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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 200  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2019 10:33am-11:01am +03

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remind us last year in the park so what was promised to. be. overseen if some kind of a here on purpose really hit the ball to save people or we're doing something here and if you look at these cameras they're not the kind of ordinary c.c.t.v. cameras i definitely think there's a kind of books attached to it you see think about it 3 murders happening here you know right as kids play it's crazy one of them was on a plane last you know like i will say here and that's one more instance happened here let me do it just like they all point to point them think about how small this park is and how many cameras there are they've got full coverage of it. happening is with that they're not able to prevent in the in the intelligence they have. sting ray triangulation to this kind of stuff i'm not surprised that it's on this scale and i think there's actually we probably don't know most of you
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know the kind of surveillance abilities they have i think it's interesting that maybe some of the way that they experiment on gangs in the black community is also . be used in political protest and political organization as a way of so pioneering in developing i mean of course is just reflective of the way in which peace may be targeted black you know soon it comes to crime and how they're disproportionately stopped and you know. we in london and the other parts of this country our place is so you've got to know what that means means accountability and transparency and all of your processes and practices. now i challenge that when i was in the met when i was chair of the black police association. i also gave evidence to there's inquiries that said that the police service was institutionally racist because of the way in
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which they conduct themselves now the matrix for me isn't on the form of institutional racism it is racial profiling it is unaccountable and as far as i'm concerned that has to be a way in which you can get off this system whether it's the matrix the d.n.a. database you know you've got to highly of you know a process where people believe that. the police service can be held to account. map tricks strategic subject list no fly list selektah the list terrorist watch list once on the list always on the list because the computer says so because due to the algorithm nobody is directly responsible because there is no
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regulator procedure against the errors of the machine because let's be honest nobody cares about what consequences the decisions of the program have for the life of robert mcdaniel 1st mark. is wrong is wrong to be profound is wrong to be saying that your son this is wrong to say you are killer like. oh no. mention so scoring on just pushed him to listen something does it's not kind of human nature can twist to it is this money force to for you out of this i'm for some minor flaw still some idea of the idle whitman ions at some of that selfish gene an improvement on having facebook facebook likes also just become to be
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a season men fish see like a britney spears or get desperate housewives season from its plans of. homosex it out. desert in from it's all in the end up collided. likes the end even and special as the levant annoy him for months of fear just came undone by myself so i listed for 4 more sucked in almost 6 as on their money i'm. off to list them it until just the other even though most science of sports and to give a shyly since he does. emotional see my sponsor. and it does it i'm told but so going to test as it is a russian i'll die from it. but. we don't have the person of the past to keep in touch with millions of people on thousands of people social media does this a double a sort of how do we try to navigate and i think the stay in the piece
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a fully aware of this. i think ultimately they're going to be just one step ahead they're going to know exactly how to band or how to limit for example thousands of people attending a demonstration or less just cut off all their own voice let's just not legge be imprinted on social media let's fix the algorithm. who's sending more messages who's posting more right is no for us we use it with the intention of we don't care . they going to know anyway so we organize openly practically i think is a really worrying thing because we have no way someone is or what they're doing and we have no idea of the scope in which the powers they have and the technology they have in terms of mass abilities and databases. at some point i have stopped thinking about who might know when and who might story what about me why and since when. probably because it doesn't make
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a difference anyway it's like with hollywood computer games and television everything is inextricably interwoven with reality reality being just the medium of the basic code 01 like don't like buy don't buy guilty not guilty just to remind you code has no conscience. you know i was one. of those. when i say a best friend bravo. sleep his mind on the role of like in the
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me. my dad put the one to me. is that i was a kid. when. my friend was 18 and i can. get a song right now that has the a look at that the way i think i'm his deity. i now know. is wrong is is is too much. if policing is going to use software to predict what these people do in the future it's assuming that certain people with
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a certain history are going to do certain things and that's just not necessarily the case because humans can change according to what support i want fossil decisions they make according to that support but again it's a metaphor for that but it's also it's it's it what policing is policing is not preventative it's no it's no it's not just in any kind of way and so it's just that as a punishing mechanism as a criminalizing mechanism and as a punishing mechanism. that it's only a start off a couple months ago a full 100 but now skip to $1500.00 that's a big no because made 11 limo crims right there so yeah who is a good folk is it good for the street was it good for the police you got more criminals who are good you got most cases to solve you guys who think you've got more problem.
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see my story my not me nobody because it wasn't you. but what about when a guy shows him when he got your daughter you know jail you know when he's you now it's a ball. now everybody want to make. it on a face nobody has really come i can only go. so right now i think people are willingly giving up this information right not just what you're giving up on the internet but as we move into a world of the internet of things your smart house will reveal when you've left for the day when you take your shower you know what temperature your bath is your
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television can listen to you your car will be able to monitor where you're going if you have like an on star system tells you where to go your cell phone knows all of those things and what you're doing and the conversations going on like we're just giving up this data to private companies in a way we're not really thinking about the consequences we're not thinking about what these data trails mean and for law enforcement you could see just how valuable that information would be why do you drink cold coffee on a hot car surveilling some guy when you can just use internet things to track them all the way through right this is the new world and right now the policy makers and even the lawyers haven't really thought through the consequences haven't figure out how to forth and adapt how to privacy laws to death how do laws so we have about telephone technology pli in a world where suddenly your watch is talking to the world and giving them your heartbeat and and the rest of it are we haven't figured that out yet and it's important i think to ask these questions now i think we're at the very beginning of a very big conversation about what we should do with this new data.
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now in this nomination and for the officer who lets us via a good and i insist on the end definition of some an all star and eva home. underline and awful. story and on late and i'm sick i have.
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robert still has a score of 215. smurf has left tottenham. the internet as ever learning and evolving observers surveys collects ses above the city as a friend wrote to me the sky is the color of a television tuned to a dead child. time to say farewell and go back home. back to my smartphone my ip address my emails my bookmarks my twitter account my facebook timeline. welcome to the mattress. the.
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had i was enough warms and humidity to be some pretty big thunderstorms a moment in the us and maybe encounter but the have means that many in the last 24 house although this east coast still looks promising but the real wet weather and violent storms are still potential the upper midwest and drifting eastwards to the science of that the story is not so much one of wet weather though as you say the deep south the greenies i know look at the temperatures and just absorb that these temperatures in july with hard humidity means but 150 americans are now under some sort of a warning if the heat stress potentially fatal he stressed that's not going to last much beyond the weekend but those temperatures really are quite high and they will
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eventually generate some big thunderstorms which will be a relief i have to say from the heat for those 2 days to go yet south of all this sun it's pretty standard weather temperatures around about the low thirty's kingston's $34.00 is surprisingly high actually in jamaica but the green dot suggest showers could be anywhere focusing and probably out the heaviest in places like honduras or south and mexico in south america we've seen some mid winter snow in bolivia recently a bit more rain to come the pass at 11 degrees but look at temperature warmth is leaking out of brazil going down towards the. banks love to make amends to suffering it's because behind something millions of taxpayers because the taxpayers never go away is a new one born every single day. a $98.00 and it is an urgent national necessity that it be officially requested the rationing of the support mechanism we created
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together because i happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. the news hour live from doha and it's good to have your company coming up in the next 60 minutes. if the situation is not resolved quickly it will be serious
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consequences britain's foreign secretary issues a warning to iran over the seizure of a u.k. flagged tanker. and this it only goes to show what i'm saying about a rare. trouble nothing but trouble. u.s. president says he'll speak to the u.k. about the seizure. supreme court upholds a ruling that the state is partially responsible for the massacre of muslim and strive benita. taiwan says it's will consider giving us all into protesters filling hong kong. about paedophilia with their sports and there are scenes of jubilation in algeria i alone golo the scenario enough to him leone jury i'm sick of the africa cup of nations charging.
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the case it is urgently seizing seeking information about a british flag tanker that iran says it seized in the street. for most the u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt has condemned the move as unacceptable he's warning of serious consequences unless the situation is quickly resolved iran's revolutionary guard says it captured the ship because it was violating maritime regulations and other tankers talked earlier but it's since been released the u.s. says it's developing a multinational task force to increase surveillance and security in the region's waters on thursday president. american forces shot down an iranian drone iran denies this now all this as an iranian oil tanker remains impounded in gibraltar a court there has now extended that detention for another 30 days we begin our coverage with particle hayne in washington. this british tanker and presumably its
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crew is now in iranian custody as announced on state t.v. . a british oil tanker called stana imperio was stopped while passing through the strait of hormuz because of failing to observe international maritime regulations at the request of ports and navigation authority of our most gun province the tanker was guided to the coast after being stopped and was handed over to the ports and navigation authority iran had 2 tankers one british lacked the other liberia and we will respond in a way that is considerate robust and we are absolutely clear that if the situation is not so quick to be it will be serious calls since iran later announced the liberian tanker had been warned and release news of the tankers being seized in iran broke shortly before u.s. president donald trump left the white house for his new jersey country club his reaction was muted there will be working with the u.k. they'll have a new prime ministers are which is a good thing and we'll be working with the u.k.
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but we have no written agreement but i think we have an agreement which is longstanding that was in contrast to his remarks just a few hours earlier where he showed his usual bravado we hope and that's a couldn't do anything for wish they do they will pay a price like nobody's a better place. this all comes as the 2 countries dispute in earlier incident in the strait of hormuz where the president insists the m.p.v. ship the u.s.s. boxer was threatened by an iranian drone so they took it down in response iran released this drone video that it says proves their drone conducted surveillance and returned to base and now news of the tankers reportedly taken in iran likely a response to the british detaining an iranian tanker weeks earlier another clear escalation but the u.s. secretary of state is signaling a way out to get me and the president trying to make a decision about how to proceed he's made clear it appeared to conduct negotiations with no preconditions he waives continue to say we'll talk but only if and only if
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the united states. that's something we need them to come to the table it's the right way to reach a just iran says it will talk if you a sanctions are lifted 1st so for now the standoff continues. al-jazeera washington the british flag tankers operators the vessels no longer under the cruise control and cannot be contacted her on says it's been transferred to an iranian port. explains while this seizure apparently took place earlier on friday and there were a few events that led to the reign of revolutionary guard seizing this british vessel 1st the local officials in hormones gone province south of the country said that this vessel hit came in contact with a small fishing boat and that is when they tried to contact it and a few attempts were made but no response was received by the iranians and that's when the officials called the revolutionary guards to the scene and that's when the
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revolutionary guard said that the vessel was in a number of violations 1st that it was going in the wrong maritime direction 2nd that it had turned off all its tracking the g.p.s. devices and 3rd it was not responding to any of the warnings that was being issued that is when they decided to seize the tanker and it is now sitting in the port city of. 23 crew members on board laurens brennan is professor of law at fordham university and joins us live from new york good to have you on the program thank you very much for speaking to us now iran says that the ship violated maritime regulations in the strait of hormuz is sarah justification for iran to seize that tanker. well i think we have to go back to the prior statements by the iranian foreign minister and other officials which are very clear that iran would seize british tankers or british ships if the
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tanker grey swan were not released from seizure and gibraltar. if this were a civil arrest for a maritime tort the collision between the alleged collision between the tanker and a fishing boat perhaps a normal arrest by a court would be proper but this was not an arrest by a court it was a premeditated act by the iranian revolutionary guard corps it's not a judicial proceeding as the proceedings into role to were and in the commercial sense a small collision like this presumably from the information that i've just heard would result in either an exchange between the ship owners representatives or their insurers in a commercial document a letter of undertaking a promise to pay a certain amount in damages would be tendered instead of the arrest of the ship this is very troubling in light of the 9 or 10 incidents since the middle of more
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a may and each one continues to escalate out of out of hand each response being worse and more more dramatic than the prior the us says it's stepping up security it's stepping up surveillance iran doesn't seem to be backing down is this a precursor for conflict could be. and that's the sad part and more than an intentional precursor to conflict there's always a concern in in in a military or political mind that something gets out of hand and there's an accident there been lots of incidents of confrontations rather between the united states navy and the sea vessels in the strait of hormuz over the years and most of those have ended just short of a casualty when you read the international rules of the road the obligation of the vessel operator is not to avoid a collision but to avoid the risk of collision you have to give yourself a buffer
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a bubble to prevent something from happening and in the past with the one exception when new u.s. naval forces transited through iranian waters and were seized and held hostage held captive for a few days the incidents have been incidents even even some cases where they have been warning shots fired professional mariners know how to act and avoid the escalation here especially with people being held in iran so far is troubling you'll remember that after a couple of people were arrested a couple of the officers and crew in greece wanting to brawls were arrested they were promptly released and that's the right thing to do to calm the situation immediately now we even heard president say that he will be speaking to the u.k. about the seizure what do you think that conversation should be about. oh it's what the united states and britain always have talked about since the 2nd war of american independence in 10121815 freedom of navigation freedom of the high seas
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the united states and britain and other nations have gone to war particularly in world war one when president wilson announced the 14 points freedom of navigation was a major one german u. boat attacks in world war one before april of 1917 when the united states declared war and again from 1939 to 1941 were major forces in leading the united states in the war the u.s. and the royal navy are good friends they operate together they're interoperable they've shared command and unit control they feel they have what worked in for together for over 2 centuries from the west coast of africa fighting slavery and other improper measures for virtually 200 years and so our friends in the french navy who were instrumental in the victory of the us revolution at yorktown in at the end of the american revolutions and likewise we can expect support from germany and to
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a limited extent for drip from japan which is reluctant to engage in combat operations for a number of reasons including its constitutional prohibition professor lawrence brennan thank you so much for your insight. i hope you enjoyed the conversation as much as i did and i i hope we have some effect on reaching people who are responsible for the resolution of this matter promptly oh definitely this is a kind of conversation that will continue to thank you now as part of the u.s. military buildup in the gulf it's sending troops to saudi arabia it says the extra forces and equipment will provide an additional deterrence in the face of what it calls credible threats the u.s. already has a sizable military presence in the gulf and that includes a large air base in qatar. where u.s. sanctions on iran are having an impact brazil's tate's all company petrobras is refusing to resupply to or on in ships anchored near the port of. petrol
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the 2 ships appear on a u.s. sanctions list and supplying them would put the company at risk of being sanctioned as well brazilian president jay airballs and. local traders have been alerted to the possible danger of violating the u.s. measures. turkey says its warplanes and drones have hit multiple targets in the kurdish regions of northern iraq their strikes were in response to the murder of one of its diplomats on wednesday a gunman shot and killed her he's deputy consul general and 2 other people especially when i am has this report on the investigation from. the assassination of turkish diplomat all small on course was filmed by restaurant security cameras 2 iraqi kurdish civilians also died in the shootings now police are widely distributing these photos of a man they say is the primary suspect in what they're describing as a terrorist attack this is muslim.


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