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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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detaining the lawmaker said. at least 11 people have been killed in a car bomb attack in southern afghanistan 3 separate explosions went off near kandahar as police headquarters to attack is pretty themselves up and 6 were shot dead by security forces at least 89 people have been injured and the taliban has claimed responsibility now the un special rapporteur on human rights in manama says her team did not to get access to ring have fact finding mission in that country young he says villages have been burned down and recent days and she's been prevented from gathering information. reports. the u.s. state department has announced saying sions on me and more is military commander in chief men on lying and 3 other military leaders punishment for their role in the ethnic cleansing of the ring of minority but the united nations special repertoire and human rights mean more says the same sions don't go far enough it's better late than never i just want to know why it took us so long after other countries
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and i and others have raised this issue if it is listed as 6. generals that should be that should be sanctioned immediately for special repertory young the league said reports for me and more in recent weeks suggested human rights violations and abuses by the army and armed fighters against civilian populations may be getting worse a particular concern an ongoing internet and mobile phone blackout in myanmar as record stakes the question is. did the government of myanmar impose the internet. to inflict more harm on the people living in rakhine. the internet blackout has also prevented individuals wanting to engage with me from being able to make contact. it is challenging to get
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information on what is happening on the ground under these circumstances but i have been told that 3 villages in rakhine have been burned down by the tomato in the last 2 weeks in 2017 a military crackdown in iraq and state caused more than 730000 rohingya muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh according to un investigators mass killings gang rapes and arson were perpetrated by me in march military and executed with genocidal intent such as a team from the international criminal court is now in bangladesh to investigate what happened to the i.c.c. prosecutor 52 have been sued and is asked to launch a formal investigation into the violence many are waiting and hoping that will become a reality. now the body of the turkish diplomat shot dead in the northern iraqi city of ajdabiya on wednesday as being taken back home he and 2 iraqi kurdish civilians were killed in an attack at a restaurant
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a statement released from the kut istanbul government is now describing the incident as a planned terrorist attack. well there's plenty more ahead for you this news hour including i'll tell you about a suspected boston attack on an animation studio in japan. donald trump supporters repeat has a racist comments during his fast campaign rally since insulting for congresswoman . and in sport we'll hear what this boxing legend had to say when his latest rival compared him to a dinosaur. a suspected arson attack at an animation studio in japan has killed at least 33 people firefighters such the building for hours hoping to find survivors and with several people critically injured many fear the death toll may rise.
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the fire broke out thursday morning in this popular animation production studio in kyoto. fire and smoke in gulf the 3 story building as rescue teams searched for survivors in the store and there were some women inside the building firefighters had to break windows to pull them out. many were unable to escape with the rising death toll japan fears of this could become one of the deadliest fires in this recent history you called it when the fire broke out about 70 people were inside the building so we checked the whereabouts of these people using their mobile phone contacts we also checked the number of the people who made it outside safely what's left of the building is also a crime scene the man in this video is a suspect he's accused of entering the studio employing a liquid onto the floor and igniting it while shouting die he was arrested and
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taken to the hospital where he seemed to be in pain irritated and suffering he was also angry and see. prime minister's shoes or arbor has called the fire to appalling for words he offered condolences to the victims and their families as the country tries to make sense of what's happened. al-jazeera hundreds have marched in sudan's capital to condemn a military crackdown on protesters more than 100 demonstrators were killed in june when security forces. and khartoum thursday's demonstration comes a day after protest leaders and army were to signed a document which outlines a potential power sharing deal. well health workers in the democratic republic of congo have expressed optimism over the w.h.s. decision to declare a public health emergency of international concern they say the move will help with
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getting more resources needed to fight the disease more than 1600 people have died of a in this outbreak catherine so i reports from nairobi. where there is a pensive mood in a market southwest in uganda a congolese fishmonger who visited the market to buy fish for trade died of a bolo and she returned home she came by road on a motorcycle was a regular here interacted with many people health workers looking for several high risk contacts some of whom have gone into hiding. who knew the woman does not believe she died of a it's a believe many people also share complicating government efforts to deal with it. she was pregnant and she had a miscarriage everyone knows that people who touched her have not died why are you saying she had women bleed when they have a miscarriage that's what we know. this is one of the busiest streets routes
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between uganda. but the border is porous and many people use informal crossings to get from one country to the other but what if someone comes to the market how are we supposed to be took not everyone uses from. the world health organization has now declared the outbreak an international public health emergency he says based on the high risk of the disease spreading across the region the fact that it's still flaring a year after it started and the incredibly volatile security situation health workers are working under health workers we've talked to say the declaration could not have come sooner they want more logistical help and money they're also dealing with local communities or don't trust them and in areas where militias have been attacking them as well. a bullet treatment centers up to 10 health workers have been killed since the outbreak began a year ago the security. people. but
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i think the force. to. get foreign. forces. for now the focus is to make sure that it does not spread in goma a strategic city after preacher who tested positive of the disease died and to regional countries or other parts of congo catherine saw. nairobi. and meanwhile the u.n. says it's peacekeeping forces in the d.r. sea will step in to protect health workers and medical facilities in the affected areas on the ground in the democratic republic of the congo there is a un peacekeeping mission mundus go which can help to make sure that. the areas that they are going about their work in will be secure and that transport of necessary medicines and and other aid can be accomplished. both peacefully and
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swiftly at this stage we're not calling for the creation of new bodies but we will continue to review the situation see what the needs are now the u.s. president has stepped up his attacks on 4 democratic congresswoman of color while addressing supporters at a rally his racist tweets telling them to go home have drawn condemnation both in the u.s. and abroad however in the past hour speaking to media at the white house tried to distance himself from his supporters racist chants white house correspondent can be held. in north carolina. historic greenville north carolina is a southern town with a diverse economy centered around health care and education so it's not surprising there are many here unhappy with their president's tweets targeting 4 female congress women of color saying if they don't like the united states they can leave i think.
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with him reacting. that's not how you bring people together. no matter how distasteful many believe donald trump might be across town at his 1st campaign rally since announcing his re-election bid defended his attacks on the floor congresswoman and launch new attacks on congresswoman. she looks down with contempt on the hard working american saying that ignorance is pervasive in many parts of this country o'mara has a history of launching this year's anti-semitic screen.
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omar responded on twitter to the crowd chanting center back with a poem from american civil rights activist maya angelo still as trump addressed supporters he insisted he's helped communities of color by lowering unemployment also hailed a failed vote in the house of representatives to impeach him as a victory and they want to try and impeach. polls show a majority of us voters see trump's twitter attacks on the congresswoman as un-american but polls also show. most conservatives support the president's controversial statements so expect trump to employ more not less race baiting in his reelection campaign as he vilifies the female democratic lawmakers many now call the squad terms tactic of labeling a group of female congress women is vicious socialist the left wing cranks appears
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to be part of a broader strategy designed to use american pride 7 to not only hold on to a base of support but also when new voters can really help get al jazeera greenville north carolina. a judge in new york has decided finance it jeffrey epstein must stay in jail while awaiting trial the 66 year old is charged with sex trafficking dozens of under-age girls the judge said epstein who was once close with donald trump is a flight risk now using his ownership of a jet and 2 private islands. now a prominent u.s. senator chuck schumer has called on the f.b.i. to investigate one of the most popular applications in the wild face app he's concerned it could pose national security and privacy risks and millions of americans since the company is based in russia now face app has been installed on more than 100000000 android phones and it's the most popular application in the i
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tunes store you take a photo and then it uses artificial intelligence to manipulate the image to make you know older or younger and you can even change or genda privacy watchdogs say uses need to read the fine print because they granting the company a license to use the images forever and however the company wants to face apps as it deletes most photos from it to have his off to 40 days alice and that it doesn't send data to the russian government well we spoke to errol bulk and here's the code and additional ex-pat he says the public should be concerned about their privacy regardless of the ownership of the apps in question americans have some of the worst rights when it comes to privacy and the world were a little better in the e.u. with the general data protection regulation that g.d.p. are but in america it's a free for all i mean remember that when it it when it comes to face google doing the same thanks. you know americans call it innovation and disruption and they
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celebrate it it's again only when the russians and chinese are involved when they're like ok this could be bad yeah but it's bad in general you know we should be looking at alternatives we should be looking at funding alternatives because you know all the funding goes into these sort of businesses venture capital billions are spent creating new types of businesses based on surveillance you know we should be looking at alternatives there how do we sponsor acknowledging that is in the common good maybe we need to start thinking about funding it from the commons maybe instead of big tech we should be thinking about small tech how do we fronts that knowledge use. just tools for people not surveillance devices we need to start having these conversations and not just in reaction to the latest leak or the latest app that has a privacy issue that you know blows up on twitter we start talking about this is a systemic issue. still ahead on al-jazeera unlicenced to act as an 11 on tell you
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why a palestinian refugees say they're being discriminated against. because. puerto rican is fed up with neglect from washington and the territories are in government call for the governator resign. planned and support the young stars abbas so impressed again the german giants on their pre-season tour of the united states all the action. hello again a welcome back well this hour want to take you down here towards the western part of and specifically over here towards israel where on wednesday they received a temperature in saddam about 49.9 degrees celsius now this broke a record for july and normally of course the temperatures get quite hot they are
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below sea level but over the next few days they do have heat warnings in effect for much of this area especially in the inland areas as well as the lower lying areas but here on our map for jerusalem not too bad for you we're looking at a temperature of about $27.00 degrees beirut's going to be seeing about 29 degrees but as we go towards saturday temperatures here in aleppo rise as well to about 36 well here across the gulf it is the winds that we have been dealing with over the last couple of days wind's going to be dying down though as we go into the weekend so one more day here and 40 degrees and windy conditions coming out of the northwest but by the time we get towards saturday the winds going to die down the temperatures are coming up to about 4440 degrees and the scott we do expect to see a high temperature few of 30 degrees there and then very quickly we do have a quick moving storm pushing across much of the cape cape town seeing some clouds pushing through as well but for temperature wise we're going to see about 15 degrees there in durban at about 27 for you.
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in the case to health or. police department it has the potential to be biased in the number of different ways there truly are for sure for the computer together with. those officers who commit those data entry is wrong to be saying that your son is road to. kill becoming a suspect before the actual crime and then depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story account be chaotic trying to behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in your ear you're trying to provide the best most curious up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on being seen pin that you realize you've witnessed history in the making.
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hello again i'm the stars are aligned about top stories this hour the u.s. says iran must immediately release the vessel it seized in the gulf iran's revolutionary guards captured a foreign tanker along with its crew tehran says they were trying to smuggle oil. turkey has called the u.s. decision to suspend it from the f. 35 fighter jet program unfair saying it will harm their relations washington acted off the tack he accepted the delivery of russia's s. 400. defense system. and the un special rapporteur on human rights in myanmar says
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the persecution of the rethink of the is still ongoing she says villages have been burned down in recent days and she's been prevented from getting in to gather information. well let's get more now on our top story iran's seizure of an oil tanker on this we can bring in lawrence brennan he's an adjunct professor of admiralty and international maritime law at fordham university and he joins us now from new york lawrence talk us through how unusual this is for a tanker like this to be seized. it's not as unusual as we would think there has been long going smuggling in the persian gulf area trade a whore moves and elsewhere i was on an aircraft carrier there nearly 40 years ago we were cognizant of those problems the seizure is difficult to understand but it must be viewed in the larger context of the events since the middle of may where where we've had 4 tankers attacked in the persian gulf 2 in mid june in this in in
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the gulf of oman which was unprecedented area and we've had other incidents in the straits of hormuz. nations have a certain right to prohibit smuggling we're not sure as of now if this was the ship that was originally described as a u.a.e. bunker tanker bet 190 foot long cold. which was seized over the weekend at that time the story and i think the story came from iran was that the ship. had a mechanical difficulty was drifting and was assisted and brought into iranian waters imports a port of refuge for assistance now the details if we're to really talking about the same ship are somewhat different if you look at the overall picture and the economic conflict the war involving the oil in tankers that has begun to reflash to mid may 2019 we have an escalating problem the risk of hostilities and
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conflict continue to grow we have hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property damage. but fortunately yet there have been no injuries or deaths reported and no massive environmental problems so this is part of a big picture with many parts of iran is involved in a number of them it may be related probably is related to the events in. the brawl to where a pen a former panamanian flag taker grace one was seen. by royal marines and the panel me and the. government allegedly carrying oil from the gulf around africa bound for syria originally the oil was described as being from iraq and the tanker lost its panamanian flag registry not exactly sure when that was but it was one of 60 or so vessels that have been de flagged by panama because
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of involvement in smuggling so this is a major crisis and of course it can be traced back at least to the j. c.p.o. way in the u.s. withdrawal from that a year ago and increasing sanctions well let me ask you this. sure because the u.s. is now demanding that this ship this tank be released immediately and it's describing this as harassment so what kind of the video is govern this through the revolutionary guards have the jurisdiction to do this and to hold on to this vessel . well i don't know the iranian law but the revolutionary guards are as i understand it a unique military force i would expect that a civil law enforcement force such as the court injured roll to that seized grace or the u.s. marshal service that in forces arrest warrants for ship arrests in the united states would be the appropriate authority. the united states position
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is is a strong position and if the iranians have evidence of smuggling and that an iranian admiralty court or a civil court a civilian court that is would investigate in the whole proceedings perhaps that would be an appropriate answer but. the concern is the statements that have been attributed to reigning officials in r.g.c. officials that if the iranian government did not obtain the release of mt grace and the oil that they would retaliate by seizing another vessel and over the past weekend we had the incident involving an english british take their british heritage which which was protected by a british warship and not forced into these waters in iranian waters and as for the national waters of the strait of we'll be watching or really i found very very
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nicely indeed thank you very much fewer time that's an hour and spread then an adjunct professor of admiralty and international maritime ill at fordham university . now lebanese authorities say they plan to scrap a requirement for palestinian refugees in lebanon. now that's been one of the demands from palestinians you've been protesting for days they say they have been unfairly treated since the government began cracking down on unlicensed foreign labor reports. they have taken to the streets. tires. close their shops and block entrances to their camps i love announced palestinian refugees are protesting against a government crackdown on documented foreign labor that they say is affecting their livelihoods. i cannot afford to pay $1000.00 for a work permit how will i be able to feed my children already we are surviving
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lebanese law already bans palestinians from working in many professions as part of a long standing policy to discourage them from staying palestinian officials now fear the new measures will cause even more suffering. palestinian workers not a foreign visitor but rather a refugee you've forced to be living in lebanon we call on the ministry of labor to implement a 2010 law that exempts palestinians for paying for work permits the labor ministry says it is in forcing the law to protect lebanese jobs it also denies targeting palestinians but critics say it is part of a campaign directed at the larger syrian refugee population to force them to return home. with lebanon understands the difficult situation of palestinians however laws should be applied to everyone but we will work on a law that takes into consideration there are difficult conditions. unemployment among the palestinian workforce is 18 percent in recent years tens of thousands
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have left the country legally or illegally affected by the dire economic conditions here and government regulations that deny them basic rights. palestinians have long complained of what they call discriminatory laws against them refugees have repeatedly said they don't want to permanently settle in lebanon but israel is preventing them from returning to their lands. many palestinians believe they should enjoy special status as refugees the lebanese government is promising to find an arrangement but that is doing little to calm fears for these people it's been more than 70 years in exile in a country that hasn't been welcoming jennifer there beirut. now british m.p.'s have back to bid to stop a new prime minister from suspending parliament to force through a no deal breck says to felicity barr now with more from a european broadcast center. yes the measure which passed by 315 votes to 274 is
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a major setback for boris johnson whose front runner to be named the u.k.'s new prime minister on wednesday johnson has vowed to leave the european union by the end of october deal or no deal journal reports. the eyes to the right 315 the nose to the left 270 of a crucial victory over the government m.p.'s opposed to a no deal breaks it and by a handsome margin with 17 conservative party rebels and a number of senior ministers abstaining so the our eyes have it the option of prorogue or suspending parliament to force through breaks it unopposed is now closed something prime minister in waiting boris johnson had refused to rule out he's almost certain to take over as britain's prime minister next week whoever becomes prime minister next week is going to have an almost non-existent working majority we also don't know how long the agreement they got with the d.p.
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is necessarily going to hold up so whoever it is boris johnson or jeremy hunt is going to really have their work cut out particularly if they want to push through. it which you know it's worth reminding ourselves has been voted against on several occasions by parliament already with parliament demonstrating again its distaste for no deal and the e.u. repeatedly refusing to reopen the existing deal the prospect remains of no bricks at all to be clear parliament here has not prevented and no deal breaks it that many experts say could be economically disastrous for the united kingdom that would require an act of parliament but m.p.'s opposed to no deal have bought themselves time in the hope of being able to take more decisive action in the autumn. defeat inflicted less a blow to the sitting government more a preemptive strike aimed at the next one jonah hill al-jazeera london. and
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version's public spending watchdog has warned a no deal breaks it could lead to increased borrowing of more than $37000000000.00 a year and push the country into recession which also if an apartment does will be actual outcome could be much worse the report that the o.b. are of published this morning shows that even in the most benign version of a no deal exit that would be a very significant hit to the u.k. economy a very significant reduction in tax revenues and a big increase in our national debt a recession caused by or no deal breaks it but that most benign version is not the version that is being talked about by prominent breaks it is they are talking about a much harder version which would cause much more disruption to our economy and the o.b. our is clear that in that less benign version of no deal the hit would be much greater the impact would be much harder the recession would be bigger. the
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european union has debunks one of boris johnson's complaints about e.u. red tape. or during a speech johnson blamed the european union for food regulations which are in fact british he held up a smoke skipper saying produces a furious that e.u. rules force them to use ice pillows to keep the fish cool but the e.u. doesn't set rules for smoked products european commissioner has accused johnson of spreading fake news. the brother of the manchester arena's suicide bomber has appeared in court charged with murdering the 22 victims of the attack a baby was extradited from libya on wednesday he was arrested by british officers when he arrived in the u.k. prosecutors allege hashmi beatty may desolated cheeps and helped his brother by chemicals for the bomb which was detonated at the end of a show by the us singer i am a brand
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a 2 years ago he denies the charges. a german humanitarian ship captain has called for the european commission to do its best to avoid new political standoffs over refugees carola rockets or was arrested last month for entering an italian port ignoring a block imposed by the government she's been questioned by a tally of prosecutors for allegedly aging illegal immigration. i sincerely hope that the european commission now you are not the parliament could do their very best to prevent situations like that happening and that all the european countries will work together in the future to accept any people which bears a 1000000000 feet have rescued now one of the world's oldest and largest theater festivals is shining a spotlight on the plight of refugees the exhibition brings to life the long and desperate journeys thousands of asylum seekers face every day one man who fled violence in our free coast and made his way to france is performing
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a play about his experience that has more from avignon theater festival was a a well or. a haunting song of survival. cannot say uses music to tell the story of a young refugee called yaku and his terrifying journey from ivory coast to france but the play is not fiction it's based on cannot taiz life. the country was unsafe there was war so young yack you had to flee to save himself. cannot he was a student when violence forced him to flee his town he went north crossed borders and spent time in a refugee camp in tunisia before being sold into slavery in libya and imprisoned underground in dollars and ties in the bowels of libya music kept me alive i saw my fellow prisoners sinking depressed and all i thought about was singing so i sang in
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the cells music allowed me to stay alive. cannot he says the plays helped him come to terms with his past and he hopes it will help people understand refugees. exile is one of the main themes of this year's avignon theater festival the southern french city is hosting nearly 2000 defense this exhibition shows the work of rescue ships in the mediterranean sea several performances at the festival focus on how conflict violence and poverty forced people to leave their homes for one play calls a different light on refugees by showing how some people risk their lives embark on dangerous journeys for reasons that are unexpected. the middle ages polter a young man strained relationship with his father and dreams of a more exciting life drive him to leave booking a fast so for europe job they give you for you but for me to see.


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