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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 29  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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well july 20th marks the 50th anniversary of the moment 2 u.s. astronauts neil armstrong and buzz aldrin landed on the moon millions watched from earth is on strong set foot on the moon a surface one small step that marks a giant leap for human space exploration the moon landing was achieved as part of the apollo program an ambitious project that cost around $25000000000.00 but that was in the 1960 s. wants feet just it for inflation it amounts to $200000000000.00 in today's money $400000.00 people work for the apollo program at its height and that's not just the astronauts in mission control is but also people like mathematicians nurses and caterers all of that eventually helped 12 apollo astronauts will call the luna surface all pilots all with military backgrounds and all men it was just one woman though who did walk in apollo 11 launch control the instrumentation controller joe
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morgan 50 years on humans once again have their sights set on the moon also in jordan explains. apollo weapon was the result of hard work little sleep and billions of dollars 300000 kilometers away a small blue planet watched in awe of 4 of. our. american neil armstrong setting foot on the moon we didn't get to see the the moon until we were just practically at the end of our trip through it when we were when we rolled out looked at it oh it was. really was the current head of nasa tells al-jazeera the u.s. is ambition was field both by science and by politics the president. at the time
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john f. kennedy said we need to have a vision and a goal. we choose to go to the moon and just again and do the other things not because they are easy but because they are odd and the goal is to get to the moon and so it resulted in this space race at the time that was i think. it was motivated by that basically competition return american astronauts to the moon establish a permanent base there and develop the technologies to take american astronauts to mars and beyond. nasa's new plan return to the moon by 2024 hoping that naming its mission after apollo is twin sister artemis will be the key to success apollo had an infinite budget and skeptics wonder if artemis is limited by both time and money when nasa was really pushing during apollo era they were getting something like 4 percent of the national budget now it's about point 4
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percent of the national budget and it really depends on what the political will is to fund the agency buzz aldrin the 2nd man on the moon says the u.s. can't do this alone this is not just national interests us we have an alliance of nations that need to venture out a view echoed by space law experts we need to explore space as a human species not as americans and chinese and russians and indians you know we are humans are in this together 50 years on the footprints left by 12 men are a challenge as one of them put it to return to the moon with peace and hope for all mankind rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington. well the us is used the 50th anniversary of the moon landing to unveil a new nasa spacecraft for the artemis one lunar mission president might pence who just saw there was joined by astronaut buzz aldrin and rick armstrong the son of
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astronaut neil at the apollo 11 launch site in florida pence reiterated that the u.s. will put americans back on the moon by 2024 we think of the moon was once the mark of a superpower and define the space race between the u.s. and the soviet union 50 years since the moon landing the elite club of nations with the lunar ambitions has expanded as for the now explains the u.s. space agency nasa wants humans back there as soon as possible the 1st new mission could be as soon as 2024 on the construction of a lunar base could begin 4 years later it's estimated nasa will need 20 to $30000000000.00 in january china made history by landing the china for the mysterious far side of the moon it's still there collecting samples that help us understand how the moon came to be india is also on track to becoming
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a major space power is chandra a young one over to the moon back in 2008 and confirmed the existence of ice at the lunar poles it also was to launch chandra to destination the south pole of the moon the 1st human made machine to go there or earlier i spoke to the former canadian astronaut robert 1st he told me how his life was influenced by apollo 11 he says the long term goal is to reach mars but there needs to be more international collaboration. i was a young teenager at the time i had been following the space flights leading up to apollo 11 i was riveted with the rest of the world to see whether or not we could actually do this this was an important step for humanity it took everything that humanity had to get astronauts off the surface of the the earth it was a decade of technology development and it all worked out smoothly so it really
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inspired me as an individual to follow image occasional path that one day lead towards a very satisfying career you say that there was this sense of relief that it all worked out smoothly obviously you have extensive experience you have been aboard the international space station looking back now with that expertise what was it also a somewhat tense few minutes could things have have gone very wrong with this yes of course things could have gone wrong in the space flight program back then as it is today still risky i've lost colleagues in space what neil armstrong and buzz aldrin did took them to the ends of their their limits the they had to perform in higher levels than than i in today's contemporary astronauts have to. to perform they took risks that are greater they were
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it was really it took humanity to the edge of what we're capable of doing now nasa has its new lunar program doesn't it cold ata mess what are your hopes and expectations for this how can it really build on the great achievements of the pasta. well i think that even when i was young the focus was you know on the moon but even more than that on mars i think that's the destination that saw on everyone's mind today because we want to know if life ever existed on mars we need to study the planetary geology of the planetary history of mars because it probably would be a playable to earth which is a very similar. planet but artemus will be important going to the moon will be you know and important 1st because we need to test some of the technologies that we will need for a mars mission i'm talking about life support systems of talk about propulsion systems i'm talking about health care delivery systems when we go to mars someday
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and i'm looking forward maybe 15 years now we'll be setting the 1st crew to mars this is a no kidding mission the risks will be the ultimate and we need to make sure that we're confident in our systems and in our astronaut training before we go do you think the problem in terms of funding such a project. well i think that the environment today has changed back you know allows a child it was individual countries the soviet union united states that were putting a lot of these magnificent space programs space projects we don't do that anymore today it's all about international cooperation on the canadian i'm a member i was a member of the canadian space agency astronaut corps we do things in collaboration with our other spacefaring nations the united states russia several european countries japan and what i'd like to see in the previous going forward is this sphere this consortium of spacefaring nations and largess to include more countries
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that will help to fund these very expensive missions and share the expertise time now for the sport with peta and don. thank you very much ireland's shane lowry has one hand on the clara jug of the shooting a course record 63 in the 3rd round of golf open championship lowry's a bogey free 8 under par round gives him a 4 shot lead over tommy fleetwood going into the final day but the 32 year old will have to battle forecast storms and he's nervous at the royal portrush also on sun for years to win his 1st major took a full force lead into the final round of the 26th the us open only to blow it and finish 2nd. i think i learned a few things about plan the final round of major willie you know you need to just hang in the live very last minute. you know you never know what can happen and i'm going to do the same tomorrow so. like that's a long time ago i feel like i'm
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a different person i don't think i'm much of a much different golfer but i feel like i'm a different person now and i think that's what will help me tomorrow the new african football champions oj area have returned home after clinching the continental title for the 1st time since 1990 by beating senegal in the final in cairo the team known as the desert foxes were given a victory parade through the streets of the algerian capital city algiers mari's and his team have made history by becoming the 1st algeria side to have won the tournament outside the country. 2 months out from the start of the rugby world cup and defending world champions new zealand have been given a scheme by argentina the all blacks were in where our side is for the rugby championship but it was not their best performance tries from nani a low mop a and brody returning help new zealand to a narrow 2016 victory. earlier debutant scrumhalf hershel
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yankee school to try to south africa north the yacht her super season corsi and clippers are in a hole so screw crossed the line in a 3517 bonus point victory over australia in johannesburg. australia into the final burnett pool world cup of the just aging serve africa 5553 australia's goal shooter caitlin for weight helping seal the win that she made all 30 of her attempts on go astray or the defending champions and go into the final as hot favorites having already won the title 11 times they will play arch rivals new zealand in the final after they beat hosts england 4745. norway's cost involved has won the men's 400 meter hurdles at the diamond league event in london in a world lead time of 47.12 seconds while in the women's 100 meter hurdles race jamaican danielle williams set a national record in a new personal best as she won by 2 tenths of a 2nd. imagine waiting 11 years to receive your limping medal well that's what
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happened to british javelin thrower goalie sayers on saturday she finally got her bronze medal from the 2008 olympics in a special ceremony at the anniversary games in london say is finished 4th in beijing but was upgraded after russian athlete maria. was disqualified for doping in major league baseball the new york yankees put in a strong performance to secure an $115.00 victory over the colorado rockies new york led 9 nothing at one stage and a lot of that had to do with the pitching of mussar you know tanaka it's a 4th straight win for the yankees as they strengthen a position at the top of the american league east skateboarding will make its debut as an olympic sport next year in tokyo on the path to a limpid glory as just be made easier for a group of displaced syrian children who dream of one day becoming professional skaters paul then to work for ports. mohammed has been knocked down more times than he can count. so. i had my arms legs and shoulder fighting
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force the 13 year old from his home in eastern hooter 7 years ago and despite watching skateboarding videos for years he's only just learned how to write. here yeah we used to sit on the skateboard we didn't know how to stand up on it because we never experienced it before. german n.g.o.s skate aid has built a skate park in his hometown of damascus so other children can learn the sport with the hope that one day one of them can turn pro one really important thing is and that's very good and this country's conflict stable i think shows most important thing in their lives is to have to stand up one more busy busy say and you'll fall down when these kids may not be carving up in tokyo next year but it's hoped this project will help them achieve their dreams and maybe even find the next skating superstar for that with al-jazeera. ok we'll leave it there for now i'll be back
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with more sporting updates again a little bit later from out specks you maria right thanks very much peter for the news hour but i will be back in a moment with more of the day stories 3 of course an update of all the headlines coming up very shortly i'll see in just a few minutes. talk to al jazeera. we ask problems of both sides of the instability is corruption we listen. who are pushing the united states and president trump into conflict
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we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. a victim. being his pasta as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship and a father tries to forget. what his son's quest for answers reveals there are often 2 sides to even the daucus of stories witness the color of the chameleon on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new chalo. it is an outbreak of norovirus and other
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gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. a british flag the oil tanker is seized by iran in the strait of hormuz the u.k. warns of grave consequences. it raises very serious questions about the security of british shipping and indeed international shipping in the straits of hormuz.
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hello i'm with al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program. 2 suspects believed to be behind the murder of a turkish diplomat in northern iraq have been arrested. protesters in hong kong show their support for the beijing government after weeks of pro-democracy demonstrations. across. america. for. and marking 50 years since u.s. astronauts neil armstrong and buzz aldrin took their historic steps on the surface of the moon. the u.k. says iran's seizure of a british flag tanker raises serious questions about the security of shipping in the gulf the british government has held that 2nd emergency national security
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meeting in less than 24 hours over the incident on friday a cargo vessel is making its way through the strait of hormuz on route to saudi arabia when it was surrounded by 4 iranian vessels and a helicopter to iran says the vessel was violating maritime rules we've barkha reports. this is the moment the british tunku was seized by iran's revolutionary guard in the strait of hormuz. special forces dropped down on to the deck of the speeding bessel forcing it into iranian waters the 30000 ton stana imperio was on its way to saudi arabia nothing's been heard from have 23 crew since the revolutionary guard who released these images say the tanker was being escorted by a british warship that tried to stop the seizure britain's ministry of defense declined to comment on the claim the detained tank is now at the center of a diplomatic storm these images were released by news agency linked to the iranian government iran says the ship breached maritime rules when it collided with
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a fishing boat and has been taken to the nearby port of panda for investigation for the british flag tanker was involved in an accident with an iranian fishing boat on a transit route a distress call was sent to assist the causes of the accident unfortunately the british vessel ignored this and began to change course contrary to international regulations a 2nd tanker the british operated liberian flag was also briefly detained before being allowed to resume its journey to produce government formed u.k. vessels to stay away from the strait of hormuz for an interim period in a phone call with his a rainy and counterpart britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt told mohamed javid zarif he was extremely disappointed with the seizure serif said the vessel would face legal action this is totally and utterly unacceptable it raises very serious questions about the security of british shipping and indeed
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international shipping in the straits of hormuz the seizure of the tanker comes after british forces detained this iranian vessel grace one of gibraltar earlier this month saying it was transporting oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions iran denounced the detention calling it an act of piracy and senior iranian officials threatened to impound a british tanker in retaliation. which is why many in britain's foreign office view the seizure of the stoner impera as direct tit for tat retaliation jeremy hunt britain's foreign secretary has said that he needs to find a delicate way of defusing tensions over grace one without endangering more british ships it will require very nimble diplomacy it's all about getting the greats one back and now they have a lot more leverage in this game because the the the british government now is to make sure that they get their tanka back as silly as it sounds but i think that's the kind of environment we're in at the moment the u.k.
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is in the middle of growing tensions between the u.s. and iran over the u.s. is decision to pull out of the iranian nuclear deal and impose tough new sanctions on the country the u.k. opposes the move but remains a key u.s. ally it might seem counter intuitive for iran to cease the stand imperio given britain's support for the nuclear deal but this could be one way of getting the u.k. and its european allies to encourage the u.s. to ease off iran barca al-jazeera london. well iran says it was simply up holding international maritime law when it sees the vessel on friday it follows weeks of high profile maritime incidents on may 13th for oil tankers were damaged by explosions off the coast of the u.a.e. united states accused iran of sabotage a claim iran strongly denies a month later it happened again 2 tankers were reportedly targets in the gulf of oman an iranian vessel rescued the crews but the u.s.
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accused the iranians of attaching mines to the ships just 6 days later iran shot down a u.s. drone that it says violated its airspace the u.s. says the drone was over international waters on july 4th british marines seized an iranian tank of gibraltar in the western mediterranean persons as the ship was carrying oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions but the iranians called it piracy on july 10th the british navy chased away 3 iranian vessels it says were threatening a british tanker and then on thursday the u.s. claimed it shot down an iranian drone threatening one of its walsh it's in the region iran denies these claims the next day iran's revolutionary guard sees the u.k. flag stina and barrow claiming it violated maritime laws well earlier i spoke to gerry northwood who is a former navy captain chairman of the security security company mosse he told me more about the risks to ships passing through the sensitive gulf region the question of whether the road can go farther. they were going to buy us we brought
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in the u.k. shipping 3 and of course you've gotten more rows going out there you go why one while acquired by the right is but of course. we need to who are these the part of the whole affair as well moves are least more than just one more navy ship of suggesting a coalition of the you know what's called so far has not been sufficiently well the right is doing with the help of it is a boy who walked away in one. a while ago he was always. around the world or or or hitting on or the goods. that we depend on. there are about already coalition structures in place in the region so that a lot of on the hour we will have something that will regarding a more comprehensive. support for shipping going through the straits of hormuz now
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the german airline left town says joint british airways in suspending flights to egypt's capital cairo for 7 days beginning saturday the airline say the suspension is to allow for a security assessment a spokesperson for british airways says the airline constantly reviews its security arrangements passengers who wish to travel to egypt this week are being booked on all the airlines. the 2 main suspects behind the murder of a turkish diplomat in northern iraq have been arrested and accuses muslim diag and mohammad says tj's of killing the region's deputy consul general and 2 other people on wednesday it's believed the 2 and members of the kurdistan workers party also known as the p.k. k. is how sure can i am has the latest from here bill. kurdish intelligence is confirming that at least 2 members of the team that assassinated a turkish diplomat are in custody they say they have their shooter and he is 27
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year old muslim dag and several others or accused of driving to a restaurant in erbil on wednesday as turkish diplomat. and his bodyguard sat inside eating lunch dag is accused of shooting and killing him he also killed allegedly 2 iraqi kurds friends who were sitting at a nearby table kurdish intelligence identified on friday and widely distributed his photo asking the public for assistance according to investigators day had been a member of the p.k. k. and he'd been training at a camp here in northern iraq he allegedly was at this camp 4 times in the last week is also the brother of a member of the turkish parliament representing a pro kurdish party no comment from dags family however the political party
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released a statement on friday condemning these shootings and saying that this accusation is intended to undermine the political party's peaceful agenda have been explosions across yemen's rebel held company after a string of saudi u.a.e. led as strikes sound the media says coalition jet fighters targeted military camps across the city destroying at defenses and missile storage sites but no reports of casualties it comes off to a series of joint attacks from yemen's who's the rebels targeted at ports in southern saudi arabia. has more now from santa. they have targeted the. what is known the 21st park which has been which has been used as a military camp for long decades also they have targeted a military camp to the north of the capital sanaa as well such
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strikes have made many people here in the capital saad to wonder why the saudi arabia has targeted. the capital sanaa after a long period of nearly 4 more over one month they haven't resumed their targets on the capital sanaa is even during the whole of these attacks are on the saudi vital economic anomic targets. what we have found also that the host these military spokesperson has released that be have targeted the saudi king. base in jaime's more shades in the tally ation to what he described the saudi attacks on the different yemeni civilian areas we couldn't confirm who started the even the saudis or the host these but so far the attacks that have that have taken place in the capital sanaa haven't resulted in any casualties.
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thousands of supporters of pro-choice eclipse have held a rally in hong kong organizers say it was that the purpose was to condemn violent acts during recent protests to show support for hong kong's police as private poets . in a city more used to protest against its government this day belong to the pro establishment camp thousands turned out for a so-called safeguard hong kong rally calling for unity in a city that's become deeply divided and angered by pro-democracy demonstrators a minority of whom have turned to violence. if you break the law you go to jail they chant. among the government supporters this local business association worried the continuing unrest is hurting hong kong's economy. and i am now we are one can people.


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