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being a new epicenter of the murderous enterprise that president hu tartars of launch was the war on drugs in 2016 this is a new location is a location where high ranking officials who where previously in charge of metro manila have moved in over the past year what it shows also is that people are exit you did simply for being on the so-called drug watch list which are listed that are compiled at the local level outside of any legal process we are also seeing a complete failure to hold accountable anyone for these murders and there's a complete climate of impunity that's why what our conclusion in this report is that there are no domestic avenues to seek accountability and redress for what is really a murderous enterprise and therefore we are calling on the united nations human rights council to table a resolution adopt a resolution to investigate the human rights situation in the philippines and we
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are also asking the international criminal court who is currently carrying a preliminary examination to expedite this and to a formal process of investigating the war on drugs in the philippines and then what do you think should this united nations human rights council go ahead what do you. think that will change because the philippines president remains defiant and he's already dismiss these reports interference by foreign governments it being the sled by force needs. well the philippines is a party to many international law continent and human rights covenant it is a member of the united nations undertaken many obligations under international law and therefore no one withstanding the president's criticism of this.
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the philippines have an obligation and international community and the united nations have an obligation to look into it is very severe violations of human rights which may amount to crimes against humanity so where we thing is a government that actually is extremely defensive on the one hand domestically justify the killing of a 3 year old in a police operation by saying that these things just happen in police operations and these are collateral victims and there's nothing to really look into and at the same time it's sending a very large delegation to geneva the u.n. human rights council to try to prevent a resolution from being adopted it also threatened directly human rights lawyers. human rights defenders human rights organizations for not interfering this is a government that has something to hide and what it has to hide is a policy of deadly bradley murdering people from poor and marginalized community if
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they're suspected of being somewhat involved in the drug trade but what we've seen is that a anyone can end up on these watch lists they're compiled without any rigorous procedure and there is no way to get off so if someone puts you submit your names to this watch list no matter what even if it's your any sense you will stay on this list and you are at high risk of being killed on and that was fear fear and intimidation. and. ok nic us back and joining us there live from bangkok thanks very much indeed for your views well as myself to come on al-jazeera including calls for police reform in israel continue after the shooting of a young black man i an off duty officer. and we were in alaska where there are signs of trouble on the state's most iconic sites.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well here across northern and north eastern europe we're going to be seeing some very windy conditions all dealing with this fun about him that is now making its way to the south as well as over here towards the east behind it where to be seeing some cooler air as well unseasonably cool for this time of year into the high teens for many locations out that is a big difference from what we saw just several weeks ago we were dealing with a heat wave across much of this area so on monday we're set at 17 degrees berlin at 18 in the air of low pressure over here towards the baltics so that's where the wind as well as the rain is really going to be a big problem we also the frontal boundary that's pushing through so here across the ukraine expect to see severe weather across that area as we go from monday as well as into tuesday so as we go towards tuesday the front continues to make its
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way towards the east we see the front also standing down here stationary across much of the region to the south that is where the hot air is going to remain we're going to be seeing rome at 32 degrees athens at 34 but just to the north it is going to be drier as well as cooler into the low twenty's and here across parts of northern africa not much in terms of weather clouds or rain it is the temperatures we are watching tunis is going to be a hot day there at 38 degrees as well as algeria at 38 cairo a nice day at 38. this
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is al jazeera quite right of the top stories for you know iran is insisting it's not seeking war with any country but is a bearing to protect its borders or the u.s. president of iran said tehran will never produce a nuclear weapon after iran announced it would continue to enrich uranium unless the nuclear deal is st. greece's conservative opposition leader or korea because smith so tackiest will be sworn in as prime minister in the coming hours new
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democracy party won a stark election on sunday to facing the left when prime minister alexis tsipras far right golden dawn party was no i suppose on a. fantasy international as are urging the un to investigate so-called war on drugs in the philippines describing it as a murderous rights group says extra judicial killings are still going on 3 years since president roderick good started came to office and launched has cracked and. now a verdict is jus shortly in the trial of former congolese warlord bosco in the dark and he faces 18 charges at the international criminal courts in connection with the killings of hundreds of civilians in the story region of the democratic republic of congo in 20022003 make them the terminator in it and under was 1st and dices in 2006 for allegedly recruits in child soldiers at the time he was
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a leader of a once and backed rebel group and his troops were insecurities into the congolese army in 2009 and gun. i was made a general but the deal collapsed when he led an uprising in 2012 and formed the m 23 rebel group but some after losing a para struggle the tender and turned himself over to the us embassy and wonders capital kigali in 2030 malcolm webb joins us now live from nairobi mark and he tell us more about what he's accused of. those counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity include rape. and slavery and sexual enslavement conscripting child soldiers they all relate to incidents that happened in 20022003 when boss current again that was the leader of a militia that belonged to a political party called the union of congo patriots but his involvement with armed
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groups in the region actually began much earlier he was selfish just 17 years old when he 1st joined the rwandan patriotic front which fought in rwanda and eventually president paul kagame e into power in 1940 subsequently fought for many rebel various rebel groups in eastern congo many of which were backed by rwanda and also neighboring uganda which has had an ongoing involvement in these conflicts we spent a lot of time in some of those conflicts visited some of these groups and these are areas where people live by the sword die by the sword extrajudicial killings rebel groups for things to 1000000000 population to do whatever they want or a need tragically normal things in in these kinds of conflicts but it's specifically those events around 20022003 that the prosecutors and the i.c.c. are trying to trying to get what's going to go on the found guilty of and that's
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what we'll find out when we get the verdict in just a short while from now kay markham where there life in nairobi thank you. the only functioning airports in libya's capital has reopened following a series of missile strikes on sunday 3 airline employees were injured and an aircraft damage in the attacks but seeing airports has been repeatedly targeted by forces loyal to warlord who never have to in his 3 month campaign to capture tripoli and the polls the un recognized governments. police in haiti have opened fire on mourners and protest service at the funeral of a journalist shot dead last month a speedy pet your own was investigating government corruption is killing by government parts of france last month sparked street protests and ends of the resignation of president maurice etc nia is an economist and professor at this university in port au prince says there are underlying problems feeling the
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unrest. said this case of this funeral yesterday we consider moving right now it's very slow. and we don't have in the recent street protests. let's say for the last 2 weeks and but in a very uncertain. as chair of that the president should step down while the government support of their nuclear the sustain pot. but meanwhile the kind of militant really suffering that's the main issue right now so. the president has a change because lately we have. soccer competition and the national team was in complete vision for 2 weeks so people were really. suckered were doing very well at the goal cough and then except that besides that we had it as they gave us and the west in the case and come here to look for the
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arabs of those degrees a nationally made laura now. i've heard of musician and make it more certain a little report results of staying power for a while. the parents of an israeli ethiopian teenager shot and killed by an off duty policeman a calling for widespread police reforms solomonson his death and last sunday provoked riots in other israeli cities paris with reports from the victim's family who. these people are in law as jewish as anyone else who has the right to move to israel and claim citizenship but many of them will tell you that their skin color means they don't get equal treatment in this country. had solomon take up in white his family and friends believe he would not have been shot dead by an off duty police officer during a confrontation in a park. people have empathized and supported me but it's not going to help what
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will help is if the police in israel change and go in a new direction we need a new understanding from the roots all the way off. prompted nationwide demonstrations led by ethiopian israelis who say they have enjoyed decades of racism from the government and police. tens of thousands of ethiopians emigrated here in the eighty's and ninety's encouraged by successive governments 3 years ago a ministerial commission made a series of recommendations after widespread discrimination against ethiopian jews was exposed a coordination unit to prevent racism was set up critics say what has been done on paper isn't being put into practice the police are supposed to sort of cameras to film every interaction. not there are also supposed to be stiffer penalties for violent police officers and a reduction in the use of tasers but there's no evidence that any of this is.
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according to the justice ministry the police have not published yearly reports on how officers acted in a racist manner have been disciplined we don't want no one to hug us or say that they understand or our feelings feelings won't make me feel safe in the streets what made well will make me feel safe police officers being indicted over killing young black people and it's not only young black men it's also. a. community we have the orthodox we have. and here that are suffering from police brutality this is an issue of civil rights. the police officer who shot solomon is under house arrest solomon's name is 11 on a list of people who've been shot by the police in the last 5 years according to official records no police officers have been charged over any of those deaths
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burnitz met al-jazeera haifa. here states over in the middle of an unprecedented heat wave scientists say there are more alarming signs of global warming the state's glaciers are melting it's a rates not seen in hundreds of years and sandy gallacher reports. in a state known as the last frontier there's no easy way to reach a glacier on foot for climate research of brian brettschneider though it's become an increasingly important part of his work below as the stunning sight of the portage glacier a vast structure of ice and rock it's been here for tens of thousands of years in recent decades this another glaciers in the region a melting at an alarming rate we're used to thinking about things changing over time spans that are longer than human lifetimes but when you come back here year after year and you notice with your own eyes not with any kind of fancy equipment but you notice how much it's changing it's really dramatic and it really causes you
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to think about you know where we're at and where we're going and what we can do about it archival images show the rate of change a transformation researchers say is driven by rising global temperatures one startling example of just how far and how fast this glacier is going is perhaps this building it was constructed in 1906 for one reason alone and that was to give tourists a direct view of the face of the glacier but if you look out here now all you see is water and to get to the glacier it's a half hour long boat trip. tom again cruise ship has been taking tory's out to the glacier for decades and deck can david mazak join the crew in 1997 or one tells us back then the portage glacier was very different. drawing buyers advice to shut up like bankers. they went up over 130 feet into the air. and on the flight to the glacier you had huge bottle was full of ice like big balls of ice
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sure they would come crashing down. like this many of the tourists that take the cruiser away glaciers are disappearing for those who have traveled far to see one of alaska's most iconic sites there's a sense that this might be their last chance it can treat me kindly nature. would kind of have find the best we can carry children and if it is wasting away like this then they won't have anything to enjoy a year. player game he showed us a picture a while ago i think it was 914 and the lake was just like writing there and now look how big it is and looks like it's like 100 times bigger so. something is going to researchers say the effects of global climate change can be reversed getting glaciers the chance to slowly recover but time is running out and the gallacher al-jazeera footage probably alaska. the sports news not the usa has won the
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women's world cup for a record 4th time the fencing there against them that the limbs meghan rypien open the scoring with the 2nd half penalty to see her till the goal scoring sheets for the goals and base awards. score the winning goal to make the usa the most successful team in the tournaments history. i would say it was looks a cut above the competition throughout the tournaments which started with a 30 nel defeats against toyland but it's also in the middle of suing its own soccer federation for gender discrimination the players want the same pay as the u.s. men's team. go millions of fans back in the u.s. what's their team's latest triumph estimates viewing figures for the entire tournaments top 1000000000 the u.s. team will be honored with a parade in new york on witnessing. thank
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you thank you thank you with al-jazeera these are the top stories iran is insisting it's not seeking war with any country but is following to protect its borders earlier u.s. president donald trump said tehran will never produce a nuclear weapon after iran announced it would continue to enrich uranium unless the 2050 new clear deal is saved so it's a job ari has more now from to her arm the foreign ministry spokesperson apple's new survey has said that there is a diplomatic advisor to the french president and the new micron who will be coming to teheran in the next few days this is all in an effort by the french government trying to convince iran to remain in this nuclear agreement and to reassure the iranians that the european signatories of this nuclear deal are still committed to it of course this is after the announcements that the iranians made on sunday that they are scaling back their commitment to the nuclear deal they introduced the 2nd
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phase of their scaling back and that was increasing their enrichment levels from the agreed amount of 3.67 percent. in greece the opposition conservative leader curia tarkus is due to be sworn in as prime minister his new democracy party one sunday snap election i was saying the left wing prime minister for the past 4 and a half years alexis tsipras and a sense of nationalism urging the u.n. to investigate the so-called war on drugs in the philippines describing it as murderous the rights group says extrajudicial killings are still going on and the u.s. sas won the women's world cup for a record 4th time defending their title against the netherlands magen repeat open the scoring with a 2nd half penalty see her top the goal scoring sheets for the golden bet awards at roosevelt scored the winning goal to make the usa the most successful team in the tournaments history and that's you up to date stay stay with us here on out to
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syria is continuous after inside story see that. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing attempts into someone else's without. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and the front lines i feel like i know if i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera. it's stood up against austerity measures as greece faces the worst economic crisis but the series of party ended up implementing it now that strategy is being put to the test as greeks fight in a general election so will a new leadership emerge and could it be the end of populism in this european country this isn't so much.
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hello and welcome to the program on iran can prime minister alexis tsipras led his left wing syriza party to power in 2015 with promises that offered much hope to the greek people but fixing a country facing its greatest economic crisis in recent history proved to be a challenge rather than end the austerity measures that he campaigned against suppress imposed more taxes giving in to creditors demands greece exit is final bail out last year and the economy is expected to expand but its unemployment rate is the highest in europe and people are struggling to make ends meet this has upset many voters who say they're in favor of the conservative new democracy party poll
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show the party was tipped to win the snap general election on sunday john psaropoulos reports from athens. the main issue in this election is the economy series which has been in power for the last 4 and a half years has nursed greece out of its austerity program in august of last year greece was declared fit to re enter markets and has been successfully selling government bonds again but what cities are hasn't done is to bring greece back to prosperity after shrinking by 26 percent during the years of recession the economy is now growing by about 2 percent a year and that is the forecast for the foreseeable future new democracy the opposition say that that isn't enough to make good the damage that's been done to stem the flow of young people leaving for better job markets they want to boost the economy to at least 4 percent growth and create 700000 new jobs in the next 4 years so they will do this they say by lowering corporate taxes taxes on individuals on
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farmers' social security contributions lowering the cost of labor and of doing business in greece and they will also streamline governments of it doesn't stand in the way of entrepreneurship people seem to believe that new democracy despite being a party that helps to bankrupt greece by overspending in the past under its new technocratic leadership may be capable of delivering on that program and they certainly seem to be willing to see such a program being implemented by any political force i'm jumper up a loss for inside story. let's bring in our panel in athens via skype demetrius he's a political advisor to their syriza party in london vicky pryce she is a chief economic advisor at the center for economics and business research and also in athens a european affairs analyst yes simitis welcome to you all i'd like to begin
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with demetrius repeated. your party said or did rather what it said it wasn't going to do and now it's going to be punished and the the general election is that right. well it seems that. on from so far what we have from the polls is that new democracy is ahead on the poll should seems that it's a bit of a difficult fight political struggle for syriza. it's soon to be to have some final results but it seems that the situation is is difficult for for the party and it follows the the defeat we had 6. 3 weeks ago when the european union elections so what's happening here is that you have a electorates that's unhappy with the policies that your government put in place
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policies that you said you were never going to do and then you did. so what's the next or what what happens next verse or it's a why why did you mean do that. well there are a number of factors why is it is a sin this difficult position electorally the 1st these are that. actually since 2015 we lost the so-called war on media which is that the domestically which is that the majority of t.v. stations and private media were endorsing mr mitchel diapers from his very 1st day not his as head of your democracy and mainly what they were doing is to spread propaganda against the government the fact is that seat is actually the seat is a government prime minister it's it was did actually moneths to stimulate the economy after a long period of recession and a study we did actually. were forced to adopt
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a 3rd bailout deal and implement the toughest of the program but at the same time we managed to alleviate the damages for the most vulnerable groups social groups and create some fundamental safety nets why trying to address the huge humanitarian crisis that was headed by the previous government another issue for the difficult position that see the stance right now it's the fact that the greek electorates and its majorities exhausted by a state or dicks throughout those 8 years and now this. negativity in this disappointment is reflected in the governing party cvs are and there's also another 3rd factor i would say that can explain. there the fact that today's losing forces is the fact that the party itself didn't manage
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to build a strong organizational capacity throughout those 4 years didn't manage to to create and focus on how to build strong links with society despite the fact that at the same time it did implemented pro-social political agenda let me bring in bring in yes a mess has who's also in athens you're actually outside the parliament building there. is demetrius writes in his defense of syriza party is it the fact that they tried to do everything they could but simply they lost the middle class vote. well in that we need to go back to the 2015 drama to figure out how series i came to power they were voted on the ticket though for no worse there would be dead 3 leave and better days regarding corruption and the social inequality in greece in these 4 and a half years they didn't manage to fight the austerity they were forced to sign
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a 3rd bailout agreement and the debt 3 years were not as extreme as they had promised so much of the population can see this series or to have failed on its promises for less or stare at the my position is that much of the middle class have been over taxed and have been considering syriza as being a very good against business and anti and the free market economy so this is good that series was voted on and it failed to deliver on its promises let me bring in vicky pryce here from london the greek economy was in a huge mess at the time so he's the one that won the election and now after 4 and a half years they have allowed us to deliver some of the blame has to be put with the european union surely they put too stringent conditions on the streets
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a policy that was too much belt tightening for a country that was struggling to actually afford a belt. well the european union and the i.m.f. put rather stringent conditions on greece even before syriza came to power so we mustn't forget we already had a number of bailouts before since 2010 of course situation had deteriorated the economy was sinking. have lost about 25 percent of its output before even syriza came to power so they didn't inherit anything particularly solid or safe and of course in addition to all this because of course there's been quite a little delay in reaching an agreement after they were voted in in 2015 we had about 56 months of negotiations we didn't go anywhere we had even worse conditions put on such as capital controls so the greek economy suffered even more not a severely as it was doing before but certainly there was no recovery for a bit it took a little while before some signs of improvement were where we've seen that
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recently i think it's mostly because basically there is a limit to how much we can fall we naturally are forces that start bringing you up again and and of course there has been some of that restructuring and the has been a little bit of investment although investment is still very very poor in greece and return of confidence there is now construction going on in greece for the 1st time in ages and when i visit greece and i do that very regularly i was there last week suddenly there were new buildings going up some hadn't seen in 10 years so there has been a change of sorts of i think this one positive thing about a series i mean just said inherited a very very difficult situation i think the europeans did not understand what they were doing to a considerable extent where they were imposing those conditions on greece. over series or did manage to do is get lots of implementation of measures without too much disruption in the economy the sense of demonstrations in the strikes there
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were a few but nothing like as many i'm guessing. they would have been if they had we had actually a right wing government like new democracy trying to implement those measures they would have been a lot more disruption in the economy and what you have to be astonished and actually be admiring in what to process done is that he was voted on the left wing ticket very radical left wing ticket he actually implemented a right wing policy very effectively and he's still there he has not lost completely in terms of support if you look at the opinion polls he has been receiving about 2425 percent of some time spent 8 percent of the vote for quite some time now so he's still there there's still a lot of support for him despite what the greeks have gone through let me just bring in demetrius demetrius repeat as an earth and. you have gone through some tough times with the political party but it seems we are quite positive notes
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coming out from london that some things did change why isn't that reflected the opinion polls why is it likely that they will lose the election well it's actually years opposed to sign from from london but it's mostly whether told you before. actually. the cities are government shippers government did it prevent a number of progressive. the dementor bookless of agenda in many different areas just to identify a couple of those the 1st is the on the health care system. the government headed a dept of around 70000000000 euros from public hospitals and managed to create a surplus of 70000000 euros giving at the same time free access to primary health care system to more. than 2500000 uninsured
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people. this is something big this is a big achievement in my view from from the government the 2nd is that despite the fact that we still haven't a long way to go to create quality jobs and decrease our salaries and wages we did manage to lower the unemployment rate from around $27.00 in the beginning of 2015 to 1818.5 percent today which is soldier a huge achievement because shouldn't the fact that yes we actually didn't have big investments we didn't actually have the creation of. high income jobs but at the end of the day we did manage to improve all. mostly all social and financial indicators wide to do we're in a sense difficult position electorally is that as it told you before this thing
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a long way to go. we didn't pass from a nightmare to a part of the days but actually we're still managing to get the country outside the crisis we did concluded with a 3rd bailout deal successfully but we were still facing a crisis in social and economic crisis and. people who possibly expected much for more from our side and we should have done you much more than we have already made to our yanis and also in athens it seems to me that we have a situation here now where we have. a serious a party very much looking after and doing things that were unpopular but ultimately they did work however new democracy is much more center right it's much more pro-business and when it comes to implementing austerity measures it's going to be a lot tougher perhaps than serious ever will be that might be popular with the
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middle class votes but it's going to alienate the more poorer voters with any grease and in 4 years time are you likely to be facing a situation where the poor actually votel democracy new democracy party because they didn't get what they wanted is it just a merry go round is what i'm actually asking. well this is an interesting question because. for the 1st time in the year of the elections we've seen parts of the youth young people voting for new democracy and also pension is voting for a new democracy as well despite the negative campaigning of syriza so. thank you skim out with a positive agenda saying we're not going to scrap the social security situation we are not going to raise taxes we're going to lower taxes we're going to lower the there are some question marks though where this is going to come from all
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these cuts and the lesser stare at the but still this positive agenda catch the people even the lower wage people there are some people that are afraid about the wage the bulk of the social inequality and this is an issue that the new government needs to face. mr mitchell darkeys wants to have and free market and very pro investment friendly economy it's needs to be seen how the new this new idea of this new model of economy can be inclusive for parts of the society not just the middle class or the opposite losses how the lower classes especially the youth which are much unemployed can coming into this growth friendly environment this market friendly environment and become part of the of the new world it's going to be created it's a very interesting point he's making that i think the price i want to bring you in here we've seen time and time again a year i.m.f.
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world bank bailouts loans etc all come a very high cost for the country that's implementing the classic example is say probably pakistan which is going through a restructuring of its state right now with the i.m.f. but it's putting in place very well. policies as a cost of doing that that droid's social change with any in the country itself because and we've seen it in pakistan we've seen it in greece people rising up people getting out in the streets people protesting and then people blaming poor people and immigrants for the situation that they're in is there a better way of doing this without causing this belt tightening that is so restricted. well there is and i think the i.m.f. itself was told by its own economists that what he was doing was going to be counterproductive because basically you could enter into a sort of vicious cycle and you just can't get out of it except once you reach the bottom really so what happens is if you try and reduce the deficit very fast which
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is exactly what was going on in greece then you institutional sorts of measures which include cutting back spending obviously raising taxes repeatedly which was exactly what happened in greece cutting pensions which again is exactly what happened in greece are reducing wages more generally which is also a serious serious problem for loads of greeks and that of course leads to spending less money out in the shops collecting less taxes so they were told that very stages they should watch out for that possibility happening which would mean that you need to think again and have perhaps a slightly different way of looking at how a country needs to adjust so we shouldn't do too fast and not sister and of course you alienate people there is no real middle class left in greece about half a 1000000 young educated greeks have emigrated and we know from research that's been done recently that 4 out of 10 of those greeks have no intention of coming
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back certainly not over the next 10 years but yes there are problems in greece that we have to deal with and maybe new democracy will be able to do it faster series or should have perhaps privatized faster we should have reduced bureaucracy considerably more quickly than it's been doing it has been functioning badly but it has not been given the impression to foreign investors that it's really open for business and it needs to do more to pursue self has been traveling around trying to attract more investment he's actually realize that and i've been to some venture he's actually. spoke at here in london but of course when you have this bureaucracy when you have concerns that come in such as environmental issues. rosalita stop redeveloping great big chunks of of bits of athens like the airport is finally moving towards that direction but it puts people off in terms of really coming in and spending money in
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a country when they just don't know whether the conditions are going to be such to allow them to to get something out of it and there are so many areas the greece can develop that needs a proper strategy for growth i think it can be done but i think going back to your original question the damage has that the e.u. and the policies is of course greeks were to blame up to a point but the damage that those types of policies have done will take a very long time. to get over and people will be suspicious of politicians over any promises that are made to them and i think new democracy will suffer if it can deliver in the future assuming it gets elected of course today dimitrius in. this then the fault of old northern europe fronts germany really pushing forward and pushing on greece these policies austerity and knowing that it was going to put greece in the political system there under pressure. well actually. the bed
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a system of uta's own is but the structure which is that the dog gets of this to be doing growth back cannot be met in such a fragile financial environment in the u.n. years on and greece along with other member states but they specially greece was the experiment for the for the limitation of cards or states and europe we have seen in the recent past we have we are already experiencing. deserving actually similar problems with public deficits and over dept at this by other member states like for instance you need to leave. but in greece the situation was much tougher comparing to other member states why because for 2 main main reasons the 1st was that for the last that he is or previous governments didn't manage to create a sustainable viable growth model that the majority could benefit from and at the
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same time title efficiently bureaucracy and some state burdens that could create a more friendly environment for investments for instance. so she was a head of such a bad situation and it's very. unfair to to to exert some that harsh criticism on the government that within all only 4 years managed to create. jackal all of those problems and issues that were headed by the previous governments the 2nd thing is that we did. see in the previous years that there was a problem with this is the government when it was the go sheeting. with its utopian partners. after the politics which is the 1st critical semester of close to 15 sorry images we all running out of time and i would like to bring in younis kids
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and that is to counter your point it's an interesting thing there were changes happening so it's a dead do something to improve the economy now we have likely to be a new government in greece where the new democracy but there are the old allies the old players still exist it's france's germany's you and they have very specific things that they won't greece to do are they going to give this new government potentially if it does win the election are much more sympathetic ed than they did the last one. well this is the the $1000000.00 euro question because both the series of democracy are promising that there will be a renegotiation of the fiscal targets for the next years for greece i see that this extremely difficult at least for the short future the distant future yes we will we could have some renegotiation but 1st of all the new government
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should indicate not only b.k. but proof that it's very pro reforms very pro open market and it's willing to make this necessary changes in the greek public sector in the greek economy that needs to have a more growth friendly economy this time there will be some friendly gestures from euro zone partners but there needs to be proof in the next months that the new government is really going to implement reforms because syriza did this specific mistake they implemented or stare at the implementing reforms as the portuguese left wing government did together with the hard left. in portugal they implemented reforms and they didn't have any problem with the population and even the lower class people but syriza was very hesitant in implementing reforms and now
4:46 pm
they want to backtrack on the reforms that already have been agreed with the eurozone partners i just want to thank our panel of experts dimitri dimitris sorry vicky pryce and yanis kids and that is and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and further discussion guys call facebook page facebook dot com thoughts last a j inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at inside story for me and the whole team. the sisters of the trinity to understand the very different way where there is nothing that we don't live up to. every armed attack in europe creates
4:47 pm
fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss no one told. a sweeping association of islam with the violence easier in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice a victim on al-jazeera and her husband gavin worsley when 4 teenagers broke down the back door the teenagers described as being of african appearance still on the run before all of this happened and i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color or. whatever to focus on african gang crime began in march 26th jane when violence broke out at the festival at federation square in the center of
4:48 pm
melbourne to gird so that african young people coming together in the open there was a fort bragg at every kind of my rolling bowl if you log some of that was because the place became involved and we started choice and they just people in that crowd all narratives in the media to talk a lot of political person. these people to commit crime can do single race whole human gets blamed for the actions of the few. to people have to base cypher have to feel saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with as well. accused of war crimes the international criminal courts decides the fates of former congolese warlord bosco tangata. i am alomar he and this is al jazeera life from doha also coming up.
4:49 pm
a conservative comeback in grace sand with you prime minister is vowing reform and . a call for an investigation into the philippine president's war on drugs which amnesty international calls a systematic campaign of abuses. and we're in alaska where there are signs of trouble for one of the state's most iconic sites. of heretics is june the trial of former congolese warlord bosco tongan the he faces 18 charges at the international criminal courts in connection with the killings of hundreds of civilians in the region of the democratic republic of congo between 20022003 began the terminator time vandar was 1st indicted in 2006 for allegedly recruiting child soldiers at the time he was a leader of
4:50 pm
a the ones and backed rebel group then his troops were in secreted into the congolese army in 2009 and tanga was made a general deal collapsed when he led an uprising into n.t. 12 and forms the m 23 rebel group but after losing the parish struggle from gondor turned himself over sue the us embassy in wonders capital kigali back in 20 ferret scene or showing in iowa live pictures from the hague as we await to hear judgments on bosco tongue for now let's get more from our correspondent malcolm webb he joins us now live from nairobi malcolm can you just give us there tell us more about what he's being accused of. all those counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity include rape conscripting child soldiers
4:51 pm
sexual in slave meant forcing populations from their homes and these relate specifically to atrocities that were allegedly committed in 20022003 where they're going to go on his involvement with armed groups actually began when he was about 17 years old so a child soldier according to the u.n. standards when he fought with the rwandan patriotic front which later brought one the regime to power in 1940 subsequently fought with a number of different armed groups in eastern congo several of which have been backed by by rwanda but the jurisdiction of the international criminal court only began in 2001 and specifically these crimes in 20022003 that he's been accused of by prosecutors. and now come up to people think about this trial over in the d.r. see. it really depends who you ask that
4:52 pm
conflict in the early 2000 led to very brutal interethnic violence between militias connected to ethnic groups some people feel they were protected by and to god and others feel that they've been victims of heinous crimes that he's allegedly committed or committed by people in the armed groups that he was a commander of rights groups and activists if there is a guilty verdict will certainly be praising the fact that there's been some justice in an area where actually that's kind of a rarity where often people aren't held to account in the eastern congo as many conflicts but another thing that critics will be pointing to is that all of these armed groups most of them operating in eastern. to have connections to powerful people politicians in kinshasa or in neighboring uganda or in rwanda and so in some
4:53 pm
ways as one former child soldier told me he says that he served on the it was conscripted on the boss going to ground him to got there was in fact as he described it just a mercenary operating for these more powerful players and so some people would be saying yes good that there is some justice if we if we do see a guilty verdict but on the other hand. he's saying that it's still not the really big fish that are being held to account and ok mark on what their life is in nairobi thank you. and we will bring you the verdict on the trial as it happens. that sends out the yes no graces conservative opposition they dared carry our course and it's a myth so that this will be sworn in as prime minister in the coming few hours this after his new democracy party won the general election icing the left and prime minister alexis tsipras the other loser in the poll is the far right golden dawn
4:54 pm
which was not sights of parliament john psaropoulos as mourner from athens. the leader of the new democracy party got 40 years to pull not just a majority but an outright one that allows the conservatives to rule on their own for the 1st time in 50 years idiocracy took ickes says it will allow him to implement an ambitious reform program unhindered by coalition partners occlusion asking close but this wasn't just an expression of the will to close a painful chapter for our country it was much more than back to the fate of the people in their strength is the desire to take our fates into our own hands and use to prove that we can do great things in our own country. much the pressure is now on me to attack us to deliver on his promise to bring growth to the greek economy and help create 700000 jobs in his 1st he's planning to do it partly through tax cuts but greece can only afford them if the international bailout creditors agree
4:55 pm
to cut repayments it's a goal that eluded previous governments since the beginning of government austerity measures imposed in 2010 when greece faced bankruptcy because of its massive debts the victory of me to thank yous and 4 and a half years of rule by series a prime minister alexis to put us raised the coalition of the radical left from obscurity to seize power from the new democracy party in the last election and 2015 as promised he would be the vanguard of a left wing revolution across europe to defeat the austerity policies imposed on greece that caused recession and unemployment. ultimately capitulated to those policies in order to keep greece in the eurozone despite cities are raising the minimum wage cutting sales tax and offering more benefits to pensioners this year it seems to have been too little too late but. like. received mr mr tarkus into the palace so to hand over to him the office of prime minister as is
4:56 pm
done in the democratic stage i would like to from the bottom of my heart thank all the members and friends of our party who gave a good fight in a viable condition. in order to double its growth rate of growth much faster greece will need huge levels of foreign investment in the coming years and that will be perhaps the biggest challenge on the economic front and that needs a lot of structural reform which sometimes takes time there's more at stake here than the economy for the past decade greeks have watched their politicians being dictated to by their creditors the international monetary fund and the euro because those politicians didn't want to assume ownership of unpopular reforms. like his predecessor it's a thank you says he wants to restore greek sovereignty and dignity but unlike when he wants to do it in collaboration with european union partners.
4:57 pm
and as well as opposition leader says he'll resume talks with presidents nicholas materials governments missing is expected to take place in barbados as early as this week on why those representatives last chance government officials in norway in may at those discussions stalled all rich venezuela has been ravaged by 5 years of economic chaos by shortages of food medicines and other basic necessities it plunged deeper into political turmoil in january i'm going to with declared himself the acting president. and the sea internationalism urging the un to investigate the so-called war on drugs in the philippines which it has described as murderous in a new reports the rights group says extrajudicial executions are continuing unabated and in some cases can be directly linked to the police report found victims of the crackdown are overwhelmingly from poor and marginalized communities
4:58 pm
philippines president. has voted to continue the war on drugs when in his final 3 years in office will be the most dangerous people into drugs jamila and organ has more for manila. the amnesty international report released today is a continuation of what it is shared in 2017 but this time it focuses on one key area the province of block on in the northern part of the philippines according to its researchers it says the drug related operations by police and killings are linked with armed groups on the air is similar to the patterns made in different areas in the past since president toledo dared to launch the so-called war on drugs in 2016 but it there is one pattern that strikes the most to researchers of amnesty and that is that commanders coming from different parts of metro manila have been moved with higher ranks and positions in block on and that follows the sharp rise
4:59 pm
of killings in the area and as expected based on the different kinds of statements issued by the philippine government in the past when it comes investigations like this the philippine government through exports person has been dismissive of this report according to the spokesperson today it says amnesty is politicizing. the situations and there should be other avenues in which amnesty can try to compile its reports with other human rights organisations and instead of going to the media according to the philippine government it should fall cases instead but you see amnesty international is saying that statement alone is problematic because out of the thousands of killings believed to be linked with police and other armed groups there has only been one prosecution that has happened since the so-called war on drugs was launched in 2016 well earlier i spoke with requests from the sea international he wants the united nations to take action. these cases clearly show
5:00 pm
a pattern of extrajudicial execution by police or people associated with the police what is new is that we are seeing a new epicenter of the murderous enterprise that president directors of launch was the war on drugs in 2016 this is a new location is a location where high ranking officials who where previously in charge of metro manila have moved in over the past year what it shows also is that people are executed simply for being on the so-called drug watch list which are listed that are compiled at the local level outside of any legal process we are also seen a complete failure to hold accountable anyone for it does murders and there's a complete climate of impunity that's why what our conclusion in this report is.


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