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a proxy war between them even though they should be working together on syria through the so-called athan a process they were sponsors of a cease fire an adlib last year instead they are using it live as a bargaining chip and another member of the athan a team iran is involved as well. unlike previous offensives iranian backed troops are not on the front lines it's believed to be one of the reasons why the government has made gains it leaves those foot soldiers it seems there is no understanding between iran and russia and france will impose conflict in syria and it seems russia and turkey do not agree on how to split northern syria. civilians are paying the price. beirut the number of birds from last week sinking of a boat carrying refugees on the coast of tunisia has now risen to 72 according to testimony from the accidents only 3 survivors 86 people are believed to have been on board the death toll continues to climb the tunisian red cross fears it could
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become one of the worst disasters involving boats carrying migrants across the mediterranean a 13 year old suicide bomber has blown himself up at a wedding in afghanistan killing 5 people and injuring dozens more the attacker burned in the eastern province of no group has claimed responsibility. china has released figures showing its imports from the u.s. have plunged in the past year exports to america are down to and with the country's trade war but china says its trade surplus with the u.s. continues to rise and that imbalance is at the heart of donald trump's assertions that china's engage an unfair trade practices when he has more from beijing. some fairly negative numbers released by the government here in beijing but no sign of panic of course from the customs it ministration they are saying that yes the trade dispute with the united states is having an effect but that it is manageable so what we have is that for the month of june exports from china to war countries
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dropped by 1.3 percent compared with the same period a year ago concerning in that if we go back to the month of may they grew by 1 point one percent on the positive side most experts were forecasting that those numbers for june would be worse than what they are this all happening of course amid a truce in the trade war between china and the united states tariffs are not being placed on each other's goods as agreed between the 2 leaders after they met on the sidelines of the g 20 summit in japan last month but some numbers to unpick here for the u.s. president donald trump who has long complained of unfair trade practices by the chinese and the fact that the united states has a large trade deficit with china even though exports from china to the united states are down the trade surplus that the chinese have with the united states grew in the month of june to almost $30000000000.00 so no doubt that will be discussed
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if those negotiations face to face negotiations do restart as expected possibly in china within the next couple of weeks one of the most concerning numbers for the overall chinese economy to be released is that imports from all countries a down 7.3 percent and that is being blamed on weak domestic demand. and south korea have held talks to resolve a worsening trade row. restricting the export of materials used in manufacturing smartphones and memory chips to seoul raising concerns for the south korean economy from the global tech supply chain could cook to has more. a year ago japan and south korea came together their 20 goal stopping north korea from getting nuclear weapons and boosting regional trade. a year later the 2 sides meet again this
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time to defray disputes over north korea japan says south korea cannot be trusted to implement un sanctions against pyongyang its imposed restrictions on some exports south korea says japan's claims are untrue and wants an international investigation. if the investigation finds fault with our government then we will make an apology for that and make corrections immediately however if the investigation draws a conclusion that our government is not at fault and the japanese government should not only apologize to us but also retract their retaliatory export restrictions immediately. there is anger in seoul calls for a boycott of japanese goods are growing. the japanese restrictions are seen as a retaliation after a recent south korean hold trollings relating to the 2nd world war japanese companies were ordered to compensate for most south korean forced labor as japan
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insists it's not mixing politics with trade agreement that you are going to get from japan's perspective this measure is a necessary review of operations to appropriately execute japanese export control for national security concerns and not an mo terry measure. south korea is the world's biggest supplier of computer chips that small from displays but plants like apple and while weigh on their fears japan's restrictions scooted companies like samsung south korea's drooling party says the government will set aside more than $250000000.00 to protect its companies from japanese action. this move made by the japanese government could be interpreted as the 1st shot in a trade war if it is a prolonged embargo and if. if the japanese inforce it very strictly in a tough manner and if south korea cannot get these materials elsewhere then it
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could it could have a serious impact on. south korea's technology production the treat dispute may be subtle but the timing is critical in just over a week japan will elect members to the upper house in an election prime minister shinzo obviously doesn't want to use this as south korea's leader seen as an important force in denuclearization talks on the korean peninsula is going to be deleted your post wasn't so much in calculating this medium to. the side backing down who put the idea even further to go back and say oh. well plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including the monsoon rains in bangladesh make life even more difficult for hundreds of thousands of rohingya refugees we'll have an update for you plus we'll have the story behind these artworks saved from destruction during the soviet era. and unsporting then cut australia from the
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cricket world cup show we'll have more details and sport. west african leaders are in ivory coast to plan the rollout of a single shared cover. see now the move would mean 8 former french colonies will have to give up their use of a currency known as the c f a front it was created by france in 1945 and is used by 14 african nations into zones one in west africa which includes senegal coast mali and bikini facet and 6 others in central africa including bomb and chad now the currency is pegged to the euro and has the financial backing of the french treasury in return france holds 50 percent of the foreign exchange reserves of those member countries supporters of the system say it
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provides economic stability and keeps inflation under control but critics see it as a relic of french colonialism that holds their countries in the past and restricts economic growth well and with address joins us now live from abidjan ivory coast economic capital amid them some crucial decisions really to be made the could impact part of the continent for generations to come. absolutely so while it's going to be a very must see introduction apart from the ordinary people on the street businesses will also have to readjust a government will also need to re east to sutton bones suchan statements and also some new policies regarding one or 2 policy in the region now 8 leaders are already here in the building right behind me the presidents of all the countries actually participating cuter asli however in the opening remarks both the president of the
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council of ministers and the president of ivory coast to host president. voided direct reference as to whether or not the meeting will adopt the new currency being touted for launch in 2020 vehicles now a lot of people economists businessmen and traders we've spoken to in the last 2 days i really really looking forward to the benefits of the introduction of these currency but there are also apprehensions that's what happens after the introduction also there are certain people economists and officials who are wondering whether or not france will allow its 60 or 70 years of dominance of finances in these african countries to just simply disappear france by the way is represented at the meeting today alongside other countries that are not part of the c.f.a. are enjoyment so it's we would like to see what the position of the heads of states
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and government of these monetary blog will issue in the next 2 hours after their meeting in this building that currently they're currently going into a closed door session and i have a lot of people are wondering whether or not they will come up with a definitive statement as to whether or not they will drop the c.f.a. and i will says when the happens i will join you again and then address that in addition thank you. but experts are divided on what the impact of the single currency will have on the region's economy. capital dhaka. there are topics that can both divide and bring west africans together football with the africa cup of nations. how to properly grow a chicken and money that's because 15 west african countries have agreed to create and share a single currency called the fine exterior. it's a great idea if we have the same currency we could be one big country like america
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big and strong and then we would all be treated as equals. already 8 of the 15 countries use the same currency the african franc or c.f.a. a legacy of french colonialism. france's central bank acts like a manager holding part of their treasury to guarantee financial stability. the 7 other nations often deal with inflation in currency volatility with each of them directing their own monetary policy. i want to see a graduate student trade says he has watched leaders say a common currency is the solution since 1903. but some are playing defensively others are being too aggressive in not thinking of the collective we need to place a team for this to work for everybody to win from it including cynical. while in nigeria is the continent's biggest economy senegal and i rico's to are some of the fastest growing in the world and yet the u.n. says less than 20 percent of trade here is happening among african countries the
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challenge is to get the big players in the region like ivory coast and nigeria to stop. against each other as a team together for the benefit of the people of west africa. for senegalese chicken stock maker but he said a common currency is good for business allowing easier access to the $420000000000.00 economy. need to move beyond the african frank. is the driving force of west africa. a single currency would allow us to overcome all of our chilling just today. it's a sizzling debate with each its own opinion while there may be uncertainty over the single currency regional leaders believe that in the end. africans will come out as winners nicholas hawk al-jazeera. director of the african foundation
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for development joins me now from london good to have you with us on al-jazeera the economist will always be happy about perhaps a single currency but it's really up to the bureaucrats and the politicians to agree and certainly in west africa they don't always seem to sing from the same hymn sheet. well you have a huge. craving west africa and you know between. here and then. and now. you have to focus. there and currencies are going to be huge political. calculations around where the. current iraq. dreams are valid and of course there are various levels of growth amongst the c.i.s. countries if for example if you just look at cote d'ivoire it's expected growth
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it's something like $3.00 in $29.00 to nigeria's this 3.6 in 2019 coat of was is maybe nearer to 8 percent. the variation impacts as well on the way these countries view whether they can get their economies there is there are large disparities of a lot. so huge disparities and then there's obviously the fact that large areas of. nearly 2 thirds of the economy are the region around the sciences region and nigeria country dominate and you will have that sort of german effect and within the euro where i think the others might be anxious that nigeria will move to i mean i just simple currency would be more beneficial to the match in an economy where you have 3rd disparity talked about in terms of growth versus cost or disparity in terms of. their
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preferred from a search for the. future that they all hold 3 percent in terms of deficit spending and they treated inflation very very tricky. today and the central bank is only allowed to do percent if it's expanding. and it's going to be quite hard for some economies for them to keep that when they're going to watch convergence again if you look at what happened within the e.u. press to be running a deficit or less sensibly look at what happened between the e.u. greek greece snake said and it was numbers were everywhere and we've seen the consequences that. there are a lot of problems that there are opportunities on the promise of this wider growers . and regional introgression is there also it
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is at the end of the day a political project as well and that project is for greater regional integration which will simulate growth. and trade will be interesting to see what the final communique is what this meeting is over the may have been totally catchy one but thanks so much for joining us from london thank you. the and sacred general says the world hasn't done enough to help mozambique up to 2 successive cyclons killed hundreds of people and turning into terrorists has appealed for more aid and support for months up to cyclon india and kenneth devastated much of the region he says it's clear these disasters are caused by climate change the storms flattened cities and villages leaving more than a 1000000 people homeless. to south-asian away a warning that thousands of rango refugees in bangladesh shot at risk of the heavy rain swept through that makeshift hundreds of thousands fled to neighboring
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bangladesh after a military crackdown in 2017. as if life weren't difficult enough for refugees in bangladesh the monsoon season has brought with it even greater hardship flooding and landslides guarantee the situation for an already vulnerable population becomes even more precarious terrifying days of heavy rains in the reading of refugee camps here in cox's concern and the situation is serious thousands of people have been displaced and thousands more have been sentenced to their homes. while running the refugees work to secure their overcrowded camps hillsides from erosion aid agencies like the world food program are doing what they can to distribute emergency supplies last year heavy monsoon rains in southeastern bangladesh led to the deaths of 5 children and many fear the conditions could be even worse this year and worry the down poor may not let up
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anytime soon more than 730000 mainly muslim or he fled from me and more to neighboring bangladesh after a military crackdown in 2017 un investigators have said attacks on me and more western record state included mass killings and gang rapes and that they were executed with genocide intent in june the international criminal court moved closer to opening a full investigation as prosecutor fact toobin sudha announced she will request the court to look into crimes relating to 2 waves of violence in iraq and state the request 6 authorization from the courts to open an investigation into alleged crimes within the jurisdiction of the court in which at least one element occurred on the territory of bangladesh. is there but it isn't on statute and within the context of tourists and with the violence in iraq and state on the territory of myanmar as well as any other crimes we have sufficiently linked to these events if
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granted the i.c.c. would become the 1st international court to prosecute any crime committed against me and more is running a minority mohammed in doom. but some of the weather has overturned and there's a vast area of we want to see a cloud there is an eye of the storm over the tropical storm barry well it's not actually an eye to see at the moment so but there's this huge massive cloud you can see just to the south of new orleans and ladis what is tropical storm barry i think they would like to get in on this one of the be surprised if it makes it to hurrican intensity but let's take a look closer at what's going on is where we got the brightest clout that is the center of the storm if we can call it a center as such you can see how this is just to the south of new orleans gradually it is going to make its way further northward sending this kind of push up towards the louisiana coast as we go on really through the next 18 to 24 hours as i said i'd be surprised if it does make it to hurricane status but it will get close
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a strong tropical storm this winds sustained at around 90 kilometers per hour gusting to 100 kilometers or here's the crucial thing so only moving this 7 kilometers per hour is walking pace a snail's pace what it starts to rain it's going to rain for ages and the mississippi is already close to bursting its banks and that's going to cause a further problems then as we go on through the next couple of days we're looking at so huge amounts of rainfall in that sense of $500.00 millimeters a possibility as not to get the storm surge one to 2 meters certainly a possibility on that storm surge lotsa land close to the sea is of course around sea level so that is going to cause a problem these are the kind of rainfall totals we're looking at so close to half a meter the next 36 hours. thanks very much i have to we're going to keep our message with the weather because still ahead here on al-jazeera. oysters die and the shrimp are moving out we have wildlife mammals you know dolphins are you know dying extreme weather in the u.s.
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pushes the mississippi river to record levels taking a heavy toll on wildlife. and we'll tell you which top tennis player is being credited with helping serena reach the with the final votes coming up with joe in sports so don't go away. i've been looking at your instagram account and reading takes into the atmosphere behind the scenes this is a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president carol after them everyone has a voice the best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational charismatic nominee to join the global conversation on your thoughts to twitter and. find out is iraq. every reclaim news cycle brings a series of breaking stories this maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to
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175 years during the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media donald trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't to focus on how they would call it on the stories that matter the most they move closer and closer to the tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news hour with me as a whole robin a reminder of our top stories russian cargo planes have begun delivering a controversial missile system to turkey the u.s. has warned turkey it could face sanctions over the deal. more than $120.00 rebels and soldiers have been killed in the past 48 hours in syria that's according to the
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syrian observatory for human rights they were fighting for control of a village in hama province which is now back under government control. west african leaders are in ivory coast to plan the rollout of a single shared currency the move would mean 8 former french colonies giving up their use of a decade old currency which is backed by friends. to roll to police are saying that 2 more officers from a rainy an oil tanker have now been arrested after their ship was seized last week bringing the total of 2 for this breaking news of course is just coming out from the crew of grace one they're under suspicion of breaking u.n. sanctions by transporting oil to syria iran's foreign ministry has demanded the immediate release of the oil tanker on retaliatory threats from tehran britons as iranian boats approached one of its oil tankers on thursday prompting a u.k. warship to intervene iran has denied the encounter
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in the us president donald trump has approved federal resources to louisiana after hurricane warnings were issued along the coast parts of new orleans are still under water after days of thunder storms and floods residents are putting sandbags outside their properties or leaving town hurrican berry is expected to make landfall on saturday but we heard about the weather from everton before we can now speak to wendy wall fork form then b.c. correspondent who joins us now from new orleans a dreadful situation really that people find themselves where you are how are they coping. they are actually doing quite well considering what is a looming that is a very slow moving storm but we have started to feel the outer bands of it making its way slowly on to the louisiana coast the vans of high winds and intermittent
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rain unfortunately this one is going to be a rain maker in an area as you mentioned that is already saturated as you can see behind me right now this is the mississippi river that is at this point 8 feet above normal at this point and they are afraid that very and whatever capacity it makes landfall could cause a huge storm surge and put it above flood stage now at this point residents are putting up sandbags they are boarding up residences as well as shops and businesses but the mayor here in new orleans has told people to shelter in place they don't have time to try to get out of this area to make sure they have supplies and food for long enough to get through about 3 to 5 days depending on what happens here and some areas they're expecting
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a good 20 inches of rain this weekend and you add that to the snow melt and the rain that's in this river and there could be some serious problems. with do this is the big easy but most part people are taking it in stride they are afraid of the war water but at this point they are they they are just taking it stay safe and during their base that's the follow directions with the president to being released funds to trying to help in such a rescue operation if you can call it so that for the moment wolf so the emergency service says this is able to do to try to get a hold the will to get to get the fish that will to try to help residents of new orleans. well they have then about $3000.00 members of the national guard on standby in all the outlying areas so if there is so much flooding that people need to be rescued they
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have the vehicles that are appropriate that can and that can get in here and that is one to find and declaring that is a national emergency before the storm even makes landfall did for the state they did not have the money to to. put all of those people and vehicles out and so that was what the federal declaration was for before the move but we will leave it. so you can cool some of that situation develops thank you. now the mississippi river has already and was already at record levels before the rains had 20 mentioned engineers have put measures in place to protect communities but as nick clark reports that's having an impact on the environment. the familial mississippi river a crucial alatri of commerce which drains 41 percent of the entire united states this year it's exceeded all records the volume of water down its course swollen by extreme spring rains and snow melt upstream the mississippi has never been this
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high for this long it is unprecedented and everyone who lives in new orleans this puts the trust in the levee system which protects the city from flooding while upstream the engineer is well they try and ease the pressure. and they've done that with a rare opening of the bonnet carre spillway built in the 90 thirty's to dock colossal quantities of water away from the main river in times of high flood of just about 12 times in its history this is actually the 1st year that it's been opened twice in the same calendar year so this is really one of the one of the longest floods on record the spillway will remain open until the end of july but there's a problem it's upset the ecological balance of the mississippi sound diluting the mix of fresh and so water with devastating effect to coastal businesses now we're starting to see the repercussions which are you know oysters die in the shrimp are moving we have wildlife mammals you know dolphins are you know dying the turtles
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are dying we have a lot of salt water species now that are being affected heavily due to the rise of the river west it is a multimillion dollar industry here in st bernard parish but it's sitting duck landings it down up to 80 percent the fishermen source of income has been all but destroyed and this is a very big an impact this is the worst impact that this community has ever seen i mean we've we've been through katrina where we've been completely wiped off. we've been through b.p. we've been through a lot in this community watched over the years in my life this community come and go but this is the worst i've ever seen for me now business is a demanding that the federal government step in with emergency funding. and throw everything in there and go back out there make no money for sure are there. then they nearly do from their help of the fear is with changing weather patterns
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this could become the new normal you might save the city from flooding but at a cost to a multimillion dollar industry that clark al-jazeera new orleans louisiana while staying in the americas brazil's president is being accused of nepotism after nominating one of his sons to the post of ambassador to the united states at water bowl sonora says that he's prepared to resign from his position in congress if the nomination is approved but a federal judge says this would be a violation of the constitution the president's critics say the move shows his family has too much influence in politics the american journalist glenn greenwald says he's facing death threats and calls for his deportation from brazil after publishing incriminating text messages from the justice minister when he was working as a federal judge greenwald was questioned over the leaks this week by a congressional committee he says they show sergio laura improperly advised prosecutors in the corruption trial that jailed former president luis in
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a few lula da silva laura has a question their authenticity and says they are obtained by criminal names there's been a very concerted relatively sophisticated involved funded campaign to disseminate information designed to create a public perception that i'm actually a criminal i think in anticipation of the possibility of taking some action against me that well then at least have a degree of popular public support. venezuelan president because moderate opposition parties have agreed to keep talking in a bid to resolve the country's political and economic crisis the breakthrough follows 3 days of meetings in barbados between representatives of madeira and opposition leader one goh i don't know before the talks began but they were had said that he was optimistic they could find a path to peace censorship during the soviet era so many of on
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guard artists arrested or even driven underground but thanks to one man tens of thousands of paintings were saved from destruction some of those works are now on display at a museum. but step bassam reports from the future of this collection is now in doubt. despite being in a town in the car a car packed desert tourists travel to new clothes to see the world's 2nd largest collection of soviet art the founder of the museum eagle soffits collected around 100000 paintings many were hidden when the soviet union banned almost all art which didn't conform to socialist principles so he secretly smuggled the paintings to a place so remote that nobody would find them and sometimes gave them a new name like this one by some world originally called the bulldozer exhibition the exhibition that was arranged by dissident artists of nonconformist artists at
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the outskirts of most school and they were smashed off by k.g.b. who came with a bulldozer to ensure the painting safety stuff need to be renamed the work feast of spring in the park before he died in 1984 he handed the collection over to baba nasser over who turned the museum into an international attraction and she was suddenly removed from her position 4 years ago an international group of art lovers called friends of new clothes as recently stopped financial support because of her dismissal and what they call mismanagement of the museum as an art consult with monika. is now guiding to worse in a different museum forbid an artery ate it at a time when our own god was considered treason and it's paint us anime's of the.


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