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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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the 2 ships appear on a u.s. sanctions list and supplying them would put the company at risk of being sanctioned as well brazilian president. local traders have been alerted to the possible danger of violating the u.s. measures. turkey says its warplanes and drones have hit multiple targets in the kurdish regions of northern iraq there are strikes were in response to the murder of one of its diplomats on wednesday a gunman shot and killed her he's deputy consul general and 2 other people especially when i am has this report on the investigation from. the assassination of turkish diplomat all small on costs was filmed by restaurant security cameras 2 iraqi kurdish civilians also died in the shootings now police are widely distributing these photos of a man they say is the primary suspect and what they're describing as a terrorist attack this is muslim dagg sources say the 27 year old turkish citizens
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cover was working as a cafe waiter in erbil but he was really a member of the armed kurdistan workers party or p k k it's deemed a terrorist group by turkey and the united states on friday morning turkey conducted air strikes on a people make a camp in northern iraq where sources say dag trained he allegedly visited the camp 4 times last week some analysts say pinpointing the p.k. case involvement in the shootings is premature a spokesman with the military wing of the p.k. k. denies involvement now is that hanna a political analyst says typically that he admits responsibility for attacks in this case he thinks this well executed hit exceeded the group's capabilities. and in this operation surprised everybody including the newly formed government. in
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the cut a stunt regional government and also targeting the nation ship between ankara. the . the suspect is the brother of a turkish member of parliament representing a pro kurdish party the party released a statement saying the accusation is politically motivated and intended to undermine its peaceful agenda security analyst murat asplund believes this attack underscores the need for turkey to continue its goal to get rid of the p.k. k. in iraq and beyond. and then because it's a threat to trolls themselves it sets right to iraq's unity tried to iraq and offer truckie and also to syria so why should. you know that single job. as the debate continues over exactly who and what motivated this attack there are 3 grieving families waiting for police to track down the people
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who killed their loved ones natasha going to aim al-jazeera erbil and there have been mass demonstrations across iraq protesters are angry about corruption and the high levels of unemployment they're also accusing the government of failing to provide basic services including electricity and water. in that the land supreme court has ruled that dutch peacekeepers were partly liable for the deaths of $350.00 muslim refugees that they handed over to bosnian serb forces in 1995 but it's also reduce their level of responsibility angering relatives paul brennan reports. the bereaved relatives of the mothers of srebrenica group of 40 for more than 2 decades for justice emerging from court they were bitterly disappointed. i'm shaken i'm surprised but i will never forgive them i will never let go of this
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. part of charlie's server need surgery line 1905 a crisis became a massacre thousands of terrified muslim civilians crammed into the u.n. compound seeking refuge and when serbian forces entered the town of 400 dutch un peacekeepers were outgunned and outnumbered women and men were separated and the early 8000 men and boys were taken away and murdered the supreme court case focused on 350 muslim men who the dutch peacekeepers had handed over to the serbs despite knowing the men would probably be murdered but the judges estimated that the men would have had only a 10 percent chance of survival even if they'd been allowed to stay inside the un compound the outcome is that the state bears very limited responsibility in the case of the mothers of subject matter. responsibility of the liability is limited to 10 percent of the damages suffered by the remaining relatives of $350.00 male
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refugees who were staying at the compound of dutch at the dutch case is regarded as groundbreaking in establishing that governments can be held liable if the peacekeepers they send on un missions fail to protect civilians during armed conflicts but it's also being legally controversial on the dutch advocate general had called the liability irrational the claimants believe it's the 10 percent decision that's irrational all one day or whatever they admitted 10 percent of liability but that still means that the admitted responsibility of the defense ministry of the netherlands and their government are responsible for genocide in srebrenica it doesn't matter one percent 10 percent or 100 percent they are responsible it's not clear what level of financial compensation the relatives might finally get that will be decided in a separate court case paul brennan al jazeera. we have plenty more ahead this news hour including he came to office promising to clean up south african politics so
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why his presidency there is cyril ramaphosa under scrutiny. nearly 2 years after hurricane maria devastated much of puerto rico a political storms taken over the capital. and some goals biggest name suffer an early exit at the open championship in northern ireland will have the details in our sports drama. the 41 year old man suspected of an arson attack on an animation studio in japan is said to have accused the company of stealing his ideas animation fans have been laying flowers outside the kyoto studio for the 34 people who died it is depends where the worst mass killing in nearly 2 decades. well taiwan's president says her governments will consider granting asylum to protesters from hong kong based on humanitarian concerns sighing when he was responding to reports that
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a group fighting a controversial extradition bill in hong kong were seeking protection for tory gates and the reports. during recent protests in hong kong millions of people rallied against him now withdrew an extradition bill that would have allowed people to be sent to mainland china for trial. protesters who stormed the city's legislature was so concerned they could be punished unfairly they flown to neighboring thailand to seek asylum its president has offered them support the good regarding the hong kong people who have arrived in taiwan who would deal with them following humanitarian principles taiwan has had its own government since 1949 and is opposed to reunification with mainland china beijing sees taiwan as part of its territory taiwan has no formal refugee law but amnesty international says taiwan's government can provide hong kong protesters refuge based on existing regulations in
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article 18 there's saying the necessary assistance should be provided to hunker down in macau residents who safety and i mean for political reasons so we believe there is actually a way that one how and his government could a step those those are syrians. the protesters are hoping to follow in the footsteps of hong kong bookseller lam winkie he was held in china for almost 8 months for selling books critical of the chinese government he fled to taiwan in april the protesters who arrived in taiwan may not be the last at least 30 others are reportedly preparing to leave hong kong fearing for their safety victoria gave him be al-jazeera. south africa's corruption watchdog has found that president cyril ramaphosa deliberately misled parliament about a $27000.00 campaign donation. had said he knew nothing of the $35000.00
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contribution but the public prosecutor says he was lying i mean a miller has more from pretoria. cyril ramaphosa came into office vowing to fight corruption we must fight corruption we must strive for order and core luzhin as well as in the private sector with the same pair pause and intensity that we want to fight it in the public sector but the puppet protector says he deliberately misled parliament when answering questions about a campaign donation made 2 years ago come up or so who was defeated president of south africa at the time receded a nation of the tea $5000.00 when he was running for president of the african national congress but he told parliament that the money was for his son and did his foundation it turns out there's no foundation from up close that issued a correction saying the money was for his own campaign and he didn't know about it
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i have come to the conclusion they do these in marriage to the allegations relating to their suspicion of money laundering as alluded to in the complaint last the interested exposed to serve to their risk of conflict between his private interest and he's of the show's responsibilities the public protect decision is evidence that as much as 20 $8000000.00 was channeled through various campaign trust and other beneficiary accounts linked to run a porsche and get one this is from a poor search should have declared the donations to avoid a conflict of interest she wants both the president and c.e.o. of the company gavin watson investigated for money laundering this has gone beyond the parameters of simply a parliamentary misdemeanor it has got into the realms of criminal justice and certainly it will provide ammunition for several rommel pauses enemies within them within the a.n.c. who we know are many to go after his continued leadership of the party the public
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protector's verdict means that i'm up or so i will have to declare all donations to his campaign within 30 days the president says. study the report and make a decision on any further action corruption continues to be an issue the governing african national congress is battling not only is president facing a scandal of his own his predecessor president jacob zuma is appearing some would say reluctantly before a commission of inquiry into state corruption during his 9 years in office zuma concluded his 4th day of testimony after withdrawing from proceedings saying he was being treated unfairly but later said he would return to the witness stand while so africans are looking for answers the promise of a corruption free south africa appears to be elusive for leader mullah al-jazeera pretoria south africa. lebanon's sunni political establishment is concerned that constitutional powers given to the prime minister are being undermined by
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politicians allied to iran the prime minister's post is reserved for their community as part of a sectarian power sharing agreement the type of accords which was signed in 1909 established a political system under which the president must be a maronite christian the prime minister is cinema slim and the speaker of parliament a shia muslim but that delicate power balance is now under strain prime minister saad hariri is in a weak position since his party lost seats in last year's general election. lebannon sunni politicians accuse the leader of the largest christian party gibran by sil and his ally hezbollah of undermining the powers given to the sunni prime minister and regional rivalry between saudi arabia and iran has also changed the balance of power in lebanon so you know how to reports. to ground the c.e.o. is at the center of lebanon's latest political crisis he is the foreign minister and also the son in law of the president the head of
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a christian political party and along with his ally hezbollah he controls parliament and cabinet and some accuse him of using those powers to undermine the country's sectarian based power sharing system all of. approach important things is an assault on the status quo which was founded by the court so to see this trying to find a new place for a strong christian leader. christians once dominated lebanon's politics the civil war changed that the time of accord of 1989 removed powers from the christian president and gave them to the sunni muslim prime minister seals free patriotic movement party say they are claiming back what is rightfully theirs we have what we have in terms of parliamentary presentation your representation confessional. representation so it's just that we're taking our part in the system before christians were marginalized so this very very very powerful. that was going to
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others. prime minister seidel heidi is in a weak position he lost parliamentary seats in last year's elections partly due to a new electoral law that critics say favor his rivals and his traditional allies saudi arabia has lost influence here saudi arabia played a key role in brokering betov agreement which was named after the saudi city where it was signed a lot has changed since relations between lebanon and saudi arabia have been strained by the growing political influence of the iranian backed hezbollah and its allies in lebanon hezbollah was not a political actor when tardif was signed and its. father in law president michel aoun refused to recognize the deal and was forced into exile really which is a huge crisis it's not easy to make changes to the time for court it was the outcome of 15 years of war and any amendment could start another war which no one
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wants but there is already a new reality and it won't be easy to shift the new balance of power in lebanon. beirut. and still ahead on al-jazeera the world health organization sounds the alarm over a bolo for countries bordering the democratic republic of congo plus. one of. our i am i am. the world marks 50 years since man 1st walked on the moon and nasa says plans are being drawn up to go get. a life eclipse market in the car saying only one of the films is worth down to the people had gathered momentum to see their team win anything back i love him and leave they were so much help with that picture you did wrong and.
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the season floods in china are so finally taken hold they could be virtually anywhere i think the concentration the next day or so it was like week one dong for jan property as well you can see from the white sox but as an interruption to this general rain pattern of the tropical cyclone east to shanghai heading towards south korea so the forecasts and is a little drier than it might be but there's a concentration hong kong probably wet on saturday less likelihood on sunday as the rains just slowly northwards once again that also takes specially energy away from this potential showers in the philippines not of particular place here at the moment as you can see which is unusual and you might expect it to be the case that most the rains been further west and there's more to come in thailand in particular we are probably south and vietnam's possibility singapore of course always a chance there but look at the philippines and borneo not
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a great hope for showers here in the forecast except maybe run government in fact a good part of java is not all of. and bali it's reliably drawing monsoon rains are finally trying to catch up and so is having been excessive in the northeast and the poor and there may be more to come they're not concentrating as they should do while the further south in india. the weather sponsored by cats out anyway. after more than a decade of civil war life remains a challenge in sierra leone. we follow the citizens of this war torn nation as they push their limits. for survival. risking it in sierra leone. on al-jazeera.
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there is in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world if you really want to know what's going on you. can find out very quickly. look evolution some nations prism. we probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be sure and that we can be fast international news and a trusted source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. hello again you're watching our desire and main stories this hour the u.k. is urgently seeking information about
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a british flag tanker that iran says it's seized in the streets of foremost the revolutionary guard say the ship is being detained for violating maritime regulations. u.s. president donald trump says the seizure of the tanker proves he was right to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and u.s. military has stepped up air patrols in the region and contacted ships there to ensure their safety. earlier on release the video it discredits claims that the u.s. shot down one of. the revolutionary guards this video was filmed by the drone and proves to prove that it returned safely to base. u.s. secretary of state mike pump a us praise the argentine after declaring the lebanese group hezbollah a terrorist organization bayless and one as areas where he attended a ceremony to mark the 25th anniversary of an attack on a jewish center which left 85 people dead argentina has claimed hezbollah and iran for the bombing both deny any involvement speaking at
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a counterterrorism summit pompei a promised greater u.s. cooperation and commitment in the region. reports from but as mary. the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was in latin america looking in general terms for allies of the united states war against terrorism more specifically in the war of words against iran he's found here in argentina his timing was perfect arriving the day after the 25th anniversary of the attack on the army jewish cultural center in one osiris in which 85 people were killed 2 years previous to that the israeli embassy just a short distance from here was also destroyed $29.00 people killed those were attacks at the argentine north or it is blamed specifically on the hezbollah group more generally against iran by usually a lot of the majority of the countries in the region agree that hizbollah is dangerous for us all his blood because of its links with other terrorist organizations which are present here the united states has said it will do all it
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can to help argentina in the search for what they call the perpetrators of those crimes something that iran has always said it was not involved in the army bombing was cured up by this war with the full support of the regime. as you know it's at the ministerial notices committee actions against some on relief some monotype as well operative for his role as the underground coordinator for that attack but what's in it for argentina support for president marty makary from the trumpet ministration for his reelection elections in october another allied with the united states in their fight against left wing governments in the region in cuba venezuela and nicaragua. thousands people are rallying in puerto rico for another day demanding the governor's resignation ricardo resellers accused of corruption sexism and homophobia after all and chats between him and his close this allies were
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leaked the messages shown walking women and disabled the victims of hurricane maria well it's been nearly 2 years since that storm destroyed much of the island and many in rural areas are still we build in their lives they're frustrated by the political storm that's unfolding in the capital gabrielle elizondo has this report from your book. lucy and mariano pinto survived hurricane maria not much else around them did the storm ripped the roof off their house and did permanent damage they still use a tarp to keep rainwater out for a long time their frustration was a slow response from the puerto rican government. politicians only want power they don't care about the poor it took a direct hit from hurricane maria when it made landfall nearly 2 years ago this is what it looked like the town of 35000 people on the far southeast corner of the
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island was flattened they were without power for many months now there are still some scars from the storm and some rebuilding for the most part life is back to normal here but there's a new crisis and it's about politics having lived through the worst of hurricane maria the people of yabloko but no natural disasters better than anyone there now watching from afar this political disaster and golfing the capital sana'a. and most people here just like most of the people in the rest of the island want this governor gone. he still hasn't resigned he's still there in power but i hope he resigns because the people don't want him on the streets calling for governor ricardo to resign his vulgar group messages insulting his own people leaked over the weekend have thrust puerto rico into its worst ever political crisis for the the time is now for him to step down. it's very bad
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things happening with this political crisis it's hurting everything because the government is supposed to help us but all we can do is keep fighting. we don't have a future with him the people don't want him nobody wants him as governor anymore in a quarter puerto rico once pounded by a hurricane now just wanting the political storm to end. puerto rico. health officials are struggling to contain a ball epidemic in the democratic republic of congo the world health organization has declared its an international public health emergency and there are fears that the lack of leadership on the ground to believe a greater crisis in space has the support from the united nations. once again africa is confronted with one of the world's most contagious and deadly diseases 1600 deaths in the democratic republic of congo and for now cases of
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a boat continue to rise the last major outbreak of the disease was in 2014 then the u.n. set up a special mission the united nations mission for a boat emergency response or. tony banbury was the u.n. official in charge he's been watching the response to the latest outbreak with frustration we need a much more comprehensive response and until that happens until there's political leadership in till there's a crisis operations leadership on the ground we're just going to see the current of both crisis in the d.n.c. get worse do you believe that political considerations perhaps have trumped the the public health ones here i heard a very senior official from w.h.o. on the radio saying one reason they delayed declaring an international public health emergency was precisely because of opposition within the dir c government it was said loud and clear by
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a senior official and for those of us who were thrust into the 2014 crisis very late in the game it was devastating to hear that frankly because that was one of the big mistakes from the 24th crisis the un's top humanitarian official admits that the global response to a boat is badly underfunded we hope there will be a much stronger international response one of the things i have been known. is that the response i think to the last outbreak which attracted this this this status from w.h.o. involved not $2000000000.00 in an area to graphically which is comparable to that we're dealing with in east india see now with a population which is not so wildly different we have at the moment only a fraction of that in 2014 the crisis was even seen as a potential threat to international peace and security the security council met to
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discuss the situation no such meetings are planned this time mr bambery who 5 years ago was the one brief the security council says that shows there's not yet the global leadership needed to defeat this latest outbreak jamesburg al-jazeera at the united nations us president donald trump is under fire again this time for an awkward exchange with a is he the nobel peace prize winner not the a more ads it unfolded during a meeting with survivors of religious persecution at the white house on wednesday the video is now circulating online. from the right. to my family's there. when i said no one protests after 2003 really is very cool to see period from our area from our homeland there when i see attack us in 2014 they killed 6 of my brother they killed my mom they took me
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to captivity with my love and their indoor we call my sister and my nieces until today we have 3000 years of the women and children in captivity although they said isis is defeated bedward where is so those 3000 years people and our our home is is destroyed we came to here we go to your ability to go to our country that isis did. everyone's soda and we appreciate you guys yes but as president he helped us a lot but now today you know you can solve our problem now there's no ices but we cannot go back because clearly the kurdish government and the iraqi government they are fighting each other who will control my area and we can know it go back if we can know it for a character our dignity our our family. what we really get
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a lot of support from president macron we push he let me put a lot of pressure in iraq and kurdistan government to to help minorities if it will stay in their home but we still continue to emigrate to find a safe place to live i hope you can call or anything to iraqi and kurdistan government to work i should bear it if i if i ignore its kurdish and iraqi iraqi government if i can not go to my home and live in a safe place and get my make my dignity park a distance. not about i says it's about am in countries my people cannot go back we are not millions of people we are only 100000000 people i don't care 2014 about 95 years 95000 years he did they immigrate to germany to a very dangerous way not because we want to be a refugees there is but we can know it find
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a safe place to live all this happened to me they killed my mom my sickest bradbury's they left behind there were other they killed there in the most correct in saying. and i'm still fighting just to live in say here's to something. it's not about one family or the area very well it's it's about hustling you know it's about the whole community. ok thank you so much thank you mr ban you had the nobel prize which you have to agree that they gave a cheerful word recently could explain forward a reason for that. after all this happened to me i grew given i can i make it clear to everyone that i sincerely had told him talk you see the woman this one was 1st time the woman from iraq she get out and spoke about it happened o'reilly it's very same and it's sure you were scared i was scared but i
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i don't i don't have my freedom where this was used you didn't see any item in court i says are we don't know if they kill everything everyone if they are in jail ok or what but we know we have 3000 years edu women and children including my niece my nephew my sister in law 3 years ago she call us she said i am in syria and no we didn't know anything of when i look really ok thank you very much. so my 20th is the 50th anniversary of the 1st moon walk the feat of scientific ingenuity was except 1st to haste and new era of space exploration but it's only a handful of manned lunar missions were ever accomplished and now that we need effort to return is more complicated expensive and it could involve just more than the us and jordan explains from washington.
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apollo 11 was the result of hard work little sleep and billions of dollars 300000 kilometers away a small blue planet watched in awe of 400. 000000 american neil armstrong setting foot on the moon we didn't get to see the the moon until we were just practically at the end of our trip through it when we were when we rolled out and looked at it oh it was an awesome sphere really was the current head of nasa tells al-jazeera the u.s. is ambition was field both by science and by politics the president the time john f. kennedy said we need to have a vision and a goal busy. we choose to go to the mall and just again and do the other thing not because they are easy but because they are god and the goal was to get to the moon
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and so it resulted in this space race at the time that was i think. it was motivated by that basically competition return american astronauts to the moon establish a permanent base there and develop the technologies to take american astronauts to mars and beyond. nasa's new plant return to the moon by 2024 hoping that naming its mission after apollo is twin sister artemis will be the key to success apollo. had an infinite budget and skeptics wonder if artemis is limited by both time and money and when nasa was really pushing during apollo era they were getting something like 4 percent of the national budget now it's about point 4 percent of the national budget and it really depends on what the political will is to fund the agency buzz aldrin the 2nd man on the moon says the u.s. can't.


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