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les the president is and fit so go for it and they want him to resign the state of the nation address is meant to be a showcase of the government's achievements but protesters here see his speech is merely an attempt by government to conceal grave violations committed against the filipino people. similarly dug in on just here in manila. a u.s. president donald trump says military aid to pakistan could be restored depending on the outcome of a meeting at the white house with prime minister iran come the usa was cut off last year of accusations pakistan was not doing enough to confront the taliban and other armed groups trump also said the u.s. is working with islamabad to find a way to pull the u.s. military out of afghanistan there is tremendous potential between our country and pakistan i think pakistan is going to help us. to extricate ourselves we're like policemen we're not fighting a war we want to fight a war in afghanistan and win it i could win that war in
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a week i just don't want to kill 10000000 people does that make sense to you i don't want to kill $10000000.00 people i have plans on afghanistan that if i wanted to win that war afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the year it would be gone it would be over in literally in 10 days let's talk now to my care in washington so some pretty incendiary comments there from the us president what else has come out of that meeting. well how some of the warmth of the meeting indicated that the 2 leaders have come a long way since the vitriolic exchange of tweets last year shortly after imran khan was elected in as prime minister certainly imran khan very satisfied with that that the president formally acknowledged the critical role that pakistan has played in advancing u.s. interests in afghanistan imran khan in the past felt that not enough recognition
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was paid off the spot in the u.s. war busy on terror as the u.s. put it that iran can says cost some 75000 pakistan lives the issue of military assistance or its resumption that's also very important that's likely to be a subject of the meeting later on today between pakistani military leaders and the u.s. counterparts all in all though a war meeting a frank exchange of views it would appear and certainly as i said a very different tone struck from what was initially the tone between these 2 leaders and this was something of a. fence mending exercise for iran karna was it wasn't in his in his attempts to to mend relations with the u.s. and try to get silly some of that to u.s. military aid restored for pakistan how far did he go in that. well that is a crucial issue for him the resumption of that military aid but equally important
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was the recognition the u.s. recognition of the role that pakistan has played also important to note though president trump offering to mediate in the ongoing dispute in kashmir this once again a sign of the fact that the u.s. is prepared to engage in further diplomacy with pakistan and indeed with its neighbors so all in all a very important meeting for him around khan very important to him as well back in pakistan one must remember he's got a very slim majority in parliament he doesn't control the senate so anything tangible that he can take back would help shore up his government you'll be hoping that there is an agreement on the resumption of that military aid in the next day or so mike hanna live for us there in washington thanks mike. plenty more ahead on the. dozens of civilians killed in syria's province in 24 hours of
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strikes. under attack in hong kong allegations a criminal gang was paid to beat up pro-democracy protesters. and a football manager suffers a heart attack on the sidelines. we'll tell you more about in sport. all that still ahead a 1st syrian government have killed more than 50 civilians in several people awful to be trapped under the rubble after a busy market came under attack the syrian government backed by russia reno wants their offensive to capture. they know holder has this report from. a trail of death and destruction this is the immediate aftermath of the airstrikes carried out by either syrian or russian warplanes the target was the marketplace and. the opposition controlled town is kilometers from the frontlines but crowded
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and residential areas have been repeatedly targeted in the russian backed syrian government military campaign that began at the end of april. i was warplanes a talkative. there are many casualties and inject the warplanes hit the area early this morning look at the syrians look at the bodies of syrian children traitors. syrians here feel the international community has abandoned them there have been words of condemnation and un security council meetings but russian support for the syrian government apparently means little can be done to stop the bloodshed. oh. i. i i. i i. i was i was
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i was. opposition activists have documented more than $700.00 civilian deaths in recent weeks including women and children united nations has also reported attacks on health centers and water supplies in breach of international humanitarian law attacking civilians in opposition controlled areas has been a tactic used by the syrian military repeatedly over the years. but the rebels are refusing to surrender they are on the frontlines defending their territory and what has become a costly campaign for the leadership in damascus and their allies in moscow the government has lost nearly 1000 men and hasn't taken any significant territory. syrian government forces were aiming to push the rebels north and recapture international road links to revive trade between government controlled cities that didn't happen and this 3 month bombardment forced more than 300000 syrians to abandon their homes and move closer to the border with turkey. just sort of this
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has become a disaster city more than 90 percent of this population had to flee to camps further north those who don't have cars or money had to stay here god help us. an end to the assault on it live province and northern hama will depend on turkey and russia they have in the past mediated a cease fire and for now they are bargaining on the ground through their local allies and the fate of the rebel controlled province along turkey's borders is unlikely to be the only issue on the table 7 for their answers either pavement are you crying and president. calls for an unprecedented majority a slap election cold after his landslide victory in april if a listee bar now with more from our european forecast sent. 5000 yes selenski servant of the people party is well ahead of its nearest rival with more than 70 percent of the vote counted so far the result means the former
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comedian who shaken up politics in the country is likely to be able to push through his promised reforms a sunnier reports. the results start was better than expected only 3 months after he was elected president allowed to me as a linsky the comic turned leader of the servant of the people party won his 2nd victory and became ukraine's 1st leader since the fall of communism to command a single party majority in the parliament but. it's not only a great trust for me it is also a great responsibility personally and for the team will not let ukrainians down. so linsky managed to defeat a stoppage figures his supporters eager to see a break with past ministrations berkshire march 1 of the worse i hope for positive changes in society they will certainly not happen immediately but step by step. the
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others oh sure number i think we are probably lucky i have only one wish that we would be disappointed again. until ukraine's makes to election system power is shared between the president and parliament but it is a fractious task ukrainian parliamentary disputes have sometimes ended in mass brawls obstructing the running of government. there was widespread disillusionment with the previous administration of petro poroshenko with many saying he failed to tackle corruption all raise living standards on the eastern part of the country is still torn by the conflict between ukrainian forces and russian backed separatists with civilians paying the price for no sooner we hope the better we have always had hope and still hope but no one knows if it's going to work out it has been a meteoric rise for the 41 year old whose only prior experience was playing
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a president on a t.v. show zelinsky will now have to deliver on his mandate and made his supporters high expectations sunday diagonal al-jazeera. portugal there are fears that weather conditions could reignite wildfires that have injured 32 people firefighters have managed to contain 90 percent of the blaze but more than a 1000 firefighters are battling the last remaining flames castillo branco about 200 kilometers north of lisbon police are investigating what caused the fires it fears they may have been started deliberately with one man arrested on suspicion of acid. a french submarine that sank in the mediterranean more than 50 years ago has finally been discovered and minerva went missing on a training mission in january 968 with 52 sailors on board the disappearance is one of the nation's most famous maritime mysteries the search was recently revived after advances in technology the wreck of the minerva was found on sunday 45
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kilometers off the port of too long a memorial ceremony at sea will now take place for the families of the sailors. more from us a little later in this news right now though it's back to house and into home thanks want to stay in our hong kong leader kerry lamb has condemned the violence following a mass rally against a government at least 40 people were injured when a mob assaulted anti-government protesters with one in a critical condition sarah clarke reports from hong kong. i watch its face masks the suspected mob of gang members moved in on protesters returning from sunday's pro-democracy each. building steel rods and bathrooms attacked knishes the young long train station in the new territories. as was assaulting students journalists and a politician some tried to escape by boarding a train they were pursued and began what appeared to be targeted assaults at least
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14 reinjured some taken to hospital but the city's chief executive and police commissioner condemned the violence and we absolutely. i do not condone that sort of violent acts and i let me made this clear again violence is not a solution to any problem or violence were only breed more violence. pro-democracy politicians are the most was part of an organized crime group known as triads hide they say to assault campaigners against the extradition bill the politicians also accuse the police of cooperating with the attack it was the slow response to cries for help and you could tell how they were if not to colluding almost coal operating with age other how do you explain dozens of people were injured some very seriously and got the taken to hospital and the
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police didn't manage to arrest one person is a terrorist attack. all the people of hong kong and they want to silence the people of hong kong and create a right white tara and that's why people are wearing white white tara i said again white terror probe asian legislators are being accused of supporting the attacks and the long in a video shared online legislator genius hoed singh giving members of the gang the thumbs up and shaking their hands after the assaults he since defended his actions and denies backing the mob shaking hand to my voters the sugar and to everyone whom i know or how much i don't know is my daily routine so shooting him is not representing that i endorse what they are going to do i don't know those words weren't enough to convince his critics he trashed his office on monday. during sunday's protests tear gas and rubber bullets were used on demonstrators during the
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march on sunday night national emblem of child it was to faced and protests is attacked china's liaison office home to the chinese government in hong kong china's leaders in beijing have warned any insults to the chinese nation won't be tolerated these protests were initially focusing on the proposed extradition law to send fugitives in hong kong for trial in mainland china but it's now a broader campaign with what critics argue is china's tightening grip on this former british territory and is no end in sight to these demonstrations with another rally planned this weekend sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. a fellow head on al-jazeera days of protests forced puerto rico's governor to announce he won't seek reelection but he refuses to resign. and in sport a taste of many war fighting 13th century is brought back to life in russia.
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hello there mostly fine picture across much of the middle east however we all still think why would it work its way really across into georgia heading on up towards the caspian sea it has been doing this for the last a few days it'll systems keep coming through that east and all of the black sea and you can see the ranges lining the shoals that a warm day choosing entre with a high of 30 degrees celsius at 29 across into back story on wednesday although little bit so low that still that rain is finally stop and just sticking to those western shores 44 in kuwait city a very hot day further to the south it is equally halts old though we have seen a slight reduction in temperatures certainly into doha city cheese day no exception again on into wednesday however with that lower temperature does come a significant increase in the humidity so feeling very very sticky very unpleasant
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with a high of 38 on wednesday 30 celsius meanwhile into muscat and have you some nice on shore breeze is the and then we had down into southern africa the rain much needed across the south africa and we should see some of that in the fall calls and not the last few days but certainly by choose it as a front just sliding by so quite a wet day indicates on 14 celsius 28006 degrees above the average a little bit cooler on wednesday with 24. victims. being his posture as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for answers reveals there are often 2 sides to even the dockers to stories
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witness the color of the chameleon on al-jazeera. a conflict that isn't. now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis gloria how many did not all have to die this horrible stock response is almost really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is interesting to watch the amounts of money involved yemen war profiteers coming soon. hello again you're watching al-jazeera
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a reminder of our top stories this hour britain's foreign secretary says the u.k. will try to put together a european led protection missions in the strait of hormuz dim response to iran seizure of a u.k. flagged the oil tanker jeremy hunt called it an act of state piracy iran maintains the seizure was legal. kenya's finance minister has been arrested for alleged corruption and he wrote it is the 1st serving government minister there to be arrested for fraud he denies the accusations. philippine president but to get the territory wants to bring back the death penalty for drug related crimes he tried to ask congress for the real statement during his state of the nation address. and more now on one of our top stories iran's seizure of a british flag oil tanker in the strait of hormuz seems like a tit for tat response to the detention of an iranian super tanker in the strait of gibraltar earlier this month the 2 incidents have some similarities in the case of
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the iranian grace one super tanker the u.k. says the ship was detained in gibraltar's waters under the international law of the sea commercial ships have special rights of passage in certain strategic waterways like the straits of gibraltar local laws do still apply the u.k. says the ship was heading to syria in violation of the e.u. sanctions giving it the right to stop it the stana impaired or was boarded and seized by iranian forces while sailing through the state of hormuz like the strait of gibraltar it has special international status but iran says the stand violated its local maritime law giving it the right to seize the ship for investigation lawrence brennan is an adjunct professor of law at fordham university where he teaches admiralty and international maritime law he joins us via skype now from a touchin in new jersey thanks very much for being with us so if we if we put the put aside the politics of all of this for
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a moment each side is saying that it acted lawfully what does maritime law say about all this. that there are certain rights of transit through international straits that are afforded to all busy ships warships commercial ships government privately owned ships but that does not absolve them from liability and responsibility there has been a history of interception and civil arrest of merchant ships by iran's during the past 35 plus years. 2 years ago a merced container ship was arrested in or near the strait of hormuz allegedly for commercial debt in maritime law ships are treated as if they were persons the same as individuals or corporations and are subject to civil proceedings a unique maritime proceeding is that there is a leant on the ship and the ship can be arrested in most commercial cases the ship
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owner and the insurer and its insurers exchange security a promise to pay in the event settlement or judgment were tween the claimant and the ship owner it's a commercial device used for centuries now done by telephone call or e-mail and in normal commercial relationships where there is trust. which we don't have an either or case in gibraltar of fear the agreement could be reached in little more time than you and i spent talking about it there are standard forms of agreement the negotiations are usually limited to the amount a choice of law proceeding in a venue and like most civil cases $95.00 or more many 5 percent or more settle here we cannot remove the history of what has happened politically for the last few years maybe as far as 40 or 50 or 70 years but we particularly can isolate these 2 incidents from the string of about 10 incidents going back to the middle of may how
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would you compare these 2 incidents then i mean and the suggestion that that there was there may have been and this may have been and to metabo spawns on. iran spawned this season of the u.k. flagged tanker knew that the strength of home was in response to the iranian grace one tanker being being seized by the u.k. in the in the straits of gibraltar is there a moral equivalence there that's all. i don't know if there's a moral equivalent there is an absolute statement prior to the seizure of stan imperial last friday by iranian officials that if the british government do girls government to not release the ship that originally was panamanian flag now seems to be iranian owned or beneficially own if that ship were not released by the gibraltar court a british ship would be seeds and that's precisely what happened a great ensign british ship was seized while operating in international waters. and
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we can discuss the fine points about passage rights through the strait of hormuz. it's complicated because of the overlapping claims of the regime but it's clear that at the beginning of the interception stener imperial was in either of the international side but certainly had a right to transit passage or it was on the omani side the british frigate was not a position to interject itself or into saft itself from the i r g c forces moreover the i.r.g.c. forces used helicopter and fast rule as we've seen in many cases particularly anti pirate cases over the last decade or so. people are going to have to back off the possibility of an unintended conflict escalates every time over these 10 or so incidents in the last $75.00 days we've seen a string of events for many years between the r.g.c.
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vessels and us ships were only be ships and other ships in or at the mouth of the strait of hormuz and they've come very. aquos each test the other the iranian side has figured out the u.s. rules of engagement with mathematical precision 2 numbers of the that and literally ships know how close they can get in a couple of instances there actually have been warning shots fired by u.s. ships they've been done with great. care to avoid conflict in the past but mistakes happen people misjudge an engine or rotor on the ship doesn't work someone gives the wrong order now what we're going to see in the future from. the british foreign minister's comments in the house awards is a series of interrelated naval operations and escorts this is similar to the same problems that the british navy in the us navy encountered in world war 2 when merchant ships were being destroyed going across the north atlantic the
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middle of the ocean wasn't protected right now the british government doesn't have the us government doesn't have in place sufficient escorts nor is there were desire to engage in conflict at the state. if the sides can agree as president trump it to not respond when eram shot down an unmanned u.s. drone and there was no direct retaliatory action things might be able to come down but if every step is met by a greater and more violent staff the possibility of a negotiated agreement to the immediate problems and then the longer range problem of negotiations between the united states and iran and iran and the rest of the world over the j c.p.o. way just will never be addressed all right good to get your analysis on this lawrence brown and joining us from new jersey thank you thank you now the vote to
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decide who will become britain's next prime minister has closed to us from the city bonn now with more from our european fuel costs and. thank you has an yes the conservative leadership contest has been fought by boris johnson he's regarded as the front runner on the foreign secretary jeremy hunt the result will be announced on tuesday with the winner taking office a day later let's go live to al-jazeera is andrew symonds who's in westminster in central london for us and andrew the votes are in what else has been happening in westminster today. well 1st of all yes you're right he's not only the favorite he's a dead cert it will be a massive surprise if boris johnson doesn't get the leadership of the tory party and in turn then the prime minister's position in the united kingdom what's been markedly active just lately is a rush of resignations where they are resignations ahead of time to ministers in the cabinet wanting to get out before they're fired the principal one philip
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hammond the finance minister chance to the extent as it's known here has made it clear that he will resign when it's a reason may go to the queen to buckingham palace on wednesday to put in her resignation there is really quite a adult feel to wall of this because this country is going into the unknown once more with bracks it isn't just a change of faces and a change of of a political thrust it's really quite some would say a reckless policy on the part of boris johnson who has made it quite clear that he'll go right talked over the 31st without a deal and go out of the e.u. take britain out of the you without a deal he has backing for that he may try and put parliament's one side despite some mechanism that's already been put through parliament to try and protect it with a bit will not have a say potentially so that is the key issue and that has caused so much
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consternation however he does have a lot of support out there amongst the tory faithful if as is possible that there will be a general election the whole thing could collapse because the e.u. is firm in its resolve not to change anything not to renegotiate to stick with the original withdrawal agreement with the northern ireland backstop installed as well which has been rejected 3 times by the mother of all parliaments and what a huge. crisis that could this could be for the country and not only just the worry about what's going to develop economically with predictions that crashing out of the e.u. it will be pushing the u.k. into a total financial crisis a recession a self-inflicted recession but also that different point of view that this is the man to get the job done now all top of all lists of all these issues layer upon
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layer of them there's also the issue of those who have had no say in all of this remember only just short of 200000 members are in the tory party they've had their votes but what about the 46800000 registered voters that's the 2700 figure that got to reason may be in power now what about that what about that position because it is quite. a position that totally polarizes the electorate in scotland well there's real anger there i went up to edinburgh to find out what the mood was like. put simply most of scotland thinks the conservative leadership contest is a catastrophe in the making even scottish party leaders believe johnson as prime minister is going to cause deep divisions between england and scotland a few hours here in edinburgh and we can't find one scott with
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a good word to say about him. unbelievable. and some of the reasons why. people. say disappointed. because i think it was a very party. and. never seen. opinion polls break the hostility down like this most scots don't trust johnson with the economy but he won't do any good for bringing people together over breaks it and he'll put party before country furthermore his policies will lead to independence. on one hand we could be dragged out of europe the scottish national party sees this as a 2nd opportunity for
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a referendum on scottish independence the 1st votes in 2014 decided no to breaking away from the u.k. but now opinion polls say that's changed a 5th of no vote last time around are saying they would switch to yes purely because of course johnson being the prime minister to find that level of movement from no to guests is completely unprecedented in terms of what we found my 1st priority is obviously the union but is it speaking here in perth on the campaign trail johnson failed to convince most of the scottish party officially supported it tech support. on the union it takes the boxes on the economy it takes the box protecting farmers under pressure this is takes the promise of leaving it up i would see. something about that makes people want to follow. those words won't convince most of the rest of scotland people are still alarmed by accusations
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against johnson despite his denials what would so walter scott make of it did johnson lie in the campaign and get economical with the truth elsewhere to scott's may well quote just one line from their famous writer oh what a tangled web we weave when 1st we practice to deceive andrew simmons. at oprah. and successor to terry's amazed you to take office on wednesday suddenly being a bumpy ride for the prime minister his failure to deliver bricks it has left politics bitterly divide it looks back at may's time number 10 downing street. relaxed smiling and promising to make britain fairer 3 years on does anyone remember this to resume. we will make britain a country that works not for a privileged few but for every one of us the former home secretary came to power knowing the process of leaving the e.u.
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was her biggest challenge we've heard mind try. to deal with social and racial inequalities as world she was also the 1st leader to visit president trump after his election although the relationship was never the warmest from the start though she sought to define what bricks it should be and quickly announced a deadline for starting the 2 year e.u. divorce process without cross party consultations and we now know against the advice of senior diplomats there were people in the labor benches who were almost sick. caroline flint's lisa. arrested and and she ignored that for a long long time because she wanted to. carry the conservative party with she should have realized that that was a no a nonstarter after negotiations with brussels got going may surprise most people by calling an early general election hoping to boost her small majority and promising one thing above all.


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