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oh sure is monogamy on a 0. this is al-jazeera. as i'm speaking of this is the news hour live from dot coming up in the next 60 minutes it is. bricks it unite the country and defeat. boris johnson lays out his plan as britain's next prime minister. iran warns any attempt to form an international coalition to protect shipping in the gulf will only bring in security to the region. japan takes south korea off the list of favored trading partners as a dispute between the 2 turns bitter. and funerals in
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nigeria's capital after police clash with shall muslim protests. the man who led the campaign for braggs it will now have to deliver it boris johnson becomes the u.k.'s new prime minister on wednesday after he won the race to lead the government in conservative party he has vowed to take the u.k. out of the e.u. by the end of october do or die but johnson needs to unite the divided party an even even a more polarized nation the barco reports. it was a 2 horse race but there's only have a been one front runner boris johnson demolished his rival foreign secretary jeremy hunt with double the number of votes to become leader of the conservatives and on wednesday the country has now repair a party and a nation torn apart by bricks it deliver bricks it unite the country and defeat
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jeremy corbett thank you no from somewhere it was already pointed out that deliver you night and defeat was not the perfect acronym for an election campaign since you are pushing its bills dud but they forgot the final easy my friends the energize and i say i say to all the doctors dude we are going to energize the country we're going to get bricks it done on october 3rd he was going to take advantage of all the opportunities that it will bring in a new spirit of can do boris johnson has a clear mandate among conservatives to lead the party but his do or die promise to leave the e.u. on october 31st even without a deal has polarized and panicked many of his opponents. he doesn't have the qualities to make any kind of prime minister having no standards whatsoever of trades and the best city and take me today i think it's very easy to see the
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similarities between from forrest the both. of us told. and they both say fly by the seat. and make up the policy as they go along there is a wave of worry about what boris johnson's leadership might look like also a huge amount of anger directed at grassroots members of the conservative party i'm conservative m.p.'s for making were the most divisive figure is in modern british politics the next leader of the country earlier in the day cabinet ministers a rifle teresa mayes last meeting as prime minister many of these ministers will be asking how johnson can succeed. to resume a failed were actually just the same just the same political paralysis as we thought before and unless it is through some sort of political alchemy able to unlock that. given he's raised expectations pretty. the recriminations could be venomous one big expectation raised by johnson is of a new brakes
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a deal with brussels the use repeatedly said it won't reopen negotiations but as the blocks chief breaks it negotiated tweeted the use ready for dialogue moments after johnson's win was declared bookmakers were taking bets on his demise $5.00 to $1.00 to be the shortest serving prime minister ever he could face a no confidence vote if he fails to deliver on his promises for many months johnson speed on the political margins criticizing the government and often courting controversy now at the center of british politics everything appears to have changed when it comes to pranks it many question whether anything will change at all. al-jazeera london. is the newly appointed e.u. commission chief congratulated bias johnson she warned of challenging times ahead on their land says both sides have a duty to deliver a good deal on the u.k.'s exit from the block has the european reaction from paris
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. well the main concern for many european leaders really is what world boris johnson's appointment mean for the briggs's process boris johnson has made it very clear that he doesn't wish to shy away from a deal breaks it but a no deal breaks it is something that most european leaders have been saying all along for months and for years it's something they would like to avoid they say that it doesn't serve the interests of any member state in the european union and that it doesn't serve the interests of britain and they've worked very hard to push away a no deal scenario so they'll be very worried about boris johnson's next move now we've heard from some key european figures the french president's a man or my car who congratulated boris johnson on his appointment as britain's new prime minister he said he looked forward to working with not just on breaks it but on other issues in which france has collaborated with britain very closely such as
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iran we also heard from the main break that negotiator michel barnier who said that he looks forward to now completing the brakes a process if you like to an orderly breaks it also heard from another european leader who took perhaps a different angle on boris johnson's appointment sylvaine iraqi is the a far right interior minister of italy also italy deputy prime minister and he said in a tweet that because boris johnson was seen by the left wing as a dangerous more dangerous than matter you sylviane is far right party that so made boris johnson for meto so vinnie a very likable character indeed a conservative party m.p. nigel evans says he has total confidence johnson can deliver on bridge and he spoke earlier with andrew symonds. you've got briggs it boris on the one hand and then you've got domestic policy for us as well 2 very different characters and i heard
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boris johnson speak in the house of commons earlier this evening to conservative backbenchers twice he said we are leaving the european union on october 31st of morris wants to leave with a deal a mission barney a the that the french negotiator must want us to leave with the deal as well and that's what a negotiation is all about now. as superglued to resume a's withdrawal agreement to his hand well i'm afraid it's going to be useless because that was all agreement is dead as teresa mayes premiership and as you know she goes tomorrow to buckingham palace to officially offer her resignation what we're looking at now is a new deal a deal that is in the best interests of european union and the united kingdom but there is no agreement whatsoever on that i mean really let me put it to you this way that this is seen by so many people within the united kingdom not just here but worldwide as like driving a car 100 miles an hour towards
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a cliff you've got to be prepared not to put the brakes on you know be good to actually be prepared to do it people think it's reckless well michel barnier never believed to reason may was prepared to leave the european union without it even though in the house of commons he said no deal is better than a bad deal and she brought back this bad deal which she tried to get through parliament 3 times 3 times it was rejected the withdrawal agreement is dead now michel barnier is dealing with a different prime minister he's dealing with the prime minister that campaign for briggs it believes in bragg's it and will deliver briggs it may we saw it as a disaster that needed mitigating he sees it as opportunities to be taken and that is the huge difference in that it can get to come to terms with this and start and they go see asian every time he said no to reason may she came back and said oh they won't have that so you have to think of something else. a u.s. president donald trump has praised boris johnson's election saying he's popular
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because he's seen as britain's trump we have a really good man is going to be the prime minister of the u.k. now force the white house and smart. they say britain truck they can print up and speak with st that's a good thing that they like me over there that's what they want out of the us was the one they made you'll get it done for us is good he's going to do a good job britain's next prime minister will immediately find himself in the middle of a diplomatic standoff with iran it's only denmark the netherlands and france are backing britain's proposal for a european led naval mission to ensure safe shipping through the strait of hormuz that's where iran sees the u.k. flagged oil tanker on friday better iran's deputy foreign minister says it will secure the strait and not allow any disturbance to shipping also jabari has more from the iranian capital tehran. iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif is
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the 1st official to comment on the latest developments out of london the foreign minister tweeted that the may government seizure of iranian oil at behest of the us is piracy pure and simple i congratulate my former counterpart boris johnson becoming u.k.'s prime minister iran does not seek confrontation we have 1500 miles of persian gulf coast line these are our waters and we will protect them his sentiments are shared by other high ranking officials in iran we've heard from the 1st vice president who also said that the suggestion of a coalition force to patrol the waters of the strait of hormuz and guarded the ships that pass through it is absolutely not necessary and that iran is capable of providing security to the ships in the strait of hormuz and it is up to iran and the regional countries to ensure the safety of their waters meanwhile we've
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understood that there has been the extraordinary meeting called in vienna for sunday july 28th between the remaining signatories of the j c p oh wait that's a 2015 uclear agreement the iranians will want to discuss the lack of commitment to the nuclear agreement by the remaining signatories mainly the european ones that's britain france and germany on tuesday the iranian president has this bachelor that heating foreign minister. with a letter for french president. she will deliver this letter to the president in paris we understand that this is really the last ditch effort to try and salvage what is left of this 2015 nuclear deal because iran is insisting that it will continue to scale back its commitments every 60 days until it sees some tangible results on what the europeans have been promising under this deal. robert hunter is
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a former u.s. ambassador to nato and currently senior fellow at the center for transatlantic relations at john hopkins university he told me earlier that europe will be trying to persuade boris johnson not to rush into a close relationship with donald trump. we now have 2 people who are seem bent on destruction one the grand ayatollah in iran mr hominidae and the other is is mr trump and they're both playing a game which is amazingly dangerous and which now is at the mercy of something happening locally and if a little iranian vessel attacks an american warship if there's an attack the other way this can suddenly explode so everybody outside of these 2 leaders these 2 countries want to see this thing deescalate it i shouldn't say 2 countries because most people in the united states don't want to war either i don't think mr trump
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wants a war but i don't think he knows how to control things because quite frankly he doesn't have the experience and he does now the people around him to tell him how to do it what about they did the boss johnson factor in all of a so they would with the new british prime minister taking over from wednesday how does that play into that in the current standoff between britain and iran over the seizure of the british flag tank one thing johnson is going to want to do is to show mr trump that he is supporting the american hard confrontation line with with iran and i suspect that's one reason the europeans are going to get together with this new british prime minister and say no hold on a 2nd you know and we know that getting rid of the j. c.p.o. of the agreement altogether i just increases the chance of conflict decreases the sense of stability increases the chances of
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a steep rise in oil prices and please don't get in bed with the american president too soon but we'll see how a tosser wants to play it and trump is having a wonderful time finding a way to weaken it one effort both the european union and britain. a syrian state media has reported an attack in the country's mountainous region of tal that's in there are province reports say several israeli missiles were fired the area is known to be a base for iranian backed fighters no casualties have been reported a south korea has warned japan against its plan to take seoul off its list of trusted trading partners to plant plans to remove south korea from its white list of trusted importers saying that seoul has inadequate export control measures in a news conference on wednesday south korea's industry minister. said the move would undermine their economic and security partnership probabilities in seoul and joins
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me live now so what else are they saying at this news conference them. that's right as i mean has been a pretty strongly worded reaction as you might expect from south korea really reiterating their position that they have been stating now for the past few weeks they say that it does undermine the economic and security cooperation between the 2 neighbors also potentially is a destabilizing factor in northeast asia so that there is some concern this list. of countries that receive preferential treatment when it comes to exports of strategic components from japan high technology components and so on that japan doesn't want to fall into the hands of potential adversaries so it's important for south korea to be trusted and to remain on this list and is something of an insult not to be included on this list and of course it makes worse this trade dispute
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between japan and south korea that began earlier this month when japan put restrictions on the export of very specialized chemicals and plastics which are needed by high tech manufacturers here in south korea for the production of semiconductors now why is that important well because the way global supply chains work and those components and microchips are used not only here in production of devices in south korea but also in places like china so there is a concern of a regional knock on effect from this as a what's the likely response from tokyo then following this strong statement from seoul. they are likely to continue their strong stance that they've been repeating for the past few weeks because of course the underlying issue too to all of this has not gone away it still exists here in south korea and that's the decision by courts here in south korea to penalize japanese firms among them mitsubishi heavy industry for alleged atrocities during world war 2 specifically the use of slave
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labor now the courts here of ordered those companies to pay compensation japan says that this is a political decision out of course the concern here is the potential undermining of the strategic relationship between south korea and japan coming at a time of increased tensions here you've had the incursion by russian and chinese long range aircraft into the sea separating these 2 neighbors you have john bolton the u.s. security advisor is visiting at the moment south korea and japan trying to drum up support for things like protection of tankers in the gulf and also north korea remember that one these allies are meant to be on the same page presenting a united front when it deals with north korea and of course this trade dispute and this ongoing row between the 2 over japan's world war 2 record obviously undermines all of that doesn't rob thanks for that ride in seoul for us. oh we've got plenty
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more ahead on this new kenya's finance minister pleads not guilty to corruption charges. a day much of washington has been waiting for we preview wednesday's congressional testimony from former u.s. special counsel robert muller. and later in sport the players getting ready to experience what their captain has called the pinnacle for irish cricket. all that still ahead but 1st venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly has voted to rejoin a regional defense treaty adding more pressure on the government of president nicolas maduro assembly members led by opposition leader who were forced to hold a session outside it because of the ongoing nationwide of blackouts the government is blaming its rivals for sabotaging the power grid but the opposition says the
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cuts have been caused by the government's own mismanagement or pedro is founder and managing director of b. and v advisors he joins us now from washington thanks so much for being with us so just broadly speaking 1st of all how do you gauge the current state of affairs between between what do know and the opposition leader. after 6 months of this. jewel between them now. well i think without any doubt nobody expected that would be 6 months into this process with this competing claims on the presidency remains to be seen how this gets resolved but the fact that we are celebrating the 6 month anniversary is quite important 1st because it proves the resilience of a government that refuses to let go a regime that's holding on for dear life but also the steadfast support that will
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half from the democracies of the world ever majority of the next well that's and this stalemate however is sadly at a huge cost to the population we're seeing a huge damage to the economy and increasing flow of people out of the country and almost no hope that any of the problems people are facing can be solved by. what about the did the talks that are being facilitated by no way to to produce some sort of a a peaceful outcome do you think. i mean how confident are you that that's going to happen. well the talks are happening and i think it's important that they're happening this is a they've been many efforts before of a dialogue a negotiation and in every opportunity the government has proven to have no desire to negotiate this time it's negotiating with a lot of pressure the european union has informed motherhood of that if there is no
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agreement of sanctions would be applied fairly heavy sanctions were planted on their country countries that are supported by little like russia and china are now very much behind this dialogue and want a solution and the solution we're seeking through this negotiation is an electoral solution a new presidential election so the fact that russia is now pushing for this is a pretty important set of pressures that modo is facing just just that fact because it was russia who observe the elections of may of last year which the world declared a farce but russia said that had been perfect that there observe that the system worked so the fact that at this stage with russia has now added its name to the people who are asking for a political change and for a new election that's quite important i'm not that confident that there would be an outcome but i am pretty sure that if there isn't an outcome i think the pressure is going to come i'm a little is probably going to be unbearable so what's the what's the plan be here
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then particularly for. and the opposition because. he of course had cold. high ranking officials from the military to to to switch sides in abandonment but that never happened and the criticism even back then was that he had no no plan b. well i think before we talk about plan b. just in the culture of the military i think the us or military did not survive as an institution did not survive the bolivarian revolution that all the rest of the situations the country it's also been decimated what you're seeing is a military that's paralyzed by divisions is now that it's supporting mother and not and opposing why though it actually it's incapable of supporting my little and incapable of supporting way though and capable of fulfilling its constitutional role so the military is no longer a working institution and this is actually a tremendous part of
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a province where half we've got to turn this dysfunctional military into an institution that actually be potentially positive influence in the reconstruction and the and the bringing some element of security back to this country right now the military is an integral part of the problem so it's not a question that wedo hasn't been able to change it is that it's so profoundly divided and damage that it's basically paralyzed in terms of plan b. i do believe that the international community and the region particularly the countries that are being affected by almost 5000000 people who have left the country they just can't take it anymore they cannot bear the cost of mismanagement in venezuela and even today the group of lima which is the assembly of the largest countries in the hemisphere basically begin to hint again for action then their case for the 1st time that there might be the necessary to be of use of force to push my who out so the plan b. is not just a plan for why though the plan b.
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is a plan for the international community that wants a change that want to help as well and recover its democratic footing and over also help to rebuild the plan b. is a big plan and i think it hasn't worked before because people keep thinking that my little will be responsible and if it were proven to be is a brutal dictator who is afraid of leaving power because he knows the consequences and he's holding on for dear life. good to speak with you pedro brayley jonas there from washington thanks for being with us now funerals have been held for 6 people killed in protests in nigeria's capital a boojum to a military and police clashed with shia muslims the protesters were calling for the release of abraham zach zacky the leader of the islamic movement of nigeria has been imprisoned since 2015 reporter and a police officer were among those killed how many days has more from a village which despite monday's violence members of the islamic movement of
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nigeria the umbrella organization of shias in nigeria attempted to gather for another round of protest in the nation's capital over the police did not allow their numbers to go to an uncontrollable level like on monday so they dispersed the crowd and made some arrests now on monday lawyers for abram as a key leader of the shia movement in nigeria are going to court for another round of bail application for the detained leader of the shia movement and his powers as well as members of the. movement in nigeria who've been iraq or been in detention ever since in 2015 the army or security forces cracked down on the movement leading to a number of deaths hundreds of that with the shia saying that the numbers killed in fact is more than 1000 however the authorities say the number is far less than that in the northern northwestern part of nigeria we hear of another protest there or
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get this organized a counter protest organized by residents of kebbi state asking the nigerian government not to release the leader of the sea of movement kenya's finance minister has been granted bail after appearing in court over a corruption scandal and we will teach pleaded not guilty to abuse of power involving contracts for 2 hydroelectric dams which have yet to be built catherine so i reports from northern kenya. henry rocked is in unfamiliar territory in a courtroom. he has been charged along with other government officials with several counts of corruption using office and the 40 in the government of more than $240000000.00 this is unprecedented he's the highest ranking government official to be arrested and charged at the center of the scandal are plans for the construction of 2 dimes that was supposed to be built here in. western kenya the prosecution says construction has not begun for years after it was commissioned yet some of the
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money has already been paid out and the cost inflated by $170000000.00 about what was forecast the $28.00 people are implicated including employees of the company which was awarded the contract as it was filing for bankruptcy prosecutors won the director of the company. to be extradited from italy to face trial here some kenyans are saying this is a big step in the fight against corruption is a senior minister close to both the president and his deputy people now want a quick trial and those found guilty shields to us it seized and stolen money returned to the public kind of scene maybe people being understood. it will be obvious to everybody but again once it's ready thought i mean you have a country to. good options with god. it's also a scandal that has been politicized some politicians saying fasten communities that
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are being targeted and some individuals being used as a scapegoat for now many kenyans are closely watching this case and those we talked to say they want public servants who've been implicated to resign from office. al-jazeera somebody'll kenya. still ahead on algeria how u.s. sanctions on iran have turned neighboring iraq into a giant a.t.m. . in sport a boxer dies after a fight in the united states and he will be here with that story. allan the flooding in china has moved west it was in sichuan yesterday and the day
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before and given the lack of movement to the cloud it probably could be repeated on all parts of your non there are going to be shasta south of that of hong kong most probably draw in shanghai probably drive along the yanks you pick up some rain run will hand for example but the heaviest rains probably going to breach the southwest and that's true as extends actually to the northeast of india that's where the heaviest rain is forget the moment i will do the next couple of days a day off some parts of china and the same is true in the philippines scattered thunderstorms maybe a concentration this mass here is drifting towards far south of tallent malaysia peninsula malaysia and might bring some heavy rain to sudden vietnam in the next day or so and sheraton singapore much of indonesia has been and remains dry at the moment including bali. now the monsoon it has reached pakistan once the white cloud here a few light shaft i think substantial the heavy rain there is still disappointedly really in the peninsula of india or in the northeast corner with not much in film
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there is a bit not harassed her for example even trying to stretch up towards but just on the word make it but we are still for most parts deficient. weather sponsored by catalona. take the worst possible material you radio grounded into dust comparable to flour and make up. and put it into a place where people live think is a colossal event. as well and so many people here visit. but as it makes you feel like you feel like a murder we have created an enormous amount of mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or
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miami really is a place worth 2 worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in 2 hours we can get so on jurists in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly why those 2 cultures north and south america beats us to teach it's a very important place for al-jazeera to be. watching edges it out a reminder of top stories boris johnson has won the race to lead the u.k.'s governing conservative party and will become prime minister on wednesday johnson has also vowed to take the u.k. out of the e.u. by the end of october. italy denmark the netherlands and france and britain's proposal for a european led naval mission to ensure safe shipping through the strait of hormuz
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that's where iran sees the u.k. flagged oil tanker on friday you know as a been held for 6 people killed in protests in nigeria's capital of egypt's military and police clashed with shiite muslims who are calling for the release of the prominent leader. and more now on our top story boris johnson's election as the leader of britain's conservative party and the next prime minister his time in office will likely be defined by a break but his position on the e.u. hasn't always been consistent john howard takes a look now at howard johnson worked his way to the top. you know we're going to see the likes of forrest johnson and brussels have a history together and it doesn't point to a happy conclusion as a young reporter based in the city johnson specialized in sometimes fabricated front page stories belittling european bureaucracy he's editor at the time describes johnson's willingness to tell any audience whatever he thinks most likely
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to please heed lists of the inevitability of its contradiction an hour later so mike johnson's declarations on similarly be promises made to win over his party without the substance or detail to back them up and of. course be pushing your plan into action so instead you ready to come out on october. 31st the 1st call come what may come out next door diving door day. harry was head of communications under boris johnson when he was mayor of london boris johnson's time at city hall show that he's more than capable of doing detail he doesn't drown it he doesn't allow officials to come up with excuses for not doing things which is why he delivered almost everything he promised as mir and if he was to be that bulldozer if you like refusing to take no for an answer in number 10 then he could
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be he could be a successful prime minister as mayor for 8 years johnson was a flamboyant salesman for the city with a self-effacing charm that indeed him to many but the challenge of downing street will far outweigh city on both sides people are not all together convinced there he is as a. see about this as he has been in other things. but we're about to find out and frankly the way he's now been selected within the conservative party he's got very little room for maneuver so what however this journey started he is now the leader of the press a party in all but name and that's what he has to deliver or it'll all be over very very quickly boris johnson famously prepared to news paper columns favoring both leave and remain before opting to support the leave campaign ahead of the 2016 referendum some wonder now whether he'll be persuaded to opt for a soft breaks it compromise once the realities facing his heart breaks it promises
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become clear i think if you face a huge challenge i mean any any party takes faces huge constraints in terms of both what the e.u. will agree to and what parliament will agree to and he might say that he's going to leave the e.u. on the 31st of october deal with delhi fundamentally that is not an issue entirely in his gift and it wouldn't surprise me at all if behind the scenes his team are preparing for a possible general election in the autumn because it might well go wrong supporters compared johnson to winston churchill a crisis leader the e.u. won't call his bluff they suggest because no one knows what he might do next door. 7 but the resistance he's strong he has absolutely no chance of getting his bricks through on october 31st yes he did say do or die so on november 1st if we fall in on this sort johnson has reached the pinnacle of power
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in british politics wielding it won't be easy jonah hold al-jazeera in london. a former u.s. special counsel robert muller will go before congress on wednesday over his investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election democrats are likely to push more on whether the president obstructed justice to any investigation she had to tansey has more from washington for almost 2 years some opponents of president trump reached a frenzy as they speculated about what special counsel robert muller might uncover as he investigated allegations of khujand between the trump campaign and russia during the 2016 election in the end they were disappointed there was insufficient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy nonetheless it's expected the democrats will concentrate on the repeated contacts between russian nationals and members of the trump campaign in the 2nd of wednesday's hearings before the house intelligence committee as well as allegations of russian interference in the election democrats are expected to
5:37 am
focus on whether donald trump obstructed the investigation itself in the 1st hearing before the house judiciary committee specifically with a don't trust would have been indicted how do you not been president mother has cited department of justice guidelines in explaining why the president wasn't charged with obstruction under longstanding department policy a president president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office. that is unconstitutional but mother was also careful to say that if he had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime he would have said sorry for some democrats there is there is an opportunity to attempt to mobilize public opinion to support at the very least the opening of an impeachment investigation currently the pose do you suggest fervent support among the public a new appetite among the house democratic leadership they're trying to make the report come to life many people didn't take the time to read a 450 page dr prosecute tutorial report and this is something that you know will
5:38 am
illustrate what is actually in it and we know that last when he was when he gave a statement a public statement you know public opinion started to shift a little bit the key question is when the report of the constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to accuse a president of wrongdoing so does he mean congressional impeachment republicans are likely to focus on what they allege is the bias that led to a one sided investigation in the 1st place they will also tend to present mother's testimony as the definitive conclusion of the whole episode but frankly miller has made clear that if he can help it he will not give either side what they are looking for and the report is my testimony i would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before congress she ever counts the al-jazeera washington omar caspar has been sworn in as the new u.s.
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secretary of defense the longest period the pentagon has been without a permanent top official esp overseas strong bipartisan support in the senate senate 90 votes to 8 he replaces james mattis who quit last year of a policy disagreements with president donald trump the 55 year old has had a long career in the military and said as army secretary since 2017. mr president it is a privilege for me and for my family to be here with you today thank you for your leadership and for your commitment to a strong national defense and to all of our servicemembers our military has made tremendous gains in recent years thanks to your leadership and we stand ready today to take on any challenge for us middle east envoy jason greenblatt has been involved in a heated exchange of the united nations defending israel's decision to demolish a cluster of palestinian homes in the occupied west bank 16 residential blocks in where the homeless closers separation wall have been destroyed james bays has more
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from the united nations well we've seen an angry splash spot between the u.s. special representative who's working with jared cushion or on the trumpet ministrations peace plan and european envoys at the security council all of the e.u. members came out and read out his statement condemning the demolition of palestinian homes but the strongest criticism came from the german ambassador that is after jason greenlighted said that the international consensus was out of date only issue and that international law was something that was interpreted in different ways by different people he was referring in particular to the last resolution that was passed by the obama administration under the obama administration 2234 on settlements that was passed by the security council the obama administration decided to abstain and not to use their veto angering the trumpet ministration it
5:41 am
was about to come into office so that was the backdrop for this angry exchange we will not get to the bottom of who's interpretation of international law is correct on this conflict there is no judge jury or court in the world that the parties involved have agreed to give jurisdiction in order to decide whose interpretations are correct. international law with respect to this conflict is a tricky subject that could be discussed and argued for years without ever reaching a conclusion for us international law is not menu a la carte there are other instances where u.s. representatives here insist on international law insist on the implementation of u.n. security council resolutions for instance on north korea and where we follow we absolutely support this and as the head of the sanctions committee worked very hard to implement word by word to u.n. security council resolutions so for us $2334.00 just to name the latest of un
5:42 am
security council route loosen its binding law and this is international consensus it is the u.s. that has left the international consensus on 2334 so very different positions there the german representative making it clear their position the u.s. special representative saying that there is no judge jury or court that decides international law but every single other person around that table believed they were sitting in that final court of international law on issues of peace and security and everyone else including the u.s. until now it seems had believed that under the u.n. charter the u.n. security council's rulings would binding and became international law china's former premier league paying has died aged 90 state media says an unspecified illness was the cause he'll be remembered for announcing martial law
5:43 am
during pro-democracy protests in tiananmen square in 1989 rights activist referred to him as the butcher of beijing. ana tang is a political analyst who advises the chinese government on economic and development issues he joins us now from beijing so how how should lee paying what should be his legacy then you know this that he was dubbed the butcher of beijing and he's seen as as as as as the man who carried out those awards in 1989 but in china of course he's viewed very differently well there are 2 perspectives east and west you've mentioned both in it within china he's being lionized as a loyal party member as. premier for 10 years of his being head of the n.p.c.
5:44 am
one of the only senior officials to have that distinction and there are talk about his work with anti corruption on power he was very he set up the nuclear situation he was responsible for the 3 gorges dam but there's a 3rd perspective not as history and history looks back a tenement in a perhaps different way this is a nation that had emerged 10 years earlier from the cultural revolution and the one thing that united the ruling class the party was that they never wanted to go back to that situation again so 10 years later when there were demonstrations over 6 weeks in tandem and you saw they saw a group of students trying to wrest control over the direction of the country they saw it as a threat so it was not the only person involved it had to be a consensus agreement and he's reputation in the west will be always tarnished by
5:45 am
that but within the east he will be seen our youth in china he'll be seen as somebody who was willing to impose discipline when it was necessary. and his death of course is coming at the same time that we're seeing these ongoing protests in hong kong. and of course people will will be making those will be making comparisons how do you think that the leadership in beijing will be viewing that particularly the timing well in terms of the timing his death i mean the situation in hong kong was not planned around his death nor the other way around it's serious there have been statements by the government saying that the actions of these kind of radical elements the finding of devices and explosives signals that you have a hard core which is dedicated to in essence up ending the basic laws the laws that
5:46 am
most of these people say that they want to enforce if that was the case there is a clause in the basic laws that allows hong kong to request the assistance of mainland china to assert order hopefully it never comes to that at this point the public perception is changing the the actions of these individuals are less and less seen sympathetically especially when they're using poles biting off the fingers of policeman and you know trashing public property good to get your perspective on this side of town and joining us there from beijing thank you. customs authorities in singapore say they've seized nearly 30 tons of wildlife parts they say the goods were being smuggled from africa to vietnam and one of the containers from the democratic republic of congo was supposed to contain timber it
5:47 am
had $13000000.00 worth of elephant ivory along with pangolin scales with $35000000.00 both animals are protected species the shipment will be destroyed to prevent it from re entering the market. in eastern india a dam has burst causing severe flooding villages in bihar state say their homes were flooded in minutes and they had to leave everything behind elsewhere days of heavy monsoon rains have caused many rivers to burst their banks killing at least $100.00 people and at least 60 people have died in flooding in the neighboring state of assam iraq iraq relies heavily on iranian trade with 2 and a half $1000000000.00 worth of imports every $100.00 days but with the united states increasing sanctions on iran concern is growing in baghdad about the knock on effects of reports. from vegetables to milk cooking oil to washing
5:48 am
detergent in southern iraq almost everything on sale is from neighboring iran. not just theory products come from iran take its next cakes juice is all i reporter from iran there will be a crisis if these products are. some locally produced items are available but imported goods are cheaper iran's proximity low prices and long established create ties make it easier for vendors to rely on 3 indian products knocking. on the end of an iranian groceries dominate the iraqi market because if it wasn't for the in locally produced groceries would have been sold at twice their actual price. but as the u.s. increases pressure and imposes biting sanctions on tehran iraqi traders are concerned . about what we can afford the absence of iranian goods in the market the average income of a person only allows for buying cheap imported goods from iran. iraq is the only country exempt from u.s. sanctions on iran washington has extended baghdad's waiver on iranian imports for 3
5:49 am
months it's not clear what will happen when that expires as the u.s. insists iraq must find alternatives. in anticipation of the sanctions iraq and iran have been discussing ways to continue the trade an estimated $25000000.00 worth of iranian imports into iraq every day according to iraqi officials there's a special financial agreement under which iraq will run without sending any money iran will be able to use that money which remains inside iraq to purchase goods a similar agreement exists between iraq and some european countries to work around u.s. sanctions. and there are other powers spacefaring iran that are defending iran's interests which made iraq iran's back door a.t.m. so to speak to mitigate sanctions iraq's economy is largely unorganized a lack of official statistics and monitoring that makes it impossible to accurately
5:50 am
picture what happens at the border with iran which stretches 1400 kilometers france germany and the u.k. introduced a mechanism called in sticks to facilitate trade in exchange of basic goods including food medical equipment and medicine between iranian and foreign companies iraq's case is different because in addition to household items baghdad relies heavily on iranian gas imported electricity. iraq also needs iran iraq situation isn't completely settled this extends to iraq's economy industry and agriculture besides iranian investment other foreign investment is no although iraqi officials deny that baghdad is becoming iran's a.t.m. or cash machine the fear is that any restriction on trade could affect iraq's fragile stability and job it out of the fact that.
5:51 am
her her.
5:52 am
again let's get all sports now here's randi. thank you very much well cricket's is it getting ready to make some history on wednesday they'll play england in a test match for the 1st time caps and will import a failed has described the match at lord's as the pinnacle for cricket on and achieve test status in 27 saying they've lost both that matches so far at home to pakistan and away against afghanistan. look it's right up there if not they tend to go for everything is going to use of us wide and so there is cricket
5:53 am
so you've got quite a few were cops on the belts little things like that which are being little things but to be pretty vacations but obviously you get into test cricket and another opportunity to play here the home gets pretty special thing. as for england opening batsman jason roy is set to make his test debut after his exploits at the recent one day world cup england's record test wicket sake of jimmy anderson well he's been ruled out of the calf injury so work has always starring will make his 1st appearance captain joe root hoping the team can capitalize on the feel good factor of becoming world champions we can be better placed in many ways as huge amount of confidence coming off the back of that. and that's that counts for a lot of these things that's something that we've got to ride the wave of and and capitalize on go into. what's a huge 6 test matches meanwhile one of cricket's most iconic bowlers let's see if melinda will play his final one day international for sure and on friday in colombo
5:54 am
when his country take on bangladesh or melinda's but it's hard to live 2251 days having made his debut in 2004 in that time he took 335 wickets ranking in 10 in the all time list is also played in a couple of world cup finals is best bowling came in 2011 against kenya when he took 6 for 38. the russian boxer has died following about in the united states on friday 28 year old maxim dollars died after suffering from bleeding on the brain that a chef seen here in an earlier fight sustained the injuries following his defeat in an i.p.f. light welterweight bouts in maryland the american based box under once emergency surgery but failed to recover football gareth bell's agent has ruled out any loan deal for the real madrid forward but the spanish side's coach intervenes it and says bale is very close to leaving the club now the welsh international joined our 6 years ago for then world record for $105000000.00 sudan is aiming to rebuild
5:55 am
his squad on the back of a relatively poor season which sure the team x. thing the champions league in the last 16 and finishing 3rd in. manchester city manager pep guardiola has hit back at claims that his players have shown a lack of respect to fans and that sort of china a chinese state news agency said the team had also discriminated against local media their premier league champions and are in hong kong for a game against local side kitchen i should say i'm not a river they should. use false. soul food from a can to stimulate the years they have to know exactly what happened here in our clubs all the players a worry incredible time showing idea help their work commute and all all commission we have to do with the people here in china the people from until we take care all of them we sing the truth pictures christiane and all those events a steamer also in china battalion champions getting ready to play in some island in nanjing side aiming to integrate and number of new players including defender
5:56 am
mathis licht now though has just found out he won't be facing criminal charges that after being accused of sexual assault in the united states what do you. call me in theory only i have the belief that i need to ask the best of the players when they are on the pitch with me or when they are training or don't like to act like a policeman regarding what they do where they are off the pitch are working with professionals and they don't know how to behave especially when they reach this level in their careers otherwise they would not have arrived here. controversial chinese swimmer son yang was again the center of attention in the world championships in south korea britain's duncan scott refusing to share the podium with sun after his win in the cylinder metres freestyle son has already served one diving ban and he faces a further drugs hearing the court of arbitration for sport in september. a place in europe same for next year's ryder cup contest with the united states
5:57 am
larry's back in dublin with the trophy after winning his 1st major championship at northern ireland's world port rush calls europe's ryder cup team will be captained by his irish compactor it. is my main goal for the next 12 months like whatever time we have left so hopefully the fact the party's without them. would be unbelievable to play on their him as a captain you know that's kind of the very 1st was a very good friend to him as well so hopefully i can. pick up some points towards the end of the season and give it a go room next year ok that is always full phenomena. and that is it for this news and for me has him seek it thanks for your company my colleague mr as you will be here with a couple of minutes with what they will. setting
5:58 am
the discussions when he had seen was the deadliest year the aviation industry has experienced for some time examining the headlines many foreign journalists including those from al-jazeera have had their licenses revoked their offices raided explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire that convinced me this was that conservation chance of a life that the world is watching. on al-jazeera the plundering of
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armenia's natural riches has uprooted residents and desecrated the habitats of some of europe's most endangered species. but the remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the miked of the country's investors and pinning high hopes on its newly elected prime minister people in power investigates armenia mining out the left. on a 0. al-jazeera . where every.
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time. it is deliver bricks it unite the country and defeat jeremy qubit boris johnson lays out his britain's next prime minister. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iran warns that any attempt to form an international coalition to protect shipping in the gulf will only bring insecurities to the region. russia and china carry out a joint if the troll south korea says they violated its airspace. and a trade dispute between japan and south korea.


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