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in the east marco polo takes the southern so crowed. he reaches a dangerous area where many travelers before him have found their death. to talk with the other stars of the sabia because that that us him that that of a south of the wall will bash the. norm. and. no money and the better all the money. from kanawa america out of america. and this was a song. archaeologist a delicious up the real solid has been working in the tucker mark on desert for 30 years. he knows the dangers faced by marco polo at 1st hand. zoya way. mystifies only ah. but i miss
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a lot. there's almost a jingle he doesn't. say to us and i thought well that is always on edge and some of the. words as sharp as it should have been there are strings i was. in there's a toilet the motor the mortice beneath the money. on to normal but of that of you. south of all take i'm a normal small moment. little did marco polo know that this will bring place had once been the fertile home to earlier civilizations. in the early 20th century western archaeologists discovered evidence for these early settlements. they found ancient cities buried in the sand. the big surprise
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was that many of these inhabitants turned out to be indo-european. like marco polo himself. it delicious up to his work here on an archeological site that was 1st discovered in 1934 but never excavated until recently. it is a bronze age burial site over 3000 years old and the scene john from. the film. 300 on junk. i mean you're showing your kind i don't mean. it took years of excavation. but in 2006 he discovered the
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treasure. it had been under the shifting sands for centuries. there's a tremendous and lot of gods of america. but what do you do when they get back as one of them a video of them all off the autobahn. and i gotta love that argersinger for transaction that the death. of. don't miss it that has for you on it's own toilet back in the car by my time of that. dark up ads for the song oxley. i'm sure you were. the only. one
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down the field on to. the final destination of marco polo journey is the court of the mongol emperor. he leaves the tech the mark and desert behind his route now turns further east through lunch and along the gobi desert. he eventually makes his way into the heartland of the mongol and. ironically this is the safest part of his 3 year long journey. you're a you
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a monkey wrench or tonality and then the your water. and your comments i drunk for the junk shop i meant swoosh on the. way don't she. would. be a key doll mongo db. being. in his bag he is carrying oil from the tomb of jesus and a letter from the pope requesting an alliance with the mongol emperor. cushier who . tried them on were unsure shane. older and. common to see a mob based on the nigerian. you know he like. scenes up.
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much of the mongolian grasslands is now part of china but when marco polo came here it was a different story the mongols had just a feat at the chinese and ruled the biggest empire the world had ever seen. hold up to the female body from a stick you don't need to embed a vehicle macy's but a sort of but little. order of a naked lot more than income with unity could he still. emo what a. nice one all made a lot already. for then on clay the sea. keep it out of me and.
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i don't know how to you know the concrete stuff. the book this is in among today. the lifestyle of these mongols is eerily similar to the scenes which marco polo recorded in his book over 700 years ago. i am was a and. i want to. show the young venetian man was clearly in all of these while he was born from a harshness he had never encountered before if.
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you know the should watch he. started to talk more. playing the end limo moralise horrible still end it took diligent to them all the players she surely mean your date but as you stood up with that and your typical was that it not that i thought you feel the shouted. then is now my 1000000000 boys are training in the 3 minute skills. archery. undress. mongolian wrestling or bowing means to your ability. the highest honors in the martial code still goes to the mongolian restless men
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trained to survive just like in marco polo style. out on the step there is still mongols that marco polo would recognize today. to some. extent we flew missions. to somebody's home to. better us
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tonight guys have asked us and. this is how ups collect. his name means revolution. is well known on the mongolian grassland as a breeder of fine sheep. and today he'll swap his sheep to fulfil a lifetime's ambition. in no time you've got to try something. being charged in this house there and. then a one in a tempest. in fact doohickey gum kind of evil masculist alone a bianco. since an economic at the altar call or the. lottery
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because they do maintain that no person who told the new no can. be less deal with their ground god. rather throw just out there you don't have to. go back for the british royal. family that's. 5 price shoot for 8 years and no money changed hands this is how they've always traded on the grasslands. of the shuttle. that i don't know they just seem to. have to. well. i thought
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until it or. something to. listen. to. people or not all of them said. anderson. says he supports.
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the mungo least 3 don't need oral cavity more to be an. issue fundamental that id bit i mean to the fun little tot he calls you little to mean dick. pickle they're still multi-level bullshit of orthodoxy. that.
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this is you. want to. today in the mongolia. there are only a quarter of the horses that there were a generation ago. the grasslands have become china's industrial backyard. it's not the power of the mongols but the power of china that can be felt every.
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language don't need to. go to the touch isn't over soon and we don't try to extend that. included with peter's food i think that the whole you introduce it can't. miss move to the 2 of us to get. there i don't want to do just was next week. coming in by saying the station to us. marco polo is about to reach santa do and the cold of the mighty mongol emperor who because. the term pre-crime comes from this
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movie minority report in which a prediction is being made about something an individual has not yet done but is going to feel and a preemptive arrest is made of someone before they perform the act if you would have asked me 37 years ago if we would have gunshot detection or video cameras in neighborhoods or be able to predict what crimes occurred i would have said you're crazy pre-crime coming soon on al-jazeera. one of the last remaining ancient forests in southeast asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumberjacks and drivers. we follow their treacherous journey as they walk through extreme conditions. together and transport this dangerous but precious cargo risking it all. on al-jazeera. every armed attack in europe creates fear and
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division amongst its citizens where stories of loss no one told. a sweeping association of islam with the violence easier in muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice eviction on al-jazeera. beach it will be here and those are the top stories from al-jazeera the international criminal court has convicted a former congressman as warlord of war crimes and crimes against humanity bosco intern gunda was found guilty on all 18 counts connected to the killing of thousands of civilians in the region of a turi between 20022004 will be sentenced at
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a later date malcolm webb has more there is still some people who support him to gun their political party that his militia was connected to the p.c. some of their members told us that there they believe that these charges the evidence rather was fabricated and that the i.c.c. quite simply have the wrong people but many others who have been affected by the trustees of connected to the rebel groups that once again there was a commander in which isn't only there the u.p.c. but also later the c.n.d. piero on the back rebel group of the m 23 will say backed by one there in subsequent conflicts. greece's new prime minister career course mr tarkus as now being sworn in today his new democracy party won an outright majority in the snap election on sunday defeating the left wing syriza party the far right golden dawn lost all 18 of its seats in the parliament. the un is concerned about a growing number of children being killed in rebel held areas of syria it live and
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how much provinces are being bombarded for a 3rd month of syrian government airstrikes backed by russian warplanes human rights groups say at least $500.00 civilians have been killed including children. iran has now surpassed the uranium enrichment cap set under the 2050 nuclear deal the foreign ministry in tehran threatening further steps in 60 days the us president donald trump is considering more sanctions he says tehran will never produce a nuclear weapon amnesty international is urging the united nations to investigate the so-called war on drugs in the philippines the human rights group says extrajudicial killings are still going on 3 years after president roderigo to turkey launched his crackdown the police in haiti have opened fire on mourners on protesters at the funeral of a journalist shot dead last month. was investigating government corruption is killing by gunmen in the capital port au prince last month it's walk the street protests demanding the resignation of the president of an elmore easy those are
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your headlines the news continues after marco polo a very modern journey i have the news hour in 30 minutes. thank you. thank. you. thank.
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you. venice once a powerful trading post of the western world. professes out is on the trail of marco polo the venetian much and who traveled east and recorded his journeys for posterity. but marco polo was not just to much and he has a mission from the pope. to deliver a letter to the mongol emperor asking for a political alliance. marco polo has traveled for 3 years without having leaving mongol territory now he approaches the heart of it the court of public on the grandson of the old conquering discolor the most powerful
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man in moscow post time. she will get on this you know to this you know to. it of a alamy been the daughter. because she had it that there's already a gunk on a pupil syndicate my foot. they came be the other. if you know it ought to. be questo moster or a jonah. zanna do. all that remains of the marble palace the temples the beautiful park and the pleasure dome. the fabulous city of kabul a car. through
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these gates and mysteries and i'm bassett has arrived from all over the world. asked the khans personal god of 12002. 100 judy charlie neema couple. of mongo and to show you a comment you would do that. says hunter shall soil the water tada leo. may uses some yet quite by showing one being called. she ends i. will order a shot. swallow. she did they already know the outside. a leech escort audience he needs. to be to
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it that all your other suckers have. any sick will still be to. call or say. oh no table at that is eat. until the close of. it to the list and it would put up a fight if they get the weight of thank you. george. sol jewel a woman. hochul will. see what i mean but remember all of that in the warm which she didn't dolly is no new. lady stochastic or little of the deer in the room that lead them to the let's
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see only in the called that are. a few important than a few to move a foot in chief who almost a little doing a little maid to a chop kid and not the pull of face of a same with a same flame war though not the follow the name. of the receiver of. the. union we should. try each elton. john markoff chimp ate the whole of the old. could a shrew our light. color eater. the meeting in santa do is a game changer marco polo arrives as an envoy of the west but goodluck on rejects
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an alliance with the pope and instead he hires marco polo from self marco polo is to report to him from the newly conquered parts of his own empire. that she'd done not only cause us to knock out very nice to. the full 30 you know drunk on. the concave him the golden pass to use the imperial postal system the fastest and biggest communications network until the coming of the month. and that even just on its own back when she had a in or may mean that. older and still more and. yeah. they did he called me to get on. to me said judy for your story the kid of a bit of pretty dissipated use i'd say that a is all ticket even abuse to.
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marco polo is sent 1st to a region close to the emperor's house. in the territory of his 1st conquest. so remote that it is cool. beyond the cloud. that of m.t.d. a good site but that it. will not pass the morty to dinner the best to survive. there are still people today who travel through the mountains of united in the same manner as marco polo did on the horse caravans.
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it was and still is a tough male world but get down and the guy is an exception. and underhand cleverer than i thought and thought iran. the president should tell. us. we shan't stands at the crossroads of ancient sultan team roots to tibet. such towns were staging post for the vast mongol caravans that carried goods soldiers information and marco polo across the empire. there is still a hint of the heyday of the horse caravan. marco polo would have seen horse caravan hostiles like mother means.
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she was still running it until the 1980 s. . that. the way the old. boy died. or. for life. our goal. is all. the children in advance it is a. threat to society out.
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says their wives all. 3. of the main circuit on the the. you know the show no nobody gandhi. you to shut up equals. into. younger days regime. that or you don't know or found to home a good image there's a sacred sacred you or she. time has stood still in this possible world. the horse caravans are as close to the world marco polo described to calm as it is possible to find today. and the tales they tell and no doubt the same to.
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bladder. there you always chatted with or left off. world on which are loud noises are very low were. made good. money good funk. being why you should cheer. egil and show.
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the value of. thought that i made it all a lot on the. new no law mostly go see that all phase also for a while to well more these are more or less the more you feel yeah. i'll control you'll tell it up bottle se no they want to for tuna. was. that. 2 lake lucas the ancient home of the mists who are people. on this sacred
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mountain any travelers desire for an exotic story could be fulfilled. this is the kingdom of women and women do things differently. marco polo never hid from his readers his fascination with women and no doubt he thought good luck karma would enjoy the strange customs. perhaps even stranger. this way of life survives today on the edge of the tibetan plateau. though.
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which is a one in the. journey how. a shorter time has she. says you're sounding name a show you. sure you knew gash. michiru module you meet your mother did you. yes could you. go. you know build the wall during the match.
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yeah. and if you intended i sure would. not. know what i'm going. to. show you know. that i go to dinner. and. graphene russia. the haitian cowing child of asia. sewing. for times i knew how i dance as you don't care i. was away did have. my thighs i know how there's always sound the shot. was you there john haha.
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yeah i know. there was sure to think of a. little. boy really was there in there to give. it to go. how much you are you. sure the. legislation's of. a man must live with his mother and be busy invited. you must walk to her house.
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till i do you good you learn. good is allowed to change partners when it was who likes. war she decides who she lets into the room. marco polo because no such invitation but happily tells of equally on the usual customs went to the imperial you. need to mocha you do maku. i need to create a new new to work with. here we could be. more clear today she'll be sure we. will get more. good democracy is the vehicle could be a month or so in the heart. humming for the food
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chain the nickel which. was written in. the person i like to call the book full of the. odds are sins are sure. to shill and to all men back to cinch a little. song. now she for them. to distract you dear child he thought you might see me deal with war. hard could be from beneath your know my giving me bill noble for tell the world to take you to town to be busy feel. really touch me using a blue sheet days ago was on the transition for. the much as a woman sent a tissue they're. sure phase one jolt you. get punching to get all
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the pashtun feel. oh it's just you that say. i mean should she showed you. the deal shop things. it is the 25th day of the 7th month of the luna cup. it was 700 years before marco polo and the 700 years since the miss sewell's of the goddess of love and beauty. turned. out it was her. a who i. was. but.
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the. c camera. man. was c c c c. i was i the. sun going down knowing what. color the whole don't hang out all.
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the time. tonto all honda male. zan sure i chase hoods as i see from the actions on a ship and to sit. inside and to share time talking alone father my own of the hope. and change show which i feel for miles. and jan the whole financial has she. should have.
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chandra are shown so and. then the mom who each andro who each child is you. turned into the issues that. we need. i need to. you we shall eat all your food toys so though we eat. marco polo his mission is not finished yet. he travels on to beijing the glorious new capital of the mongol empire. his journey continues.
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in the year 1271 i did a gala taliban agent set out on an extraordinary journey and travelled the furthest reaches of the mongol empire marco polo his world view was radically altered to beijing the city established by could lukaku is still today china strong not now and china is again a superpower we reflect on how the relationship between east and west has changed. marco polo on al-jazeera.
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welcome saw the look of the international focus is looking lost he fought to drive across a good part of south america a little more clout around the rev a place trenching from want to satirise to santiago is so just that when the cloud radionic was he too much right coming out of this temperatures skinning up but not taught so what to say i was picking up to around 12 cells assisted along the cool side should be about 15 degrees but a spear but in single figures any more further north you go with plenty of sunshine a few showers up towards the tropics as one would expect and a similar picture as we go on 3 choose to just now she says temperatures continuing to rise there 4 point to sara's with the effects of that northerly breeze pushing through. central america pushing across the caribbean sunshine and shall escape lively shallows over towards the guatemala in particular lovely lot in display here our race and the thunder examples are set to continue as we go on through the next
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day also pretty much all of central america and the chance of seeing some shop showers over the next day or 2 but some sunshine in between the be some showers that just around cuba maybe into hispaniola as well the lesser antilles looking a little dry out at least until tuesday we'll see some rather wet but the pushing to the league it's. sponsored by countdown and. this is al jazeera. come on peter w. watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes guilty of directing a massacre in a congolese village and mass rape
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a former warlord is convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity. greece's new prime minister is sworn in with promises to end a decade of economic crisis. a call for an investigation into the philippine president's war on drugs which amnesty international has called a murdering enterprise and sport the tennis world and no one has been knocked out of well dan australia's ashley barty suffered an upset in the last 16 against alison read. a former warlord accused of leading a campaign of terror in a region of the democratic republic of congo has been found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity he's basco into gunda he was accused of directing mass rapes sexual slavery of children recruitment of child soldiers and mass murder
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during the conflict 16 years ago a panel of judges at the international criminal court of the hague delivered a guilty verdict on all 18 counts the charges were in connection with the killing of thousands of civilians in the region of a tour will be sentenced at a later date correspondent malcolm webb joins us live from nairobi welcome what's your reading of the verdict. the international criminal court of its reporters will consider this. a relative success they say given the court had several challenges in recent years. suspects being acquitted convictions being overturned or cases falling apart here in kenya when the vice president current president and vice president were indicted those cases eventually fell apart following allegations that many witnesses had disappeared or been silenced so now finally the i.c.c. once again manages to successfully convict someone for there you see this is.
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what's going to go on that does still have some supporters in the east of the democratic republic of congo and members of the u.p.c. party b. commanded the militia that was untouched for that political party members of that party said it's all fabricated it's all made up and they have blamed the wrong person but many more people in eastern congo have been victims of the several different atrocities committed by the several different armed groups that was going to go there has been a commander in between between around 9090 when we 1st got involved in armed groups up until 2016 when he finally surrendered it for a lot of them they'll see this as justice as well but one of the key criticisms of what's happened in this case and many other cases of the i.c.c. in congo and beyond is that they have managed to convict somebody but this is somebody who lies kind of in the middle of the power structure of what was actually
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going on in particularly in eastern congo the conflicts they don't start and end in eastern congo it's foreign governments from around the region powerful politicians in kinshasa and behind these rebel groups often armed by neighboring uganda rwanda who've been accused of meddling in eastern congo for years so it's only somebody who's in the middle of the power structure that's actually been helped to book this time once again and what we're talking about he was the architect of so much killing so much rape so much treatment of tens of thousands of people i mean tens of thousands of people sled the region because of what was going on but time. focused on different tribal groups as well. the conflict at that time definitely took on an ethnic dimension militia attached to the hammer ethnic group militia attacked. the lendu ethnic group both accused of massacring thousands of civilians belonging to the opposing side but what was in
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them. also results in a very large displacement not something that the judges talked about one of the crimes that he's been taken has been convicted of is deliberately displacing population civilian populations were definitely very much a target in that conflict but it's also widely considered to be somewhat of a proxy conflict between. rwanda and uganda who were time competing for control of it to re province and in particular the wealth of gold that was found in the foreground there which uganda was ultimately held by the world bank accountable for looting it during the conflict in the ninety's and the early 2000 in eastern congo so it wasn't simply to. fighting each other but rather. historic divisions between 2 ethnic groups being significantly escalated by powerful players who would bring in a lot of weapons into the region that alternately resulted in this very nasty
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horrible conflict in which civilians bore the brunt malcolm thank you very much for joining us on skype is phil clark phil clark is an assistant professor in comparative and international politics at the university of london he's also the author of distant justice the impact of the international criminal court on african politics still quite welcome to the news hour what's the bigger picture here and what will this verdict do the i.c.c. is perceived in the region. me. i think the significance of this chart ace is that it's gone much more smoothly than most of the prosecutions opic cases before the i.c.c. the quality of evidence in the n.z. gandhi types was much higher than we've seen from the court up until now but i think the reaction in places like you to reprogram see congo where i've been researching over the last 14 or 15 years will be very much along the lines of some
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of the questions that your correspondent was just rising why did the charges against him to the only real lights to these crimes committed any theory in 2002 in 2003 and haven't don't read any of the arguably much more serious crimes that ends in gondor are committed in the years thereafter when he was a much more senior in the congolese conflict and why has this case not dealt with any of the regional dimensions of this conflict are your correspondent mentioned but and then down to had been used by the rwandan the ugandan and even the congolese governments at different times and this case has not dealt with the complicity of any of the government actors are in the region sorry it's a significant types but it perhaps rises as many questions as it on says ok when it comes to the i.c.c. having teeth around the world not just in africa because there are clearly these these lingering questions of a white man's justice quotes across the continent regions of africa it doesn't
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appear to want to take a bite out of big potential legal targets some thinking about the united states ok the us has reacted very negatively to the talk of the i.c.c. naming and framing not framing as in doing something illegal but putting names in frames when it comes to what's happened in afghanistan israel perhaps as well would be another classic example that the i.c.c. should go off to for some reason apparently doesn't. this is one of the real sources of frustration particularly in parts of africa that the i.c.c. is supposed to be a global institution it's supposed to be able to go off to the most responsible perpetrators of mass crimes were without serial siva but what we've seen time and again is the court on the able and often unwilling to go after the most powerful actors around the world the the most embarrassing example of this recently was the
9:57 pm
i.c.c. judges that investigations could not go ahead in crimes allegedly committed in afghanistan because the u.s. has basically walked the i.c.c. work in afghanistan that was an admission on the part of the courts that whenever it tries to go off to the big powers internationally those powers will block the i.c.c. is investigations and in essence the court cannot go off to those kind of acts instead we're seeing the court only go after relatively small fish in less powerful pots of the world and i think that really hounds the legitimacy of the i.c.c. is that a truly international act or could it boost that legitimacy if if we go back for the next 60 seconds or so to this one specific individual in the arrest warrant for him was issued i think it was 20072008 nobody actually arrested him he handed himself over what 5 or 6 years later he literally walked into the relevant office and said here i am let's go through the process.
9:58 pm
it in fact that this is how i open my book at distant justice with the story of and he had been living at large for 5 years since the i.c.c. arrest warrant for him was issued he was during about his business by this stage or he was a colonel in the congolese army he had the full protection of a crooked an act of the us it was only one and done to fell out with some of his military allies and he felt that his life was threatened he in fact when it crossed the border ready into rwanda voluntarily handed himself to the us embassy and ostracise passage to the height he basically thought that the army whites who saved his life in fact was to surrender to international justice so i think what that shari's is that often these suspects can be indicted by the i.c.c. but if they a protected by governments if they're protected by other powerful actors the i.c.c. in fact khant arrest and transfer these individuals into an down the only ended up
9:59 pm
in the high bit because he he handed out himself even so it's a very unusual case in that respect but it does tell us something about the lack of power that the i.c.c. has in fact to force its own arrest warrants for the clock in london thank you very much turning our attention to europe greece officially today got a new prime minister he's a top because he was sworn in in the capital athens he's promising big tax cuts to attract investment and to create new jobs after his new democracy party won a clear majority in the snap elections on sunday the victory ends 4 and a half he is in power for alexis tsipras and his city as a coalition of the radical left the far right golden dawn was knocked out of the palm and live to athens my colleague john psaropoulos so he's making some pretty big promises can he keep them. the fact that he got just shy of 40 percent of the popular vote and
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a very comfortable governing majority of 158 seats in the 300 seat parliament suggests that he has the best chance a prime minister could have of keeping his promises and moving forward on the economy and on all the issues that he has stated very strong reformist positions on so we shall wait to see in the coming hours what the makeup of the cabinet will be that cabinet is meant to be sworn in on tuesday and will hold its 1st meeting on wednesday next week the work of legislation begins and will carry on through the some of the will be no summer break which is the custom for the greek parliamentary system we. have to know that the most important perhaps aspect of this election is that new democracy managed to rise up from the mid to high twenty's in its approval ratings about 3 years ago and claimed back.


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