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tv   Indias Women Warriors  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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i'm from disciplining low ranking white soldiers mo disturbingly corporal punishment which the british army had officially outlawed for decades elsewhere was still used against african troops throughout world war say beatings were not uncommon. where you were no. idea. about. the idea. and man in. black not at between that will. teasing eyes as. not being the cause he wanted to be. was the world that. he was not when a person is willing recruits he was sent to ethiopia and somaliland as a signalman relaying messages between units if you've done any good to rome here's
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a. young lad to be brought back. i'll go along on your gambling only i'm going to go on. because you are no. limit raise your. high rank of. we have no voice we have no way that don't. give. way to here not going to big. again nor by wednesday night did the. year you know by with. but if the harsh discipline brutal combat go hard to bad they were compounded by the treatment that soldiers like you said be a receipt when the victory came discrimination would not be limited to the war yes . once a soldier left the army person paid him
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a lump sum known as award for serious but this payout wasn't only based on the soldiers rank and the length of his service it also reflected his cologne you origins and ethnicity this document long hidden in britain's war shines a light on this racial hierarchy the government paper reveals that white personnel even those living in african colonies could receive 3 times the amount of their black counterparts different levels of compensation meant that the colonial regime placed a different value on african life and it on european right european settlers are considered to be more civilized and therefore more deserving of a higher payment verse in the states indorsed colored extended to asian person now recruited in british east africa to these troops received less than their white comrades but more than african soldiers. know where they go
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a bit there. but the they. they were. they were going to. when japan surrendered in 1945 percent prioritize demobilizing as white troops putting black soldiers to the back of the line many africans remained in asia for 2 years after the war had ended although their role in the war was praised by winston churchill and others before long cash strapped brits and was soon quietly downplaying the contribution that african soldiers had made to the allied victory there was explosive propaganda directed at african soldiers trying to remind that they were had only played a small role and that they should not have high expectations they didn't mean they gave me nothing. i said then go on. even when the soldiers came back their war wasn't over many veterans brought the trauma of conflict into the family
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home. know well as little as a little more. why they are not. going to do it. and the little guy no man buys them and no money no. matter what i look at or are you going to. do what i do what the boys will let go one. woman no no there's no more. victorian before you is a kenyan scholar on a mission to preserve this vanishing history she believes that africans who fought for britain should not be so cross late grandfather served as a world war 2 medic his service instilled in her a passion for the era my grandfather talked about his wartime experiences when the young children. schooled yes but not. to their point of
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being told that kenya. during the war propaganda ministry produced a pamphlet about this east african so which is which distilled the air is condescending views in the 1st picture this was a military man from this little kingdom their own material the 2nd picture is talking about a finished product this is modern warfare. new mindset towards african people as a negative they believe they were less just by looking at this they were made to look like simple people these races in that they were not very valued that high at the time if you felt this person was invaluable to that extent then you should not have involved them in the office right so go do your wars but don't call other people to help you if you cannot see them for their true. but not
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everyone has forgotten the wartime heroics of britain's african veterans lusaka international airport the former brigadier of britain's colonial forces is arriving for a week and zambia. david williams is president of the kings african right was association the regiment for which you said and once fort william has flown in from england to pay his respects to his african comrades at a memorial event my roots in africa are very deep i was educated in what was southern rhodesia. as kids we used to spend a lot of time in the bush it was a very good life and much enjoyed it one's heart remains in africa firmly williams his destination is a small town in the far north of the country. he's travelling with a crew of history buffs and the sentence of colonial era commanders who were stopping off the key points along the way to remember the fordham i was
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commissioned into the 1st battalion of the king's african rifles with a lot of time spent in the bush on exercises getting to know one's men and forming a good bond. very fine and so does and they have proven to be so. the african soldier had absolute innate qualities. when you goes into the bush he is immediately like a hunter. a british soldier often find you have to impose a discipline in where is an african is very very well equipped. one looks back with fond memories and of course one having established that bond with the african soldiers one is continue to be keen to fulfil what one regards as a sort of obligation towards a fold for the defense of the british empire. and western values and a time when that was threatened. on their journey of remembrance
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williams is on toronto's spend nights at the colonial era mansion some of those present there grew up in a colony or served in britain's armed forces with a cigarette you know and you. there's no question when i was growing up we were living in a country where there was a measure of racism i mean i think on the most positive thing you could say was a form of paternalism one was establishing good principles of rule of law and education and great infrastructures in the country. those of us who lived in africa we were living at the end of a nearer this was obviously going to change overdue for change. we were all of members of our association passionately committed to making sure that we honor the
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legacy of all african soldiers. racism paternalistic or otherwise was ingrained in the fabric of the british empire and to some forces but that doesn't negate the fact that many individual british officers felt and continue to feel a deep sense of loyalty towards their african comrades even in the 1000 foresees some commanding officers record is standing up for african soldiers and demanding baby provided with pensions to this day williams is organization and the royal commonwealth tech services league. these funds for these but by them at least they are not forgotten they were afraid. it was all no more it. was made. by. among the v.i.p.'s at the event is the former chief of the u.k.
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armed forces general lord richards for him britain's mistreatment of african veterans and the poverty they face today is a national disgrace we should be ashamed that from the sioux for our country are living in poverty we have an opportunity in the twilight to get that right it's not too late we could still make amends we're talking about people who fought for us in the most horrendous circumstances surely if britain and the british people made and the thing it's about generosity of spirit. i think all. political leadership sometimes doesn't remember that this is a battle that's not yet what the u.k.'s ministry of defense did not respond to our repeated requests for comment yet there are signs that government policy could be changing in november 28th as the world prepared to mark the 17 year read of the end
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of the great war britain announced a 12000000 pound package to help impoverished veterans and war widows from commonwealth nations but senior officials insist that this relatively modest sum is 8 not compensation it's not designed to attain what it is designed to do is provide some very practical support what my department dollars our core mission is to alleviate extreme poverty. all the commonwealth that ends up living what we consider to be extreme poverty so that means that they'll be able to get good nutrition they'll be living in dignity. but critics are clear while these men are in urgent need of aid the injustices they suffered under british rule must also be richer rest it wouldn't cost a great deal of money printing the image or someone who studied this destitute men who were in some way harmed who were not well really integrated into their home
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societies then there may be an opportunity to rights and wrongs. despite persons new aid package david williams still feel has a deep sense of regret about the past treatment of african soldiers that is not something that i think we should be proud of and certainly wouldn't fit into the whole ethos of what those of us who served with african troops would would wish to have happened but it did happen we have to face the fact that you know times were different i don't believe it's it's it's something that's worthwhile of an apology what is we feel obliged to do is to make sure that we look after people who are in need we can provide veterans with at least a meal a day and hopefully 2 meals a day. we do our best to help them. move
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. those few veterans still alive were not be with us for long a few 1000000 pounds from the u.k. government to pay for me while helpful is not much restitution for past injustices what many want most of all is full recognition. also more veterans have been afraid that they have been forgotten completes many of them experiences but that means they die that's gone but we need to talk to them fast we should not let them die with. time is not a lost sight when they're so they need help they need assistance let them die knowing someone can't evolve. since this film 1st appeared the u.k. government has come under pressure to provide more significant restitution under
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the policy to black african veterans but in june 29 team defense ministers told m.p.'s they had no current plans to do so. the plundering of armenia's natural riches has uprooted residence and desecrated the habitat of some of europe's most endangered species. but a remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the miked of the country's investors and pinning high hopes on its newly elected prime minister people in power investigates armenia mining out the left. on a 0. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how
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snakes. like now performed their traditional music and down to adapt and survive the modern internet. rad just hands the dancers on how to see. this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by iran the us president says his forces have destroyed an iranian draw in the strength of her move was head out and says it wasn't aware of that.
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welcome to al-jazeera life or my headquarters in doha with me and it's before on and also ahead. a warm welcome for one of the u.s. congresswoman at the center of a race isn't raul with president trump. british members of parliament want to stop the next prime minister from forcing the country to live the e.u. without a breaks a deal plus. i'm way very reporting from beijing with trade talks it to resume between china and the united states we look at whether that will provide some good news for china's slowing economy. the u.s. president says an american warship has destroyed at iranian draw and the incident took place in the strait of hormuz don't trump is calling it a defensive action because the drawing fresh and a u.s. vessel trump wants other countries to condemn head on and work with the u.s. to protect their own ships i want to apprise everyone of an incident
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in the strait of hormuz today involving u.s.s. boxer in the navy in previous assault ship the boxer took defensive action against an iranian drone. which had closed into a very very near distance approximately 1000 yards ignoring multiple calls to stand down and was threatening the safety of the ship and the ship's crew the drone was immediately destroyed. this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by iran against vessels operating in international waters now iran's foreign minister says that he isn't aware of loosing a draw or a diplomatic editor james james has more from the united nations. foreign minister
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what do you make of the road to show any reaction no question about losing control here possibly you know about the iranian foreign ministers brief comments came as he arrived at the united nations for a meeting with the secretary general to discuss the current crisis. that's what i said you know you mentioned about the last drop today have you met mama job and zarif has spent the week in new york his movements while here severely limited by unprecedented visa restrictions imposed by the u.s. he's here to get his country's case heard but the storm and golfing his nation has only worsened showing his visit in his meeting with the secretary general they will have discussed the growing military presence and the threats to the freedom of navigation in the gulf but the situation is extremely sensitive zarif avoided reporters at the end of the meeting and the secretary general was most guarded it
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was a very interesting meeting one of the u.s. is strongest supporters in its confrontation with iran is saudi arabia it sam bacile was also addressing reporters at the u.n. ambassador is it time now for diplomacy and if so what form should that diplomacy take it's always time for diplomacy we are always ready for diplomacy but diplomacy needs a common ground and the common ground is based on international law and based on international convey says which include noninterference and other country's affairs privately diplomats will tell you they're increasingly concerned the military buildup in the gulf. the news with it comes the growing risk of miscalculation and escalation james 0 at the united nations. earlier iran said its revolutionary guards detained a foreign tanker and its 12 member crew the vessel was reportedly seized on sunday
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just south of ladakh island and the strait of harden's iran accuses it of smuggling fuel though such a body has more from there are. the revolutionary guard able forces where on an anti smuggling mission in the waters of the strait of hormuz when they came across this vessel on sunday they said that it was suspicious the cargo on board so they decided to investigate further and after that they decided that they needed to pursue legal venues to seize this vessel and that is what they did on sunday the revolutionary guard statement says that the vessel was seized near island in the strait of hormuz with 12 crew members on board apparently this vessel had fueled up from iranian dows where it was heading further south in the strait of hormuz to sell the fuel that it had on board that is when the iranians decided to carry out an operation and seize this ship of course this all comes at a time where tensions are very high in the strait of hormuz
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a number of incidents have taken place here and also noteworthy is the seizure of a new raney an oil tanker in the strait of gibraltar on july 4th where it caused major incident between the iranian government and the british because the british navy seized the grace one oil tanker which was carrying $2000000.00 barrels of iranian crude oil they said that it was heading to syria and that is why they seized that but the arrangements have said that that was not the destination of that vessel and they're demanding it to be returned as quickly as possible this incident on thursday the announcement from the revolutionary guard appears to be a different situation where the revolutionary guard has yet again shown that it is capable of carrying out the measures needed to secure the waters of the strait of hormuz and they have in fact said in the past that this is their number one priority the revolutionary guard me will forces are concerned with the security of the strait of hormuz and they will do everything in their power to make sure that
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their area remains stable let's move on to other news now and one of for us congresswoman at the center of a racism rally involving donald trump has had back saying she. don't be intimidated by the president and hanuman's comments come a day after trump supporters chanted send her back during a campaign rally she's just returned to her constituency in minnesota where wish where she received a warm welcome roslyn jordan reports was was u.s. congresswoman ileana omar arrived in her hometown airport on thursday to a wave of support it's been nearly a week since president donald trump started attacking her and 3 other nonwhite legislators as un-american in every possible way perhaps the worst moment trump's campaign rally on wednesday where he smiled as his supporters rule.
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ah send her back the classic racist and xenophobic phrase thrown at generations of newcomers to the us. afterwards trump trying to distance himself from the incident i think it did i started speaking quickly and it really was a lot i disagree with it by the way but it was quite a chant and i felt a little bit badly about it but i will say this i did and i started speaking very carefully but it started out rather rather fast as you probably know political analyst debbie hines calls trump's explanation disingenuous well the strategy clearly is that trump is not the president for all america he is the president for the racists in america and that is the strategy he is appealing to his racist base and that has worked very well for him and obviously got him to the white house. omar has received death threats since joining congress this year and on thursday
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she brushed off the insult and then told her supporters this my we are going to continue to be a nightmare if president. nightmare. as we have it. i'm not frightened. even so her supporters are worried. the type of feeling which. i think. you know if it appears to be inciting. and. you know. and it's very hateful is very hateful and i'm very concerned that it could. incite violence against her. and others. you know in the community a matter some in congress want to dressed right away so that nothing happens to any
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of its members roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington now avis jones' diary of a political analyst and founder of the exceptional leadership institute for women and she says donald trump has allowed hate groups to act with a great a sense of impunity. for the past 3 years straight coincidentally coinciding with the presidential campaign in the 1st 2 years of this presidency we have seen a continual increase in hate groups in this nation and it specifically because this is someone who is into this white nationalist sort of underbelly of this nation he gives. permission in essence to come out of a closet with their hate and to come out not only with their speech but also unfortunately with violence he has allowed
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a whole culture to sort of come out of the closet in the fear and unfortunately come to a great extent normalize that let me just say it's not just down the tongue it's donald trump and if the entire public and party that protects him all of his dangerous and hateful behavior i really believe that he will not care if someone ends up getting hurt or killed as a result of his rhetoric that he will just point the finger at the person who actually pulls the trigger in spite of the fact that that person may have been motivated by what he heard from this president we are in that and incident where there was an individual who was sending bombs to the mail specifically targeting certain democrats specifically start targeting certain media institutions and when he was arrested he specifically said that he was motivated by the trumpets vehicle pictures of trump all over it and so he is literally ringback rat collapsing white
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supremacist in america each and every day. british politicians have back to move to stop the next prime minister from suspending parliament to force through a no day and break says a vote adds a new hurdle for the man tapped to take over as palace to next week bars johnson has valid and leave the european union by the end of october deal or no deal john holl has more the eyes to the right 315 the nose to the left 2700 a crucial victory over the government m.p.'s opposed to a no deal breaks it and by chance a margin with 17 conservative party rebels and a number of senior ministers abstaining so the hour is having the option of prorogue or suspending parliament to force through breaks it unopposed is now closed it's something prime minister in waiting boris johnson.


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