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tv   Australias Vegan Fight  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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like many before them cena and her family crossed on a dangerously overloaded boat into greece. don't want dogon that's for 5th year at 55 or 50 people there so you're off to go if you don't go there with a gun. and they say i'll still go. but anyone looking enough to survive such trials and then make it to hungary receives little health or sympathy from the state. this is largely provided by charities. those who support migrant charities are also targeted the biggest bogeyman is one garion born american financier and to learn trippiest george soros through his open society foundation the billionaire has spent hundreds of millions of dollars funding civil society and education projects in hungary the
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country of his birth with mr schorr we have our if you like political differences he has become. a major political influence or. by his word by his investments by the organization of framework and the work he maintains soros has been vilified in the hungarian press shoulders jersey city estelle getty fishlike album tony the store bought the mill you got the better let me tell you all 3 cowboy diesel cars that. are still short of money or psychodynamic bees ash. i would say that about. 7580 percent of the media is under the control or for bad and it has a huge impact on the public opinion short or church of us or soros for example when they started the campaign against him a few years ago was an arm known and
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a neutral figure and it became a figure that everybody knows and there really hates. last year the past the stop soros law designed to inhibit the work of n.g.o.s. elected but what your cycle octave can refer to a few northfield that we know that angie all mean i love you guys a little startled alice she asked you for that alice she cast member for the cademy so fast that empties before called to us or salmon. critics say this vilification of a prominent philanthropist who happens also to be jewish of the nazi era propaganda . agnus have a bear in mind when gary and philosopher he survived the holocaust is not surprised she has cell phone victim to the deaf sponsored m t semitic smear campaign he
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picked shut rush big shoulders because he was a general and he believed he said he teach people at n.b.s. the don't like me about. america but i don't flag. hungary is home to one of europe's largest jewish communities it supports the biggest synagogue on the continent as well as an internationally renowned holocaust museum a chilling testament to the crimes committed by hank gary and fascists in the 1930 s. and forty's when harf a 1000000 jews the center our shirts. with risings an if. some here fear the specter of fascism may return. many of the 100000000 jewish families are you know ready to leave. because they know that if they know from their. family history that if you have to
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leave you have to leave right away. this is a memorial to mark the site where jewish men women and children 100 cuffed waited and thrown into the time the jointer moats years commissioned by the previous administration. but in recent years hungary's fascist past has undergone a make a for. this is opens by morial to german occupation situated next to the garry and all of that you might be forgiven for thinking that hungry was a victim of the holocaust rather than a participant. morally at all german if your patient is about negro which comes down to that. and hungary is the angel and the eagle is the german which suggests a lie. about the holocaust and particularly about the hungary and all in da
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a lot of us because the whole of the part of the show was carried out by hungary and jad that me and by the high getting situations and instead of digesting this we're still in. in a stage of the nile. it's not just hungry as passed it's proving controversial. these people are protesting over all bans planned to close hungary's leading educational establishment the central european university known as the c e u which in shrines the ideas of democracy and liberalism is not only about promoting about preaching about open society democratic but it's about studying now imperfections of democracy. the c.e.u. has an open door policy to students regardless of ethnicity and celebrates
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multiculturalism. a stance which puts it all its with all but who in 2017 decided to close it sparking incredulity. congo ariens should ask themselves who benefits here. does it benefit budapest to chase an institution out of the country does it benefit hungary. thousands came out on to the streets angry and bewildered that hungary's finest university was being forced to relocate to the n. many believe open slaving for the c.e.u. is done to the fact that it was funded by george soros they for destiny neither is a link and claim that the universities ability to issue american diplomas is incompatible with think garion legislation is a matter of rule flow it is impossible that you see you or anybody else enjoys the
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lottery and benefit of fishing american diplomacy that's the simple reason i think it's it's a red flag and if a warning sign that this might be there that the rec center where we're heading where in the pen and if the 2 sat dead speak out for human rights that speak out for the generally quality of the sense that a country is being. chased the way. the now inevitable exodus of academic staff in students from hungary is a microcosm of a much bigger problem talented professionals or critic in the country and lowest numbers close to a 1000001 gary in sept left in the last decade one in 10 of the population. good cake a bunch of heads a satirical group which competes in elections as the hunt gary in 2 tales dog poti
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that regularly opens policies including those on immigration. he's printed speech monday bearing the faces of obama opponents. his george soros 504 and night changes hands for 700 foreign. firm in the us. think i'm a fairly i don't get on a bit i mean that would show question. when the. electorate obama. but the shortage of skilled workers is nigh becoming serious so all buns go. and came up with a novel solution a law allowing employers to insist that stuff should work up to 400 i was a year and i've had time. to go quickly to the slaves lol this is what sports yes more protests and budapest which began last december lasting several months.
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employers might not have to pay for this extra work for 3 years. the slave could have been used to make people work such long hours that they would not have a weekend and payment would be so delayed by that time maybe the company would even go bankrupt and you would never get paid. for the 1st time demonstration spread to other times quickly becoming a nationwide phenomenon. something else happened to. it was the 1st time when the opposition party stopped talking about corporations and stopped talking about how bad the situation but went on the street us taught it to act. in north critically emerged as the poster girl of the protests. everybody felt angry and frustrated at that moment there were no labels that moment there were a community
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a group of people at the street who feels the same. mentors under siege it was the most sustained threats to all bones power for years but he managed to write the story with a country deeply divided the scene was set for a very special your election in may 2019. on a would become one of momentum as 1st i meet peace. but there was never any doubt who had way. or buns face and he migrant try to rick was again sufficient to secure victory. but it's not the 1st time hangry has been sealed off from the outside world some people are old enough to remember what it was like when the iron curtain divided europe in much the same way opens border fence and i separate serbia from hungary
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today the old cold war frontier is a popular psychopath and people knew freely between hangry and austria. back then try to axe it without permission and you'd be in big trouble all over to own up to you told all she had to. make to share a semi awesome man as oakland saw as new words for new words no one better was on your side because i. daily show you got the hot ossicles on top the yugoslav issues also are called us of course on key folly of a story tossed around a mild mag 5 athletic last night. in august 1909 colonel bella was in charge of a board of hasty the city assault from where the communist government sanctioned a pan-european picnic in the name of good neighborly relations. were to pass the frontier bearing wine and sausages. the border would be
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a boon for 3 hours. but things didn't go courting to plan. hundreds of east germans feeling that own country's dictatorship cold wind of the event and rushed saya through czechoslovakia to the border crossing. but had to decide whether to open fire down or sure seem to know little although one of the lot of one like best said band. has got to be. startled. me i love you not indeed local in cost of the large he has at that said i don't want to my gold only ambushing a sham they should make a sham. $600.00 east germans escapes to the west more than $60000.00 foot fall or the burden war became untenable and the east german dictatorship collapsed. inadvertently triggered the end of the cold
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war. for many living around all buns biodefense like. the mayor of cuba cause a historical irony so inescapable. the station we focus on deck in tiny does audubon it means on like a day and a washer going around so it's fact when you're hot in a pool it embedded at them but a catalyst of that. dish. stuck when you're hot thought it was a fad to mbeki that is at the top and you've got the manichean act and i might add or silence at the end i have enough time to it i'm. hungry has never been more polarized with a dash having won the euro elections many are wondering what's next could the country meave yet further to the right. i must ask you that i've been making these
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all around the world that is the usual thought when i make it easy i was maybe 5 of them would be in command of the gold mining. recruited to win a war exploited to on the battlefield the cold when your regime faced a different value and half invited you to when your peers then abandoned for a lifetime and we should be ashamed but fruitlessly for for all country all division over 3 people in power investigates the plight of imperial britons african troops begin tonight the forgotten heroes of empire on al-jazeera
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if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon raghad 100 and hungry is in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. soon as mass immigration story we had one should question as we can we call it yours and the problem is that the culture of that is. partially so it's a rating the us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not like good fascist. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and of global try. this is very very uneventful glide towards the precipice without resistance we are pos the danger has already happened. it was then just 10 years ago. now
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this is it. in the year 1271 a day a common italian merchant set out on an extraordinary journey in travel the furthest reaches of the muslim marco polo world view with radically altered beijing the city established by could become is still today china strong beating are now in china is again a superpower we reflect on how the relationship between east and west has changed. marco polo on al-jazeera. captain and chief officer of an iranian tanker. arrested. hello i missed the attain this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up sudan's
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transitional military council says it's for elder coup attempt but talks on a transition to civilian rule continue. the un human rights council says it will investigate the philippine government so-called the war on drugs. and we take a look at the situation in syria as to rob province one year on since rebel surrendered to government backed forces. police in gibraltar have a rest of the captain and chief of a 7 a rainy and tanker that was seized by british marines last week the new developments follow u.k. allegations that iranian vessels tried to impede a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz leading to an intervention by a british warship for a challenge reports from london. british shipping in the gulf is now on its highest possible alerts the u.k. moved to maritime security level 3 after its government said this ship the b.p.
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oil tanker british heritage was approached by 3 iranian vessels london says h.m.s. montrose a warship moved toward the iranians away well we're very concerned this is a very serious escalation of the situation. you know we are proud that the royal navy was there to protect their heritage. but we are monitoring the situation very closely we don't want to escalate. actions we want tensions to come down iran has denied the incident took place with the foreign minister mohammad javad zarif saying the british had made the case to create tension but iran had warned the u.k. there would be reprisals for the seizure of an iranian tanker by british marines off the coast of to brawl to last week on thursday gibraltar police arrested the tankers captain and chief officer and have seized documents in electronic devices
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the ship is accused of breaking e.u. sanctions by taking to syria the u.k. finds itself in a difficult position with iran like the e.u. it wants to keep tensions low and save the iranian nuclear deal the j c p o 8 but it also wants to keep its close alliance with the u.s. which has walked away from the deal and has hit iran with tough economic sanctions the u.s. department of defense believes the british tank incident reinforces its argument for an international naval task force in the gulf to protect commercial shipping the threats to international freedom of navigation require an international solutions as a statement from u.s. central command tensions in one of the world's most important shipping channels have risen again rory chalons al-jazeera london well the u.s. 5th fleet has said it's working closely with the british royal navy to defend the free flow of commerce and freedom of navigation through the region has been wanting reaction in the iranian capital. diplomatic relations between iran and the united
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kingdom have been suffering for many months now and the events of the last 24 hours will not help that situation and the arrest of senior officers of the gracewood one the oil tanker that was detained last week off the coast of gibraltar by the u.k. royal marines that is likely to bring the same level of anger from leaders here into iran that the detention of the vessel the seizure of the vessel the oil tanker brought from the senior most levels of government last week iran's president and other senior leaders calling it a violation of the sanctity of international waterway something that was creating insecurity many senior iranian leaders also called the u.k. a move that was by all accounts taken at the behest of the united states an act of piracy now ron is very angry about the fact that 2000000 barrels of crude oil were
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in the cargo vessel at the time of its seizure something that iran will find especially difficult now it is trying to continue to sell oil in the face of unilateral u.s. economic sanctions and iran's economy is certainly continuing to teeter so this is something that leaders will have taken very seriously and the arrest of these 2 officers will no doubt escalate tensions even further earlier today iran denied reports that islamic revolutionary guard corps naval vessels tried to capture and seize a british vessel iran's government flatly denied any truth to those reports saying that in the past 24 hours there had been no encounter with any foreign vessels iran's foreign minister zarif calling the u.k.'s version of events again another attempt to escalate tensions with iran. and meanwhile royce's news agency is
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reporting that the united states. will not impose sanctions on iranian foreign minister zarif last month treasury secretary steve had said zarif would be blacklisted that week sources now tell roy says the decision could be a hint that washington wants to keep the door open to diplomacy with iran now mediators from the african union say there's been a breakthrough in talks between sudan's ruling military council and a coalition of pro-democracy groups it says they've agreed the political aspect of the country's transition from 30 years of dictatorship. at the volga to negotiating delegations from the forces of declaration for freedom and change and the transitional military council met in a 3rd round of talks this evening and they're in complete agreement on the political announcement to determine all the bodies all the transitional stage the political document has been agreed upon unanimously what is left is
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a proclamation which establishes the transitional period or the transition into. a civilian government. this shall be. discussed and signed of the same time well this all comes as sudan's transitional military council says it's foiled an attempted coup the council says it was carried out by a group of serving and retired officers and that 16 people are being held and says they were trying to stop the deal being signed between the council and the forces for freedom and change. well the u.n. human rights council is to investigate what it calls a staggering number of murders and the philippine government's war on drugs is accuses president ford regard to test a of inciting violence against drug dealers as well as intimidating judges and degrading women the philippines has rejected these allegations calling them
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offensive and one sided our correspondent tamara undergoing reports. it's scenes like these that have prompted international action more than 6000 people killed in the 3 years since president rodrigo deter to launched his so-called war on drugs those are the government's own figures the dead all suspected drug dealers it says but why it's groups say the actual number could be 5 times that figure now the united nations has taken what many see as a critical 1st step towards accountability and comes after years of documentation and campaigning by both local and international rights groups the un's human rights council has ordered a report in the philippines it will address serious violations allegedly committed by the government jurong detectives crackdown abusers campaign against drugs
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because drug users in the real source of course of the many of the crimes that are be committed now are not quibble about how many of those crimes are committed by drug users but the justification is not our it's just not true that we are overwhelmed by drug problem wired such. the murder of. the philippine government rejects the u.n. vote calling it a travesty and saying it cannot accept a politically partisan and one sided resolution it's already said it won't cooperate with any investigation critics have described the terror does anti drugs campaign as a war against the poor with the majority of those killed coming from impoverished communities and they're included in the government's watch lists of drug users and
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peddlers but the rights groups say these lists are reliable and police have not explained how they are drawn up or verified but the terror terror remains committed to these war and drugs despite widespread criticism the united nations human rights council is not the only international body now prepared to investigate. the international criminal court is carrying out its own inquiry into whether his drugs were policies that started when he was mayor of devil's city in the southern philippines before becoming president constitute crimes against humanity jim duggan al jazeera european council president donald tusk has criticised the russia's decisions about the flights to georgia he calls it unjustified and disproportionate relations between tbilisi and moscow have deteriorated since the
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visit of a russian politicians in the georgian parliament 3 weeks ago speaking as a conference on the e.u. and eastern europe in the georgian city of but to me from where andrew symonds reports. it's the annual gathering of east european states and the e.u. russia is always irritated by such familiar images. once led the kremlin to ban all direct flights to georgia all the unfamiliar images of anti russian protests every day for more than 3 weeks in the capital tbilisi georgia is president didn't want to talk about russia at the conference but the e.u. council president did russia recently this is the money flight to judge your unjustified. this is professionalism that may be the case but georgia's leaders were reluctant to openly attack russia at this event that parliament's head of european integration was sent out to face questions denying claims by protesters
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the georgia's government had become too lenient towards russia at the plaza saying nothing to prove the russian want to say it's a. total loss that's why i say. that it doesn't actually require any farther with russia or is really concerned about your presence here with this conference and you have georgia very far western or the truth we would like to find ourselves eventually we think the europeans are in one of the debates parliamentary leader spoke of russia as a whole keep buying force or join your russian me you know higher up to 20 percent of our territories it means permanent threaten the more security it means severe violation of human rights of people who are living in occupied territories came loose signing of financial agreements between georgia and e.u. states.


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