innovative solution to global health care problems to make
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a difference maybe all of those were good sure to solve the cure on al-jazeera.
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you're watching i'll just remind the noun of our top stories iran will increase enriching its uranium levels in the next few hours breaching the limits on the 2015 nuclear deal that iran had given the e.u. until sunday to save the agreement plans to scale down commitments every 60 days but says it's still open to talks. protesters have returned to the streets of hong kong in their fight to have a controversial extradition bill scrapped the rallies being held kalou where tens of thousands of march towards new train station which links the truth to the chinese mainland nigeria and beneath the latest african nations to ratify a deal to create the world's largest free trade to finalize the summit of african union leaders in eritrea remains the only member not to sign up to the single market. return to our top story on iran's commitment to uranium enrichment which will likely be broken within the next few hours for the past he is
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a professor at georgetown university and the executive vice president of the quincy institute that's a washington d.c. based think tank he joins us by skype from virginia good to have you with us 1st of all it's an ounce mint by the iranians about increasing the degree of uranium enrichment how much concern do you think that's going to cause in washington d.c. . well i think certain quarters in washington will be quite happy because they do want to have additional pretext to be able to escalate this conflict what is happening right now was completely predictable demitted donald trump withdrew from the nuclear deal and started to punish iran for actually at hearing to the oh it became inevitable that at some point the iranians would start to counter escalate particularly if the europeans did not do anything to add here to the agreement and make sure that the wrong was given the economic benefits that it was promise so it
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is completely predictable but that on the positive side these are still very small and measured steps if the iranians really wanted to go for a bomb they could have done something much much more aggressive these are tiny steps they're reversible and i think the iranians are waiting to see if the europeans actually are going to step up and do for instance what the chinese have done which they have gone forward and bodyguard busy you know in defiance of trump's legal sanctions right do you think though that washington now might try and push for the snap back sanctions to be put back in place it will face a lot of legal problems doing so because the snapback sanctions is an option that exists for countries that are party to the deal the united states was a party to the deal but it foolishly would drew from the deal and as a result most likely will not be able to use that mechanism now they can put pressure on the europeans to use the mechanism and pressure from the united states and the europeans have been quite successful in the last 2 or 3 years in which the europeans have been far more adamant about not upsetting trump than to actually
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save the what can the europeans do do you think at this stage we'll listen raney and move probably to try and beef up in stakes. i think in stakes is even if there were to be up and running in the matter that had been envisioned simply not sufficient because there again the europeans are focusing on the trade the trump has and sanction yet 80 percent of iran's economy is under sanctions by the united states and all of those sanctions were supposed to be gone as a result of the nuclear deal so in for instance to actually work and make sure that it works in the sense of saving the deal then oil has to be included in it and it doesn't seem as if the europeans have the political will to do what the chinese and others have done in making sure that they're defying trump on this if they say they agree with this deal and they want to keep this deal when then they have to make some sacrifices as well rouhani a micron of agreed to a deadline of july 15th to resume talks what will the u.s. position be on that do you think well from the american position i think they're
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going to go aggressively forward and hoping that they get some sort of. snap back or some sort of action in order to make sure that all of these paths of diplomacy are closed this is part of the american maximum pressure strategy they think the only way to actually be able to get a deal with iran is to essentially force it's a capital a they were seeing right now is that clearly that strategy doesn't work trumps policy is a minimizing the chances of the plough mysie and maximizing the chances of a confrontation and that's part of the reason why the europeans are stuck in the middle and they don't want to be in this situation and they do want to do something to save the deal but it just so happens to be that they want to do the least costly thing to save the deal and that simply hasn't worked yet for the possible thanks for your thoughts. thank you so much. taliban fighters in northern afghanistan are claiming responsibility for a truck bomb explosion which killed at least 14 security force personnel close to
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$200.00 others were wounded in intelligence base in the new province it was targeted as groundbreaking talks began in qatar involving taliban political representatives shall about this reports. so a lot of model tele band delegates sit across from afghan politicians ready to talk peace for the 1st time everyone has come to doha in their personal not official capacity the 2 days of talks are pitched as an ice breaker hopefully leading to more formal negotiations between the taliban and afghan government every step that can be taken for the peace it's an optimistic about that. happiest occasion of my life a person who waited for 41 years for this very day. i know that's not the end of it but i'm delighted to be when it begins a previous attempt in april to get them to talk failed mediators from karsan
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germany convinced both sides to try again i would like to express my gratitude to all afghan participants for agreeing to engage in a constructive dialogue with each other inspires and also because of all the suffering which the afghan people has endured and are still in during while the taliban's political look for common ground and door hard its military wing designated a truck bomb in the central province of gosney while. they said they were targeting an afghan intelligence base they blamed for targeting civilians it more than 10 people were killed nearly 200 civilians injured in the attack talking to the taliban here they say what happened in gaza and shows why door is so important and that the war will continue until a settlement is reached with the afghan and u.s. governments they ended that if the afghan government is so concerned with civilian casualties that it should stop its military operations. negotiations to end the
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18 year war started in earnest a year ago the 7th round of negotiations between the u.s. and the taliban also in doha have been put on hold while the afghan talks on how to . they say they are close to agreement on the withdrawal of foreign troops and the policing of armed groups such as il qaeda in afghanistan the aim is now persuading the afghan government and the taliban to accept formal talks but this is off one on our on the process this is the afghan for themself to decide their future we are just helping them so we managed today to bring them we want them to stay by themselves to the side without any kind of influence from anybody there is hope that these groups can turn 2 days of talks into a unified future shall of ballasts his era. now the parents of an israeli teenagers shot and killed by an off duty policeman are calling for
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widespread police reforms but death of solomon taken haifa last sunday provoked riots in other israeli cities both smith reports from the family home. these people are in law as jewish as anyone else who has the right to move to israel and claim citizenship but many of them will tell you that their skin color means they don't get equal treatment in this country. how does solomon take up in white his family and friends believe he would not have been shot dead by an off duty police officer during a confrontation in a part of the load people have empathized and supported me but it's not going to help what will help is if the police in israel change and go in a new direction we need a new understanding from the roots all the way out. prompted nationwide demonstrations led by ethiopian israelis who say they have enjoyed decades of racism from the government and police. tens of thousands of ethiopians emigrated
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here in the eighty's and ninety's encouraged by successive governments 3 years ago a ministerial commission made a series of recommendations after widespread discrimination against ethiopian jews was exposed a coordination unit to prevent racism was set up the critics say what has been done on paper isn't being put into practice the police were supposed to work for the cameras to film every interaction. not there also supposed to be stiffer penalties for violent police officers and a reduction in the use of tasers but there's no evidence that any of this is. according to the justice ministry the police have not published yearly reports on how officers acted in a racist manner have been disciplined we don't want no one to hug us or say that they understand or our feelings feelings won't make me feel safe
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in the streets what made well will make me feel safe is police officers being indicted over killing young black people and it's not only young black men it's also. a. community we have the orthodox we have. and here that are suffering from police brutality this is an issue of civil rights . the police officer shot solomon is under house arrest solomon's name is 11 on a list of people who've been shot by the police in the last 5 years according to official records no police officers have been charged over any of those deaths bernat smith al-jazeera haifa a former us vice president joe biden has apologized for his remarks about working with segregationist senators during his early days in congress rival democratic party white house hopefuls and highlighting his opposition to
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a federal policy in the 1970 s. to integrate black students into public schools folks now was i wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that i was praising those men who are successfully opposed time and again yes i was i regret it i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception i may have caused anybody but. that misstep to find 50 years of my record for fighting for civil rights racial justice in this country i hope not i don't think so. but it just isn't an honest assessment of my record and i'm going to let my record of my character stand for self and not be distorted or smeared. increased enforcement along the us mexico border is expected to deter
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people from entering america with authorities anticipating a 25 percent drop in arrests but as manual reports the desperate is still willing to risk their lives and freedom as they attempt to cross the potentially deadly rio grande. on the banks of the rio grande the mexican 1st responders are searching for a missing person it's a joint operation between mexican authorities and u.s. customs and border patrol they're looking for a little girl about 3 years old the daughter of haitian migrants who crossed the river into the united states a few nights ago and. in this case unfortunately we are looking for a girl between 2 and 3 years old it's best that we search down stream because she's the baby she could have been swept away easier than an adult we've also had cases where bodies are stuck deep in the water or in the surrounding brush. at a nearby camp for migrants we met 2 brothers from cuba they've been here for almost a month while their asylum cases are processed in the u.s.
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they tell us it's quite common for migrants to get impatient and take to the river but we're not. there was one night we're 80 people cross to others across the river 20 or 30 at a time including children sometimes younger than 2 years old. the camp has become a temporary home to more than 300 asylum seekers most of them are from west africa haiti and cuba. but not of those from angola he's been at the camp for more than a month he plays music most days to pass the time. we are expecting to wait here 23 or 4 months because there are many people ahead of us on the asylum list. many of the people we spoke to at the camp like that of narco say the plan to wait as long as it takes to cross into the u.s. legally. but illegal crossings at the rio grande day have increased in recent months. and so have drownings we're at a municipal cemetery in be at us neda's mexico where the bodies of migrants who
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died trying to cross into the united states are often brought in have these wooden crosses placed over their graves and this one here simply reads mail not identified pulled out of the rio approximately 300 meters from the black bridge in the motos neighborhood. there are several other graves of unknown migrants nearby the groundskeeper told us he buried 8 drowning victims just last week. back at the river looking just across the water in the u.s. soil authorities say they will continue the search operation for one week as per protocol we've been told however that at this stage now several days since a child went missing the odds of finding her alive are very good but what about the to. be that us made us mexico.


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