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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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when do the numbers of people on the streets means it's very difficult for them not to occupy those streets we're also hearing that they were actually marched this far down to the other end of hong kong island to the government liaison office china's representative office here in hong kong to make their views felt there as well marty all right for now rob thank you very much iraq mcbride our correspondent there live in hong kong. a suicide bomber has killed at least 6 people at a hospital in northwest pakistan the attack happened in the city of denver is now car soon after the gunman opened fire on a police checkpoint killing 2 offices their bodies were being brought to the hospital when the suicide bomber struck the blast damage the emergency ward and wounded more than 20 people the pakistani taliban have claimed responsibility sunday's attacks followed the 1st ever elections in a nearby tribal region on saturday kemal hired him is following that story from the pakistan capital islamabad. and word appears to be
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a planned and coordinated attack the dog ate. through police men carried out at security checkpoints after dad ran the wounded and the work them good take into our hearts if you are tired bomber would rating and detonated a deadly bag of explosives here the number of policemen at the hospital and injured a number of civilians. including in the casualty the number of civilians if they're coming at a time when pakistan had just concluded. election and what's bogged down former tribal region that there you get another one pakistan has taken responsibility for that setback no more to come here a doubt is there including election day in japan they just cast their ballots to choose their representatives for the upper house. digital lenders how kenya is made by a lens of pushing millions into debt. whether
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squatting down now across the korean peninsula we've got well the remnants of tropical depression making its way away this was done just located to the east of the korean peninsula moving out into the sea of japan fizzling as it does deadly quite a mess into parts of south korea this was busan they squat down that was they say over the next couple of i study for solar 30 in a soccer still quite a bit of rain to come into western parts of japan is that just drifts its way eastwards somewhat to weather getting into the east the sort of calm she was to go on through choose day some woman for take temperatures that are around 30 degrees celsius warmer than that's across the korean peninsula going up to the. $35.00
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imposing a fair amount of rain that as you can see just stretching up to northern parts of china joining up with a wet weather that we do have across central and southern parts pretty down towards the southeast more big downpours coming in here wetter weather driving down towards the southwest northern parts of vietnam seeing some alive the showers and those showers a stand their way across parts of cambodia some parts of it not and also into thailand still a few showers looking across the philippines as we go through monday and tuesday. is you know we're close to god just be calm down a try. these to lie on their expertise sneak. like now perform their traditional music and down to adapt and survive a modern. practice 10 feet dance series on how to.
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reminder the top stories here is out there britain's junior defense minister says the u.k. is sending assets to the strait of hormuz after iran sees one of its tankers britain insists the ship was in amman the territory of war since the u.k. government's written to the security council calling for the ships release. in hong kong tens of thousands of protesters are marching through the city for the 7th weekend demonstrators want to keep up the pressure on the government to officially
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withdraw a controversial extradition bill and to launch an independent inquiry into the police crackdown against protesters the suicide bombers killed at least 6 people at a hospital in northwestern pakistan the attack happened in the city of dera ismail khan soon after the gunman opened fire on a police checkpoint 2 officers were killed the pakistani taliban have trained responsibility. and in neighboring afghanistan more than 60 taliban fighters have been killed during military operations afghan jets and ground troops targeted the armed group across 10 provinces india is the director of center for peace and development studies in kabul and a former advisor to the afghan high peace council he says the raids were unexpected considering the ongoing peace talks. it's an incident that's happening from both sides if you see the taliban they're just doing that or. they're just doing society
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attacks you have been witnessing all these kind of attacks in the number of provinces in evolution you see that somebody bartman killing off taliban leadership in some taliban foot soldier in a number of provinces it's quite sickening it's quite disturbing why the afghan nation are just hoping for a positive outcome of the peace dialogue that's happening right now in number of countries mostly after doha conference we were not expecting such things in that can really destroy the hope but we have to ensure that it's normal thing that when the peace communication a negotiation happened between the 2 sides both sides try to show them make nonentity they would like to get a lot of. privileges that's why they're doing such things it's happens in that have to be stopped immediately the polls have closed in japan's upper house election with the governing coalition expected to win a majority prime minister shinzo of a needs 2 thirds of age to pave the way for planned reform which would include
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a change to restrictions on japan's armed forces fadi salami has. hooves indicates solid win for the ruling coalition in japan india but house elections the main themes here are amending the constitution increasing taxes consumption tax from 8 to 10 percent and fixing the defaults on bowman's in the pension and social security system by mr abi who has the liberal democratic ruling party is growing missing voters the ability he has been brimstone for 6 and a half years and he's now becoming the longest serving prime minister in japan's history after the war amending the constitution would mean changing article number 9 in the constitution which renounces war and defines the status of the self-defense forces many of japan's. neighbors there warning about this change if it picks pace or boards changing the pacificist constitution they're afraid that it
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could mean that japan is heading again too but even if i was asian prime minister shinzo abe is known to be a close friend to what is then from who has also tokyo many times through cuts rates more in got into being the security and stability or very little military cooperation so all eyes now are on the results of this important elections but we've been speaking to jeff kingston who's a professor of asian studies at temple university he think shinzo of a mind to indeed win the election but his proposed constitutional reforms will be difficult to get through. the whole show he's going to win a solid victory the l.d.p. is you know on track to get a majority but it's going to be tough maybe to get that 2 thirds but more importantly is coalition partner. is opposed to constitutional revision and the leader of that party made very clear during the campaign that they don't support
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abhi west or rebuys he article 2 ships that would a legitimate the nation's military forces so i think abbate bases quite the uphill struggle but you know the electorate here not interested recent poll shows that 7 percent of people think that constitutional revision is a priority people are interested in pocketbook issues what's the state of the economy which way are wages headed the fact there's a tax hike coming in october the economy seems to be stagnant nobby nomics is pretty much dead in the water but he ain't the east obviously is the opposition is fragmented and there's no alter. the german airline of chancer has resumed flights to egypt's capital cairo or british airways is continuing its suspension to be a suspension will last a week to allow for a security assessment the airline has given no details about what prompted the move
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egypt's vital tourism sector was already under pressure after a series of attacks on visitors well the u.k. has long advised against all but essential travel to certain parts of egypt the government's web site says terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in egypt although most attacks occur in north sinai there is a risk of terrorist attacks across the country see that as a de is a foreign policy advisor goal state analytics he says egypt's economy will suffer if the suspension continues i do not believe. in the short term but because egyptian economy is heavily dependent on tourism if it continues for a long period of time i think it will show impact it impacts on the egyptian economy egypt for the fiscal year of $2182019.00 has had a 5.6 percent economy growth which after year that has it's going to rebounding
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but as i said if it's going to this going if this is going to continue for for a long period of time it will impact the growth and the position of president sisi in egypt i believe president p.c. . is really on able to establish or maintain security in an uncertain part of parts of the country especially the time on peninsula and the western desert and when i was looking at the state department u.s. state department's travel advisory website if that as of july 2nd they have increased the risk of travel to egypt which as i said it's going to have a negative impact on actually caught me by going back to what i was saying i don't think cairo is able to maintain security or
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sufficient security in some parts of the country. ukraine use of a thing of this that parliamentary election president volodin zelinsky dismiss palmas following his landslide victory 2 months ago the 41 year old is the youngest ever post says he is leader that his newly created policy is predicted to win nearly half the votes of young m.p.'s in parliament for the 1st time to push for change. more kenyans are using mobile phone apps to borrow money but as it becomes cheaper to borrow hundreds of thousands of kenyans are ending up on the government's credit blacklists some companies are being accused of using illegal methods to lure people into debt catherine sort of reports from nairobi. this is a hub of financial technology in africa safari called kenya's leading mobile network launched the 1st mobile phone based system in partnership with some banks 5 years
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ago since then more lenders have joined the easy access loans market to what it does it provides somebody who. wants to do business so the hostler segment able to take a loan and be able to extend the business it looks at what we call. the ladies you can go to market or to get there take a loan out for em go to market buy products and services go to a construction site. and actually be able to make a profit from the business and repay the loan but here is a problem many kenyans are often aware of heat and charges interest rates up to 200 percent and what it means if they don't pay many people. ran school fees for their businesses others told us they use the money to place bets on events hoping to make
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a week. that they struggle to take back the loans and end up being blacklisted by the country's credit. comic-con it joseph is one of them he took out different loans with a $100.00 from several digital lenders 2 years ago he was unable to repay the loans and now nearly $200.00 because of that he's been blacklisted by the credit trafford's bureau. i have to. buy food and took my children to school with money get businesses not been doing good even if i get $100.00 of the end of the month with all the responsibilities paying but my lawn is a little disappointed priorities. 54 percent of people polled by the central bank and kenya bureau of statistics said they're financially status had wasn't the poll also indicates a credit reference bureau has blacklisted more than 400000 boras some 4040 bath
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littlest $2.00. back of the garage and his friends discuss how hard life has become most are a pain several and some are on the block at least all tell us that even if the loan companies have helped them in times of need they still feel and trapped in debt catching al-jazeera arabic. that skateboarding is to make kids stay viewers an olympic sport next sharon take care that's giving hope to a group of displaced syrian children who dream of one day achieving a limb pick glory as professional skaters paul van diverse reports. muhammad has been knocked down more times than he can count i don't. see it but i had my arms legs and shoulder fighting force the 13 year old from his home in eastern hutto 7 years ago and despite watching skateboarding videos for years he's only just learned how to write. in news and news you know where we used to sit on
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the skateboard we didn't know how to stand up on it because we never experienced it before german n.g.o.s skate aid has built a skate park in his hometown of damascus so other children can learn the sport with the hope that one day one of them can turn pro one really important thing is on the streets and this country's conflict. most important thing in their lives is to have to stand up one more busy so and you will fall down when these kids may not be carving up in tokyo next year but it's hoped this project will help them achieve their dreams and maybe even find the next skating superstar that works al-jazeera. that people around the world has been so have been celebrating humanity's 1st ever visit to another celestial body neil armstrong and buzz aldrin's walk on the main 50 years ago also in jordan has more now from the smithsonian air and space museum in washington.
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50 years later to the 2nd americans relive the moment neil armstrong walked on the moon for the 1st time and as half a century ago a divided nation is searching for unity with digital computers with the state of technology that we have now it's really about thinking about how are we going to put that together and really for what purpose it needs to have a singular purpose that has funding behind it and has a consistent push that allows you to then move in a forward to be able to actually get to that goal at cape canaveral the vice president buzz aldrin and neil armstrong saw him at his side declared a new dawn in human exploration america will lead in space once again. and this nation will once again astonish the world with the heights we reach and the wonders we achieve also on saturday 3 astronauts escape earth's gravity to
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join the international space station a russian an american and an italian now in the elite club of some 570 humans who have orbited the earth. in the face of this unity the u.s. is declaring it will be every bit as a bishop and dominant in space as 50 years ago the life of the legendary apollo flight director gene kranz says now is a failure is not an option. it's now just a matter of making good on that promise russell jor el just 0 washington. time for us to take a look at the top stories here it out is here britain's junior defense for the says he's sending assets to the strait of hormuz after iran sees one of its time because
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britain insists the ship was in amman the territorial wolfson's the u.k. government's written to the security council calling for the ship's release from the iranian capital his torso jabari with the latest on the investigation. the cole investigation is now under way in the port city of on that bus where this u.k. tanker that's been seized by the revolutionary guard is being kept along with the 23 crew members on board the sallow imperio has been taken to this port city where the officials have said that they are looking into what actually transpired on friday the revolution guard has said that the vessel risk maritime safety in the strait of hormuz and the reason for the seizure was that it had turned off all tracking systems and it was not responding to warnings and choosing the wrong route to enter the strait of hormuz considering that it was seas around 8 pm local time in iran on friday the tanker was passing through their route for about 8 hours
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without any court nation. in hong kong tens of thousands of protesters have been marching through the city for the 7th consecutive weekend demonstrators want to keep up the pressure on the government to officially withdraw a controversial extradition bill and to launch an independent inquiry into the police crackdown against protesters as a result goma has killed at least 6 people at a hospital in northwestern pakistan the attack happened in the city of ismail khan soon after a gunman had opened fire on a police checkpoint killing 2 offices the pakistani taliban strangers on civility ukrainians are voting in the south parliamentary election president bloody may as a lenski dismiss parliament following his landslide victory 2 months ago the 41 year old is the youngest ever present so be it leader there is newly created policy is predicted to win nearly half the votes of young m.p.'s in parliament for the 1st
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time to push for change those are the headlines inside stories next. tensions between iran and the west al grains and another notch iran detains a british oil town for 2 weeks out in the u.k. seized one of its ships while tehran and london find compromise what is a situation going to spiral out of control this is inside.
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and welcome to the program and fully back when the u.k. sees an iranian oil tanker 2 weeks ago tehran warned of retaliation when it appears iran has carried out that threat iranian revolutionary guards detained a british vessel in the strait of hormuz on friday it was sailing towards a saudi port when it suddenly changed course a powerful council that works closely with iran's supreme leader says a seizure is in response to the you came pounding any raney and tonka tehran it said the step in and para was involved in an accident with any rainy and fishing boat. before we were informed that a british flag the oil tank it collided with a fishing boat which tried to contact the tanker and find out how the accident happened but unfortunately the british tanker didn't respond and changed his direction changing direction in that fashion is against international regulations it could lead to new accidents therefore we requested help from military forces it
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should issue authorities in the region potential was directed to ponder about sports and history custody of the order of judicial authorities while britain has summoned iran's envoy to the u.k. and its foreign secretary says he's worried iran may be going down a dangerous path need baka has more from london. britain has said that there will be a considered and rebuffed response to the seizure of a british tanker in the strait of homo's busy if according to jeremy hunt britain's foreign secretary the tanker isn't released soon there will be serious consequences the foreign secretary tweeted on saturday morning calling the seizure of the tanker illegal in sharp contrast to what he said was the legal detention over the rainy and vessel the beginning of july off the coast of gibraltar that vessel is accused of carrying oil to syria in breach of the sanctions and on friday the authorities in gibraltar determined that vessel should be detained for
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a further 30 days this is very much being seen in the u.k. as the tit for tat seizure but as we know that the grace one vessel of gibraltar is going through some sort of legal process it's not as simple as simply allowing the grace want to go free and hoping that the iranians will follow suit as well when it comes to the strait of hormuz well it is hugely important strategically politically and economically 18 and a half 1000000 barrels of oil a day flow through the strait in comparison to 5000000 that goes through the suez canal it's hugely important for crude oil producing countries in the region when it comes to allowing their goods to go to global markets as well this will undoubtedly and will have a political and economic impact not only in the region but globally as well this is the parker for inside story. well there's been
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a series of incidents around the strait of hormuz since president trump or the us out of the 2050 nuclear deal and impose new sanctions on iran in may the united arab emirates said 4 of its oil tankers were targeted off its coast and saudi arabia reported 2 of its ships were attacked last month 2 vessels know we can end up an easel and where hits by blasts that cause major fires in the gulf of oman in june iran said it shot down a u.s. drone which violated its as space this month july 4th british royal marines seize any rainy and tanker brotha suspected of carrying oil bound for syria 2 weeks later president donald trump said the u.s. military had taken down an iranian drone that came too close to one of its naval vessels in the strait of hormuz but iran denied the drone was shot down. to earth let's now bring in our guests for today's inside story joining us from london andrea's creek assistant professor in the defense studies
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department at king's college london in tehran with. a political commentator and lecturer at the university of applied sciences and in washington d.c. joe rubin president of the washington strategy group a national security consulting firm welcome to you all gentlemen thank you so much for being on inside story mostafa what legitimate basis does iran have for seizing this british ship what rules have been broken for the revolutionary guards to seize this british tanker. hello as a mother effect there are a number of reasons that could justify this seizure 1st and foremost as you heard during the package your reporter said there's been a collision and unfortunately the tanker has defied calls by that fishing boat it never return the calls and it switched off this tracking system in then the rain in boat filed
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a complaint at this state poort in shipping and maritime organization who asked the judiciary to issue a courtroom for the seizure of the tanker and the i i just the only comply with the court's ruling so that's according to maritime rules and regulations international maritime rules and regulations in to protect safety of navigation and shipping in the strait of hormuz which is very much crowded you know these days especially we need to protect the everything in the strait of foremost but by now we haven't even unnecessary i said seen for this british to admonish tank not retaliation for the grace one iranian tanker that was season gibraltar 2 weeks ago. i was explaining the same fact that as a matter of fact you know a several 100 or all tens of boats and tankers. go through the
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strait of hormuz on a daily basis and some of them you know violate the procedures that are in place and have been in place for the last several decades but iran normally warns them and let them continue their voyage and sailing but when iran has been approached by the u.k. through a hostile action and its ship has been supertankers been seized then there wouldn't be any reason left for iran to show kindness and therefore it goes for a serious practice of. rick rules that they need to practice actually in order to protect the lives of the people and the environment on the other hand according to international law when a hostile actions are taken by a nation that would harm a 2nd nation that 2nd nation is entitle to take reciprocal action according to international law as long as our of the 1st nation continues to inflict harm on
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this harmed nation the only nation let me bring on andrea what they want honest done is totally justifiable you say what iran has done is justifiable andrea's creagh in london the rising tension certainly couldn't come at a worse time for the u.k. jeremy hunt the foreign secretary is in the midst of a leadership election campaign to replace theresa may as prime minister he's one to serious consequences what do you expect those consequences will be and what can britain realistically do here were yes thank you i mean he said the response would be robust would iran not go further and actually release the tank immediately the question here is what can the u.k. do at the moment i think the u.k. is obviously valk down in a lot of domestic internal political allies where it's very difficult to get out of that we need to look at the levers of power that the u.k. has at its disposal at the moment in the gulf and so the royal navy navy has a presence in bahrain they are sending another frigate and warship into the region
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but from a naval point of view looking at the platforms at 3 platforms at the royal navy's not the royal navy will have it's very very difficult to actually really you know make use make use of their power and and especially against and as a metric threat that comes from iran and then looking at diplomatic leaves of power we shouldn't you know we need to understand that here from the western point to be more generally usually in this kind of situation you're using gauge me but you try to use you need to have component to actually put pressure on the iranians and that . kind of course of measures these have been already kind of exploited to its maximum. because of you know this maximum pressure component where very very few means available now to bring more pressure on iran because the sanctions already have may be maxed out oh let me just ask you before i bring in joel in washington andrea's why did the brits seize un in tanker in gibraltar 2 weeks ago the iranian police have the u.k. following us orders here what is the u.k.
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is wrong end this dispute look at the maximum pressure can pay and obviously is an american thing but it obviously brings all the parties to the j sapir way to the table and obviously britain is part of that britain is in a very ambiguous situation because on the one hand they do want to leave any back door open for negotiations and engagement with iran to make this a success despite all the pressure but on the other hand they're also trying to suggest to to washington that they will take action whenever you iran is in breach of international law and and sanctions and that particular the was the case with that oil tanker that went against your law and your sanctions to deliver all to the syrian regime so it was taking illegitimate unlawful actions in that respect and it's also about signalling to the us that you know that britain will not be soft on iran when it is in breach in the same goes to the hezbollah decision a couple of months ago to basically target as well as a terrorist organisation which again is in line with the truck ministrations hard
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line view on iran's activities across the region but all that being said they're trying to balance this with a diplomatic engagement trying to suggest to the iranians that we're still willing to talk but there are certain red lines that britain wants to enforce and that's what they did all right i see must have a question in tehran doesn't agree with you i'll bring you in in just a 2nd mustapha but let me just say get joel rubin is of you phrase joe how do you view this latest escalation in the region is it a foreseeable response to britain seizure of the iranian tank range abroad to 2 weeks ago. well this incident is not just and was not just foreseeable but the entire tit for tat explanation that we had earlier of drones being shot down both sides that was all highly predictable the american policy in this president trumps policy is i believe ultimately to try to break the regime it's a maximum pressure policy and it has not led to diplomatic engagement so we're in
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a very dangerous spot right now we're in a tinder box of this back and forth about who's right to seize who's ship and who has legitimacy and who doesn't is completely the wrong conversation for what we should be having you think but here we are yet we should be having a conversation about actually diplomacy yeah do you think this incident gives admonition to hard line voices in the u.s. like john bolton who want to have on one without a doubt this is this is intentional to create this pressure cooker to try to see if if the regime in iran of in tehran will do acts like this that are dangerous and risky and provocative and they are that's that's intentional to try to find a predicate to launch military strikes that we have to remember here in washington there's not a lot of support in fact there's very minimal support for military action just last week the house of representatives passed language on a bipartisan basis requiring specific.


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