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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2019 2:00am-3:00am +03

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on al-jazeera india's tower of trash that will soon be taller than the taj mahal. how it has been hot recently and dry there's no surprises mid summer but we've seen some cloud form over iran in areas where you may not expected that here for example the bloodstock stuff ways but the showers around the caucasus have maybe missed these were 2 decent showers around the coast of the caspian so 2 millimeters this time of the year in one of those showers is not to be sniffed at i'm sure it's very welcome but the temp has been more of the story with terence forecasts of 41 it doesn't look or does it on this general spread but it's near record high levels come quite reached a record well above average in contrast to baghdad where we are probably around about the average or even a bit below 0 we have seen near 49 further south the last couple days in iraq i
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think we'll see much the same possibly in kuwait as well but it's nothing to extreme it's what you are to expect the breeze on shore keeps beirut a decent $29.00 and the rather strong breeze downs for iraq is not going to change temperatures it will bring the dust with it and given the wind direction modern christianity down the coast of east and parts of saudi bahrain or qatar temperatures are typically in the middle forty's here with the obvious change in somalia where the honey if the set in quite reliably now will be there for weeks. in the year 12 of $71.00 a company tat is set out on an extraordinary journey having travelled the furthest reaches of the muslim marco polo world radically altered beijing the city established by cooper the car is still today china's strong. now and china is again
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a superpower we reflect on how the relationship between east and west has changed. marco polo. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera iran says it's looking at legal measures to free an oil tanker seized by the u.k. ofter. britain says a would be willing to release the ship if iran can guarantee it won't deliver oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions. there were clashes in hong kong as police tried to clear protesters in the district of shots and earlier thousands demonstrated against what they say has
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been growing political influence in the territories a ferentz. the united arab emirates has recruited hundreds of troops affiliated to yemen's transitional council as the session is organization in the south. the move follows the announcement of the u.a.e. as partial withdrawal from yemen. iran's 2050 nuclear deal with world powers is adding to the pressure on the u.k.'s special relationship with the us it's been a difficult week after leaked messages from britain's ambassador to washington were published and now another batch of leaked diplomatic cables critical of president donald trump have been made public were in chalons has more from london. so here we have the latest blockbuster in the mail on sunday's series on the leaked diplomatic cables coming from the former ambassador of the united kingdom to the united states or kim darrick and this one reads trump acts the iran deal to spite
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a bomber now what's kim derek wrote back to london is that he thought that donald trump hated the iran deal mainly because he hated barack obama and that's why he walked away from it and so can barack described it as an act of diplomatic vandalism now these leaked diplomatic cables that have been hugely impactful to the united kingdom they sent shock waves through the diplomatic service which has felt badly treated like it's been thrown under the bus by the politicians for political ends it's also put a big dent in the transatlantic relationship between the united kingdom and the united states with donald trump effectively making the position of. untenable by saying that he was going to effect of the cold shoulder him block him from business at the white house as to whether this will have the same kind of
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impact as the 1st round of leaks cables will have to wait and see but certainly it means that this issue is not going away and of course with the talk about the iran deal it's feeds into the whole issue of the moment which is the relationship between iran and the united kingdom and the united states. u.s. immigration and customs agents are expected to raid homes in 10 u.s. cities protests have been held in philadelphia and elsewhere against the raids president donald trump told reporters that potentially 2000 undocumented immigrants would be detained the u.s. president said the aim is to get criminals out of the u.s. and put them in prison where they came from john hendren has more from washington. the administration initially said that millions of people were going to be deported they said this was going to happen in june and president trump said he put it off until now and then announce that it would be today on sunday when this would happen
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here in the united states that 2000 people who've been given final deportation orders in major cities across the u.s. would be raided by immigrations and customs enforcement officials now it's important that those are in big cities because republicans generally have their base in rural areas and there are plenty of undocumented immigrants in those rural areas performing agricultural and other jobs but in the big cities those are generally run by democrats and that is part of the reason that the president seems to be targeting those specific cities places like los angeles houston new york baltimore chicago and the mayors of those cities are fighting back the mayor of chicago has denied the immigrations and customs enforcement agency from having the police databases to use to track down these people other mayors are warning people that they don't have to let these ice officials in unless they have
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a warrant with their name on it that allows them to enter the home amnesty international is calling on russia to ease what it says the harsh treatment of civilians living along disputed border lines with georgia it accuses the moscow backed that ministrations and south. of stopping free movement and illegally detaining people for crossing the boundaries under simmons visited the georgia. inside of one of many communities split in 2. he's $85.00 he's frail and david furnish vili feels like a prisoner in his own home russia sees his small patch of land as an international border georgia calls it the line of occupation on a map it's a dotted line on the ground it calls his heart break. its daughter and grandson live on the other side. which can cope with poverty but not the separation. knowing the homeland i think they do only here.
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on c.n.n. or site it's so important to be busier periods. to look after them but if i cross a line i'll be detained. we visit debits and he told us he feels trapped and like his daughter helpless. sometimes he comes here as far as the fence and cries because she can't cross and see her sick and. it's hard to imagine but daf it's frequently risks detention by finding a spot to cross the line at night in order to get his pension from georgia the people here of paul they had an uncomplicated way of life yet the atmosphere now always one of repression more than 30 security bases built near the line only a few crossing points and there strictly controlled. much of the messages by protest is a daily anti russian demonstrations in the capital is aimed at raising awareness
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that 20 percent of georgia is in their words occupy. georgia is renowned for its stunning landscape its traditions its fine cuisine and the bonhomie of its people but at the heart of it all is what happened here 11 years ago and its legacy razor wire and human rights abuses. the european union monitoring mission patrols the georgian side russia hasn't observed all parts of a peace deal and it's been engaged in what's called border with fences amnesty international issued a report this month saying hundreds of people face of a tree detention each year trying to cross the line it says there's been widespread loss of land loss of access to water and livelihoods most of the land. used to farm is the wrong side of the war he asks if i die here who will find me
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andrew simmons al-jazeera whole village in georgia. india's highest mountain of rubbish is on course to be taller than the taj mahal by next year the site in is delhi is growing 10 metres every year and now stands at 65 meters that's despite the government banning its use 2 years ago after 2 people were killed when part of a collapsed elizabeth purana reports from doesn't pour. a mountain of waste this is where 2000 tonnes of east daddy's rubbish is dumped every day you're not love people living around the site say it's affecting their lives obviously as you can see the smithy it is unbeatable if the wind blows towards us and it's difficult to eat food at home it is such a mess here the rubbish dump doesn't just smell bad it's also dangerous meeting gas from the way spot fires releasing toxic fumes. began as
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a land for the 984 that reached its capacity needed 20 years ago like the engineered landfill and it means that you have a big hole which is dug out and it is lined with non-polar members so that your stock sick of chemicals which comes out from garbage does not lead into the soil and cause what the pollution but in gaza where there is no such thing trucks continue to dump rubbish here despite delis govern abandon them after a part of the hell a collapsed 2 years ago killing 2 people. this is a cruel joke this is contempt of the people to sponsor will continue garbage in the site they haven't stopped for day after the border. we asked the east delhi municipal corporation why this is happening but because of the northern ireland by the way with us so we continued to. dispose of all the gobby their districts. it's estimated delhi produces $14500.00 tons of waste every day the problem of
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waste isn't confined to the city's rubbish dumps around. $3000.00 worth of the rubbish produced daily isn't collected leaving it mining on the street and other than space junk because charlie manages this recycling center and says waste isn't just the government's responsibility what i've got is that we feel that resegregation should begin at home if people start segregating reist then released can be recycled properly and the direct consequence will be that garbage mountains like the one in one be necessary at all the municipal corporation has started testing of recycling program in 3 areas this year they hope to be on the top of the rest of the region within one year. they also say they'll start clearing dancey put in september and some of its waste will be used to build a national highway elizabeth purana al-jazeera east delhi. while after $47.00
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matches and 6 weeks the cricket world cup is almost over the final is heading for a close finish between host england and new zealand at lord's with both teams looking for their 1st world cup title our correspondent lee wellings is live for us at lord's cricket ground in london very close to a finish now as we're saying. it's incredibly time so remember. new zealand has ever won the world cup in its 44 year history new zealand 4 years ago lost in the following going to have a bit in a final for 27 years while england a few moments ago needed shiite off of 34 balls with 6 wickets left a century partnership flowing between by and starts in just pot luck but it's 5050 or you maybe you're just about all the been using your position on that page it's going to be
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a not so thrilling climax it's on the shoulders of ice cheering butler and stocks like a mike themselves heroes for one charge if you think about the context of. england's have only won one football world cup in 19661 world cup in 2003 this could be the cricket world cup by one but new zealand with something somebody was obviously watching through the night will be desperate to win their 1st yeah we'll wait to see what happens and put this into context for us me and tell us how successful this tournament has been as a whole. when it's intriguing to find out what will happen with the fact that. coverage live for the 1st time is going on with the dies down i was rather suspect that might be a little bit so like children have a baby gauge people who are not huge cricket fans haven't been engaged in what's happening and remember at the same time this is happening where there's been a british call for a in formula one and a classic wimbledon follow between federal and jock of age so there's plenty of
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choice going on and there's plenty of choice only why will this leave a legacy whether england win or no i'm not so sure all right. thank you for that update. more police have been seen on the streets of cape town's poorest neighborhoods as soldiers are sent to join them city which has already which already has south africa's highest murder rate has seen a surge in shootings and killings almost 2000 people have died since the start of this year soldiers will concentrate on these areas where police have been unable to impose order and these areas account for almost half of all attempted murders in the entire western cape province a major miller has more from cape town. where in philippi east we run the photo op . is speaking to community members he wants to find out what some of the problems are around the high levels of crime and what their needs are this is one of the areas we. expected to be one way that's one of the areas in the case
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that's really been high incidence of gang violence here in philippi 6 people were killed in one incident and another friday just 24 hour weeks later it's one of the most extreme cases of what's regarded to be gang violence and. the police. haven't been able to contain the extent of the violence that essentially it is about plus control. the deployment of the police and the. army and the police must be received in their septic by the communities so this is not the enemy when. a friendly forces a community that must be for that the minute you finally put the tackled
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by working with the army to save the life. there from. another area similar to the others were. high levels of poverty unemployment and with is a concern that the police have lost. on trying to maintain safety police have fired tear gas to disperse protesters in paris just hours after the annual day parade protesters threw barriers and set fires to rubbish bins as they made anti-government chants the number of people have been arrested in the u.s. tropical storm barry has inundated parts of the state of louisiana as it moves slowly inland tens of thousands have lost power in the coast guard has rescued dozens of people trapped in flooded houses. a magnitude 7.3 earthquake has struck eastern indonesia shallow quake hit around 165 kilometers from the city of her not
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to a mall because highlands some houses were damaged and panicked residents fled to temporary shelters there were no immediate reports of casualties and 40 said there was no threat of faith tsunami. flash floods and landslides in nepal have killed at least 60 people including children after 3 days of incessant rain another 30 people were reported missing river overflowed its banks destroying roadways and flooding towns more than $10000.00 people have been displaced and more rain is forecast. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera iran says that stepping up legal action aimed at forcing the u.k. to release an oil tanker seized off gibraltar britain says it would be willing to allow the ship to leave if iran guarantees it won't deliver oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions bill france britain and germany have issued
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a joint statement calling for a resumption of talks to ease tensions with iran and the iranian president hassan rouhani has reiterated his offer of talks with washington if the u.s. lift sanctions and returns to the 2050 nuclear deal. they're being cautious in hong kong as police try to clear protesters in the district of shot earlier thousands demonstrated against what they say growing political influence in the territories affairs. duncan has the suffix this is the 1st sign basically that the process has been taken to the suburbs and i think the message is quite clear from protesters there localizing this movement it all started these early like many other protests over the past month more than 100000 protesters. and they marched for several hours and reached this particular area of the train station by that that's when the situation became chaotic at about 6 pm
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local time we saw over $100.00 riot police arrived and basically what they wanted was for protesters to this purpose police of fire tear gas to disperse protesters in paris just hours after the annual day parade protesters threw barriers and set fires to rubbish bins as they made anti government. saddam's military has appealed against the court decision to restore mobile internet services they were blocked for more than a month after a violent crackdown on protests demanding civilian rule the united arab emirates has recruited hundreds of troops affiliated to yemen's transitional council a succession of store going to zation in the south to be trained in abu dhabi the move follows the announcement of the u.a.e. as partial withdrawal from yemen. those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next stay with us.
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more protests in hong kong despite the government suspending the controversial extradition bill that sparked the anger so what's feeling this administration's night and what will it take to end what's been dubbed the summer of discontent this is insight story. hello and welcome to the program i'm hala more he had seen weeks of protests in
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hong kong show no sign of ending the parliament's in the semi autonomous chinese territory has been vandalised times near the border with china have seen unprecedented rallies and police and protesters have faced off in violence confrontations. well it all started with an extradition bill that would have allowed people in hong kong to be sent to mainland china for trial the government has since suspended that bill the chief executive even describing it as dade but not the protests happened volved and see why either frustration at what is seen as growing political interference from beijing jimmy that island organ has more. tens of thousands of protesters have showed up here today it is unprecedented for a suburban place like shots and it hasn't seen anything like this in decades unexpected even for the organizers
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a lot of the protesters here are shouting they're asking for the police to open up the roads and so i allow people to move freely to speak up the message against kerry lam's government also is quite clear and to a greater extent beijing them will continue. to try to. go for. it remains to be seen what sort of concessions will caroline's government be able to offer the will be acceptable to the millions of young people who have been taking to the streets this is gone beyond just the extradition bill corsi all the other issues that's what protesters here have been telling us this bottled up this consent that has been simmering here in hong kong for decades they tell us the rule of law and the way of life here in hong kong is threatened they want better regulation and they want better protection
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young people who have come here have been accused of rioting it may seem like that at the onset if you look at the streets but the protest is so different from the 2014 and brother movement here this movement is largely leaderless it has been decentralized and that has been brought to so many suburban areas like shut and it has been localized as well even the issues that have come forward now has become all about the protection of basic fundamental freedoms of people what they want they say is accountability transparency and justice. well let's bring in today's panel in hong kong we have emily lyons. she's a former counselor at the hong kong legislative council and a former chairwoman of the democratic party in london we're joined by james palmer a senior editor at foreign policy magazine who lived in beijing from 2004 to 2018
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and in hong kong via skype lauren smart the chairman of the hong kong we go exchange foundation and a member of the silent majority for hong kong political party welcome to you all if i keep coming to you 1st emily live. assurances have been given that this extradition bow which sparked the protests is dead so why in your view are these protests continuing well i think the chief executive kerry lamb has not really responded to demands of the protesters and the demands of many hong kong people and that is to say that the bill has been withdrawn which is the correct terminology not that the bill is dead i mean people don't know what that means and people pray that maybe the bill will suddenly rise up from the dead again and also of course the people would like to see an independent inquiry setup chaired by
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a judge to look into the police brutality and all the chaos in the last few weeks and she has not responded to these demands so i will only reasonable and that's why the people of very unhappy i request but word carry law to turn round and see we will withdraw the spill we will formally withdraw the spill and you can have the inquiry do you think the process would stop then. i think i think emotions will subside quite a bit of course not maybe not a 100 percent but i think that because these are the demands that have been articulated for so long and if she would come out and say yes i would do these things i think i think we will see a lot less protests lawrence more what do you say to that the simple way to end
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these protests once and for all is for a carrier to change her vocabulary and withdraw the bell rather than kill it i meant. no. i don't think i would do anything good in cooling down the well in stopping the protests i would say if i could on a bit but the hope the whole you know the business is not just about the bill i mean could have says and there has been prominent very about how importers so the reason has been moved away from the extra extradition bill it is due to other social issues which the people people do not feel so happy about so the and also the stepping out of the chief executive is not so much because whoever stands in opposition to be the chief executive we have to sammy sosa problem as it was on him as an issue to tackle west and the same soren and power in hong kong to tackle with
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possible solidly torn instruments so what are the social issues lawrence marvet you think are at the heart of this. well i think for so many years and sentiment in cooked up has been. in calculator into the mind of the people so people there's a very subtle empty china and the chinese and national identity the sentiment. so whenever we talk about china i will talk about chinese stuff people are not happy about them and his his his picking up this antique chinese sentiment well by and large the large a very very popular newspaper in hong kong and which which are in constant. highlighting the negative aspects of chinese society china and even about china and
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hide away and downs any good things that the chinese have so hong kong people have been so although many is injected with all encountered in clanton with very many negative. ideas about china ok let me china let me put this to james parmeno james palmer. these protests began after the controversy surrounding the so-called extradition bail we hear from one side that if this extradition bill was formally withdrawn that may stop the process on the other hands were hearing the system and see social issues an anti china sentiment being fermented by the press what was your reading of this why do you think these print these protests are continuing. well i would say well the extradition bill was the immediate cause the bigger problem is
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a much wider divide in identity between hong kong is and the people's republic as a whole the mainland young hong kong is do not feel themselves to be chinese only 3.5 percent of young colonies when interviewed say that the chinese the vast majority say that they are global citizens or even more so the hong kong is and those numbers have dropped sharply in the last 10 years but where of course i really disagree with lawrence is that this isn't the result of in calculation or some kind of propaganda it's the result of actions by china by beijing it's the result of things like the kidnapping of hong kong booksellers the political power now on the mainland the sense particularly over the last you know 5 years that the mainland has been rapidly de liberalizing and so from hong kong his point of view while they want could have believed that the moment would move more towards where hong kong is in terms of freedom of speech rule of law and so on now they're seeing
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the moment go backwards and attempt to force the backwardness on hong kong lawrence i'll give you a chance to respond to that. you know it is true that because china containment policy as we we are well the us is wanting to contain china and hong kong is so serious that it would be political influences financial influences and there is in up the color blue shield which is being used as part of the to the chinese government now where we have hung independence scenes a couple of years ago and we even see it is quite apparent that hong kong is going out of credibility so i mean you cannot blame the chinese government so i don't think control over hong kong because hong kong is not controlled probably it would go on an independent city. and let me put these points to you emily lie that the says. this is this is an identity issue rather than the extra bit they actually.
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per say do you think that younger hong kong or so feeling less chinese and this is this is a wider pushback against. against a perceived oppressor. well i think it is an identity issue yes but the fear of being sent for trial in mainland china is real whether it is the youngsters or their families or other political dissidents who could be the target of this spill it's a concern of many people including the young and of course the young people who are also very very much put off by presidency chin paintings absolutely no respect for rule of law for human rights and look at the situation in seeing junk over a 1000000 people being locked up like that and also look at the human rights lawyer
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is the human rights defenders in china and there are many of them suffer a lot and so when the young people here young and old when they see the appalling situation in china of course they feel very very disturbed and the young people of course they don't want to be part of that country and they asked me because they they asked me to see if i can help especially those who hold the british national overseas passports of course these people are not that young but they asked me whether i can ask britain to help because they are british citizens lauren small let me put that to you youngsters in hong kong are seeing very real concerns given some of the reactions in china to to play the detention of weaker is in. which you don't say those are legitimate concerns that they could push back against and i
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don't think youngsters. i do not know about them so of course it is a concern of the it should. be a concern to them because really for someone who to be. crime in the mainland but a lot and that is our installment of our committee money man and then be extradited back to the mainland china many of these people do not go to the mainland china even to travel there is it this china but today don't go there to commit a crime well impossible for them to know should i go back to the mainland china so the fear is totally irrelevant to them but back to play devil's advocate lauren smiled they would they would say that this could be used as a pretext for the chinese authorities to arrest someone and say you have committed a lawyer an offense in china or we use this as a pretext to take you to the mainland no but they don't even go to the mainland
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china to get my one little ones of the people so that's that's not for them there might be some concern in the business sectors to do business in china but china hong kong this is a man who does this is china and may have that concern but not those protesters on the need you know charging riots against police not that not those people those don't have to stand at all because of asians then there's a lot so there are provisions in this law which words exempts people who would not normally go to mainland china is that your argument warren spahn no longer the principle of law is you have to commit a crime you can bring in china an absconder that has to be able to be to be able to have these critical to them to get you have to have extradited back to try and china for trial that's the whole purpose of the bill and the law i mean if you have been to china you don't go there there's no crime to be there you cannot be extradited back that i don't want to stay on the extradition law for to you on but
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james farmer if i could come to you surely that this extradition bill in itself is a demonstration of upholding the principles of the one country 2 systems because surely if if it were one country one system you wouldn't need a separate law to cover these. fences and an additional point to you james palmer why if china wanted to bring people to justice on the mainlines they don't need a law as we've seen in the case of the causeway bookseller's they'll just make find a way of making you face justice on the mainland anyway it's just a trojan horse the world this debate. well in fact i mean. there is that one of the reasons introduced this bill was in order to try and sort of formalize the process that was already happening of trying to kidnapping hong kong as from where you know seizing people anyway and to give it a sort of legal framework but from the point of view of the protesters you know
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that there should be no intrusion at all and they're worried i think rightly because we've seen china try to apply its law extraterritoriality in abroad so much over the last few years we've seen for instance last year china threatened lines that didn't use the term taipei. trainer that i threaten businesses that identified taiwan as a separate area or country we've seen. in the kidnappings we've seen. it we've seen people at conferences try to test things out of 10 things out of conference material so there's a feeling that this is just a sort of stalking horse for that sense of intrusion into hong kong's you know once sort of inviolable. independence and coupled with things like the railway terminals where mainland global be applied the feeling of sort of hong kong's in hong kong sort of autonomy being sliced away bit by bit is really powerful what i thought i'd
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let's put this question see you all 3 of you this is something which is interesting before why are we seeing these sorts of protests in hong kong but we aren't seeing them in other. in macau for example macau is of course another territory roll by the one country 2 systems they have a separate system but we aren't seeing the mass demonstrations that we have seen on the streets of hong kong emily live. well macau people do not enjoy too many freedoms my dear friend they don't have freedom of the press and macau is very small and it's very much contralto by the communists for many decades so but if we're not lucky how girl could ready be like my cat within weeks and that's something we're trying to prevent is is that something lawrence margaret what would you say to this why are we not seeing the protests and mco. i think homecoming has
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particular traditions because it has the english legal system it has a lot of foreigners it has 3 press it has always been. the british has given a trade in to troll when there's a lot of groups here so and and the value system of hong kong people were pretty international ones to a certain extent british so i would have thought that they would want to meara the very western system of democracy and how people can protest. like you know other countries that's what they wanted in hong kong so i mean that's what and there's also some sense of going in for this but it's so that's why it's been hong kong and i'm going to be. larger of course the more population they have i think $7000000.00 plus people in hong kong whereas in the towns only 50500000 the
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population is larger so it has more if it is done as the sphere is and serves. its use as a bridge to the street these people in stabilize china hong kong has the power and force to achieve their objectives and james palmer saw an assessment you would agree with that that hong kong is a better place to destabilise china than mco. i think the explanation for why macau doesn't protest is quite simple in 66 and 67 when the communists from the mainland pushed huge protests in both hong kong and macau the portuguese authorities of it of the caved and gave the communist party a powerful role in control of macau many decades before formal before formally handing it back over so the communist party has been ensconced in macau for much longer its control is much deeper the threats and the coercion it can. apply to
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people in macau is much greater so like the mainland you know why do people not protest in the mainland because they're terrified it's not quite the same in macau but there's no tradition of resistance there's no independent press there's no or there's a long kind of established history of control and what about the economic factors how important are economic factors in the unrest that we're seeing because hong kong is it is rather in the jury is for it stream lee harvey raines for law who know home ownership ever just this play any fact a ritual would you say james palmer. i think it plays some factor but not as much as some apologists for the mainland would you we've seen them saying over soul really about housing prices or really about this it's not people you know young people are upset because of housing prices they're angry they feel cut off but that plays into the sense of break with the older generation the sense of the older
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generation sold them out to beijing you can't separate out these issues the fact that hong kong is effectively controlled by a few powerful families who have thrown their lot in not is with the chinese communist party is and who also exert sort of monopoly control over hong kong of hong kong businesses is very recognized by young people but they see that anger as part of the shared anger against the mainland against beijing as well well we were coming to the end of our discussion with the few minutes that remain i'd like to get in the cessna different from all 3 of you where you think this is going to end what are the next steps for the process and what what lies ahead if i could come to you 1st emily like how do you see this ending. well i certainly think carrie lam should come out and gauge the public she cannot just keep hiding in government house and of course she should accede to their demands which i think
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are very reasonable but now there's a report in the financial times saying that she's offered to resign several times well i think if she goes it would be good then we just get some new person to come in and otherwise if she keeps hiding in government house is not going to help the situation will get worse ok lauren smart to you to you see the resignation of carrie lamas as helping to bring this to a cause where do you see this and well come to an end because of the resolution and this is a good time and good opportunity for people to remind you there's an election in november this year and there is a more important election next year and people want oppositions want to keep up that sentiment and opposition sentiment so that they can get both of the propose if
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people are more scared about china about about the government they would go for the opposition and that's what they want to go wrong they want to drag on they want to keep the sentiment of the protest so that they can get moguls will be in an election you know when burning which seems of timber giant july to emily lighting do you think that's the case that this is all just political posturing ahead of an election. well of course there is an election coming up and we would like to see pro democracy candidates winning but i think many of us do not want to see the violence in the streets if you have big peaceful protest that's great but we don't want to see the protesters beating up i mean the policemen beating up the protesters and all this standoff i think many of us do not want to see that so lawrence is completely wrong ok and james palmer i'm going to give you the last words here quickly if you could how do you see this and. i think that while these
2:45 am
protests may die down on kong is going to be very unhappy very disturbed place over the course of the next few years or decades until something politically changes on the mainland that allows for more the proviso ocean hong kong is are going to keep drifting away from the mainland and we're going to see very fierce protests and in turn increased repression by the authorities ok and with that we'll have to draw our discussion to a close i'd like to thank all 3 of my guests and we live james palmer and lawrence mann thank you to you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our web site that's al-jazeera dot com and the conversation continues online just head to our facebook page at forward slash a.j. inside story to take part or you can join the discussion on twitter we're at a.j. inside story on twitter actually at our money team but for me and the whole team its point tonight. i.
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new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from our headquarters in doha i'm daddy navigator coming up in the next 60 minutes iran is stepping up a legal challenge to force the release of an oil tanker detained by the u.k. . fighting between police and hong kong protesters who refused to move on after another day of demonstrations against the territories leaders. and barbara starr in
2:49 am
london with the top stories from europe including the latest leak from britain's outgoing ambassador to the u.s. reveals that donald trump pulled out of the nuclear deal with iran as an act of spite towards us pretty assessor barack obama. and putin who support the cricket world cup final has gone down to the last full fragrant jock a bitch of serving up an epic final at wimbledon and 6 of the best spin a record breaking day for lewis hamilton at silverstone. hello iran says it stepping up legal action and forcing the u.k. to release an oil tanker seized off gibraltar britain says it would be willing to allow the ship to leave if iran guarantees it won't deliver oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions iran insists the vessel was never heading for syria in the 1st place job
2:50 am
ari has more from to run. for the 1st time since this incident happened on july 4th the rains are hopeful that the british government will soon release this vessel it's carrying 2000000 barrels of crude oil radian oil and it's worth over 200 $1000000.00 now the iranians say that it is an act of piracy what the british have done and they are demanding that this vessel grace one be released as soon as possible we've been hearing from the iranian government spokesperson earlier today in the capital this is what he had to say it was almost. as to what we have adopted in a series judicial process in regards with the old tankers used by the british military forces and we think courts in gibraltar are influenced by to policies of britain we're chasing up our legal measures fortunately the court itself has in firm a strong evidence and they have released the sailors considering the situations and the comments i predict that britain will change its mind for now the iranian
2:51 am
officials have said that they've hired a legal team and they're pursuing all the political and legal ways they can get this tanker back and they have said that the destination of this vessel is not syria but they haven't specified where it was going they say that the reason that british government sees this tanker was because of its destination that is under sanctions since 2012 and the iranians don't recognize those sanctions on the syrian government because they haven't been indorsed by the united nations for now it appears that this tensions that have developed between the iranian government and the british have said there is some hope that they will be deescalating them in the near future by the british government possibly trying to release this tanker in the iranians getting back what they've been requesting lawrence brennan as an adjunct professor of law at fordham university he says a deal can be made if all parties are serious about easing tension in the region. if people are interested in a global resolution of what has been
2:52 am
a 2 month ongoing series of escalating conflicts with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property damage to other tankers and one new u.s. drone they're going to reach out and try to do something if they want to continue to agree to disagree it's going to be a long slow process this is a 2 track series of negotiations we see in public what is being offered by the parties but i gather from what mr hunt had said recently there have been private negotiations as we would expect between the british government in the iranians and that is what led to his public statement that to paraphrase henry kissinger 50 years ago peace is at hand so if there is a to be a deal it's based upon what mr hunt in the in the iranian ministry of done and maybe that needs to be finalized and if they if they work over the oxford commas in the semi-colons it will take forever if they get a global deal that is agreeable and enforceable with some assurances for the
2:53 am
parties that the oil will not be delivered to syria it may happen well france britain and germany have issued a joint statement calling for a resumption of talks to ease with tensions with iran and the iranian president hassan rouhani has reiterated his offer of talks with washington if the u.s. lift sanctions and returns to the 2050 nuclear deal the u.s. withdrew from the agreement last year. they were being cautious in hong kong police tried to clear protesters who were holding out in the city's district of shock turn for hours. i. demonstrated told police who wanted them out of a shopping center the violence came after thousands took part in a demonstration against what bases beijing's growing political influence in the territories of fans to move on dog and housing leaders from hong kong. protesters here tell us they are driven by deep seated anger and discontent over the past few
2:54 am
years this is why they are taking their fight to the suburbs today smart started like any other and that the similar ones over the past few weeks it started peacefully with over 800000 protesters marching here at the suburban area of shacks and nightfall came we have seen riot police struggling really to contain the situation we've seen thousands of young protesters setting up barricades similar to the ones that happened saturday night in shon showing the message here is quite clear that nothing that the government has done or said over the past weeks will be enough to pacify the protesters here today and they tell us this will be the last and meet and less real political forms are in place and this carol lam and other executives resigned and unless the police and essentially beijing keep their distance and promises not to erode you know the rule of law and the way of life
2:55 am
that people here say are slowly basically being eroded because of creeping tarion isn't coming from beijing stephen vines is a draw to reported on the 1997 hong kong handover to china for the independent newspaper he says when it comes to fulfilling protesters demands the hong kong government's hands are tied. we've never seen that before so not only do you have protests in all these areas but you have believed in much and i can only describe it as an eruption of believe just individuals posting notices on the so-called lennon was named after john lennon it was something that was started in checked the actor in the 1970 s. and there's about 200 of these awards now around the territory people calling to the end of the actually asian bureau and for all other things central theme here really is about hong kong retraining beyond only that it will be regionally promised in 1907 when britain handed over one kong to chinese rule well i think the
2:56 am
1st point to make is that the operatives here really don't have a free hand i mean they're there essentially under the command of the chinese communist party in beijing and so the question is what will the chinese communist party can see there are ways of diffusing the tension i mean that could be which people have called for an independent inquiry into these events that lead up to the traditional there could be a simple promise that the extradition law will disappear at the moment the government just says it's been suspended and the protesters are talking about an amnesty for those who've been arrested during the protests that made to use the situation it would certainly go quite a long way to doing it your thoughts is a said quite clearly that none of those 3 demands are going to be met well there's a mixture of fear and anticipation the syria is there is after all
2:57 am
a big garrison of the people's liberation army stationed there and they recently say an exercise just remind people in case for some reason they've forgotten that. secondly there is the possibility that you know those forces will be used to talk but the ozarks is will go. back into attack mode which is what we're seeing some signs of in terms of very heavy policing very unrelenting policing against the protests but the hope is that because so many people were literally talking about millions of people who have been on the streets the hope is that there will be a basis there for some sort of negotiation problem with that is the protests are largely spontaneous it's very unclear who would be negotiating with who so you know there are far more questions than there are answers right at the moment a british newspaper has published more diplomatic memos revealing the u.k.
2:58 am
ambassador to the u.s. assessments of president trump the administration it's got more on that from barbara starr and our european broadcast center. there in thank you yes the latest leak claims that kim derek believed that trump scrap to the 2050 nuclear deal between iran and world powers despite his predecessor barack obama they don't describe trump's actions as diplomatic vandalism and that they appear to be driven by personality reasons why worry challenger has been looking into this and is with us now so rory what else do we know what we know is that just before dawn trump pulled the united states out of this nuclear deal last year then u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson went to the united states to try to persuade him not to do it it was a mission that ultimately failed and in the aftermath of that kim derek who was then the u.k. ambassador to the u.s. wrote back to the u.k.
2:59 am
saying that he thought that the reason that donald trump had walked away from this deal was not for diplomatic reasons it wasn't because it was a bad deal it was pretty much purely because he just didn't like obama and it was a bomber's deal and that therefore kim darrick thought that donald trump have been acting out of spite and as you just said it's like a what it called it was a case of diplomatic vandalism and the reason why we know this is because his cables back to london have been leaked to the british media to the mail on sunday newspaper which for the last couple weeks has been releasing these. cables as explosive articles and it's done a lot of damage well canberra himself obviously resigned from his position that the more widely the what impact do you think it's going to have both the new k. u.s. relations and also just on british diplomats in general. the certainly the british
3:00 am
diplomatic service has been severely shocked by this routes to its core it what it feels now is that they cannot trust the the work that. they do what should be confidential has to be confidential is going to stay confidential or whether they might as they feel they have been now thrown under the bus by bickering politicians who are of squabbling over. it and all sorts of things it's also hits the u.s. u.k. relationship we've got a. british government that feels humbled by the way that it's been treated by donald trump and donald trump has he done something recently on precedented that he said that he wouldn't work with kinda.


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