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tv   The Colonised Society  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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and these are the top stories and. the u.s. house of representatives has voted to condemn president donald trump for charged comments against 4 minority congress women for republicans backed the democratic measure which came up to trump told the women to go back where they came from and. up that's despite growing criticism at home and abroad as. it wasn't just on twitter in person and on camera u.s. president donald trump continued to stoke controversy can do what they want they can leave they can stay but they should love our country and they should work for
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the good of our country he's talking about these 4 new members of congress he singled them out for criticism telling them to go back to their own countries even though they are american but because of what they look like many say those are blatantly racist comments the president responded on twitter writing those tweets were not racist i don't have a racist bone in my body the so-called vote to be taken is a democratic congress came republicans should not show weakness and fall into their trap this should be a vote on the filthy language statements and lies told by the democrat congresswoman just over a dozen republicans of criticize the president but the leadership of the party is still clearly with him right all races and i think the tone of all of this is not good for the country but it's coming from all different illogical points of view that the point to single out any segment of the us i think is a mistake democrats just aren't buying that but silence is an endorsement
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equivocation is an endorsement blaming both sides is an endorsement there is no gray area here. there is a very clear right and wrong on the speaker of the house nancy pelosi one further using candid and controversial language on the floor of the house these comments from the white house are disgraceful and disgusting and the experiments are racist how shameful to hear of continue to defend those offensive words words that we have all heard him repeat not only about our members but about countless others throughout his presidency as the controversies piled up republicans have been unwilling to go against this president that seems unlikely to change anytime soon in al-jazeera washington the european parliament has narrowly elected to ursula dandelion as president of the european commission the german defense minister will become the 1st woman to hold the post when she places younker in denver and
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former proven president has been arrested in the united states and faces extradition on corruption charges for leaders accused of taking $20000000.00 in bribes from the brazilian construction company or other branch in exchange for lucrative contracts iran says its ballistic missile program is not open for negotiation with anyone or any country about contradicts comments from the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei you said you were on is prepared to talk about its missile earlier president donald trump said a lot of progress had been made with iran and that he was not pushing for regime change. in your police officer will not face charges for killing a black man he was trying to arrest the justice department made the announcement on tuesday 5 years after eric garner died in a chokehold. and the united states government is imposing its strongest sanctions
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to date on me in march the top military leaders it's in response to the mass killing of rohingya muslims in 2017 washington says the government hasn't taken any action against those responsible for human rights abuses. the south african singer and anti-apartheid activist johnny clegg has died at the age of $66.00. 1 of the few white artists to defy segregation laws and openly criticize the apartheid government nicknamed the wide zulu he was famed for blending traditional african rhythms and western music styles he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer or years ago. well those are the headlines we'll have more news after europe's for a bit and colony that's up next. 2
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the european parliament brussels where the people of europe send their representatives. because of the boxes of the of the m.p.'s. they belong to the people who will jump at these to hold the european union to account. a look you can
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hear us look inside. what do they do here. nothing. i am there's a hugely important debate about the future all to european union today and i'm trying to say. i mean it's impossible for them to people but there is a european problem and it's not accountable. like even in croatia in the parliament you have a balcony with ordinary people can come every day and look what's happening but you know. the closest i can get is the press room where we get to see our representatives on t.v. . but then the european parliament is unique. normally parliaments the wise their own laws but here they can only accept or reject legislation from the unelected european commission you know. it's one of the reasons you believe there nigel
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farage says britain while it's to leave the e.u. and just days after the break sit while he's relishing his. success what i have to say you're not laughing now are you. that you know that. as a policy to impose poverty on greece and the rest of that trade you've done very well by stealth by deception without ever telling the truth you would get the ball that i gave you. the worst thing is that he's right everything was put out that's correct even if you love him so people can see a side make as much as what they'll do if you don't think. i may not agree with what he stands for but that's the paradox of europe today. i don't think so what has cause he's saying you're against europe. question yes how do explain the rise of he'll keep on trying less and you'll become europe until i die how do you mean squat and how do you explain the rise of foot i must tell you how do you explain
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the rise of some reason you know how do you explain that it's a failing over opinion that once you turn yes others here. you are getting the growth of houses across the political spectrum growth of rejectionism of this model because the model doesn't apply just not me so what do we have then i mean we have nation states because of nation states borders walls and there isn't this dangerous oh and democracy here but where is america safe but is not here. so i'm going on a journey to understand how come the far right and claim to be the savior is democracy you'll. never be sold one we sold how europe is facilitating gets on colonization privatization the extraction of resources and secret trade deals like the t.t.p.
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. the nature of the agreements. it's a construction of ultra neo liberal system will cement culture here if we believe in your. view and the financial forces behind the politicisation are driving governments into wars abroad. which in turn are producing refugee flows the challenge an already anxious population. the major decisions that determine how life is lived are made without popular participation and that causes anger frustration and. contempt for the parliamentary system leach to. erratic and often trite reactions that's couple little severe economic growth. in deceptive and examine how the anger and frustration generated by this whale
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politicisation the p.d.f. of european democracy as we know. in november 2015 terrorists attacked paris killing 130 people living over 400 injured. attacks on brussels airport and nice followed all carried out in the name of i.c. . so how did you don't make sense of this we discussed it as coming out of norway or in explicable acts committed by evil people because of their adherents to a religious ideology. but just because a neck this inexcusable doesn't mean it's inexplicable. non tomsky is a prolific writer only international relations and the riches of terrorism you look at news international these are people from the. miserable suburbs
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or older it's internal problems that are leading to terrorist attacks again people with the people involved people been picked up by the police at least . very few. shallow islamic groups they're drawn to jihad is. kind of a way out of their group ration and humiliation the. internal pressure. the belgian and terrorist attacks were carried out by a man from brussels. if somehow runs a youth center here in the district of small and. i 5 nice to meet you yes welcome to a little bit of thanks when you show us around a bit yeah. you'll encounter any kind of
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discrimination maybe already in your childhood because you are a must in the region there are lots of faces in my school. and they let the family just screening forcing some boats must seem so but now look on the bus. to trust. to believe that some of the terrorists for committed the terrorist attacks in madrid in paris and also here where from falling back is the level of discrimination higher today after the. terrorist attacks. when you learn a yes or no because i tell you of course after that that she said like morning which is that oh no nothing in the thing oh no nothing in the morning big i mean when you see the people who committed so i thought i'm not really you missed him we've done this a lot of addition there were people like the month before there was the need to get drinking alcohol so the plan was not stand the problem is the money big the problem
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is the do you feel the problem is money in the are both are the feelings that we did and did not do as politician and as media also that's that make them feel that those people so it's clear that from the society so they were just like real enough to be onboard it in some in some extreme areas. but could this just be an exultant i want to find some hard evidence. so we arrived at the free university of brussels. and we're trying to say very is the office of dr karim karim has been studying the experiences of muslims in belgium including discrimination and radicalization. here this. is what we're observing versions that if you have more oaken or turkish or freakin
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background you have between 20 and 30 percent less genes to get a job. even if you have a night or degree is there any date and what is your explanation for those people who are 2nd and 3rd generation for turning to a more radicalized version of islam we aren't in societies which have difficulties to provide and to produce sense we always see that there is no more difference between left and right they are answering questions sometimes in very our own. many care and white and black. ways to deal with answers but they are answering these issues and answer they are providing sense and if we don't understand things we are not going to fight in
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kingston sound this idea into trouble. and could explain the recent rise of europe's high rise in the same way as a desperate search for signs. across europe openly xenophobic parties are the rising political force. in austria presidential candidate gore but author stopped on to refugee sentiment. you know even though you don't know maybe. even in germany the alternative if your daughter party are now winning seats in the regional parliament. in an attempt to eliminate them many parts of the center of the op that they're sort of for be sure one of the canonical bizarre to many to perfect extraordinary to circulate false sport anymore she was somebody that i serviced more they farm
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a little into completely we do like to get extremist. as you go. but france is broke a band didn't neutralize the anti immigration front. instead it helped legitimize their leader marie le pen who is now a serious contender for the next presidential election. if she wins she's pledged to take france out of the new. it's easy to dismiss the supporters of the far right as ignorant racists but the current reality is much more complex. in slovenia and to refugee sentiment has bolstered the far right. but it's a simple for the put price says philosopher sluggish if he got going to be. good with this stuff i think it is optional clee cool sure for example when you talk
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about crawled out of. the warm did you read eat as a seemed dumb as a reaction of what dish but i won't in today's baek global capitalism dead sticky don't moralize don't just accuse ordinary people how can they be shallow and so once mission i can don't tell me understand a french ordinary who feels threatened don't trust. property but the question what went wrong in society that opened up the space for. immigrant rights you. know because possibly europe smokes in a full the arctic. and the turk largest in the hungary and parliament would be sure . to let us know when you meet the little one that i was there many people
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you are going to going to say something about me when i was there that talk i got actually settled which was a lot going to look at me. so was it i'm going to get you any. the uk or something new. and like most of europe so far right alongside their intolerance of foreigners france promises of economic protection. after 26 years of transition from communism hungary remains one of the poorest countries of the e.u. . there are still nearly 1000000 people living in homes without electricity and heating. in your books young leader goblet of war no nor stammering. so that we are one and only one woman i could ask one or 2 for you are on the critical shell of
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a plea because a ship has a lot of locals actually cause more than you got to shag she got a leash for sure any. time you got the to get your mouth but i'm going to be nice to get some out of my dorsai goes a. unique neck how do you explain this success of your big in 100 year because i'm going on what your saying when are we going to ship politically back to or my back to the good medical and freedom of a young that as i said you're. normally. going to get the. step the legislation and surely because you want to go when your side want to live anymore your party to the will of the we'll beat them about what. it is that you want actually fellow who she just the way you'll be good to you goes i would have been one with your money or so i'm going to. illuminate your field all automatic to saudi tony i also see that he has aged just on me but i don't shock
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a shochet when i will try to look i don't shock. i mean best that she doesn't mean that i mean heat. and it would get i think a study that if you met with the saudi prince thanks like you know other parts of fuel. is put under his prime minister viktor orban floated to the right. of s.c. trying to get p.r. hey i doubt he took a stand that that what i meant to be star struck. so you from there get the polish on ishmael commonground of problems that accord with our cottage. so in 2015 or build a fence to keep the refugees out of hungary and move many wealth from. her other countries across europe quickly followed and the borders were sealed.
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this is post fascism says hungary and political scientist cash but how much. i do form of the ideology that can operate within fee markets and democracy. the classic condition that this coming this time from the right. it is very successful. in which public opinion. accepts that there isn't in and then out as an interior there's an exterior and even the remaining old left is defending the ins and rejecting the house and in that respect. even this gentle f.g. is being conquered by this logic basically in economic terms no liberalism on the one hand is accepted. of the enemy towards the east.
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call it russia will call it is law is accepted. and the abandon movement of the. unemployed ill. at such a populations within even the course countries excepted. but if we accept the logical finster now. if you create another to blame for our economic tailors. i would not also creating the conditions for outer italian fascism. 2 closer for agnes heller whose father was killed in auschwitz thinks we need reminding about europe's bloody past european leaders were totally blind and even have it there for got there about the european past europe into 20th century has emerged that 100000000 europeans or european countries who are either dictatorship or subjected themselves to dictatorships
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either now to some of us fascism or stalin yes i'm smart him in democracy in europe this goal almost nothing and even after checking for a divorce then what i do currently start at the developed investor and europe they developed all invest that was the case in spain in portugal in greece never dictatorships a democrat liberal democracy is new in europe and they pretended that it was our tradition it was centuries soy bush was it not. things were very economy is increasing people get attention each and every year at this point liberal democrats is fantastic the moment the economy does not feel that vera that americans there are problems then immediately it is for link up our people the people don't want it anymore they call for food and they call for their leader and it call for a strong man our song. and it's not just the. europe that
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people are turning to so-called strong men in the hope of the konami protection. however deceptive that may turn out to be. but the anger and frustration at europe's financial colonization also took a very different for. a recent example of it is to be found in paris. when president obama tries to introduce a new law that loses french labor rights and makes war more precarious. the usual demonstrations lead to something else. a look at pace. for the last 2 months hundreds of activists have gathered here every evening for what they call they leave. the night stand even to ask to see if you.
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can use of my. hands to be the center is the general assembly where up to 5000 people gathered to discuss how to solve problems. the refugee crisis to precarious for and their higher. even when divided to respect. such an occupation has different committees a committee for ecology kmita product bonamy committee for legal matters and so on . they conceptualize this cus different proposals already yes and then they come with the proposals and the ideas to the general assembly and then the general assembly all of them together in a process of their liberation they decide on the next. economy committee wanted to be interviewed together what are the topics you are specifically your group dealing with the economy commission so 1st of all commission is to follow to
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people to be appropriate do you try to develop debates which. stolen by it's not. ok why do you think it makes sense to gather here and you know in this square there is rainfall and so on if we have already parliamentary democracy in parliaments and institutions. around numbers going to the south of the do gooder plus the 1st girlfriend to abandon all you know your place on the tied down side to the pleasure of going to bless you and when you take. your piece of paper mr patel to say listen you know boys who offer it all up and plugs in the real. numbers one to your community good for going on while will be just that there will persist a transition. in a pretty. good
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. taste if you see. what people are lacking in representative the micro democracy to put that very simple list representation they don't feel represented the people. joining the. most of them said you know i don't even go to vote anymore because i don't want to vote for a lunch i don't want to hold public then they realize that the real power is not even anymore in the national governments the real power is that the europe will. be in the european commission european central bank institutions where all of these people who are here tonight are not represented the dollar. it's the same realisation that sparked the 2000 the level of resistance which spread from syntagma square in the. words of the soul in spain across europe to
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bulgaria romania still enough and even for a short. the. week in boston at this it is assemblies went beyond making easy to satisfy demands and like all colonial resistance movements demanded the right to rule themselves. what you can see in the european union today is that we have at least 2 directions one directions we can see in hungary and in other countries where we have the rise of right wing extremist movements what we can see in paris today is that we have also an attempt of direct democracy which is not linked to right wing extremism but it is linked to the critique of the labor law which was the trigger for both of us it is linked to more once we try to help the refugees. it is a creation of a new political imagination. and in part 2 we look at the bit that could take this
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. to more than a decade of civil war life remains a challenge in sierra leone. we follow the citizens of this war torn nation as the push the limits. for supply. riskin used in sierra leone. on al-jazeera. going behind the scenes of one of mexico's most loved so using fiction to mirror the struggles of real life giving a voice to those suffering in the dark this week the story line focuses on each i.v. an 8000000 still shrouded in superstition in fear the making of them is the reason
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i'm either attitudes the writers want to tackle had only. talks mexico breaking taboos on al-jazeera. hello i'm david palin and these are the top stories that al-jazeera the u.s. has of representatives has voted to condemn president donald trump for racially charged comments against 4 minority congress women trying had told them to go back to where they came from for republicans back the democratic measure i count as more from washington the house then voted along party lines to accept the words on record and went ahead to pass the vote once again largely on party lines censoring the president only for republicans as you mentioned joining the democrats in
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censoring the president certainly a symbolic move but also very important in that it is the 1st time there's been a formal record made of censure of in temperament a comments made by the president the european parliament has narrowly elected or still of wander lion as president of the european commission the german defense minister will become the 1st woman to hold the post by shia places john for the younger and november. former proview and president alexander the lady who has been arrested in the united states if this is extradition on corruption charges the latest accused of taking $20000000.00 in bribes from the brazilian construction company or other branch and exchange for lucrative contracts and iran says its ballistic missile program is not open for negotiation with anyone or any country this contradicts comments from the u.s. secretary of state mike pump a you said iran is prepared to talk about its missiles
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earlier president donald trump said a lot of progress has been made with iran and he was not pushing for regime change and new york police officer will not face charges for killing a black man he was trying to arrest the justice department made the announcement on tuesday 5 years after eric garner died in a chokehold garners last words i can't breathe were valley home for the black lives matter movement and the united states government is imposing its strongest sanctions to date on me and mars top military leaders it's in response to the mass killing of good muslims in 2017 washington says the government hasn't taken any action against those responsible for human rights abuses. their lines were more have more news after the program europe's forbidden colony. 2 2 2 2
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both if they like to call default the day. we all saw the movie part one remember how the movie the crowd. a story was the power of love. the people over only should beat it to shame my mother into slavery. but even if she would be alive to feel i'm cold. the thought of in debt that part of to do but what chip and dim ok people take over what you lost how do they change this state what did they go. it's a great question and maybe one that political teary content. maybe instead the answer is to be found in how ordinary people are coping with the crisis. in greece some of the energy from syntagma square has come here.
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what we can see here looks like a very ordinary market think seem like any other market in europe you can see people selling not people selling for people selling cheese. but that's not the norm in the market it's a very unique market. a complete economy is being created in greece because of the financial crisis. it's called the no middle men movement and it's a response to greece's powerful supermarkets who try to increase prices while paying farmers less so some decided to cut out the middleman and sell basics like eggs and potatoes directly to the people. the big difference is customers order everything in at once trudeau organizers and come here before picking up their goods. and exchanging shopping habits as people grouped together to buy cheaply in bulk. it's busy today no it's not so because i'm usually.
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one. meal really in one month. what is the amount of money which is circulating i do know this because. 60. you have less than $5045.00. because people have a very very short of money for getting where. it's getting worse because of the crisis in. the community renmark it also asks everyone to help support those in need because the producers have to give their standard of the service in food for the shelling that is what is the percentage they get a voucher i think. so this is the basket of solidarity all of you know that will come in but not from the producer everyone of the consumer who comes here i
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may if your see wants. some food for the solidarity when this more this movement of solidarity started we had just 10 families now after for now more on those. we have 140 families that need our shows so no it's not known and we don't want the state involved. this is a bad and momentum of peoples who have the power. they feel the power back they couldn't rely anymore on the government and on the other kind they didn't want to sell their goods for the supermarkets what they find particularly interesting as someone who was born in yugoslavia. we should experiment of its whole called self management socialism is that all of this functions as a kind of self management although when you speak to the people. they wouldn't
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describe themselves as socially. you see such things it gives us hope that include opinion things football differently. you can see why the no middleman movement wants to stand apart from the state but to bring about large scale change done citizen led movements need to be braver. i mean humble germany the heart of the european empire to hear about one such movement that's profoundly changed the city. germany has a very active environmental movement as demonstrated in actions like this one in 2010. it was a protest against what in fact the swedish company had allowed to repeat accidents to cure at nearby nuclear power plants. so 120000 people joined hands to link the 2 power stations together
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a distance of over 100 kilometers. after that protest numbers felt empowered to take on powerful companies as well as the state under the leadership of the huns. we came here very. evident and on fanfare many of whom were even just one on one less humble who might want to get across and just say yes to. such a thing was previously on the ship right yeah. really. after all nuclear test definition had yeah. internet into ninety's that you urged countries to liberalize course were privatized their energy markets. this vattenfall took over much of germany's energy supply including cumbersome electricity grid. until the because
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campaign convinced the city to buy it back. it isn't the asters you know family time via intel isn't. this armored this isn't that slightest little go damaged when 10000 on the. side just refer to folks in charge of a few not $50000.00 righted. and what were the main arguments of the complaint. and you know it's a innocent john paul fundament busy freudian and even i am that some can you know even a center complex has a home on the nets or sheer number and if it didn't know color orange doesn't. travel as a benefit in football has been dozen of michelle and us. but they only managed a narrow win in the referendum with just 50.9 percent in favor. probably because they were up against the entire establishment the mayor the main central left and
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right parties the energy companies and even the unions. as a share in the we should often. just the humble zefi of the victim gangs of you dust and fun we take on an entree reasoning and hasn't quite viewer who are going to progress on through the nets of idiots or go forward and dust em yeah that's perfect me try to not. and in 2016 humber bought back then and there's a great so now its profits go back to the city. the gas and heating networks will follow soon and nightmare for the energy companies and their investors. can send our home via the tin and things message then it's just wired for a nexus on the 100 best and us needs to assume the angst to copy
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tides 14 per got as it just wasn't my point. after the fall of the venom hole that was sure to 0 sum for how much is a chanson free market ideology what we have seen in home work is that maybe today they said yes challenge and they have a new kind of enthusiasm which isn't was just to take the public message. since then 170 german towns have taken back control of their energy create. some as a result of pressure from citizens some through the policies of forward thinking mayors. in the former east germany one such mayor has come up with a unique way of handling the refugee crisis. 2 there. 2 2
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on my journey i've seen refugees forced to live in appalling conditions and defined as the political other. but in friedland's they have to take. in a different approach. this was once a busy town full of factories processing regional agricultural produce but the fall of the barely wall so factories closed and the jobs leave. merivale block of the century right christian democrats is a former factory worker determined to save the town and. it's sort of a big if i go 70 luckily for friedland the mayor has plenty of energy. as a hero i know of course between. 20 up and down and also to survive as a man in tamer or and in
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a companion it's one and mention god compile your eyes and yes i believe even. when the berlin wall came down west germany privatized the state on the east german economy enterprises deemed uncompetitive verse old for a pittance and close even though he's. taken. to 14 and us flight of our hoods a man does find nish so if i'm in a normal force as i did our garden which by. your own trim my understand that we are seeing between up to the gold one of. the 2 it's a fin and as that's an hour and splits and. despite attempts to attract new industry most young people move away so the population here is shrinking and getting older isn't the start on this fear dimension. and as one can imagine and
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feeling and. so the mayor had an idea to both help refugees in need and revive his town. i don't do it in the nuclear bombs let me beaten for the mention of and victims with the kinds and forms on this one snitch killing i think about it's. time to see who comes and we just because i'm the animal i need to shift beyond what it is now that that's very divided nets for men often. under the flight shifty didn't figure income or these are the most my trading ones on the. side to shine to me i was often seen posts and flights of fancy quotes and. can convince court 2. so they've asked for more than the both of refugees and they're even trying to mine their bribery to convince them to stay. c
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2 here for her floating exchange you can see this is the place where the refugees. they can get free this is sort of folks. you're no good no good no gang now yes everyone smile that oh that's just gross. and they feel no conflict because it was nice. when you think you know you are so fucking that here now yeah come you know thinking that they can do. that much my my crushing they all yeah yeah and you're going to clanking i can be king and all my. talking to the mayor you begin to understand why uncle america was keen for germany to accept so many syrian refugees here bother me i'm feeling a bit like these lads and guys with me that's good but i have already one. that's been totally bombed your life. just before i was shown the most i don't know shines
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through in every business but. with $450.00 refugees living in the. small town there is the potential for conflict and misunderstanding but the mayor has set up a committee to avoid just that. show the telephone this is the meeting this is the meeting of religion on the walls or trying to block. social services the job center churches schools and businesses all sent representatives here hardly dislike them in the present that even from them flew clinton here they have been living the family where you do yeah you got yeah but maybe it's a good idea to drive to the most you can also hold the classes rheumatism and just remove for brand new t.v. to pull from. from the minute. then there was
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a motion you wish i knows i've got this time clean. the neck of my local via google ads a version here. this should be. followed i live all in the willing and. we did receive it was off. so there was a doctor from syria already here varies here today in berlin so what they're trying to do is actually because 4 of the doctors who are here now are going to pension and they want to keep some of the afghan or syrian doctors here so they are also discussing this at the moment because they are a need for doctors. the town is now famous for its quest to find a new population but what do the refugees fleeing. here in finland how do the people who live here or how did it treat you are sometimes it is so it. is so us. as a strangers you know. but in general if they are good you live in one of these
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apartments yeah i hear i live here. from 6 months here i have 5 verses in the house with me. and but it is a house it was good he would do stay in friedland if you would find a job here or do you know right there small is if the small yeah it is small and i want to get on with my in my study of the city rich or controlling only the way in the bigger city alone but really on how mostly maybe the mayor knows that's how most will react that's why his plan rests on just 10 percent of the refugees wanting to stay. most of the population in your role in 10 or 20 years will be population above 60 or 70 so in a way the coming of refugees to this style presents a possibility because younger people a younger population and they think it can be applied on the european level as well
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maybe to say that the refugees can be awful for revitalisation of want. and what it shows is that the real change can be done on the municipal level and that maybe radical politics of the 20th century is not on the supreme national international level but on the local level. we've seen radical movements in big cities and a compassionate mayor in a small town. but to even begin to bring about change on the scale europe needs will require new and radical thinking in a major city. spain's 2nd largest city is not run by parts alone or in kabul a radical of around mental and housing activists. 2 years ago that the law was attempting to stop people being evicted from their
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homes. that ran into a little bit emotional was the fear that amanda on this one of the time but a 2nd i don't know but open container must be part of the. many most to me and the only question i got to go. after kitchell miller's immunization if he feels that there is lead. that secular cannot prepare the augusta. as they would. like it and i must analyst i know it's by no. now when she speaks up for a family who have been a week that she does so as the mayor of parts alone what do you know. they will feel much is the most are they out but i'm probably about you know what matthew getting this morning i think this is one of the more sinister question was and if you see and they don't want it what if it were at one of the cinema the richest woman that is going to try to be in that order as they did to us they don't mean us you know but can such radicals run a large and complex 21st century global city of nearly 2000000 residents.
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every year over 70 get your isp the cent and barcelona they spent over $13000000000.00. but their input is now so huge they've become one of the problems facing new politicians like that peter mares about the percent of. this is on it which is one of the most popular neighborhood saw for barcelona. it used to be neighborhood the fisherman. well one of the problems we're having here is that the prices of houses. have started to increase and many people are being forced to leave the neighborhood. here we used to have a squat house it's called community here called. which means thousands of houses for everyone. in this courthouse used to
4:52 am
leave our actual mayor and some members of the government she was a squatter really yes here and now. that we are in the government of the of the city council we will have operatives here and that's what we're trying to foster in comparative how seeing new forms of tenancy and hearing of us in on it what we've been doing is we've been forcing banks to negotiate with the city council to give us you know a buildings empty buildings to. just go to have them for for social rental. and that's very important i mean we don't depend on bonds because we haven't our campaign with banks and that's important because you're free from banks and that gives you a certain margin to negotiate with them you know well this is one of the 1st buildings we bought when we when we came to power and this is a building that we are rehabilitating now i mean it's not easy because we as
4:53 am
a city council we don't have all the legislative power to the way everything we can to change the city from one today but we are also putting pressure on the on the regional government on the central government to change the laws and if we don't have pressure on the streets there are many changes that cannot be done you would think that you see that both the. subject was part of these issues would like to see more political just be. done not only need pressure but we need to not be forms of a. going to a station we have to organize them and walker operatives they have to produce in a different way they have to conceal in a different way and we assume the ministration going to be an afterthought we have to told to go along with them but it's it's no demonstration who would go there with the democratic revolution. so is this what happens when the people take over the palace and barcelona town is a palace. i'm going to meet the marriage plus.
4:54 am
do you think these model of parts alone up but also something which we could call the rebel cities it's not only barcelona it is now this is your naples had a war zone so on could be a model for europe as such in the sense that going from bottom up from the municipal from the local level we could come to a national level and even change your role on these transnational international level in a moment a case is then look at the got going arsalan espana isn't it would go back yes and in and. they likely see is the immigrant here for man is the unifying theme but as regards latin as in the market at the guy and i know by theone a lot if we're in the field then we're not going to go in. that i'm spot in here and i may make it a. pretty but i don't get any more 2nd fender and as an undersea you have isn't
4:55 am
this that lame and some idea that upper left here don't last you learn this stuff you must have got out and they're going to get as much of that one is that put in the dollars not enough this put them out and what they're saying about in the end there are many that are not into this gives effective i meant it would up by say that i found that their last court you saw us in iceland getting more said or not only i only get a most error so what i thought when i mean i want to feel that i may not get an email address the other semi us actual madness in the last i said no put this all. well that. so maybe it will be a network of cities like barcelona 2 where people finally feel represented because the city is close enough to the people to be held accountable yet powerful enough to make a difference to their lives. but on my journey i've seen how the financial forces colonizing europe have captured nation states and even the european union so maybe it's nice to suppose such movements can make
4:56 am
a difference ringback. or maybe the judging. if you look over history is a movement of chief something it consistently appears to show in that they didn't achieve their goals right away and were beaten back but they left a regime and a legacy from which they for nations will become. so let's not dismiss those who are brave enough to be optimistic so what we have seen with the so-called arab spring is that it's not enough talk of bias where you have to be able to create a permanent organization even if it means new political parties but which wouldn't be where to go but which will come in take integrate precisely the experience of the patients and be aware that all busy of europe but also the world is watching what is happening in place. by my thang.
4:57 am
and there we have of course been watching the remnants of what was tropical storm barry across sections of the south united states on the satellite the cloud really beginning to break up so a pretty good indicator that that system really house form apart but they're all still some warnings in place some flash flood warnings really from arkansas right there up into southern areas of missouri but on wednesday a lot of that rain now beginning to push out towards the middle and sick up into the northeast so possibly a wet day in new york but warm with a high of 32 bit dry in the south 34 in atlanta and then as we head off into thursday at that rain actually becoming a little bit lighter but still wavy line along the eastern seaboard so 28 in new york but what you will see out across the midwest some pretty high temperatures and we have got some excessive heat watches in place the much of the midwest 35 in chicago on thursday that she won in minneapolis on a warm day in kansas city on storm systems passed through with
4:58 am
a high of 34 degrees celcius than we had down towards the carol been not a bad couple of days ahead here we have got the usual showers of sculler thunderstorms developing usually a little bit later in the day but really as we head towards central america the yucatan peninsula and to the east of there the rain showers becoming fairly widespread heavy at times heavy at times and also pushing into southern portions of mexico $23.00 in mexico city and 23 in guatemala. discover new developments in surgery i'm going to jump up and whatever and here ashima japan to meet the surgeon pioneering new techniques in regenerating money and could a breakthrough medical trial provide some much needed alters to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all the evidence behind the virus it is least $105.00 more effective fighting night to get the cure revisited on al-jazeera
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it's 50 years since the world watched as u.s. astronauts lost it off on a mission many thought impossible or whatever then marveled as they made those 1st uncertain steps. join us as we look at the ingenuity and those who made the journey of apollo 11 possible . landing 50 years on and al jazeera news special every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so
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