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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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the united nations to take action these cases clearly show a pattern of extrajudicial execution by police or people associated with the police what is new is that we are seeing a new epicenter of the murderous enterprise that president hu tartars of launch was the war on drugs in 2016 this is a new location is a location where high ranking officials who where previously in charge of metro manila have moved in over the past year what it shows also is that people are exit you that simply for being on so-called drug watch list which are listed that are compiled at the local level outside of any legal process we are also seen a complete failure to hold accountable anyone for it does murders and there's a complete climate of impunity that's why what our conclusion in this report is
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that there are no domestic avenues to seek accountability and redress for what is really a murderous enterprise and therefore we are calling on the united nations human rights council to table a resolution adopt a resolution to investigate the human rights situation in the philippines and we're also asking the international criminal court who is currently carrying a preliminary examination to expedite it and to a formal process of investigating the war on drugs in the philippines. still to come on out to syria. russia tourists are coming in for exactly this kind of experience. but there's turbulence on the horizon for georgia for instance he would see countries are grounded. and defending champions usa face off against the netherlands in the world com we'll tell you he's taking home the trophy.
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hollow we've got some of the storms rumbling away across central parts if you can see that long chain of thunder heads are rolling right the way across into the black sea further north with some very heavy rain big downpours there into ukraine we've seen some thunder showers here large hail as well and that will continue over the next couple of days and i just wanted to shout clouds also cropping up there just around northern parts of italy that will tend to sink a little further south which is we go on through the next couple of days you've got the fresher air up to the north of that sinking down across germany and poland 18 celsius the warsaw and for berlin little colder than it has been recently to into london at around 20 degrees $24.00 there for paris is that wet weather over towards say eastern side of europe more of the same as we go on through the next couple of days in fact the majority of shower class tending to gather strong the baltic
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states into western russia northern parts of ukraine a few showers now started to push their way in across the hungary in play some parts of france also seems to block the showers along with the northeast of spain absolutely could see some wet weather much of but i will say dry fine and sunny wanted to those showers just making their way into the far north of africa particularly across northern algeria. the weather sponsored by cats aren't. they watch us. they gather evidence but so can we. and american cyber activists develops and used in brazil to monitor police. we have more cameras than they do because we're the people a bigger brother. rebel beaks. are not just 0.
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0 quit trying to of the top stories for you know the international criminal courts is expected to give a verdict in the trial of former congolese warlord bosco ntaganda he faces 10 charges in connection with the killings of hundreds of civilians in the a to the regional democratic republic of congo between 20022003 places conservative opposition leader course in its attack us will be sworn in as prime minister in the coming hours new democracy party once the election on sunday defeating the left and prime minister alexis tsipras the far right golden dawn was
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not cited parliament's. time c. international is urging the un to investigate the so-called war on drugs in the philippines describing it as murderous rights group says extra judicial killings are still going on 3 years since president reagan to turkey came to office launched the tractor and. now the only functioning airports in libya's. apostol house reopens following a series of missile strikes on sunday 3 airline employees were injures and an aircraft damaged in the attacks but seek airports has been repeatedly targeted by forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar in his 3 month campaign to capture tripoli and the polls the un recognized governments. qatar is hosting a 2nd day of groundbreaking talks between taliban representatives and politicians from afghanistan it's hoped their 1st ever meeting will lead to formal talks with
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afghan government leaders to reach a peace deal charlotte bellus is at the talks here in doha. so a lot of model tell a band delegates sit across from afghan politicians ready to talk peace for the 1st time everyone has come to doha in their personal not official capacity the 2 days of talks are pitched as an ice breaker hopefully leading to more formal negotiations between the taliban and afghan government every step that can be taken for the peace it's optimistic about that it is the happiest occasion of my life a person who waited for 41 years for this very day. i know that's not the end of it but i'm delighted to be when it begins a previous attempt in april to get them to talk failed mediators from karsan germany convinced both sides to try again i would like to express my gratitude to all afghan participants for agreeing to engage in
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a constructive dialogue with each other inspires and also because of all the suffering which the afghan people has endured and are still in during while the taliban's political look for common ground and door ha its military wing designated a truck bomb in the central province of gosney for what they said they were targeting an afghan intelligence base they blamed for targeting civilians it more than 10 people were killed nearly 200 civilians injured in the tech talking to the taliban here they say what happened in gaza and shows why door is so important and that the war will continue until a settlement is reached with the afghan and u.s. governments they added that if the afghan government is so concerned with civilian casualties that it should stop its military operations. negotiations to end the 18 year war started in earnest a year ago the 7th round of negotiations between the u.s.
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and the taliban also in doha have been put on hold while the afghan talks on how it . they say they are close to agreement on the withdrawal of foreign troops and the policing of armed groups such as il qaida in afghanistan and the aim is now persuading the afghan government and the taliban to accept formal talks this is off on on off on the process this is that of all for themself to decide their future we are just helping them so we relish today to bring them we want them to stay by themselves to the side without any kind of influence from anybody there is hope that these groups can turn 2 days of talks into a unified future shall about lists his era. police in haiti have opened fire on mourners on protesters at the funeral of a journalist shot dead last month will speed up its young was investigating the government's corruption is killing by gunmen in port au prince last month sparked street protests a month and the resignation of president maurice but that sarah mill is an
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economist and professor at king's care university in port of prince says there are underlying problems feeling rests. except the case of this funeral yesterday i would consider moving right now it's very slow. we don't have in the recent protests. let's say for the last 2 weeks and but in the very uncertain. hope that the president should step down while the government supported thank you for the sustained fall. but i mean why are the economy new suffering that's the main issue right now so the president has to change because it made the we have. a soccer competition and a national wasn't going to put 2 weeks so people will really be watching that he be
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suckered in well being very great at the gold cup. and then except that size that we have asked that the gays and the west in the case and come here to look for the arabs and those situation actually made lower in our. nation and make it more certain a little report results of state power for a while. germany's deutsche bank is planning to cut $18000.00 jobs it expects a $3100000000.00 net loss in the 2nd quarter as a result of a restructuring bank has been struggling for years to see what the decline of its investments are on the failure to agree a merger with a viable comets bank it's hoped the reorganization will lead to savings of over $19000000000.00 by 2022. georgia's tourism industry faces a difficult summer with the russian ban on flights starting ny russian state media
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reports president vladimir putin made that decision because of anti russian demonstrations in the capital tbilisi of enforcer walker reports from the georgian mountain resort of qatari. russians will no longer be able to fly direct to georgia from july the 8th. that could take the wind out of the sails of georgia's tourism industry. who guides like gear are trying to stay upbeat. or. if the number of russian tourists go down there are a lot of other visitors from other countries so we're going to just adopt. the flight ban is moscow's response to russian demonstrations in the capital tbilisi protesters were infuriated by georgia's parliament inviting russian politicians to visit demonstrators accuse their government of collaborating with
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the enemy russian troops continue to occupy 20 percent of georgian territory it's breakaway region and south ossetia. now we're hearing with our georgia man this place called the arch of modern make up out of friendship between georgia and russia so in reality colonialism communism and conflicts have all too often defined relations between the 2 countries though georgia has a special place in the hearts of many russians maybe even the one we love georgia with so happy to be here. nearly one and a half 1000000 russians who are ists came to georgia last year that's around 20 percent of the total number of visitors georgia's national bank estimates that fewer russian tourists could cost the economy as much as 300000000 dollars this year and there may be worse to come russian tourists are coming for exactly this
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kind of experience being great tourist and the beauty of the place. but georgian wine exports may be next on russia's banned list russian officials talk of tightening controls on georgian food and beverages russia is a major market it's very difficult to quantify the impact of tourism ban or even the ban on flights and potentially the ban on wine and vegetables and fruits that's going to be difficult to quantify in terms of g.d.p. impact but what i think we can't quantify is the number of people who are going to be affected the number of people is going to be tremendously high it's going to be at least a half the population. but. that's because more than half of georgia's population works in tourism and agriculture fewer
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russian roubles they force georgia to find new markets but until then the country could be in for a rough ride robin 1st year walker al-jazeera good dowry. heavy rain and china's eastern for g.m. provinces triggered severe flooding 19 city is the worst hit area with several villages under water affecting thousands of people has a sphere calls and markets all squints as he records church around 3000 people to safety no deaths have been reported. the u.s. state of alaska is in the middle of an unprecedented heat wave scientists say there are more alarming suns of global warming the state's glaciers are melting it's a rate not seen in hundreds of years says reports. in a state known as the last frontier there's no easy way to reach a glacier on foot the climate research of brian brettschneider though it's become
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an increasingly important part of his work below is the stunning site of the portage glacier a vast structure of ice and rock puts being here to tens of thousands of years in recent decades this another glaciers in the region a melting at an alarming rate we're used to thinking about things changing over time spans that are longer than human lifetimes but when you come back here year after year and you notice with your own eyes not with any kind of fancy equipment but you notice how much it's changing it's really dramatic and it really causes you to think about you know where we're at and where we're going and what we can do about it all kind of a limit to show the rate of change a transformation researches say is driven by rising global temperature is one startling example of just how far and how fast this glacier is going to perhaps this building it was constructed in 1986 for one reason alone and that was to give tourists a direct view of the face of the glacier but if you look out here now all you see is water and to get to the glacier it's
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a half hour long boat trip. the tom again crew ship has been taking tory's out to the glacier for decades and deck can david mazak join the crew in 19971 tells us back then the portage glacier was very different. giant fires of ice they shot up like bunkers and they went up over 130 feet into the air. on the side to the glacier you had huge monoliths of ice like big walls of ice and they would come crashing down. like. many of the tourists that take the cruise are aware glaciers are disappearing for those who have traveled far to see one of alaska's most iconic sites there's a sense that this might be their last chance it can treat me enjoy nature. with kind of hand the best we can carry children if it is wasting away like this they won't have anything to actually hear it. showed us a picture
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a while ago i think it was united for change and the like was just like right there and i look up it is it looks like it's like a 100 times bigger. some. researchers say the effects of global climate change can be reversed giving glaciers the chance to slowly recover but time is running out for the gallacher al-jazeera portage valley alaska. rescue efforts are underway in india after a bus accident that's killed at least $29.00 people the accident happened in newtown pradesh in the north of the country and the us was on its way to new delhi government officials says most of the passengers were asleep when the crash happened. and some sports news for you know the usa has won the women's world cup for a record 4th time defending their time so against the netherlands like in rypien open the scoring with the 2nd half penalty to see her top the score scoring sheets for
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the goal beats awards and rolls lavelle scored the winning goal to make the usa the most successful team in the tournaments history well that same as it's a cut above the competition through right that's her immense which started with a 13 no defeats against thailand's but it's also in the middle of assuming its own soccer federation for gender discrimination the players want the same pay as the u.s. men's team. well known as a fans back in the u.s. force their team's latest triumph for estimates hearing figures for the entire tournament top 1000000000 the scene will be honored with a parade in new york city. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the international criminal courts is expected to give a verdict in the trial of former congolese warlord manta he faces charges in
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connection with the killings of hundreds of civilians in the terry region over the democratic republic of congo 220022003 malcolm webb has more rights groups and activists if there is a. guilty verdict will certainly be praising the fact that there's been some justice in an area where actually that's kind of a rarity where often people aren't held to account in the eastern congo as many conflicts but another thing that critics will be pointing to is that all of these groups most of them operating in eastern congo do have connections to powerful people politicians in kinshasa or in neighboring uganda or in rwanda the new prime minister of greece is to be sworn in shortly korea. is vowing to abide by his campaign pledges to cut taxes attract investment and create jobs the leader of the
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new concert effective new democracy party comfortably on sunday snap election victory and 4 and a half years in paris for alexis tsipras anticipates a coalition of the radical left. amnesty international is urging the u.n. to investigate the so-called war on drugs in the philippines describing it as murderous rights group says extrajudicial killings are still going on the only functioning airports in libya's capital has reopened for when a series of missile strikes on sunday but see the airport has been repeatedly targeted by forces loyal to war the have to in this 3 month campaign to capture tripoli and the u.s. has won the women's world cup for a record 4th time defending the title against the netherlands are going to open the scoring with a 2nd half penalty and roosevelt scored the winning goal to make the usa the most successful team in the tournament history well those are the headlines the news
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continues here on al-jazeera after rebel stay with us. al jazeera it's just swept every. since digital technology also has the promise of intimacy and he's mentally and even longer not. even a t.v. billions of calculations in our pockets it seems we discovered and he didn't mention. in which everything in our lives can be increased and tracked and intended for money. that is convenience profit and surveillance the only use these new powers. now the new generation that will be easy miscue is to challenge the tech
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giants. and enable a different technological future. one that people are not the product. of the. morning filming a film where you get into. the mouth of you know wash your washed up or cussing out . one more book you want to pick out of the public would have caught up on. was that i say that was me but i was so calm was all the talk i doubt.
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it. was how. i thought i know there was that kind of i don't buy that but that ought to be it. visit there that being god they want to. stop mom over there can always you and
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over there what it's going to go so no veil of my stem so i slow them. but i do stay with us call this foot odyssey because criticize it if you're going to. run the channel but i thought that it's going to bump a scottish but i was the boss on come out on it and went on phone with. us both adama out of the they had bought. that little. girl you know for. a sense of oh it's you it's you it's all about it before you joined your pointless to. cause a blog days under 7 mice but i said i must be sure to go to some of the complex
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where so much to. get a check i'm going to miss for the city to get out of the. hills. go. east to sing sing them to grease me up on amazon mission to see sation she will shine danger would be a joy to compete again in this kind i'm going to use my. night you want to go to the mansion on a night on the other confucius or should myself where he had weird little food processor. that. was.
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going to sell point i'm going to help him buy the odd to fish by visual. look thank. you will actually. i will. come to. the store. was on a weekend message for social. she'll simply make else imprimis fall i ask you stay up with this you. are the voice in the games live i said to my my cell up follow. me through what got us to. name don't rush which is a fear. of the camilla's you love me because it was a boy. and you can reach the skittish they were there because dang the so moment.
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i was up to his eyes from my promise. to where. i'm harlowe home i'm a software developer and digital security trainer and i'm the lead architect of a library called informant camp which sits in the center of the camera free app. i
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mean i think you wrote this code to pull in anything that might exist pretty much pretty much because whatever you. why not because why not a couple of years ago i was in a class that nathan taught and for a project i had decided that i wanted to sink a video and images with of their data points that were exposed in order to you know get a kind of who what when where why and possibly even how of a particular event that you see visually. around the world. there are a number of satellites. that are constantly orbiting our globe and they usually. beam down position info to devices such as our cell phones that have
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a pretty good accuracy and also have the unintended effect of giving us a timestamp as well which we use rather than your phone's clock and order to tell what time it was if you're standing anywhere on earth and can receive g.p.s. signal your device is then able to triangulate where you are in relation to it and several of the sources that you also use to triangulate your position can also be used by camera feed to further cooperate where you are such as your cell phone tower or even nearby why fight networks. right now there's more photos more videos than ever being put in from social media into court they called open source right in the legal process where they go out and source things off the open web and then use that as evidence for instance but the process of verifying who and what and when it's really this manual labor we have to go back and kind of dig through all of this to kind of piece it together and what we're trying to do is
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just. create that from the start so creating a kind of d.n.a. inside the visual media itself such that it's there from the beginning. or. what's interesting about open source development especially with android software is that just about everything is accessible using an a.p.i. an a.p.i. being an application programming interface is kind of like a door that allows you to access certain. certain assets of the phone and this case especially with camera v. it was the interface to the hardware screens. right since. we used to build a fix things ourselves and understand how they work and now they're you know almost hermetically sealed behind you know many tiny screws all of which we have to find a special screwdriver for. if you open it up you actually see that it really is
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simply a computer inside of this case. this is the camera it's quite powerful and it's got a jar interface on the back for the motherboard this is where all the data flows and inside here we have the lens and the sensors that focus and capture the light and turn it into you have it right and this is where it then flows into the motherboard through the bus which is then captured into the general purpose c.p.u. that ours the android operating system. so usually when someone talks about taking a picture what they mean is using a photographic sensor to capture a visible light emanating from a subject a person or a place when we talk about taking a picture we're actually talking about capturing a much broader spectrum of energy like infrared spectrum and radio waves and speed
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and gravity and other atmosphere is energy. coming in that you don't perceive with your eyes fortunately for us smartphone devices have additional sensor components that can gather distance. through talk about taking a picture it's about gathering the full spectrum of the visible and the invisible and working through it for. her. this is the tricky part to this but maybe i can get a job here for some self yari have a job. different kind of job. she's android. but now i've been thinking about committing myself to i phone again because the go go go cross compiling on the i phone no i would never use and i found out that.
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they're pretty nice. but i am not really a fan of. the particular barrier to entry that they place for people who want to get started develop and yeah i think on a theoretical level i you know kind of push back against apple because of that i also think about it is star trek or star wars a little bit you enjoyed a star wars i thought a search and yet when you think the opposite well i guess if i were to make any. any argument although i definitely do get what you mean i think android lends itself more to federation. than than the iowa system does and also quite frankly what it boils down to is i like star trek better.


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