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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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he has denied responsibility after speculation in turkish media since i thought his defeat security has been relaxed in iraq's kurdish region many aid organizations run their operations from a real because the northern city is viewed as relatively secure but this attack on the turkish diplomatic team go through the fragility of security in iraq some of india with al-jazeera back that. strikes at the turkey project at the center for strategic and international studies as you can see he joins us live now from washington d.c. appreciate your time and being with us on the program your thoughts 1st of all on who might be behind this attack i mean the p.k. k. all the obvious suspects but they have to know have responsibility have. well you know that i don't know how important their denial is but i think even more important than that is the fact that turkey has not formally chukkas them of this heinous attack against its diplomats you know the church has been involved
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in a war against the p.k. is a reporter said for a very long time it is carried out operations in iraq primarily by exam force it even has soldiers stayed stationed in northern iraq as part of its for defense against it became and the days are over in turkey and there has not been a formal accusation directed at the picket gate which would suggest an operation to follow against them you know i was going to say how do you expect to respond given they haven't officially keane's the the p.k. k. i mean i think they've already said they're sending a delegation to have it be all what form what sort of response coming expect from ankara in the coming days. well as i see it if they come to the conclusion together with the kurdish or joke of metaphorically is with whom they have a very close relationship the new president of the caribbean that your own barzani was recently in now in charge of meeting with president go on that this was indeed
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the work of the good k. what i would expect is here is is an attack probably. from the same force is secure but we're not at that point because there is speculation even on the turkish media and certainly there is there the this is the amount the very careful statements of the turkish president and the church pharmacist suggests that this is their year this is not a clear cut issue of the k.k.k. attacking a church that the man you've already mentioned the k.t. pay which is the kurdish ruling party in balan has been working pretty closely with the takesh government are talks of the sort likely to affect their relationship in any way. well you know me and we don't want to get into a circus versus the er conspiracy theories but you know one could say that this could have been the work of a 3rd party which is trying to effect on the mind the good relationship between the
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carriage of government and in turkey. and most of turkish trait the character trait is as with cherokee and circuit as you know economically character is very much dependent on turkey it done early days on his relationship with turkey at a time when he's had difficulties with the central government and backed out and it may be that somebody is there is trying to undermine that relationship but as of now i think. this was an incident which meant well though it is it does not seem to have affected the relationship between the character government and anchor on it could of course just be some individuals acting alone on some sort of you know misguided premise that this is what they want to do for some unknown group that we don't even know about absolutely and the fact that. i think it was the turkish foreign minister talked about the fact that that iraqis are actually tried sitting at another table were also targeted race question is in his mind and that of the
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turks looking at the attack whether it was directed at the diplomats specifically which railroad be the case or whether there was some other factor in wall and just happened at the diplomat was in the wrong place at the wrong time it is an incident on a tight we will continue to monitor the aftermath of in the coming days for the moment any reason joining from washington d.c. thank you thank you. well the united states is removing turkey from the f. 35 fighter jet program the move had been long threatened and expected after i began accepting delivery of an advance russian missile defense system last week the 1st parts of the s 400 defense system were flown to the murtagh military air base near ankara on friday washington to try for months to stop turkey's deal with russia zahra's mike hanna joins us live from washington d.c. so no real surprises that this is going to have. i know this has been weeks in the
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making the u.s. has repeatedly warned turkey that it cannot have the russian made missile system and participate within the f. 35 program confirmation came in a statement from the white house but shortly afterward senior dependent department of defense officials held a very rare news conference and it was interesting it was almost a tone offer of gret being issued by the officials they continue to stress that these strategic relationship with turkey remains valued they repeated time and time again that the issue here is that you cannot have a russian made missile system what they say that has intelligence gathering capabilities together in proximity with the f. 35 this would be they say a threat to the secrecy of the stealth capability of the f. $35.00 but once again the officials absolutely emphasizing that the should not impact on the broader impact of turkey turkey itself will now be suspended is the
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word used by the d.o.d. officials not kicked out of the program so it's been made very clear that should reverse its decisions it is quite possible to return to the f. 35 program you know might well have got you with us some just sing a few lines are dropping on the news was on my computer saying the turkish foreign ministry says its removal from the ethyl 5 program is not based on a legitimate reason it says removing it from the program does not see the ally spirit and is calling on the u.s. for turn from quote this mistake which would harm strategic ties that as you say the reality is that the 2 countries do need to work together. indeed yes it was repeated time off the time that turkey cannot have the s. 400 system and the f. 35 this got to choose one or the other the department of defense officials saying to that the decision to suspend turkey from the f. $35.00 program or supported by the other $35.00 program partners there are
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a total of 9 countries involved in this particular program including turkey and certainly all the nato members also uncomfortable with the proximity of a russian made system in proximity to the f. 35 so this is not necessarily a unilateral u.s. decision that was taken in consultation with other partners in the f. 35 program the impact may have some economic impact certainly the u.s. is going to have to spend some 502600 1000000 dollars to retool all the programming the maintenance work that was done in turkey by turkish officials they provided some 900 parts of the if that he 5 these will now be produced locally within the united states there are some 20 to pilot space did u.s. bases fly the f. 35 they have been given until the end of the month to leave there's also been turkish officials in the joint operations program they have been given notice to leave that program so that is going to be an impact here but from the u.s.
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side at least the insistence is that the should not impact the broader strategic alliance with the key which the u.s. says it's still great values like a washington thank you iran's foreign minister says he believes european powers do want to preserve the 2050 nuclear deal but mohammad javad zarif is accusing the united states of having too much influence he says u.s. travel restrictions only raney diplomats are inhuman james bays has more from the u.n. in new york. iran's foreign minister is a frequent visitor to the u.n. mohammed job and zarif uses it as a venue to make his country's case in the world stage and as the u.n. headquarters is in new york to appear prominently on the u.s. media networks the unlawful extraterritorial economic sanctions imposed on iran by day united states in violation of security council resolution 2231 represent the
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greatest threat to the achievement of sustainable development goals up iran and many of our names this visit to new york a city where as a reef lived when he previously served as iran's ambassador to the u.n. is very different his past once his movements are restricted to 3 places u.n. headquarters the ambassador's residence where he's staying and the iranian mission to the u.n. this is unprecedented and as the document from the u.s. stipulates it's been extended to all iranian diplomats permanently based in new york they can visit the mission u.n. headquarters in a 6 block area in long island city where the iranians have accommodation but it is certainly not a friendly action where it puts the members of the mission and their families in. basically inhuman conditions but for me it's fine because i don't have any work anywhere other than the 3 buildings which i'm restricted these are the tightest
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restrictions on representatives of any country in the history of the united nations diplomats from syria and north korea by comparison aren't allowed to travel more than 25 miles outside new york city on the new measures may have angered the iranians but it's not stop them getting their message across or that foreign minister zarif has invited the u.s. media outlets to his residence to conduct interviews james razor and algis in the united nations music be free to saddam. could finally be on the path to a new form of government a long awaited political deal has been signed between the military council and protest leaders of the months of division and demonstrations they've agreed to form a power sharing body that many hope will eventually lead to civilian rule hit morgan has more from. it's taken many long days of negotiations to reach this moment more than 3 months after ousting armadale bashir sudan's president of nearly
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30 years the ruling military council and the opposition coalition sign a deal that's supposed to begin sudan's transition to democracy in. the transitional military council is reach an agreement with the freedom and change forces you have witnessed the signing of the document it is a huge achievement representing a step towards an all inclusive agreement among all the forces in sudan it ushers in a new era and paves the way for the upcoming steps of the console addition and celebration and reinstatement of the constitutional document for the transitional period it's a glorious moment. big reman stipulates that each side will have 5 representatives in the sovereign council with an 11th member to be agreed on by both sides yet they believe you have. it is with pleasure on this morning to bring the good news to the sudanese people that we have signed the political document between the transitional military council and the freedom and change alliance it is historic moment in the
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history of the sudanese people and their journey of struggle it's a new era of partnership between the brave armed forces and their partners in the freedom and change alliance and the sudanese people in this document is the fruit of the efforts of the people and us is will we honor the fallen masses the bereaved mothers and the youth the fuel of this revolution. the revolution started in december with anti-government protest and turned into a pro-democracy sit in at the army headquarters in april that came to an end when the military raided it in early june killing at least $100.00 protesters the greenman signed on wednesday still lacks many details which the 2 sides are continuing to discuss over the past few days process and how to have continued demanding accountability for the killings of protesters to be part of any final agreement that something the forces for freedom and change have fed it with you. while the military council and the forces for freedom and change coalition gathered
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in khartoum expressed optimism in the deal that has been signed not all members of the coalition are on board with the progress that has been made several armed groups have been meeting here in ethiopia say that the deal bypasses them and needs to be revised the armed groups known as sudan's revolutionary front say they want the issues of ongoing conflict in darfur blue nile and nuba mountains and how to resolve them stated clearly in any agreement for a transitional period otherwise the deal would not represent the whole country are going to have a good year this will dance revolution out of fry his reservations on what has been agreed upon in the way the negotiations have been going on. the f f c focused on power sharing in the negotiations are not part of what has been. and they're not the only side not happy with the agreement signed just minutes after the signing people were out on the streets again but this was not a celebration this is the revolution will not be complete until the villain government is in charge here morgan are to their own i disavow. yemen's heathy
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rebels say they've again targeted saudi arabia's design airport with a drone for the saudis say they intercepted it before it could hit the targets if they say they disrupted operations at the airport which has been targeted by the rebels many times in recent weeks officials in myanmar have condemned u.s. sanctions imposed on the country's military leaders over the rangar crisis the target myanmar's commander in chief and several other senior officers it's in response to the mass killing of ring of muslims in 2017 hundreds of others were forced to flee to neighboring bangladesh washington says minerals government hasn't taken action against those responsible for human rights abuses the delegation of the international criminal court is now in bangladesh to discuss the remaining issue of a child who has more from dhaka. international criminal court investigative team will made with bangladeshi oarfish 0 including the foreign ministry official as
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well as the home ministry official they have to work out a lot of protocols including providing diplomatic immunity to the investigative team as well as a witness protection program for the witnesses things that bangladesh didn't follow the witness protection program then that will visit the camp they will meet with the rowing or refugees including the community leaders they will discuss various issues they'll also have a press conference tomorrow and we'll know more about that now interesting to point out that a delegation a man maher delegation rather is heading to dhaka and this month headed by the permanent foreign secretary also a team is requesting to independent inquiry commission talks by the sun suu kyi to investigate in the feeling during a camp on that it is now it is still under discussion with going with this government but they are willing to come here and investigate on their own and might have been given permission to i.c.c.
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or un investigative team but they want to send their team here the international court of justice is ordered pucca stone to review the death sentence handed down to former indian navy the i.c.j. . violated international law by denying india cultural access to john tough he was put on death row for terrorism. to his arrest in baluchistan province in 2016 the verdict is binding but the i.c.j. has no power to enforce the ruling kemal high has the latest from islamabad. well as started the ruling it. had basic in the. view that dead he would grow their war dead by a military drive united on had said all along that. tabulates beyond doubt that he wanted to naver to. working for their. ring which are deep. indian intelligence agency and he was in wars and had confessed to carrying out
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a deadly attack and led to the killing of hundreds of. august on saying that dad was because he was a military personnel and because of. an action plan which would be approved by parliament and the political party they would write go on however it would be important to 3. 1000000 court busy and how. born when it comes to reviewing that dead vanity i respond well still to come on this including g 7 leaders meeting in front act quickly the facebook's plans to launch a new crypto currency were also in the french city of one of the world's most famous festivals. and one particularly heated rivalry is set to play out in asian qualifying for the 2020 cup.
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hello there some of the best weather across southern portions of europe now we have of course the last to see more of those showers as thunderstorms pushing across areas in the southeast but eventually washing away from greece own tools turkey out tools the northwest quite a band of cloud now this will continue to work its way quite quickly eastwards and then we'll see skies across much of the u.k. and across into the rain in scotland but then the rain you can see has stretching all the way down from scandinavia right there down in southern areas of france but it's scattered really are we will see quite a bit of cabot's a warm day in madrid $36.00 degrees clearing skies then for the temperatures will be on the rise very unsettled all the way across much of the baltics pushing on into western areas of russia so really keeping the temperature down particularly on
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friday in moscow just 19 degrees celsius quite some brisk winds too coming in from the west carrying skies are through much of poland blanket of product also central areas on more rain beginning to form in from the southwest but what it is doing is ushering in some very mild s hotel which is actually on the rise 28 in paris and a very warm day madrid at 38 degrees celsius meanwhile no but africa is dry it is fine temperatures pretty good out across the northwest about 23 and then what a warm day in cairo 39 celsius pretty good in tunis the next couple days of the hive 33 as we head on into friday. i've been looking at your instagram account it really takes the atmosphere. this is a dialogue when donald trump announced his candidacy for president everyone laughed at them everyone has a points best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational counters maverick nominee join the global conversation in
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your thoughts get twitter and. on down to 0. 23 unions has collected objects coast. enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist an inspired artist and a voice for the plight of countless markets. such as al-jazeera. again
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i'm reminded of the top stories now to 0 at the world health organization has declared the latest outbreak in africa a public health emergency of international concern it is the highest possible emergency response. turkey's deputy consul general has been shot dead in the northern iraqi city of least one other person was reportedly killed in the attack which happened in a restaurant but the diplomats were standing. on the u.s. is removing turkey from the f. 35 fighter jet program the move had been threatened unexpected. we got accepted delivery of an advanced russian missile defense system last. night hundreds of people are gathering for the u.s. president's campaign rally in greenville north carolina donald trump has been tweeting as you might imagine ahead of the event saying he has lots of things to talk about he's also continued his twitter attacks and for democratic congresswoman
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we go live now to our white house correspondent kelly how good he's also in greenville waiting for the president on committee one of people there saying about trump's tweets. yeah well as you can see the lines behind me it's not hundreds of thousands of people that have been snaking through this parking lot for hours and the temperatures make that line even more astonishing it's almost 40 degrees celsius out here and we have seen some people suffering from heat exhaustion but they say it's worth it to stand of these lines what they're saying about the president's tweets in recent days is that they support the president they believe that it's nothing compared to the attacks that he has endured from the laughed so they say well they don't necessarily agree with the language used against those who are female congress women of color they certainly say that they support the president. i think he's doing a great job there's definitely not enough teachers states. support donald trump or feel comfortable to say that they could support donald trump because you know
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generally teacher is filled with the left you know they hate it it's hard to get a conservative. this is the 1st time ever when this happened because i was frightened to wear it anywhere else i've been here. so heavily the president says he's got plenty to say in greeneville but is he likely do we think to discuss the control to say. absolutely in fact he's already given us indication that he'll do just that not only in his tweets felicity that he's been sending out in recent hours saying that he will be discussing people who love this country as well as hate this country but he's also been talking about the controversy as he departed from the white house on route to greenville what i think we can take from all of this is that this is part of a calculated election strategy in other words this kind of what many people would believe is toxic sort of race baiting politics ease would help donald trump not only win the white vote but win the white house and so it's very likely that we are
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going to see a lot of this in the race for 2020 so what donald trump essentially has been saying he needs a villain he doesn't have hillary rodham clinton it's he did in 2016 now he has what he's calling the left wing cranks the squad as some people call it and also what he's calling vicious socialist so expect that donald trump will be attacking the same for the group of poor people congresswoman he's going to appeal to american pride but also to pierce is going to appeal to the racial division that exists in the united states or a complete lie for us in greenville thank you. g. 7 finance ministers are meeting in france this week and one of their priorities is containing the risk posed by cryptocurrency facebook's plans for a new such currency is worrying finance leaders today off of the tech giant came under attack at a senate hearing in the u.s. some argue the. shouldn't go ahead until facebook resolves questions about regulation charlie angela reports. introducing libra
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a new global currency as product launches go digital coin libra has been one of the worst in the u.s. senators lined up to attack facebook over its plans for a new cryptocurrency saying the tech giant cannot be trusted facebook has burned down the house over and over and called every arson a learning experience look at facebook's record we'd be crazy to give them a chance to experiment with people's bank accounts to use powerful tools they don't understand like monetary policy to jeopardize hardworking americans ability to provide for their family. now it's become a priority for g 7 finance ministers meeting in france they've decided facebook must address certain laws and regulations before it can code launch libra and they're setting up a task force to manage the risk of crypto currencies france's finance minister warns an unregulated currency would create problems for sovereign states with
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soaring currencies. and so on and sticking to some very strong commitments some very strong words we cannot accept to have a new currency having exactly the same kind of power without the same kind of. labor would allow users to buy products and transfer money for nearly no fees facebook says it would not fully control the currency but have just $1.00 vote in the labor association which includes other companies including visa. but unlike bitcoin libras value would be tied to national currencies among the number of bitcoin is limited to $21000000.00 the supply of labor would be determined by the deeper association and subject to supply and demand government financial regulators and banks share the concern that widespread adoption of the digital currency by facebook's 2300000000 users could up in the financial system and for now they're
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fighting to keep facebook out to finance. their. a 20 year old man has been arrested in relation to a cyber attack in bulgaria which is thought to have compromised the records of nearly every adult in the country personal data belonging to millions of bulgaria and was stolen the country's tax agency was hacked among the stolen data the names addresses and even some details a personal income tax agency now faces a $22000000.00 fine for poor security. the puerto rico governor because of us that lho has vowed to remain in office despite violent protests calling for his resignation thousands have taken to the streets of the capital and recent days crisis was felt by leaks controversial text messages between the governor and his closest allies will text allegedly included comments that were to treat such
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a mistake and have offended. i'm serious gabriel and is on to joins us live from the capital san juan where another protest is same place right now and tell us more about what is fall such big process in puerto rico ok. yeah yeah yeah. yeah what started as small street protests in the last few days have turned into what we're seeing now which is massive street demonstrations to give you an idea there's easily tens of thousands of people here pouring into the old city of san along right now we're about a block away from where the major concentration of people are but i can tell you it is absolutely packed and they plan to march all the way to the governor's mansion later tonight they are so upset they want this governor to resign because of more than 900 pages of text messages with him and some of his colleagues in subordinates vulgar private messages where the governor. was making derogatory remarks about poor the puerto rican people sexist and homophobic remarks and even there was
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potential illegal activity that was texted back and forth it was just really really bad messages by the governor that came out and he admitted that that was him but people here simply are not taking it anymore and that's where you're seeing these huge amounts of protests people actually just pouring in nonstop everyone with the same message not asking for the governor to step down but really demanding it and what is the governor said in response to those developments. he says he's not stepping down as of now he admits that he did wrongdoing he admits that the messages were his and he apologizes for them but he said there's been no illegal activity and he says he's going to fight this through but this protest we're seeing tonight is clearly the biggest that we've seen in years here in puerto rico people upset not only at the governor but they see wider corruption within the government to the governor's top aides have been arrested by the f.b.i.
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on alleged corruption and 2 other of his top deputies have said they will step down after these text messages came out a few days ago this is the biggest political crisis that puerto rico has seen in probably a generation people here are calling for the governor to step down not tomorrow but tonight we'll see if that happens all right extraordinary story. for us thank you. a crowd of 8000 retired middle aged and elderly protests as have most for political reform in hong kong the so-called gray has march began following cools the people to give moral support to younger protest as millions in hong kong have taken to the streets in recent weeks to protest against a now withdrawn extradition bill that would allow people to be sent to mainland china for trial a big demonstration is being planned for sunday. ports. being sorry to say how was he in consolidated tears among the smoke of the future knock on the
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golden. ball play hard the light disappears and it starts to get dark you say look it's a silent policeman or barking in the deepest places upon kong with. the words a poet sandwich on convey anger grief and resolve those things can mean a base so you they only care about policing beginning not the people this is why i am inspired by these people who take to the streets this can their lives to fight for the future of hong kong jason doesn't use his real name and wants to stay anonymous says 22 years ago they're already dark too small yes hong kong. used to have freedom since june a proposed law change that could lead to hong kong extradited to china sparked huge
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protests and the level of violence unseen in years sealing chang is one of the thousands of mothers who staged a protest and filed a petition in support of the youth movement carrie lam claimed ourselves to be the mother of hong kong people who behave like unruly children and don't know what's best for them and she was there to help us this is our future our right of freedom of expression of assembly all b.'s. a guaranteed by the basic law most protests are planned online were security logistics fund raising and exit routes can be decided without anyone having to meet in person across hong kong ordinary lives have been transformed by a wave of solidarity protesters tell us the 2014 embroil a movement provided a lot of lessons because it led to imprisonment and factions now they've adopted
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a new wave of dissent a leaderless movement they say is harder for the government to pin down. hong kong is widely seen as the place of constant change and innovation and is one of the world's most visited cities. and many here want to make sure none of that's lost protesters here have adopted a slogan of the late famous martial arts star bruce lee the water my friend the sea like water they'll be fluid and adaptable and accept that what do you see is a fight for fundamental freedoms will be a long term struggle. hundreds of rally in new york calling for justice over the death of eric ronnie marks 5 years since the 43 year old black man dies after police placed him in a chokehold on tuesday federal prosecutors announced.


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