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and staying with you and he said because the u.k. is finding itself isn't it as mohammed has pointed out finding itself in a very awkward position it's about to leave the european union we expect and therefore is vulnerable as he put it or in even more graceful need if you like of of us patronage and certainly in the form of a. big fat trade deal so they're prepared to do what it takes to keep that relationship going would you agree with that. just to or some extent i think the expectation was the same with regard to the nuclear deal when for instance that their us president decided 1st to decertify the us and then to withdraw the us from didn't care there was the expectation that the u.k. might break ranks with the rest of the u. and the position itself closer to the u.s. but that did not happen we have seen actually a closing out of the rancid between the u.k. and under the tree france and germany in particular so it really depends on the
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front which we are talking about i think on their nuclear issue as correctly they are already at the beginning the u.k. has been still nandini its position. after defending the new ground by standing up until recently the computer and of iran with its nuclear obligation and doing everything it could really to attend for duty and to survive right in the region are front however a story in the u.k. has taken a step closer push it was german to the us of some of these is what we are seeing at the moment right phil coming back to the situation on the ground or i should say on the war so really so the situation is very tense indeed we've got the highest level of alert when it comes to british maritime forces have you ever seen a situation as tense as this before in your experience and obviously many people will be thinking back to the late 1980 is in what was known as the tanker war. i
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mean historically these these events have occurred or see through time the the we mustn't forget that it seems like ages ago now but there are 2007 the incident with the h.m.s. cornwall where 15 members of the wrong navy were to were arrested by the iranian guard with small boats you know that incident occurred and that led to a rise in tensions an increase in security levels but you know it was only 2007 but yet that seems like a long time ago. and i think we do need to think it's very interesting timing from the british to take the grace from the iranian tanker to rest of gibraltar because they would have known that that would have led to consequences that we we're starting to see here and also the the american attempt to start creating a coalition to support vessels going through the straits of hormuz we've seen this sort of thing before in fact we see it going on currently but in a different environment in the gulf of aden where we've got. photos or other we've got a convoy escorts that go through the gulf of aden which was set up in against piracy
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threat at the time and that's still going on although the piracy is for as diminished but the biggest difference is a potential for escalation in that environment is so much less than is in the gulf of them moves right so any coalition that is built has to take into account now mohamed given given this kind of exceedingly tense environment i would imagine there's very little chance for dialogue but how much hope is there in tehran being invested in the europeans and their and their ability to come up with this alternative system instead this is the way it's being it is what it's being called to to try to mitigate if you like the effects of these harsh american sanctions. well we have to keep in mind that the only side that has been abiding by the nuclear deal over the last 14 months is iran and this is something that the western media and the western think tanks really rarely say there are people who point this out but it's it's not really known by the western public that iran has been
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faithfully abiding by the deal and even now that it's beginning to reduce its commitments it's only doing so to force the europeans to take a stand because the europeans have all sorts of commitments they have been violating all of them because of bullying from washington and so the iranians are saying look we cannot continue like this iranian public will not accept it the iranian public is becoming increasingly frustrated and they expect the government to take action and so the government is becoming more forceful in its attitude in its position towards the i don't i'm not very optimistic about the e.u. but i do think that it's in the interests of the you to change its policy into stand up to the united states it has an economy that by some calculations is larger than the united states and it has of the population that's larger than the united states and the russians and the chinese are resisting the united states so there's no reason why the e.u. especially in coordination with the russians and the chinese cannot do
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a lot more than what it's doing now but ultimately if the u. doesn't take a stance then we may move towards greater escalation in that that's what the americans are pushing for when trump speaks about obliterating iran he said that a number of times already which is basically a threat of holocausts he's he's threatening iran with nuclear strikes but we don't see any european leader or any major media outlet showing shock or condemning such language on the other hand he trump himself says that he's carrying out economic warfare and he's building other countries not to do trade with iran you cannot purchase medicine through the banking sector and iran and right now there are examples of people who've gone without their. medicine. for counselor because it's so expensive they don't want their family to live in destitute so they choose to die as a result this guy a policy that the europeans in their ip are pursuing me say so mohamed is suggesting that the europeans could actually do a great deal more in terms of of of helping iran's economy out of this this tight
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squeeze that's been placed upon it by the american campaign do you think the europeans do have that latitude if so if they do have it or they're not actually exercising it what's holding them back look i think. mania and have rightfully expectation that the europeans would do more in terms of their way down to describe it compensate for the u.s. would draw from this was very much the expectation since the last year or since may 2018 and it tore across from the iranian side where very much clearer seems than meaning the connection to the financial global system and a continuation of its ability to export oil we have to instruct mckinney's them obviously europeans invested very much under financial connections side however and that is very limited it's also 1st of all use not really ongoing at the moment
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despite operationalization and it's very limited on the humanitarian goods armley and we have seen the continuation of iran's inability to sell its oil to the priest actions level so it's clear that the rate of expectation has not met in terms of the european cup abilities obviously what we have seen so far has been very limited compared to the iranian expectations but has also been unprecedented compared to easter a story to. stand up to the u.s. in terms of fun and institutionalizing i try not to make any of them and introducing a block immigration and so on and support if we were talking back in later. it doesn't 17 there was no expectation whatsoever that this was going to happen obviously much more could be done but i think it requires time and time is really not anyone's friend and a moment right mohamed so you took
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a little bit earlier about the possibility of iran escalating if you like its noncompliance with the terms of the what remains of the j c p o a is a rum prepared to go so far as to render it completely obsolete tear it up and walk away is iran prepared for that yes i think that iran ultimately is willing to do that because if the europeans do not take steps to abide by their commitments then there is no reason for iran to say that but the reason why the iranians are gradually reducing their commitments is to give the europeans an opportunity to do something i mean what the europeans have done so far as is really nothing instax maybe a political statement but it is it is an empty vessel it doesn't do anything there has to be money in it european companies are afraid to purchase iranian oil well if they're afraid that europe the european governments can purchase oil are they that afraid of the united states the the the right now the chinese are purchasing
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iranian oil increasingly as we speak the russians are cooperating with iran so if the iranians simply don't buy it that the europeans can't do anything and if they really can't do anything when the europeans should not be sitting at the negotiating table they should step aside because they're not of significance but the iranians i think what is even more important is that the iranians are more than prepared to defend themselves and this escalation that the americans are pursuing is very dangerous this is not 1988 where the americans can down an iranian airliner killing 200 in 1000 people and nothing happens this is an iran today which yeah shoots down a 200000000 dollar american drone with a 20000 dollar iranian may draw right you. has underground installations from the iraqi border alongside the persian gulf to the strait of hormuz to pakistan with tens of thousands of precision guided missiles and iran has allies across the region indeed in 1980 ryan was isolated and surrounded ok
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a very different time today phil coming back to you i'm just wondering a little bit more about the situation in the gulf itself how how easy would it be if you like would it be for there to be. an unintentional ratcheting up of of tensions which could lead to direct conflict i'm particularly referring to britain at the moment because that's where our focus is today how likely is it that it could just unintentionally spiral out of control. i think you've hit the nail on the head there with the unintentional side of it i think everyone is aware of the implicit dangers of putting military assets into an area such as this i mean one of the biggest dangers is the unintentional event that leads on to escalation don trump has been pushing for the u.s. to lead a coalition but doesn't want to be doing it on their own so trying to build
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a coalition because as he rightly points out most of the oil that goes through there and our customers are the ones who are transporting this oil through the straits most of that oil is going out to china and japan india america will be a net exporter of energy by next year so actually it's requirements to keep the lanes open it's purely for the for the flow of oil for example is much less than other nations hence they need to build a coalition because they don't want to pay for it and that suits trumps agenda you know so he's saying that if i see america 1st and able to. build the coalition but the things coalitions and this goes right back to your point is that when you build a coalition you all the operators will operate under their own national rules of engagement and their ways of operating when you've got that situation you could have situations develop where an event occurs that is not necessarily supported or would be followed in the same way by another nation so coalitions in that sense in this tinderbox environment they will be thinking very carefully about committing to
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this area are not occurring but your point about the british. now i'm sorry go no please please finish but be quick if you will because we are are running out of time for please no one of us or no it's actually so the brits the british involvement in the area because we have british interests in the area the british will of course do what they can but in terms of the effectiveness of all those vessels going through here it is an enormous challenge to have a full policing effective policing effort to prevent things like this happening if you've got arms in an area like this there's always a scale ation potential right and let me say looking at the british the british position right now it seems as though they're increasingly in this all is a vise like situation how how desirable or otherwise is it for the u.k. to be seen to be viewed by others as a proxy for the united states and i have to ask you to be brief please i think the
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u.k. is really willing to be somewhere between the e.u. and the us and development i don't even want to be perceived as a proxy after us i don't think it wants to fully eyeliner today u.s. policy on iran because there is so much disagreement internationally to worse the u.s. policy on iran about the closer detentions gets between the u.s. and iran did more to provoke ation from the iranian side or did measures taken by iranian side to which the u.k. needs to respond the more likely it is that the u.k. was shift towards the u.s. thank you all very much indeed a nice a best theory to brissie mohammad marandi and field cohen thank you all very much indeed really interesting conversation and as ever thank you for watching the program you can see it again anytime like by going to the web site al-jazeera dot com if you want to continue with this conversation go to our facebook page facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at
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a.j. inside story i'm at latina death so for me and the whole team here in doha if i found out. traditional wrestling fans have a village festival. now it's a national male and female. who attend large arenas for big money. out of their love the for the future find cultural force. and
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a way out of poverty. wrestling with reality on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. a battle rages over the country's bomb and with activists inviting fox stealing wabster and intimidation
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bombings 1018 off have these tactics gone too far on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every. your children their homes the whole room window whole these are all top news stories fighting is broken up between police and protesters the whole cons border with mainland china where they're angry about traders who come over the border and buy products cheaply to sell back in the mainland follows weeks of rallies against china's influence on how the city is run through
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a window you can see how small from hong kong. tension basically erupted when some of the protesters accused a few police officers of spraying pepper spray on them and that's when the situation are basically escalated the police who were manning at that particular area were quickly outnumbered they were pushed back to the police station they sent back riot police who then also struggled to basically hold their positions and contain it we've seen bottles of water thrown at police and protesters we've seen on rollers but at this point really the situation has calmed down a bit. al-shabaab fighters in somalia say they attacked a hotel in the city of killing at least 26 people and injuring dozens more among the dead are people from kenya tanzania the u.s. britain and canada malcolm webb joins us now from nairobi on the latest. al-shabaab have claimed responsibility at the time of the attack there was
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a political gathering taking place at the hotel there were legislators and elders who were planning for upcoming local elections so it seems clear that this event was the target of the attack not entirely clear if the attack was intended to disrupt this democratic process or if it was to target certain candidates or individuals who were in there that we don't know but al shabaab did claim responsibility and specifically said that the car bomb and the attackers who came in on foot were there turkey has accepted the 2nd shipment of a russian missile defense system the 1st arrived at a military base in the capital ankara on friday more components of the s. $400.00 system are expected over the next few days in defiance of a warning from the united states and in the us tropical storm barry is bearing down on the state of louisiana tornado warnings have been issued in terms of thousands of homes are without power and b.c. correspondent wendy walsh has more from new orleans. and front of this storm they
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placed 300 buses that could get anyone out just sided to stay in their homes at the last minute they need to get out there are buses that can take them to a very large shelter that they have put in place and central louisiana and they've also in front of the storm put about 303000 national guardsmen activated with all of their rescue equipment helicopters. and tanks ready to go if they need to get into the city so they've learned a lot of lessons unfortunately this city is always going to be below sea level so any kind of rain any kind of flooding any kind of storm surge is going to put the infrastructure to they've learned and now we're going to see if it actually works in the pool at least 30 people have died and more are missing of the heavy monsoon rains triggered floods and landslides the river overflowed its banks destroying
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roads flooding towns. the political transition agreement between saddam's military . coalition is due to be signed on saturday but it's likely to be delayed further meanwhile nationwide rallies are being held for 2 days since a crackdown on protesters left $100.00 people. going to new zealand surrendering the semiautomatic weapons which should and position was made illegal following the course church shootings in march 51 worshippers were killed by a self-proclaimed white supremacist the government set aside 140000000 dollars to buy back thousands of weapons. a cautionary as upheld a ruling preventing the government from selling land in the amazon rain forest to oil companies the ruling was celebrated by the indigenous what are the people who argue they weren't properly consulted on the sale of their ancestral land ecuador's indigenous communities have been taking action against all companies since the 1960
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s. and you can follow those stories course on our website at al-jazeera dot com and back with more news in half an hour to stay with us here on al-jazeera. 2 it's called terror attack in europe has been followed by an outpouring of. unfortunately these armed attacks have stirred hatred. islamophobia is on the rise and fear of far muslim neighbors has grown. but you know every attack there were also muslim victims.
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there by law much. less consequence yes due. to our means to me let me show them the legal system. look. him up when they do fuck to do my country to. the best and she will do. just for the poor in the end to the fact that.
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on the 11th of. 2004 commuter trains in the city from a tree. in spain were bombed the next day tens of thousands of people took to the streets in solidarity protesting against the violence. i was there shouting no to the senseless killings of the time we didn't know who was behind the bombings the basque separatist group e.t.a. or was it perhaps those who had been responsible for the 911 attacks in new york. our response was to march together and to call for peace. our role has changed since the 2004 madrid brings. in 2017
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farther attacks were carried out in barcelona and combatants a number of major european cities have also suffered similar violent attacks for many this source of these attacks it seems clear islamic terrorism but is this term correct. many people in europe and across the globe don't agree with this term they ask who they are distinguish between muslims and non muslims the fact is that you know almost every attack we find a significant number of muslim victims. this let me on a journey to uncover the stories of muslims who also lost loved ones in these horrific attacks. you know men women as i have yes to where there's a lot of they may be muslims that's me. and i don't i mean to muddy the middle
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class and i would be to let them tell. us. that happened then it was you know your mother but you know the crazy and i mean the coverlet and the law is a glass ceiling and ladies love. your go to guy in galway. because you within the law says that the only thing to me as i mean. you put conductance you're going on all $1.00 each day. so you got from a nice lab and i will tell you this is going to be honest with the there is something that most. you don't park in the tree there is someone you're meant to remember the more than 192004 attacks i've never been here but mohammed insists on bringing. social workers like him who assisted
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during the aftermath of the attacks experienced extreme emotional distress a few months after the bombings mohammed realized he needed psychological assistance he says he comes here often to rest and to find himself. because of. the probably. not but it was when somebody has persuaded us that until now formally out is the distance between a little is. said i'm not going to see by it out until the last from get it out pretty much what i can do with it up we've done the same to them when they took us. from those person ask a. question one of us literally if was a person i was with when i was coming home for you to feel would normally be getting mother most at least i was going to get them going on. should money tell
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them that they will not this internal sort of the skin that we have was a little bit out of. without lines we think we're going to look. silly to money. sort of his analysis for probably is that they need hardly say they are a little. bit too mother in the scenery and. inside at the station there is another memorial with the names of the victims among those muhammad tried to rescue he finds the names of osama. and ben salaam and now. we find the 3rd name mohammad the. stories of muslims who were killed rarely star 1st. media and the nazi. belief among the more saying i gave. for some of.
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the liberty was. a they said there's a split 2nd for them she said with a in. the way i think is how he feels he can play a particular story here. giving bedo. they mean us us but the city media. is seriously upset of a muslim to me i mean they look as if he look easy is become a beast this commercial money. could give me his job and it's because of what a brotherhood esteem which i must got over the last somebody. to those who don't. even know that he was only cautious because he'll get into the little samey while the other feeling is no last call is boredom of the poor boy of the new not only here in this team that know
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a little the government called one of those no. decided no committal reasonable for this political thing we. know something about but i guess i guess they don't.


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