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there was a process there was an explosion of those of us from the political center outwards and that's what that holds throughout the years of austerity now we're seeing a return of voters towards the mainstream not for the socialists who seem to have lost their constituency for good cities or which has set itself up very convincingly as a powerful opposition to me so thank you for the next few years but in the case of new democracy yes that does seem to be a migration back from those from the far right parties and there have been a number of splinter parties not just golden dawn that we've seen enter parliament the independent greeks that was in coalition with the series was another of those parties that broke off new democracy and took away from their voters now is seeing new democracy consolidate itself again and. it could be a return to normal politics but then again it all depends on how well the economy stabilizes how sustainably it goes and how fast it grows over the next few years because that's what's going to convince voters here about whether they can trust
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mainstream parties again to do their bidding not the bidding of international creditors and bankers ok john psaropoulos live. thank you very much. still to come on al-jazeera tears for the innocent dance the rising number of children killed in syria. and we run alaska and there are signs of trouble with the state's most iconic sites. how dry weather across to pass the passage padding to take a little more cloud rolling across the korean peninsula it's a key issue setting its way into southern parts of honshu so you may see a few spots of right here as we go on through the next day and asked. these days
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pitch a $24.00 celsius in tokyo might be clouding over become a little wetter as we go through the latter part of the day price cuts come back in behind across the preamp eventually $31.00 celsius some of the temperature to fall beijing well the same as we go on 3 wednesday you should think this day seeing the all of the the shabby rain which will come through but price if it's ok temperatures getting up to $27.00 degrees celsius not so bright for southern parts of china but huge raaf the showers along the spells of rain rolling through here $127.00 millimeters affright in 24 hours nearly $200.00 millimeters of fright over the last couple of days actually this system so well and truly become stuck here more heavy downpours as we go on through the next couple of days similar daily rainfall totals certainly on the cards here as we go through when the stay home feel able to drive the wetter weather tending to not just one little further southwards and east was this turning increasingly wet the hong kong.
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in the guitar of 7180 feet on the telly and set out on an extraordinary journey marco polo followed the silk road design into the heart of the concept. retracing his steps our modern day explorer discovers the descent. echoes of last one and a reminder of what and who survives history. on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera a quick reminder of the top stories for unite the international criminal court has convicted a former congolese warlord of war crimes and crimes against humanity grounder was found guilty of all 18 kinds connected to the killing of biasness of civilians in the interior region between 20022004 he'll be sentenced at a later date. crazes new prime minister carry out cause it's attack assad's been sworn in his new democracy party won and iraq majority in the snap election on sunday defeating the left wing series of party far right golden dawn was not the site of parliament. the united nations is concerned about the growing number of children killed in the war on rebel held areas of syria it live and how more provinces are being bombarded for a 3rd month of government airstrikes backed by russian warplanes human rights groups say at least 500 civilians have been killed many of them young people so you
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know how to reports. it seems planes never leave the skies over rebel held northwest syria. a lot of. the the us. air strikes have been relentless oh by the way it's day 70 of the russian backed syrian government offensive the southern countryside of it left province and the northern countryside of hama province are battlegrounds. the bombardment has been intense and indiscriminate. him and rights groups say why the areas in populated neighborhoods have been attacked nowhere is safe. i civilians are dying. rights groups say more than 500 have been killed more than 100 of them children. beginning. as unishe a very right. for children being killed even over the last
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24 hours children. only. very. actual number of children killed like. the united nations has repeatedly called on russia and turkey who sponsored a cease fire last year to revive the truce which collapsed at the end of april president vladimir putin and russia or god spoke on friday and planned to hold a summit in august that will also involve iran apart from that there is no sign they are close to a deal that would deescalate tensions it look has become a bargaining card even between the countries that are supposed to be working together in syria. instead their local allies are engaged in a proxy war but rebels backed by turkey are resisting the government's advance this has given their political leverage rescue workers find themselves digging through
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the rubble of flattened buildings every day if not every few hours. the muslim muslim most. of the campaign is being described as the most destructive against liberal bands since the opposition to control in 2015 war monitors have recorded 46000 airstrikes and ground assaults. parents are burying their children some of them more than one like this father who lost his 2nd son in the bombardment and many here say this is all happening as the international community looks so. senator al jazeera beirut. the parents of an ethiopian israeli teenager shot and killed by an off duty policeman calling for widespread police reforms so meticulous death in haifa last sunday has led to riots in other israeli cities and smith reports. these people are in law as jewish as anyone else who has the right to move to israel and claim citizenship but
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many of them will tell you that their skin color means they don't get equal treatment in this country. had solomon ticket been white his family and friends believe he would not have been shot dead by an off duty police officer during a confrontation in a part of the load people have empathized and supported me but it's not going to help what will help is if the police in israel change and go in a new direction we need a new understanding from the roots all the way i. saw a man's death prompted nationwide demonstrations led by ethiopian israelis who say they have enjoyed decades of racism from the government and police. tens of thousands of ethiopians emigrated here in the eighty's and ninety's encouraged by successive governments 3 years ago a ministerial commission made a series of recommendations after widespread discrimination against ethiopian jews was exposed
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a coordination unit to prevent racism was set up the critics say what has been done on paper isn't being put into practice the police were supposed to work for the cameras to film every interaction. not there also supposed to be stiffer penalties for violent police officers and a reduction in the use of tasers but there's no evidence that any of this is. according to the justice ministry the police have not published yearly reports on how officers who acted in a racist manner have been disciplined we don't want no one to hug us or say that they understand or our feelings feelings won't make me feel safe in the streets what made well will make me feel safe is police officers being indicted over killing young black people and it's not only young black men it's also. community we have the orthodox we have.
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here that are suffering from police brutality this is an issue of civil rights. the police officer who shot solomon is under house arrest solomon's name is 11th on the list of people who've been shot by the police in the last 5 years according to official records no police officers have been charged over any of those deaths bernard smith al-jazeera hyphen. amnesty international is urging the un to investigate the philippine president's war on drugs but trust richard has described as murderous the rights group says extrajudicial executions are continuing unabated cern's in some cases can be directly linked to police the report from victims of the crackdown are overwhelmingly from poor and marginalized communities philippines president richard good to territory has voted to continue the war on drugs when his final 3 years in office will be the most dangerous yet for people who are into
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drugs well driller and organ has more from manila. the amnesty international report released today is a continuation of what it is shared in 2017 but this time it focuses on one key area the province of bullock line in the northern part of the philippines according to its researchers it says that drug related operations by police and killings are linked with armed groups on the air is similar to the patterns made in different areas in the past since president toledo declared to launched his so-called war on drugs in 2016 but if there is one pattern that strikes the most to researchers of amnesty and that is that commanders coming from different parts of metro manila have been moved with a higher ranks and positions in cannes and that follows the sharp rise of killings in the area and as expected based on the different kinds of statements issued by
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the philippine government in the past when it comes investigations like this the philippine government through its spokesperson has been dismissive of this report according to the spokesperson today it says amnesty is politicizing. the situations and there should be other avenues in which amnesty can try to compile its reports with other human rights organisations and instead of going to the media according to the philippine government. it should fall cases instead but you see amnesty international is saying that statement alone is problematic because out of the thousands of killings believed to be linked with police and other armed groups there has only been one prosecution that has happened since the so-called war on drugs was launched in 2016. alarming signs of global warming are being seen in the most northern states in the us place areas in alaska are melson fastest rate for centuries as on the reports. in
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a state known as the last frontier there's no easy way to reach a glacier on foot or the climate research of brian brettschneider though it's become an increasingly important part of his work below as the stunning site of the portage glacier a vast structure of ice and rock puts being here to tens of thousands of years in recent decades this another glaciers in the region a melting at an alarming rate we're used to thinking about things changing over time spans that are longer than human lifetimes but when you come back here year after year and you notice with your own eyes not with any kind of fancy equipment but you notice how much it's changing it's really dramatic and it really causes you to think about you know where we're at and where we're going and what we can do about it all kind of a limit to show the rate of change a transformation researches say is driven by rising global temperature is one startling example of just how far and how fast this glacier is going is perhaps this building it was constructed in 1986 for one reason alone and that was to give
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tourists a direct view of the face of the glacier but if you look out here now all you see is water and to get to the glacier it's a half hour long boat trip. but tom again cruise ship has been taking tory's out to the glacier for decades and debt can david mazak join the crew in 19971 tells us back then the portage glacier was very different. giant fires of ice they shot up like bunkers and they went up over 130 feet into the air. and on the flight to the glacier you had huge bottomless of ice like big walls of ice and they would come crashing down. like this many of the tourists that take the cruiser away . glaciers are disappearing for those who have traveled far to see one of alaska's most iconic sites there's a sense that this might be their last chance it can take me i'm going nature. would
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kind of have the best we can carry children or if it is wasting away like this then they will have any painting to lay or take part yeah you showed us a picture a while ago i think it was $114.00 and the like was just like writing there and now look how big it is and looks like it's like $100.00 times bigger. now some. researchers say the effects of global climate change can be reversed getting glaciers the chance to slowly recover but time is running out and the gallacher al-jazeera footage valley alaska. tourism and georgia faces a difficult summer with russia banning airline flights to the country it falls on sea russians on a stray sions in the capital tbilisi open for ceroc are reports from the georgian mines a resort off good salary. russians will no longer be able to fly direct to georgia from july the 8th. that could take the wind out of the
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sails of georgia's tourism industry. who guides like a trying to stay upbeat here's lou or building stuff for us and we will see if the number of russian tourists go down there are a lot of other visitors from other countries so we're going to just adopt. the flight ban is moscow's response to russian demonstrations in the capital tbilisi protesters were infuriated by georgia's parliament inviting russian politicians to visit demonstrates is accuse their governments of collaborating with the enemy russian troops continue to occupy 20 percent of georgian territory its breakaway region that's a policy and south city. now we are sharing our georgia and this place called the arch of modern math i found the friendship between georgia and russia so in reality colonialism communism and conflicts have all too often defined relations
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between the 2 countries though georgia has a special place in the hearts of many russians. we love to watch out west so happy to be here. nearly one and a half 1000000 russians who are ists came to georgia last year that's around 20 percent of the total number of visitors georgia's national bank estimates that fewer russian tourists could cost the economy as much as 300000000 dollars this year and there may be worse to come russian tourists are coming for exactly this kind of experience. great tourist. the beauty of the place. but georgian wine exports may be next on russia's banned list russian officials talk of tightening controls on georgian food and beverages russia is a major market it's very difficult to quantify the impact of the tourism ban or
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even the ban on flights and potentially the ban on wine and vegetables and fruits that's going to be difficult to quantify in terms of g.d.p. impact but what i think we can't quantify is the number of people who are going to be affected the number of people is going to be tremendously high it's going to be at least a half the population. right but that's because more than huff of georgia's population works in tourism and agriculture. you're russian rubles way forced georgia to find new markets but until then the country could be in for a rough ride robin 1st year walker i'll just 0 diary. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines international criminal court has
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convicted a former congo is warlord of war crimes and crimes against humanity moscow to gander was found guilty of all 18 cants connected to the killing of thousands of civilians in the region the 20022004 will be sentenced at a later date malcolm webb has more there is still some people who support to gun their political party to his militia was connected to the p.c. some of their. members told us that they believe that these are the evidence rather was fabricated and that the i.c.c. quite simply have the wrong people but many others have been affected by the cross the t.'s of connected to the rebel groups that need to go on there was a commander in which isn't only there the u.p.c. but also later the c.n.d. piero on the back rebel group b m 23 will say backed by a wonder in subsequent conflict cases new prime minister korea. has been sworn in
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its new democracy party won an outright majority in the snap election on sunday defeating the left wing syriza party the far right golden dawn was knocked out of parliament. the parents of an ethiopian israeli teenagers shot and killed by an off duty policeman are calling for widespread police reforms so on and seekers death in haifa last sunday has led to protests in several israeli cities. amnesty international is urging the u.n. to investigate the so-called war on drugs in the philippines the right script says extrajudicial killings are still going on 3 years since president's original to terrorists a launched has cracks and and the only functioning airports in libya's capital has reopened for when missile strikes on sunday that seek airports has been repeatedly targeted by forces loyal to all those after or those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after inside story.
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it's stood up against austerity measures as greece faces the worst economic crisis but the series of party ended up implementing them now that strategy is being put to the test as greeks fight in a general election so will a new leadership emerge and could it be the end of populism in this european country that is in charge of. hello and welcome to the program on iran can prime minister alexis tsipras led his
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left wing syriza party to power in 2015 with promises they offered much hope to the greek people but fixing a country facing its greatest economic crisis in recent history proved to be a challenge rather than end the austerity measures they had campaigned against suppress imposed more taxes giving in to creditors demands greece exit is final bailout law shit and the economy is expected to expand but its unemployment rate is the highest in europe and people are struggling to make ends meet this has upset many voters who say they're in favor of the conservative new democracy party poll show the party was tipped to win the snap general election on sunday john psaropoulos reports from athens. the main issue in this election is the economy series which has been in power for the last 4 and a half years has nursed greece out of its austerity program in august of last year
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greece was declared fit to re and to markets and has been successfully selling government bonds again but what syriza hasn't done is to bring greece back to prosperity after shrinking by 26 percent during the years of recession the economy is now growing by about 2 percent a year and that is the forecast for the foreseeable future new democracy the opposition say that that isn't enough to make good the damage that's been done to stem the flow of young people leaving for better job markets they want to boost the economy to at least 4 percent growth and create 700000 new jobs in the next 4 years so they will do this they say by lowering corporate taxes taxes on individuals on farmers' social security contributions lowering the cost of labor and of doing business in greece and they will also streamline governments of it doesn't stand in the way of entrepreneurship people seem to believe that new democracy despite being a party that helps to bankrupt greece by overspending in the past under its new
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technocratic leadership may be capable of delivering on that program and they certainly seem to be willing to see such a program being implemented by any political force i'm jumper up a loss for inside story. let's bring in our panel in athens via skype demetrius he's a political advisor to their syriza party in london vicky pryce she is a chief economic advisor at the center for economics and business research and also in athens a european affairs analyst yes simitis welcome to you all i'd like to begin with demetrius repeated. your party said or did rather what it said it wasn't going to do and now it's going to be punished and the the general election is that right. well it seems that. on
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from so far what we have from the polls is that new democracy is ahead on the poll should seems that it's a bit of a difficult fight political struggle for syriza. it's soon to be to have some final results but it seems that the situation is is difficult for for the party and it follows the the defeat we had 6. 3 weeks ago when the european union elections so what's happening here is that you have a electorates that's unhappy with the policies that your government put in place policies that you said you were never going to do and then you did. so what's the next or what what happens next verse or it's a why why did you mean do that. well there are a number of factors weiss is a sin these difficult position electorally the 1st these are that.
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actually since 2015 we lost the so-called war on media which is that the domestically which is that the majority of t.v. stations and private media were endorsing mr mitchell diapers from his very 1st day not his as head of your democracy and mainly what they were doing is to spread propaganda against the government the fact is that seat is actually this is a government prime minister it's it was did actually moneths to stimulate the economy after a long period of recession and a study we did actually. were forced to adopt a 3rd bailout deal and implement the toughest of the program but at the same time we managed to alleviate the damages for the most vulnerable groups social groups and create some fundamental safety nets why trying to address the
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huge humanitarian crisis that was headed by the previous government another issue for the difficult position that see the stance right now it's the fact that the greek electorates and explained jory t's exhausted biased it all dick's throughout those 8 years and now this. negativity in this disappointment is reflected in the governing party it seems are and there's also another 3rd factor i would say that can explain. there the fact that today's losing forces is the fact that the party itself didn't manage to build a strong organizational capacity throughout those 4 years didn't manage to to create and focus on how to build strong links with society despite the fact that at the same time did to amend the pro-social political agenda let me bring in bring in yes i could so metes who is also in athens you're actually outside the parliament
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building there. is demetrius writes in his defense of syriza party is it the fact that they tried to do everything they could but simply they lost the middle class vote. well in that we need to go back to the 2015 drama to figure out how series i came to power they were voted on the ticket though for no worse there would be dead to relief and better days regarding corruption and the social inequality in greece in these 4 and a half years they didn't manage to fight the austerity they were forced to sign a 3rd bailout agreement and the dead 3 years were not as extreme as they had promised so much of the population can see this series to have failed on its promises for lesser sterrett the my position is that much of the middle class
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have been over taxed and have been considering syriza as being a very good against business and anti and the free market economy so this is good that series was voted on and it failed to deliver on its promises let me bring in vicky pryce here from london the greek economy was in a huge mess at the time so it's a win. win the election and now after 4 and a half years they have allowed us to deliver some of the blame has to be put with the european union surely they put too stringent conditions on the streets a policy that was too much belt tightening for a country that was struggling to actually afford a belt. well the european union and the i.m.f. put rather stringent conditions on greece even before syriza came to power so we mustn't forget that we already had a number of bailouts before since 2010 of course situation had deteriorated the economy was sinking. have lost about 25 percent of its output before even
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syriza came to power so they didn't inherit anything particularly solid or safe and of course in addition to all this because of course there's been quite a little delay in reaching an agreement after they were voted in in 2015 we had about 56 months of negotiations we didn't go anywhere we had even worse conditions put on such as capital controls so the greek economy suffered even more not received really as it was doing before but certainly there was no recovery for a bit it took a little while before some signs of improvement were where we've seen that recently i think it's mostly because basically there is a limit to how much you can fall naturally our forces that start bringing you up again and and of course there has been some of that restructuring and there has been a little bit of investment although investment is still very very poor in greece and return of confidence there is now construction going on in greece for the 1st
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time in ages and when i visit greece and i do that very regularly i was there last week suddenly there were new buildings going up some hadn't seen in 10 years so there has been a change of sorts of laughing as one positive thing about a series i mean just said inherited a very very difficult situation i think the europeans did not understand what they were doing to a considerable extent where they were imposing those conditions on greece. over series or did manage to do is get lots of implementation of measures without too much disruption the economy the sense of demonstrations in the strikes there were a few but nothing like as many i'm guessing. it would have been if they had we had actually a right wing government like new democracy trying to implement those measures they would have been a lot more disruption in the economy and what you have to be astonished and actually be admiring in what to process done is that he was voted on the left wing
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ticket very radical left wing ticket he actually implemented a right wing policy very effectively and he's still there he has not lost completely in terms of support if you look at the opinion polls he has been receiving about 2425 percent sometimes 28 percent of the vote for quite some time now so he's still there there's still a lot of support for him despite what the greeks have gone through let me just bring in demetrius demetrius repeat as an earth and. you have gone through some tough times with the political party but they seem to be a quite positive note coming out from london that some things did change why isn't that reflected the opinion polls why is it likely that they will lose the election well it's actually years opposed to sign from from london but it's mostly whether told you before. actually. the cities are government
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shippers government did it prevent a number of progressive. the dementor bookless of agenda in many different areas just to identify a couple of those the 1st is the on the health care system. the government headed a dept of around 70000000000 euros from public hospitals and managed to create a surplus of 70000000 euros giving at the same time free access to primary health care systems to more. than 2500000 uninsured people this is something big this is a big achievement in my view.


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