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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2019 5:00am-6:00am +03

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al-jazeera. swear and. this is al-jazeera. i'm santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. the u.s. says it is working to form a military coalition to protect shipping waters off the coast of iran and yemen also a diplomatic route between the u.k. in the u.s. continues president trump calls the british prime minister foolish and the ambassador stupid. the internet's finally back on in sudan
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a month after the military crackdown that killed more than $100.00 people and how france's push to be more environmentally friendly will see consumers paying more for their flights out of the country. so the united states says it is attempting to form a military coalition to protect shipping lanes off the coast of iran and yemen the trumpet ministrations blames teheran and its proxies for several attacks on tankers in the gulf in the past few months a 5th of the world's oil is traded through that area earlier a commander in iran's revolutionary guard issued a new threat as well against the u.s. bases an aircraft carriers in the region saying they would be destroyed if they made a mistake. now iraq's prime minister is saying any disruption to shipping in the strait of hormuz could hurt the country's economy the strait provides the only sea passage from the gulf thought to the rest of the world and oil makes up 95 percent
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of iraq's 6 bolts most of which go through the gulf baghdad has been investigating alternative routes for exports in case tensions between the u.s. and iran lead to any disruptions let's get more of this with john hendren he's in washington d.c. you were saying earlier john it's really embryonic stages for this idea of a military force but what information is there. as right come on this is such an early stage process that is really just an idea at this point general joseph dunford the highest ranking military official is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in the u.s. says that the u.s. is working to form a coalition it says over the next couple of weeks it will see which countries have what he calls the political will to join in this coalition to protect the strait of hormuz with their military forces then they will identify the various military forces that each country will contribute and it's a valid point that they would actually assemble this force and put them in the
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strait of hormuz president trump has said the u.s. should not pay for it alone and that might be why this is a multinational project in the same way that he approaches nato he's very concerned about what the u.s. is spending on these projects by putting the u.s. and other militaries in the strait puts them in potential conflict with forces in iran after all president trump said the united states was 10 minutes away from launching an air strike on iran after iran struck a u.s. global hawk surveillance drone and then there were these attacks on commercial shipping in the strait so the potential for provocation only grows in this scenario . joan can i ask you about brian hook who is the u.s. special representative for iran policy speaking to 0 and talking about iran specifically what did he say. when he said the u.s. is go it alone policy is actually more effective than the multinational policy and
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that iran nuclear deal from which the u.s. pulled out he said president trump wants a new nuclear deal but he wants one that will be approved by the u.s. senate and it's the administration's point of view that when barack obama the former president negotiated that deal that he was doing it from a point of weakness that he couldn't get it through the u.s. senate and so he went to the u.n. security council and i hope went on to say that the united states is going to only tighten sanctions at this point because he believes that this is what brings the iranians to the table this is what he had to say down to 0. we have taken iran to new lows in revenue and they're feeling it and they're hurting and their proxies are hurting and we want to deny this regime the revenue that it needs to export revolution to run an expansionist foreign policy that drives a lot of the sectarian violence we see in the middle east. so the u.s.
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has not at all softened its position meanwhile iran has announced that it is going to violate the nuclear enrichment levels at which it agreed under that multinational agreement so this standoff intensifies on the part of possibility for conflict only increases come on thank you john hendren in washington d.c. . another note on iran the top diplomatic advisor to french president among your micron is intact from e.u. countries that signed the 2015 agreement of call for a meeting after teheran's decision to breach the uranium enrichment limit which is allowed under the deal france germany britain the e.u. all concerned about iran's breaching of its commitments and they have called on terror to instead fully comply with the agreement on a whole reporting now from vienna where the i.a.e.a. the international atomic energy agency is due to hold a meeting of its own on iran on wednesday. in issuing this communique the european
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signatories to the j c p o a the iran nuclear deal france germany and the united kingdom the ether e collectively they're known as along with the e.u. of course here issuing their response to iran's latest uranium enrichment moves the communique expressing deep concern over iran's pursuit of activity is not in line with its commitment calling for iran if it wants to stay in the deal as it professes to want to do to come back in line immediately without delay and calling on all the parties in terms of a joint commission to act responsibly to deescalate tensions now broadly speaking 2 points to make about this the 1st is that this is not and this is important i think the 3 triggering the formal dispute resolution mechanisms contained in the j c p o s a it's apparently thought that these breaches are not sufficient to warrant a move like that a move that could in itself escalate tensions and have the effect of shutting down what small room for maneuver there remains the 3 of course remember trying to keep
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the nuclear deal alive delicately here playing the middle ground on the one hand they've got to express some concern on the other hand of course they retain some faint optimism that iran can be talked around that some bridge can be found between washington and tehran faint hope indeed perhaps but that leads to the 2nd point which is that france effectively now taking the lead in the east 3 manual macron the president sending an envoy to teheran for meetings on wednesday with the intention to urge the iranians to take a backward step but i think ambition very limited according to the french government official they're hoping at the very least for gestures simple gestures that iran is serious about its intention of remaining within the j c p o l. now the u.s. president is ramping up his twitter attacks on the british ambassador as well as the outgoing prime minister theresa may trump called tourism is handling of brags that foolish and said the british envoy to iraq is
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a very stupid guy but the man in charge of the u.k. is foreign office has hit back calling trump's comments disrespectful of course all this triggered by the leaked memo from britain's top diplomat in the us referring to the trumpet ministration as in that all the details now with alan fischer. president friends it was a high profile jennifer qatar's amir she brought together political and business leaders as well as washington's top diplomats press missing the uki ambassador disinvited by the white house after the publication of leaked memos sharply critical of president donald trump a career diplomat has been the u.k.'s man in washington says 2016 part of his job is to file reports back to london it's been revealed he describes the trump white house as uniquely dysfunctional clumsy and inept he described u.s. policy on iran as incoherent chaotic and his summary we don't really believe this administration is going to become substantially more normal less dysfunctional less
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unpredictable i work for the state department for many years and we were always encouraged to be direct and frank with what our superiors here in washington about our interactions with government officials with whom we doubt so technically he did not do anything wrong but politically it probably would have been wise to be extremely cautious donald trump has said he will no longer deal with the ambassador and then a series of tweets on tuesday said the wacky ambassador that the u.k. forced it upon the united states is not someone we are thrilled with a very stupid guy i don't know the ambassador but have been told he is a pompous fool came down it could have expected to move on from his position in the near future and it's unlikely he's the only foreign diplomat sending back stock assessments of the u.s. administration but if a new u.k. prime minister was to decide he had to go because of donald trump's anger there's
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also some things in writing because particularly if there are matter of opinion if you state that factually that there are x. number of people out of their. place at 3 o'clock on the 6th think well no problem put in writing but if you go on to say. it was. orrible it was really bad and the speech was horrible i don't know that i put that in writing particularly if i'm a diplomat and you have to remember that the ambassador to the united states is a coveted role just as the ambassador ship to the u.k. is a coveted role and really all embassador ships are so for anyone embassador who gets a job there probably a 100 people who wanted the job let me put it through the words of jeremy hunt 2 you mentioned before who is a prime ministerial candidate and who is currently the foreign secretary this is what he tweeted a little while ago he said friends he's speaking to don't from friends speak frankly so i will these comments that disrespectful and wrong to our prime minister and my country your diplomats give their private opinions to secretary pompei and
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so do else and he makes a good point this is what they do whether they put it in writing all the way that i think it or not this is part of surely the job of a diplomat to sort of feel the pulse of what's happening in their patch and report back to their superiors and say well this is what i think's going on. yes and i think though jeremy hunt is in a position where he has to make a comment whereas boris johnson can be silent are you know enter into this thing or if he wants to or not but i think what jeremy says is right however probably the follow on comment is if you don't like the guy because he's wearing a blue tie and you like red ties or is hairs blond and you want black hair then. workable relationship so i think what you know mr hart also knows is this you can't have your ambassador who's supposed to be talking to all the americans all the time he's the eyes and ears and he's the face of the u.k. in america right now if if his relationship is hurt for whatever reason you really
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have to replace the guy who trumps comments about the u.k. ambassador and the outgoing british prime minister both came up in the final t.v. debate between the 2 men hoping to replace to recently johnson and jeremy hunt clashed over of course briggs it is more with lawrence leigh. given the seriousness of the situation is genuinely extraordinary that this is the very 1st time these 2 could face questions from the public they haven't seen in advance as to what the next prime minister should do to get through the maze of brics it's and yet again the same false promises boris johnson arguing that the u.k. would leave with no deal or not sober and then implement a trade deal with the european union even though one wouldn't exist so the problems of the irish border where they properly belong in the context of the free trade agreement that we will do after we come out on october 31st try to attack on this
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kind of thing he presented himself as a detail despite that's not like his opponents being prime minister is about telling people what they need to hear not just what they want to hear and the difference between you and me is you are peddling optimism and i'm saying we. i make a tremendous. we thank the diplomatic war that's broken out between the u.s. and u.k. came up of course once again demonstrating a gap hunts insisted he would stand up to trump and support his ambassador in washington sometimes things that you have to say to your friends that you rather not say like i said to president trump today because i think his comments about treason may well acceptable and i don't think he should have made them. while johnson refused to promise to defend the ambassador and refused to say that he would keep him in posts well i'm not going to be so presumptuous as to thank you i got a good position the program was called britain's next prime minister much of it was
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excruciating to watch yes or yes i will i will give you your guess what it was you know was the question allow him to respond boris you haven't answered any of this ongoing question about what it was you know both are to raise their hand if they believe the u.k. will leave the european union at the end of october well that's the spirit jeremy there and. of course the one thing that both johnson and hunt both have in common is an insistence that through sheer force of will they can balance the european union into coming up with a new brics it deal before the end of october and when those people in brussels understand that they mean business they will surely capitulates of course those people in brussels watch the television too and know perfectly well that that is the threat they now face and nothing has changed and both are kind of the snow as well even though they won't admit it that there is no time whatsoever to come up with a new deal before the end of october. once come across as the more serious candidates but johnson remains favorites all find out soon enough if he's telling the truth
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about his intention to say goodbye to the european union without spending don't sleep al-jazeera. or a let's see what's coming up on this news hour alarm bells in china are over america's plans to sell more to. taiwan we will tell you why the timing of the steel is so important after 4 years of fighting the u.a.e. says it is withdrawing some of its forces from yemen and the support of polo hits new heights as part of an attempt to boost tourism in of all places north of pakistan the details coming out. for now the sudan which has begun to restore internet access to mobile phones services would count after more than $100.00 people were killed by government forces during a peaceful sit in last month just having images of the military crackdown now surfacing on social media. has more. for the
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1st time in more than a month these type of images are be shared through mobile phone use. they show the aftermath of sudan's military crackdown on protesters during a peaceful sit in in khartoum more than 100 people were killed by sudan's military joint on june 3rd without. much of the violence was recorded on so far videos internet services were cut shortly after on the orders of sudan's transitional military council. lawyer adela seem hazan filed a lawsuit requesting the internet be restored the court agreed services were brought back 1st to fix landlines on tuesday the ruling was extended to mobile phones he along with several human rights groups believe the shutdown was an attempt to hide evidence of crimes committed against civilians what. the argument was that interrupting internet services would protect the general public but in
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fact it was the opposite it was for the protection of private entities and for people that have committed crimes. social media platforms like facebook and twitter were widely used to organize protests that ultimately toppled longtime leader omar al bashir in april once the military took control for weeks protesters took to the streets demanding the formation of a civilian led government. since the military crackdown trust between the military and civilians has been damaged. but last week progress was made generals and protesters agree to form a joint civilian military ruling body together they plan to install a new government for a transitional period of 3 years oh despite recent violence many civilians say they will keep pushing for change but these pictures that can now be shared on mobile
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phones prove the path forward could be challenging katya a little. al-jazeera. nigeria's the national assembly went into lockdown early on tuesday after shots were fired during fighting between police and a group of muslim protesters demonstrators like 2 people were shot by police when i tried to enter the assembly building islamic movement of nigeria has protested regularly outside the parliament calling for the release of their leader has been in detention since 2015. the un special rapporteur who conducted an independent probe into the murder of sunday journalist jamal khashoggi is now urging the u.s. to act on her findings agnes made those comments at a conference in london remember last month she released her report that found credible evidence linking the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman to both the murder and an attempted coverup knave barkha with more from london. ahead of a major conference here in london on press freedom jamal khashoggi name has
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featured very highly indeed attending this discussion with those who knew him very closely indeed including his fiance and these former editor of the washington post not to mention the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions agnes kalama she presented her findings in june and concluded that his murder was a state act and that there was credible evidence linking senior figures within the saudi leadership including the crown prince himself well earlier agnes cullum are told me that because it was an international killing it should be dealt with in an international way and the more pressure should be put on all members of the un to the security council including the saudi kingdom's closest western ally the united states to find out exactly what happened to jamal khashoggi i am alarmed by the fact that the 5 observers from each of the security council
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countries are avid loud themself to to be silent and therefore in my view what twee our weakness seen here is saudi arabia pussy very as strategy key and very. smartly trying to make the security council complicit in a possible miscarriage of justice will saudi arabia continues to refute the claims saying that the murder happened as a result of rogue agents who panic during a botched interrogation we know that a number of individuals are on trial behind closed doors in saudi some of them facing the death penalty but i guess kalamata is worried that whatever is happening there for significantly short of international judicial standards she has recommended that the international community puts more pressure. on the saudi leadership she's also suggested that the u.n.
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creates its own investigation that would lead to individual liability for his killing but that requires momentum for the moment she believes is somewhat lacking . and the u.a.e. appears to be withdrawing some of its forces from yemen that was according to media reports quoting senior iraqi officials they're describing it as a redeployment and says they remain committed to the saudi led coalition fighting the hooty rebels and 2015 the rebels though still calling for a full withdrawal tomorrow i'll shell has more. after 4 years of fighting reports say the emirates are reducing their troop numbers to pave the way for what they're calling a strategic redeployment plan in yemen the 4th use in those opposed to the u.a.e. saudi war say it's a withdraw a sign that the 2 countries are losing the war. in reality it's difficult to know the exact reason behind the troop withdrawal 4 years since the war began what
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started off as an international coalition of arab and muslim countries led by saudi arabia to restore the un backed government in yemen has turned into a coalition of true saudi and the u.a.e. bombing yemen and transforming it into the worst humanitarian catastrophe on earth according to the united nations 4 years ago there was almost daily briefings by the saudi led coalition troop numbers were given together with military targets. but since human rights violations have emerged and accusations of war crimes have been leveled against the saudis and the immoralities information has been much less forthcoming. activists have filed court cases in the united kingdom petitioning the government to stop selling british weapons to the gulf countries targets in yemen particularly saudi arabia last month the u.k. supreme court ruled that on sales to saudi arabia were unlawful a decision the u.k. government is appealing. in the united states members of both the house and the
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senate are demanding that on sale stop true and that according to nobel prize recipients and rights activists who are called carmen is the main reason for the u.a.e. withdrawing troops had. been agen and there this is a partial withdrawal intended to improve the u.a.e. is image in front of the international community this withdrawal has come as a result of the emirates failure in yemen i'm certain that the u.a.e. and saudi arabia will retreat in shame from yemen after they fail completely there was real pressure from the u.k. on the emirates that forced them to withdraw in order to repair their public relations image another important reason is the iranian threat if tension in the region continues the u.a.e. would be a prime target. it's not just international pressure that's been applied on the emirates the 4th u.s. backed by iran have proven to be a formidable enemy taking the war to the u.a.e. they claimed responsibility for an attack on international airport last year when
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an unmanned drone was able to reach its target without being intercepted while debates will continue over the reasons behind the reduction in forces many will be after 4 years of death and destruction what exactly has been achieved the un recognized government remains on able to govern the cooties maintain control over yemen the only difference is more yemeni men women and children have been killed or had their livelihoods destroyed. meanwhile a spokesman for the who says they have new weapons to strike targets in saudi arabia al-jazeera cannot independently verify the images however shown in his presentation i have on but it is a recognition drone that can fly over the skies of saudi arabia with it depth of over 500 kilometers as you can see on the screen it is the recognition some odd one you can reach into a very deep areas in enemy territory and it is a huge achievement you can transmit everything it recognizes and all the
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information it collects directly from the operation theater carter has signed several economic deals with the united states as the 2 countries look to strengthen their relationship is agreements were announced at the white house with the emir of qatar i mean been hammered out there any met president donald trump a visit marking quite a turnaround in ties between the 2 countries and our diplomatic editor james spader's reports from washington. what a difference 2 years makes in front of the emyr of catarrh and president trump trade and defense agreements between the 2 countries was signed said to total billions of dollars but these long term allies didn't look so friendly in 2017 just weeks after president trump made his 1st foreign trip to saudi arabia that country the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain launched a land and sea blockade of cattle the suspicion was that some around president trump had given this the green light the president himself was talking tough stop
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funding stop teaching hate and stop the killing for guitar we want you back among. the unity of responsible nations today it's all very different it's a great honor to be with the emir of qatar a highly respected man a real leader in a large part of the world in a very important part of the world as you mentioned we enjoy a very great relationship between qatar and the benefit of america we're doing a lot together so what's changed the energy aviation and defense they all signed here at the white house a part of it president trump sees every relationship between the u.s. and other countries in transactional terms what is the profit and loss on the balance sheet but it's also about the missteps that have been made by the countries that continue to blockade catarrh. saudi in the u.a.e.
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bogged down in a war in yemen and the military operations there continue to cause the death of civilians the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi is believed by many human rights experts including a un special rapporteur to have been a planned execution conducted by the saudis state and the reputation of egypt's president sisi continues to be tarnished by his country's repression and human rights abuses the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is well aware as tensions rise with iran catarrh has a pivotal role hosting the biggest u.s. airbase in the region doha is also the venue where american diplomats and the taliban are talking no breakthrough yet but it is the diplomatic initiative that's made the most progress towards ending the longest war in u.s. history james pays out 0 washington china is demanding however the
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united states immediately counsel a potential $2200000000.00 arms sales to taiwan china still considers taiwan to be breakaway province when he reports from beijing. taiwan's military is built on equipment from the united states its main supply of arms announcements from washington of sales are always met by an angry response from china and this was no difference it's a crude interference in china's internal affairs and a harms china's servant and a security interest china is strong least dissensions far and thoroughly opposed to this and has already made a stern representations to the u.s. side and. china regards taiwan as a breakaway province that it will one day retake that threat is why taipei feels the need to regularly upgrade its weaponry this deal may be viewed by beijing as particularly provocative if it's approved by the united states congress at $2200000000.00 it would be the largest since donald trump took over as president
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taiwan in the u.s. continue to consolidate our security partnership together will guard the democracy and freedom of the taiwan strait and stability in the indo-pacific region the type of equipment included in the deal is likely to further anger china in a bid to modernize its defenses taiwan will buy and craft missiles and battle tanks the timing of this deal is also likely to be viewed as provocative by beijing it comes amid a truce in a trade war between china and the united states with negotiations possibly restarting next week the u.s. and china have imposed tariffs on each other's goods over the past year but the 2 presidents agreed to pause hostilities when they met at the g 20 summit in japan last month you they also reiterated their close personal friendship which may be put to the test again if this latest oms deal goes through. beijing. in the news ahead the u.n.
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has come out with its report card of the state of education in the developing world about the details on that one. also forced to have operations they say they didn't meet the plight of female farm workers in rural india and sport india take on new zealand in the cricket world cup semifinals but it means the english weather the final say. you've no doubt seen the results of the steady seasonal rain green flash floods to many places in china and you can see from the masterplan satellite picture the likelihood of its recurrence well i haven't seen thing reporting ground on blood but it's there and for the next day or so we're concentrating really from ground on up through for jan and possibly a bit further north so hong kong is in the mix not all that so much the yanks it's
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still dry but this will be further flooding in court flash flooding if you live is going to be long lasting because it could be repeat for particularly in fujian where the dark green returns by thursday strong a little bit further west but it's not the end by any means for obvious reasons dropping south and that's where all the action is just to the north the top of your screen so the showers are rather few are further south but we've still got them in the central southern philippines and they'll be repeatable in the forecast in certain ways they might come back again borneo is mostly a dry pictures you can see by the time we get to thursday showers still possible in singapore but sumatra is not a major thing and sulawesi bit unfortunate for free looks fairly wet here the monsoon has quite a long way forwards but the filling in behind still taking its time big showers though are showing. the weather sponsored by qatar and.
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this is a dialogue a meeting about it for not asking still net on international media and on t.v. a pressure to stop its competition with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we are small community without any network just eat healthy join the global conversation announces iraq all they want to do is start the debate the same kind of debate that we have here in st. when the news breaks the protesters and the stanley bill that's. when people mean to be eliminated and leave it there but if you don't have the right to make. the story needs to be told. al jazeera has teams on the ground to win the world we need to commit troops and names on air and online.
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here on the news here at al-jazeera these are our top stories the u.s. is trying to form a military coalition to protect shipping off the coast of iran and yemen earlier a commander in iran's revolutionary guard issued new threats against u.s. military assets in the region. us president donald trump once again used twitter to attack the u.k.'s ambassador in washington and the british prime minister it comes days after diplomatic cables were late critical of the trumpet ministration and culture a sign billions of dollars worth of defense aerospace and energy deals with the us agreements announced at the white house says the qatari emir shift to mean been
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hammered out the president donald trump. the french government wants to introduce an eco tax for all flights taking off from the country's airports the money raised will be invested in public transport within france. with more from paris. flying out of france will become more expensive for air passengers from next year the new eco tax is part of the french government's environment policy ended fighting climate change that whole city. of france is committed toward europe is putting forward on taxing air travel there is increasing awareness and things are beginning to move but this is urgent like other countries we have decided to put in place an acre tax on air transport on all flights departing from france the tax will only apply to outgoing flights not to those flying into france or transiting fares will increase by $2.00 for an economy class ticket within the european union business class flights outside the you could cost an extra $20.00 the paris is all the
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airport the response to the tax was mixed posable depreciation is good in principle i suppose but how can we be sure where the money will go a lot it's really thought went on to take for granted nice to see you both specific goodness of biofuel it's always the ordinary people that pay and companies should take more responsibility for the state of the promise climate campaigners say that the aviation industry is responsible for nearly 5 percent of global carbon emissions the french government says of the new eco tax will raise grow $200000000.00 a year money they say that they will spend on less polluting modes of transport such as rail the eco tax has already proved unpopular with some investors shares in air france fell after the announcement last year french president emanuel might cost scrapped plans for similar eco tax on diesel fuel that sparked months of yellow face protests but some activists welcomed the move by frogs governments
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historically have seen aviation as a bit of a no go area intensive taxation or other measures that could help tackle emissions let's hope that at the moment there's that there's a bit more consumer readiness to accept that if we go. to tackle the planet's emergency we're going to have to make changes in our lives there passenger numbers are expected to double in the next 2 decades the french government says the situation is urgent and that other even ations should do more to crack down on an industry which is one of the world's biggest polluters natasha buckler al-jazeera paris is hardline interior minister has shut down a large migrant center in sicily so they need toward the center prior to its closing and underlined the drop in migrant arrivals in the country this was once the biggest reception center in europe it had been due to close for a number of years after prosecutors uncovered what they said were illegal
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activities. as you know this was a promise i made not only to the sicilians but the italians the biggest migrant center in europe a business of dozens and dozens of millions of euro's and it had become as proven by the prosecutor's office a center pace for the nigerian mafia for drug dealing prostitution theft and stolen goods aggression violence rape and homicide and polygon yet i was considered to be crazy when as a minister i promised i would shut it down because it was a center housing more than 4000 people in the past we kept reducing those numbers and today it's 0 the united states is urging turkey to halt drilling operations off the coast of cyprus the warning comes after the turkish government sent a 2nd ship to drill for oil and gas on monday cyprus is divided between an internationally recognized republic and a turkish controlled part in the north which is considered occupied territory huge gas reserves have been discovered off the cypriot coast only recently. turkey's
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ordered the arrest of 176 military personnel accusing them of being involved in an attempted coup in 2016 ankara says for the turkish political exile figure living in exile in the u.s. was behind the failed coup prosecutors say the military officers they want arrested or have links to him 77000 people have been jailed since that coup attempt 6 turkish sailors have arrived in istanbul after being detained by forces loyal to the libyan warlord khalifa haftar they were released last week turkey had warned half his fighters would become legitimate targets of the turks weren't free to mediate after has threatened to target target turkish interests in libya if using it of supporting the rival un recognized government in tripoli the russian president vladimir putin says he does not support imposing sanctions on georgia he made that statement in a television address after russia's parliament recommended the sanctions it's in
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response to weeks of mass protests in georgia against russian influence in its government. of national unity as for sanctions i would rather not do it as respect the georgian people in the sake of restoring full charge when russia and georgia i would not impose anything that they complicate our relations. more on this story with step pass and in moscow. some contradictory statements coming from moscow towards georgia today this day duma had a strong statement and then a miss lee asking for economic sanctions but president putin says he doesn't want any sanctions he sas people who are inciting these anti russian sentiments in georgia they don't know their history and he doesn't want to hurt by lateral relations this all comes after he took protests for a couple of weeks already in georgia it started when a russian the legislator visited the b.c. and he held a speech in the chair of the speaker of parliament beer and this of course angered
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a lot of people in georgia they went to onto the streets and a lot of anti russian slogans were heard then president putin slammed a travel ban on to georgia no flights are allowed to leave moscow heading to georgia starting on monday and then now in this we kind of present for georgia television insulted president putin very badly and this has angered a lot of people here in russia so that's why this they do much asked for these economic sanctions that would basically basically be wine and water and mineral water and also money transfers going to georgia but the president sat again that he doesn't want these sanctions at this moment the ministry of foreign affairs said that it's not only about what georgia has been saying in the anti russian sentiment but also the fact that the authorities have not been able to control the situation a funeral has taken place for the youngest known victim of the philippines war on drugs 3 year old michael was killed in a police operation last week officers say the girl was used by her father an
5:41 am
alleged drug dealer as a human shield during a shoot out east of manila the girl's mother though denies this 6000 people have been killed since president deter to introduce the crackdown in 2060. an inquiry is underway in the western indian state of maharashtra after allegations that doctors performed unnecessary operations on thousands of female farm workers the women say they were scared into spending hundreds of dollars to remove their reproductive organs elizabeth purana has a report now from the city of bead. and yet. these women in jag the village have 2 things in common they work in sugarcane fields and they've all had their. last here 29 year old man they went to the doctor complaining of abdominal pain. the doctor said my womb is not in
5:42 am
a good state he said if i don't take it out i'll get cancer and i should take it out immediately for the hysterectomy operation to remove her reproductive organs mandate borrowed more than $700.00 that's as much as she earns during the entire 6 month harvest season. and that the potato is educating women in 30 villages about the impact of the medical procedure the doctors from the private hospital they can easily fooled them because these are the men they cannot lead because they most of the men they are illiterate she says doctors also tell them having the uterus removed will allow them to do the hard labor required on sugarcane farms without taking time off when their menstruating the money's already bored and because these 3 men did they do not have any kind of property or. what they want a big gate money only in this season so they don't want to miss any one day old so
5:43 am
the indian government's national commission of women along with the state government has asked the district's head of health services to investigate the allegations that around 4000 women would do into paying for unnecessary hysterectomy as in the past 3 years. investigators are thought to be making inquiries at some of the 101 private hospitals and district al-jazeera has tried to contact the doctor who operated on some of the woman we interviewed but we haven't been able to find him oh my. by monday as his her doctor didn't tell her what might happen to her body after a hysterectomy and she hasn't been the same since that live up to have the bible quote my body always hurts my stomach and always in pain i can't work as hard as before from the time my will was removed my life has been very difficult she
5:44 am
remains in debt from the. babes top administrator has told al jazeera more than $350000.00 women are being interviewed for the inquiry and that all the rectum is must be obtained by the public health authorities until that inquiry is complete elizabeth al-jazeera. the united nations says world leaders may not be able to keep their promises to raise global education standards by the year 2030 according to a report from unesco one in 6 children are not enrolled in school and 40 percent of the world's young people will not finish secondary school learning rates are expected to stagnate in middle income countries and in latin america dropped by almost a 3rd in french speaking african nations by the year 2030 the un says drastic measures are needed to change the projections that show a 5th of young people in nearly one 3rd of all adults will not not being sorry not
5:45 am
being literate in 2030 helen clark former prime minister of new zealand and now an education advisor for you know sco she says investing in education must be a priority. no country ever developed without a mystical nesting in education for its people just doesn't happen so to break the cycle of poverty the whole country is for communities for families education is every salute critical it helps us achieve sustainable development goals on reddit cutting poverty hunger on the cheating gender equality everything is good about education for the individual the family the country so it has to be prioritized i think it has probably been a bit of complacency because say with some of the health emergencies of people don't get care then in the atlee die ok you don't get a dive you don't get education but you cannot fulfil your potential or your country's from that initial so money's never everything but it does help we need
5:46 am
donors to step up and support for the most vulnerable and poor countries and countries themselves need to be dedicating more money to the us that's about a quarter of the u.n. member states are not meeting the benchmarks for for investment in education from their budgets and in terms of gross domestic product then that's going to be a focus also on quality on trying teach is on plasters a lot needs to be done but i think the real value of this report from unesco's global education monitoring report is wake up call if we carry on as we are now we reach the goals that have been set for 2030. now a key legal case will kick off in the u.s. centered on health care it's a republican backed challenge to the affordable care act obamacare in 2010 the u.s. extended low cost health insurance to millions of people but the program's been under threat since donald trump took office. in new jersey. kathy
5:47 am
feel has a nice view of a small leak near her home she hopes she doesn't lose it she has a preexisting condition called macular degeneration he requires her to get injections every couple months the cost 2000 dollars each visit then i would be opening myself to the hemorrhaging recurring and the retinal scarring getting worse which could lead to the loss of my eyesight kathy is self-employed money is tight so the injections are paid for by the us government sponsored health insurance plan signed into law by president barack obama in 2010 providing low cost health insurance to low income americans the affordable care act or a became known as obamacare which cathy and millions like her rely on just here in the state of new jersey where kathy lives there are 350000 other people just like her they receive low cost health insurance through the affordable care act of those
5:48 am
225000 have serious health conditions such as diabetes or cancer but nationally the numbers are even more staggering. 8 and a half 1000000 americans signed up for health insurance through the affordable care act more than half with so-called preexisting health conditions but president donald trump has long said obamacare is unfair too costly and needs to go away so we're going to get rid of obamacare repeal and replace because obamacare is a disaster if the trumpet ministration has tried to chip away at it which is troubled health advocate. this is a national problem and not funding health care not having the ca or some other option like that we're creating bigger monetary issues over the long run not to mention the fact that they're there just we're not taking care of people we're just looking to pay for taking care of people why would we want to do that this is
5:49 am
a nice place to hang out as for kathy she's stressed about the thought of losing her health insurance i had the 1st ever panic attack of my life. real survival threat like i don't know what will happen i've never thought before this could kill me leaving people feeling sick about what comes next gabriel is on joe. new jersey sports coming up former world number one some on a holiday has moved a step closer to her 1st wimbledon final.
5:50 am
5:51 am
champion sport with the whole thank you a serene a williams said she sought the help of a therapist following her verbal clash with an umpire last year's u.s. open fargo williams has just made it through to the semifinals at wimbledon williams beating fellow american alison risk this time outs the 2018 u.s. open final few tuesday match on the pile of being a thief on her way to a surprise defeat against their knee or suffer from one in 3 sets this time around but has been for a $10000.00 for damaging a court during a practice or. hearing just the american and then. i got from what exactly happened to the damage that was 10000 and mainly i guess i mean if you could tell me i would appreciate it so. well next up for williams is a match with barbara's to cover at 33 the czech play had a career high with victory out of apartments joanna contest because of the winning
5:52 am
this match 7661 to reach her 1st grand slam semifinal. so now that is the highest seed left in the women's draw the former world number one and current 7th seed with a straight sets with or against china's jenks wife. how it will play a leaner state alina in the last 48 seed became the 1st ukrainian woman to leave the semi at wimbledon for the straight sets win of the catalina told us. but it was a busy day for serena williams who's also played a mixed doubles with andy murray and foremost singles champion murray is on the comeback trial from. the pair into the last 16 after a straight sets win of a far but it's my found and after well. all right to cricket in india new zealand will resume the world cup semifinal on wednesday this off the rain and apply early in manchester before the rains came it was new zealand who won the toss and decided to bow but it was the indian bowlers who seem to enjoy the conditions once again
5:53 am
very captain kane williamson and veteran batsman ross taylor rescued the innings by his hitting fifty's telly with 67 on the plaza forced off the field with the kiwis 211 for far the 46.10 this play will now resume weather permitting at 930 g.m.t. on wednesday. thank god as national football team of suffered another setback the 4th african champions have gone out of the last 60 at the cup of nations at a time when the country's football association is the subject of a corruption investigations how moloch has more. anguish for guy named football fans they stayed up late enough to follow the action in egypt as ghana faced tunisia in the round of 16 what they got was the elimination in the cruelest possible way the 4 time champions crashing out on penalties. i'm so disappointed aborigine about justice was lost and as you can well robin gonna.
5:54 am
have. a look at us it looked like the black stars might pull through trailing one nil a late own goal by tunisia sent the game into extra time but when it went to penalties forward caleb ebel can couldn't hold his nerve his misfortune is the take the shootout 5 for it concluded a campaign that began turbulent me. the black star's all time leading scorer. had threatened to pull out of the squad as he was replaced as captain with andre are you. jan adventure he agreed to go and was given a largely ceremonial title of general captain to work alongside you moreover the preparations are taken place on a backdrop of chaos in ghana in football last year the country's f.a. was disbanded following a bribery scandal the bodies former president question. was banned from football for life and a committee installed by fee for has been running gun in football since september
5:55 am
the corruption. just. opened up the problems that you know where germany was a couple of years ago before the and i went to make a whole spanish football was before the end i went to systemic overhaul and so on and so forth that's why i said that moment so this is is because you know a few corruption allegations and the system and i'm talking about starting from the grassroots football is problematic such an early exit from the tournament will be difficult for many fans to accept they'll be hoping that things can get back on track soon the qualification for the 2022 world cup and qatar starting later this year so highly malik. pakistan is just hosted one of the world's most spectacular sporting events played at an altitude of $3700.00 metres the highest apollo ground on the planet is the venue for the door festival our correspondent come out hard to
5:56 am
witness the sports and the spectacular scenery in the chitral in northern pakistan and although paulo he's played all around the art you know one thing they're trying to do would box he always told the guys that did you have money so high as one of your own in the large piece of mind games from the get go find this don and judge drawn jagdish beyond me every year are you sure all 15 kids are not horsemanship amanda gable full of money most gun owners there gable for king and king kong for games indeed creatures. kind of this is also an opportunity for pakistan to feel guilty if you go on demand yes you got this done and you draw the line because the security situation and improved drastically how good your feet will have been largely on what you scored at the roof of the work if the dogs are not what you're given target congress and if you can get it to the outside warning them to do it is your government and they should feel secure and if you need to treat your community
5:57 am
absolutely amazing picture with. more like her. great story that one wasn't thank you were a whole and that is it from may thanks for your company there in jordan is along in a couple of minutes with the latest news right here now to see if. traditional wrestling in senegal has its advantages. now it's a national male and female school or to. make money. the focus unifying cultural. and don't play politics in. senegal wrestling with reality on al jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different
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people and you need to be backed you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone and they're on the tab that they're on their computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is a fall into the true media network. in the 1st century.
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al jazeera. and for you. the u.s. says it's working to form a military coalition to protect shipping waters off the coast of iran and yemen. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al-jazeera lawyer from doha also coming up a diplomatic route between the u.k. and the u.s. continues president from calls the british prime minister foolish and labels ambassador stupid. china demands the u.s. immediately counsellor $2200000000.00 sale to taiwan. on the internet finally get
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switched back on in saddam the month off of the military crackdown that killed more than a 100 people.


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