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brennan reports the bereaved relatives of the mothers of srebrenica group of 40 for more than 2 decades for justice emerging from court they were bitterly disappointed and i know i'm shaken i'm surprised but i will never forgive them i will never let go of this part of charlie's server need surgery line 1905 a crisis became a massacre thousands of terrified muslim civilians crammed into the u.n. compound seeking refuge and when serbian forces entered the town for 400 dutch un peacekeepers were outgunned and outnumbered women and men were separated and the only 8000 men and boys were taken away and murdered by the supreme court case focused on 350 muslim men who the dutch peacekeepers had handed over to the serbs despite knowing the men would probably be murdered but the judges estimated that the men would have had only a 10 percent chance of survival even if they'd been allowed to stay inside the un
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compound the outcome is that the state bears very limited responsibility in the case of the mothers of subject matter. that responsibility the liability is limited to done percent of the damages suffered by the remaining relatives of $350.00 male refugees who were staying at the compound of dutch about the dutch case is regarded as groundbreaking in establishing that governments can be held liable if the peacekeepers they send on un missions fail to protect civilians during armed conflicts but it's also been legally controversial on the dutch advocate general had called the liability irrational the claimants believe it's the 10 percent decision that's a rational all and a or whatever they admitted 10 percent of liability but that still means that the admitted responsibility for the defense ministry of the netherlands and their government are responsible for genocide it doesn't matter one percent 10 percent or 100 percent they are responsible it's not clear what level of
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financial compensation the relatives might finally get that will be decided in a separate court case paul brennan al-jazeera. still to come here at al-jazeera taiwan that makes a pledge to hong kong asylum seekers but in say doing the risks straining its already tense relationship with beijing. and it's the 40th anniversary of the nicaraguan revolution hasn't been changed for the better. and i was enough warm and humidity to produce some pretty big thunderstorms and i'm in the us and maybe encounter but the have been that many in the last 24 hours although this east coast still looks promising but the real wet weather and violent storms are still tension the upper midwest and drifting eastwards so the science of
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the story is not so much one of wet weather there as you see the deep south the green is the. then look at the temperatures and then just absorb that these temperatures in july with hard humidity means but 150 americans are now under some sort of warnings for heat stress potentially fatal he stress that's not going to last much beyond the weekend but those temperatures really are quite high and they will eventually generate some big thunderstorms which will be a relief i have to say from the heat because 2 days to go yet south of all this sun it's pretty standard where the temperature is around about the low thirty's kingston's $34.00 is surprisingly high actually in jamaica but the green dots suggest showers could be anywhere focusing and probably out the heaviest in places like honduras or southern mexico in south america we've seen some midwinter's snow in bolivia recently a bit more rain to come to the pass at 11 degrees but look at the sun's young's temperature warmth is leaking out of brazil going down towards.
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the. arts.
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tartarus take a look at the top stories here it is there iran sees a british old tanker in the strait of hormuz as tension continues to escalate in the gulf the ship of this 23 crew have reportedly been moved to. port the authorities investigate possible violations of maritime rules the 1st regional elections are being held in pakistan's northern tribal region it's a territory bordering afghanistan which was merged with khyber pass province last year the till now has been ruled by councils of tribal elders saudi u.a.e. led coalition forces of launch strikes on military outposts in yemen's capital sanaa saudi media says they've destroyed anti air weapons and missile storage sites . taiwan's president says her government will consider granting asylum to protest us from hong kong based on humanitarian concerns sighing when i was
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responding to reports that a group controversial extradition back in hong kong was seeking protection victoria case and the reports. during recent protests in hong kong millions of people rallied against the now withdrawn extradition bill that would have allowed people to be sent to mainland china for trial. protesters who stormed the city's ledges that you were so concerned they could be punished unfairly they fled to neighboring thailand to seek asylum its president has offered them support. regarding the hong kong people who've arrived in taiwan we will deal with. following humanitarian principles taiwan has had its own government since 1949 and is opposed to reunification with mainland china beijing sees taiwan as part of its territory taiwan has no formal refugee law but amnesty international says taiwan's government can provide hong kong protesters refuge based on existing regulations in article 18
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there's saying the necessary assistance should be provided to hunker down in macau residents who safety and liberty i mean for political reasons so we believe there is actually a way that one how and his government steps those those r.c.d. ends the protesters are hoping to follow in the footsteps of hong kong bookseller lam winkie he was held in china for almost 8 months for selling books critical of the chinese government he fled to taiwan in april the protesters who arrived in taiwan may not be the last at least 30 others are reportedly preparing to leave hong kong fearing for their safety victoria gave him be al-jazeera. having demonstrations in iraq for tess's are angry about corruption and high levels of unemployment accusing the government of failing to provide basic services including electricity and water. u.s.
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secretary of state might pompei or has praised argentina for declaring the lebanese group hezbollah a terrorist organization. where he attended a ceremony to mark the 25th anniversary of an attack on a jewish center which left 85 people dead. blamed hezbollah and iran for the bombing both deny involvement speaking at a counterterrorism summit compared promise grazing us cooperation and commitment to the region that ripples from the argentine capital. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was in latin america looking in general terms for allies of the united states' war against terrorism more specifically in the war of words against iran he's found here in argentina his timing was perfect arriving the day after the 25th anniversary of the attack on the army a jewish cultural center in one of cyrus in which 85 people were killed 2 years
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previous to that the israeli embassy just a short distance from here was also destroyed 29 people killed those are attacks that the argentine north or it is blamed specifically on that the hezbollah group more generally against iran by usually a lot of the majority of the countries in the region agree that hizbollah is dangerous for us all his blood because of its links with other terrorist organizations which are present here the united states has said it will do all it can to help argentina in the search for what they call the perpetrators of those crimes something that iran has always said it was not involved in bombing was cured up by the full support of the regime. as you know said the minister you know this is going to take actions against some of the top as well operative for his role as the underground coordinator for that attack but what's in it for argentina supports the president from the trumpet ministration for his reelection in elections in
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october and other allies with the united states in their fight against left wing governments in the region in cuba venezuela and nicaragua. and it's the 40th anniversary of the triumph of the revolution that toppled the dictator. in the capital supporters of the governing party filled the main square to celebrate but for many nicaraguans the party and the president. have betrayed the ideals of the revolution they fought far from home and has more. the moment when they could i was send them east the rebels finally triumphed entering the capital after toppling a dictator. in the same day 40 years later they're back to celebrate in troubled times now the sandinistas seen by many is the repressive ruling power president and former rebel daniel ortega called for a divided nation to come together. i mean what's the road to be able to work study
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how health care have highways to get people out of extreme poverty what's the fundamental condition piece people need peace to work and live. for those not with him it brings hollow mullin child with the sundanese does she feels will take a betrayed the revolutionary cause long ago i am not under a day that they keep mentioning peace but this concept of peace they talk about doesn't correspond to reality because today there kidnappings of people have gone up and murders of innocent people it's shameful estates of impunity and criminality and this guy. president in the eighty's will take has been back in power for the last 12 years they promote with accusations of nepotism and growing the authoritarian it's of. its protests broke out last year hundreds including maal in china have been thrown in jail civil groups and media have had
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their offices ransacked and demonstrations and so we've been banned. so on the day of the anniversary the streets were left to the sundanese to his government supporters are out in numbers in the capital they say that the opposition a little more than right wing coup mongers and point to the things the president take is done especially for the country's poor also feels like. i'm 100 percent sandinista my house fell down in an earthquake and the president ordered for it to be rebuilt and say. we are here to celebrate with our command because he's the only one in history who is worried about the people housing health education system the t. shirts read here no one is giving up in a country in turmoil it seems the mood even on this anniversary is on survival rather than triumph john homan how does it make it i was. peruvian police have
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destroyed more than 11000. being called the country's largest weapons destruction operation in a decade officials say more than 4 and a half 1000 handguns and a 1000 shotguns were melted down in a furnace less of the guns were seized from criminal gangs as part of an ongoing crackdown on. thousands of people have rallied in puerto rico for another day demanding the governor's resignation ricardo rosedale is accused of corruption sexism and homophobia after messages between him and his aides were leaked they show the mocking women the disabled and victims of hurricane maria. protests is in malawi and demanding the chair of the electoral commission stepped down over disputed votes in may 2 passes a challenging the results which show president putin literally reelected for a 2nd term demonstrators accuse the electoral commission of mismanaging the ballot
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the u.s. has called for all sides to resolve the dispute peacefully the thousands of algerians have returned to the streets demanding a change of government. protesters say they want a complete political overhaul of the ruling elite held to account for corruption nationwide demonstrations began 5 months ago and they led to president abdelaziz beautifully his resignation which ended his 20 year rule well algeria have been crowned african football champions after beating senegal in the final of the africa cup of nations in cairo the lone goal of the match scored by baghdad blood in a jar after just 79 seconds is the fastest goal in an african cup final and at least 39 years. now these are the scenes in the capital out years as the goal was scored. the
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old and in france where there is a huge algerian community these were the scenes of celebrations in paris where friends are celebrating their side 2nd title since 1990. leather world health organization has warned countries bordering the democratic republic of congo to be on high alert. the un agency declared the latest outbreak 0 an international health emergency on wednesday a rare designation that is only used in severe accident at the demick says more than 1600 people or so far died from a bowler in diyala congo within the past year the physical therapy or physio therapy as it's also known is considered a luxury in ethiopia there are very few therapists available to treat the 10s of millions of people but even then not all of them are qualified leah harding reports
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from the capital addis ababa. rebecca nya deck lost her legs in a land mine explosion she's a refugee from south sudan and was sent to add as a buffer physical therapy treatment now after 2 years she's learning to walk again but when we came to ethiopia they welcomed us we came because of the crisis now we're waiting to learn how to use these artificial limbs this is the 2nd time for me to come here. ethiopia's physical therapy program is just getting started and the demand is staggering with an estimated 105000000 people in the country there are only 7000 doctors a physical therapy but give an example here was one of the 1st the hands of program started in 2002 in going to enlist and i was among. the students to you know into this program and after 10 years or in it took them down to the stockton program i was also the fattest to go to this program so for sure i feel like playing at the
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school fish and 3 doctors a physical therapy work at this clinic in alice abbott and treat patients like rebecca others are scattered across the country as of now they're graduates from the 1st and only doctor class in ethiopia mohammed hussein is another patient he had a stroke and relies on his rehab to move again. who thought he knew i suffer from this and was shocked when i found out there was physical therapy here i thought it was a luxury not this i feel awful that's one. of the services here are free paid for by the government but when we visited there were a few patients getting help at the clinic. one of the biggest challenges with physical therapy in ethiopia is lack of awareness most people don't even know that facilities like this exists but even if they did there still aren't enough therapists to treat everyone and this is a misconception existed in most parts of you know because not only physical therapy
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you can see that what we have to since obviously is considered a luxury some of the physically disabled are often reduced to begging at times relying on their disability to make money even though ethiopia's physical therapy program is relatively new it's still more developed than in neighboring countries many patients from south sudan sudan and eritrea rely on the facilities here to gain their life back for rebecca her new legs mean she can get around in the refugee camp where she lives part of her treatment is learning how to walk on an even ground similar to the surfaces in the camp during the time when i didn't have these legs i was just sitting at home with no place to go because i had no mobility progress on a national level is slow going but for patients here it comes one step at a time leon harding al-jazeera at us africa. tougher to take a look at the top stories here that iran has seized the british show in the strait
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of hormuz as tension continues to escalate in the gulf the ship and its 23 crew have been reportedly moved to iran's hold while the authorities investigate possible violations of maritime rules the 1st regional elections are being held in pakistan's northern tribal region the territory which borders afghanistan was merged with. a province last year and then till now has been ruled by councils of tribal elders. has the latest from general. demand of their drivers. on. a political party or it is going to be important your fee for the 4th time be dry bread really become mainstream as far as the political situation is concerned.
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for the rest of the province they were allowed to leave for. 15 explosions in yemen's capital saana after saudi u.s. led coalition forces launch strikes on military outposts saudi media said they destroyed and here weapons and missiles storage sites and it comes after a series of drone attacks from yemen's who the rebels at airports in the south of saudi arabia kosovo's prime minister has resigned for a 2nd time because he's been called to appear in front of a war crimes court in the netherlands next week how the d.n.a. was a rebel commander in the course of a liberation army who went on to become prime minister he resigned in 2005 when he was indicted by a u.n. war crimes tribunal which tried and acquitted him twice he's now called on kosovo
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to hold elections for a new leader well i dropped today those are the latest headlines inside stories next we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and we point on a story that you might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers deployed anti-riot. we are challenging the forces with challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. a world war 2 of our trade is a trade dispute in 2019 japan and south korea remain at loggerheads over the forced labor controversy of more than 70 years ago so why has it come to the fore now and how can it be resolved this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm fully back a rift is deepening between south korea and japan over what happened during the 2nd world war japan as occupiers of the korean peninsula force koreans into work the issue has always stirred up deep emotions but tension has recently escalated a south korean man set himself on fire outside the japanese embassy in seoul on friday his death followed japan's ban on some exports to south korea imposed after a court ruled that japanese firms should compensate the victims of forced labor japan's foreign minister summoned the south korean ambassador when seoul rejected a proposal for arbitration with a fed country. it's very regrettable that an arbitrator or 3rd country
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arbitration has not been set up in addition i strongly urge the south korean government to take immediate steps to correct this by ablation of international law that drew a strong response from south korea. which it was japan to violated international law by committing on humanitarian illegal acts a supreme court ruling pointed out that funds also japan has continued to demand a resolution of this issue through operations to settle problems concerning property and claims but we never agreed with the unilateral deadline set by japan switch. so how did we get here well relations between the 2 countries have been fractious for decades since japan occupied the korean peninsula between 191-1945 but things came to a head last year in october south korea's top court ordered japanese companies to compensate koreans who were forced to work for japanese occupies during world war 2
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japan said the issue had already been settled under a 965 treaty n threatened visa restrictions in tabs then this month japan restricted exports of 3 chemicals vital to south korea's electronics industry citing national security concerns so far so hasn't taken any counter measures saying it would raise a dispute with the world trade organization but sums koreans are taking the matter into their own hands and boycotting japanese products. well let's bring in our guest now for today's inside story joining us by skype from tokyo is tomohiko taniguchi who is a special advisor to the cabinet of japanese prime minister shinzo abbay in hong kong robert kept director of the economist corporate network and by skype from stuttgart in germany he won't call who is a publisher of the korean exposé an online news magazine that focuses on
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contemporary south korea welcome to the program gentlemen thank you so much for being with us mr taniguchi if i could start with you in tokyo japan said it's restricting exports of soft korea because of national security what exactly are japan's consequence sones and what is at the core of this dispute. these 3 materials that you cited. extremely important because they are potentially going to be used for dual purposes one civilian and the military. given the sensitivity south korea and tokyo. made consultation mechanism at work. one has to say that the hasty fashion that the south korean. customers use the japanese to provide them with materials ending up with. breaching of the
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regime that we are all after i mean south korea and japan are after and consists arguably a source of security concerns as you mention mrs on who she is a japanese moved to restricts exports from south korea not retaliation for the south korean course ruling that allowed access of japanese companies to be seas and used to compensate victims of the wartime forced labor is that not retaliation these 2 are completely separate issues because the export control regime is strictly and the japanese government decisions and it is as a result by nature a domestic decision as has been the case with many other exporters exporting some sensitive materials materials to other countries such as south korea ok let's hear
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from c. one cor in should guard misses on a gucci says the japanese move is a separate issue he has nothing to do with the court rulings in south korea would you agree with that what the pen's the tensions outside south korea is concerned. well this is i mean the line that we have heard from the administer russians or. the export restriction has nothing to do we'd be developing in south korea or one japanese company should do we regard to compensating victims or forced laborers during the cool new york area as far as the government in seoul is concerned and that's far as the public is concerned these 2 are completely related netters and the timing is most extraordinary in fact a measure has taken the government is owed play by surprise and we have not really seen any official measure current from the government yet but of course situation only gets worse by today and unfortunately the damage to the right of relations is
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going to be quite extraordinary japan's position is that the issue of compensation was addressing the 1965 treaty that normalize relations between the 2 country and so japan already gave millions hundreds of millions in aids and knowns to south korea why is it coming to the fore now what is that issue for south korea. we have to accept that there has been a significant change on the great political landscape 2 years ago we had a new president elected when doing and one of his campaign promises was actually to revisit the agreement between japan and korea to address the issue called for women it was supposed to be final when the remark was signed in 2050 but probably opposition to this was quite significant the government quite mean so it has taken a harder line of the issue and they have maintained that they will not see what dave or seemed to be
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a turn by the minute minister who are the more right wing tendencies not just over the issue of wartime crimes but also over the issue of political or attack issue not on the rocks between korea and japan that have been disputed by the 2 countries for quite some time all right robert kaplan talk about the economic implications of this dispute the us china trade war has already resulted in quite a lot of negative shocks for asian trade flows do you think this dispute between the other 2 big economies of the region has the potential to escalate into another trade war. would certainly has the beginnings of what it's worth pointing out that actually south korea and japan had been suffering from. impact of the us to a trade war because they are very much integrated in this global supply chain which is centered around china or has been and so when the tariffs are put on chinese
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exports in fact it's south korea taiwan and japan very significantly the high tech area that feed into that so they've already been suffering and now they have this dispute brewing i guess the one silver lining to this is the export controls involve a review period so there's like a 90 day window from which the 2 sides might be able to reach some sort of resolution but if there isn't a solution to the impasse i'm afraid it could make a bad situation much worse japanise said it may escalate measures in august how far can they actually take this especially given that japan's exports have been falling because of the us china trade war is his thing. well that's the interesting thing so currently we look at these very specialized components they represent about one percent of the value of japan's exports to south korea so things like hydrogen fluoride are very important to south korean chip manufacturers and panel
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manufacturers but they are very important to japan's export base but if indeed they start ratcheting up tension not only were their own companies of course suffer as a consequence just as by the way american companies in consumer suffer under tariffs that are just increasing the cost of inputs from china but there's another factor that needs to be considered in that is south korea might start retaliating and so it you know this is where you get what's known as a tit for tat trade war and if things get more and more heated around the cations for those 2 economies and the global economy could become bigger and bigger mr taniguchi japan says it may escalate the measures will it go as far as removing south korea from its list of preferred trading pardons perhaps the list you were just referred to in some list that listed 29 countries with which japan has given blanket. blanket.
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permission when it comes to exporting sensitive materials to the importance but south korea has been the only and sole nation in the entire part of asia that japan has maintained this arrangement over the last 15 years european union has given no such permission out right south to south korea japan has given no such permission to other men's members of asia so south korea is going to return back to where it was 2004 and in addition no ban whatsoever no ban whatsoever either about the 3 sensitive materials. or the future in the future other materials is going to be imposed upon japan's export it's going to make the process slow and cumbersome if you like but that's the one. any country is having with any other country. the economic aspect of
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this relationship has been the glue supporting political cooperation between south korea and japan until now to what extent korea's domestic politics complicating the situation and do you think there is a certain willingness domestically to improve things with japan. no i would say this is very unlikely the timing of the situation is most unfortunate because korea already was feeling the pressure from the trade war between china and the us and there was a lot of henry meager messick really over what the government could do to improve the business climate and then came this will by japan and building on the existing n.t. chip and the sentiment in korea which is very widespread it's put tremendous pressure on the government to not yield to any demand by the ministration that the
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government has said it is open to diplomatic negotiations or compromise that if they're open to diplomatic negotiations as you say why did they reject 3rd party arbitration where there is certainly the danger that if better goes to a 3rd party. am i not kept it willing that it wants it is also the case with this situation or talked at all or. which south korea effectively controls and japan has increasingly asserted that should be returned to its control and in japanese that calls for 3rd party administration or at least the case with the international court of justice to result is what this is an issue that south koreans said not interested in pursuing arava kept which side is suffering the most and which side will suffer the most states this is not resolved japan a south korea. well currently it would be south korea's war exposed because it's
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manufacturers are so dependent on those specialty materials from japan it's worth pointing out japan is not the only source but it is the primary source it has the right quality that these manufacturers rely on and it's already integrated in their supply chains however. it could be that japan ends of suffering again if this starts to escalate one thing that for example south korea has that's very important japan is tourists it's the 2nd largest source of tourists to japan after china which by the way is another country where there is often these political flare ups of a cultural historical nature so in that sense the japanese economy which is increasingly service based is in fact exposed and could suffer. as you heard they if japan is if south korea rather is not able to get its resources a resource this way is technology industry is not able to talk to japan it opens the door to other supplies like china for instance and this could backfire on japan
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could it not. because this is not for south korea's this is not based on the concerns about south korea's domestic are not because to me it is about the japanese domestic regime for export control if indeed south korean the companies are going to find other sources well that somewhat does south korea and the companies should decide on and that's a totally up to the south korean companies but when it comes to the export control regime that the japanese government minister has that is what does this happen he's government is going to look after so what will it take for the japanese government to roll to roll back the export restriction. there the console taishan mechanism is very much a linchpin for these 2 nations to push to continue
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having some ongoing economic and trade relationships especially about sensitive matters that could be put into do all use but one has to point out that out consultation mechanism has not been. working the design of which. urges these took these 2 countries to and so that's something that both come countries have to work on but the ball currently is on the court of the south koreans ok c one call that a good she says the ball is on the court on the side of south korea what is it going to take for south korea for the tensions to deescalate. well we hear about consultation in ism or misuse of materials and all that but ultimately everybody recognizes this issue comes down to how a south korean government will address the key court ruling that is essentially
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exposed japanese companies that operate it we korea and they were forcing the bill in your period to a potential compensation claims and as far as the government in solar is concerned it cannot really do anything as i said before the public opinion is against japan and it's against yielding to japanese demands and the kind of consumer boy caught that was referred to by the commentator in hong kong this is a very likely possibility we're starting to see a growing movement of consumers which is not led by any particular interest group calling for a boycott of travel to japan and also a boycott of japanese companies and japanese products and the rhetoric only starts to grow by the day right so you're saying that there are political benefits domestically to go up to continue down this road for south korea even though it helps the country anomic. that's another way to see it south koreans also believe
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that mr abbott is playing this partly for his old political gain in the run up to his all election and at the same time in south korea this can be of benefit to the government which was suffering from a falling approval ratings it is facing its all election campaign next spring and it needed of course to a support group of support for its own party and i am not saying that this is being done intentionally but certainly it does play to the benefit of the current administration ok your response missed a ton of virtue before i bring back robert cap into the conversation and many in south korea believe that the project he's prime minister shinzo lobby is going down this road for political gain what is your response. well it may sound as if it is the case but the truth of the matter is that decisions taken by the japanese government of late about the export restriction or the strict
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implementation of the export control regime have been backed by 7080 percent of the people polled so it is not so much parties on as an issue and i have to say that all of those conflicts and differences of interpretation must be solved in accordance with the basic treaty that the 2 nations forged with each other and there is a clearly written consultation and conflict solving mechanism and south korea and court and the government have chosen to pay absolutely no attention to the basic treaty and the basic treaty treaty has been the very foundation legally speaking upon which the bilateral relationship has flourished to the extent that you now see now and one final thing i should say is doubt in the
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broadest context korean labor could not find any other places to work for during the war time but the companies doubt employed those laborers paid money to those people and those people who failed to get money tearing compensation during all time. able to get compensation from the south korean government because they saw in such a way to nations chose to go ahead in 1965 but that shocked history is being opened. again and again see one car get you to respond on this question an issue of compensation a 2nd but i just want to bring robert back into the conversation and talk about the u.s. robot which says it has no plan to mediate between its 2 our allies should they get
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involved though i mean would it be not in the u.s. interest to try and broker some sort of agreement between japan and south korea because this could play well into china's hand your analysis is correct but let's not forget what current u.s. administration we're talking about of the presidency of donald trump regardless of what one thinks of the gentleman is not known for its diplomatic finesse i always say granted he has taken a personal interest in a certain korean leader and he seems to get along well with scenes ave and the u.s. has indeed a vital interest in seeing both japan and south korea get along especially as you mentioned so maybe that will come about currently the u.s. response has been we want to stay out of it but we want you to solve it and they're hoping it's to chief allies in not only asia when you think about but indeed principally within the world given the tensions that are going on both through
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china and north korea certainly the u.s. must be thinking it would be great if this issue could be settled and have one less problem on the global sphere to deal with and how does the dispute benefit china and north korea. well it benefits both those adversarial powers vs a v the us viewpoint. because in fact you have won a distraction to other issues in 2 you don't have any sort of unified front so north korea actually more than any pressure from the us has faced either some form of could joleen or or attempt to bring a resolution to the issues across the 38th parallel from both seoul and tokyo so those have been 2 principal actors in north korea's position in asia of course the other key actor there is china backing north korea the japanese and korean south korean interests have been trying to bring north korea around to
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a more global way of thinking but there is that and there's also again just the fact that china can thrive in this atmosphere of divisiveness and play cards you can either try to get better relations going to japan or south korea or threaten either to its own ends this divisiveness simply is not in u.s. interests or in the interests of its allies so in that sense it's been a fitting adversaries more than allies i see won't go into it got to have the last word your response to mr taniguchi on the issue of the question of compensation and also what does it come down to as far south korea is concerned is it just an apology that south korea wants. perhaps indeed although the japanese government was apology has been given we talk about compensation and of course money is very important but the heart of the matter is not money it's about sincerity their way that the japanese government has maintained or years and decades that the matters
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of historical significance have encircled this is what offends the sensibility in south korea and more broadly in china in other parts of asia as well. what a korean probably wants to see is a kind of sincere apology and contrition the kind of which you often see from the german government with regard to its own wartime crimes but this is certainly not what's been seen from japan and that's what really continues to fuel this kind of culture of r.c. we leave it there gentlemen we've run out of time thank you very much for a very interesting discussion to make a ton of gucci see one cool and robert kept thank you for being on inside story and thank you as well for watching you can always watch this program again any time by visiting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for sasha a.j. and side story can of course also join the conversation on twitter i handle it as that a.j. inside story from the 30 back to boy and a whole inside so 18 thank you for watching i found out you.
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on counting the cost of the trillion dollar luna bounty 50 years off the man 1st stepped on the moon we find out why there's a scramble to return and the number of people going hungry has risen for the 3rd year running we find out what's gone wrong counting the cost and i just. talked to al jazeera. we ask problems and besides the instability is corruption we listen since i hadn't been so are pushing the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter now does iraq.
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east and the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. i've been looking at your instagram account and reading takes into the atmosphere behind the scenes this is
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a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president after that everyone has a voice the best chance for democrats to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational callus mother nominee join the global conversation in your thoughts get twitter. on al-jazeera. iran says all 23 crew of a british flag detained under a bus pulled over and made on the vessel until the end of an investigation and the u.k. says tehran these choosing a dangerous path. if the situation is not resolved quickly it will be serious consequences.
4:49 pm
hello i'm a. live from doha also coming up. for the 1st time millions go to the polls in pakistan's tribal northwest to vote for a provincial assembly. the world health organization sounds the alarm over a burner for countries bordering the democratic republic of congo. as the world mounts 50 years since man 1st walked on the moon nasa says plans are being drawn up to go back there again. but 1st iran has seized the british are trying here in the strait of hormuz as tension continues to escalate in the gulf the ship and its 23 crew have been
4:50 pm
reportedly moved to iran's banda port while the authorities investigate what they say are possible violations of maritime regulations iran's state t.v. says a tanker was involved in an accident with a fishing boat before it was seized passy culhane reports from washington. this british tanker is now in iranian custody as announced on state t.v. . a british oil tanker called stana imperio was stopped while passing through the strait of hormuz because of failing to observe international maritime regulations at the request of ports and navigation authority of a gun province the tanker was guided to the coast after being stopped and was handed over to the ports and navigation authority iran had 2 tankers one british lacked the other liberia and we will respond in a way that is considerate robust and we are absolutely clear that if the situation is not so quick to me it will be serious consequences iran later announced the
4:51 pm
liberian tanker had been warned and release news of the tankers being seized in iran broke shortly before u.s. president donald trump left the white house for his new jersey country club his reaction was muted there will be working with the u.k. they'll have a new prime ministers are which is a good thing and we'll be working with the u.k. but we have no written agreement but i think we have an agreement which is longstanding that was in contrast to his remarks just a few hours earlier where he showed his usual bravado we hope and that's a couldn't do anything for wish they do they will pay a price like nobody's sympathetic place. this all comes as the 2 countries dispute in earlier incident in the strait of hormuz where the president insists the m.t.v. ship the u.s.s. boxer was threatened by an iranian drone so they took it down in response iran released this drone video that it says proves their drone conducted surveillance and returned to base and now news of the tankers reportedly taken in iran likely
4:52 pm
a response to the british detaining iranian tanker weeks earlier another clear escalation but the u.s. secretary of state is signaling a way out to get me and a president trying to make a decision about how to proceed he's made clear it prepared to conduct negotiations with no preconditions he waives continue to say well let's talk but only if and only if the united states does something we need them to come to the table it's the right way to resolve these challenges iran says it will talk if u.s. sanctions are lifted 1st so for now the standoff continues pedicle hang al-jazeera washington. but meanwhile the u.s. military buildup in the gulf continues as. ripple. on friday the trumpet ministration spent its time trying to reassure the international community that it was willing to find a diplomatic solution to its ongoing tensions with iran meantime the pentagon and more specifically centcom was taking action to guard against any more iranian
4:53 pm
incursions in the gulf region 1st the centcom officials confirmed that they are conducting aerial surveillance to help protect commercial vessels that are sailing from the gulf through the strait of hormuz or in the other direction centcom also confirmed that it is now trying to set up something called operation sentinel a multinational force that would basically provide physical security to commercial vessels moving in and out of the gulf they say this is necessary because of what it says has been iranian encouragement and recent hostile actions coming from the iranian government then there was this announcement 1st from the saudi defense ministry and then confirmed by the pentagon that the u.s. military will once again deploy a sizable number of troops in saudi arabia again in response to recent events the
4:54 pm
statement from the pentagon doesn't say how many u.s. forces and what kind of equipment will be deployed on saudi soil but it's notable that most of the troops that had been in saudi arabia after the $9091.00 invasion of kuwait were pulled out because of intense domestic pressure whether or not this resumption of a u.s. military presence on saudi soil is going to cause political problems for the saudi government but certainly there is a joint recognition or at least joint statements from both riyadh and washington that this is the time to be prepared to deal with any hostile activity coming from elsewhere in the region of the british tankas operate a stand balck says the vessel is no longer under the cruise control and can't be contacted tehran says it's been transferred to an iranian poet said to bari explains. well this seizure apparently took place earlier on friday and there were
4:55 pm
a few events that led to the reign of revolutionary guard seizing this british vessel 1st the local officials in hormones gone province out of a country said that this vessel hit came in contact with a small fishing boat and that is when they tried to contact it and a few attempts were made but no response was received by the iranians and that's when officials called the revolutionary guards to the scene and that's when the revolutionary guard said that the vessel was in a number of violations 1st that it was going in the wrong maritime direction 2nd that it had turned off all its tracking your g.p.s. devices and 3rd it was not responding to any of the warnings that was being issued that is when they decided to seize the tanker and it is now sitting in the port city of bam there are bus with 23 crewmembers on board that have been explosions in yemen's capital sanaa saudi led coalition forces launch strikes on military posts
4:56 pm
saudi media says they've destroyed. weapons and missile stories sites this comes after a series of drone attacks from yemen's who the rebels told getting pools in the south of saudi arabia but now we can speak to our correspondent mohammed who is in the yemeni capital sanaa tell us what you know then what have you managed to find out then about the results of these strikes. saudi fighter jets targeted early morning today different military positions in the capital sanaa they have targeted the. what is known the 21st park which has been which has been used as a military camp for long decades also they have targeted a military camp to the north of the capital sanaa as well such
4:57 pm
strikes have made many people here in the capital start to wonder why why the saudi arabia has targeted. the capital sanaa after a long period of nearly 4 more one month they haven't resumed their targets on the capital sanaa is even during the whole of these attacks are on the saudi vital economic anomic targets. what we have found also that the whole of these military spokesperson has released their v. have targeted the saudi king. base in jaime's more shades and bitterly ation to what he described to the saudia on the different yemeni civilian areas so we couldn't confirm who started the even the saudis or the host these but so far the attacks that have been that have
4:58 pm
taken place in the capital sanaa haven't resulted in any casualties because we have targeted. military cams which have been the same targets for saudi fighter jets for over 4 years right and it seems as though there was adequate warning given they announced that they announced the details of this operation before it got underway . and so these saudis have announced the are going to start the skill air strikes a different hole viz a military positions but so far these kinds of attacks. yemeni civilians have been have become used to. the but despite of that 3 these kinds of military military cams. been targeted as i mentioned earlier that for for over 4 or 4 years the hundreds of times so the gave the current attacks which are carried out by the
4:59 pm
whole of these against saudi military targets become vital and the saudis a retaliation do not make any difference for the whole he's all for b.m. and particularly because the. we have already the kinds of firm military camps have been already destroyed the used by. the are now using this kind of for guerrilla wars near the saudi borders. don't make any difference when the saudi arabia call its current military. campaign as a wide scale strikes all right mohammed al at have thank you very much. now for the 1st time reaching the elections are being held in pakistan's northern tribal region it's a territory that was recently merged with. a province just last year and it borders
5:00 pm
afghanistan well in saturday's vote bringing the region into the political mainstream with candidates vying for 16 seats in the provincial assembly the tribal region is home to 6000000 people and didn't till now they've been ruled by councils of tribal elders it's long been seen by the u.s. as a stronghold for al qaeda and the afghan taliban kemal hide has the latest for the 1st time think independent boggart on. their tribal area after an act of parliament were brought endorsed by over 2 thirds of majority where they end up parliament a political party. the people of the driver laird had been demanding that they should be margaret director of the country did write a bridge of fraud or trouble after the u.s. led invasion of afghanistan when many.


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