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in a box situation the most likely outcome of this really we would end is in iran releasing the crew retain the vessel and in that situation we now end up as your previous contribution said we have a long protracted process now of releasing the great one what would be an equally long protracted process of releasing the captured esle yes they they stand area and of course then it is it clear to you with the information that's available about what rules have been broken for iran then to seize or detain this oil tanker when we heard our correspondent talk about the circumstances of. an identified that's all coming towards the tanker and the tanker re directed itself into iranian waters has that vessel actually broken rules or has it sort of diverted an accident in the making. that there is nothing to suggest that anything that any rules were broken would justify a detention of a vessel and its crew so at the moment it's very difficult to pin a legitimate reason as to why these vessels are that you know that 2 vessels were
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approached and one was retained there was detained so at the moment the idea that the fishing vessel was involved in an incident that might be the case had been one vessel approach but with 2 vessels approached with what appears to be quite a deliberate intent i don't think that stacks up as a story but the narrative that's been put out. iran's overall story i've just been showing its waters to get we also have this build up during the week beginning of the week where we had another british vessel approached that was a british heritage which could be seen as maybe a practice or a 1st attempt before what was yes they are coordinated attempt of 2 vessels within an hour each other being approached and forced to change direction towards iran and that must mean quite a compelling action on behalf of the small vessels on the helicopter to force a battle to change course and move towards iran no captain vessel would do that unless they felt threatened so whether the one shots fired or something similar we
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have no evidence for yet but it would suggest that it was quite a compelling reason why they moved north ok so then that's just clarify for our international viewers the actual legal obligations for both iran and the state of omar who actually you might say have territorial waters across the strait of hormuz are to police that area we can say police is the right but there is that the law of the sea what is the that the legal route for any merchant vessel to go through the strait without upsetting either iran or oman. so are without getting into the legal complexities which i am not an expert but we do know is that the vessels the waters around that part of the world the territorial waters get ready coast which i. and do overlap so there is obviously had the opportunity to be pushed towards a total waters where the nation that owns those waters has full legal
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responsibility outside of those waters it's free navigation and as iran has said in 3 or waters any act such as we've seen here would be seen piracy hence the need to move the vessels entering in waters before they can act to remain effectively in the energy image illegitimate policing waters of the moment we will leave it there full dichotomy in tunbridge wells in the u.k. thanks for joining us on our job there. well mold problem is another policy analysis that the arabs and for research joins me here on the set i mean simply put it well or a few of us have been following events as we have it seems that if you can't get its oil to market the country's going to be able to do it either absolutely there long as they have made that clear from the very beginning because we all are now annoyed that the u.s. sanctions are having crippling impact on the iranian economy. constitute something like 40 percent of government revenue or and by actually embossing the sanctions on the export of iranian oil they audience will not survive they are
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trying to make sure that they can actually make the other side which is in this case the united states it's all lies in the region and all over the world before that i think. of the tanker by the iranian by the iranians yesterday it was their young and they want to make sure that they they want to make everybody nor that there will be a price for their. tankers and because they don't want to make that very much like a frequent. something that that is happening frequently so i think the iranians now which lost something. more than half of their export oil export there used to produce 3800100000 barrels of oil a day to day they are producing something like 2200000 barrels of oil a day they are exporting only 302400000 barrels of oil
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a day so now by seizing dealerships in. injured in saudi arabia they don't want actually to make this happening more frequent saw they are keen actually to make everybody make pay the price actually $4.00 that do the really moving parts of the story as well of course you know overnight we've heard that the u.s. is talking about certainly sending a small contingent of troops to. saudi arabia so we have this military buildup not just on the water being proposed by president trump but also on land as well absolutely there is a military u.s. military buildup in the region but on the other hand we must know what that is in the foreign minister they are running for mr he's in new york right now and he's holding talks with them with congress man where they're with people who are close to the u.s. administration i think there is also or a lot of diplomacy going on because i don't see that they are on yours or the americans or anybody else actually is interested in escalating this crisis to their
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fear of conflict of. fall out of complete military confrontation so i think military build up on the one hand they are as are trying to strengthen the hand of the of the hands of the foreign minister in new york by such things in here in the gulf but on the other hand there americans are actually building this their military presence in there in the region and they are calling for this stablish ment of a coalition of the willing in order to protect the freedom of navigation and the state of us saw all these actually are come complementing each other for the time being but it is very much the dialogue between the rhetoric is that it between the u.s. and iran. on lookers to the side who literally working the diplomatic channels of the e.u. canada japan one wonders how much will influence or how much leverage they have in this much wider debate that's happening behind closed doors that we are not party
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to this very through but i think the iranians will be expecting that at least for any talks talks to start or to take place with the americans that the americans actually must give them something because they will need this face saving exit because from the very beginning the said we are not the point of actually negotiate under pressure. while the sanctions are are biting us so there might be expecting some sort of easing sanctions by the united states in order to all return to the table of negotiation because that was the the major objective of president trump over the past few months of bringing the iranians back to the table of negotiations and having his or indeed he's come out of iran nuclear deal so all these mediations by these different parties actually will not pay dividends and there's the iranians see in my opinion something they're americans that would give in order to make these mediation is successful we will see what happens certainly as time goes by for the moment to moment carville thanks for joining me here for
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all of us are thank you. still have more ahead here on the news hour including learning to walk again how a group of therapists in ethiopia are changing the lives of patients one step at a time. and we need survivors of hurricane maria still trying to build their lives 2 years after the storm hit and destroyed much of puerto rico. and the rough ride for some of the big names in golf as they missed the cut at the open championship we'll have those details in sports. hong kong police have seized was it's thought to be the largest amount of explosives uncovered in the city they also found protest materials in the industrial building them terance were discovered on the eve of a major pro-democracy march against the now suspended extradition bill meanwhile thousands of people supporting beijing's influence are holding a rally as you can see there's a live pictures coming from hong kong organizers say it's meant to condemn violence
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during recent protests and support hong kong's police robert bright joins us now from hong kong he's monitoring events there are a new day and a chance for pro chinese groups to support the incumbent government and condemn the anti chinese groups demonstrations of the past few months. absolutely sale this has become a weekend ritual now where demonstrations as you mentioned there tomorrow sunday we are expecting another very large demonstration by the pro-democracy count but this saturday afternoon belongs very much to the pro establishment camp literally tens of thousands of people have gathered down here in this part of hong kong for safeguard hong kong a rally we often see the protesters coming out being part of the campaign against this controversial extradition bill we don't often hear from the pro establishment side but this is the 2nd major demonstration that they have held here that it's
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very much in support of the police a lot of these people we've been talking to are very angry at the way that they perceive that these protesters who've been running around storming into the parliament building behind us here have been lionized by a lot of large sections of the hong kong community by the media they say it's very much the police force who are their heroes and that they've been the ones showing restraint and have paid a heavy price they say with the number of casualties amongst the police so they have come out in support of the police here they say that. unless they were precedented unrest we've seen in hong kong is bad for business it hurts relations with the mainland no good will come of it and the message has been very much calling for unity it has to be said we've seen and spoken to a number of hong kong people here at the big question is how many of the people here have actually come from mainland china for this demonstration as you walk around you hear cantonese being spoken the local dialect but often with a very distinctly mainland accent you also hear. mainland mandarin being spoken so
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it is questionable just how many people have come from mainland china for this demonstration but then as people who travel here will tell you this is very much part of china is the chinese fire that flies over the city they have every right they say to be here defending hong kong's interests and of course many different news lines coming out of hong kong on saturday rob what more do we know about this ammunition or arms find. this is a very worrying development and certainly has raised the tension level here coming as we said ahead of what's going to be another big protest tomorrow sunday this follows what the police say was a tip off that they raided a premises early saturday morning on the cow loon district of hong kong a factory unit they found what they say was a substantial amount of explosives the kind that has been used in improvised bomb making they also say they found 10 petrol bombs other weapons such as knives and
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slingshots and the thing that connects it they say or seem to infer that connects it to the protest movement is that they also found the kind of things that we've seen at these protests like the helmets the goggles the gas masks and they say the number of leaflets against the extradition bill so it has led to concerns it's up the tension level here somewhat and the police say that a 27 year old man is under arrest for the moment we'll leave it there rob and come back to you in the day thank you. votes are being counted in pakistan's northwest and tribal areas for the 1st time in the region's history the territory was merged with kind of book the province last year and borders afghanistan the merchant and saturday's vote are bringing the region into the political mainstream with candidates vying to 16 seats in the provincial assembly the tribal region is home to 6000000 people learn until now it's been ruled by councils of tribal elders it's
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long been seen by the u.s. as a stronghold of al qaeda and the afghan taliban welcome to joins us now from john rudin part of the province and kemal a historic day in the mass so really in the political direction that this massive area is moving towards how would you gauge the mood of the voting community. where there is considerable excitement and as you mentioned this is the 1st time that the people of their tribal area will be joining their representatives who are represent them of course and they prevent assembly of the type of pope john paul provenza the water turn out there we have. brady. of course saying that he had an energy from the area how do you see this election our technican gaging will edges for the 1st time in the years job the tribal areas the. tribal areas people day have election off bro intially simile so if he has to
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step towards the merger of fatah at the x. factor with the possible fall problem so people really much exciting and they are pulling the awards with get it into his ears i'm sure there is why you can see. that there is a huge bump in sure and you want to see middle of the woman they are participating in this election and the art of that is really encouraging you want to tighten now would be encouraging and it sure is there to not it is and it should skip towards the mud agenda of tribal areas and bottom pop problems they say oh was one such strong or devout of. the 10 you get taliban pakistan the islamic movement of or the biggest on paper they have felt like they were hostages in their own dedicated so what is changed you see a massive change and in a way that now it has behaved that way for this election to take place of course
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there are 2 kinds of changes you can see one now the areas you do much do you see there is no such kind of horse tie it to tease did is know what you can say. so now the n.t.s.b. is full of the people they are living to be swell lives sick and there is also the infrastructure to really. so and one way out of the now of boredom and agency is they are also striving to excel or ared up crosses and all of the end ok good fun for the tribal areas and 3rd political parties they are encouraged and now they are participating in these elections for the pro intially family so before there were all of them there were only independent candidates but now they had already independent candidates and there are. candidates from almost ot political parties are pox on ok thank you very much dad for dr month free the as you can see the mood is upbeat the government of pakistan obviously now has to and locate
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a billions of rupees in order to bear they said you have because this is an empowering steria which did not see the kind of progress the rest of the country saw back to you it's ahead thanks very much welcome to follow vince for the in pakistan as the day progresses. and in a moment we'll have the weather with everton but still ahead here on the al-jazeera news it's the 40th anniversary of the nicaraguan revolution but has there been a change for the better time from a legendary champion to challenger many paki weighs in for his latest title find that's coming up with rahul in sport. we'll see the monsoon rains expanding along the western side of him there over the
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next couple of days lots of cloud showing up here most recent heavy downpours a bit up towards the northeast and this is a state where we have seen huge amounts of rainfall in the past few days and the brahmaputra of course has burst its banks once again signs of those flood waters easing off a little bit but it's going to quite some time before we do see it clear back to its sort of levels that we would of course light to see lots of showers there still in place across that northeastern corner of india pushing across into behind as well and running right along the pole pushing up into well into the far north of pakistan once again best western ghats will see the heaviest right over the next couple days you can see this dark shading down towards the southwest towards carolina read warnings in force for some of these questionnaires and the rains pushing back into moment by over the next few days some parts could see a further $200.00 millimeters of rain in 24 hour period so flooding remains on course here we have of course got flooding rains into the far south of south korea
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and this is where we have what remains tropical storm tropical depression than asif had 397 millimeters of rain in the past 24 hours that wetter weather is now moving east. sponsored by countdown. conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many will have to die like this stock is hans is really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is interesting to watch. yemen war profiteers coming soon water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognize water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think
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that the european commission would be very very. water privatization on anybody is the only field. goals people who see ever to do something to invest a profit of they want are. up to the last drop on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching i was there as news hour with me so whole robin a reminder of our top news stories the u.k. is telling british ships to avoid the strait of hormuz for an interim period the warning comes after iran sees a british like oil tanker in the strait on friday to iran's opened an investigation into alleged violations by british like tankers and says it was involved in an
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accident with a fishing boat before being detained. and thousands of people supporting beijing's influence are holding a rally in hong kong organizers say it's to condemn violence and recent protests meanwhile hong kong police say they've also sees what's thought to be the largest amount of. uncovered in the city ahead of sunday's pro-democracy rally. the 1st regional elections are being held also in pakistan's more than tribal region the territory bordering afghanistan was merged with the khyber part of the choir province last year and until now has been ruled by councils of tribal elders. there have been explosions across yemen's rebel held city of capital of sanaa after a string of saudi led airstrikes saudi media says coalition jet fighters targeted military camps across the city destroying air defenses and missile storage sites there have been no reports of casualties it comes after a series of drone attacks from yemen's who the rebels targeting airports in the
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south of saudi arabia. has more from santa. they have targeted the. what is known the 21st park which has been which has been used as a military camp for long decades also they have targeted a military camp to the north of the capital sanaa as well such strikes have made many people here in the capital saad to wonder why the saudi arabia has targeted. the capital sanaa after a long period of nearly 4 more over one month they haven't resumed their targets on the capital sanaa is even during the hope these attacks are on the saudi vital economic anomic targets. what we have found also that the host these military spokesperson has released that be have targeted the saudi king.
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base in jaime smoosh aid in the tally ation to what he described the saudi attacks on the different yemeni civilian areas so we couldn't confirm who started the even the saudis or the host these but so far the attacks that have that have taken place in the capital sanaa have been resulted in any casualties because we have targeted. military comes which have been the same targets for saudi fighter jets for over 4 years. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has become the country's longest serving leader with more than 13 years he's the past israel's founding father david ben-gurion that in your has about scandals crises uncalled flix winning election after election even many say the country is growing more polarized bennett smith reports from western reserve. to
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his supporters benjamin netanyahu has kept israel safe and prosperous maintained its jewish character and boosted its standing internationally but his opponents say he's ruined hopes for peace with the palestinians and tarnished politics with a culture of corruption you can't talk of a little you know legacy in but by pointing at one thing but what we have seen in the house years in office is a much more gradual shift towards taking the palestinian issue off the agenda is row quietly but constantly warming its relations with the major arab sunni states. netanyahu 1st became prime minister in 1996 beating the incumbent shimon peres by less than one percent of the vote. he won on a platform of opposing the oslo peace accords with the palestinians although when in office he continued implementing them and even met his enemy the palestinian
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liberation organization chief yasser arafat. netanyahu now considers the oslo accords no and void and with who many say is the most supportive u.s. president israel has ever had there's no pressure to make peace with the palestinians the embassy of the most powerful nation on earth our greatest ally the united states of america today it's an embassy here. i think that can be i don't want to say singlehandedly but i would say and most significantly it will be remembered as the person who managed to destroy the chances of peace and to plunge the whole lead to an end to. extremism of confrontation and of violence and instability because he speaks only the language of the. nation of oppression. but perhaps some of
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netanyahu is greatest challenges are yet to come after winning the general election in april he failed to form a coalition so another ballot for september and netanyahu is due to be indicted on corruption charges he's accused of accepting gifts from wealthy businessmen and granting favors in return for positive media coverage the prime minister denies all the charges no one is writing netanyahu off yet bernard smith al-jazeera west jerusalem. u.s. secretary of state has praised argentina for declaring lebanese group hezbollah a terrorist organization. in britain's ariz where here turned in a ceremony to mark the 25th anniversary of an attack all in jewish center which left 85 people dead argentina has blamed hezbollah and iran for the bombing both deny any involvement of footballers are is. the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was in latin america looking in general terms for
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allies of the united states war against terrorism more specifically in the war of words against iran he's found here in argentina his timing was perfect arriving the day after the 25th anniversary of the attack on the army a jewish cultural center in one of cyrus in which 85 people were killed 2 years previous to that the israeli embassy just a short distance from here was also destroyed $29.00 people killed those are attacks at the argentine north or it is blamed specifically on the hezbollah group more generally against iran by usually a lot of the majority of the countries in the region agree that hizbollah is dangerous for us all hizbullah because of its links with other terrorist organizations which are present here the united states has said it will do all it can to help argentina in the search for what they call the perpetrators of those crimes something that iran has always said it was not involved in. this war for
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support. as you know said the minister you know this is going to take actions against. as well operative for his role as the underground coordinator for that attack but what's in it for argentina supports the president from the trumpet ministration for his reelection in elections in october and other allies with the united states in their fight against left wing governments in the region in cuba venezuela and nicaragua. in nicaragua it's the 40th anniversary of the triumph of the revolution that toppled the stones is the most up in the capital supporters of the governing party until the main square to celebrate but the nicaraguans the party and present daniel ortega for trade the ideals of the revolution they fought in the whole of his ball. at the moment when they could i was send them east the rebels finally triumph entering the capital my now we're after toppling
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a dictator. and the same day 40 years later they're back to celebrate it in troubled times now the sandinistas seen by many is the repressive ruling power president and former rebel daniel ortega called for a divided nation to come together. i mean what's the road to be able to work study have health care have highways to get people out of extreme poverty what's the fundamental condition peace people need peace to work and live. for those not with him it brings hollow mollen child with the sandinistas that she feels will take a betrayed the revolutionary cause long ago. under a day that they keep mentioning peace but this concept of peace they talk about doesn't correspond to reality because today there kidnappings of people have gone up and murders of innocent people it's shameful a state of impunity and criminality under this government the president in the
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eighty's will take has been by. compound for the last 12 years they've been marked with accusations of nepotism and growing the authoritarian isms. since protests broke out last year hundreds including mollen chalo have been thrown in jail civil groups and media have had their offices ransacked and demonstrations and so we've been banned. so on the day of the anniversary the streets were left to the sundanese to government supporters are out in numbers in the capital they say that the opposition a little more than right wing coup mongers and point to the things the president take is done especially for the country's poor also feels like so many of the sympathy and i'm 100 percent sandinista my house fell down in an earthquake and the president ordered for it to be rebuilt and say. we are here to celebrate with our command because he's the only one in history who is worried about the people
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housing health education system back to the t. shirts read here no one is giving up in a country in turmoil it seems the mood even on this anniversary is on survival rather than triumph john home and how does it make it i work. proving please have destroyed more than 11000 firearms and what's being called the country's largest weapons destruction operation in a decade officials say more than 4500 handguns and 1000 shotguns were melted down in the furnace most of the guns were scenes from criminal gangs as part of munging crackdown on violence. thousands of people have rallied in puerto rico for another day of demanding the governor's resignation ricardo reseller is accused of corruption sexism and homophobia after messages between him and his aides were leaked they show them being mocking women the disabled and victims of hurricane maria. though many rural areas are still rebuilding their lives and for
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straighted by the political storm unfolding in the capital gabriel is on the reports from the town of your book or. ok i thought about lucy and mariano pinto survived hurricane maria not much else around them did the storm ripped the roof off their house and did permanent damage they still use a tarp to keep rainwater out for a long time their frustration was a slow response from the puerto rican government. politicians only want power they don't care about the poor yeah it took a direct hit from hurricane maria when it made landfall nearly 2 years ago this is what it looked like the town of 35000 people on the far southeast corner of the island was flattened they were without power for many months now there are still some scars from the storm and some rebuilding for the most part life is back to
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normal here but there's a new crisis and it's about politics having lived through the worst of hurricane maria the people of yabloko but no natural disasters better than anyone there now watching from afar this political disaster and golfing the capital sana'a. and most people here just like most of the people in the rest of the island want this governor gone. you know he still hasn't resigned he's still there in power but i hope he resigns because the people don't want him on the streets calling for governor ricardo to resign his vulgar group messages insulting his own people leaked over the weekend have thrust puerto rico into its worst ever political crisis for the the time is now for him to step down. it's very bad things happening with this political crisis it's hurting everything because the government is supposed to help us but all we can do is keep fighting. or whatever
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we don't have a future with him the people don't want him nobody wants him as governor anymore in a quarter of puerto rico once pounded by a hurricane now just wanting the political storm to end gabriel's on. puerto rico. physical therapy or physical therapy is also known is considered a luxury in ethiopia there are very few therapists available to treat tens of millions of people and even then not all of them are qualified the harding reports from a suburb of rebecca nya duck lost her legs in a land mine explosion she's a refugee from south sudan and was sent to add as a buffer physical therapy treatment now after 2 years she's learning to walk again . when we came to ethiopia they welcomed us we came because of the crisis now we're waiting to learn how to use these artificial limbs this is the 2nd time for me to come here. ethiopia's physical therapy program is just getting started and the demand is so.


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