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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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on al-jazeera all they want to do is try to depict this intelligence stream. really a great honor to work with my friend. a strengthening of ties between the u.s. and carter as the country's leaders hold talks of the white house sign agreements worth billions. family say than this is al jazeera live from coming up outrage in beijing is the u.s. approves the $2000000000.00 weapons deal to taiwan. after 4 years of fighting reports
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the u.a.e. is withdrawing some forces from yemen. calls the british ambassador to washington a pompous fall off to the u.k. envoy says trump's white house is dysfunctional. the emir of qatar is meeting the u.s. president at the white house chef i mean been hammered and fanny and donald trump oversaw the signing of commercial and military agreements are also discussing regional security and economic ties the u.s. had deployed extra troops and weapons to the gulf citing what it calls threats from iran the president and the emir also discussed several business ventures between the 2 countries. great honor to be with the amir of qatar a highly respected man a real leader in a large part of the world in a very important part of the world and we've known each other for
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a long time we've been friends for a long time and we're doing a lot of work now and they're investing very heavily in our country they're creating a lot of jobs they're buying tremendous amounts of military equipment including planes and they're buying commercial planes as you know very large numbers of commercial planes from boeing and we very much appreciate it we're going to be signing a document today a very large train jet transaction you're going to be invited to the signing it's a transaction that will be purchasing a lot of boeing jets and a lot of money spent in our country and that means a lot of jobs so we just appreciate everything we have a great operation military operation right now in qatar they built one of the great military bases i would say anywhere in the world and it's just been expanded with runways and everything else it's been really a great honor to work with my friend thank you very much for being here thank you.
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mr president i'm very happy and honored to be here and thank you very much for your hospitality as you mentioned we enjoy a very great relationship between qatar and when i say to america we're doing a lot together as you mentioned the president we're signing a few documents today and we are kind of a partnership has been more than 185000000000 and we're planning to double the number we have a lot of investments in the u.s. economy here we do a lot in the infrastructure and we're planning to do more investments yes we host i did great and we're working very closely together you're invited to come and see your qatar and also to visit the base at any time sir president and i really enjoyed the personal friendship with you. diplomatic james bays is live for us from the white house james so let's take the 1st issue that came up there they both talked about that's investment in the u.s. economy
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a very important theme no doubt for dogs as he gets closer to the election time important thing for governor as well in the midst of this standoff in the region. yes this is a president president trump who views all relationships with other countries based on a profit and loss sheet and that is why he's looking so favorably on cats are making these investments in the united states we have the emir of qatar say the current trading relationship was worth $185000000000.00 and would double in the next decade these are deals that are signed today and we don't know the exact value of them gets quite complex with different steels because they're part of ongoing deals adding on to deals that already exist so working out exactly what today's deal is worth because of all sorts of complicated terms and conditions of these deals but they're with big aviation and defense companies in the united states and
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i think that is showing president trump. is a company is a country that brings benefit to the united states as you say this comes at a time when there are still the blockade of cattle by many of its neighbors what a difference 2 years makes because 2 years ago when the blockade started it seemed as though there were figures in the white house like jared krishna the president's son in law who supported that blockade or at least green lighted that blockade and even president trump was very critical of cattle at the time very different words and now. another issue that came up was the military base the u.s. military base tell us a little bit about that that strategic importance and. how it's read in terms of where the u.s. stands in regional rivalries between gulf arab countries. and of course the situation with iran the military bases that the u.s.
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has in the middle east they are there to protect the project the u.s. is power and its might and so they become an important part of the calculation of any dispute with iran as you say sami it's interesting to know whether the u.s. does have forces based in the middle east because the main airbase is. the main naval base is in bahrain it may be a junior partner but it's one of the nations that is blockading cata and i think that's why you're seeing the u.s. me approach this relationship in a different way there are different people around the president now 2 years ago rex tillerson was the secretary of state he was sympathetic to katter but he really had no power when it came to the administration the new secretary of state might prompt relatively new and john bolton the national security adviser i think of focusing
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very much on iran and they believe in order to focus on iraq they need the gulf countries united and that may explain some of what we're seeing here now it's worth also mentioning has relatively good relations with tehran cordial relations while hosting that airbase so it plays a pretty pivotal role of the us wanted a country to work as a mediator as an emissary cats are along with kuwait in oman are the ones you look to all right divide again i think that was james base outside the white house. e.u. countries that signed the 2015 iran nuclear deal of call for a meeting after to iran's decision to exceed on its q re in the enrichment in the joint statement they say the foreign ministers of france germany and the united kingdom and the e.u. high representative expressed deep concern that iran is pursuing activities inconsistent with its commitments under the joint comprehensive plan of action the
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statement says iran must act accordingly by reversing these activities and returning to for j c p a way of compliance without delay china is demanding the u.s. counselor $2200000000.00 weapons deal with taiwan hundreds of anti aircraft missiles in the fleet of a brand tanks would be solved to taipei under the deal beijing insists it's a gross violation of the one china policy that's meant to maintain control over all of what china considers its territory including taiwan they could further risk u.s. china relations as they try to negotiate their way out of a trade war which is costing both countries hundreds of billions of dollars in haiti has more from beijing. taiwan's military is built on equipment from the united states its main supply of arms announcements from washington of sales are always met by an angry response from china and this was no difference it's
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a crude interference in china's internal affairs and a harms china's servant and a security interest china is strong least dissensions far and thoroughly opposed to this and has already made a stern representations to the u.s. side and. china regards taiwan as a breakaway province that it will one day retake that threat is why taipei feels the need to regularly upgrade its weaponry this deal may be viewed by beijing as particularly provocative if it's approved by the united states congress at $2200000000.00 it would be the largest since donald trump took over as president taiwan in the u.s. continue to consolidate our security partnership together will guard the democracy and freedom of the taiwan strait and stability in the indo-pacific region the type of equipment included in the deal is likely to further anger china in a bid to modernize its defenses taiwan will buy n.t.a. craft missiles and battle tanks the timing of this deal is also likely to be viewed
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as provocative by beijing it comes amid a truce in a trade war between china and the united states with negotiations possibly restarting next week the u.s. and china have imposed tariffs on each other's goods over the past year but the 2 presidents agreed to pause hostilities when they met at the g 20 summit in japan last month you they also reiterated their close personal friendship which may be put to the test again if this latest oms deal goes through. beijing. the last 2 political candidates vying for the u.k.'s top job will face each other in a final t.v. debate forrest johnson and jeremy hunt are competing to replace to resume a as conservative party leader and prime minister the winner will be picked by conservative party members on july 22nd take office later this month then have 3 months to win support for
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a briggs the year before britain's scheduled departure at the end of october cross over the london where lawrence lee is live for us so some lively television expected of people getting out the popcorn for this one lawrence. well look i mean i think the 1st thing to say is that for all the weeks that this has gone on it is the very 1st time that boris johnson who's obviously the old favorite will have presented himself and gone through the supposed ordeal of facing questions from the public that it doesn't already participate in one debates where they were told involves where the questions are going to be so you could reverse it but for all the rest of the telling his minders have been literally dragged him away from people who want to ask him questions about how he proposes that the u.k. will leave the european union with a no deal by the end of october. you might think given that. it would look like a bit of a cowardly thing and certainly that's what his opponent jeremy hunt's the foreign
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secretary has been saying the breeze is a cowed and doesn't want to to to face the public but the weird thing about the whole thing of course is that it's not the public that's choosing the next prime minister it's the conservative party membership. at this point in time when these debates go in all these half of them have already voted anyway and so that's i think the reason why boris johnson decide to take part in this because it looks like it's a for them closure and frankly as well as that given the psychology of the conservative membership there are virtually all old and white in english and very right wing could almost say what he wants and put his foot in his mouth and it wouldn't really make any difference because they genuinely see him in a man who is prepared to say the unsayable in the interests of getting the u.k. out of the european union and so i think it would be pretty extraordinary at this point if he didn't win even if he says something crazy this evening that segues nice thing is going to be that so what's the perceived point of all of this if as
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we all expect bars is already the favorite. well i mean look this is part of a competition and she had to air all these views to let people know but one of the great complaints about this is that it's not they that the conservative party membership of under 60000 people makes up a quarter of one percent of the population of the u.k. and so people who don't like they say it's this really isn't fair the prime minister not being chosen by us has been chosen by the conservative policy and therefore he can try and ram through. a a no deal and he can't do a new deal between now and in october there's not enough time and to say that he can't is is is just ridiculous frankly but the concern is that he will try to ram through no deal even if both he and jeremy hunt say that through sheer force of personality they will go to the european union and look him in the ali and say we're prepared to leave with no deal give us a new one there's all the time to do it then anyway brussels knows by now that this
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this is what the threat is and they haven't changed their position at all so in that sense that really the question is once presumably boris johnson becomes prime minister and then everybody goes away on holiday for august and they will come back in september where you've got literally about 5 weeks or so between then and the october deadline that you mentioned when he goes to brussels and says we're leaving is a process going to capitulate or is boris johnson going to capitulate and that's what it's all going to come down to whether it's no deal or if there is another extension after this where there's no bracks at all. lawrence in the. still ahead on al-jazeera as one side tries to kill obamacare the other is trying to resuscitate his will over the fate of the affordable care act as the case kicks off in court. and we're in the occupied west bank for a look at how 15 years on the separation wall is creating ghost town this affecting
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thousands of lives. hello again welcome back we're here cross parts of north western turkey things are going to start to get a little bit stormy are over the next few days for istanbul you've had some very nice conditions but that's going to be ending and as you can see for ankara to you've been looking at some very nice conditions here on wednesday with the temps are there about 30 degrees as we go towards thursday notice a storm start to come into play affecting parts of istanbul as well as our and some of the storm could be quite intense with a lot of lightning as well as gusty winds down towards beirut it's going to be a nice day with plenty of sun in the forecast and temperature about 30 degrees well here across the gulf the winds have been a big problem of the last several days they will continue to be here on wednesday but we do think they're going to start to ease and the dust is going to start to settle as well here in doha expect to see
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a high here on wednesday of 44 maybe going to about 46 degrees by the time we get towards thursday over here towards the west though for riyadh at $44.00 degrees but mascot is going to be a seasonable $32.00 degrees there and then very quickly as we make our way down here across parts of southern africa really not much in terms of clouds or parts of areas with rain what you can see here across much of the central areas where you see that gray is those very cool conditions in the overnight hours but we are going to see a nice day for durban at about $25.00 degrees in johannesburg at 20 degrees for you . so. you don't strike a battle rages over the country's bomb and with activists inviting fun stealing
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livestock and intimidation from it's one when a i have these tacked on to from 0. talk i'm back here watching al-jazeera time to recap on headlines now. has met the us president of the white house i mean been one of them fanny and donald trump oversaw the signing of commercial and military agreements were also discussing regional security and economic ties trump warned once again iran should be very careful. chivers foreign ministry is calling on the united states to immediately counsel a potential sale of arms to taiwan the us state department approved the sale of
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over 100 tanks 250 and proffer missiles and related equipment. the us president has once again attacked the british prime minister and the u.k. ambassador in washington after the publication of leaked diplomatic cables which sharply criticized the trump white house says is officials will no longer deal with ambassador kim darrick called the white house just functional and inept the comments came in confidential call. respondents from the u.k. ambassador well in a tweet on tuesday the u.s. president said the wacky ambassador that the u.k. forced it upon the united states is not someone we are thrilled with a very stupid guy he should speak to his country and prime minister may about their failed briggs's negotiation i told to reason may how to do that deal but she went her own food way was unable to get it done
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a disaster exclamation mark i don't know the ambassador but i've been told he's a pompous fall tell him the usa now has the best economy and military anywhere in the world and the hayward has the latest on the dispute from london. well downing street will have been hoping that this will quite simply blow over but that doesn't seem to be the case because donald trump took just to twitter earlier really having a go at him dark describing him as wacky a pompous for a very stupid guy but he didn't just leave it there he also attacked the u.k. prime minister theresa may having a go about her handling a brix it describing it a foolish and even a disaster now this is quite clearly very diplomatic language between what is the post to be an ally of the united states downing street very much standing behind their man came down in washington saying that he is the juice of all respected
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government official working in washington here of course has got to try and go about his daily business but washington has said it's not going to work with him and we know he was disinvited to a dinner on monday night but all this throws up very much into question about how this information how this memo from conduct was leaked in the 1st place and the u.k. foreign affairs select committee is now launching an investigation into how that classified material could have been leaked palestinians say they're being imprisoned in their own neighborhoods by israel's expanding separation wall the international court of justice ruled the wall illegal exactly 15 years ago construction began in 2002 israel said it was to provide what it called better security the war now stretches more than 700 kilometers in the occupied west bank in east jerusalem affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of palestinians rights groups say it has allowed israelis to confiscate palestinian land to build
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more illegal settlements palestinians also say the separation wall is a symbol of israeli occupation and demanding freedom of movement. reports from one palestinian town which is felt the devastating effects of the war. the town of the east of jerusalem has been living in the shadow for 15 years. its economy was booming in the 1990 s. when the town in jerusalem to many cities in the occupied west bank. it looks more like a ghost town now. since the israeli government ordered the building of the separation 12002 the wall has blocked the town's main road limiting access to people and products hundreds of shops have closed their doors and thousands of people have left carpenter is one of a few who decided to keep his business open but it's very different to when he entered the workshop in the year 2009. no the only carpenters there are him and his
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partner like the town's economy their business has been cut right back. this is one of the most vivid areas. where a few meters away from an israeli industrial area this area was bustling with businesses and people going back and forth now we rely on a few customers the contrast between the 2 sides of the wall can be seen vividly here and also heard on the israeli side there is the loud noise of construction works on the palestinian side that sides as palestinians are being pushed out on their side of the wall because of land confiscation more israelis are taking advantage such as. in the north of the occupied west bank. and israeli military order confiscated palestinian lands there for building the wall israelis build a stable on it. palestinian fears have increased since israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced plans to annex parts of the west bank if you died the main goal
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in the israeli agenda is to grab more lands push more people out especially those living in east jerusalem the wall helps israel build more settlements extending existing ones and consolidate them in the palestinian territory around 65 percent of the israeli separation wall is complete their rest is under construction and when it's finished is expected to take up to 10 percent of all land in the occupied west bank many palestinians say the main purpose of israel's policy is to make life so i'm bearable they have no option but to leave me their brain as the occupied west bank. the u.a.e. appears to be drawing some of its forces from yemen that's according to media reports quoting senior iraqi officials there is scribing it has a redeployment and insists they remain committed to the saudi led coalition fighting who. have been fighting since the rebels the rebels rather since 2015
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they're calling for a 4 withdraw tamara share has more after 4 years of fighting reports say the emirates are reducing their troop numbers to pave the way for what they're calling a strategic redeployment plan in yemen. with using those opposed to the u.a.e. saudi war say it's a withdrawal a sign that the true countries are losing the war. in reality it's difficult to know the exact reason behind the troop withdrawal 4 years since the war began what started off as an international coalition of arab and muslim countries led by saudi arabia to restore the un backed government in yemen has turned into a coalition of true saudi and the u.a.e. bombing yemen and transforming it into the worst humanitarian catastrophe on earth according to the united nations 4 years ago there was almost daily briefings by the saudi led coalition troop numbers were given together with military targets. but
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since human rights violations have emerged and accusations of war crimes have been leveled against the saudis and the immoralities information has been much less forthcoming. activists have filed court cases in the united kingdom petitioning the government to stop selling british weapons to the gulf countries targets in yemen particularly saudi arabia last month the u.k. supreme court ruled that on sales to saudi arabia were unlawful a decision the u.k. government is appealing. in the united states members of both the house and the senate are demanding that on sale stop true and that according to nobel prize recipients and rights activists who are called carmen is the main reason for the u.a.e. withdrawing troops. and their this is a partial withdrawal intended to improve the u.a.e. is image in front of the international community this withdrawal has come as a result of the emirates failure in yemen i'm certain that the u.a.e.
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and saudi arabia will retreat in shame from yemen after they fail completely there was real pressure from the u.k. on the emirates that forced them to withdraw in order to repair their public relations image another important reason is the iranian threat if tension in the region continues the u.a.e. would be a prime target. it's not just international pressure that's been applied on the emirates the 4th u.s. backed by iran have proven to be a formidable enemy taking the war to the u.a.e. they claimed responsibility for an attack on international airport last year when an unmanned drone was able to reach its target without being intercepted while debates will continue over the reasons behind the reduction in forces many will be asking after 4 years of death and destruction what exactly has been achieved the un recognized government remains on able to govern the cooties maintain control over yemen the only difference is more yemeni men women and children have been killed or
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had their livelihoods destroyed. ok no legal case kicks off later on tuesday in the u.s. centered on health care it's a republican backed challenge to the affordable care act known as obamacare in 2010 the u.s. extended low cost health insurance to millions of citizens but the program is under threat trumps administration others on the reports from new jersey. cathy beal has a nice view of a small leak near her home she hopes she doesn't lose it she has a preexisting condition called macular degeneration he requires her to get injections every couple months the cost 2000 dollars each visit then i would be opening myself to the hemorrhaging recurring and the retinal scarring getting worse which could lead to the loss of my eyesight kathy is self-employed money is tight so the injections are paid for by the us government sponsored health insurance plan
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signed into law by president barack obama in 2010 providing low cost health insurance to low income americans the affordable care act or a became known as obamacare which cathy and millions like her rely on just here in the state of new jersey where cathy there are 350000 other people just like her they receive a low cost health insurance through the affordable care act of those 225000 have serious health conditions such as diabetes or cancer but nationally the numbers are even more staggering. 8 and a half 1000000 americans signed up for health insurance through the affordable care act more than half with so-called preexisting health conditions but president donald trump has long said obamacare is unfair too costly and needs to go away so we're going to get rid of obamacare repeal and replace because obamacare is
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a disaster for the trumpet ministration has tried to chip away at it which is troubled health advocates this is a national problem and not funding health care not having the ca or some other option like that we're creating bigger monetary issues over the long run not to mention the fact that they're there just we're not taking care of people we're just looking at sick people. i why would we want to do that this is a nice place to hang out as for kathy she stressed about the thought of losing her health insurance i had the 1st ever panic attack of my life. real survival threat like i don't know what will happen i've never thought before this could kill me leaving people feeling sick about what comes next. new jersey us billionaire and 2 time presidential candidate ross perot has died perot made his fortune in computer services
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a veteran and an eccentric he once funded a private commando raid to rescue 2 of his employees imprisoned in iran in the 1990 s. he became the most successful 3rd party candidate since theodore roosevelt in 1912 perot died after a 5 month battle with leukemia aged 89. and let's take you through some of the headlines now carter's amir is met the u.s. president at the white house shake to mean bin hamad. oversaw the signing of commercial and military agreements they also discussed regional security and economic ties trump warned once again that iran should be very careful we're going to be signing a document in a very large transaction it's a transaction that will be purchasing a lot of boeing jets
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a lot of money spent in our country and that means a lot of jobs so we just appreciate everything we have a great operation military operation right down to tar they built one of the great military bases i would say anywhere in the world and it's just been expanded with runways and everything else it's been really a great honor to work with my friend. china's foreign ministry is calling on the united states to immediately cancel a potential sale of arms to taiwan the us state department approve the deal with more than $2000000000.00 beijing does not accept taiwan's independence views it's a breakaway province the last 2 political candidates vying for the u.k.'s top job will face each other in a final t.v. debate boris johnson and jeremy hunt are competing to replace theresa may as conservative party leader and prime minister the winner will be picked by
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conservative party members on july the 22nd and take office later this month of a will have 3 months to win support for a bragg's deal before britain's scheduled departure at the end of october the us president has once again attacked the british prime minister and the u.k. ambassador in washington after the publication of leaked diplomatic cables which sharply criticized the white house trump branded to resume a full ish and called british diplomat kim dark a very stupid and wacky guy. a state of alert has been declared across garza the interior ministry says all land borders sea access being shut down until further notice police and security members have been deployed to checkpoints it's inside story next stay with us.
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it was declared illegal 15 years ago but israel separation wall still stands and continues to affect the lives of palestinians in the occupied west bank israel argues it's protecting its security but at what cost to peace this is insight story . clo and welcome to the program i'm hala mo here 15 years ago the international court of justice ruled against israel's separation.


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