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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 28  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2019 5:33pm-6:03pm +03

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uphill battle the penal code allows husbands to discipline their wives there's no law criminalizing domestic violence for almost a decade women's groups have been pushing the parliament to pass a law that would change that with a new government initiative combat in violence against women they hope this year the law will finally pass this year we are really very optimistic about no. civil society that is know the demands of the government number all 3 know the the prime minister of the time even they tried to push it the minister for. justice minister for education minister for more optimistic could i ask or was i have to make that should be biased because most you know a number of other countries they have already adopted such order and acted such low regard is this. tell me about the day you finally decided to leave.
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what i'm all that of a need to say out of. that agreement if rush now has it's just a few watching the moment although it also suffered it. more and it's just won't be any income for that i don't eat junk shot and i should or. should only serve other they are which had to be a majority. for. the kool-aid that i want to hear would rather dolly jani. for has said no santa how would my work i she and i shot i only want. to him alone on the on the side of khushi mind you she but i she had seen no on the mines get it all for honey bee. good to have you thought on what i. put on the bed to for almost all to budget and he was after. a loss and. my mother
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had a heart of. mohammad which i thought about again you might get that in young people that can be. many do they really have it but your troubles were just beginning it seems like ok so what happened. that. well it's much the hotshot up at a bank to criticise a lot accomplished. but them in. the kit. and to. afford. a lot of. so i thought it. or didn't. the message out. there which.
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rests with. lena situation would soon turn even more serious her husband filed a police complaint against her with a sensational allegation he claimed lena and her relatives kidnapped him and held him for ransom for several days she discovered this after she went to the police to file a domestic violence complaint against him. i want to. talk i know more work when they. can i mean. that can cut it. now let's switch out of the title coupled with our favorite. who would die when he saw the so wish to a whole can recommend condemned to die when the hanukkah tough to watch. out about the fact that he had a tough time with that about to come sit down he had just a few b a t or
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a lot of lot of minnehaha out of the house and now he or she love looked ahead to what they said we did darwin with a comment i had a house and carly b. i want to call couple had they just did have the what. may i ask what you were was going through your head at that time. and no on the refer. so as to have the missile in a shock and. you can one can as. well going to know. how to move off. and it. would. fall on the. dot. head to eduardo says the fact that lean as husband was able to bribe lawyers for protection is indicative of a larger issue permeating iraqi society you know corruption has you know eaten
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the wealthy off budget and wealthy of whatever this is it is today one of the big concern for us billions of billions of dollars the court is in the state does 1st of all in the very high state about us as that's what a tragedy in iraq until now when they speak about court options i don't feel that there is serious and this in the stoke. they tried to make it nor did they try to make some good forming get a high council and so pleased we we want it but at the end of from all experience last years we haven't seen. the results of that leno was sent to jail she spent the next year and 4 months behind bars what was that like for you if you're going to sit in the sun be you know you're not home wife i thought. you know if we can if you are to could have been. talking about me or
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seamus joining. us to not be my fantasy i'm just i seem. to fit in with a somewhat. the i'm v so fuel. for kanye when i do my knee is. come . out of the letter when i said b. and they were able to had that nas and i watch. what were you doing to try to make sure that your case moved forward on the question are about to show. if you have the fact that i. was out a lot that we can i'm not a calamity and while i may get associate. my. name in the body was. not so how do i know it and now is that we would keep
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out the shy of life what were you doing it while you were in prison to keep your spirits up and advocate for yourself how is and that almighty didn't come by the kind of. 2 inch offset to do and. how it come in the shop lot. because another i'm a shocking us. there was a question on sunday. when they said. no. home. question. the mayor for finally her case came in front of a criminal court. decision on a. bad. idea and i had. to sit on one day while i'm hot. by that point lina cycled through 4 attorneys and
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spent $5500.00 then came a referral from her tribe the 5th attorney took no payment and suggested a compromise her husband would stop pursuing his case against lena in exchange for her dropping the charges against him she says mounting pressure from the tribe on both sides finally put an end to her legal ordeal. of 1 o'clock and. with a good win but. sunny just said i think if i. look on it off. leno dropped her domestic violence complaint against her husband and divorced him in
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2013 she says she keeps the legal file as insurance in case her ex-husband tries to come after her again. how do you feel knowing that you did everything right in this circumstance you filed police reports you ultimately tried to go to court and hold your ex-husband accountable you continued to advocate for yourself while you were in prison you continued to make sure that you had excellent representation and yet every single stage you failed and ups wasting more than a year of your life behind bars and i had. to had. to share my lot that in the heart of the other side in my honey. and what i could. get of the no he's. a lucky that at the exit i was. so cool we had to shout i mean mama we are.
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there on you and we don't want to ruin she can you can also i said mark modra what a lot of. snow aashiqui up sean. best jani ethic and no feeling. salty also not me i. won't going to shut them in what i can. to there's a yacht in the end though i too would have was did mean in the us a lot of. us saw. mind the audit and that was that i. may get the money if in one of the other facade they. would what would you say to members of parliament who have the ability this year to pass a law that would criminalize domestic violence and offer protections for victims
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such as yours with tanya another. one and. then. doesn't it. it could've been washed out of one half of the. react emotional one of the quarter and hear what you. want to know what would you say to other women who may be watching this who might be going through the same thing that you with through. that distance. and yet i have yet i had and. to. a job. when they started with. a watch i mean niche. and. indeed they.
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had the. leaders has been married more times last she heard he now has 4 wives and 8 children. traditional wrestling has. now said national male and female school 14 marjorie's big money. this unifying. over to the. senate wrestling with its own al-jazeera. al-jazeera as there was always breaks but
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it's also a day to see what happens next which is on. fire. model variegated $73.00 that we need to hear the middle east now is we were about to change people have gone off the pier area the mission of the national army is to search the entire oil complex and i'll just restore is about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. every reclaim news cycle brings a series of breaking stories this maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175 years during the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media donald trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't to focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most they move closer and closer to the tire shop there are both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera if you want to learn what
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the world might look like very soon raghad 100 and hungry is in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. since mass immigration story we had paunch question is the thing because yours and the problems that the culture of that is you are should say some reading to us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not like good fashions. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and love globally try. this is very very uneventful glide towards the precipice without resistance we are past the danger is already happened. it was then just 10 years ago. now this is it. i have been looking at your instagram account and reading
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takes into the atmosphere behind the scenes this is a dialogue when donald trump announces. and see for president after that everyone has a points the best chance for democrats to beat donald trump. and exciting inspirational koulis maverick nominee join the global conversation on your thoughts get twitter and. on al-jazeera. iran says it's looking at legal measures to force the release of its oil tanker detained by the u.k. . and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha will be elizabeth
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toronto also ahead. protesters gather in hong kong there is rising anger at what they see as mainland china's growing influence over the territory. calls for justice tens of thousands rally in saddam to mark 40 days since a violent crackdown by security forces. i'm a resume of reporting from georgia on what's called the recent protests over russia what georgians see as the occupation. war with russia 2008. iran said it's looking at legal measures to free an oil tanker seized by the u.k. of gibraltar the u.k. meanwhile says it would be willing to release the vessel if iran can guarantee the ship won't deliver or to syria in breach of
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a new sanctions or maintains the oil was heading destination it's going out. she is joining us for the latest live in tehran we've heard from the iranian government about the stall so what are they saying. well the government spokesperson has been holding his scheduled meetings press conference where he's been discussing the iranian position and reaction to what the united kingdom has been saying about this ship the government spokesperson has been speaking it's the 1st time we've heard from many officials here since the iranian foreign minister zarif has been speaking to his british counterpart let's see what he had to say and almost. to what we have adopted the necessary judicial process in regards with the all tankers seized by the british military forces and we think courts in gibraltar are influenced by the policies of
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britain we're chasing up our legal measures fortunately the court itself hasn't found a strong evidence and they have released the sailors considering the situations and their comments i predict that soon britain will change its mind so this anguish and what change its mind we have had a more conciliatory tone from the british government about this. yes certainly the rainy and foreign minister zarif spoke to his british counterpart late last night in a phone conversation where the foreign minister said that they are adamant that this ship must be released the british government has no regal right to hold this super size tanker which is currently holding about $2000000.00 barrels of crude oil worth about $200000000.00 the british foreign minister jeremy hunt for his part said that the u.k. government is looking at trying to release this tanker if they get reassurances from the uranium that this ship will not be traveling to syria that is what really
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sparked this whole issue when the british government said that this ship was heading to the mediterranean port city of tire to say to a refinery there to supply oil to the syrian government the iranians have denied that they say that's not the destination that was for this race one tanker so this continues in the british have said for the 1st time now that they are willing to go through the legal measures to release this tanker if the iranians give them some reassurances that this tanker will not head to syria the arabians for their part have said that they don't recognize the e.u. sanctions that have been imposed on the syrian government since 2012 because they have not been indorsed by the united nations but it all seems that all the parties involved now want to see this issue be resolved as quickly as possible and they are all speaking in that tone to try and bring an end to this issue also thank you for that following the developments live in. going to move on to other news now and
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thousands of protesters a back on the streets of hong kong to mend their anger at beijing's political influence on the city they're calling for the full withdrawal of an extradition bill that would allow people to be sent to mainland china for trog weeks of protests have forced the government to suspend its abduction but that hasn't satisfied the pro-democracy demonstrators have continued to hold value. it's across the city in a campaign that someone now describing as hong kong. wrist let's go now to our correspondent jumping the gun she's live for us in shoppin with thousands of demonstrators have been gathering throughout sunday morning and the days in what's happening there jamila. well as you know the march started about more than 2 hours ago and yet people are still arriving tens of thousands of people have showed up here elizabeth go even beyond the expectations of protesters that is unprecedented in a very suburban area of shots and where basically it's unlikely that they haven't
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seen anything like this in decades the message they're also shouting here is for the police to open up the roads out a huge portion of the area has been closed off really and they're asking for them to open up the roads so that they can move freely the message being sent to caroline's government and also to a certain extent greater extent beijing is clear they want to perth to protection of their fundamental freedoms and of course it all started because of that very controversial extradition bill that's gone beyond that now we're seeing so many different kinds of protests basically reasserting the need to protect basic fundamental freedoms like the rights of free speech press freedom labor issues and we're seeing so many different facets of those coming from different parts of society come here this is a weekend here in hong kong and this is why you see also families coming here in droves really showing support not just for the protesters who are in the streets
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but even journalists volunteers medical volunteers who are on the ground ensuring basically that everyone is safe there also condemning what they call the violence being committed by police really they say they are not rioters that they are coming here for peace but what they want they say is a protection of their rule of law and the way of life that's really currently being threatened here in hong kong and they want to accountability from caroline's government. and this is no doubt going to put so much pressure on kerry and the government because you have so many protesters thousands maybe millions and times have been out on the streets for weeks now. at the same time the government in hong kong also has pressure from china. exactly and if you manged to be seen what kind of concessions or proposal that caroline's government can put forward that will be acceptable for so many here who
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go to the streets basically demanding better protection better regulation for example of a lot of labor issues if you mean to be seen just how far they will go what makes this particular movement different this different this time from the 2014 umbrella movement is that this is largely this century lies there's no one leader here this is why it's very hard basically for the government to clamp down with for and go after protesters and also 1st precisely perhaps maybe to negotiate because they have found a new way to send that message very strongly and to bring the protests to suburban areas here like shots and we're seeing very common slogans here for for example be water my friend that's actually a very very popular. line from a movie of bruce lee who's also lived here for our legends actors' lives there be water my friend in that is essentially the growing moto and slogan of the
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protestors that they become malleable that they adapt to the changing times and we're seeing that you know at the onset if we look at the pictures here elizabeth it looks like a very disorganized chaotic process and street rallies but on the ground there is a level of order here we're seeing how they have moved together they've found a way to connect together this coordinated protest movement that's gone just beyond the business district this century lies in and moving to suburban areas like sharpton thank you for the following those protests live in hong kong thank you. now turkey has received a 3rd shipment of components of the s 400 air defense system from russia and more deliveries are expected over the next few days in defiance of a warning from the united states turkish pilots are no longer being trained to fly america's f. 35 warplanes and the pentagon is threatening to cancel turkey's orders for the fighter jet. tens of thousands of people have demonstrated across
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a dog marking 40 days since a violent crackdown by security forces there calling for a full investigation into the deaths of more than 100 protesters on june 3rd meanwhile a political transition daily between saddam's military home to the pro-democracy coalition have been agreed in principle but that is yet to be signed him morgan has more from. there the same chance we heard at the sit in at army headquarters in her home last month 40 days after the military attack on the sit in the chance are being repeated nationwide the protesters demanding justice not only for the dozens of protesters who were killed but also for the lives lost in the months before and i would be struck. there. are we free. from december talk or from the families that are going 8 to bring you that how do you.
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react to this for. order to look at this it in started in april following months of protests demanding the resignation of president obama to bashir he was ousted by a military coup but the sitting continued as protest leaders known as the forces of freedom and change held talks with the gentile talks broke down in disagreements about who should be the joint transitional government. on june 3rd security forces stormed the peaceful protest camp outside the army headquarters so then central doctors committee which is allied with protesters said more than 100 people were killed and hundreds others injured the government said the total was $61.00 talks between the protest leaders and the agent to resume a month after the attack and the 2 sides agreed to form a transitional government i thought that that and so that was a matter for justice and accountability for the feelings of that kind of protest that they needed are here because even after the law the fact that they were making
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would have would have been the whole this was life by the father was out of this was the deal includes a 39 month transitional period the 1st time to want to be led by the military and the last 18 by civilians before elections are held but many of the details of the agreement have yet to be published. the armed groups in because they wanted to ensure an end to the ways in the various parts of the country another was. participated in this historic revolution so we just need to come up with a deal that is agreed upon by the armed and civilian groups and recognize the aims of the peaceful and armed revolution we will work for peace so we are sure a deal can be reached that sees the whole of sudan. but deal or no deal protesters who came out on saturday state too many lives have been lost to let go of their demands for justice this if the killers of the protesters aren't held accountable
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in any agreement on the political future will be incomplete even more going on to their own ideas about. to head on the bulletin the monsoon rains that may fall to the landslides and flooding killing at least 50 people and house and prepare to face new zealand in the cricket world cup 5 on which team will claim their maiden victory. howlers a hint of developing tropical circulation to the east of the philippines probably in this massacre roughly as your screen but you see there's a general line of potential and actual thunderstorms sasa which is joy which is fairly dry in fact much of luzon is out of the thunderstorm regime at least for monday may not be for tuesday so the way i see is dry most of borneo java fairly
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dry it's not so for all of sumatra again for singapore and kuala lumpur thunderstorms seem reasonably likely and the philippines almost disappeared developing wet area still active winter weather throughout the south australia particularly tasmania and victoria as you can see you need get an idea of the winter. actions not going to be warm up to 11 which is an increase in hobart but overcast and probably wet mostly sunshine i think in melbourne but the chilly years got up as far north as brisbane the britain slightly warmer 20 than was the case yes they person ninety's about the same but you are this gentle breeze out of the interior at the coast of queens in the potential for want to showers is there but unsurprisingly you're still in the wintry weather in tasmania but surprisingly was southwesterly wind it's 213 degrees in hobart.


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