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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 199  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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that in fact speaker pelosi is racist. so we've got that going on and let me go to the minimum wage question raising the minimum wage yes she did she said they were targeting and to go back to your textbook definition. she said that in fact the speaker was targeting women of color if that is not racist then i don't know what is. and as it relates to the minimum wage issue or you're going to raise the federal minimum wage ok if that's what you want to do look at the amount of people that's going to put out of jobs and so if democrats are happy with doing audio enters our telephone and study said absolutely none. and i want to thank you i miss her and i would also i think. that you'll let me get emotional then i want him out of here guys i'm going to ask
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rena to come enhanced her and i'm watching you get quite emotional rain and i'm going to ask you what the source of that yes i'm really sorry you know i just didn't think i would get this passionate about it i've been talking about this for 3 days and i'm a young woman of color somebody who was born in southern west virginia i was born to immigrants from uganda and india and my parents were incredibly successful productive members of society american society they gave job they've created hundreds of jobs they have never taught me to look at the color of someone's skin and judge their american is based off of that the fact that mr metzler does not see the president's words to be a problem since when did we start to disagree about a president united states using proper words i have a child in preschool i do teach my child to not name call to not judge people based on the color of their skin i am thankful i am not a white house adviser i would not want to work in this white house i was never offered a job there nor would i ever seek one out but let me tell you this if i was advising this president i would have said stay out of this spat between d.n.c.
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pelosi and these 4 young black and brown women what was between them is between them he does need to speak up but why he spoke up is because it's in his heart of hearts that he doesn't like these little brown and black girls who are dead democratically elected congress women who have the ability given to them by the constitution and check his power he has such a problem with women ok but let me tell you this it took this weekend to really tell me to show me that he has a problem with black and brown women he can't stand that we are powerful and that we are equal to him in this just society so you know what i don't like when new immigrants like mr meltzer come here and say that this is all ok it's not ok this president's not a republican because he has no respect or love for liberty or the constitution or freedom ok right at this point i'm going to i want to play some of what we heard from the congresswoman in question here and their reaction to what donald trump said in his initial tweets as have a listen. he does not know how to defend his policies so what he does is attack
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us personally and that is what this is all about i encourage the american people and all of us in this room and to not take the bait this is a disruptive distraction from the issues ok here concern and consequence to the american people right so christopher i'm going to ask you that is this a strategy then on the part of president trump we've been hearing broad condemnation of people being held in these awful conditions and border detention centers and now we see him potentially change the subject and make it about the race of members of congress i mean it's a pretty effective strategy if that's what it is. well is there a strategy behind that i don't know i haven't spoken to the president so i don't know that and let me say it's not the president that changes the message it is the media who simply follows each and every tweets that tweet that those are his words
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out so as to. ok well i understand that there are his words but question was is that a change of strategy and so the media simply is changing the subject over and over again look if you don't like the president's tweets if you don't like any of that don't report on him don't look at them go about the business of running the country if that is what congress wants to do then that is in fact what congress should be doing rather than obsessing over the president's tweets christof the media. is the president of united states and on that note i'm going to be interesting. because i want to ask you about the votes that we saw in congress when this was undoubtedly news so let's talk about the voters we in that vote we saw only 4 republicans vote. in favor
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of that resolution and since since the initial tweets out of $251.00 republicans in congress very few i believe less than 20 have even criticized his words so going back to the voters it did force the each member to have to choose to go on record one way or the other so this was smart politics on the part of the democrats christine was that the plan. the plan is to protect people from what donald trump is doing with his words with his twitter feed and with the power of the executive branch there are inhumane conditions at the border that's what was being discussed last week and that was the context in which people were having a fight over the best way to get the kids out of those camps and to have humane immigration policy last week his labor secretary in charge of fighting human trafficking mr costin had to step down because of
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a sweetheart deal that he gave to pedophile jeffrey steen and that case is still reverberating as brave women are coming forward and talking about how they were raped as girls by this terrible person including some of them allegedly after this deal was cut so let's be clear it is much easier. too for the media and here i would agree with christopher the media on the one hand can can choose to multitask and should in fact multitask members of congress absolutely had to condemn those tweets because 1st of all there were attack on 4 members of congress which led to increased death threats against them put their safety in jeopardy and and 2nd as i mentioned and as reno mentioned with with her child you're talking about children who are listening and once the president says it. if the president can say it then anyone can say it you know in a schoolyard in a store on an airplane you know everywhere anywhere and that's the danger is that
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our society. should be one in which we respect each other and we're trying to work through our differences not one in which we insult and harm each other you know the rate of of hate crimes is going up and unfortunately for the most marginalized people in america the trauma of this president is going to cost us for years to come and that's why we have to fix it and that's why as congresswoman presley said we can't take the bait we have to keep talking about about health care about wages about respect about dignity because that's the work of the congress that's being done and and those are bills frankly the president should support and sign really your republican strategist and i want to get your take on the news and reaction we've been hearing from republicans on this is this about trying to walk that tightrope between especially for those in divest states between their constituents
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and not using the republican base and supporting president trump. look there are marette of issues here layered one on top of the other and i tell you as somebody who's kind of grown up in the party and has seen some really great republicans across the country always give me opportunities and allow me to share my origin story one in which i talk about my father's side being from uganda being thrown out by a dictator being told we had to go back to india when 3 generations of my family was currently living in uganda so i love the fact that every american i've met through my 30 some years i has always embraced me as a fully american but somebody is having a rich ancestry and heritage that i'm proud of and speak to but but understand that i'm committed to the ideas of creating a freer and more just society and creating opportunity for people despite whatever zip code they were born in we can all agree on some basic principles and the republicans i continue to speechwriter for and advice today i still believe that they are good people and that just because the occupant of the oval office acts the
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way in which he does this party is not yet dead yes there are so many people that lack the moral courage to speak out against trump's abysmal actions and words however we have a greater task on our hands and that's to keep our republic to fix it to continually fix it our founders said they gave us a republic if we can keep it right so for my my duty for my daughters my my duty is to really talk about the american way and how we create opportunity for everyone but when we're stuck in the muck when we see situations like this where look i have never been a fan of speaker pelosi until more recently i remember being a young hill staffer and remembering the day she got this speaker's gavel smiling and feeling happy i was working in a republican member of congress' office at that time i was happy that a woman had the gavel however i have serious differences with her policy wise but in this moment i think what we can acknowledge is that she has been
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a leader and there there is something that's very true here that we must acknowledge to the despite be. leader had she been a black speaker and these 4 women were white skinned trump would not have tweeted this stuff he could because he can't tell white skinned women to go back to where they came from and on that note i'm going to bring in christopher he's shaking his head again christopher i do also want to throw this forward looking at the election next year i'm going to ask you to react to that but i also want your take on whether this is going to change the playing field going into the 2020 president selection. well i you know at this point and i fully believe that in fact the president is going to be easily reelected here's why the president has made some significant strides relative to the economy as a relates to block unemployment the president has done a phenomenal phenomenal job relative to that as it relates to businesses as a relates to opportunity zones all of these things it is the actions that have been
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taken by the president that is going to make a difference as he returns to the white house in 2020 and let me just say part of the far story and here is that if we look at and there's all this conversation about what the president tweeted and what the president said here's the thing there is a significant concern about how left the democratic party is going and in fact if you look out some of the members of the squad did not one of them say say that she is there to impeach that m.f. really referring to the president of the united states do we not have anti-semitic comments coming from some members of the squad so let's be clear if you're going to criticize the president on what he does what he says the language he uses as it
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relates to impeach that m.f. so that's ok because it was it then line of print can i ask you to put it on a set. of the squad i do want to bring in kristan on that exact issue the issue of impeachment because democrats have been. very split over the session here and now articles of impeachment have been filed in congress and that could potentially help unite the rights and christine we don't have much time left i'm going to ask you to respond very quickly how split on the democrats on this idea than teaching the president. democrats 1st thank you for your comments earlier i do i do think it is true that while donald trump insults everybody he takes particular glee and malice in attacking women of color powerful women of color it's something that he whether it's you know maxine waters or the squad more recently a federico wilson who still owed an apology because she was right about what had happened in news year to her constituent and so who was who was killed in the
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military serving over there so the fact of the matter is the economy the obama economy is cooking along it's not doing enough we need to do more the president can't count on racial animus and voter suppression the way he could and russian assistance the way he could in 2016 on the issue of investigating the president we are pursuing rick vigorous investigation we will see what happens as we follow the facts and robert mueller comes in as one who is a hamilton elector a member of the electoral college who pushed for a briefing to the electors before we voted on the trump russia connection we didn't get that but we got an independent investigation. conducted by mr moller so i think all eyes and all ears are going to be on mr moller on july 24th so ask me again after that testimony where democrats are where americans are but i think we're getting closer to moments of accountability while i think we're suddenly getting closer to my moments of of people trying to come together and i'm glad to put that
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we all could come together for this discussion as as difficult as it has been so thanks very much to what our guests rina shah christopher metzler and christine put icy and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for a further discussion do go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from meanest on the attack and the whole team here life and.
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discover new developments in surgery i'm going to double up when i'm in hiroshima japan to meet the surgeon hiring new techniques in regenerating on knees and could a breakthrough medical trial provide some much needed on says to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all the evidence we have the mieris if the stuff 105 more if they're counting i think the cure revisited on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera water an essential resource for all humankind across europe
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pressure to recognise water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very glad to impose water privatisation on anybody it's the only field. those people who see ever to do something to invest a profit of they want are up to the last drop on al-jazeera. i'm sammy's a damn indulge with a look at the headlines here now to syria now iran's state television says revolutionary guards have seized the foreign tanker and its crew believed to be smuggling oil in the gulf the tanker was reportedly taken just south of lark island in the strait of hormuz which is a crucial shipping channel. well this is how the time to see it was announced on
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state television about 102 patrolling operational ships passing through the persian gulf in order to find and fund to fuel smuggling on sunday revolutionary boats found a foreign ship carrying 1000000 liters of smuggled fuel enough to coordination with authorities they seized it and 12 crew members were arrested those jabari joins us live from to her on any of the details becoming more clear on who owned the ship and who was allegedly doing the smuggling. no sami we have not heard about the ownership of this vessel but the iranian revolutionary guards have said that they have at the request of the judiciary carried out the arrest of the 12 crew members they are all foreigners but they have yet to identify which nationalities they are and this is a very very crucial shipping route of course the strait of hormuz it's a very busy route for the war well the world's oil exports and the iranians have said that this is something that they the security of the strait of hormuz is in
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the hands of iran's navy as well as the revolutionary guard so this seizure comes at a very very short time when there has been heightened tensions in the region specially in the strait of hormuz and we've heard from various officials in iran that this the iran's own oil exports have been attacked and that's something that they will not stand for this latest seizure is something the iranians say is an effort to fight smuggling of oil and fuel in this region civil waiting to find out more information from the revolutionary guard about who actually owns this vessel or jabari them from to her on. turkey has called the u.s. decision to suspend it from the f. 35 fighter jet program unfair in korea is warning it will harm relations washington acted after turkey accepted the delivery of russia's s 400 air defense system. the body of the turkish diplomat shot dead in the northern iraqi city of
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erbil on wednesday is being taken back home. to iraqi kurdish civilians were killed in an attack at a restaurant the un special rapporteur on human rights in miramar says her team is not getting access to what's happening on the ground this is more violence is being reported in my kind state. says villages have been burned down in recent days she's been prevented from gathering information the question is. did the government of myanmar empowers the internet than to inflict more iron on the people living in. the internet blackout has also prevented individuals winding to engage with me from being able to make contact it is challenging to get information on what is happening on the ground under these
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circumstances but i have been told that 3 villages in rakhine have been burned down by that unlike our in the last 2 weeks. a suspected arson attack at an animation studio in japan has left at least 25 people dead more than 70 people were believed to have been in the building when the fire broke out mid-morning in the city of creole term national broadcaster m h k says a man was arrested after reportedly pouring fuel inside and setting it alight. former pakistani prime minister sharon had holkar bassy has been arrested in connection with a corruption scandal was taken into custody over a deal involving the import of liquefied natural gas from macarthur during his tenure as energy minister. denies the allegations police in the philippines of given what they call the real numbers in the government's war on drugs they say between july 2016 and april of this year more than 5000 people have been
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