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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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why this matters because democrats realize that a vast majority of the public haven't they haven't read this report and polls show that about a 3rd of americans believe that the more report cleared the president any wrongdoing in that's in part because when he submitted his report we saw the president's attorney general william barr come out and say here's my summary no obstruction no collusion and what representative adler just laid out there is that's not what is in the report but what the democrats are hoping for here is one of those concise sound bites of robert muller with his excellent reputation really laying out the case against the president they didn't get that and democrats were really hoping that they would get that because they need the leadership needs to see the country move in to impeach the president before they'll bring that up so the democrats on the judiciary were hoping to get that they didn't. half hour time they're going to let the man eat lunch we'll see if the intelligence community can get any more out of robert mueller but right now seems unlike many thanks indeed it was is pretty
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kohei in there on capitol hill let's go live now to the white house white house correspondent kelly how could this with the president trump. not impressed a tool with what he's been hearing from this morning sestak he can be. yeah for a president who said that he was not going to watch these hearings it's very obvious that he is he was thoroughly engaged prior to them starting more than a half dozen tweets believe they counted up to 9 different tweets trying to shape this in terms of what the expectation would be and what would come out potentially from robert muller. take a look so into this tweet by the president he writes just before the hearing started adrian so democrats and others can illegally fabricate a crime try pinning it on a very innocent president when he fights back against this illegal and treasonous attack in our country they call it obstruction wrong why didn't robert muller investigate the investigators well robert mueller has been trying to answer that
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question a number of different ways but is really sticking to the report for the most part so much so that it appeared initially in the beginning of this hearing that both democrats and republicans were a little bit frustrated by the witness that he didn't seem to be elaborating beyond $1.00 and $2.00 word answers and it was really the lawmakers who were grandstanding but after the break things started to shift and within that break donald trump tweeted again he sent out 3 read tweets of people that had sort of pointed out things the president viewed as favorable and even a quote from a fox news television host where he says watching on fox news this is been a disaster for democrats to decide for the reputation of robert muller the bottom line in all of this is that both sides seem to see what they want to see in all of this certainly those that don't like donald trump found the answers in there that they were looking for those that are in support of the president found what they were looking for the truth as always is somewhere in the middle what we've learned
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terms of any new information not a whole lot what we're essentially seeing is the audio book version of the most report now which is exactly what democrats wanted they need these for their sound bites in 2020 for the presidential campaign now they've got it. committee many thanks did let's bring in john who's a professor of law at the university of pennsylvania she's joining us now live from philadelphia as committee was saying. just a few moments ago we saw a lot of more money because grandstanding during the testimony both sides seeing what they want to see was all about political point scoring from your point of view having listened to the whole 3 hours who won i don't know if there was any winning. and perhaps robert mueller won because he was not forced to answer questions that he was not prepared to answer and perhaps the report won because robert muller pointed the audience repeatedly back to the
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report i do think that democrats quoted more extensively from the report appeared to be better prepared and discussed in detail instances of obstruction of justice that they wanted to bring the attention of the american public to and i think they did succeed in that republicans hammered repeatedly on the issues of the origins of the investigation the steel dose which they incorrectly claimed repeatedly was the origin of the investigation the report makes clear that the still dosey is not and i don't know if they really scored a lot of points in taking that line so what was the point of all of this clearly 3 hours of testimony what did we learn oh did we learn anything new.
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i don't think we really learned anything new the essential point for democrats is the fact that robert mueller said very clearly that he did not exonerate the present president of obstruction of justice however there was some confusion with regard to section one of the report which i expect will be discussed more in the 2nd half of the testimony before the intelligence committee having to do with whether or whether or not the report cleared the president of having colluded with the russians and clear of the campaign muller was trying to explain clearly that there was insufficient evidence to charge the president and members of the trump campaign with conspiracy to subvert the 2016 election the republicans insisted that meant that the trump campaign did not call lewd there was some discussion about whether or not collusion and conspiracy was the same and i think
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that was left murky i hope it gets clarified in the afternoon one of the critical points had to do with the decision on the part of robert muller that he could not indict a sitting president following justice department guidelines that point was a tricky one for robert muller because he did say that the team decided very early on that a sitting president could not be indicted but he went on to investigate anyway and there was much discussion about the legitimacy of his having done that. professor really good to talk to you many thanks to declare finkelstein. as we said that was the end of the of the 1st of 2 appearances by special counsel robert mueller in front of a congressional committees today there'll be a lunch break in about 30 minutes or so and then robert mueller will be appearing before the intelligence the house intelligence committee will take that live here on al-jazeera.
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in the meantime let's take a look at the other big news story of the day britain will leave the european union on the 1st 31st of october no ifs or buts that's the message from boris johnson britain's new prime minister after replacing some reason they intend said that he'll be trying for a new and better briggs it deal but the britain will be fully prepared for a no deal we have 2 live reports for you on this is story d'andre simmons is live for us in westminster but we begin with lawrence lee who's outside the prime minister's official residence at 10 downing street in london boris johnson giving up a rabble rousing speech upon arriving there are seeing the queen laurence what did you make of it. well you know i mean that that that this is the
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headline of it really all the implication thing is he seems to think that. the united kingdom's short of confidence and you know gone a bit sloppy and psyche at the edges and has lost its way and he needs to put some home front gusto and keep doing this with his fist all the time when he speaks that doesn't you know get their mojo back with bojo seems to sort of be the idea in terms the detail of what he said a lot of it is a such a before and a bit like an election manifesto with a whole range of domestic policies to do with the police and schools and all spittles and fiber optic broadband and all sorts of things like that you might easily say that you don't need to leave the european union if you want to to come to these things but at the same time is saying all this he was perfectly insistence that it was a democratic will of the people and that if only the u.k. could create itself from the shackles of europe and be unconstrained able to make its own decisions then things would be
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a whole lot better this is how it pushes rex it was a fundamental decision by the british people that they wanted their laws made by people that they can elect and they can remove from office and we must respect that decision i am convinced we can do a deal without checks of the irish border because we refuse under any circumstances to have such checks and yet without that and a democratic backstop and yes of course vital at the same time that we prepare for the remote possibility the brussels refuses any further to negotiate and we are forced to come out with no deal. so the count there meanwhile the carnage in the conservative party is absolute bates it's almost losing counts of the number of resignations have been sedate least 8 or so the chancellor when this morning the business secretary went in search of the very
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development secretary all staunch opponent of the deal they all went this afternoon in the last half hour or so the defense secretary in social trade sections film gushed a couple of others either either resign some of these have breakfast while other resigned or pushed out so there's a that this is that there's a lot of reshaping going on and if you look at all the rumors about what the new kevin is going to look like it's very right wing absolutely hardline heartbreaks is supporting no no truck with a truck with the european union whatsoever and if you just want example agent of how priorities are going to shift take the example of iran in the situation the straits of hormuz which we've been seeing so much supporting on but it's 2 days ago when jeremy hunt was the foreign secretary he was talking about a european maritime mission along with the french and the germans to patrol the gulf and protect oil tankers sitters and now saying that that looks far too much like the u.k.'s participation in the european army or european navy as it would be
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in that sense so they just have just disregarded that there's no idea so whoever the new defense secretaries this is going to be a new one is plenty more than the old ones resigned is presumably going to say that they don't want to have a european marathon mission that's all and they'll have to be some other way of dealing with their own crisis just one example british shows you on every level how things are changing in lawrence many thanks indeed i was there as long as 3 outside downing street boris johnson's predecessor trees i'm a visited queen elizabeth to formally resign 3 years in power was marred by failure to get a piece to accept the briggs a deal that she'd negotiated with the years she wished her successor well but warned him against the possible effects of a messy break says of course much remains to be done the immediate priority being to complete our exit from the european union in a way that works for the whole united kingdom. with success in the toss can come a new beginning for our country a national renewal that can move us beyond the current time past into the bright
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future of the british people does. well it's round the corner from downing street under simmons is outside parliament on college green in westminster and what will to reason may's legacy be. well hold i guess see will be one of public service failure really she's a passionate politician she cared a lot for the deprived but she failed to deliver on what she promised because she was targeted by the heartbreaks it's called and failed to come down on them in a hefty way i've just been speaking actually to one of her speech rights is in the early days chief speech writer in the early days of a prime ministers. and he says that brady she when he 1st met her back in 2002 and he wrote a speech for which actually referred to the gnostic party everyone will remember
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that certainly in the u.k. anyway she was taking on the conservative party but when he was disappointed to to write a speech as prime minister he was surprised a very short space of time to realise that she was more loyal to the policy than only to give it a shake that's an interesting thing but apart from that she. wants what was regarded in british politics as the leading party of the last pm cuse prime minister's questions it was a very it's more. than sweet affair between her and jeremy colvin jeremy colvin tried to be warm at one point saying paying tribute to. public service but she rounded on him on a number of occasions he rounded on her and they ended up in the normal squabble with jeremy coleman cole. for a general election which is quite possible in the in the coming months and she then
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said well look what do you do the same as i've done and quits this party leader moving on from there we're expecting the man himself boris to arrive in westminster the west is to hear the house of commons that will be for another sequence of meetings with potential new ministers i'm told reliably by a source that the reason he's coming here are not doing the traditional as many people will remember those ministers walking up and down downing street some are getting fired some get hired that is something that isn't going to happen and it didn't happen off in the cameron administration nor the may administration because they don't want to see the humiliation of people having being marched up downing street to get fired then walk out again so the sackings adult in a more sensitive way a pound if you can being in such a thing but right now there is concern over 2 aspects to resig firings
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one party mordant other defense ministers she was appointed only in may as a lot of concern about her being fired because she's dealing with an international crisis the british flag to a tanka in iran being held that is really serious affair and this question mark now over who will become foreign minister so to keep posts foreign minister and defense minister with question marks over them furthermore liam fox the national trade secretary of state he's been fired these 2 politicians probably. by the incoming new prime minister because they were loyal to him they were backing jeremy hunt joining that campaign after many thanks anderson is live outside the house of parliament in westminster. iran's president says he's ready for dialogue but not if they go see asians been surrender tensions high between iran
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and the u.k. following the seizure of that british flag the oil tanker that under was talking about a few months ago hassan rouhani described the military operation as powerful precise and professional war from out a series in basra in teheran. it was the 1st time that he seemed to link the seizure of a ship by iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps less than a week ago to the seizing injured brawl tour of the grace one iranian oil tanker and president hassan rouhani said that he believes in international law he believes in dialogue as long as it's fair and it's legal and he said that european nations should do the same and if the u.k. was to stop its wrong actions in gibraltar it should expect receiving a proportionate response from iran now does this perhaps suggest that releasing their vessel will prompt iran to release the british flag vessel well iran
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continues to say that its seizure of the vessel was illegal that it wandered into iran's territorial waters iran has always said that it is the sole protector or one of the main protectors i should say of the strait of hormuz and the vessels passing through it but during his cabinet meeting president hasan rouhani also mentioned a waterway in the southwest tip of the arabian peninsula. now this is a waterway between saudi arabia yemen and north africa and he said that iran is also involved in protecting the international waterways in and around its sphere of influence in this part of the world here's some of what he said during the meeting . the strait of hormuz is a very important location it's neither a place for joking nor a place for a country to violate maritime rules the responsibility of providing security for the gulf and the sea of amman is mostly on iran's shoulders and on neighboring countries it's not related to foreigners it's been the gulf throughout
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a long history and iranians have been it's protected so the revolutionary guards bravely seize this violating british tanka as they refused to take orders and fully regulations in my opinion an appropriate action was taken and the whole world should be thankful to the revolutionary. guards for the security of the strait of hormuz we reiterate that we won't let anyone create disorder in this region what has been done so far has been proportionate and professional and. it is good to have you with us hello adrian from going to here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera robert says that u.s. president donald trump could be charged with crimes after leaving office a former special counsel is testifying in washington about his reported to russian interference in the 2016 election but also said his report does not fully exonerate donald trump as the us president himself has repeatedly claimed the president has repeatedly claimed that your report found there was no obstruction and that it
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completely and totally exonerated. but that is not what your report said is it correct it is not what the reports now reading from peach to volume 2 of your report it's on the screen you wrote quote if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice we would so state based on the facts and the applicable legal standards however we are i'm able to reach that judgment quote now does that say there was no obstruction no britain will leave the european union on the 31st of october no ifs or buts that's the message from boris johnson britain's new prime minister after replacing treason may in 10 downing street he said that he'll be trying for a new and better bragg's it deal but found that britain will be fully prepared for a no deal bricks it was a fundamental decision by the british people. but they wanted their laws made by
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people that they can elect and they can remove from office and we must respect that decision i am convinced we can do a deal without checks of the irish border because we refuse under any circumstances to have such checks and yet without that anti democratic backstop and it is of course vital at the same time that we prepare for the remote possibility the brussels refuses any further to negotiate and we are forced to come out with no deal iran's president says that he's ready for dialogue but not if negotiations mean surrender tension is high between iran and the u.k. following the seizure of a british flag oil tanker some rouhani described the military operation as powerful precise and professional those headlines the news continues here houses here after witness saddam's forgotten films.
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the long history of the way lying in africa was made in the sudan it is beneath the late it. that. we had a lot of cotton. which is not here any longer now. than it always. did it used to fly from khartoum to london. and was run down the complete. played a very important role. in medical services free. but now if you have the money you can be treated in a quick time. frame when you go and. do your grip.
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on that album that i know that but. when you don't have a history of yourself all of your country then you are not a personality not a country. looking
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to listen to him so. if you feel you sold your soul who is there now be up with the mom of one of the. i tried to show some of the claims in the attic i too senior personnel in the nation so bad to see the importance of. my project into them important for limbs announcing the independence of this with grant. led was 19 could 6 there mostly going to get a look at the mood of the man who was not going to want to want to. look at him in
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the police don't want to hear them only. i was born in southern sudan during the blitz usual. and their day we had a bomb what a joy actually. we do all the good it would be and it would. it means to us coming together different people from the north souls was wherever they said you all are all sudanese and being sudanese this is what actually interested. not one not not not not on top of the 3 raises money and the right to me to be diplomatic get up let me through them. i was there pose southern sudanese to door in cinema production. one has a few.


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