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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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rehearsal time for a new round of negotiations to start. the european the europeans are in an interesting position right now obviously they share strategic interest with the united states in terms of fighting left ration but they have 2 completely different views of the nuclear deal how does that get resolved. well it's going to be very difficult because neither the iranians nor the united states in that present mood again to back down the united states wants in as part of its global drive for hate jenny interest in overturning previous good alliances has with the european countries in the middle east it wants to see something completely different the iranians for their part are not going to give in they're not going to be humiliated they're going to stand up for their national
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dignity they would be prepared for a win win solution in which they get something and the international community including united states gets part of what they want but the win lose deal which is all the united states is offering at present is not a starter for them that's why i welcome the initiative by president makram and i assume you're doing it in conjunction with european union officials and with france and and with germany and britain in particular to get time to launch new talks there is a potential deal there to be had under which iran goes back to observe all the limits which it had previously observed under the new clear deal and the international community. encourages the united states to permit
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a renewal of waivers so that the bilateral the unilateral sanctions that united states is imposing on countries seeking to import your alien oil lifted the iranian economy gets restless and also guide is asking for from what you're saying we've gone back in time when our back to what 2003 where iran is using its nuclear program as leverage and the europeans have to find some way of engaging with to iran. well back 22012012 yes and that period it was a standoff where in a standoff now it was broken by realize ation that you have to have a win win deal and the kind of deal i sketched out is the only way of opening up a wider negotiation that will deal long term with the united states' concerns and with the security concerns of all countries in the region iraq saudi arabia u.a.e.
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the g.c.c. countries as a whole and iran they need to be brought into a regional security dialogue but that can only be done once we've overcome the present crisis over the nuclear deal thank you very much for sharing your insight with us we appreciate it 4 british ambassador to iran sir richard dalton joining us . you with the news hour live from london much more still ahead we'll be speaking to families in kenya who were hopeful in the african free trade agreement will create more jobs for the continent. afghan politicians and taliban representative sit down face story talks in doha while on the ground violence continues and then in school find out if host nation brazil is celebrating title success at south america's biggest international football tournament.
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opposition leader. says he has a strong mandate to change greece following a snap election his new democracy party appears to want to sweeping victory the results are still being tallied but with 73 percent of the votes counted it's attack is has a commanding lead of 39.6 percent while the ritz a party of prime minister alexis tsipras is currently on 31.6 percent he has conceded defeat and funnest attack is to congratulate him. brings us the reaction now from the greek capital. the leader of the new democracy party got 40 years to pull not just a majority but an outright one that allows the conservatives to rule on their own for the 1st time in 50 years to the others we took ickes says it will allow him to implement an ambitious reform program unhindered by coalition partners at least in
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ascii close but this wasn't just an expression of the will to close a painful chapter for our country it was much more than back to the fate of the people in their strength is the desire to take our fates into our own hands and use to prove that we can do great things in our own country. much the pressure is now on me to thank you's to deliver on his promise to bring growth to the greek economy and help create 700000 jobs in his 1st term he's planning to do it partly through tax cuts but greece can only afford them if international bailout creditors agree to cut repayments it's a goal that eluded previous governments since the beginning of government austerity measures imposed in 2010 when greece faced bankruptcy because of its massive debts the victory of me to thank yous and 4 and a half years of rule by cities a prime minister alexis to put us raised the coalition of the radical left from obscurity to seize power from the new democracy party in the last election in 2015
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as promised he would be the vanguard of a left wing revolution across europe to defeat us territory policies imposed on greece that caused recession and unemployment. ultimately capitulated to those policies in order to keep greece in the eurozone despite cities are raising the minimum wage cutting sales tax and offering more benefits to pensioners this year it seems to have been too little too late for that. likely to receive mr mr tarkus into the palace said to hand over to him the office of prime minister as is done in the democratic state. i would like to from the bottom of my. heart thank all the members and friends of our party who gave a good fight in a viable condition. in order to double its growth rate will grow much faster greece will need huge levels of foreign investment in the coming years and that will be perhaps the biggest challenge on the economic front and that needs a lot of structural reform which sometimes takes time there's more at stake here
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than the economy for the past decade greeks have watched their politicians being dictated to by their creditors the international monetary fund and the euros and because those politicians didn't want to assume ownership of unpopular reforms. like his predecessors it's a thank you says he wants to restore greek sovereignty and dignity but unlike him he wants to do it in collaboration with european union partners. al-jazeera apheresis. has been fresh violence in hong kong as protesters faced off with riot police over a controversial extradition bill a stand off a mass rally outside a train station which links to mainland china on the private ports now from callan . this was the 1st major demonstration since the storming of hong kong's parliament last week and it proves this dispute isn't going away.
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my protesters said the change in the law would mean critics of china could be extradited from hong kong to face summary justice in mainland courts the hong kong government has suspended the bill but protesters are still demanding its complete withdrawal on the our freedom our i'm also fighting just to deliver a message there's no no absolutely no support for the government it's also the 1st time the protesters have taken their campaign to the kalou district of home. and i with its luxury stores the area is a favorite desk. nation for mainland chinese shoppers and many seemed bewildered by the crowds of demonstrators who goes ok hong kong is the only chinese city that permits demonstrations like this. the old denies is said they wanted to tell the visitors about their struggle i don't really understand it said this visitor so i
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don't want to comment because i think they're very brave said this woman. the destination for the march was the terminus for the high speed rail link connecting hong kong to the mainland seen by many as a symbol of china's encroaching influence initially the organizers had been hoping for a couple of 1000 people to take part in this march but even before it began it was clear that numbers would be far greater than that also very obvious by this demonstration that they anger and the spirits of resistance is still a strong people thought t.s.p. as of possible clashes with mainland tourists proved unfounded and many of the protesters seem to direct their anger at the police who are not who they accuse of using excessive force in breaking down largely peaceful protests. as darkness fell a breakaway demonstration blocks streets around cowley. sparking angry standoffs
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with both police and local was. an ill tempered end to another day of anger on the streets of hong kong with the prospect of yet more protests public pride al-jazeera all cost. i geria and between all the latest nations to sign the african free trade deal at the african union summit in asia $54.00 out of $55.00 countries in africa and now part of the single market agreement eritrea is the only african country that hasn't signed up to the deal yet it didn't participate in a goetia in the past because of its conflict with ethiopia and remains hesitant the a cool removes 90 percent of trade tariffs between signatory states trading is set to start next july to give member states time to prepare interests brings us more now from the capitol man me. the political will is not the all or thing that's required to move these deal forward initially african leaders are looking at 2020
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to start implementing this and it's going to be a market for more than 1500000000 people that's one and a quarter 1000000000 people on the african continent on the agreement looks like it could work but there is a lot of things that needs to be done infrastructure for example needs to be put in place before africa can compete favorably with asia north america and even europe now various additional problems that africa needs to sort out before this finally takes off and that is the key issue of security from the sale region right across africa countries are battling extremist violence and communal clashes from within their own states and leaders here are calling for quick action to resolve them. with the future looks bright for our countries and our continent but the looming threats of terrorism the looming threats of criminal organizations and into communities conflicts could jeopardize this beautiful future and these are strategic threats that could without appropriate responses destroying our state
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institutions and for the ordinary africans on the street he is looking he's expecting a lot from leaders a lot from these countries to establish this single market so that he can have jobs he can have the peace of mind and he can work towards earning a living however economies want but the expectations should be tempered because there is a lot of work that needs to be done before this market finally takes off in 20 twentieth's and research by the african leaders. will support is a trade deal hope that will bring employment opportunities to millions of people on the continent as it was explaining there malcolm webb is in central kenya to find out what the agreement means for farmers that. what betty tibet grows here on her farming kenya ends up in more than a dozen african countries beings from these soya plants will make cooking oil our idea is some also be added we know or more they so we
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decided to call soya because there is that for growth and then it is their main quest crop for us. the oil from bessie's beans is bottled at this food factory in the town of seeka as well as using locally produced oil its own is sometimes called will from neighboring countries as well without subject to trade tariffs and so it costs more the products made in this factory also subject to trade towers in some of the african countries that they're exporting to the proponents of a new continental free trade agreement that would soon change and nearly all of the member states of the african union have signed the agreement is due to take effect next year and progressively phase out 97 percent of terrorists. at the factory the director told us it will create jobs and reduce costs if it's implemented this will
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be the single biggest market in the world where there will be free movement of goods and services big. projects like to look very good but they implemented has to be done with a united africa with united thinking united in imminent danger while leaders promise free trade the african union many still pursue protectionist policies at home selling manufactured products across africa's borders often isn't easy it's here at the port of mombasa that goods manufactured outside of africa are imported to the region. most african countries trade more with countries in europe and asia and with each other economists say the free trade agreement alone won't solve that and that they'll be resistance from a powerful few who make fast profits from the status quo the politicians have become beholden to these types of folks and i think you're breaking up much more
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than might appear at 1st glance you're breaking the system that's been there since independence and the products from the food factory a truck to around the region that this kind of manufacturing and export happens less in africa than any other continent economist say free trade within the continent would change that and create more jobs and income for people like betty but many feel it's still a long way off malcolm webb al-jazeera the kenya. johnson is publisher of africa briefing magazine i'm pleased to say so with me in the studio now. this deal holds great holds a lot of potential doesn't it you're talking about $1300000000.00 leave you alone and in a trading area where $3.00 trillion dollars is not only that the figures are impressive what are your hopes for this for this agreement well i don't very hopeful know who will cook yet it will be of course political good as sheep who will have to.
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someone that will that they had the 1st place to set up this trip body and implemented just over one and about 2 days to try and eradicate those pretty suspicions amount of cells because no one country who'd be an ally that we need to treat together ok if say ghana is the biggest gun on equity were i the biggest produces. globally right so you you you leverage your comparative advantage in the production of a certain good rate and then the other party too will do to save so it to be like you know a nation's hutaree free exchange here and there so you to boost it to bush straight from a one africa street. countries 70 percent in. 27. or safe to represent and you open your plane on 6 percent so if we're able to push
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straight which is forecast to increase by about 15 to 25 percent in the media of tear it to be good for the country it will spread the expertise. across the continent or to create jobs and those are those are that those are the benefits and we were hearing in our ports just now that people have high expectations of this tale they want to see more growth they want jobs and they want unemployment to me brought down but in order for those things to happen these countries also have to tackle things like iraq chris and corruption exactly that's one what would it i mean bureaucrats see it on across our borders and on corruption and not only these 2 things we have poor road and rail links so there's a sober thing ansible you have it's a year after it's a little bit hard a poland in some areas so this so what the 3 they do to do to work on in order to
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make an order trickier because. said that it will be closer than in that case why not focus on domestic reforms investment in infrastructure and then. have a strike a deal like this that then in a grouping of nations why not focus on working internal challenges for a sick enough in this little suit as a goal to work toward right the good is the route to create. a free trade area in order to be strong and we will to mix it to the end in south africa so work towards that reward you will to do x. to achieve that goal thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us jonathan off from africa briefing magazine thank you it was so of the news hour we'll bring you much more. tensions are high in sri lanka as thousands of buddhist monks hold that 1st biggest family since the easter sunday bombings ethiopians in israel
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say they're targeted because of the color of their skin as another member of that community is killed by the police and then in sport the defending local g.p. while chanting it's double figures in germany and you will have that story and much more. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast out here across northern and north eastern europe we're going to be seems a very windy conditions all duly with this fun about him that is now making its way to the south as well as over here towards the east behind it where to be seeing some cooler air as well unseasonably cool for this time of year into the high teens for many locations out that is a big difference from what we saw just several weeks ago we were dealing with a heat wave across much of this area so on monday were set at 17 degrees berlin at 18 in the air of low pressure over here towards the baltic so that's where the wind
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as well as the rain is really going to be a big problem we also the fun about it is pushing through so here across the ukraine expect to see severe weather across that area as we go from monday as well as into tuesday so as we go towards tuesday the front continues to make its way towards the east we see the front also standing down here stationary across much of the region to the south that is where the hot air is going to remain we're going to be seeing rome at 32 degrees athens at 34 but just to the north it is going to be drier as well as cooler into the low twenty's and here across parts of northern africa much in terms of weather clouds or rain it is the temperatures we are watching tunis is going to be a hot day there at 38 degrees as well as algeria at 30 and cairo a nice day at 38. mexico's most loved soap exposes the reality of more than live through fiction. soap box
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reveals the drama behind the camera this week the producers focus on the difficulties facing indigenous women and the power superstition still holds over a large section of society was going to be covered by 2 worlds at his own 3 off soap box mexico on al-jazeera. setting the discussions on here tim was the deadliest year the aviation industry has experienced for some time examining the headlines many foreign journalists including those from al-jazeera have had their licenses revoked their offices raided explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire that convinced me this was that conservation chance of a life that the world is watching. on al-jazeera. welcome
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back a look at the top stories now the u.s. president donald trump has warned iran that it will never have a nuclear weapon after decided to enrich uranium to levels greater than that agreed as part of the 2015 nuclear deal greek opposition leader mr tucker says he has a strong mandate to change greece following a snap election his new democracy party is on course to secure an absolute majority in parliament and there's been fresh violence in hong kong as protesters faced off with riot police over a controversial extradition bill that followed a mass rally outside a train station which links to mainland china. 65 rescued migrants stranded on board a german rescue ship that was refused entry to italy are to be transferred to
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a multis port where they'll be then read ok to the e.u. member states despite an italian government panel rescue vessels docking there dozens of migrants saved off the coast of libya have disembarked in italy or about in miami has more thirsty and exhausted but safe they survived the dangerous journey across the mediterranean from north africa after the italian charity mediterranea rescued them from the stranded. but arriving on the island of lampedusa they were surrounded by police and ordered not to disobey bark the charity says they're lucky to be alive i think. one more of those new ones in that sea did such a small digging does not even gets ported by the riddle they were lucky they were able to one us shortly before we had met the water and the rest of the shipwreck. the italian flag rescued the alex had run out of drinking water and was carrying 3
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times as many people as it showed when the boat's crew were denied permission to dock by the italian government malta offered to take the vessel but the crew declared a state of emergency government so you can thank you both mean we are in emergency conditions that force is to go to the nearest port we finished our food and water supplies we are overcrowded with several cases of physical pain principally by whether this boat is not suited to remain for 45 hours in these conditions therefore we ask you to risk or to report. the island of lampedusa is closer to north africa than italy but migrants aren't welcome last month italy's interior minister and deputy prime minister met there said vinie issued to korean posing heavy fines a migrant boats which trespass into italian waters. he normally oh yeah i am
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not reopening a tally imports especially if you ask me to there is a german ship and then you take care of it or we put them all on a bus in front of the german embassy vats enough and this applies to the french the dutch and to anyone who thinks anything can be done in italy. but just over a week ago after rescuing dozens of migrants the captain of a german rescue ship was arrested when she defied italian orders and docked in lampedusa and italian judges since ordered corona rocketed to be freed from house arrest saying she'd been acting to save. the human rights group says 681 people have died while attempting to cross the mediterranean just this year but many continue to attempt the dangerous the crossing in search of a better life. and rescue crews say they'll continue to put the lives of refugees before rules. sure about him only al jazeera. as spaces
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reopened the only functioning airport in libya's capital tripoli with airport had been closed following a series of missile strikes on sunday 3 airline employees were injured and a plane was hit the airport authority says carry a companies will soon begin receiving passengers to complete the rest of their rescheduled flights. the taliban has claimed responsibility for a truck bomb explosion that's injured nearly 200 people in afghanistan more than 10 people were killed at target was an intelligence base and gaza me province it coincides with talks between the taliban and afghan and afghan delegation currently taking place in cata shallot palace reports from doha a lot of moderate taliban delegates across from afghan politicians ready to talk peace for the 1st time everyone has come to doha in their personal not official capacity the 2 days of talks are pitched as an ice breaker hopefully leading to
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more formal negotiations between the taliban and afghan government every step that can be taken for the peace it's optimistic about that. over my life a person who waited for 41 years for this very day. i know that's not the end of it but i'm delighted to be when it begins a previous attempt to in april to get them to talk fireworks mediations from cazan germany convinced both sides to try again i would like to express my gratitude to all afghani participants for agreeing to engage in a constructive dialogue with each other inspires and also because of all the suffering which the afghan people has endured and is still and during well the taliban's political look for common ground and or ha its military wing designated a truck bomb in the central province of gosney wow they said they were targeting an
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afghan intelligence base they blame for targeting civilians it more than 10 people were killed nearly 200 civilians injured in the attack talking to the taliban here they say what happened in gaza and shows why door is so important and that the war will continue until a settlement is reached with the afghan and u.s. governments they added that if the afghan government is so concerned with civilian casualties that it should stop its military operations. negotiations to end the 18 year war started in earnest 2 year ago the 7th round of negotiations between the u.s. and the taliban also in doha have been put on hold while the afghan talks or how they say they are close to agreement on the withdrawal of foreign troops and the policing of armed groups such as in afghanistan and the aim is now persuading the afghan government and the taliban to accept formal talks this is off on on on the
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process this is the afghan for themself to decide their future we are just helping them so we relish the day to bring them we want them to stay by themselves to the side without any kind of influence from anybody there is hope that these groups can turn 2 days of talks into a unified future shall about lists. shrunken security forces have been on high alert as thousands of buddhist monks gathered for the 1st time since the easter sunday mornings and were fears the meeting in kandy which aimed to decide who to back in december the presidential election could trigger violence in alpha numbers has mol. what started in pretty much measured tones the head of the border policy another venerable gallagher the underside of taro the buddhist priest you see speaking in addressing the gathering here behind me has got increasingly of the citrus in talking about the need to take this ng
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whole a buddhist state during the speech basically he's alluded to the fact that the single the buddhist busy nation is very much in terms of a global minority and that more must be protected now $37.00 points of proposals covering $37.00 different areas have been presented at this conference today and those range from consolidating national security by strengthening the intelligence services he talked about the education system it talked about bringing all the countries citizens under one sort of common set of laws that is applicable to all about stamping out racism about stamping out essential extremism are you talked about things like safeguarding indigenous foodstuffs so it is quite a broad sweep of proposals that have been presented here now the conference itself had created some concern people had thought that it might spark off
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a certain tensions muslim community also planning to sort of close down shutters particularly in terms of business here in candy and basically saying that they hope this whole thing ends peacefully and for them this is the need of the hour it's dialogue more dialogue and even more dialogue. u.s. authorities are anticipating a significant drop in a wrestle in the southern border with mexico as a result of increased enforcement but many migrants trying trying say that they are still willing to risk their lives to make the illegal crossing through the rio grande a river money rapidly reports now from pre-addressed negras in mexico. on the banks of the leo go down the mexican 1st responders are searching for a missing person it's a joint operation between mexican authorities and u.s. customs and border patrol they're looking for a little girl about 3 years old the daughter of haitian migrants who crossed the
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river into the united states a few nights ago and they stick us when i'm in this one i mean in this case unfortunately we are looking for a girl between 2 and 3 years old it's best that we search down stream because she's the baby she could have been swept away easier than an adult we've also had cases where bodies are stuck deep in the water or in the surrounding brush. at a nearby camp for migrants we met 2 brothers from cuba they've been here for almost a month while their asylum cases are processed in the u.s. they tell us it's quite common for migrants to get impatient and take to the river or not. there was one night were 80 people cross to others across the river 20 or 30 at a time including children sometimes younger than 2 years old single on the campus become a temporary home to more than 300 asylum seekers most of them are from west africa haiti and cuba. but not of those from angola he's been at the camp for more than a month he plays music most days to pass the time. as. we're
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expecting to wait here 23 or 4 months because there are many people ahead of us on the asylum list. many of the people we spoke to at the camp like that of not of them say they plan to wait as long as it takes to cross into the u.s. legally. but illegal crossings at the rio grande they have increased in recent months and so have drownings we're at a municipal cemetery n.p.r.'s neda us mexico where the bodies of migrants who died trying to cross into the united states are often brought and have these what in crosses placed over their graves and this one here simply reads mail not identified pulled out of the rio approximately 300 meters from the black bridge in the modell is neighborhood. there are several other graves of unknown migrants nearby the groundskeeper told us he buried 8 drowning victims just last week. back at the river looking just across the water into u.s. soil.


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