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into question around the donation his campaign when he was running for president of the african national congress when that campaign took place but he said that the courts will now decide the public protector had to prescribe some remedial action in that the report should go to the parliament's ethics committee for review and possibly investigation and also the president should be investigated for money laundering she says she has evidence that this is the case amounting to perhaps $28000000.00 the president says that the report shouldn't stand as it is and instead the court should decide what happens next. mexico says the u.s. has recognized it has made significant progress on stemming the flow of migrants in the united states to state my pompei i was in mexico city are there as part of his tour or off latin american countries relations between the 2 countries have been strained as president continues his efforts to stop illegal immigration and the
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wave of asylum seekers arriving at the southern border when a republic has more from mexico city. this meeting between us secretary of state mike palm pale and mexican foreign minister marcello it out is certainly a timely want to riving just one day before the 45 day deadline on that deal between mexico and the united states where the 2 countries managed to avoid slapping tariffs on mexican at exports unless mexico could rein in and curb the flow of central american migrants making their way north toward the united states the meeting that took place here in mexico city appeared to be a very positive one both men took photographs shaking hands it appears as though they were in good spirits as though that that meeting actually produced some positive results specifically the topic of discussion between these 2 officials was immigration is specifically again that change in policy in the united states regarding asylum seekers from central america being in eligible for asylum in the
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united states if they go through a a in other country before reaching the united states in this case it would be something along the lines of a migrant from el salvador honduras going through guatemala going through mexico making their way into the united states and be automatically ineligible for asylum in the united states another question that was brought up again it was the question of whether or not mexico is going to be designated a quote unquote safe 3rd country to peers as though marcella but out of the foreign minister of mexico says that because of the advances in the talks with secretary of state pompei o there is no longer a need to consider mexico consider that mexico will at some point be designated a safe 3rd country so it appears at the end of this negotiation at the end of these talks it was a positive day for both parties humanitarian aid groups such as with borders and s.l.'s med it's around they say they will resume migrant search and rescue missions off the coast of libya the groups have also launched
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a new vessel the ocean viking they were forced to stop the missions in december because of what they described as obstruction by some european countries. increasing numbers of kenyans are using mobile phone up sapporo money becomes cheaper and easier sapporo hundreds of thousands of kenyans are ending up on the government's credit blacklists some companies are accused of using illegal methods to lure people into debts catherine so i reports from nairobi. this is a hub of financial technology in africa so firey com kenya's leading mobile network launched the 1st mobile phone based loan system in partnership with some banks 5 years ago since then more lenders have joined the easy access loans markets do what it does it provides somebody who. wants to do business so the hostler segment able to take a loan and be able to extend the business it looks at what we call.
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the ladies you can go to the market or to the for that they take a loan out for em go to market buy products and services go to a construction site. and actually be able to make a profit from the business and repay the loan but here is a problem many kenyans are often aware of heat and charges interest rates up to 200 percent and what it means if they don't pay many people. think for a minute but the basic. principle of the business is others told us they use the money to place bets on sports events hoping to make a big summit meeting that they struggle to pay back the loans and end up being blacklisted by the country's credit. comic conic joseph cohen jaros one of them he took out different loans with a $100.00 from several digital lenders 2 years ago he was unable to repay the loans
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and now nearly $200.00 because of that he's been blacklisted by the credit trafford's bureau. i have to. buy food and took my children to school with money get businesses not been doing good even if i get $100.00 of the end of the month with all the responsibilities paying but my lawn is a little disappointed priorities. 54 percent of people polled recently by the central bank and kenya bureau of statistics say definite state has had wasn't the poll also indicates a credit reference bureau has blacklisted more than 400000 boras some 4 defaulting bass little as $2.00. back of the garage and his friends discuss how hard life has become most are repaying several and some are on the block at least all tell us that even if the loan companies have helped them in times of need they still feel and trumpets index catchments on the al-jazeera
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arabic. so it's come and sportswear in the mountains of northern pakistan to see you have a cold the festival is reviving the country's tourist industry. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water
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as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very glad to those water prophet isaiah sion on anybody is the only field. goals people who seem ever to have something to invest the profit of the one dollar up to the last drop on al-jazeera. it's time for the sports heroes. thank you very much ireland's shane lowry has claimed his 1st ever goal thing major by winning the open championship by 6 shots he was able to overcome his nerves and the stormy conditions at royal portrush to
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fulfill a childhood dream vendor with reports that with one hand already on the famed carrot jug shane lowry made an early start was final round dropping a shot straight away but there was to be no repeat of his choke at the 2016 u.s. open where he lit the final round by 4 shots are only to finish 2nd birdies on 45 and 7 giving me our spring break the room. tommy fleetwood was the only player who could realistically challenge the 32 year old and as his tee shots repeatedly went away would the feeling in the gallery group that there would be an irish champion lowry had 5 bogeys as the way the worse and it was you go down the 18th fairway he knew the time was his was he finished with a one over power round of 72 even him 59 before the tournament was 6 shots clear of the welcome to my moment.
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i was younger i know him so i'll be going home in this role for you tonight and the man who missed the count and his last 4 open outings can now call himself the champion was the plan to work out 05 for the peano boxing legend manny pacquiao has made history by becoming the oldest world welterweight champion of all time before 2 year old won a split decision against the previously undefeated american keith thurman in las vegas to win the w.b. a welterweight crown he's also the 4th oldest mailbox or to win a world title in any division. new zealand have caused a huge upset by beating 11 time champions australia by a single goal to win the next ball world cup the 5251 win marks new zealand's 1st title in 16 years and comes after having been beaten by australia in their last 3
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finals appearances new zealand's 4th world cup crown caps a big turnaround in form after they failed to win a medal for the 1st time ever at last year's commonwealth games. british swimmer adam p.t. has become the 1st person to ever swim the 100 meter breaststroke in under 57 seconds is new world record time of 56.88 seconds came in the semifinals of the world championships in south korea the 24 year old olympic champion has not been beaten in this event in the last 5 years. the agent of gareth bale has described real madrid coach sitting in the den as a disgrace this after the frenchman seemed to call time on bell's bernabe or career there was a lift out of the rails squad took on by munich in a pre-season friendly in euston one player that did feature was new $165000000.00 signing adam has out he was making his debut since his off season move from chelsea
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however he could not stop from going down to a $31.00 defeat as a bale who was a $130000000.00 signing in 2013 today and said afterwards the food it's unlikely the player would feature for the club again. thought the hotspur striker harry kane is one man who looks ready to start the new football season right now spurs were playing italian champions events in a friendly in singapore on sunday when came produced this stunning astra. that won the gold ensuring their tottenham would win the match $32.00 in stoppage time. the pakistan government has pledged tens of millions of dollars to help promote tourism in the northern areas of the country for years the security situation in the region made it a no go area for tourists but that's changing thanks to the sport of polo rowperfect explains. welcome to the chandeleur pass the so-called
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roof of the world and to some spectacular views on the world famous poly festival that is central to the pakistan's government's plan to attract tourists back to the area just like this polo match has been played here since $1036.00 formally there are 2 places and ballister there are traditional rivals it's almost like the cricket match of pakistan and india and while paolo is known as the sport of kings this version of the game is freestyle mountain pole are no umpires he rules and played on the highest pollo ground in the world at $3700.00 metres above sea level . it's very difficult to play at such high altitude not only me but also for our horses but our love for post boats makes us stronger to withhold such kind of pressure is gone. in recent years scenes like this made tourist reluctant to visit the shandor valley police seemingly ill equipped to deal with
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the security situation however the historical feud between the northern tribes of gill good and shit out is not going far into the polish sales what's more of the $31000000.00 has been pledged to the area to encourage more foreign and local visitors more get out of its task and go over this area where polo is places very scenic and beautiful and we want everyone to come here and then enjoy we're with pakistan loneliest pakistan if the numbers at this year's festival were anything to go by the tourists seem to be flocking back the local authorities hoping that this sports under surveillance or link to pakistan's past can be the key to a more positive future royal path back al-jazeera. yourself a new golden has won the latest round of the indy car series in a race that was heavily affected by the weather the start of the race in ohio was delayed by more than 4 and a half hours because of the heavy rain and lightning when racing eventually began the track proved too slippery for some but new garden avoided the accidents to
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claim his 4th win of the season and existing he's leading in the championship. that's all we have for you for now we'll see you again a little later for more sports well that wraps up this and you certainly stay with us here on al-jazeera i'll be back here after this short break stay with us. al-jazeera were close to raw just because of the trial. he used to rely on their expertise with snakes. like outperformed their traditional music
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and down to adapt and survive the modern internet. raja stance make dancers on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty remarkable due to the battery and died last weekend crossing from mexico to you know to stay with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports that commit according to the fishing life there is a section al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring in more award winning documentaries and live news. going behind the scenes of one of mexico's most loved soaks using fiction to mirror the struggles of real life giving a voice to those suffering in the dark this week the story line focuses on hiv and
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aids an illness still shrouded in superstition and fear the making of him is that the little meter attitudes the writers want to tackle had gone. soapbox mexico breaking tbilisi on al-jazeera. coming. up quite a lot of hard. labor but. as iran braces its fly going to seize british tanker the u.k.'s prime minister calls an emergency meeting to decide to the government's next move. on how long he had seen this is al jazeera line from doha also coming up. on kong's
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protest movement takes another violent turn as hundreds of thousands accuse beijing of undermining their freedoms plus. days of protests force puerto rico's embattled governator and ice he won't seek reelection but he refuses to resign. and we're in the mountains of northern pakistan to see how a polo festival the surviving the country's tourist industry. became prime minister to resign may is set to hold an emergency meeting on monday over the british old tanker seized by iran in the strait of hormuz. and iranian flag is now flying over the captured vessel the ship and its crew are detained in the iranian port of bonder us well it's being seen as a tit for tat response to the seizure over the rainy in tanker in the british
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territory of gibraltar earlier this month and it seems barbara has more. a radio exchange apparently detailing what happened in the strait of hormuz on friday a british navy officer from the frigate h.m.s. montrose tells the crew of the oil tanker stener him piro that it's in a recognised international strait and must not be impeded he then urges the iranian navy patrol boat which ordered the tanker to change course not to intervene. late. at the end of the senate. but iran's revolutionary guard soon arrived by helicopter and seized the tanker iranian maritime officers said on sunday the vessel and its crew of 23 from india
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latvia the philippines and russia a safe in the port of bandar abbas we've already announced that if the ship or the crew members if they have any needs we are ready to meet them however there are some regulations and we should conduct a casualty investigation with regards to the vessel the u.k. has written to the united nations security council insisting the stand imperio had been in the territorial waters of oman and saying iran had violated international law the british government is calling it a hostile act but it's wary of escalating tensions we have seen as i say ratcheting up the last 3 weeks of events and tensions in the straits of hormuz and with iran as a whole we need to make sure that we thought this go back to the bigger picture of the russian ship with iran and make sure that we protect our international shipping taking to twitter iran's foreign minister mohammed jeffard zarif is accusing president trump security advisor john bolton of quote turning his venom against the u.k. in hopes of dragging it into a quagmire but i had a fairly long conversation with him over the weekend britain's foreign secretary
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jeremy hunt phones a wreath he then said to her on was implying it had retaliate. for britain hoping to seize the grace one tanker of gibraltar britain insists that was legal because the grace one was breaking e.u. sanctions by carrying oil to syria hans expected to tell parliament told monday what diplomatic and economic measures britain's planning response to the latest incident if his conservative leadership rival boris johnson becomes prime minister in a few days' time settling a major diplomatic dispute with the wrong would be top of the to do list. well after being summoned by the foreign office in london iran's ambassador to the u.k. says tehran stands firm and is ready for any scenario source jabari has the latest from there waiting capsule. a technical investigation is now underway in the port city of bandar abbas where this u.k. tanker that's been seized by the revolutionary guard is being kept along with the
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23 crew members on board the sell a pair o. has been taken to this port city where the officials have said that they are looking into what actually transpired on friday the revolution guard has said that the vessel risk maritime safety in the strait of hormuz and the reason for the seizure was that it had turned off all tracking systems and it was not responding to warnings and choosing the wrong route to enter the strait of hormuz considering that it was seas around 8 pm local time in iran on friday the tanker was passing through their route for about 8 hours without any court nation meanwhile we've heard from the speaker of parliament i will larijani who spoke about the issue and he had one very strong sentence to say about this event he said the british committed piracy and the revolutionary guards responded to them that is the sentiment here a butterfish only if the revolutionary guard to say that this vessel violated international maritime law and that is why the iranians have seized that we've also
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heard comments from the british the iranian diplomat in the u.k. who. twittered about the issue when he said that the u.k. government should contain those domestic political forces who want to escalate tensions between iran and the u.k. beyond the issue of ships and this is quite dangerous and unwise at a sensitive time in the region iran however is firm and ready for different scenarios the general feeling here is that the iranians have carried out what they believe is their due diligence when it comes to securing the waters of the strait of hormuz and that is what the revolutionary guard has said they've done with the act that they carried out on friday meanwhile arounds foreign minister has been speaking at a meeting of the normal lines movements in venezuela he accused the u.s. governments of using sanctions to undermine many countries including iran basic laws u.s. government probably using a terminology that has long been this is
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a canard pearl of wisdom pure and simple we need to repeat it again and again. not negotiate with us. we go shake because this really will not negotiate with us because this is. what they'll do you know cuba the republic of the. particular this being that is the. question. the u.s. military is accusing a venezuelan fighter jets of flying dangerously close to one of its intelligence planes here southern command released what it says is a video of the encounter and israel says the incident happened in their airspace but the u.s. denies this saying it was in international skies washington doesn't recognize venezuelan president nicolas maduro and is supporting an opposition leader who's trying to ice him from power. hundreds of thousands of pro democracy protests of
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rallies in hong kong once again but the process turned violent with fight police firing tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowds from pride reports from hong kong . as police were warning they were about to clear the streets protesters busily prepared the barricades that were meant to stop them. the protesters had laid siege to the chinese central government's liaison office in hong kong and police decided it was time to act. there was a tense standoff objects were thrown at the ranks of riot police who then responded in force. police fired multiple barad use of tear gas canisters as they made the protesters give up ground. right lisa been edging forward firing tear gas as they go pushing the crowds further back from one barricade to the next some of the protesters are saying to leave the streets and fall back into the central district others are urging their friends to stand their
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ground as this chaos continues. it was a violent end to an otherwise peaceful protest again attracting massive crowds they took to the streets chanting go home congress keep it up was good but this is exhausting work through the summer heat i am tired and i really hope to take a rest but it is time for it is time for us to continue and now is the summer of this contact. the protesters are demanding the complete withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill that they say would allow china to take political opponents to face summary trial in mainland courts many see it as a further gradual erosion of hong kong's freedoms within china i think by the fall something that we think is right. and we should have a mall the titanic oh yeah if we don't come out now later on we won't be able to
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come out a tool that there's no justice from the government that's why i have to protest tensions were raised before this march with the discovery of bomb making equipment which police say could be linked to the protest movement and police had demanded that this march finish early but as the numbers swelled it became obvious there was no stopping the crowds. they once more surrounded government buildings and the police headquarters. the violent tend to the day shows increasingly a small minority of protesters are willing to risk injury to themselves and to the police. bride al jazeera own car. sarah clarke has more now from hong kong. the practices of now being cleared off the streets of hong kong where they block those main highways of car in the central business district which is where we are now and traffic has returned to normal that these protests were
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nisshin just about the anger over the extradition bill but that bill has now been dumped altogether but the anger of the message is now brought up these protesters want beijing to withdraw all restraint pulled back from its tightening grip on hong kong that we have more rallies planned again next week and i should also start there was a separate incident last night in a place called good long which is in the new territories where we had a group of people wearing white we targeted those protesters returning from yesterday as much as another into the mob wearing watch they were holding a big metal devices and they beat those passages i think journalists and they beat politicians who tried to escape on the trying to avoid these violent confrontations and now the police have defended themselves they took some time to attend attend this particular confrontation but the place said that they weren't prepared to deal with this mob and the local reports here suggesting those people wearing white who
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were targeting those protesters were triads as what we call in hong kong criminal moments. puerto rico is a battle governor has announced he won't specie king reelection next year but sees refusing to give in to protest is calling for his immediate resignation in a video posted on facebook ricardo resales said he would also step down as leader of his party this follows days of demonstrations called after messages were leaks showing him and his advisors insults and women political opponents and victims of hurricane maria. you've got people that are a significant sector of the population has been protesting for days i'm aware of the dissatisfaction of the uneasiness that you feel your right to express yourself will always be safeguarded by our constitution to which puerto rican i have heard you and i hear you today i have made mistakes and i have apologized i am a man of good that has a great love for my island and for everyone.


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