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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 24, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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for the very. same. but it was. just for the 2 new songs on the other means now. the lead will shock the. only thing. you know the real a movie. that uses only. his daughter will be on the loud music as your key theme of you know she might give a fair movie. 2 of them of them because those are the. 330. 1000 words. i'm going. to secure miss mcgoun you know a lot of them. stuff if.
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no one here sort of looked at the album the. irony is that they're not tara has been loria. has. passed on america time are about. to last for a while. about a train. when it's a live. but ok word so mother. and they don't have to use the will get there is most of us been on the map out the rest me. really. like them. done there.
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so you don't do argument unfairly because you perceive what he is saying on the quad on the out properly or. well i just read this on. this on the 8th day of 33 so because you threw a lot sickly artistic. war and terror leaders. so the masculine not to. where so tough another mile should be upon they are birth . that's overly long have you really got to work that way and no noise most.
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will. either have seen or illegitimately enough of the 2 will the use of malena. yeah well i but i'm sort of one. of. yeah yeah yeah. i'm a little bit some of. the few bless
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you glenn it is a disease where i am. looking . for how to minister to you in fact. a fairly good look. at the king at the. end of that i had. visions and just be in the sort of i mean he can. feel. any enjoyment not a lot of on task but. he's gentle behind a. lot of i mean. there's you know hello the earth when i carry it yeah this isn't this really you
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know the numbers were out of the south as i did so. there's a little. tiny. regular. you know. he did it that he will to leave. don't give a couple bellow how they can. lend a minute. enough when they can a man who should be an informal that i hear. that. i want to go bury my head and i think. he.
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did it to be the nazi. boss when he's on a visit if you don't please don't just resort to don't is this a poor move looters pass a pass and we see. one. of these on the watch. something you'll figure tell us here this want to be this young. saunders on the phone do better somebody to us out of there just to get 3 comes out . but i'm going to call net. may. contemplate elefant do you you put it all over him or do you don't. want to take their youth.
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roof you. can 1st make a national in. the. little guy house and we. had a real lack. of below the men at the nest to move them to. first he will tell you that there's a let's make. that then move to
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a term other question said we in other. spiritual. v.n. . in viennese he food had designed a set of this week that deal with the monday as if we're not out. you. all of us but those those are the a lot of them be it was hard to. keep going to this he's been cleared. by the business of the book because you know the congress don't want to have the mission and they're going to lose the good mother not going to. be skittish to him i do need to see it nation to. stop it and the minister to be
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playful let that be the catalyst that. there is many in the field and you know they're listening come out hard but how can you try to deny chemistry if you know how he's kind of the decisions never seems nothing that i must look at that. night that was never know her shop. how i should be at the ed thank you for 30 or. the national but not going to you not abortion to be an issue i know it is you're going to have you feel good now what you must but that's not. the mexican woman and even the couple should have to initially get the bill a.j. i know. general you know one of the good minister. do to make it work but then is never going to go yet i'm going to the follow up thing at the mouth of the other members of congress when i move on but it's a little. sort of a no he says it'll be
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a mix of the guys who the full enough. look so already got the sort of players that would go in the city of look at any of you have to look up to him how do you keep mission and kissed and of god is really them that i'm no good and. the one of the the in the future there for the knee of the. well how we were and the visit of the another leaky yet they were. going to through the. whole film in the morgue and i'm alone have them and the men
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are bad they're just a little easier the just a little. want to be sort of one for the whole was a half. hour though at the heart of a good time here. last summer committed. how would. they kill. a has a real help. only the 2nd one. mark mark. can come up with a minor that is frozen in pursuit to give him the happy little. we told me and i like a boost your will has a monarch. and olivia will see over there are only the power oprah never was a close. girly girl. should love about.
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the poor little schoolgirl is a policeman or. a man had to get a lower level. orders out. i mean did the. believe that when he would. give the. suit of you. by your. isa but i make him. see emphasize. to push on me. before i saw you not to you know he that you men know what i'm betty
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for not believe i study men under fire out west 30 move us out of that amendment is . the security need to blow. up oh well the level of the must have had little nobody and i. have not done a way to go to lessen the highlight of that. i think it's not been a good loving event it was just that had that hazy day at it at the time for me because norman has. to make a city see enough i mean if. he. was there to give them a call we're going to have enough. to fuck up with a lot of them. but the myth of how to feed thought of how to come to be eating into
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them a concluded something to them to get a house and not offend any of them and as it was the supply of money for she was going to give out if not i make him that he ended the. loss and be the end of the one hound was my friend and so the gun saw the un as it did me that agenda. you know you're one of the below. that level of content that i know. well and you know with the i'm. right. i think in much. less spam and.
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this is. who man is. it wasn't just a moment a minute is coming. soon as well you're here and well it's. a way. that. a man i love a new ally sheedy. a little tell me more about the new school the best while change . i am or what make up. our.
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c.e.o. what america should give us what i'm saying. take it at the bottom. from all of the. he had a collision mad. about you know what i mean here. below realistically if i had to mine any. one of others and it was anybody's man what i meant. by her leg and looked really good at how to go how she would lead the mad the booze it. for the booze and. about what other good could not all of them and it's going to. get me when i know maybe. there's even. been with them a little bit of that over the early how did you manage. to start
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the 1st since it. was sort of the you got that he she will tell you look at it look at them in a school of a bushel of. and then. we're looking for in a car. accident. and. yet. to have had that. done to after.
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we have this is you can. call it as a military man this recruitment for the when i. thought a bit of. luck on the border. and they. were to say how go in there. about that comment on the. how did the. political model which it's its member.
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oh not a better man is going to not have have all those out of this russia or is with iran and if you could determine her and you know who look. ok and as you have. nobody i mean shoot out of ana and have and have just asked mencken know what a haiku and i can for him of a she you know has yet to show right here let her look for that now call her know what i heard give her just.


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