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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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imports from the u.s. have plunged in the past year and its exports to america are down to as the country's trade war drags on china says its trade surplus with the u.s. continues to rise that imbalance is the heart of donald trump's assertions that china is engaged in unfair trade practices when he has more from beijing. some fairly negative numbers released by the government in beijing but no sign of panic of course from the customs it ministration they are saying that yes the trade dispute with the united states is having an effect but that it is manageable so what we have is that for the month of june exports from china to war countries dropped by 1.3 percent compared with the same period a year ago concerning in that if we go back to the month of may they grew by 1 point one percent on the positive side most experts were forecasting that those numbers for june would be worse than what they are this all happening of course amid a truce in the trade war between china and the united states tariffs are not being
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placed on each other's goods as agreed between the 2 leaders after they met on the sidelines of the g 20 summit in japan last month but some numbers to unpick here for the u.s. president donald trump was long complained of unfair trade practices by the chinese and the fact that the united states has a large trade deficit with china even though exports from china to the united states are down the trade surplus that the chinese have with the united states grew in the month of june to almost $30000000000.00 so no doubt that will be discussed if those negotiations face to face negotiations do restart as expected possibly in china within the next couple of weeks one of the most concerning numbers for the overall chinese economy to be released is that imports from all countries a down 7.3 percent and that is being blamed on weak domestic demand. well the
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weather is next and then the feud between 2 asian neighbors that's threatening the world's tack industry. and these ones for britain artworks were saved from soviet voters there as well find out why their future is again uncertain. how i once again welcome to another look at the international forecast we've had some flooding problems across southeastern parts of china more of the same as we go on through the next couple of days a sleigh last a cloud showing up on the satellite picture the main focus for the heaviest rain recently has been into the southeastern corner but it's going to be a little further north as we go on through saturday really heavy downpours from the
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southwest of the country right up into the east coast and beyond shanghai sings in very heavy rainfall and there will be widespread flooding as a result of that heavy rain pushing right down towards the southwest into northern parts of vietnam and that heavy rain well it comes in a more expansive as we go on through sunday so further big downpours coming in here pushing down towards hong kong not quite making it temperatures around 32 celsius for hong kong whether we'll continue into shanghai sunshine the showers into the philippines something more in the west sunshine than showers for manila but those showers will certainly be there nevertheless as we go on through sunday and the sunshine and showers to cost more than parts of vietnam more big downpours coming in here over the next couple of days stretching their way right across into me and ma with further heavy downpours for a good part of northeast india. one
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of the last remaining ancient forests in southeast asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumber jacks and drive as. we follow that treacherous journey as they walk through extreme conditions. together and transport this dangerous but precious cargo risking it all. on al-jazeera. again the top stories on. u.s. labor secretary stepping down over his role in striking
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a plea deal years ago with convicted sex offender geoffrey epstein president confirmed alex across that will be leaving his post in a week. members of the u.s. house of representatives have testified to congress about the mistreatment of migrants at federal detention center and they've described the horrible conditions . for police say 2 more officers from an iranian oil tanker have now been arrested after their ship was seized last week the crew suspected of breaking you sanctions by transporting oil to syria. russian cargo planes have begun delivering a controversial missile system to turkey but its allies aren't happy about it the 1st shipment of the s 400 air defense system has been flown into a military airfield in ankara and turkey is expecting delivery of more ports over the next few days launch vehicles can each carry 4 long range missiles the u.s. has warned it would cancel an f.
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$35.00 fighter jet deal if turkey took delivery off the missiles. so the s 400 will give turkey a significant advantage over its neighbors in terms of air cover these systems missiles can simultaneously track and destroy incoming targets up to 400 kilometers away the u.s. is concerned that turkey's s $400.00 purchase will compromise the security if it's f. $35.00 jets the stealth fighter is the backbone of the u.s. future air power turkey's so ready for an once another $116.00 but the u.s. believes russia may use the s 400 system to collect sensitive data about the f. 35 set of course from istanbul. tokyo will receive all parts of this $400.00 missile defense system by the end of the summer according to the russian authorities and there are 2 more batches to arrive by the end of august and the last batch will be via sea vessels that will carry a day with one that will carry 120 missiles as 400 system and according to turkish
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authorities this 400 will be operational why october however the turkish defense minister sais that despite the system is going to be operational turkey doesn't close the door to the american patriot missile systems and they are still considering buying those as well the u.s. has threatened turkey for. has threatened turkey for imposing sanctions if the missiles were received by ankara have over the rhetorical change they said turkey would be sanctioned if the as for hundreds become operational for now turkey expects some sanctions from the united states but on the other hand turkish president reject a paragon said that at present donald trump never mention him about sanctions when they met during the g 20 summit last month in japan that's where described as the offensive but syrian government forces leading the campaign against rebels in the northwest are now on the defensive more than $120.00 soldiers and fighters have
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died and heavy fighting over the last 48 hours and how my province on the set of other reports from neighboring lebanon president bashar assad's forces are finding it hard to make substantial gains. syrian government forces and their allies are struggling to take ground from the opposition their offensive in northwest syria has been costly and difficult instead of advancing they have been defending their territory in the face of a coordinated and fierce counter offensive launched by rebel factions but both sides have suffered heavy casualties in the battle for one town house of the village in northern hama more than 100 soldiers and rebels are believed to have. been killed according to the syrian observatory for human rights it says that in more than 2 months of fighting nearly 900 soldiers have died on the government's side while nearly 1000 were killed on the rebel side and yet the russian backed campaign has yielded little for president bashar assad's side. but it has
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brought a lot of destruction rebel controlled towns in and around it live province are being targeted in russian and syrian air strikes more than 500 civilians have been killed more than 100 of them children. health facilities ambulances civil defense headquarters all destroyed. just in the last 2 days ago clinics or schools that are. civilian targets it is really unacceptable we have a total of more than $300000.00 people the displaced in the last 2 months and our top concern is really protection of civilians the basic rule of. i words of condemnation have been repeated in recent weeks but little accountability or pressure from the international community to stop the offensive russia and turkey will decide what happens next that has become
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a proxy war between them even though they should be working together on syria through the so-called asked in a process they were sponsors of a cease fire an adlib last year instead they are using it as a bargaining chip and another member of the asked in a team iran is involved as well. unlike previous offensives iranian backed troops are not on the front lines it's believed to be one of the reasons why the government hasn't made gains it needs those foot soldiers it seems there is no understanding between iran and russia on tech arms rules in post conflict syria and it seems russia and turkey do not agree on how to split northern syria. civilians are paying the price of. beirut. the number of dead from last week's sinking of a boat carrying refugees off the coast of sin as you know has risen to 72 cording to testimony from the accidents only 3 survivors 86 people are believed to have
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been on board the death toll continues to climb the 2 new zealand red cross fears it could become one of the worst disasters involving boats carrying migrants across the mediterranean it's a dispute that threatens to hurt the global tech industry and production of devices many of us depend on japan is restricting exports of materials to south korea which are used to make things like smartphones and t.v.'s priyanka gupta reports. a year ago japan and south korea came together 20 goals stopping north korea from getting nuclear weapons and boosting regional trade. a year later the 2 sides meet again this time to trade disputes over north korea japan says south korea cannot be trusted to implement u.n. sanctions against pyongyang its imposed restrictions on some exports south korea says japan's claims are untrue and wants an international investigation.
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if the investigation finds fault with our government then we will make an apology for that and make corrections immediately however if the investigation draws a conclusion that our government is not at fault and the japanese government should not only apologize to us but also retract the retaliatory export restrictions immediately. there is anger and so calls for a boycott of japanese goods. the japanese restrictions are seen as a retaliation after recent south korean court's rulings relating to japan's former rule over the korean peninsula and its actions during world war 2 japanese companies were ordered to compensate for most south korean forced laborers japan insists it's not mixing politics with trade agreement that you are going to get from japan's perspective this measure is a necessary review of operations to appropriately execute japanese export control for national security concerns and not a monetary measure south korea is the world's biggest supplier of computer chips
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a small from displays but plants like apple and while weigh on their fears japan's restrictions quoted companies like samsung south korea's drooling party says the government will set aside more than $250000000.00 to protect its companies from japanese action. this move made by the japanese government could be interpreted as the 1st shot in a trade war if it is a prolonged embargo and if. if the japanese inforce it very. glee in a tough manner and if south korea cannot get these materials elsewhere then it could it could have a serious impact on. south korea's technology production to treat dispute may be sudden but the timing is critical in just over a week japan we elect members to the opera house and election prime minister shinzo
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doesn't want to use as south korea's leader seen as an important force in denuclearization talks on the korean peninsula is looking to maintain support for his party in parliamentary elections next year with neither side backing down the rift could widen even father priyanka gupta al-jazeera. brazil's president joe your boss an arrow is being accused of nepotism after nominating one of his sons to the post the from bastard or to the united states eduardo are both so narrow says he's prepared to resign from his position in crawling wrists if the nomination is approved but a federal judge says this would be a violation of the constitution. the american journalist glenn greenwald says he's facing death threats and calls for his deportation from brazil after publishing incriminating text messages from the justice minister when he was working as a federal judge remold was questioned over the leaks this week by congressional
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committee he says they show sergio morrow improperly advised prosecutors in the corruption trial that jailed former president lula da silva. there's been a very concerted relatively sophisticated involved funded campaign to disseminate information designed to create a public perception that i'm actually a criminal i think in anticipation of the possibility of taking some action against me that will then at least have a degree of popular public support will censorship during the soviet era saw many of on guard artists arrested or driven underground and thanks to one man tens of thousands of paintings were saved from destruction some are on display at a museum in pakistan but is that for some reports the future of its collection is in doubt. despite being in a town in a car a car packed desert tourists travel to new clothes to see the world's 2nd largest collection of soviet unfun garde art the founder of the museum eagle soffits
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collected around 100000 paintings many were hidden when the soviet union banned almost all art which didn't conform to socialist principles so he secretly smuggled the paintings to a place so remote that nobody would find them and sometimes gave them a new name like this one by some world originally called the bulldozer exhibition the exhibition that was arranged by dissident artists of nonconformist artists at the outskirts of most school and they were smashed off by k.g.b. who came with a bulldozer to ensure the painting safety selfie to be renamed the work feast of spring in the park before he died in 1984 he handed the collection over to baba nasser of who turned the museum into an international attraction and she was suddenly removed from her position 4 years ago an international group of art lovers
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called friends of new clothes has recently stopped financial support because of her dismissal and what they call mismanagement of the museum as an art consultant. is now guiding to worse in a different museum for britain are created at a time when our own guard was considered treason and its painters anime's of the state this enormous collection has been described by critics worldwide as unique and invaluable but there are concerns about its future. the works of alexander volkoff were among the 1st sufi to be collected his son who is also well known painter fears for the future of 90 of his father's paintings owned by the museum more with bulla. knew that may be the ideal. to bring people there who were not that loyal to this museum and were protected one stand in the way of selling paintings. the ministry of culture in fashion and didn't respond to our request for
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an interview but the museum's management sas the collection is in good hands your muggle one i can confidently say that every item brought here by soviet skill is carefully secured none of the paintings can be taken out of the museum just like that you'll need to pass do museums former director is not convinced it risk because they actually itself of the popularity of the museum their reputation only . but the selection of a new musi and director who will start his work in september is reason for optimism she believes he is handed a huge responsibility to protect the future of one of the world's extraordinary collections step fast and al-jazeera no clues to speak you stan. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. labor secretary is stepping down over his role in striking
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a plea deal with convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein president trump confirmed alex acosta will be leaving his post after growing calls for him to quit how to go high and has the latest from washington. we democrats will continue to hammer just how much turnover there has been within this administration i think what's remarkable about what those 2 men were just saying the president and the current labor secretary is really downplaying this case basically saying it was 12 years ago people were happy with it and then they weren't happy with it let's go back to the facts of this cost alex acosta was the u.s. attorney in florida jeffrey epstein very connected very rich he was accused in the indictment had dozens and dozens of charges of basically running a child sex ring so accustomed really i think there were a lot of places for him to go democrats were going to continue to call for him to step down especially given that the epstein case is going to be winding its way through the courts for months or even years and just after he announced the news
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about acosta donald trump went on to say immigrant deportations will begin in 10 u.s. cities this weekend this week will target people who received final orders to leave the country including families trump says immigration and customs enforcement officers will focus on criminals gibraltar police say 2 more officers from an iranian oil tanker have now been arrested after their ship was seized last week it brings the total number to 4 though none has been charged the crew suspected of breaking sanctions by transporting oil to syria turkey has received the 1st shipments of the russian $400.00 missile defense system the u.s. has previously warned turkey it could trace sanctions over the purchase and that it won't be allowed to purchase f. 35 fighter jets. more than 120 rebels on soldiers have been killed in syria in the past 48 hours that's
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according to the syrian observatory for human rights they were fighting for control of a village and how the province which is now under government control those are the headlines risking it all is up next. oh thank.
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you. the use earth is on a mission he has to set up a lumber camp before nightfall the house is delivering will become home for him and other woodcutter is deep in borneo the rain forest. among his many challenges the unpredictable terrain the the little.
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the and that all those of the for. i don't know said. it was the end of the center of the show and that. he. did and you know whom by knowing that. you can look. behind you so if the 2 of the trucks have also come to a standstill. as you did. it was up to. the governor who was already going to like it but. yes i think. i think.
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very much that. morning is rain forest is shared by 3 countries indonesia malaysia and bernanke it's home to hundreds of endemic plants and animals are rich in unique habitat that is slowly dying its abundant resources overexploited its right woods decimated today less than half the trees remain. yet the procession of trucks never ends the forest tries to slow that progress as best as it can. but here wood to means money to trucks stop at nothing to get that cargo to ports and big cities 7 days a week. each journey is fruitless challenges for drivers overcoming them and them
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a salary of about $550.00 a month. to. use it has now been carrying this house on the back of his. truck for 7 hours he's tired but remains focused. lisa lisa. lisa. plays upon arrival they have to negotiate a difficult unloading. with no crane to help you save on the low business rely on that own resumes and that's. for. the fleet this embankment under the bulldozer acts as an unloaded
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dock. leaf. leaf and that. they can buy get. the other lease almost. like the city that. it was and. i. was putting. the houses journey is still not over. it's headed for the river bank when the men when made in the depths of the jungle
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for 11 months. fly as the locust prepare for tomorrow's walk the terentia will rain pounds down on the camp it's not without consequence. on bad days off the men only on hof of the usual salary. none will risk working with a chainsaw or driving on it's been reduced to mud.
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up to 3 days of rain the locals have even be taken up by what. each of them makes sure to speed up the cutting and transporting of the wood to. hoping to own a bonus for the extra efforts they want to make up the wages that lost. this giant tree grows one centimeter every yeah it's taken thousands of years to grow to besides. its wood is the hardest and densest in the world and get the name ironwood. even once on the ground it still managing to make the longest lives difficult.
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to share way to the tree is driving the bulldozer towards the ravine. please even in those still cages the drivers have to be careful. how i got. the bill but. i think i'm being in a. place moving the trunk is proving to be a big challenge especially as the bulldozer is now stop
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please to free it the forest will once again pay a heavy price. lift. another tree is filed to help slide the logs on to the bulldozers trucks. please please please please the battle between wood and steel last small than an hour. please please please please please.
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please please . please. yousif is heading elsewhere to no doubt 10 tons of iron works but the rain has transformed the tracks into muddy trenches. league play live. look. this journey promises to be especially difficult as i'll be tackling completely
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unexplored tracks. the live there is the thing. that lifts elicit a little chilly for those. of the for. the bulldozer devours everything and that's creating a trail for the drive it's. up now but not much. but by a. little. each
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new track brings its own unknown danger is. according to the dr as they have never been any deaths but many injuries. each one of them except it's the risks as an occupational hazard. the drivers of fixed salary with added bonuses if they manage to transport more would do than expected. it's not looking promising for today's bonus. the bulldozer driver brings back bad news the road is an accessible unless the dr as used this technique.


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