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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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also as accused of deliberately misleading parliament about a campaign contribution the public protector said the president failed to tell the truth to parliament when he denied knowledge of a $35000.00 donation that speak to our correspondent in pretoria she attended the briefing by the president there tell us about what the president had to say about these accusations. all presidents all wrong of course he looked back at what the public protector had to say in this report and he said that her findings were not based on a sound legal foundation and that the findings in this report were not factual this is also what he had said a couple of months ago when he read through the preliminary report and he says that the public protector releasing this report at this point the final report is unfortunate in that he had made submissions to the public protector and she still when to head with the release when she shouldn't based on his contributions he now
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says that he is going to seek an urgent judicial in view a review and that the courts will make a final decision with regard to what the public protector said we must also remember that the public protector does have a record of having some of her other reports overturned by the courts and that's of course has led to questions around her credibility and and even with some opposition political parties questioning her fitness to hold office but essentially the president saying i'm not going to take the report as it is i respect the office of the public protector but the courts are not going to deal with it so what what's going to happen next was going to be my next question and also how much damage what damage is this done to the president and his reputation. all fully the questions around the accusations by the public protector also can't be separated by the political climate in south africa where there are allegations that the african national congress is divided there are factions within the
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governing party and that the public protector could be acting in accordance with the wishes of one of those factions that some of our actions are politically driven now the president specifically said that he's not questioning the public protector as an individual but he says that the report is not factual and this is why he's going to the courts the public protector had to put forward a number of remedial actions including that the report would now go to the ethics committee in parliament which most likely would result in parliament investigating some of these allegations and that the president had lied to parliament when the question around these campaign donations one in particular but also that the national prosecuting authority should investigate further allegations of a money laundering amounting to about $28000000.00 now the president didn't deal specifically with each allegation but he essentially is going to court will get an into dig to prevent some of this remedial action from being implemented and in that
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time i suppose for the president hopefully that this report would be put aside so for now nothing would happen nothing concrete essentially would happen with regard to the remedial action recommended by the public protector and much of this remains in limbo and that is also what the president spoke about that he's here to deal with what he city would dealing with corruption those goes back to his campaign as the president of the african national congress and the head of elections here in south africa he says he needs to deal with the business at hand rather than being distracted by these allegations put forward by the public protector in pretoria thank you very much for that. still ahead on. attacks on a police station and a hospital in pakistan killing at least 8 people i mean just several of us a digital land is how kenya's loans are pushing many into debt.
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how the heat continues to build across the middle east's no great surprises lost a clear skies always a chance of want to. again up around the caucuses georgia minya to see wanted to shout a sliding out of the black sea world temperatures around 30 celsius there for beirut and also for jerusalem it is the heat as you can see 4647 a possibility around baghdad kuwait city over the next day or 2 no quite as hot as that into afghanistan in karate but plenty hot enough that he said in celsius 99 in found high he has abated slightly. 39 celsius if we go on through monday hopefully the winds just easing off a little bit but the winds tending to come in from the from the gulf so
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a little more humid than we might like so any feeling on the sticky side from time to time about a cloud to just about the gulf of aden you might see want to see showers just creeping into the far south of yemen as a result of that possibility want to see showers along the spells of right just making their way towards the fall south of south africa through the southern capers we go on through the next day or so that will continue to build you can see there as we go on through monday 15 celsius in cape town in that state and pepping up by choose the afternoon. does you know we're going to back to speak. is to lie on their expertise to sneak. in. but notwithstanding traditional music and down to adapt and survive the odds in. raw
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just hand me down series on how to see. they're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of the top stories iran's foreign minister jogs every physick using the u.s. of trying to drag britain into a quagmire after the seizure of a u.k. fried oil tanker britain has written to the un security council calling for the ship's release police in hong kong have fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters of bronx roads hours after another largely peaceful march through the city demonstrators are trying to push the government to officially withdraw
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a controversial extradition bail and south africa's president says he will ask for a judicial review of a report by the country's corruption watchdog on friday feel that i also was accused of deliberately misleading hanumant about a campaign contribution. u.s. secretary of state mike on bail is in mexico his latest stop on a tour of latin american countries tensions between the neighbors have been rising as u.s. president donald trump continues his efforts to crack down on illegal immigration and the wave of asylum seekers arriving at mexico's at america's southern border. has more from mexico city. the meeting between u.s. secretary of state mike palm pale and mexico foreign minister marcello about is certainly a timely one only a day before the deadline of a $45.00 day deal between the u.s. and mexico that avoided the slapping of tariffs by the united states on mexican exports both officials were expected to talk about trade and the state of a trilateral trade deal between the us mexico and canada known as the u.s. m.c.a.
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which is meant to replace nafta but the real theme of the meeting here in mexico is immigration the change in policy by the united states that would make it so that migrants from central america traveling through mexico would no longer be eligible for asylum in the united states are still questions over whether or not mexico will be making any sort of accommodations of its own to this change in policy of the united states something that the mexican foreign minister has said in the past that mexico would not be willing to do now has mexico met the terms and conditions the standards set by the trumpet ministration to stem the flow of migrants the numbers seem to suggest that they have over the past $45.00 days there's been an 88 percent increase in capture of migrants traveling north toward the united states migrants from central america that amounts to the capture of somewhere around 1000 possibly more than $1000.00 on average every single day so ultimately it will be up to the trumpet ministration to determine if that criteria has been met but the numbers
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seem to suggest that those standards have been realized a suicide bomber has killed at least 6 people at a hospital in northern pakistan the attack happened in the city of dera ismail khan soon after gunmen opened fire on a police checkpoint killing 2 offices their bodies were being taken to hospital when a suicide bomber struck a bass that makes you imagine seaworthy a little bit more than 20 people the pakistani taliban has convinced once ability sunday that tut's all of the for 7 elections in a nearby tribal region on saturday. is following the story from this on a bot. in order to be a planned and coordinated attack the target. group of men carried out a security check for. right in the room and the work them. a suicide bomber was rating and detonated a deadly fact of explosives that killed a number of policemen at the hospital and injured
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a number of civilians. including in the casualties a number of civilians. coming at a time were in pockets on her just concluded. election. on former tribal regions that they get all of one pocket on her taken responsibility for this attack in neighboring afghanistan more than 60 taliban fighters have been killed during military operations afghan jets and ground troops talking to the armed groups across 10 provinces into zaka team is the director of for the center for peace and development studies in kabul and a former advisor to the afghan high peace council he says it was unexpected considering the ongoing peace talks. it's an incident that's happening from both sides if you see the taliban they're just doing that or side bomb being in there just doing society attacks you have been witnessing all these kind of attacks in the number of provinces in evolution you see that somebody bargeman killing off taliban leadership in some taliban foot soldier in
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a number of provinces it's quite sickening it's quite disturbing why the afghan nation are just hoping for a positive outcome of the peace dialogue that's happening right now in number of countries mostly after doha conference we were not expecting such things in that can really destroy the hope but we have to ensure that it's normal thing that when the peace communication a negotiation happened between the 2 sides both sides try to show the mignonne the miti they would like to get a lot of. privileges that's why they're doing such things it's happens in that have to be stopped immediately exit polls in japan's opera house election predicts prime minister shinzo abe is ruling coalition has won a majority of seats but abbie's victory was not enough for him to be able to introduce constitutional changes that would lead to pants on forces he wanted 2 thirds of the vote to paint the way for planned constitutional reform in a speech to the nation and the victory as
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a vote for stability salami has more from tokyo. he thanked the people for supporting his political and diplomatic agenda so he understands that the people are supporting amending the course and constitution but many of the people actually supported him because they were looking for stability. but i missed that i've been a has been office for 6 and a half years and he is indeed he brought back stability to the political scene in japan after what so-called revolving door politics in which 6 prime ministers came to office within 3 and a half years many issues in this elections were economy and social issues so people. didn't actually give him an a for for ization to amend the constitution but he's going to push forward with his long long time dream of changing or amending this constitution written which hasn't been changed for over 70 years since the end
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of the 2nd world war but he's going to need the 164 the magic number the majority 2 thirds majority in the upper house and seen his about 11 seats short of that number of highway in finding 3 major wildfires in portugal more than a 1000 firefighters and 20 aircraft are not action in the mountainous and heavily forested castello blanco region some villages have been evacuated and roads closed for 5 firefighters were injured when their fire engine collided with another dozens were killed there in similar fires 2 years ago. now more kenyans are using mobile phone apps to borrow money but as it becomes cheaper to borrow hundreds of thousands of kenyans are ending up on the government's credit blacklist some companies are being accused of using illegal methods to lure people into debt catherine so he has a story from nairobi. this is
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a hub of financial technology in africa so firey called kenya's leading mobile network launched the 1st mobile phone based loan system in partnership with some banks 5 years ago since then more lenders have joined the easy access loans markets do what it does it provides somebody who. wants to do business so the hostler segment able to take a loan and be able to extend the business it looks at what we call. the ladies you can go to market or to get the to. go to market buy products and services go to a construction site. and actually be able to make a profit from the business and repay the loan but he has a problem many kenyans are often in a world he didn't charges interest rates up to 200 percent and what it means if they don't pay many people. borrow money. grants
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for their businesses other students they use the money to place bets on sports events hoping to make a big summit meeting that this trial will take the oath and end up being blacklisted by the country's credit. comic conic joseph kony or is one of them he took out different $100.00 from several digital lenders 2 years ago he was unable to repay the loans and now nearly $200.00 because of that he's been blacklisted by the credit trafford's bureau. i have to. buy food and took my children to school with money get businesses not been doing good even if i get $100.00 of the end of the month with all the responsibilities paying but my loan is a little disappoint priorities. 54 percent of people polled recently by the central bank and kenya bureau of statistics said the financial status had wasn't the poll
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also indicates a credit reference bureau has blacklisted more than 400000 boras some 4040 bad littlest $2.00. on the back of the garage and his friends discuss how hard life has become most are repaying several and some are on the block least all tell us that even if the loan companies have helped them in times of need they still feel and trapped in that catherine al-jazeera barrel be. millions of disabled children in india aren't getting the education they need new laws have been brought in to reserve a percentage of seasons calls all the way through to higher education but parents say attitudes still need to change shallot report. ashi yard of his just started treatment for cerebral palsy her mother manager brings her to this comic in new delhi to improve her function she wants so she to
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live a normal life but darts in india it's possible to have society doesn't like children with special needs i always face discrimination against my child when i take her outside because she can't walk or speak properly. the issue is one of nearly 8000000 children living in india with a disability un report discovered that 3 quarters of disabled children at the age of 5 among quarter of all disabled children are not in school there are a few girls whose disabilities are old them boys parents worry their children are being forgotten. actually a lot needs to be done in the city because. after. getting. your system by the guard meant. inside this suggests a government. implemented laws to protect the disabled reserving 5 percent of places in higher education and 4 percent of jobs for policing that is difficult
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with the stigma of disability surf of a sieve in society one of the biggest challenge has been to remove stigma prejudice and you know how not to treat them differently and look at that they have tremendous potential. to give no numeracy literacy and ought to be left to be free . and inclusion starts with parents and teaches according to the u.n. report the she has that support now at 4 years old but providing her with an inclusive education and work life will be a challenge. al-jazeera. though again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera iran's foreign minister jobs or if he's accusing the us of trying to drag britain into a quagmire after the seizure of a u.k. fad or oil tanker britain has or into the un security council calling for the ships
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release barry has more from tehran. nicole investigation is now under way in the port city of on that bus where this u.k. tanker that's been seized by the revolutionary guard is being kept along with the 23 crew members on board the cell impair oh has been taken to this port city where the officials have said that they are looking into what actually transpired on friday the revolution guard has said that the vessel risks maritime safety in the strait of hormuz and the reason for the seizure was that it had turned off all tracking systems and it was not responding to warnings and choosing the wrong route to ensure the strait of hormuz considering that it was seas around 8 pm local time in iran on friday the tanker was passing through their route for about 8 hours without any coordination police in hong kong have fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters who road's hours after another launched the peaceful march through
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the city an estimated 400000 people had much of this in the 7th week of protests and street is the trying to push the government to officially would draw a controversial extradition. exit polls in japan's upper house election predicts prime minister shinzo abe is willing coalition has won a majority of seats but abbie's victory was not enough for him to be able to introduce constitutional changes that would lift restrictions on japan's armed forces. south africa's president says he will ask for a judicial review of a report by the country's corruption watchdog on friday cyril ramaphosa was accused of deliberately misleading parliament about a campaign contribution he says findings i get findings against him are fundamentally flawed and have several in accuracies a suicide bomber has killed at least 6 people at a hospital in the north of pakistan the attack happened in the city of dera ismail khan soon after gunmen opened fire on a police checkpoint killing 2 officers the taliban has claimed responsibility those
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are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story starts now stay with us. our flags of convenience and inconvenient truth for the shipping industry the registers the iranian oil tankers seized by britain's armed forces and dozens of other ships to why are they sailing under a foreign flag and should the practice be stopped this is inside story. thanks.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm to. the threat of military action between iran and the u.k. over seas the oil tankers is provoking a debate about a common practice in the shipping industry many vessels are owned by companies in one country but registered in another an example is the iranian tanker detained by britain's royal marines a couple of weeks ago the british government said the grace one was stopped near gibraltar for carrying oil to syria in violation of e.u. sanctions like around 7000 ships worldwide the tanker was sailing under the flag of panama but the panamanian say they removed the supertanker from their shipping register 2 months ago and their d. registering another ship which disappeared from tracking maps in the strait of hormuz last week well under international law every commercial ship must be registered in a specific country many ship owners choose
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a foreign country to register and a practice known as flag of convenience the flag state is responsible for a say. if the inspections and working conditions of the crew ships registered under flags of convenience can often reduce operating costs avoid regulations and hire cheap crews panama has the world's largest shipping registry followed by liberia and the marshall islands critics though say the practice allows substandard regulations and makes it hard to hold ship owners to account and some shipping is involved in crimes such as smuggling weapons or illegal drugs. let's bring in our panelists for this discussion via skype from kingston in the canadian province of ontario we have who chang has an yari he's a professor of international relations on security issues at the sultan qaboos university in alma on joining us from london is phil the icon he's a maritime security analyst also a partner at the maritime security risk consultancy dryad global and over in new
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jersey via skype we have lawrence brennan he teaches maritime law at fordham university thanks very much for joining us on inside story and welcome to all of you phil if i may start with you over in london is it fair to say that part of that cheaper and easier process of registration in another country doesn't mean fewer regulations for these ships and recent incidents in the gulf are now signing a spotlight on certain issues. i think it's fair to say that the industry as a whole has improved its standards considered rare over the last decade or so and most of the prominent flags of convenience are all signatories to the best and highest standards the thing to remember is a flag of convenience is ineffective effectively a business and the businesses are trying to attract their customers and we talk about panama being the largest so what it offers is a set of regulation and standards and as you mentioned every vessel has to ascribe to a flag therefore it's trying to attract as much business to itself now they may all
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ascribe to the highest on the safe or environmental for ship and safety and welfare and some of the areas you've already mentioned and whilst the flag of convenience in this case problem are is the largest there are others also vying for business so i'm not sure it's fair to say that it's a way of avoiding issues but each vessel owner will discard decide based on their own business metrics as to which flag they will describe to. over to lauren's brennan and just break down for us if you may when s. merchant ship registers with a country known as we're saying as it's flying state what does this actually mean in terms of how much oversight and jurisdiction the country has over the vessel. the country has over administrative oversight over the vessel the manning the crew the safety and security regulations. but not to the exclusion of other nations.
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depending on the circumstances the location of the ship other nations especially port states have the right to inspect and regulate flags of convenience can be of high quality and some are not of the same quality and as my colleague noted earlier there's been a an improvement but throughout the 1960 s. and seventy's most of the major environmental disasters were on tank vessels tankers that were flying plagues of convenience and a lot of those were old ships that could no longer survive after open 90 the exxon valdez disaster the older tankers 25 years and older and the single hull tankers were were taken aside but we've had similar problems the ones we're seeing in the persian gulf strait of hormuz and even the in the gulf go for belmont in the 1980 s. in the tank a war involving eram in to some extent iraq in the united states where there was war declared on tankers bound for each other the enemy rand would attack it tankers
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bamf air rack and vice versa ultimately the united states volunteered to represent other nations and damned certain tankers that were being attacked and in fact the kuwaiti tankers were reflagged as u.s. ships in the late 1980 s. . the flag of convenience states are parties to many of the international treaties there are questions and disputes among the experts as to the ability of those ships to be inspected investigated but a lot of that work is done by classification societies and again some experts will disagree that quest patient societies are equal in their representation in their skills in the united states. the american brewer shipping is not a national society but is the society that does most of the inspection create us what chips and in some port the u.s.
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coast guard but lloyds register there's an italian registry a german registry and they have many skilled professional surveyors former captains of ships former chief engineers and licensed professional engineers let me cross over to canada and what china has done yari so obviously what we're hearing from the panelists is that this is a money making industry for countries like panama and liberia who offer this type of service but why do you think countries flock to panama in liberia and why do they register their ships over there as michael mentioned there there are a number of countries who are known to have. vast majority of issues on their flank. on short i don't sound like a very arguable there is not as i. use for a number of issues for example when the americans in the early 1920 s. that they decided to do that was to somehow to to make you detour and on
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their mind. not on alcohol. relations that existed during those days disturbed by putin and other countries. to destruction was that. there are other cases out there that there is a combination. of business model number of companies they would benefit from. a convenience to some august they don't want to get to take this possibility for for 40 ships i mean distaste i'm talking about this so it combination of reasons. you know came together and. in order to put us in the situation that we are getting now so what do you say vanity fair says this. which i has on the ari is that a fair system which allows these countries to avoid all sorts of things like taxes
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inspections and labor laws not necessarily because for example your weight in kind says it is not convenient for the country that loses that that. is good for the company. benefiting from the situation it's like if for example you. claim a plane used. by a company in let's say year. any given country that. plane comes under the jurisdiction. and so davey had a unit that used to benefit from to stay there is it. that that pain in some other cases when there is not such a thing and then that creates this is why did bennett you bought it it's really. become now it came to surface in this context for her
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country and the rest. confiscating ships and so forth so that he's in need really to improve even further that i know my colleague mentioned that the situation that you're living in now is much more convenient and much more improve the a comparison to the old relations that existed but the reason need really that you review. the deuce you in order to make it very very clear that you each sheep. as if that's. not just the. convene in their convention for the for their own has for example been a minute registering a number of ships on line even seen those those ships and that it is creating a problem. in the past few years in. government in
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panama. a. big number of those who use it for a number of reasons their violation of international law and so forth and some of those flags over there are used by events so although this is not fair but in the absence of better after the b.b.c.'s ration that you are confronting now and that is not. clearly an idea that situation fell over to you as our panelist from canada was saying panama has now decided to deregister a number of steps we're hearing up to 60 ships over the past few months and that includes the grace one that's the iranian tanker that has been and is still detained as you know in gibraltar by u.k. authorities to what extent do you think panama is very being pressured to do so at
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this point and if it is being pressured by whom so the international chamber shipping monitors the flag states it publishes annually the performance of like states and the performance is measured in many many cats crees and is publicly available the purpose of that is to keep accountability amounts of like states for the fav reasons that we've just been discussing now the flexi it's all businesses so they're going to be concerned about their reputation and their ability to attract business or ships into their registry and therefore if there's a reputational issue such as a vessel that they is deemed to be breaking sanctions and operating a factory illegally then it's up to them to really take action and. clean up their portfolio so in this situation cleaning up portfolio is a regular event but we all seem very much aware of this one because this one's in in the news and it's very current so the like states they are businesses they want to attract business and be seen to be compliant which most of them on the very
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large ones are and also those vessels that are registered with those flex states the owners of them the operators of them they also want to be associated with a compliant business or compliant process and registration process so this cleaning up is probably housekeeping that you've seen any business where the regular turnover vessels we just mention about applying online now if you've got a large volume of vessels moving around in terms of their registrations then some extent you know if you or your administration of it and your ability to administer it effectively with inspections which should of course happen every time there's a registration until flag amongst many things then there will be the situation where perhaps a lag between when straight and inspection right so the example given there of applying online you would expect to be caught up eventually to be conform conforming to the process of wresting feels like right lawrence what do you make of this concept of cleaning up and particularly at this point in the context of all
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the regional tensions as it is likely panama cleaning up or how much pressure do you think panama was under and by whom look to the flag the iranian ships that they have in the past few months i think there's no dispute that the united states has encouraged panama liberia marshall islands and maybe others to take appropriate action to ships that are engaged in improper an unlawful conduct such as smuggling . trafficking drugs while waiting sanctions. such as was done with the early 21900 centuries by the u.s. and british navy in fighting the slave trade one of the important things to realize is the internet. ashville nature of maritime commerce there's $35.00 trillion dollars that's good every year in world global trade most of which 80 percent or so goes by sea and the infrastructure ships ports facilities and that's
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a lot of money it's really the driving force of the world economy oil is a significant part of that it's probably the most valuable commodity trade. where shipowners try to save some money is own crew its coal manning expenses bunkering expenses a small amount and the quality of the ship in the ability to keep the ship in service wanker and with fewer problems is important so it's a business competition between competing problems with the managers of a vessel do we repair or ship do we keep it another 2 years do we get rid of it buy a new ship what the economic benefit ok family a family up on the point with you lawrence so clearly there is a big economic angle to this so if a vessel gets the flags then the owners of the ships might have to register the ships and their countries and correct me if i'm wrong here but so what are the economic implications of that. well the us is a great example we have
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a thing called the jones act which requires us owned u.s. flagged u.s. manned ships to trade between 2 american ports so if you want to bring oil from the u.s. gulf coast to new jersey you need a u.s. flagged ship there are some interesting exceptions for cruise ships and passenger liner but if you have a u.s. crew it's probably 3 times the amount of cost now the magic issue that makes all ships equal is insurance and particularly environmental insurance what is the what's the cost of having environmental coverage pollution coverage under the checks and indemnity club p.n. i cover and the citizens get a financial responsibility no ship particularly no tanker is going to get into a poor without having a citizen get a financial responsibility to show that if there's a pollution event there's millions of dollars available to respond to that pollution event and we've seen that historically in the world for the last 60 or 70
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years and we've seen some ships break up and in can't get to what's called the port of refuge those are real problems the 1st thing we did at the beginning of the iraqi invasion of kuwait was to make sure that iraq could not use its ships in global trade its tankers and we were particularly concerned that they would use those tankers to cause an environmental disaster so the british government the ministry the foreign ministry and the u.s. state department where i was a conduit as they say in london for my navy duties we arrange for an order council and u.s. and british insurers were prohibited from providing marine insurance to iraqi flag ships in 1900 that wasn't the 1st time it's done it's been done for hundreds of years right and it's it continues to be done ok over to canada and when china has a new area what is. this the registration that we're seeing by panama is it in your
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opinion a way to pressure iran to keep pressure on its economy on its oil flow. i think he's part of that that pressure because you don't doesn't have. that china. use in order to. or you have to be monitored or. range. mentioned our staff. these precious you know for example if you look at the current situation there are 2 you know and in sheeps that are stuck in. because they they are not. they cannot get fuel. by that because unions because of the sanctions and consequently it puts a lot of pressure on on to eat any and. hardly any to sanctions that are imposed on them by different key international entities and so.
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you spend it any prostitute read. it makes it it makes you don't even more want to read it to. you it's ranting and i handed it to you who's this issues that ought that's what i made of it but there is no doubt that. i cannot use this said that. it meant so many other countries precisely because of the relationship that. pertains. rest of the community to know that there be any security risks however who are trying to widespread the registering of ships and particularly in hot spot areas like the strait of hormuz. i believe so because then . like you did the other sheep that now eats. eats
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arrested by eat any and it is true about that was the disappeared from the from the radars for sometime last last says they go is so now is in a limbo at least that is shit that is also the heart. is so that it and then the question is really what to do if you destroy or do you gain in going to q 2 just simply let it sit in iran i began it or so for how long and there who is going to take care of the crew and this so many other questions of that nature and read out for you go use the question of insurance and and its read read it again let's put it out yeah. let's put that to fail because i see you nodding your head phil i'll give you an example stana
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imperio which is currently seized by iran for according to iran violating international maritime law is in fact swedish oh and those on board are india under russian law and in filipino we hear but it's the u.k. flag that's flying that particular ship so is that fly just symbolic or to what extent does the u.k. now oprah text and to that vessel. so you've just highlighted exactly the murkiness of what is the the oldest form of globalisation international aspects to shipping so you've got u.k. registered you've got swedish own you've got those different interested parties of the cargo so it is when it comes to who's got responsibility ultimately iran has an issue as impounded a vessel that has multiple interests normally it's the u.k. flag that sits above all however of course you know we've got a swedish and vessel part and we also go. but you call gay so you know there are other parties that are going to feel the impact of the over on this decision again
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that's the point before about is going to happen in the straits of hormuz is to registration process as a on a wider scale i don't believe just because it's the straits of hormuz that's going to happen what we're saying is that pressure applied to stuff like states either by themselves or by external parties to enforce whatever sort of sanctions or other rules that are being broken and to take action against them so in the case of perhaps the united states putting pressure on panama to take a closer look at vessels that are conducting activities that are regarded as perhaps illegal all counter to certain agendas then yes that we can see the registration processes with all the problems that my colleague has just mentioned with stranded cruise stranded assets to and where do they go in the case of a direct stated iranian vessel it can go back to iran but once it's then flagged with an iranian flag what can it do we just heard that its options really are limited at lawrence final word to you do you think that we're going to see more
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deregistration and more the targeting of fleets. yes i think that's true but there's an important economic issue that is easily confused with deregistration and the seizures of ships recently and it's the general maritime practice ships in court are personified they're the same as a person so when my client calls up and said that the british flag tanker hit my fishing ship in the strait of hormuz and i have a maritime william and i want you to arrest that ship. there can be an arrest in it's a civil process it normally doesn't occur with the iranian revolutionary guard launching helicopters and small boats it's usually an order from a judge in an it mad or trying to court and it's brought up by a civil officer the marshal or in some other country the sheriff's right now in a case in a case like the one we saw or involving stana pirro. that would have been done in
2:45 am
a telephone pole between the lawyers or representatives of the fish boat and in the tanker and they would have said hey my fish broke he had your tankers fault you owe me a 20000 dollars 100000 dollars a $1000000.00 the owner of the tank would say i don't want my ship arrested anywhere but particularly here and now my insurance will be happy to give to you a document a sick piece of security a letter of undertaking a promise to pay a certain amount on settlement or final judgment an appeal ok that gets them around the world all the time there's a confusion in the world now between sanctions and simple civil rights all right on that note i have to leave it there we thank you very much to all of my guests which i have any ari show the icon and lawrence brennan thanks very much for joining us and thanks for watching the show you can see the program again any time by visiting our web site al-jazeera dot com you can have further the scott send by going to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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and type story you can also join the conversation on twitter for handel as a.j. insight story for myself and the whole team here and off i go by 1st.
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a family put it we officially request the accusation of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. fully back to bill in doha this is the news hour on al-jazeera coming up in the next 60 minutes britain says it's considering sanctions on iran because of the seizure of an oil tanker the way in say they have done nothing wrong.
2:49 am
testers and police clash on the streets of hong kong after another mass demonstration calling for change. a low i'm maryam namazie in london with the top stories from europe including ukraine's new president consolidates power as exit polls show his servant of the people party well ahead of its rivals with over 40 percent of the vote and other people started with the sport were irish on so smiling. lindsey's 1st major told to after winning the open championship on 6 shocks. thank you very much for joining us iran's foreign minister is accusing u.s. national security adviser john bolton of trying to drag britain into a quagmire after iran seizure of a u.k.
2:50 am
flags oil tanker jobs or a says bolton is quote turning his venom against the u.k. but britain says it wants to lower tensions by reports from london. a radio exchange apparently detailing what happened in the strait of hormuz on friday a british navy officer from the frigate h.m.s. montrose tells the crew of the oil tanker stener him piro that it's in a recognized international strait and must not be impeded he then urges the iranian navy patrol boat which ordered the tanker to change course not to intervene. through. the end of the senate. but iran's revolutionary guard soon arrived by helicopter and seized the tanker iranian maritime officers said on sunday the vessel and its crew of 23 from india
2:51 am
latvia the philippines and russia a safe in the port of bandar about us we've already announced that if the ship or the crew members if they have any needs we are ready to meet them however there are some regulations and we should conduct a casualty investigation with regards to the vessel the u.k. has written to the united nations security council insisting the stand imperio had been in the territorial waters of oman and saying iran had violated international law the british government is calling it a hostile act but it's wary of escalating tensions we have seen as i say ratcheting up the last 3 weeks of events and tensions in the straits of hormuz and with iran as a whole we need to make sure that we thought this go back to the bigger picture of the russian ship with iran and make sure that we protect our international shipping taking to twitter iran's foreign minister mohammad jeffard zarif is accusing president trump security advisor john bolton of quote turning his venom against the u.k. in hopes of dragging it into a quagmire but i had
2:52 am
a fairly long conversation with him over the weekend britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt phones a wreath he then said to her on was implying it had retaliate. good for britain hoping to seize the grace one tanker of gibraltar britain insists that was legal because the grace one was breaking e.u. sanctions by carrying oil to syria hans expected to tell parliament on monday what diplomatic and economic measures britain's planning response to the latest incident if his conservative leadership rival boris johnson becomes prime minister in a few days time settling a major diplomatic dispute with iran will be top of the to do list that the barber al jazeera. after being summoned by the foreign office in london iran's ambassador to the u.k. said tehran stands firm and is ready for any scenario does a barry has the latest on the iranian capital. a technical investigation is now under way in the port city of on that bus where this u.k. tanker that's been seized by the revolutionary guard is being kept along with the
2:53 am
23 crew members on board the pair o. has been taken to this port city where the officials have said that they are looking into what actually transpired on friday the revolution guard has said that the vessel risks maritime safety in the strait of hormuz and the reason for the seizure was that it had turned off all tracking systems and it was not responding to warnings and choosing the wrong route to enter the strait of hormuz considering that it was seas around 8 pm local time in iran on friday the tanker was passing through their route for about 8 hours without any coordination meanwhile we've heard from the speaker of parliament larijani who spoke about the issue and he had one very strong sentence to say about this event he said the british committed piracy and the revolutionary guards responded to them that is the sentiment here a better fish if the revolutionary guard to saying that this vessel violated
2:54 am
international maritime law and that is why the iranians have seized it we've also heard comments from the british the arabian diplomat in the u.k. who has tweeted about the issue and he said that the u.k. government should contain those domestic political forces who want to escalate tensions between iran and the u.k. beyond the issue of ships and this is quite dangerous and unwise at a sensitive time in the region iran however is firm and ready for different scenarios the general feeling here is that the iranians have carried out what they believe is their due diligence when it comes to securing the waters of the strait of hormuz and that is what the revolutionary guard has said they've done with the act that they carried out on friday. now earlier i spoke to simon mabon who's a senior lecturer in channel studies at lancaster university he says putting u.s. tensions aside the u.k. has its own complicated history with iran the u.k.'s cold essentially between working with the european powers to try and get this diplomatic solution to the
2:55 am
nuclear crisis back off the ground or moving closer and closer to the united states and depending on who wins the election wins the leadership contest i should say we could well see the united kingdom taking that route yeah and precisely as the iranians are accusing the u.s. of dragging the u.k. into this crisis they say britain is just following american orders do you think that's the case right now what is their role in the crisis well that's a church that's long been levied at the united kingdom dating back decades the idea that u.k. is waning power doing the bidding of the united states is one that is routinely routinely thrown a london and to an extent i can understand why it is but i think recently what we've seen is that the british tensions with iran independent of the united states of really really escalated following the seizure of the tankers that your package earlier was talking about and that draws on longstanding tensions between the u.k. and around the independent united states dating back to the time of persia or an
2:56 am
oil in persia so it is a complex there's a complexity to all of this historical complexity and a more contemporary complexity independent of the united states. in other world news police in hong kong have fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters who have bronx rolls hours after another mass demonstration an estimated 400000 people have marched across the city in the 7th week of protests the demonstration was largely peaceful until a crowd of protesters gathered outside china's leah's our office in hong kong and threw eggs and black paint at the building demonstrators are trying to push the government to officially withdraw a controversial extradition bell rock mcbride has more from hong kong. chaotic scenes and running battles between police and protesters on the streets of hong kong this sunday evening at the end of a nother largely peaceful mass rally that the organizers say attracted more than 400000 people marching through the streets of hong kong and ending at the chinese
2:57 am
liaison office in the western part of hong kong island now after the end of the rally most of the protesters simply went home but a hard core of several 1000 remained wanting to set up barriers donning their usual goggles and helmets barricade the streets there was some attacks on a police station and also objects thrown at the chinese liaison office the police there warned that they were going to start clearing the street starting from the west and moving eastwards that they did there was a tense standoff a number of objects that were then thrown at the police and the police decided at that point it was time to respond in force there has been an awful lot of tear gas fired this evening also the use of so-called beanie bag baton rounds fired at protesters there have been a number of arrests and also a number of injuries many of the protesters now have simply gone home they've
2:58 am
decided that that is their protest for the night but there is still a hard core that is gradually been falling back working their way back to the. admiralty and central district of hong kong still determined to hold out for as long as they can against the police joseph chang is an activist and a former professor at city university of hong kong he says the protesters are getting angry as a city that ministration refuses to concede on any demands to heights of is the circle in a status a state carried out administration the fuses to make concessions to the program ocracy movement and he feels that his current gating of dialogue people are getting angrier and this especially so for the young people and since the june trial of confrontation between the protestants and the police each round of confrontation as
2:59 am
further exacerbated the hostilities between the 2 campaigns for the sake of solidarity the radicals killed in this would like to secure the release of the protesters on the part of the administration but it seems that a carrier has carried out ministration has decided no more qualities no independent investigation and no more decoration of a clear cut withdrawal of the controversial piece of legislation i don't think the young daughters have a sort of hope all this happened on the chinese on the central aries an ark is the representative of the king is a symbolic ad to demonstrate their will not to you are who were strong of are you carrying government and in the case of the kerry land an illustration
3:00 am
conky boy especially n. ray she has been eager to please jane and she has failed to defend how calm people's interest. south africa's president says he will ask for a judicial review of a report by the country's corruption watchdog on friday theorum apostle was accused of deliberately misleading parliament about a campaign contribution of a brick protector said the president failed to tell the truth to parliament when he denied knowledge of a $35000.00 donation from in the miller has the latest from pretoria the president has responded to the report by the public protector's saying that it's fundamentally flawed and not based on fact and this is after he responded to some of our questions earlier this year and according to his statements he's released he says that it's unfortunate that she's decided to to issue this report given that he had concerns around it he is said that he is now.


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