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this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone i'm come out santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. escort service counts and. guilty of sexual slavery as a worker the former congo warlord boss going to go there is convicted by the international criminal court for directing the rape and murder of thousands of people also in the news the un's human rights chief says she is appalled by the conditions at u.s. detention centers along the mexico border one step closer to peace in afghanistan as taliban and afghan leaders promise to reduce civilian casualties. punishing
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americans is never the right way to produce a better environment or a better economy and donald trump tops his record on the environment whilst again slamming the paris climate accord. a former conga laser warlord nicknamed the terminator has been found guilty of atrocities including murder rape and conscripting child soldiers basco into combat convicted by the international criminal court on 18 charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity all relating to the ethnic conflict in democratic republic of congo and he 17 years ago we began with this report from malcolm when we. go into gun has been in armed groups since 1998 when he was 17 years old.
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prosecutors the international criminal court accused him of committing atrocities during conflict in the democratic republic of congo in 20022003 he's been found guilty of all 18 counts who was crimes and crimes against humanity with which he was charged escorts and scum. guilty of murder a scrying against humanity as. to guilty of murder as a war crime and finally a scum count 18 killed the or destroying the. as a war crime is that a gun you may sit down the charges included murder rape conscripting child soldiers and sexual in slave and during conflict in congo's it turi province judges detail the massacre of at least 49 people in
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a banana field behind a village and the children who had been this him belled all had their heads crushed on to ganders orders. thousands of civilians were killed by militia connected to the hammer and lendu ethnic groups but the armed groups are widely seen to be partners or proxies of the governments of congo uganda and rwanda i don't think that he's basically the biggest case to be. and that has been a criticism and that has been levied against b. and c. accepting you know what it's supposed to try those bearing the greatest responsibility. you took 17 years when crimes were committed for the i.c.c. to eventually convict and to go. and violence in it to reprograms hasn't stopped dozens of being killed and thousands of fled to neighboring uganda following fighting in the last few weeks but other rights activists say the i.c.c. successful conviction is
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a step forward and that some justice is better than no justice in the region where people responsible for atrocities are rarely held to account malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya elise keppler joining us now associate director of the international justice program it's human rights watch nice to see you at least the way this can turn very slowly i mean this is 17 years ago but i guess the good news for all the people in d c now is that it does actually amount to something eventually today is bird it isn't in court in the moment for the victims and. the region who suffered and. it brings a measure of justice and. there were perpetrators rat we need to find. that and is it good also for the international criminal court i was speaking to a guest earlier who actually used to work at the court and i pointed out that
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they've been 34 indictments over the years and up until now only 2 actual convictions. the international criminal court has faced stiff challenge is one issue of course is that it doesn't have its own police force we saw that. loud near us once near the court he eventually ended up where the international criminal court we've also seen that and he says that the i.c.c. must be there being then ultimately found to determine to be an acquittal or have not made it to trial because there was enough evidence human rights watch is encourage the international criminal court to prove its record over time and also to increase its pieces on congo as you mentioned earlier in your report that unity is widespread in the us and yes so i'm really sorry i'm going to have to interrupt you we've got some breaking news to deal with out of hong kong but thank you so
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much for your time carrying the chief executive of hong kong it is said that the controversial extradition bill is dead but let's have a listen to what she said set to see these violent acts because they undermine the rule of law in hong kong so i make a very soon see a plea here that in future if anyone in hong kong have any different views especially those about hong kong government's policies police continue to uphold the value of expressing it in a peaceful and orderly manner. on the 18th of june and i have a attended my most sincere apology for the disturbances and tensions and confrontations caused by a work in amending the fugitive of endless ordinance since 10 in the past few weeks i met a lot of people and listened should have use i just want to give
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a brief account off alone now. now 1st of all the cause of all these. grievances and confrontations is an exercise to amend the future to full fenders ordinance i have always immediately put a stop to so the amendment exercise but there are still lingering doubts about the government's sincerity where it is whether the government will restart the process in the legislative council so i reiterate here there is no such plan the bill is stepped up. as regards to the months myself the secretary for justice secretary for secret c. and the chief secretary for ministration have responded on different locations in
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brief we have not given a label to what took place on the 12th of march what devon label given by whoever is not going to have any impact on the outs and may prosecution division decision because prosecutions in hong kong undertaken independently by the department of justice in accordance with the evidence the law and also the prosecution coat secondly any demand that we should grant an amnesty at this stage in other words we will not follow up on investigations and prosecutions of offenders is not a sop to bill because that bluntly goes against a rule of law in hong kong and also deviate from the very important principle laid down in the basic law that no one should interfere with the department of justice prosecutorial decisions. as regards to setting up of an independent commission
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on fiery. we have all noticed that on friday last week the statutory and independent police complaints council has already unanimously decided that they will conduct a fact finding study on events that have taken place during the period night of june to the 2nd of july with a view and so find out the facts and sawed off provide the the true situation so members of public they are. appealing for members of public the policeman and a journalist to provide information so it is fact finding study and i'm very grateful that i.p.c.c. has taken on my views a wishes that they will try to finish this independent study report when the in 6 months some meet the report with recommend ations to myself and make the report open so that everyone will know what has happened during that period. i fully
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understand that the responses of the government may not have fully mad the wishes of the people especially the protesters who have gone on the streets several times to express their views i just want to reiterate that this is not this is nothing to do with my own pride or arrogance this is the government's food deliberations of the various concerns and factors and comes to the conclusion that the response to this was practical mashes for us to move ahead. so all my sincere key is please give us an opportunity the time the room for us to take hong kong out of the current impasse and try to. improve the current situation the government has the most important duty to improve
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the situation so on the 1st of july i announced in my speech that we were adopt a new governance style in order to ensure that we are able and capable of listening to views from different sectors before we implemented policies so i want to make some concrete follow ups of those suggestions one is we will listen more extensively to people from different backgrounds with different ideas so that we have a better graps of public opinion this well will be carried out not only by myself it's also to be carried out by my political team including the principal officials did under-secretaries to political assistance and also by my senior civil servants whom i have met over the last few weeks and they are all very willing to help by displaying that same sincerity and to consult and listen. as for the role of the
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executive council in this particular aspect i will and harms the role of a state of council that is members of the non-official members of the exert of council so that they also shoulda imports and responsibility in gauging public opium years and reflecting those opium is to me. the 2nd concrete mash it is we will reform the existing console tate of machinery which basically comprises a large numbers of console tate of advisory committees with members appointed by the government into these committees to will offer us advice i feel that we need to be more innovative in other words sometimes we may not need a formal committee we should build more open platforms to facilitate dialogues in a very frank and exchange manna and so make sure that wherever joins to committees all of these styles come from different backgrounds so they are not homogeneous of
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one proof they should come from a more diverse background so that we can really receive views from a wider spectrum of society one of the important committees that will undergo i would say a major overhaul will be the you for development commission. because this commission was set up to coordinate initiatives relating to young people and so address young people's concert so i hope that the whiting see will undergo a major change over to a more open dialogue and platforms to listen to all views from young people of various backgrounds the 1st concrete initiative is when i say that in rolling out policies the government should have more thorough deliberations we should not be guided just by executive efficiency or an end date for achieving a particular target so i have invited all my principal fish rose to revisit and
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reexamine some of a controversial policy initiatives under their respective jurisdiction and consider whether we should re re dual paul and hans the consultation and discussions with the people so to at the end of the day we could have an initiative which has more prop based support and in doing so i hope we could restore some of the trust of the government amongst our people. and finally i said that on the 1st of july that i would reach out to more young people of different backgrounds to hear them out and that's why last week. i contacted the presidents of 2 universities the home call university of science technology and the chinese university of hong kong to seek their help in
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a ranging smaller sessions closed all sessions so that we can listen without any sort of constraints i realize that this idea. is not welcomed by student unions they instead contact propose that we should have an open dialogue i now readily welcome and agreed school do this open dialogue with our own student representatives and we will follow up i hope this open dialogue will be conducted without any prerequisites on my part on the part of the students to conclude i want to a sadist really from the bottom of my hot 5 years ago i was so one of the principal for shows involving occupy central now 5 years later as a chief executive i was overseeing this fugitive offenders ordinance amendment.
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both exercise have caused a lot of grievances on have to news and tensions in society i believe they reflect not only one incident but some fundamental and deep seated problems in hong kong 5 years ago we we finished occupy central we moved on without addressing those fundamental problems but this time i don't think we could continue so ignore those fundamental and deep seated problems in hong kong society. i hope together with hong kong community we could really go deep into those fundamental issues and try to find solutions so in recent days so for all university of preston's religious leaders and. social and community leaders have spoken to me on their idea of creating an open constructive interactive platform for
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dialogue with people from different backgrounds especially with young people who have a view to jointly understand and identified those deep seated issues with the whole view that they could identify also some solutions for us to move forward i certainly welcome this idea which i hope will not only sort of provide some relief to the current tense situation in hong kong but also help to mend the rift in society so i support this piece of work and hope that it could be started as soon as possible but since the the proponents told me that they preferred this dialogue to be created through all community efforts the government will not go into a sort of direct how does dialogue should be as stablish but whenever i and my officials i needed to take part in a dialogue we are very happy to do so. why the dialogue is being asked now wish me
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well the whole call as the our government and myself will continue to address the social economic and life problems in hong kong with a view to resolving some of the current difficulties budget i got was a complete climb down then from kerry lam the hong kong chief executive who has just announced in the past few moments that the controversial extradition bill which led to all the protests we have seen in hong kong in the past month or so it is dead now and she conceded that the government's work on the bill had been a total failure and she has asked and these were her words give us a chance to move hong kong out of this impasse we will listen to more people from different backgrounds we will reform the consultative committees she even said i'm now readily welcome and open dialogue with student representatives so
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a lot of concessions from kerry lamb except the one thing that a lot of the protesters did want and that was her resignation she has not offered that but as i say she's in a very conciliatory mode and saying that there will be talks with student representatives carry them says we cannot ignore the fundamental issues in divisions in hong kong society the headline however is that the extradition bill days are her words that deal is dead and the government's work on the bill has been a total failure live coverage out of hong kong all of that speech from kerry lamb the hong kong chief executive more on that later on al-jazeera. let's look at some other news the un's human rights chief says she is appalled by the conditions that migrants and refugees are finding themselves in in u.s. detention facilities near the southern border michelle bachelet said children stopped by border agents should never be held in detention facilities or separated
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from their families rights groups have complained that many children have no access to showers they were being detained long past a maximum of 72 hours and 5 children have died in border patrol custody since december she has made it very clear that several un human rights bodies have found that the detention of migrant children may constitute cruel inhuman or degrading treatment that's prohibited by international law and she also made it clear that any deprivation of liberty of adult migrants and refugees should be a measure of last resort karen bring greenberg is with us now director at the center on national security at the fordham university school of law. karen it's it's fairly obvious what michelle passionate is saying we've seen the pictures we've heard all the reports but the fact that it is coming from someone as high up as her can that make a difference. it can make a huge difference you know head yet to be. authoritative place that have
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condemned the border to tension centers in a way that has alerted both you know and for opinion and there needs to be some coherent sentence spot let me just say something else about her opinion remember she is also a doctor and she's a pediatrician and so her words about the treatment of the children if meticulously i take on a particular significance it's not just some kind of reactive mode she knows what she's talking about and cool inhuman and degrading treatment where children are deprived of senator kerry collisions of baird's of food have led to outbreaks of chicken pox and other diseases so it's not as you said it's not a leap to say that this is pool in human and race what's interesting with this though is that as a say the pictures of it when we've seen it all and yet there doesn't seem to be any sort of backed down from the u.s.
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government you know when things have come out in the past and this is not a direct comparison but i i think about hurricane katrina in the terrible conditions we saw then it was it was this shame or my stone the u.s. this time people are pointing it out but there's a say there's no back down. no actually it's very interesting that the government continues to say number one that the conditions aren't as bad as the pictures show you that they keep saying no we're we're actually taking care of it there have been one or 2 officials who have said we're doing our best and it's not good enough and remember that the elite the new york times report that came out a day or so about the conditions that doctors and lawyers had uncovered that it was detention guards and detentions data that were coming to them in tears saying look no one will listen to us we're trying to we've been trying to complain up the chain of command the response in washington is they basically your laws were right this
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is the way we're going to do it and you're right it's it's very hard to accept about the issue of child separation as well because that goes back a good many months that's not a new thing is what we knew all about the separations children going as far north as new york in some cases. as as bad. as that got many better people children being reunited are they still being separated there are so what let me preface this by saying that one of the most frustrating parts of trying to report on our analyze or make statements about this is the degree to which the numbers are reported as approximately or between $14000.00 so you know if there was you know responsible we're closet tory of data and figures having said that you are right it's been well over a year that the family separation policy has been going on there have been attempts that we've read about and heard about and that have been reported by the government to to reunite families but there are still many many families who cannot locate
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their children remember that some parents were deported whether children stayed here so finding the information putting the families together has been one of those lists has in many many instances important stories for us to keep talking about as an attorney greenberg joining us from new york thank you thank you for having. on the other side of the bottom mexico has deployed thousands of security personnel as part of a new national guard they are supposed to be tightening the borders and fighting crime in the most violent areas the force is controversial because of its militarized nature so mexico's government has promised it will get special training in human rights says john holman reports now from. that is simply not happening. let's close new police force the national guard that looks militarized that's because it is made up mainly of soldiers and marines and commanded by general the
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government hopes it will tackle mits because recall boylan's many are worried that in doing that it could trample over civilians rights look toward. those worries were at least calm down april 9th when the government made a deal with the united nations that the u.n. would help give human rights training to the new force would be seen as a big moment is this room outdoor more important than this is a really important x. i could say historical in acquitted look you feed ma'am him with the agreement shows our shared interest in a paradigm shift which puts human rights at the center of public security forces actions. the united nations sources have told out 0 that 3 months on from that deal not one member of the national guard has got that training despite they say u.n. efforts to get the program kick started the fire meanwhile the government's already
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sent thousands of new national guardsman to deal with a particularly vulnerable population central american migrants heading through mexico. we talked to a dozen guards at checkpoints and patrolling the suit the river which marks the border with guatemala all of them said they had been given some internal human rights training but they know they'll need to learn more on the job. they told us how to treat the c.b. population now we have to respect everyone's human rights but it's a very short time for a train where here with our eyes closed and we're just opening now we'll have to see what happens. in a written statement 12 to 0 the minutes come for a ministry said the government's been working on how to update the national guard members existing human rights training and on how to implement the un agreement but to some human rights 6 but it's coming late months after the u.n. agreement and with tens of thousands of the national guard already on the job they
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point which should you dish to killings and force disappearances by the armed forces in the past the national guard currently is comprised basically of armed forces so the military is not prepared to do police work they are prepared to fight an enemy and if they are not very trained completely they might trade. enemies and they might pretty has had a gross violations of human rights. but it's not just the un training that this force is missing the rolling out the national guard has definitely been a bit odd hawk most of those we've seen here don't even have their new uniforms they still wearing their armed forces gear and some of the country's federal police officers who were due to be drafted into the new force instead went on strike against what they worried would be cuts to their salary and benefits. and every corner that's cut is only going to bring more questions about the government's great hope to tame miscues security problems john home and al-jazeera.
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we'll have more on the breaking news out of hong kong in just a moment and then a once prosperous part of the occupied west bank that now resembles more of a ghost town thank you there. at the cricket world cup india getting a 4th appearance in the final. hello again welcome back we're here across china we have been talking about the exceptional flooding that has been going on and it is going to continue we're really going to be looking here across central and southern areas over the next few days for our next round of weather you can see here in greenland very heavy rain is expected to fall in that area also over towards the east that is going to be
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a big problem as we go towards wednesday the rain does begin to shift we are looking to the south and also here along the coastal areas of the southeast hong kong it is going to be a rainy day for you as well as fuzhou go to the north though we're going to be seeing plenty of sun a hot tub to there of 30 degrees as a back way down here towards the south parts of indonesia looking quite nice but over here a little bit more towards the west into parts of sumatra we do expect to see more heavy rain as we go towards tuesday as well as into wednesday singapore expect to see rain in your forecast with attempted there of 30 on tuesday and as we go towards when say things begin to improve but it's still going to be quite cloudy across much of the area temperatures into parts of the so much are hitting about 34 degrees there and then very quickly across india we are going to be focusing here across much of northern and north eastern india for heavy rain we could have sex to see anywhere between $300.00 and possibly even $400.00 millimeters of rain over the next few days but for new delhi it is going to be a hot day with a temperature of $34.00. the weather sponsored by countdown.
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from cutting edge medical technology. could be a foster resource development problem lifesaving drugs to advances in the most difficult regions of the world. something to thank you for. you. every hour innovative solutions to global health problems that you hope to do make a difference and maybe all of those words get it sure of the soul of the cure on al-jazeera. recruited to win the war exploited to on the battlefield the colonial regime faced a different value and half invited you to the new. it appears then abandoned for a lifetime we should be ashamed for producing for for our country on the big over to the people in power investigates the plight of imperial britons african troops begin the forgotten heroes of empire on al-jazeera.
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this is the news from al-jazeera and these are the top stories breaking news in fact hong kong's leader has said that the controversial extra push extradition bill is dead to carry on the chief executive says the bill which would have allowed extraditions to mainland china for the 1st time will be entirely withdrawn of course hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting against the unpopular proposal. for mcconnell the smaller boats going to gander has been found guilty of 18 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the international criminal court the charges relate to ethnic conflict in democratic republic of congo nearly
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17 years ago. and the un's human rights chief says she is appalled by the conditions migrants and refugees faced in u.s. detention facilities near the southern border michelle bachelet says children should never be held in detention facilities or separated from their families. and update on iran now france sending its top diplomatic adviser to iran on tuesday to try to deescalate tension between tehran and washington that is after iran announced it has breached the limit on iranian enrichment it was agreed on the 2015 year trade deal a diplomatic etta james space with this report from washington. just hours after iran and now. it was increasing the level of its uranium enrichment beyond that stipulated in the 2050 nuclear deal the us vice president gave washington's response iran should not confuse american restraint with the lack of american resolve. we will be the 1st with the united states of america and our military
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are prepared to protect our interests and protect our personnel and our citizens in the region the iranians are unlikely to be cowed by that in fact the main audience for their announcement that they will now enrich uranium up to the level of 5 percent was probably european nations the e.u. is still supportive of the nuclear deal and has been devising something called in stakes a work around mechanism that would allow iran to trade and to sell its oil to e.u. and other nations without them incurring u.s. sanctions it's trying to kick the europeans in their posterity or if i can put it that way europe has been very slow to find a way to continue to trade with iran that would not violate u.s. sanctions that somehow get around us sanctions the tense standoff between the u.s. and iran shows no sign of easing the situation is likely to be high on the agenda
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one of the important regional player comes to the white house. the emyr of character time in been how middle farmy at the pentagon he leads a nation that hosts an airbase where thousands of u.s. troops are stationed but at the same time his country maintains choreo relations with tehran james al-jazeera washington. says the seizure of an iranian oil tanker injured or was not a specific action against terror on the foreign office says the tank is being held because it was carrying oil believed to be destined for syria that would breach sanctions that have been in place since 2013. iran's foreign minister. denying the tanker was bound for syria and is demanding its immediate release. now talks between the taliban and afghan leaders have ended with a promise to reduce civilian casualties in afghanistan to 0 and today event is expected to lead to more formal binding discussions with the afghan government
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charlotte bellus reports. 17 taliban members and more than 60 people from the afghan government opposition groups of society leaders coming out with a joint communique of 1st time that people from the government and taliban have been in the same room and they see that civilians that civilian casualties should be brought to 0 that both groups the afghan government and the taliban should protect civilian institutions we're talking schools hospitals mosques majoris is even dams they say that prisoners who are ill or old should be released and also that women's rights and minority rights should be protected by both groups now this is not legally binding but it does show that afghans from these various groups are on the same page we talked to the taliban spokesperson here's what he said it in very happy. ones together from all walks of life. and
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just in 2 days we had this joint statement i think it's said to be sexist and it is a good news for runs and good news that we are as a nation it will. result in this long lasting issue the delegates from the screw told me that they got to the point where they were able to put forth a unified statement because they talked about what they had in common and a lot of that came down to suffering when my friend. was mistakenly hit by soldiers. 5 who might be it was decided that they will see any 2 sons on that i was in the school and yes the. one that. and also young boys of 77 and 8 years old got them back to the car to see if i could was what i. thought they were what are some. quite emotional for
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both sides the taliban and also people from the afghan delegation as they talked about their suffering but also their hopes for afghanistan going forward now they also say that they want to make this actionable and legally binding yes they were promises but they want the afghan government involved this hope that going forward this was a good 1st step a positive optimistic 1st step to take it to the next level where this is legally binding and both groups the afghan government and the taliban are in the same room yemen's hurt the rebels so they have launched more drone attacks inside saudi arabia. airport in the region was the target not far from the border with yemen the saudi a morality coalition confirmed it intercepted german attacks targeting civilian areas in the kingdom humans who does have launched repeated air strikes on saudi arabia which is not a coalition against the group for almost 4 years now palestinians say they are
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being imprisoned in their own neighborhoods by the expanding separation wall built by israel international court of justice ruled the wall are legal 15 years ago the construction of which began in 2002 said it was to provide better security the wall now stretches more than 700 kilometers in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of palestinians rights groups say it's allowed israelis to cont to confiscate palestinian land so they can build more illegal settlements palestinians say the wall is a symbol of the israeli occupation and demanding freedom of movement is ready wall divides many communities that includes the palestinian town of beer in the occupied west bank need it britain has been there seeing how it affects them. the town of the northeast of jerusalem has been living in the shadow for 15 years. its economy was booming in the 1990 s. when the town in jerusalem to many cities in the occupied west bank. it looks more
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like a ghost town now. since the israeli government ordered the building of the separation 12002 the wall has blocked the town's main road limiting access to people and products hundreds of shops have closed their doors and thousands of people have left. carpenter is one of the few who decided to keep his business open but it's very different to when he entered the workshop in the year 2009. no the only carpenters there are him and his partner like the town's economy their business has been cut back. this is one of the most vivid areas. were a few meters away from an israeli industrial area this area was bustling with businesses and people going back and forth now we rely on a few customers the contrast between the 2 sides of the wall can be seen vividly here and also heard on the israeli side there is the loud noise of construction
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works on the palestinian side that sides. as palestinians are being pushed out on their side of the wall because of land confiscation more israelis are taking advantage such as. in the north of the occupied west bank. and his really military order confiscated palestinian lands there for building the wall israelis build a stable on it. palestinian fears have increased since israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced plans to annex parts of the west bank. the main goal in the israeli agenda is to grab more bans push more people out especially those living in east jerusalem the wall helps israel build more settlements extending existing ones and consolidate them in the palestinian territory around 65 percent of the israeli separation wall is complete their rest is under construction and when it's finished is expected to take up to 10 percent of all land in the occupied west bank many palestinians say the main purpose of israel's policy is to make life so i'm
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bearable they have no option but to leave me deborah him as the occupied west bank . united nations is concerned about the growing number of children being killed in rebel held areas of syria over just the past 3 months up to 100 children of lost their lives in the provinces of hama and if they are the syrian government backed by russia's been waging an air campaign to win back those lost opposition held territories. it seems planes never leave the skies over rebel held northwest syria. a war. was. airstrikes have been relentless oh by the way it's day 70 of the russian backed syrian government offensive the southern countryside of atla province and the northern countryside of hama province are battlegrounds. the bombardment has been intense and indiscriminate human rights
5:42 am
groups say why the areas in populated neighborhoods have been attacked nowhere is safe. civilians are dying am rights groups say more than 500 have been killed more than 100 of them children. since the beginning of this year as you need to say i have very bright all the 40 children being killed even over the last 24 hours children have been given these are only the cases we have been a very by the actual number of children killed is likely to be high in the united nations has repeatedly called on russia and turkey who sponsored a cease fire last year to revive the truce which collapsed at the end of april. president vladimir putin and russia tie a border guard spoke on friday and plan to hold
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a summit in august that will also involve iran apart from that there is no sign they are close to a deal that would deescalate tensions it live has become a bargaining card even between the countries that are supposed to be working together in syria. instead their local allies are engaged in a proxy war but rebels backed by turkey are resisting because of the advance this has given their political leverage rescue workers find themselves digging through the rubble of flattened buildings every day if not every few hours. the muslim of. the campaign is being described as the most destructive against province since the opposition to control in 2015 war monitors have recorded 46000 airstrikes and ground assaults. parents are burying their children some of them more than one like this father who lost his 2nd son in the bombardment and many here say this
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is all happening as the international community looks away senator beirut. greece's new prime minister. has been sworn in in athens. summer break and it's called a perm parliament session for next week among his priorities tax cuts trying to renegotiate greece's debt and tackling crime. u.s. president obama trumpets talked up what he calls his environmental leadership in a speech at the white house says the environment is a top priority for his administration even as it rolls back environmental protections alan fischer with this report from washington. on a day an unusually strong summer storm blew through washington donald trump talked about his stewardship of the environment my administration has made it a top priority to ensure that america is among the very clean as air and cleanest water on the planet before he became president he refused to accept overwhelming
5:45 am
scientific evidence about climate change a hoax he called it created by the chinese to harm the u.s. economy once elected one of the 1st things he did on the environment withdraw the u.s. from the 2016 paris climate agreement an international initiative to limit global temperature rises he says the us the world's 2nd biggest polluter is doing a remarkable job all on its own every single one of the signatories to the paris climate accord lags behind america in overall emissions reductions even as he started revoking environmental protection laws he insisted he couldn't get in the way of a strong economy but data from his own environmental protection agency shows the number of bad air days jumped 20 percent in 2017 the 1st year of terms presidency report by the state of global air that's backed by several u.s. universities ranks the u.s. is the best in the world in terms of particle pollution something linked to tens of
5:46 am
thousands of premature deaths each year and under trump's presidency more than 80 environmental rules and regulations have been repealed with drawn or weakened most of them into reducing pollution and emissions this speech this event didn't lay out any new plans or proposals by donald trump for the environment which is surprising given that climate is likely to be one of the hot topics in the next presidential election. some environmental watchdogs see donald trump's actions and actually increasing greenhouse gas emissions and damaging the environment but you really clear from this president he doesn't understand the impact of fossil fuels on our climate or doesn't care frankly and doesn't understand that the energy future is a clean energy future several u.s. government agencies have warned the long term impact is a threat to u.s. strategic interests. for example 3 of the 5 most expensive hard to keane's have hit
5:47 am
the u.s. in the past 2 years a cost of billions of dollars to the u.s. economy and the pattern likely to be repeated especially as a new report suggests a majority of americans now believe that climate change is affecting their local area and the 3rd seeds affecting them passionately alan fischer al-jazeera the white house. mothers have been marching in tel aviv foster an israeli ethiopian teenager was killed by an off duty policeman last sunday solomon taiko was shot in the head in the city of haifa the officer who pulled the trigger hasn't been charged but remains under house arrest and smith has more. on the surface of the protests are picked up again these are being led by mothers have been holding banners saying mom please don't let. the next war of words your son was not wish you were the police to change the facts in this behavior when it
5:48 am
comes to the jewish community now the police officer who shot solomon ticket in maine is under house arrest actually being kept in a hotel with his own protection is still being questioned the police say that so far no charges have been laid protesters promising to keep protesting until they see some results from the from the. u.k. government regulators say british airways should pay a fine of $230000000.00 for a massive data breach. that would be. under new rules. about. a year ago during which. a fake website. pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges in a new york court. in florida and new york between. 5.
5:49 am
and the.
5:50 am
time for your sports news with andy thank you very much corey golf's incredible run at wimbledon has come to an end the 15 year old was beaten by a former world number one simona halep the youngest player ever to qualify for
5:51 am
women than losing in straight sets against howard in the last 16 but it's been a great 4 night for coffee beat venus williams remember in her opening match show collect c. 120000 dollars in prize money to get into the fall for. a fighter and never give up and i hope they learned from me that i mean anything is possible if you work hard and just continue during the day i mean like i said if somebody told me this maybe 3 weeks ago i probably wouldn't believe it. it was an upset for world number one ashley barty she was not south by the unseeded hours and risk the american and from a set down to reach her 1st grand slam final. an upset suit for 3rd seed carroll in a place give against fellow check carolina mark of the match lasted more than 3 hours and finished $1311.00 in the deciding so it's. 7 time champion serena williams safely through to the quarter finals the 11th seed beating carla suarez
5:52 am
navarro in straight sets dropping just 4 games. nowra fair on the bell made a swift appearance on sense of court he dropped just 6 games in a one sided victory over to our sorrows but the 2 time champion pretty unimpressed with suggestions afterwards that ashley barty's match should have been played on wimbledon's main course instead of his i do think it was an argument that got you going should have been on center court or mobile but we can't predict if you did or not. she's the world number one and the one number 2 and there were no dinner as lambs. defending champion never joke of it she also had an easy ride into the quarter finals the world number one beating you go on vera france in 3 sets jockey which will take on belgium started the fire in the last 8. and roger federer reached his 17th wimbledon quarter final with one of the easiest
5:53 am
matches he's ever gone through the championships is i win over massive bertin lasted just over an hour and 40 minutes he dropped only 5. choosier of reach the quarter finals at the africa cup of nations after beating ghana on penalties chin is you're almost won it in normal time a last minute own goal for the extra period but they still went on to win $54.00 in the shootout next up for them it's madagascar are 3 coastal one a win against mali hugh missed several good chances in this match will freeze are the only goal of the game 40 minutes from simon they'll now play algeria in the last states. perrie son john said i'll be taking appropriate action against star struck in neymar after he failed to report for pre-season training on monday the brazilian who has said he wants to return to form a club barcelona just missed the copper america through injury yes she bought neymar for a world record $349000000.00 a couple of years ago. julian our fleet is the new leader of that sort of france
5:54 am
the frenchman from the quickstep same one the grueling 215 kilometer 3rd stage. it's the 3rd stage one of his career our fleet holds a 22nd advantage of a belgian rider what van arts in the general classification now india and new zealand are preparing for the 1st cricket world cup semi final it's at old trafford in manchester india finished top of the group table with only one defeat in their 9 matches caps in very cold he believes his side now have the edge with that sort of minutes in its knockout stage we mean the more with gary is a lot of pressure and expectation wherever we play and we're going to use to that over the years to be honest so we're better off i think we're better equipped to react to in these situations because we know word these go to games in our fanbase in the expectations brings on new zealand with a base in finalists 4 years ago they've never won the world title to group match between these 2 sides well that was rained off and they are very successful side
5:55 am
and very popular side with a large population and a lot of cameras. which is which is great they bring so much to the sport that with fortunate to be a part of. it is a cricket match. simplify things and as a team and and it does come to the cricket that we want to play. kenya is hosting the forefront of the african rally championship organizers are hoping the success of this events well results in the world's leading rally series returning to the country next year catherine so reports. when president who king out of flood off the sea a safari rally in the copy told it was not just about the competitors and the race . this event to determine whether kenya will return to the world championship next year it was removed from the international serious nearly 20 years ago because of logistical financial technical and safety reasons reilly drive is being back on the
5:56 am
international stage is hugely significant the t.v. coverage for w.r.c. is huge so hopefully tourism industry all aspects of the country and of the continent i think it'll just put us back in the limelight. kenya was really down for its tough raising and challenging terrain but the competition and opened roads proved too dangerous. to live in place if you know. following all the new regulations will we are completely compliant. those who grew up watching the wall series of the safire rally in kenya are excited that it could come back in 2020 w.r.c. observers are mourning turning how safe the route is how organized and how committed they organizers and the government the fans here say they just want to drink. craik you mathy had a decent finish he's
5:57 am
a youngest competitor he says racing internationally will be a big boost for many african drivers at this moment in time we have a world championship which doesn't incorporate the african continent. good drivers in africa they don't have an opportunity to. actually focus will be able to do. kenya sporting officials are confident they've done everything right to ensure the country once again hosts the world safari rally and that it will leave up to its past reputation as a destination of one of the most thrilling international rally series a decision will be made in october catherine. kenya. ok but as always for for now more lights are they ready and that is your news hour thank you for joining us to reign over gaiters along in just 2 minutes time with the latest news right here on i'll just.
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the term pre-crime comes from this movie minority report in which a prediction is to be made about something an individual has not yet done but is going through and a preemptive arrest is made of someone before they perform the act if you would have asked me 37 years ago if we would have gunshot detection or video cameras in neighborhoods or be able to predict what crimes occur i would have said you're crazy pre-crime coming soon on al-jazeera. earth would you problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to manage under $1000.00 refugees don't have the right to more freely on the other boards can move freely as far and as much as they want it's a multinational colonialism this is a very i'm not and over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera.
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jews you know. where every. one of the last remaining ancient forests in southeast asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumberjacks and drivers. we follow their treacherous journey as they walk through extreme conditions. to gather and transport this dangerous but precious cargo risking it all.
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on al-jazeera. so i reiterate here. there is no such plan the bill is that. hong kong's leader admits a controversial extradition bill has been a total failure after weeks of mass protests. watching al-jazeera lie for headquarters. also ahead one step closer to peace and i've got to stop.


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