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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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in establishing that governments can be held liable if the peacekeepers they send on un missions fail to protect civilians during armed conflicts but it's also been legally controversial on the dutch advocate general had called the liability irrational the claimants believe it's the 10 percent decision that's irrational all one day or whatever those that are called be admitted 10 percent of liability but that still means that the admitted responsibility of the defense ministry of the netherlands and their government are responsible for genocide it doesn't matter one percent 10 percent or 100 percent they are responsible it's not clear what level of financial compensation the relatives might finally get that will be decided in a separate court case paul brennan al-jazeera. costco's prime minister's resigning for a 2nd time because he has been called to appear in front of a war crimes court in the netherlands next week how are the neighbors a rebel commander in the course of the liberation army who went on to become prime
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minister he 1st resigned in 2005 when he was indicted by a u.n. war crimes tribunal which try the and acquitted him twice is now caught on cos the want to hold a snap election to choose a new leader. wrong document. as from this moment we are in resignation as a government the reason is that they have been invited to be questioned as a suspect by the special court where i will appear next week so i consider that i cannot go to the questioning as a head of a governor but as an ordinary civilian as a d.n.a. . to the head on the bulletin the world health organization sounds the alarm of a ball of a country's border and the democratic republic of congo. devastated much of. a political storm that's capital.
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still pretty hot in a good part of iran and up through turkmenistan as well when it's nothing in the sky to stop it let's be honest and not if you shout developing in the caucasus or in turkey believe nasa had side chance of 41 in 10 on which takes you right up to the top where the temptress should be at this time of the year whereas i spin the case for a day or so dang contrast down on the plains in iraq $43.00 is da particularly excessive and the breeze is not coming out of the mediterranean will probably not make much difference if anything baghdad looks a bit hotter bastra could well be approaching 50 once again and that heat has just been drawn down to the gulf that the breeze is dying off now and the fact that they high temperature in there has now below 40 suggests a bit more humidity in the air but for the most part it's a dry picture as you might expect $27.00 stands out and so a lot of this is
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a hobby if this is southwest of the wind that brings in clouds and drizzle for weeks on end certain among certain season a welcome change to those who can get there in southern africa it's recently been a little bit stormy across the western cape only 12 degrees in the forecast for saturday the clouds spread eastwards and there will be rain i think somewhere around been to the south next day or so but sunday again it's fine. after more than a decade of civil war life remains a challenge in sierra leone. we follow the citizens of this war torn nation as they push their limits. for survival. risking years in sierra leone. on al-jazeera.
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it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories the u.k. is information about a bush flag tanker which iran says it seized in the strait of hormuz the revolutionary guard says the ships being detained for violating now tom regulations . of iran released video it says discredits claims that the u.s. shot down one of its strong the revolutionary guard says this video was shot by the draw and proves that it returned to base safely. the netherlands has accepted it's actually responsible for the deaths of $350.00 bosnian muslims and 995 minutes of
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massacre the supreme court said dutch peacekeeping forces could have allowed the men to remain at a un safe haven during the bosnian war. taiwan's president as a government will consider granting asylum to protest us from hong kong based on humanitarian concerns signed when he was responding to reports that a group fighting a controversial extradition bill in hong kong will say king protection but toyah gaijin be reports. during recent protests in hong kong millions of people rallied against him now withdrawn extradition bill that would have allowed people to be sent to mainland china for trial. protesters who stormed the city's ledges that you were so concerned they could be punished unfairly they flown to neighboring thailand to seek asylum its president has offered them support. regarding the hong kong people who've arrived in taiwan we will deal with them following humanitarian
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principles taiwan has had its. government since 1989 and is opposed to reunification with mainland china beijing sees taiwan as part of its territory taiwan has no formal refugee law but amnesty international says taiwan's government can provide hong kong protesters refuge based on existing regulations in article 18 saying the necessary assistance should be provided to hunker down in macau residents who safety and liberty i mean for political reasons so we believe there is actually a way that taiwan tony's government could step those those of syrians the protest as a hoping to follow in the footsteps of hong kong bookseller lam when he was held in china for almost 8 months for selling books critical of the chinese government he fled to taiwan in april the protesters who've arrived in taiwan may not be the last
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at least 30 others are reportedly preparing to leave hong kong fearing for their safety victoria gazin be al-jazeera. now regional elections are being held in pakistan's northern travel rage in the 1st voice there in decades the territory was merged with them cooperate last year at borders of afghanistan while the merger and sunday's vote of bringing the region into the political mainstream by the candidates vying for 16 seats in the prevention assembly the tribal region is home to 6000000 people and until now has been voted by councils of tribal elders it's long been seen by washington as a stronghold for al qaeda and the afghan taliban. well i corresponded come on hi this is joining us live in from cooperate in portland elections taking place today come on house polling going and what is the security situation given the prevalence of groups around the region.
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for the security situation is concerned it did because. by about 8 days it was due to be held earlier this month but because of an imminent threat of attack across the tribal region the election was born but today we have seen a favorable turnout people are coming out there about 2800000 registered voters over a 1600000 men and 1100000 women wore separate boot camp being set up for ball but they figured the situation had improved the. military to military forces. and their tribal area along also. in order to ensure that elections go moodley as you mentioned earlier they did indeed
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a historic opportunity because it is for the 1st time that the people of their tribal regions will be electing their provincial family members and of course their tribal area and now being merged into mainstream. after an act of parliament and kemal what's at stake here you know given the region's history of under development and also no wallace this. far is that you all are concerned because the tribal regions are drawn are very close to the of on border. the u.s. led invasion many of the. fighting against the coalition forces came across into pakistan's tribal areas because of the brooklyn of understand it should not be forgotten that during the war against the soviet occupation their tribal areas big game the aging ground for. their had connection than that they
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were able to do. their strongholds in the. military operations have driven those foreign fighters including the islamic movement of biggest on al qaida. taliban and of course that that he could dollar bond pakistan they have been driven across the border into afghanistan the pakistanis are also fencing the border by did way to be important to see how the tribal areas former tribal areas blend in the rest of the province and of course now you have heard of course functioning and the security forces those are taking control indeed a lot of control being eclipsed by the central government record ones that. fall far down the federally administered tribal regions but now that $75.00.
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tricks and have become part of the book. come on thank you very much for that come on hi there joining us live from. kabul thank you. now health officials are struggling to contain about a epidemic in the democratic republic of congo the world health organization has declared it and national public health emergency and their fate is that the lack of leadership on the ground when they get to a greater crisis james bay is reports from the united nations. once again africa is confronted with one of the world's most contagious and deadly diseases 1600 deaths in the democratic republic of congo and for now cases of a boat continue to rise the last major outbreak of the disease was in 2014 then the u.n. set up a special mission the united nations mission for a boat emergency response or a mere tony banbury was the u.n.
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official in charge he's been watching the response to the latest outbreak with frustration we need a much more comprehensive response and until that happens until there's political leadership in till there's a crisis operations leadership on the ground we're just going to see the current of both crisis in the deer get worse do you believe that political considerations perhaps have trumped the the public health ones here i heard a very senior official from w.h.o. on the radio saying one reason they delayed declaring an international public health emergency was precisely because of opposition within the dear 3 government it was said loud and clear by a senior official and for those of us who were thrust into the 2014 crisis very late in the game it was devastating to hear that frankly because that was one of the big mistakes from the 24th crisis the un's top humanitarian official admits
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that the global response to a boat is badly underfunded we hope there will be a much stronger international response one of the thing. as i have been noting is that the response i think to the last outbreak which attracted this. status from w.h.o. involved $2000000000.00 in an area to graphically which is comparable to that we do with an east india see now with a population which is not so wildly different we have at the moment only a fraction of that in 2014 the crisis was even seen as a potential threat to international peace and security the security council met to discuss the situation no such meetings are planned this time mr bambery who 5 years ago was the one brief the security council says that shows there is not yet the global leadership needed to defeat this latest outbreak jamesburg al-jazeera at the
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united nations. thousands of people have rallied and puerto rico for another day demanding the government's resignation but carter was a is accused of corruption sexism and homophobia after messages between him and his aides when. they shot the show they're mocking women the disabled and victims of hurricane moving here but it's been nearly 2 years since the storm destroyed much of the island and many involuntary a still rebuilding their lives there frustrated by the political storm unfolding in the capital. reports from the town of yeah. ok let's talk about lucy and mariano pinto survived hurricane maria not much else around them did the storm ripped the roof off their house and did permanent damage they still use a tarp to keep rainwater out for a long time their frustration was
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a slow response from the puerto rican government. politicians only want power they don't care about the poor it took a direct hit from hurricane maria when it made landfall nearly 2 years ago this is what it looked like the town of 35000 people on the far southeast corner of the island was flattened they were without power for many months now there are still some scars from the storm and some rebuilding for the most part life is back to normal here but there's a new crisis and it's about politics having lived through the worst of hurricane maria the people of yabloko but no natural disasters better than anyone there now watching from afar this political disaster and golfing the capital sana'a. and most people here just like most of the people in the rest of the island want this governor gone. you know he still hasn't resigned he's still there in power but i
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hope he resigns because the people don't want him on the streets calling for governor ricardo to resign his vulgar group messages insulting his own people leaked over the weekend have thrust puerto rico into its worst ever political crisis for the pink those the time is now for him to step down. it's very bad things happening with this political crisis it's hurting everything because the government is supposed to help us but all we can do is keep fighting. or we don't have a future with him the people don't want him nobody wants him as governor anymore in a quarter puerto rico once pounded by a hurricane now just wanting the political storm to end gave rosendo. puerto rico. now july 20th marks the 50th anniversary of the 1st moon landing.
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for. the fees to our ship in a new era of space exploration and inspired people around the world bought only a handful of man's lunar missions have been accomplished now the u.s. says it wants to send astronauts back to the moon as soon as 2024 dr david helms as a former nasa astronaut and he says the decline in public interest contributed to the end of the apollo program. it was a huge effort in the 1960 s. to achieve it a huge push it was a credible team effort almost half a 1000000 americans and other people around the world were were involved in getting a man on the moon and if you think about it from 1961 when we 1st landed on 969 it was only 8 years we were struggling just to get into space and 8 years later we were on the moon and so the novelty of having
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a man human being a citizen of this world set foot on the on the another so lest you object was. lots of novelty associated with it but after 6 missions i think. now would be somewhat more wore off and from a space standpoint i think we were looking that further options were looking at going to them to mars and at the end of the apollo program i think we all thought within the space of maybe 10 or 15 years we would be on mars or fruit. down on the product and how with the headlines on al-jazeera iran has seized the bush oil tanker and the strait of hormuz has the revolutionary concept the ship and it's a $23.00 crew are being held at
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a boss pole while they investigate possible violations of maritime regulations the u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt condemned the move is unacceptable u.s. president trump has the things to prove this that he was invited to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. so we're going to be speaking with the u.k. and this is only goes to show what i'm saying about iran. through. nothing but trouble. remember this is the agreement the ridiculous agreement made by president obama expires in a very short. term agreement. where you're dealing you have to deal with 50 years in a 100 years you know deal and that you're. always a ridiculous agreement. now iran has released a video it says discredits u.s. claims that it shot down one of its drawings the revolutionary guard says this video was shot by the draw and proves that it returned to base safely. the
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netherlands has accepted that it is partially responsible for the deaths of $350.00 bosnian muslims in the 1995 minutes a massacre the supreme court said dodge peacekeeping forces could have allowed the men to remain at a un safe haven during the war. regional elections are being held in pakistan's northern tribal region 1st vote there in decades the territory was merged with khyber poke them car province last year and borders of guns the tribal region is home to 6000000 people and has until now been brought by councils of tribal elders protesters have rallied outside the puerto rican governor's home for the 2nd day demonstrators are demanding his resignation ricardo over seo is accused of corruption sexism and homophobia after messages between him and his aides were leaked and 50 years after the 1st moon landing inspiring millions around the world the u.s. is again looking to the stars wants to send astronauts back to the moon by 2024
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well those are the headlines on al-jazeera risking it all is up next. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god hit the east the waves for millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. of the story continues but as the world's attention was drawn to gaza mysteriously the day it disappeared once again. the apollo of gaza. on a. so
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. the south country ravaged by years of civil war sierra leone is now on the road to recovery but it's the ruinous effects of the conflict continue to be felt. 50 percent of the
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population is in a trips. drinking water is scarce. and that christie practically nonexistent. while they have been improvements on the country's infrastructure daily life for most is still a struggle. to come out changed. ok. randy runs a transport business after one of his drivers had an accident he takes to the road he has to deliver a spare part. while the stricken truck has been badly damaged than he has been assured it is still running. only this is the state of the vehicle. that. i was ready for i think
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a lot more than that for her so. i was. not quite. well. i guess i'm just sorry that is it was out ok. so it was obvious that. spat delivered but the return journey promises to be even tougher ahead lies 150 kilometers of mostly unpaved roads that have been further devastated by torrential rain while the small beat up truck may not be a pretty sight it's impressively study. unlike the truck santa has to drive the only one he has available probably do right now as he got seas are rough.
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but i love the original. thought. continues to stop pretty yeah yeah yeah and out with blasted plastic you see the engine ok drop water gets more like the one standing down not a. few. feet. you know. from the clever use of a simple cross to crack with these roads drivers need some tricks up best sleeves.
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especially with tires like these old and completely worn out. but every problem vandy has a solution. thanks. a few thank. you will be said thank you. thank. you fred the sound on the you right back on. you know picking off it would do what you want thank.
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you. please. please please. please please please this small hill is proving to be a major challenge. q public i keep looking at least because i think ultimately took us 6 thank you how do we call you guys would be the odds without
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a doubt thank you thank you also the defense of the truck of me out to be cut from the morning was the to me was now the messiah my i took i think of lisa. thank. you. john d. and his team prepare themselves for a tough slog for fun they do worse place for yes on the outlook for. this
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small hill it's starting to feel like mt everest. 2 hours later the truck has barely move. absolute only so far this will get falsely good and then if possible stuff will stem cells will be freed up for 4 days get the entire 4 weeks of good work to slow walk us more before we flew home going to cost a little uncertain 15 years thanks to the same story sent by a group that bad for business is bad for everybody he says that if ever. the civil war that ravaged sierra leone from 1991 to 2002 devastated the country's infrastructure. but there are now signs of growth new buildings are rising up all over the country's capital freetown. yet in the midst of this revival and lack of
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sufficient funds still bring some of the work to a complete halt. on the polish that they gave up by mama not to tell them but not go but then he got out and. that was pretty good and bad again maybe. if you think about all of. those carrying on such a matter and has 7 children live in this tough constructed house. now i. don't know but you know maybe i need to try and work on the numbers that i came out of us out of i'm out fashion not going to get that amount lol. oh my god i think i'm up and mango i should come up once you think you've got good you know muffin think buff and. loads of. our economy is going to hold i think the family got going to have to think you could. take.
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the liberal party motto and have family. i'm living here rent free unlike the 3 other families who share this accommodation 6. 100. 50 of the logic used to be the if. the 8 of them share this 10 square meter room. gabble see our question what it's about is one. day my dorm alone on. and. off camera and same odds on one will be more in the hole to the yankee i once more. and they can look on my phone thing as if i gave you notes will get it will it's good to see. what i was i mean i'm looking for love you did it it's a state secret i'm getting old and not over the avett love and gone oh my you mean
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if i'm young. and just you know the. despite all this talk too much i'm remains hopeful that i'm gone i don't want to. cut. it. recently she found a job working for the bobo quarry alongside her 7 children. the workers had to use going to no pressure machines to break down to run it into gravel would be homeless.
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oh so it does love the most one of the you got to keep the bears on like. them they must look much it must have been at that job oh ok so much done it all slides up. scott us new for. us. but even when he takes for granted is extremely hard to break down. around a 100 men and women toil away head every day with. cut cut. cut in knots and her children walk in the production line.


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