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tv   Iraq Violence Against Women  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2019 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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those who are inside the hotel discussing a regional election g. to be held next month we are very much worried about this gritty. about which of course they did. the big campaign al-shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack in an area it was driven out from 7 years ago the african union's multinational force in somalia says it will continue to work to stabilize the country but this latest attack shows and cards are affiliated al-shabaab group still has a powerful presence you. might try to hide out and just. thousands of venezuelans have marched in the streets of the capital in defense of presidents nicolas maduro the rally follows a damning u.n. report of death squads and murders in the country the u.n. human rights chief michel busson a released the findings after visiting venezuela last month's report claims
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killings were part of a government strategy to neutralize and criminalize political opponents. russia has launched a powerful new telescope into space with plans to observe more than 3000000 black holes throughout his lifetime the specter of g. developed was germany is intended to replace an older telescope known as the russian hubble it's hopes the satellite will create the finest ever detailed sky map of cosmic radiation to help scientists investigating dark matter and dark energy. and on monday india will launch an unmanned rover to the moon's unexplored southern pole they send to mission well analyze minerals and frozen water while marking the lunar surface india's 1st moon mission in 2008 helped confirm the presence of water on the moon's surface. president emanuel now croll has announced plans to create france's own space force macron says the space
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command will improve defense capabilities and protect french satellites it made the announcement in front of military personnel as they prepared for sunday's bustin a day parade plans follow a similar announcement by u.s. president donald trump through a new very special meeting made it was a part of the new military doctrine which i approved of will ensure that we can defend ourselves from space and in space we will boost our understanding of the situation and we will protect our satellites and to ensure the development of our capabilities a space command will be created next september in the air force which will eventually become the air and space. the disappearance of our all sea has been called one of the world's largest manmade environmental disasters it's become a desert with poisonous old storms and an extreme climate is back to stan's
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government and the united nations hoping to bring it back to life but not in the form of water stem vasant reports. it was once a rich fishing ground for the soviet union now it's a salty desert the disappearance of the air will see has affected the lives of millions of people it's poisonous dust storms from the remains of pesticides reach far beyond central asia rusty ships on the form a sea bed have become monuments of environmental destruction both more and. more. everything is linked to the sea the sea was not just meeting its biggest but most everywhere. you've probably seen what sort of tin fisheries reduce here this was a rich region until we became poor step by step. first choice to its family left from the fishing industry until water disappeared in the 1980 s. what a supply to our all see was cut off because 2 rivers were diverted to increase soviet
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cotton and wheat production after traveling for more than 150 kilometers from its original position we have now reached the hour will see it's less than 110th of its original size and it has such a high salt concentration that it's impossible for fish to survive and the previous attempts by the government to revive the i will see have now been abandoned poor water management and the lack of regional cooperation are seen as the main obstacles disappear pretty state can you imagine that bring back all that amount of water that was there 55 years ago in the erroll sea you'll need an average river size over to my overall good so constantly flow for about 70 years says. you stand to govern. and now hopes that by improving facilities and reviving the economy people will return to the area knighted nations has launched a multi donor trust fund to improve living conditions needed to form a c.
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this is not. a catastrophe that is over you see that ok they are all see has gone but the climate impact continues to unfold scientists used has fought all his life to bring back to see the sas losing this battle should send a warning to the rest of the world it's really important for anybody on the planet we've got to be a part of our global environment and you cannot say well just small bore you of the water then how we will save the planet while you sleep still dreams of a return of the sea like it was when he was still young the sight of gas installations all across the former sea bat indicate those times might be gone for good step fastened al-jazeera at the hour will see. still ahead in the sport absent from his club but not hiding from the world peter has the latest on the whereabouts of
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neymar. for instance. in the united states i learned that the 1st amendment is really key to be. freedom . going to be. men and women to the resources that are available but your story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants you
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to know the government not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. this time from sport here's peter. thank you very much simona halep is the new wimbledon champion the romanian stunned the same to cold crowd as she blitzed serena williams in the final. reports. are going to win hands went into this final with history weighing heavily on the shoulders. a record equalling 24th grand slam title 2nd but standing in her way with simona halep and the world number
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7 wasn't about to roll over. panic brace to take the 1st set 62. williams has a want to grand slam since the 2017 australian open when she was 8 weeks pregnant and the frustration showed. was. her performance in this match was littered with 26 on steroids i was just 55 minutes off to stepping on court how it forced williams into the mistake that handed her the championship was 66 to the final school of the serena it's the 2nd straight wimbledon final that didn't go away but for simona halep the smiles just kept on coming as she lifted
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her maiden trophy at the only will probably win the 2nd grand slam title kareem. johnny cash will stand on just. one how's it going to be a member of the only problem is good. i wanted this badly when i started the tournament i talked to the people from the locker room that my the midst of become a member here so today it's real and them really happy i still work hard for every day for every match every tournament that's why i was able to win this tournament now in this moment so i have been professional all the time so i'm happy about what i achieved these 2 weeks and i can i can describe how i feel winning wimbledon it's pretty special she just played grade so i don't think it's a surprise for anyone to play great against me i just was. trying different things
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and today nothing really helped it also made a lot of way too many errors for it for a lot of stuff to work. england new zealand or getting ready for sunday's cricket world cup final at lord's as both sides look to take the trophy for the 1st time the hosts of built up momentum in recent games with victories of india and new zealand in the group stage and a crushing win over australia in the semifinal england are playing in the world cup final for the 1st time since 1900. it means a huge amount to me everybody in the changeroom it's a culmination of 4 use of hard work dedication a lot of planning. and it presents a huge opportunity to go and try and win a world cup i think everybody around the country to support we've had 3 has been on questionable. new zealand are making their 2nd straight appearance in the final the last australia 4 years ago they've spent most of the tournament being labelled as
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the underdogs and captain kane williamson is happy to take their building into the final as well. and rightly so does it have a favorite and coming into this tournament for mr favorites and not being a really good cricket. whatever that. you know it's. just important that we focus on the cricket that we want to play in which they know over the years that. you know that anybody can beat anybody regardless of. the mercedes of stuart on pole position for sunday's british grand prix he picked a team mate lewis hamilton by just 6 many seconds in the qualifying session at silverstone this will be the 1st time in 5 years that hamilton has not led from the front of the grid at his home grand prix and does lead the f one drivers champ by 31 points coming in to this race. paris and german are
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taking action for his failure to report for pre-season training but name or certainly was not hiding his whereabouts on saturday the brazilian forward was in his home city sell paolo for the annual 5 a side tournament that he supports neymar mr kopper america recently due to injury future p.s.g. is in doubt with the club saying they are willing to let him leave for the right price and neymar making no secret of his desire to return to barcelona. but a return to the new camp is far from certain especially with bosses showing off a new $135000000.00 signing and one griezmann who is also an attacking forward the frenchman says he's ready to shine at one of the world's biggest clubs. at the euros a new challenged new goal which important things at stake i wish i would be able to do it as good as possible the way i'm doing with my national team i wish i will be
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able to make a good impression. 2 new zealand senegal are preparing to meet in the africa cup of nations semifinals in cairo on sunday it's an indian's have not won the tournament since 2004 when they were the host nation they only reached the knockout stage of this year's event after 3 draws in the group stage games but have kicked on since then sinegal have never won the tournament. nigeria and belgium area will contest the 2nd semifinal that one is also taking place in cairo the algerians have a 100 percent winning record at this year's competition they're in the semifinals for the 1st time since 1990 they won the tournament that here where it's nigeria last won the trophy in 2013. there's a new leader on the tour de france after saturday's 8th stage belgian rider thomas payne of the lottery team crossed the line 1st after the 220 kilometer track to send it in french german julian fairly pairs regain the race leader's yellow jersey
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after he ended the day in food place sport on the way again later we'll see then. going to be here in a couple of minutes for the latest on all these stories including those protests in sudan marking 40 days since a crackdown by security forces. on counting the cost 3 decades to the collapse of the soviet union. gaging with africa to raise its political clout and we look at the economics behind decision to buy the s. and f. $35.00 stealth. counting the cost. is the opportunity to understand in a very different way the thing happens if we don't leave it.
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to his supporters hungary's prime minister is a guardian of europe's borders the ramparts against migrant told. to others victor is an authoritarian demagogue whose far right agenda poses a significant threat to democratic values people in power investigates the leader taking his country to extremes hungary europe's bad boy. conflict passion. for the king gradients to any successful sug for mexico's most loved it is no different behind the cameras this week tensions run high as the producers are forced to balance creative and social issues with the demands of commercialize ation. our sights of olives episode 4 of soap box mexico on al-jazeera. when the news breaks the
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protestors and the spilling a bit that's. when people need to be. included in a new way and if they don't have that move on and the story needs to be told. outages iraq has teens on the ground to remove the old women documentaries and lightnings on air and online. protesters in sudan remember those killed during a military crackdown last month but the mobs according to civilian rule.
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and i missed this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.k. says it's willing to facilitate the release of the seized iranian supertanker but the offer comes with conditions. why didn't anger in hong kong as thousands of protesters focus on a new target traders from mainland china. an attack on the hotel and somalia that began with a car bomb and turned into an old light see. tens of thousands of protesters have demonstrated across through dawn to mark 40 days since a crackdown by security forces they're calling for a full investigation into the deaths of more than 100 protesters on june 3rd a planned meeting between the protest coalition and the military john to just sign off a power sharing deal has been postponed until later on sunday those talks have been
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broken by the african union and neighboring ethiopia have been morgan has more from out of. the theme chants which were heard at the army headquarters in her time last month 40 days after the military attack on the 15 big chance are being repeated nationwide the protesters demanding justice not only for the dozens of protesters who were killed but also for the lives lost in the months before. was there you got her that. we feel they need from the samberg back or from their families that have died 8 in bernie invalidation bug. or fighting in the city. we have to bring back to justice for. or don't look at the sit in started in april following months of protests demanding the resignation of president already bashir he was ousted by
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a military coup but the sitting continued as protest leaders known as the forces of freedom and change held talks with the gentile talks broke down in disagreements about who should lead the joint transitional government. on june 3rd security forces stormed the peaceful protest camp outside the army headquarters so then central doctors' committee which is allied with protesters said more than 100 people were killed and hundreds others injured the government said the total was $61.00 talks between the protest leaders and the agent to resume a month after the attack and the 2 sides agreed to form a transitional government i thought that that an example was the man for justice and the consequences of the killings of their fellow foot that's the way that he does are here because even after the law the father everything would have to give them the whole this was why the father was the example of the without. the deed includes a 39 month transitional period the 1st time to want to be led by the military and
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the last 18 by civilians before elections are held but many of the details of the agreement have yet to be published the armed groups in the coalition say they want to do to ensure an end to the words in the various parts of the country and of the water when they participated in this historic revolution so we just need to come up with a deal that is agreed upon by the armed and civilian groups and recognizes the aims of the peaceful and armed revolution and we will work for peace so we are sure a deal can be reached that book sees the whole of sudan. big deal or no deal protesters who came out on saturday street too many lives have been lost to let go of their demands for justice this if the killers of the protesters aren't held accountable or any agreement on the political future will be incomplete morgan on their own ideas about. the u.k. says it's willing to facilitate the release of an iranian oil tanker and seized off gibraltar last week if iran can guarantee the ship won't go to syria british
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foreign secretary jeremy hunt made the offer after his iranian counterpart told him he's not looking to escalate the situation the ship was detained by british forces also brought to its suspected of taking or oil to syria in violation of e.u. sanctions 4 crew members were arrested then later released on bail without charge chalons has more from london. so a sign on saturday that the rising tensions of the last week between iran and the united kingdom might have pete and now be starting to calm down a phone conversation between the british foreign secretary jeremy hunt and his iranian counterpart mohammed the reef let's listen now to jeremy hunt's describe what happened in this phone call our concern has always been the destination of the tanker and the fact that it was taking oil to syria not the origin of the oil and i said that if we could receive sufficient guarantees that that tanker was not headed
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for syria then we would be able to resolve the situation following of course due process in the gibraltar courts it was a constructive call for mr zarif reassured me that iran too wanted to resolve the situation and i've also spoken to the chief minister of japan also fabian picardo and they are working very closely with us to try and resolve the situation so what does this mean well at least it shows that finally there is a bit of diplomacy going on after a week ago these 2 countries essentially shouting at each other and tensions getting higher and higher following the detention of the grace one of the iranian oil supertanker iran essentially said to the united kingdom that there would be repercussions then the british say and the iranians deny this that a british warship had to intervene between
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a british oil tanker in the gulf that was being threatened they say by 3 iranian vessels as a consequence of that the british raised the security level for all of their merchant shipping in the gulf area and how far strapped the deployment of an extra warship which has been on deployments in the black sea and is now heading to the gulf so after all of this at least we have these 2 countries bigger. to talk to each other again while staying in london and britain's mail on sunday newspaper is reporting that u.s. president donald trump pulled out of the 2015 iran nuclear deal just to spite his predecessor barack obama it's part of the latest leaked memories from the u.k.'s outgoing and bosler to the us kim dark the mail says derek told the u.k. prime minister in 2018 trump was quote set upon an act of diplomatic vandalism due to personality reasons darrick resigned on wednesday after an early prompted an outburst from president trump and
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a diplomatic spat between the 2 are lies. now the protest against hong kong's extradition bell has now turned into a much wives and recent opposed to the insolence of beijing thousands of protesters have marched in the sexual market area close to the border with mainland china shoppers and traders from the mainland are accused of driving up prices by bulk buying tax free products to take them home and sell to maryland organise in hong kong for us. the protests in hong kong began more than a month ago and show no sign of easing up with much of the activists frustration due rectitude at the territory's chief executive as a home call people leave we love our place we're up on columns always trial 1st by small rights only if it's our cities or on the protests. just around the house if people have told our citizens here about $30000.00 demonstrators gathered to
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protest against traders from mainland china who make short trips over the border to buy tax free goods pushing up prices in hong kong but what began as a peaceful march turned violent. was was. was was. was. the police clearly outnumbered struggled to contain this situation i. believe officers who were initially asked the just man the perimeters had been pushed back they were clearly outnumbered what we're seeing here now at this point are the protesters basically advancing the rights of the riot police. they too are unable to hold their position and were forced to retreat around 500 meters from their original position
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i this is showing showing. a border town between hong kong and mainland china young people here tell us of their bottled up this content at what they see as china's increasing interference in hong kong's affairs. the 1st protests began last month when the government proposed amendments to a law that would allow criminal suspects in hong kong to be extradited to china to face trial public demonstrations forced chief executive carol lam to suspend the bill she said it was dead but that's not enough for activists who are calling for her resignation. many of these protestors were babies or not even born in 1907 when the united kingdom ended its administration of hong kong and passed control of its former colony to china but they say they are the ones most disillusioned about hong
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kong future their way of life they say is being threatened by creeping forth or tarion isn't. dogon al-jazeera hong kong. the united nations has condemned an attack on a hotel in southern somalia at least 26 people have been killed in the southern port city of cause liar and the autonomous region has more. hotel assassin is heavily fortified but it wasn't enough to stop a suicide bomber from ramming a car full of explosives into the building 4 gunmen stormed the hotel killing and injuring dozens during a siege that lasted hours before mario do see a little the death toll is now $26.00 those killed in the attack included somalis of different nationalities 3 of them were kenyans a canadian a brit 2 americans and 3 turns anyone's $56.00 were wounded in the attack. they are going on among the victims was prominent somali canadian journalist. long
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she had gained hundreds of thousands of followers a new tube for her videos showcasing somalia's hidden beauty she wanted to tell positive stories from our homeland which has suffered from years of civil war negative things that are hard also targeted were politicians and clan elders who are inside the hotel discussing a regional election due to be held next month we are very much worried about this gritty. little bit about what you quote so big. the big campaign al-shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack in an area it was driven out from 7 years ago the african union's multinational force in somalia says it will continue to work to stabilize the country but this latest attack shows al qaida affiliated al shabaab group still has
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a powerful presence. so to hide out and jersey. the weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera monsoon rains in the portrayed in landslides and flooding.


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