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ladies and gentlemen please welcome jeremy holmes and boyce johnson. i don't and lazy judgements are now some adults over the leadership election but he's welcome i would study offices that show get them and charles will come. i don't
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know. well thank you brandon can i thank you and your team at conservative central office for doing a fantastic job it's been a team effort and shown the conservative family at its best and if i could make one plainly as a backbencher can we be kind to the next prime minister than we've been to the current prime minister. is it so without further to that i'm going to hand you over to the wonderful co-chair of the 922 committee jane cheryl. thank you very much charles on the 24th of may the prime minister the right
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honorable theresa may announced that she would be standing down as leader of our party on the 7th of june and over the past 46 days in 1022 committee organized 5 ballots of members of parliament and then worked with the party chairman and the electoral reform services to present the final 2 candidates say all qualifying members of the conservative and unionist party could vote for our new leader i want to check a child's thanks to brandon and in particular to the party board and the party star or less sterling work on the hustings and also the ers who have conducted a very professional operation collecting and counting the votes from home and abroad and also the 922 executive. especially my cochairman charles walker with him it has been a pleasure to work and at least we have brought equality to the top of the 1922
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committee. gender balance is important. and the offices of the 1922 committee said geoffrey clifton brown bob blackman and nigel evans all together here today and our own elementary staff who have given up their spare time to help conduct what i believe has been a very successful election finally i would like to thank all those party members who voted and those who stood in the election and particularly my colleagues jeremy hunt and or strengths and who despite the challenges of a contest run in the glare of press comment and public scrutiny i believe have emerged as worthy candidates for the position of leader of our.
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now i think you've all been waiting long enough. but in the on edge tradition i'm going to ask my beautiful assistant to hand and hand me the on the late for the announcement a title. it's called teamwork. i danger will given the joint returning officer for the conservative and unionist party leadership election declared that the total number of eligible electors was 159320 the turnout in the election was 87.4 percent the total number of ballot papers rejected was $509.00 and the total number of votes given to each candidate was as follows jeremy hunt.
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46656 or is johnson 92153 and therefore i give notice that boris johnson is elected as the leader of the constat you were it was with having a moment when the dame sarah get on the co-chair of the 922 conservative committee announced the numbers that we've all been waiting for she said jeremy hunt. i listen to my stance has to say about this because this will you will i think. it was very much it with thank you sir thank you charles thank you very much brandon for a fantastic but actually we're organized campaign i think it did a lot of credit as as brian has just said to our party to our values and to our
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ideals but i want to begin by thanking my opponent jeremy by common consent absolutely formidable campaigner and a great leader and a great politician join me in the course of 20 r.c.c. more i mean 20 hustings or hostin style events it was more than 3000 miles by the is about 7000 miles that we did crisscrossing the country you've been friendly you've been good natured you've been a front of excellent ideas all of which i propose to steal. and above all i want to thank going leda tourism mary for her extraordinary service to this party and to this country it was a. was
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it was a privilege to serve in her cabinet and to see the passion and determination that she brought to the many causes that are her legacy from equal pay for men and women to tackling the problems of mental health and racial discrimination in the criminal justice system thank you to reason thank you and i want to thank all of you all of you here today obviously everybody in the conservative party for your hard work for your campaigning and i feel public spirit and obviously for the extraordinary honor and privilege that you've just conferred on me and i. know that there will be people around the place who will question the wisdom of your decision and i may even be some people here who still wonder what quite what they have done and i would just point out you that because nobody there one party no one person
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has a monopoly of wisdom but if you look at the history of the last 200 years of this party's existence you will see that it is we conservatives who have had the best insights i think into human nature and in the best interventions that it how to manage the jostling sets of instincts in the human heart. and time and again it is to us that the people of this country have turned to get that balance right between the instinct to own your own house your own home to spend your own money to look after your own family good instincts proper instincts noble instincts and the equally noble instinct to share and to give everyone a fair chance in life. and to look after the poorest of the neediest and to build a great society and on the whole of the last 200 years it is we conservatives who have understood best how to encourage those instincts to work together in harmony
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to promote the good of the whole country and today at this pivotal moment in our history we again have to reconcile 2 sets of instincts to noble set of instincts between the deep desire for friendship and free trade and mutual support in security and defense between britain and our european partners and the similar taking its desire equally deep and heartfelt for democratic self-government in this country. and of course or some people say that there irreconcilable and it just can't be done and indeed i read in my financial times this morning devoted reader that i have seriously the great great great great british great british press that i read in my financial times this morning that there are no incoming leader there incoming leader has ever faced such
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a daunting set of circumstances it said when i look at you this morning and i ask myself do you look daunted. do you feel don't lead i don't think i don't think you have remade me don't tell me and i think that we know that we can do it and that the people of this country are trusting in us to do it and we know that we will do it and we know the mantra of the campaign that has just gone by in case you've forgotten it. you probably have to go to college it is deliver brick city unite the country and defeat jeremy corbyn and that is going to hurt. you. i don't know i know it's not somewhere it goes already pointed out that deliver it
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night and defeat was not the perfect acronym for election campaign since our portion it spells doubt but they forgot the final easy my friend peter energize and i say i say to all the doctors. we are going to energize the country we're going to get bricks it done on october 31st to take advantage of all the opportunities that it will bring in a new spirit of can do and we are once again going to believe in ourselves and what we could achieve unlike some slumbering giant we're going to rise and paying off the guy ropes are so tight and negativity with better education better infrastructure more police fantastic full fiber broadband sprouting in every household we are going to unite this amazing country and we are going to take it forward i thank you all very much for the incredible honor that you've just done me i will work flat out from now on with my team that i will build i hope for the next few days to repay your confidence but in the mean time the campaign is over and the
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work begins thank you all very much. so you have live pictures that come from the queen's about the 2nd convention center in london of the results of the conservative party leadership race i suppose no surprises one by boris johnson that with 92153 votes against jeremy hunt's 46656 a bust on some pretty much doubling jeremy hunt's tally he was ecstatic and extremely high spirited as you saw it. he said that. the tour is of course will build unity for the whole of the country he talked about the deep desire to maintain ties with europe but also the need for democratic self governance by the united kingdom and he went on to say that the mission for the conservative party going forward was to deliver briggs it and to defeat the labor party leader jeremy corbyn he talked about he wanted to energize the party and the country to deliver
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brigs it on october 31st so there you have it live pictures there coming from london where that result that much anticipated result was just announced let's bring in lawrence lee who's been watching the proceedings outside the center. so no surprises boris johnson now the new leader of the conservative party not yet the prime minister that happens tomorrow he spoke after the vote after those numbers were delivered just talk us through the numbers and what he had to say lawrence. oh well let me guess is as he said he got exactly double the vote jeremy hunt so it was it was a not exactly a thrashing but it was senate comprehensive victory for him. as everybody had had anticipated and they that the membership of the conception of the 1st thing to say to the members of the conservative party who voted for him is absolutely in system the brics it has to happen and it was a most extraordinary
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a poll of conservative party members a few weeks ago the sets of them what would you give up for exit to happen and it was things like scotland's that's fine independent scotland northern ireland that can go to poverty and hardship that's fine we can have that the only thing they said they wouldn't give up for x. it could be a chair with b.p. for jenny colvin to be in power and this and this is the only insofar as chelsea speaking to rectitude in that that that distilled essence of boris johnson that you just saw that him say come on we can do it and he pushed the sound forward like this all the time and if he we can do it where where english the british the only source of white what's to stop us doing what we want to do. is a direct appeal to to those people and plainly his strategy is to is to force bracks and over the line on the 31st of october come hell or high water as he said himself and then have a general election at some point further down the line and be jeremy coleman
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because that's what the policy won't see the problem here is that there's any number of people around here who would say he's got that the wrong way round and in fact what will happen because the so little appetite for a no deal brecht sits in his own party let alone elsewhere in the country that people will have to happen as a general election before he gets a chance to do it representative of those of us and if the election happens before them and there's no guarantee that rex it will ever happen until i let alone boris johnson carrying on and but that the thing that makes everybody so angry about boris johnson people don't like him is that he seems to be ignored. the obstacles in front of him things like you know the european union and the irish border and all the sort of thing and says oh never mind all that let's just get on and do it and if that's really ignorance of the facts on the obstacles in this way to make so many people think it's actually going to be a 1000000 times more difficult to do with anything since you're an annoyance it's worth pointing out to our viewers that this is the 1st time a prime minister has been elected by party members or not m.p.'s or the wider
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electorate but many senior ministers as we've been discussing this morning are already dessert in bars aren't they. 6 yes and in the context of the fact that the conservative party even with the democratic units of northern ireland have a current majority i think it's 3 actually at the moment and that may become 2 in a week or two's time because a by election in wales which the liberal democrats look like they're going to win so that they've got virtually no majority at all as he sees and consequently if you have even half a dozen say conserve m.p.'s are the other important think like philip hammond the chancellor it was said he's going to resign tomorrow or even backbenchers who really won't support a note. it only means a few of them have to support. a vote of no confidence in the government for the government to collapse because they wouldn't be able to get enough labor
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politicians from the other side who support no deal so to head to balance it out and that's the enormous problem for boris johnson because when in september the labor party presents a version a comment in the government's if no deal is still in bars johnson's mind then endorsement is not they got to go through that vote no confidence thinking that he could easily lose it or he's got to call an election and face jeremy corbyn everybody else down and say this is going to be an election based on my demand for a no till breakfast and so that election and that then would effectively become a 2nd referendum in its in its own terms and so simply saying to all these party faithful here come on chaps let's go and do it it isn't going to work because there's just too many people who don't buy the entire can see to. me that at the queen elizabeth the 2nd center in london where those results of the new took the tory party leadership were just announced lawrence thank you for that let's cross over now to westminster and talk to jonah hall who's live there for us now jonah so i mean the main issues that tripped up to reason may will also be the main hurdles
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for boris johnson he does face immense challenges at home and abroad particularly though over briggs it. absolutely as lawrence was allowed mining there i mean here it's the same with the parliament with the same if not virtual verging on the slightly worse numbers in terms of what he's trying to get through the only way that that changes with the general election and without that boris johnson he's going to find it in uphill struggle let's bring in my guest jerry jones former spokesman for to reason may and joe you know during the campaign boris johnson was often accused by he's opponents his fellow candidates of replacing substance and detail with this kind of fantastic optimism he did it again there didn't the said we can do it that we must believe in ourselves we will get this done the difficult part is explaining how yes i think that's fair having said that this particular speech which was basically sank all
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those involved in the in the whole campaign process and it's before he's actually allowed in to eat into town and straight to become prime minister would have been the moment to lay out a full platform to govern i think we will expect to see some more substance when he speaks on his return to downing street tomorrow so in the street and then of course he's also chosen i think to make a speech in call them on on the thursday morning so the time for that sort of substance and it is then i will do it whether we might see a different boris johnson in this particular speech a bit more if you like so. with that mantle law of power and prime ministerial sorority descending all to him and i think it was actually very true to himself in the moment that well i mean it when it was quite quite serious and yet still with
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the big rhetorical flourishes about you know casting off the bombs of self-doubt and all the rest of. it you know he said he wants to be true to forests. as well the problem is that you know he's talking about energizing and you know one thing i'm projecting that theme and think it through out the entire country he can get a thumping victory within the conservative. grassroots but he's still a bit of a moment character in large parts of the united kingdom and less than that in places like scotland the northern arc and of course of the united his own party at m.p. level is going to be difficult enough when he does start setting out that detail tomorrow on wednesday and in parliament on thursday a lot of moderates potentially rebels in his own party will be watching closely for signs of how dedicated he really is to the idea of a no deal breaks and they may be ready to jump ship and rob him of his majority all together or you actually think he's been pretty clear about what he wants to do on
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rights and he and jeremy jeremy haun really had basically the same one which was that they'd go by they'd renegotiate in a new spirit with a new personality they would be able to persuade brussels of the merits of the technological solutions that the border between northern ireland and the republic that thus far they've been extremely doubtful about so the plan is there it's just that the plan has been tried before by to reason by in fact and then found wanting so we'll have to just have to see if it cuts the muster difference being this idea of the brinkmanship max in which he has made the idea of a no deal very real in the minds of brussels and he will hope that will force them to concede but you know what for a long long time we would still work what to read which way to reason may would jump when confronted with nobody i remember reading articles saying that she was resigned to go to. you know bar by by people who were speaking to a voice is right at the apex all of downing street so even that is not new it may
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mean it may be that he believes it more profoundly but we've tried that before that's why i think actually we're probably going to end up in a sit. which is reasonable easily reasonably easy to predict at the end of october he has to either bite the bullet or not no deal will go for a general election joe it will leave it there thanks so much for your thoughts prime minister number 77 therefore he's not officially of course confirmed that will happen on wednesday but as leader of the conservative party boris johnson will visit the queen on wednesday and then enter the doors at number 10 as prime minister he will indeed join a hole there in westminster jonah thank you so i'm jonah looks back now at boris johnson's rise to the top. it looks like the forest johnson and brussels have a history together and it doesn't point to a happy conclusion as a young reporter based in the city johnson specialized in sometimes fabricated front page stories belittling european bureaucracy he's editor at the time
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describes johnson's willingness to tell any audience whatever he thinks most likely to please heedless of the inevitability of its contradiction an hour later so mike johnson's declarations on similarly be promises made to win over his party without the substance or detail to back them up. and of. course be pushed into action so as to be ready to come out october. 31st a 1st come what may come of their. daughter who was head of communications under boris johnson when he was mayor of london boris johnson's time at city hall show that he's more than capable of doing detail he doesn't drown it he doesn't allow officials to come up with excuses for not doing things which is why he delivered almost everything he promised as mere and if he was to be that bulldozer
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if you like refusing to take no for an answer in number 10 then he could be he could be a successful prime minister as mayor for 8 years johnson was a flamboyant salesman for the city with a self-effacing charm that indeed him to many but the challenge of downing street will far outweigh the city on both sides people are not all together convinced that he is as sincere about this as he has been in other things. but we're about to find out and frankly the way he's now been selected with to save the party he's got very little room for maneuver so what however this journey started he is now the leader of the press a party. all but name and that's what he has to deliver or it'll all be over very very quickly boris johnson famously prepared to news paper columns favoring both leave and remain before opting to support the leave campaign ahead of the 2016 referendum some wonder now whether he'll be persuaded to opt for
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a soft breaks it compromise once the realities facing his heart breaks it promises become clear i think if you face a huge challenge i mean any any party takes faces huge constraints in terms of both what the e.u. will agree to and what parliament will agree to and he might say that he's going to leave the e.u. on the 31st of october do or delhi fundamentally that is not an issue entirely in his gift and it wouldn't surprise me at all if behind the scenes his team are preparing for a possible general election in the autumn because it might well go wrong supporters compared johnson to winston churchill a crisis leader the e.u. won't call his bluff they suggest because no one knows what he might do next 7. but the resistance is strong he has absolutely no chance of getting his bricks through on october 31st yes he did say do so on november the 1st if we fall in on this sort johnson has reached the pinnacle of
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power in british politics wielding it won't be easy jonah london. when a key challenge facing britain's new prime minister is to contain the ongoing tension with iran says it doesn't want a confrontation with the u.k. over the seizure of a british flag the oil tanker u.k. foreign secretary hunt's calling for a european led naval mission to ensure safe shipping through the strait of hormuz knots where iran sees the last friday claiming it was violating international maritime law the u.k. is calling it an act of state piracy. i think it is very important for booth drones on c.n.n. . 10 downing street to understand. it on does not seek confrontation. one who. normal relations based on mutual respect such a body has more now from the iranian capital iran's 1st vice president has said
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that the idea of forming a coalition to troll and a monitor the travels of the ships that go through the strait of hormuz and it's the area around it is absolutely not necessary at the idea is that the iranians are responsible for the security of this region as well as regional countries the idea our foreign forces in these international waters is something that could further destabilize the region this was a sentiment that's also been shared by the head of iran's naval forces who said that foreign forces in these waters could actually be stabilized their region further now if the iraqi prime minister of all of the met he has also been in tehran meeting with iran's president hassan rouhani of course the security of the strait of hormuz is critical for the iraqi government because 85 percent of their oil supply travels through the strait of hormuz so naturally the security of that region is very important to them as well and the iranian president hassan rouhani
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stressed that that further ties between the 2 countries could only ensure more security and stability in the region. russia says it's carried out its 1st long range patrol with china and the asia pacific region a defense ministry statement says the exercise was aimed at increasing corporation in the region not directed at any 3rd country south korea had earlier said it fired warning shots at russian military aircraft that violated its airspace both russia and china have dismissed the allegation beijing says all countries enjoy freedom of movement in the region meanwhile japan is lodging a protest saying south korean aircraft operated near the island that tokyo sees as japanese territory of south korea later someone the senior russian diplomat over the incident. the reason why we summoned the russian deputy chief of mission without prior notice is to lodge a stern protest on russian aircraft entering the korean air defense identification zone and violation of our airspace and strongly urge them to prevent
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a reoccurrence of kenya's finance minister has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges henry wrote it appeared in court earlier on tuesday he's accused of awarding contracts and payments for the construction of dams when italian owned company can use public prosecutor says it will seek the extradition of the company's chief to face corruption charges. at least 3 people have been killed in nigeria's capital a bougie south of violence broke out between police and a group of shia muslim protesters police say one of those killed was an officer who tried to stop protesters from vandalizing property the demonstrators were calling for the release of abraham zaki the leader of the islamic movement of nigeria. and protesters demanding the resignation of puerto rico's governor say they won't back down. police in the capital sana one fired tear gas to break up a 10 successive protest outside ricardo rosales he said he won't seek reelection next year but isn't quitting as leader of the u.s.
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territory the protests began when messages were leaked of him and sultan women the disabled and victims of hurricane maria. let's get a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera. boris johnson is elected as the leader of the confederacy and. as you've been hearing boris johnson has just been named as the next leader of britain's ruling conservative party the former foreign secretary an ex mayor of london is expected to take over as prime minister on the wednesday after theresa may formally steps down johnson the current foreign 2nd jeremy hunt for the top job is what he told conservative party members after he was declared the winner we are going to unite this amazing country we are going to take it forward i thank you very much for the incredible honor that you've just done me i will work flat out from now on with my team that i will build i hope the next few
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days to repay your corporate is but in the meantime the campaign is over and the work begins when a key challenge facing britain's new prime minister is to contain ongoing tensions with iran in comments directed at johnson before he was declared leader iran's foreign minister said teran does not want a confrontation with the u.k. over the seizure of a british flag oil tanker jeremy hunt is calling for a european led naval mission to ensure safe shipping in the strait of hormuz. russia says it's carried out its 1st long range patrol with china in the asia pacific region a defense ministry statement says the exercise was aimed at increasing corporation in the region and not directed at any 3rd country meanwhile south korea earlier said it fired warning shots at russian military aircraft that violated its airspace both russia and china have dismissed that allegation beijing's has all come from enjoying freedom of movement in the region kenya's finance minister has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges and rewrite it appeared in court earlier on tuesday he
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is accused of awarding contracts and payments for the construction of dams 20 tahlia known company kenya's public prosecutor says it will seek the extradition of the company's chief to face corruption charges. at least 3 people have been killed in nigeria's capital a bougie of south of violence broke out between police and a group of shia muslim protesters police say one of those killed was an officer who tried to stop but just as from vandalizing property the demonstrators were calling for the release of. the leader of these bombing movement of not jewish. all right so those were the headlines the news continues on his era of the inside story so much and also watching.
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the philippine president outlines his plan for the future and wants the death penalty brain traduce for drug dealers while many filipinos support his policies his critics the man his resignation has rodrigo detected in live aid on his promises this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program for rodrigue is a divisive president for many filipinos his praise by his supporters for combat in crime and corruption but his opponents.


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