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tv   Hungary - Europes Bad Boy  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2019 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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pence toured a migrant detention facility along the us mexico border different from what we hear from many of the critics. i couldn't be more impressed with the compassionate work that our cause and for border protection to doing here at this facility on capitol hill the house oversight committee heard a different version of conditions inside the centers and what was worst about this mr chairman was the fact that there were american flags hanging all over these facilities that children being separated from their parents in front of an american flag that women were being called these names under an american flag we cannot allow for this as we have seen this current strategy unfold intentional in cruelly created by the top administration dead set on sending a hate filled message that those seeking refuge are not welcome in america and or america president trump has dismissed the claims of mistreatment of their phony
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sources that even after they write whatever they want but the scrimmage he made clear it considered the details of maltreatment fully substantiated a report considered by the committee was based on data provided by president trump's own administration officials under subpoena among the facts that they confirmed is the fact that as many as 18 children under the age of 2 infants and toddlers were separated from their parents for periods ranging from 20 days to 6 months the house if it's to investigate claims of abuse do not end here the judiciary committee this week approved a number of other subpoenas to be served on those dealing with migrants the intention to establish whether the implementation of the administration's 0 tolerance policy contravened federal law. mike hanna al-jazeera washington
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well you saw the vice president visited one detention center in that report we also heard that he told another facility crammed with almost 400 men in sweltering heat some said they'd been there for about 40 days he complained of being hungry and said it was quote tough stuff and that he expected it to be overcrowded but he also said the facilities are something all americans can be proud of. an experimental hiv vaccine is about to be tested it will be the world's 1st immunization against the virus if successful now the drug maker johnson and johnson is putting a large scale study of the vaccine in the u.s. in europe this year hiv virus which causes aids kills about 1000000 people every year worldwide. different is from the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases he says the vaccine is being tested in populations that high risk of developing a child be the purpose of this vaccination is to create a method of preventing people from becoming infected with hiv we're testing it
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in the americas to test it specifically in game and transgender women importantly there's a parallel study that is already falling and rolled with this vaccine that is in sub-saharan africa are being tested in women so we're testing this vaccine simultaneously in the highest risk most important populations that need a vaccine the fundamental obstacles have always been does the vaccine induce a strong enough immune response and then does the vaccine response stick around long enough to protect in the studies that we've been following with this vaccine it looks like we're in pretty good shape on that. it's going to raise public sector pay for the 2nd time in 3 months after labor groups threaten bus protests inflation is running close to 100 percent the country is struggling with shortages of bread
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fuel and medicine horrible tosser has more from around. traditional charles wonder rick and his wife glenda both take home $280.00 zimbabwean dollars a month after deductions that's roughly 30 u.s. dollars each combining both they salaries they agree to spend no more than $40.00 on groceries but when they get to the till they realize they've gone over budget things are just too expensive to make things worse some products they really need aren't available because of shortages things are tight. just take issue as it comes to this people take troops the government is offering civil servants including teachers a cushioning allowance on top of a monthly salaries by that's only an extra 10 u.s. dollars. but. i'm dreaming all ok and.
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we didn't have such kind of scenarios. you knew you would. be cheering you. this barges. into your drawer source. when zimbabwe gained independence from britain nearly 4 decades ago it had a strong currency but rising inflation over the years gradually eroded salaries of civil servants these notes were years from 1918 up until 2003 after land reform economy collapsed inflation was one of the highest in the world that's when the government introduced these they were called the barricades the highest notes was $100.00 trainee and dollars people would have to carry a bag of cast just to buy a loaf of bread the money. it was worth less. then 10 years ago there's a dollar was abandoned as an official currency in favor of foreign money cash shortages continued in $2161.00 knows who introduced to trade alongside foreign
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currencies but things kept getting worse last month the government the temporaries and bargain dollar known as r t g s the only legal tender. after shopping charles and when they joined the queue for fuel another scarce commodity and for some after finding fuel there is no guarantee they will be power when they get home because of daily and frustrating electricity cuts for struggling civil servants and millions of others this is now an everyday reality in zimbabwe. how do with us al jazeera had. well still to come all the news out sports weekly in the face so. that it's the news from donnelly. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god he'd be nice to the waves for millenia. until the palestinian fisherman and the priceless relic.
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the story continues that has the world's attention was drawn to because mysteriously the day it disappeared once again. the apolo of ca's. on the. information indicates to have or associated to the dangers of the police department has the potential to be biased in a number of different ways there are too many opportunities for the computer to get wrong who's checking those offices who commit those data entry is wrong to be saying that your something is wrong to. kill becoming a suspect before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera.
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both about it's time to support his the day we will do it is it's all about serena williams it's all about the final day at wimbledon where serino williams that will be plain simona halep again and history beckons for the american who's been within touching distance of a record equalling 24th grand slam title for some time and a victory here is far from guaranteed with her opponent looking strong throughout this tournament won the french open last year and is also a former world number one. the pressure is on serena williams going into this when she hasn't won a title since the australian open in 2017 when she was 8 weeks pregnant at 37 she's the oldest female grand slam final ascent history beating the previous record
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holder martina navratilova by $33.00 days there's also a 10 year difference between her and helen and if she wins later serina will equal the record of $24.00 grand slam titles set by australian player margaret court which was set 46 years ago the sage is also set for sunday's men's final at roger federer will take on defending champion novak djokovic after coming through a much hype semifinals with refound a doll join a cover ports. fans of roger and rafa have waited 11 years to see them face each other wimbledon again the last all england club encounter had been an epic with the dell winning in the 2008 final friday semi swung the other way was 20 time grand slam champion roger federer a full through a tie break to take the opening set was but is no doubt settled into the past 40th much he broke twice in the 2nd to take it 6 more in.
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the next 2 sets provided a master class in tennis tactics from 2 of the greatest players ever to set foot on a court but ultimately it was federer who seize control clinching them 6364 was and booking his place in sunday's final where he'll go for a 9th singles crown and a 21st grand slam title was that everything at the end which was great i guess i'm just very relieved it's all over it's all over at this point but. it's definitely definitely go down as one of my favorite matches to look back on again just because it's rafa because it's every move and the crowds were into it just accept that it was not my day and i plan to great event i take this in a positive way but the same time today's sad because for me i know its chances are not forever roger federer will face defending champion novak djokovic in that final
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on sunday the push through 4 sets against for better but he staggered with eventually winning on the 5th match point his spanish rival can now go off to enjoy the delayed celebrations for his upcoming wedding old joke of which goes into a 25th grand slam final joining us roster al-jazeera. sameas will be looking into to convert. practice pace to pole position at silverstone later ahead of the british grand prix some drivers were struggling to hold things together on friday roma and groves on had a moment to forget after crashing his hoss car walk coasting down the pit lane can we reckon an alfa romeo was also having its problems out on the track he needed a lift back to the garage even lewis hamilton had some sticky moments as he lost control the world champion finished the day 2nd overall but it was teammate about 3 both us who topped at the time means rivals ferrari you know they've got some work to do to catch mercedes the season. and it's on my side i expected messages to be
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that seem to be this weekend and i think it just yeah maybe they come to them that say they are the team to beat this weekend very very quickly that the race based so we need to we need to act we sure don't write about you there from tires during the race runs a bit less on the body runs but but still i still think that there's quite a bit of off base to find fun on our side friday was a busy day in the football transfer market involving 3 of europe's biggest clubs it's reported that you ventus have signed i x. defender might pay us the licht the 1000 year old dutchman was one of the stars of i it's his run to the champions league semifinal another defender frenchman benjamin also moved to bayern munich. i mean to know that they can you know cannot stand is not by some sort of an obvious barcelona however like to do things slightly differently this promotional video shows or how they announce their 135000000 dollars signing and one griezmann from athletico madrid the 28 year old
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becomes the 4th most expensive footballer of all time. there's a new world record setter at the diamond league athletics meeting in monaco indian a 23 year drought so fun his son of the netherlands set a new mark in the women's mile an event that isn't run at many major meetings she clocked 4 minutes 12.33 seconds 23172nd quicker than the previous best. in the men's 100 meters justin gatlin lay down a marker ahead of the world championships later this year he had stout fellow americans no alliance and mike rogers winning in a time of 9.91 sec. and it was a rough break for 20 year old jonathan jones in the 400 meters another runner fall started but jones never heard the recall gun he and several others started running some stop but jones finished the track he beat his personal best but ran it by himself in a race that now doesn't matter he ended up sitting out for the real one. hard way to lose back to you so to put it straight but surely you see lots more news.
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recruited to win a war exploited to on the battlefield to call the new regime placed in different value and half in life and their peers then abandoned for a lifetime and we should be ashamed for veterans who fought for our country on living over to people in power investigates the plight of imperial britons african
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troops a game tonight the forgotten heroes of empire on al-jazeera. culture a dance thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to embrace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are or whether. this is a suburb of the capital new delhi tibet so the refugees here since 1964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting up ira businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough.
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it is no different behind the cameras this week tensions run high as the produces are forced to balance creative and social issues with the demands of commercialization. episode 4 of such folks mexico al-jazeera. protesters and police clashed in a hong kong border town as thousands turned their anger to a new target trade doesn't shoppers from mainland china. hello and welcome to al-jazeera lifeline headquarters in doha with me elizabeth piron i'm also ahead 26 people including 9 foreign as a killed by al-shabaab attackers at
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a hotel in some somalia. south african soldiers are deployed in cape town to help police with the search and murders shootings and gang violence and louisiana braces for a deluge a strong storm barry bears down on the u.s. state. fighting has broken out in hong kong this protest has marched against traders from mainland china and what's becoming a. rest in the samuel thomas territory police have used bastions and pepper spray to try and contain a group of protesters who were attempting to set up barricades on the streets of shang showing annia thousands rally there against traders and shoppers. again from across the border to buy products cheaply and sell them back in the mainland this go to our correspondent she has been monitoring all of this for us live in hong
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kong to talk us through what's been happening there jamaica well elizabeth the situation was quite calm about 2 hours ago about 300001000 protesters gathered to march from the sports complex of shing shooting to the station there were about 50 police officers who were positioned to manned the perimeters of the barricades and about an hour and a half ago the tension basically erupted when some of the bulldozers accused a few police officers of spraying pepper spray on them and that's when the situation basically escalated the police who were manning at that particular area were quickly outnumbered they were pushed back to the police station they sent back riot police who then also struggled to basically hold their positions and contain it would seem bottles of water thrown at police and protesters we've seen.
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what at this point really the situation us calmed * down the bit shortly after the riot police left about an hour ago they came back to rescue a few police officers who are stuck so what we're seeing basically is a kind of unrest that has been happening here sporadically over the past month. and this is not the only protest in hong kong taking place today but would it be fair to say that this has been the largest the where we've seen the most action. while it is clearly over the past few days you know on. the last few days we've been monitoring the situation in hong kong there was no major protest but there are different forms of protest happening in different parts of hong kong number one there is this what they call the john lennon walls that have sprung up in almost every single district in hong kong where people who are unable to join the protests write messages of support and hope for those who take to the streets and the calls
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for resignation for carry lamps government we've seen that we've seen memorials for those who have died over the past month but what this essentially we're seeing here is that there's been no shortage of zeal or anger from protesters many of them young people who have basically been pushing been pushing back beyond police barricades and this fight efforts basically by the hong kong government to pacify them to contain the situation the message here is quite clear that they are not accepting what's been offered to them but basically what they told us earlier what they want to do is to try to protect their hong kong's way of life they said the rule of law here is being undermined they want the police to push back they said they want accountability transparency and justice elisabetta community thank you very much for that. live in hong kong thank you. even on to other news now al shabaab fighters in somalia say they attacked
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a hotel community leads to $26.00 people and injuring dozens it happened in the port city of kiss my own the semi autonomous in the autonomous rather region of jubal land among the dead people from kenya tanzania the us britain and canada it's go to our correspondent martin webb who is joining us for more on this from nairobi in neighboring kenya what more are you hearing malcolm about the attack and those who died who officials who survived the attack of said it began with the suicide bomber in a car the car was bombed and it was rammed into the median a hotel causing a large explosion and then gunmen on foot followed up attacking the premises and they fought for hours with security forces who eventually managed to take control of the premises now the president of drivel and said the 26 people have been killed among them kenyans terms in americans and
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a briton the somali journalist syndicate said there were 2 journalists in there who have been killed one of them hold on the lie of prominent broadcaster and journalist of canadian somali origin she was among those 2 journalists killed so we're politicians but it's only now that we're starting to get this information the things becoming clear exactly what happened who many how many people died and who are they and malcolm do we know why this hotel why in kiss my oh we have a claim for sponsibility so no doubt authorities. would be on the hunt for the attack is. al-shabaab have claimed responsibility at the time of the attack there was a political gathering taking place at the hotel there were legislators and elders who were planning for upcoming local elections so it seems clear that this event was the targets of the attack it's not entirely clear if the attack was intended to disrupt the democratic process or if it was to target certain candidates or
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individuals who were in there that we don't know but al-shabaab did claim responsibility and specifically said that the car bomb the attackers who came in on foot were there is welcome thank you for that that is not the web following the developments from nairobi. now turkey has accepted these taken shipment of a russian missile defense system the 1st arrived at a military base in the capital ankara on friday more components of the s 400 you expected over the next few days in defiance of a warning from the united states it's threatening to impose sanctions on its nato ally and end to his partnership in developing the f. 35 war plane the u.s. house of representatives has voted for a 12 month freeze on weapons sales to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates but the amendment aimed at stopping the killing in yemen still needs the approval of both senate and president trump gabriel elizondo reports from washington. in an
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effort to send a message and stop the killing in yemen the u.s. house of representatives voted friday to prohibit the sale of air to ground munitions to saudi arabia and united arab emirates for one year they have been used in the war in yemen the amendment to a u.s. defense authorization bill was sponsored by congressman tom aoun now ski and passed 236 to 182 mostly along party lines but 5 republicans also voted in favor of it breaking party ranks all it will do is stop something that is categorically harmful to our national interests the provision of all offensive weapons that enable saudi arabia to keep defying our advice by bombing yemen and prolonging the war there. more than 200000 yemenis have been killed or died of starvation in the saudi and u.a.e. led war now in its 4th year the united nations estimates more than 22000000 people
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or 3 quarters of the population need humanitarian aid and protection before being elected to congress last year melanau ski was an undersecretary of state for democracy and human rights and on the house floor he said saudi arabia indiscriminantly wages the war in yemen under both the obama and trumpet ministrations we have given the saudis specific lists of targets not to strike we have told them do not hit this specific hospital or this port facility or that bridge and then repeatedly they have gone ahead and hit the precise coordinates on our no strike lists and then we just keep on selling them the bombs what does that say to the people of yemen what does it say to the leadership of saudi arabia as part of the same defense authorization bill the house also voted to require president donald trump to get congressional permission before he launches any
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attack on iran the senate rejected a similar measure last month the 251 to 170 vote was unusually bipartisan with 27 republicans joining all but a handful of democrats in support on both of the amendments iran and the saudi u.a.e. arms sales negotiations now are between the senate and house on which of those amendments might make it into the compromise final defense bill gabriels on doe al-jazeera washington. now at least 20 people have died and many more are missing after a heavy monsoon rains triggered floods and landslides the river overflowed its banks destroying both ways and flooding towns and these have evacuated homes in the capital. the rains are expected to continue for 2 more days and in the u.s. tropical storm barry is bearing down on the stage for louisiana tornado warnings
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have been issued and tens of thousands of homes without power people have been ordered to move from outline coastal areas before cost is expect the mississippi river to remain below the levees protecting the city of new orleans and b c news correspondent wendy willful has the latest from new orleans. and front of this storm they placed 300 buses that could get anyone out who just decided to stay in their homes at the last minute if they need to get out there are buses that can take them to a very large shelter that they have put in place in central louisiana and they've also in front of the storm put about 303000 national guardsmen activated with all of their rescue equipment helicopters and tanks ready to go if they need to get into the city so they've learned a lot of lessons unfortunately this city is always going to be below sea level so
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any kind of rain any kind of flooding any kind of storm surge is going to put the infrastructure to test they've learned and now we're going to see if it actually works. police in gibraltar have released 4 crew members of an iranian oil tanker which was seized last week the ship was detained by british forces on suspicion of taking oil to syria and breach of e.u. sanctions the men have been released on bail and without charge but police still investigating still ahead on the bulletins turning the tide concerns that the high seas could become libya's next front line and so don the military leaders and opposition groups are expected to sign a power sharing deal announced last week.


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