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tv   Mahamat Saleh Annadif  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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speed and gravity and other atmosphere of energy coming in that you don't perceive with your eyes fortunately for us smartphone devices have additional sensor components that can gather things. to really talk about taking a picture it's about gathering the full spectrum of the visible and the invisible into a more concrete. this is the tricky part to this but maybe i can get a job here for some self yari have a job thanks no it's a tough it's different kind of job. she's android. but now i've been thinking about committing myself to i phone again because the go go go cross compiling on the i phone that i would never use and i found out that.
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they're pretty nice. but i am not really a fan of. the particular barrier to entry that they place for people who want to get started developing yeah i think on a theoretical level i you know kind of push back against apple because of that i also think about it as star trek or star wars a little bit and there it is star wars i thought it starts. yeah when you think the opposite well i guess if i were to make any. any argument although i definitely do get what you mean i think android lends itself more to federation. than the iowa system does and also quite frankly what it boils down to is i like star trek.
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so you guys have the the force ready and the camera view up is already sold oh it should be on your home screen so you know for a corner. selects. once promoters activate it it's all the work it sort of works like a little black box recorder or some some other data right like do you guys know what method it is so it's information about the video and the generic to finish unformatted the race datable data here in the united states the word met a day that has been all over the news. because of the secret program of the and it's a collecting method data for phone calls. ensure that the data can be used to
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corroborate what the new image shows or want to witness. tell tells about what's happening in the image and it can be used to reveal additional contextual information about poulticing so it works in the background and now you can open your favorite camera app or just the camera that's the default camera on the phone and you can start shooting just the usual way you do this you don't have to do anything different at this point it just it works in the background to records your information and automatically imports all this into a camera view we can go outside and come back. to we are going to do this exercise we're going to use it to film we're going to use. and we're going to document with. you we have a number of people we have 4 members that she will. we have one witness on the
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front right now at this time we have a pretty unique style. you feel good let's look at the cinema this is the funniest movie i mean it's about i said you know most of it i mean whatever might get out tell them about the. song and you know i mean you know i'm spitting in the beginning to think it's going to be for something which should not be on the kerry camp's accounts and it does you know one thing that's wrong with the time it took place within the limits of the legal system quite enough michel that there's no one no no no. no. no i'm part of it i but that one. i just sounds like if there were any. let's particular experiences that they've had or situations where the where the functionalities of the immediately thought could be used but it's. sponsors to move it to call for would you if you might say i wish i could say what's going on here john you know or i'm damn and somebody self ended up on so i have no idea if it was
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a from woman who told me on this you know police you know they just say ok but ask you guys i never met him but i have watched. but that's like it's often little that's i think. really. the name of your project kind of infamous now a bigger brother because the vision was the sum total of power of our individual smartphone cameras connected was greater than the big brothers here through surveillance technology through cameras on the street closed circuit surveillance cameras so in the past you know we live when we think about the notion of surveillance we think about the east you know really tall poles with big ominous time around seen a staring down at us from every street corner and i think it's really exciting when we invert that and we think about you know soon valences circus from the french top
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down and sue inverts that bottom up right so the suv aliens is really how we watch back and you know ultimately we have more cameras than they do because we're the people. in the sunset park and by the group coming in i'll buy off. but i think the world will do to cooperate so but it is one that i meant to go to a standard domain with about a couple have fights on a complex item oh i don't have a high valued as i can assume me to buy my zinc. so stressed only going to put this out you've got the brazilian watch oh yeah we got a lot of people out there how do you feel i mean this is a humbling you know i just feel like part of a group to do that i'm not going to raise him and like film the police.
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is a crazy you know for you. know. we got we got 48 gig s d. we loaded. 73 so what would be where i would definitely be at because look how ready so that right there is telling me there's a lot of complaints given by civilians about police misconduct in that precinct and some might say so my the things i. say again i've made to the my pm me aren't here politically so we used the c.c. . we used a y p d map and we also used the n. saw that we gather from people in the street and when i thought i was a job. i did that i saw. daisy sell a lot of bra. i have the shirt i'm a shill i'm a shop bell lead and this is something the spreading globally you know people
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naturally instinctively know that pulling out a cell phone camera you're going to record and this is something that you can now do social media and let the world see that's you know a shift in who controls what. but if you still might keep he just most of them will get to see you my i had to digest we're going to play some edge of access for you talking just going to somebody who also then is. that from a technological police formation we do to. get them out of some of the not you put
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out a lot i just. wish the staff isn't the wisest i mean my home. 8 but let.
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the but the but. it looks pretty good unless you want to salute or if no. one will reduce reuse for you. for the phone with us yes yes indeed yours but from one take a look at the many data here. but actually let's see previous themselves. yeah so this one house and cell tower. data and that. but what was interesting and i'm not necessarily sure we have it but. mostly it's the wife by network haha and why that's interesting obviously is because. it
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puts you like in a specific place at best person killer time. and also like the white lie level that that you have there. gives a little bit of sense of your like you know proximity and like even kind of directionality how you're facing in in regards to that life i see you know the just the very fact of having a trajectory for a video from start to finish with direction our you know whole line is i mean 1st and foremost from have been true perspective what you trust but from the storytelling perspective we can really think about how to leverage that right but the point of i think this entire project is that we want to be able to believe what we see and we want to be able to establish trust with the people who are showing us things that we see so it's not just instagram for activists this is
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serious business. the. up inside i see they're going to inject them with the regulars over the muslims from here the guards. most scummy they can always tell me one thing sam i'm accused of it on themselves and gone. on. good evening. my name is even holding time as i me executive director of with this there's one group who is amazing they are just smartest they are the most effective
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and they are the previous so mind warner is to work with. bowed head and howard some to ya go. yeah and we talk about the stock. fall on the soap. 6 of us who join you don't. know model and also a lot. of us have your name so. i could easily gotten. lost your job and can't afford the form of. a subpoena so much by going back yes on let's
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just. hope to god. like everywhere. or infrastructure in the pentagon some foreign corporations. offline now a politician and activists are building a home grown solution. and secure the nation's technological sovereignty. geeks the citizens network.
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capturing a moment in time for snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing attempts into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers at the front lines i feel like i know if i have the data to prove a. witness on al-jazeera. accused of war trying. court decides the fate of former congolese warlord bosco attack on the. m how low he had seen this is al jazeera life until one also coming up.
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a conservative comeback in greece and the new prime minister is vowing reform. a call for an investigation into the philippine president's war on drugs which amnesty international calls a systematic campaign all the pieces. and defending champions usa celebrate a record 4th the football world cup win. a former congress warlords bosco ntaganda has just begun learning his fates at the international criminal court in the hague the panel of judges have to live in a guilty verdicts on crimes 10 or 18 charges in connection with the killings of hundreds of civilians in the region of democratic republic of congo between 20022003 he's also been entices religiously recruiting
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child soldiers in 2006 while nicknamed the terminator saigon there was 1st and dices in 2006 for allegedly recruiting child soldiers at the time he was a leader of a once and by rebel group and his troops were instigated into the congolese army in 2009 and the time that was made a general well that until collapse when he led an uprising in 2012 and forms the m 23 rebel group don't suffer losing a para struggle to gondor turned himself over to the us embassy in london. capital in 20. well let's get more on this from malcolm where pete joins us now live from nairobi malcolm your folding mat trial for us what he tell us at this stage. all those 18 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity some of which there
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is now when found guilty include rape displacing this 1000000000 population. and attempted murder and the judge has been reading out that judgment included a very detailed list of specific things even individuals who were killed in certain villages or certain towns during this conflict need to re province of congo in 20022003 known to going to himself has been involved with armed groups ever since he was 17 years old which according to the un means he was a child soldier himself when he joined in the early 1990 s. the rwandan patriotic front which later came to power in in rwanda and he's been involved it's been a commander in several rebel groups have operated in eastern congo since then but the international criminal court's jurisdiction only began in 2001 and it's specifically this conflict in a tour in 2002 in 2003 that he's been charged and now found guilty of
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war crimes and crimes against humanity that conflict descended into a brutal interethnic conflict between the lendu and hammer ethnic group so that many people there see it as a proxy war between neighboring uganda and neighboring rwanda whose militaries had both been in congo around those years and they also have both backed rebel groups around that time ok malcolm as you've been speaking we've just had word coming in from the courts. has been found guilty on all 18 charges just give us a sense of what people think about this trial specifically in the d r c and how will these verdicts how do you imagine they'll be received. who definitely does depend who you are and the rebel group that he was a commander of the armed group he was a commander of that time that he was accused of all of these crimes i was the
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political was the armed wing of a political party called the p.c. which still exists we spoke to some u.p.c. politicians and say that this evidence is fabricated and that they've the i.c.c. has got the wrong guy in the dock other people especially victims of atrocities that were committed around that time and also by some of the rebel groups that he was involved with subsequently will see this as a moment of justice certainly rights groups and activists to campaign for justice and accountability for the many atrocities that have been committed in congo in the past decades i would see this as in many ways this is a moment of a relatively rare moment of justice in a context where normally people aren't held into account but one thing that the i.c.c. has been criticized for before is that they only seem to be able to get into the dock people in the kind of middle level of the power structures in the case of
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these conflicts the government congo's government in kinshasa the governments of neighboring uganda and of neighboring rwanda accused of being behind a lot of the groups that are responsible for $200.00 horrific violence for which have both gone to governors been charged and now found guilty for some of it ok malcolm webb for now i thank you very much indeed. the prime minister of greece is due to be sworn in in the next few hours mr tackett says following abides by his campaign pledges to cut taxes attract investments and create jobs for the leader of the conservative new democracy party comfortably one sunday snap election victory ends a 4 and a half years in power for alexis tsipras. and his series a coalition of the bride to call left a far right call don't party was also knocked out it's all for parliament spelled john psaropoulos joins us now live from the greek capital athens so john what are
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we expecting to see today and in the days to come. well about an hour from now we should be seeing the prime minister elect a new democracy leader could have caused me to just walk down this street behind me and into the presidential office directly behind me here he will be sworn in by the president of the republic and afterwards will emerge and make a brief statement before going into the prime minister's office directly next door . the prime minister incumbent alexis to put us will hand over the building to him congratulate him and then mr t. post will leave and that will be the end of the ceremonies for today only the prime minister is being sworn in the cabinet we expect to be announced possibly later today they will be sworn in tomorrow and they will take over their individual ministries at the end of the week so it's a it's a fairly long process but the leadership of the government is officially changing hands today. john when the mets attack us actually begin to exercise authority
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and when someone ports it will the greeks begin to see any changes. you know. when in the statutory sense he is in a position to exercise authority as of one hour from now immediately. practically i don't think that he will be convening his ministers in a cabinet meeting until wednesday when there will be a general address to the cabinet by him and on monday he will give the country the general direction of his government the general governing program that he intends to fall over the next 4 years and on wednesday next week parliament will convene on the 17th of july and that'll be the 1st plenary parliamentary session when something of substance can be discussed 1st but miss
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them it's not like he says made it clear he doesn't want a honeymoon period he wants to start legislating straight away and the 1st things he wants to table public order measures measures that will take universities put universities within bounds for police to intervene if there is violence if there is trouble at the moment there is an asylum law that prevents police from doing that and that is well meant but it has also meant that. there's a lot of there an accused there are petty criminals who sometimes operate in and around university campuses because they have they are beyond the reach of police and the 2nd measure that he wants to pass is to toughen up the crime laws and put. relatively small criminals burglars thieves that sort of thing under strict statutory punishments because one of sousa's last acts in parliament was to
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lessen those penalties missed in its attacks as promised to reverse that so it's a public order opening to this new government and to act. just finally john said one of the big takeaway sounds of course being the switch from the far left in series or see one could say that the conservative party but the other interesting factor in this election is surely the. the ends of golden dolan's parliamentary career. and we saw that the beginning of that in the european parliament elections 6 weeks ago when they plummeted from the 9 percent that they had won in european elections 5 years ago. the stage was set for golden dawn to decline on sunday as well but i don't think that anyone predicted that they would disappear from parliament altogether falling below the 3 percent threshold of the popular vote that you need to be in parliament
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that we shall see how that plays out in the coming days there is another. rights which staunchly right wing not national socialist not fascist party in parliament which is called the greek solution they may pick up some of that constituency they seem to have done that already but they have a different agenda. we shall see how we shall see how they act as successors possibly at least a part of golden dawn's agenda ok john psaropoulos for now i thank you very much indeed. amnesty international is urging the u.n. to investigate the so-called war on drugs in the philippines which it describes as murderous in a new reports the rights group says unlawful killings are still going on 3 years after the campaign was launched and some can be directly linked to the police or the report from victims of the cracks are in are mainly from poor and marginalized
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communities philippines president richard good to turkey has voted to continue the war on drugs one of his final 3 years in office will be the most dangerous for people into drugs general allen's organ has borne or from manila the amnesty international report released today is a continuation of what it is shared in 2017 but this time it focuses on one key area the province of bullock line in the northern part of the philippines according to its researchers it says that drug related operations by police and killings are linked with armed groups on the air is similar to the patterns made in different areas in the past since president lee good it had to launch the so-called war on drugs in 2016 but it there is one pattern that strikes the most to researchers of amnesty and that is that commanders coming from different parts of metro manila.


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