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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 189  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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new democracy trying to implement those measures they would have been a lot more disruption in the economy and what you have to be astonished and actually i would be admiring in what to press has done is that he was voted on the left wing take it very radical left wing ticket he actually implemented a right wing policy very effectively and he's still there he has not lost completely in terms of support if you look at the opinion polls he has been receiving about 2425 percent sometimes spent 8 percent of the vote for quite some time now so he's still there there's still a lot of support for him despite what the greeks have gone through let me just bring in demetrius demetrius repeat as an earth and. you have gone through some tough times with the political party but there seems to be a quite positive notes coming out from london that some things did change why isn't that reflected the opinion polls why is it likely that they will lose the election
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well it's actually years opposed to sign from from london but it's most of the weather told you before. actually. the cities are government shippers government did a prevent a number of progressive. the dementor because of agenda in many different areas just to identify a couple of those the 1st is the on the health care system. the government headed a dept of around 70000000000 euros from public hospitals and managed to create a surplus of 70000000 euros giving at the same time free access to primary health care system to more. than 2500000 uninsured people this is something big this is a big achievement in my i.v. . from from the government the 2nd is that despite the fact that we still haven't
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a long way to go to create quality jobs and decrease our salaries and wages we did manage to lower the unemployment rate from around 27 in the beginning of 2015 to 1818.5 percent today which soldier a huge achievement because shouldn't the fact that yes we actually didn't have big investments we didn't actually have the creation of. high income jobs but at the end of the day we did manage to improve all. mostly all social and financial indicators wide to do we're in a sense difficult position electorally is that as it told you before this thing a long way to go. we didn't pass from the night to a part of the days but actually we're still managing to direct the country outside
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the crisis we did concluded with the 3rd bailout deal successfully but we still we're still facing a crisis in social and economic crisis and. people who possibly expected much for more from our side and we should have done you much more than we have already made to our yanis and also in athens it seems to me that we have a situation here now where we have. a serious a party very much looking after and doing things that were unpopular but ultimately they did work however new democracy is much more center right it's much more pro-business and when it comes to implementing austerity measures it's going to be a lot tougher perhaps than serious ever will be that might be popular with the middle class votes but it's going to alienate the more poorer voters with any grease and in 4 years time are you likely to be facing a situation where the poor actually votel democracy new democracy party because
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they didn't get what they wanted is it just a merry go round is what i'm actually asking. well this is an interesting question because. for the 1st time in the year of the elections we've seen parts of the youth young people voting for new democracy and also pension is voting for a new democracy as well despite the negative campaigning of syriza so. thank you skim out with a positive agenda saying we're not going to scrap the social security situation we do not going to raise taxes we're going to lower taxes we're going to lower the there are some question marks though where this is going to come from all these cuts and the lesser stare at the but still this positive agenda catch the people even the lower wage people there are some people that are afraid about the
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wage the bulk of the social inequality and this is an issue that the new government needs to face. mr mitchell darkeys wants to have and free market and very pro investment friendly economy it's needs to be seen how the new this new idea of this new model of economy can be inclusive for parts of the society not just the middle class or the up a class is how the lower classes especially the youth which are much unemployed can come in into this growth friendly environment this market friendly environment and become part of the of the new world it's going to be created it's a very interesting point he's making they think the price i want to bring you in here we've seen time and time again amy you i.m.f. world bank bailouts loans etc all come a very high cost for the country that's implementing the classic example is say
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probably pakistan which is going through a restructuring of its state right now with the i.m.f. but it's putting in place very well. policies as a cost of doing that that drives social change with in the country itself because and we've seen it in pakistan we've seen it in greece people rising up people getting out the streets people protesting and then people blaming poor people and immigrants for the situation that they're in is there a better way of doing this without causing this belt tightening that is so restricted. well there is and i think the i.m.f. itself was told by its own economists that what he was doing was going to be counterproductive because basically you could enter into a sort of vicious cycle and you just can't get out of it except once you reach the bottom really so what happens is if you try and reduce the deficit very fast which is exactly what was going on in greece then you institutional sorts of measures
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which include cutting back spending obviously raising taxes repeatedly which was exactly what happened in greece cutting pensions which again is exactly what happened in greece are reducing wages more generally which is also a serious serious problem for loads of greeks and that of course leads to spending less money out in the shops collecting less taxes so they were told that at various stages they should watch out for that possibility happening which would mean that you need to think again and have perhaps a slightly different way of looking at how a country needs to adjust so we shouldn't do too fast and not sister and of course you alienate people there is no real middle class left in greece about half a 1000000 young educated greeks have emigrated and we know from research that's been done recently that 4 out of 10 of those greeks have no intention of coming back certainly not over the next 10 years but yes there are problems in greece that we have to deal with and maybe new democracy will be able to do it faster series or should have perhaps privatized faster we should have reduced bureaucracy
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considerably more quickly than it's been doing it hasn't been functioning badly but it has not been given the impression to foreign investors that it's really open for business and it needs to do more to pursue myself and been traveling around trying to attract more investment he's actually realize that and i've been to some venture he's actually. spoke at here in london but of course when you have this bureaucracy when you have concerns that come in such as environmentally. she supposedly stopped redeveloping great big chunks of of bits of athens like the airport is finally moving towards that direction but it puts people off in terms of really coming in and spending money in a country when they just don't know whether the conditions are going to be such to allow them to to get something out of it and there are so many areas the grease can develop that needs a proper strategy for growth i think it can be done but i think going back to your
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original question the damage has that the e.u. and the policies is of course greeks with blame to point but the damage that those types of policies have done will take a very long time. to get over and people will be suspicious of politicians over any promises that are made to them and i think new democracy will suffer if it can deliver in the future assuming it gets elected of course today dimitrius and. it's this then the fault of old northern europe fronts germany really pushing forward and pushing on greece these policies austerity and knowing that it was going to put greece in the political system there under pressure. well actually. the red a system of you to zone is but in the structure which is that the dog gets of this to be didn't growth back cannot be met in such a frog financial environment in the un your zone and greece along with other
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member states but they specially greece was the experiment for the for the limitation of hearts or states and europe we have seen in the recent past we have we are already experiencing. deserving actually similar problems with public deficits and over dept at this by other member states like for instance you need to leave. but in greece the situation was much tougher go boating to other member states why because for 2 main main reasons the 1st was that for the last that he is or previous governments didn't manage to create a sustainable viable growth model that the majority could benefit from and at the same time talk to officially bureaucracy and some state burdens that could
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create a more friendly environment for investments for instance so cities and headed sets a bad situation and it's very. unfair to to to exert some that house criticism on the government that within all only for years and months to creates. just chuckle all of those problems and issues that were headed by the previous governments the 2nd thing is that we did. see in the previous years that there was a problem with this is a government when it was the go shape thing. with its utopian partners. after the politics which is the 1st critical semester of closure 15 sorry if it is we are running out of time and i would like to bring in yes kids and that is to counter your point it's an interesting thing there were changes happening so it's a dead do something to improve the economy now we have likely to be
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a new government in greece where the new democracy but there are the old allies the old players still exist it's france's germany's e.u. and they have very specific things that they won't greece to do are they going to give this new government potentially if it does win the election i'm much more sympathetic ed than they did the last one. well this is the the $1000000.00 euro question because both the series of democracy are promising that there will be a renegotiation of the fiscal targets for the next years for greece i see that this extremely difficult at least for the short future the distant future yes we will we could have some renegotiation but 1st of all the new government should indicate not only b.k. but prove that it's very poor over reforms very pro open market and it's willing
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to make this necessary changes in the greek public sector in the greek economy that needs to have a more growth friendly economy this time there will be some friendly gestures from eurozone partners but there needs to be proof in the next months that the new government is really going to implement reforms because syriza did this specific mistake they implemented the or stare at the without implementing reforms as the portuguese left wing government did together with the hard left. in portugal they implemented reforms and they didn't have any problem with the population and even the lower class people but syriza was very hesitant in implementing reforms and now they want to backtrack on the reforms that already have been agreed with the eurozone partners i just want to thank our panel of experts dimitri dimitris
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sorry vicky pryce and yanis kids and that is and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and further discussion goes well facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at inside story for me and the whole team.
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can the unrest in mali be stopped the situation is not easy i would hope that there is not a medical on has the united nations failed to protect the people and help end the violence special representative of the un security general from ali mohamed salah and a d from talks to al-jazeera. al-jazeera was there when i was doing breaks but also a day to see what happens next. on the fired by the barrier where model barricaded all 7th street that b.b.q. here at the movies now is being all about change people have gone past the fear barrier the mission of the national army is to 60 complex and i'll just do a stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. he lived in brazil's largest favela. one day the police. like thousands of others he
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disappeared. witness follows a family's epic struggle for justice which became a national cause and sent shock waves through the upper echelons of the political establishment in the shadow of the hill on al-jazeera. last. elegant piece it will be here in doha the top stories from. al-jazeera the international criminal court has convicted a former congolese warlord of war crimes and crimes against humanity bosco ntaganda was found guilty on all 18 counts connected to the killing of thousands of civilians in the region of a 2 or 3 between 20022004 they'll be sentenced at
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a later date malcolm webb has more. there's 18 charges 18 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity pleaded rape conscripting child soldiers murder attempted murder forcibly displacing civilian populations among others and the judge read out these charges one by one many of them quite detailed cases of a specific murder with specific village that had the prosecutors had said and to go in there and attack the order of these soldiers to attack on certain dates in 20022003 that's when there was a conflict going on in congo is it turi province to become a very brutal conflict between militia connected to 2 ethnic groups have that is also quite widely seen as essentially a proxy war ever tween the governments of congo rwanda and uganda there are still some people who support to gander their political party that his militia was connected to the p.c.
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some of their members told us that they believe that these charges the evidence rather was fabricated in there that the i.c.c. quite simply have the wrong people but many others who've been affected by the trustees of connected to the rebel groups that want to get in there was a commander in which isn't only there's a u.p.c. but also later the c.n.d. fiero on the back rebel group of the m 23 will say backed by i wonder in subsequent conflicts of people who were affected by those conflicts i may well see this is a little bit of justice greece's new prime minister mr tarkus has now been sworn in today his new democracy party won an outright majority in the snap election on sunday defeating the left wing syriza party the far right golden dawn was knocked out of parliament johnson is in athens. new democracy leader good yeah cause me to thank yous has been sworn in as prime minister and is expected to announce his cabinet later on monday they will be sworn in on tuesday the 1st cabinet meeting is
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to be held on wednesday. early next week which i thank you says to announce how he will govern the program of policies he will follow and when he will enact them and later on next week on the 17th of july parliament convenes for its 1st summit plenary session and that summer will be full of plenary sessions we're told there will be no such as division for parliament which is the usual course of events for july and august he took his wants his administration to move fast he has promised legislation off the bat particularly to combat crime to get tough on crime to allow police back onto university campuses to enact the tax cuts that he's promised and also to that certain administrative reforms that he believes will strengthen the office of the prime minister and allow him to do his job much more effectively in the years to come there will also be debates later on in the also on other legislation that will come forward but this is the beginning of the governing program it's going to be tax cuts and law enforcement the emphasis is there to
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begin with and later on we expect to see how cities will come forward as the official opposition the left wing opposition they may be out of power but they've still held on to $31.00 and a half percent of the popular vote which gives them a very good platform from which to speak for the greeks who do not agree with me to take his policies so this will not be a walkover for the new democracy conservatives even though they have won outright with a majority of one $158.00 seats in the $300.00 seat parliament amnesty international is urging the u.n. to investigate the so-called war on drugs in the philippines the human rights group says extra judicial killings are still going on 3 years since the president. launched his crackdown. iran has now passed the uranium enrichment cap set on the 2050 nuclear deal the us president on the trunk is threatening further sanctions he says tehran will never produce a nuclear weapon plus more news on the web site is there for you all the time
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al-jazeera dot com up next marco polo a very modern journey more news in about 25 minutes i'll see that. take a look at china. china overtaking the u.s. the world factor of america if you live with the dragon lady.
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here it's your.
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shooters she crucell. drug don't sure why else would a. professor shout is on the trail of the 13th century explorer marco polo. whose travels through the mogul empire have shaped how the west viewed the east ever since. this was all because. we need you she could be called a woman. we choose. to going out. to.
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watch her jewels a wall art or so. when you die an eagle i know a day show sure. also a woman. marco polo is on a journey to the cult of the mongol emperor. in iran $1273.00 after 2 years journey is reached the premiere mountains on the edge of today's china. be. a best seller at the moment anya the moment on the up at the edge of not the. same but in order to then will. you move. for thousands of miles around everyone at the time was the subject of the mongol empire.
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this is silk. and this used to be just silk road a roots not just a trade but for ideas and beliefs for thousands of years. europeans have always compared the search for eastern riches to the search for a paradise. in the markets of cash god. marco polo has reached the gates of much and heaven. knows that that i look into it but if they. don't get done to
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america the bottom up out of in that a little netiquette the fear particularly. from the west came perf umes ivory precious stones and glass with from china silk and spices. marco polo follows the path of the silk road from town to town skirting along the southern rim of the full bidding taklamakan desert. normal for money a c. even though the american town feel it out at the. tone it's a subtle but you know mike we. are going to be seen. as a much and. marco polo is always looking for opportunities to trade. as a young male he's also looking for other opportunities. laid on. the
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. is simple apparel and they are into thin air. in venice professor joe is continuing his quest for marco polo looking for physical evidence of his existence. so we need a mayor intrade all. one are. truly. usual marco polo at yahoo tongues i salute you to. golf. foods and.
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in the east marco polo takes the southern soak road. he reaches a dangerous area where many travelers before him have found that death. to talk was that. was that there are similar that that of a south of the wal-mart or best. nor. the better of them and. from canola and the out of america. and this was a song. archaeologist delicious up the roof has been working in the tucker mark on desert for 30 years. he knows the dangers faced by marco polo but 1st time. zone. i mean.


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