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tv   Armenia Mining Out the Leopard  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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well look. here's all. you saw yourself. as i know my mother. is. i tried to show some of the claims in the attic to senior personnel in the nation so bad to see the importance of. my projecting to them important for names announcing the independent of this with grant.
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they had was 19 kids 6 there mostly going to get a look at them was the man who was not going to want to want to. look at him in the pokey don't want to know the man. i was born in southern sudan during the blitz usual. and their day we had a bomb what a joy actually. we don't know what. it means to us coming together different people from the north souls was wherever they said you all are all sudanese and being sudanese this is what actually interested. not not not not not not not not not wonderfully raises money and it's really right
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to make you feel to be diplomatic get up let me through them. i was there post southern sudanese to join cinema production. one has a feeling that you are of importance interested in the society. what the dramas you're going to mom you looked at me i let you talk about a. year to keep looking not. so good but now that i did i would definitely understand why. because the people around. oh you would be. i mean if you might be. wrong.
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they would have the. potential to our lives are a big. study on the given the halls. them to fit how they are with their families to help. a law on a yellow card military. issue for i'm going to find i'm getting. my work they're not paying for it they say we don't have money. before i added mr putin that right now i have almost nothing. on the higher
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position to know his position. and will call me. you more human i mean. my view of what might sound good and there's. been a month of it in my mind mainly is that. 2nd into nice linda you know this game.
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now between medical latter. part of the day in the little. miscellany my childhood if you know and to pass well. my interviews have been little when louis as you might overlook in the most money did you know where you're moving now you table your home our home our name danny dallas how the love of the durable. vessel that may have them as well as real as in the man she lays are. well i don't want to know as i want to go live again you know be one of the like among going to. let my
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mom asked with any suitable little seed or an american soldier all of them sudden demise all are going to my soul analysis ansible will so when i listen. well have called us back.
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a lot in history. so i'm. just. pissed. off. and we didn't. get a lot just. passes you need to see. nothing leaves and have a she has an idea and then again known cadaver dogs have. now been on if i didn't. like him on the mark you want to say yeah they were looking as i am of you who did a study guide. us on a symptom. ya and mom had various timidity is no mom little mom and. mom are on the the my in aisle that they want anymore i missed my letter about in the hobby a few of them i got to chime in on me. godzilla you know be i'm. just
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. feeling i don't want to do you want to know you were. just. just. just. our the slept the archives. i remain the only guardian for over 13000 williams. i am using my airport to do what i can do.
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because i know if i lived these 1000000000 is going to have nobody will do it. i am doing this not for my benefit not for the minister not for the government. i am doing this for the benefit of sadam people. ready this is a dream that i have in my mind. that when. i read certain
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group men with sayings all benjamin has done their bit a beautiful job give me the courage to go this will benjamin and we will take care of you we will take care of these our ships all the important of the history of our people. is a dream. my dream. i
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thought somebody did. a lot of where this is you know the place where you can. do the small. living dead people one. on one you know the going to visit his mother fronts on the wall. i think about the size of. the going up and the composition of this office and such to say.
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i. was a. lady whom nobody i'm done * with you guys who. i. still. believe that he was going to get cut cut cut. cut cut cut. cut where. the people don't. make. it out of the meat does said i. then i would find out more a lot of money does help. well i mean yeah i mean you know my dumb momma who might be
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a machine. gun also the athlete give me all my beauty give me here or let you have this trio minute i yeah i should probably go ahead. and put it i had about 101. well. there's a lot how does it matter what. i . heard a lot. of it. was.
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a victim. being his posture as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for answers reveals there are often 2 sides to even the darkest of stories witness the color of the chameleon on out as their.
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the plundering of armenia's natural riches has uprooted residents and desecrated the habitat of some of europe's most inventors species. but a remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the miked of the country's investors and pinning high hopes on its newly elected prime minister given power investigates armenia mining out the left. on a 0. al-jazeera . where ever you are.
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for 23 years mohsin has collected objects he finds along the coast. enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist and inspired artist and a voice for the plight of countless microbes. such as al-jazeera. the u.s. special counsel doubles down saying his investigation into russian collusion does not exonerate president donald trump.
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hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. we're going to fulfill the repeated promises of politicians to the people and come out of the e.u. look over the 31st no ifs or buts boris johnson's brags that pledge as he becomes britain's new prime minister. arrests 18 generals including the recently appointed army chief of staff. at iran's president says his country is ready for negotiations to defuse gulf tension after the seizure of the u.k. flag tanka. robert mueller is facing more questions about his russia election meddling reports that a 2nd hearing just underway on capitol hill the former u.s. special counsel is testifying in washington for the 1st time publicly at the 1st hearing in front of the house judiciary committee says that u.s.
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president donald trump could be charged with crimes after leaving office he also said the report did not exonerate trump as the president claims let's listen in to what's going on right now as a source for leaking to the press. after comi himself was fired by his own admission he leaked derogatory information on president trump to the press for the specific purpose and successfully so of engineering the appointment of a special counsel who sits here before us today the f.b.i. investigation was marred by further corruption and bizarre abuses d.o.j. official bruce or whose own wife worked on fusion g.p.s. as anti trump operation fed still's information to the f.b.i. even after the f.b.i. fired steele a top f.b.i. investigator and his lover another top f.b.i.
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official constantly texted about how much they hated trump and wanted to stop him from being elected and the entire investigation was opened based not on 5 eyes intelligence but on a tip from a foreign politician about a conversation involving joseph of miffs it is a maltese diplomat who's widely portrayed as a russian agent but seems to have far more connections with western governments including our own f.b.i. and our own state department than with russia brazenly ignoring all these red flags as well as the transparent absurdity of the claims they are making the democrats of argued for nearly 3 years that evidence of collusion is hidden just around the corner like the loch ness monster insist it's there even if no one can find consider this in march 2017 democrats on this committee said they had more than circumstantial evidence of collusion but they couldn't reveal it yet mr
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moeller was soon appointed and they said he would find the collusion and when no collusion was found and mr miller's indictments the democrat said we'd find it in this final report then when there was no collusion in the report we were told attorney general barr was hiding it. then when it was clear barr wasn't hiding anything we were told it will be rebuilt through a hearing with mr moeller himself and now that mr miller is here they are claiming that the collusion has actually been in his report all along hidden in plain sight and there right there is collusion in plain sight collusion between russia and the democratic party the democrats colluded with russian sources to develop the still dossier and russian lawyer natalia of us a sky of colluded with the dossiers key architect fusion g.p.s. headline simpson the democrats have already admitted old in interviews and through
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their usual anonymous statements to reporters that today's hearing is not about getting information at all they said they want to quote bring the mauler report to life and create a television moment through ploys like having mr moeller reciting passages from his own report in other words this hearing is political theater it's a hell mary attempt to convince the american people that collusion is real and that it's concealed in the report granted that's a strange argument to make about a report that is public it's almost like the democrats prepared arguments accusing mr barr of hiding the report and didn't bother to update their claims once you publish the entire thing among congressional democrats the russia investigation was never about finding the truth it's always been a simple media operation by their own accounts this operation continues in this room today once again numerous pressing issues this committee needs to address are
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put on hold to indulge the political fantasies of people who believed it was their destiny to serve hillary clinton's administration it's time for the curtain to close on the russia hoax a conspiracy theory is dead at some point i would argue we're going to have to get back to work until then i yield back the balance of my time. to ensure fairness and make sure that our hearing is prompt i know we got a late start director mueller. the hearing will be structured as follows each member of the committee will be afforded 5 minutes to ask questions beginning with the chair and ranking member as chair i will recognize there after an alternating fashion and descending order of seniority members of the majority and minority after each member has asked his or her questions the ranking member will be afforded an additional 5 minutes to ask questions followed by the chair will have
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additional 5 questions 5 minutes for questions ranking member and the chair will not be permitted to delegate or year old our final round of questions to any other member after 6 members of the majority and 6 members the minority have concluded their 5 minute rounds of questions will take a 5 or 10 minute break that we understand you requested before resuming the hearing with congressman swalwell starting his round of questions special counsel muller is accompanied today by aaron zebley who served as deputy special counsel for may 2017 until may 2019 and had dated a oversight of the special counsel's investigation mr moller mr zebley resigned from the department of justice at the end of may 21000 when the special counsel's office was closed both mr moller and mr will be available to answer questions today i will be sworn in consistent with the rules of the house and the committee mr moller mr sublease appearance today before the committee is in keeping with the
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committee's longstanding practice of receiving testimony from current or former department of justice and f.b.i. personnel regarding open and closed investigative matters as this hearing is under oath and before before we begin your testimony mr mueller in zebley would you please rise and raise your right hands to be sworn swear. do you swear or affirm that the testimony you are about to give at this hearing is the whole truth and nothing but the truth thank. thank you the record reflect that the witnesses have been duly sworn ranking member thank you mr chair i just want to clarify that this is highly unusual for mr they'll be to be sworn in we're here to ask a director moeller questions he's serious counsel our side is not going to be
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directing any questions to mr zebley and we have concerns about his prior representation of the hillary clinton campaign aide so i just want to voice that concern that we do have we will not be addressing any questions to mr that will be today i think the regular member. i realize as you probably do mr believe that there is a angry man down the street who is not happy about your being here today but it is up to this committee and not anyone else who will be allowed to be sworn in and testify and you are welcome as a private citizen to testify and members may direct their questions to wherever they choose with that. director mueller you are recognized for any opening remarks you'd like to make. good afternoon chairmanship ranking member nunez and members of the committee i testified this morning before the house
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judiciary committee i ask that the opening statement i made before that committee be incorporated into the record here. without objection director i understand that this committee has a unique jurisdiction and that you are interested in further understanding the counterintelligence implications of our investigation so let me say a word about how we handled the potential impact of our investigation on counterintelligence matters as we explained in our report the special counsel regulations effectively gave me the role of united states attorney. as a result we structured our investigation around evidence for possible use in prosecution of federal crimes we did not reach what you would call counter intelligence conclusions we did however set up processes in the office to identify and pass counterintelligence information on to the f.b.i.
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members of our office periodically briefed the f.b.i. about counterintelligence information in addition there were agents and analysts from the f.b.i. who were not on our team. but whose job it was to identify counterintelligence information in our files and to do and to disseminate that information to the f.b.i. for these reasons questions about what the f.b.i. has done with the counter intelligence information obtained from our investigation should be directed to the f.b.i. i also want to reiterate a few points that i made this morning i am not making any judgments or offering opinions about the guilt or innocence in any pending case it is unusual for a prosecutor to testify about a criminal investigation and given my role as a prosecutor there are reasons why my testimony will necessarily be limited.
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first public testimony could affect several ongoing matters in some of these matters court rules or judicial orders limit the disclosure of information to protect the fairness of the proceedings and consistent with longstanding justice department policy it would be inappropriate for me to comment in any way that could affect an ongoing matter 2nd the justice department has asserted privileges concerning investigative information and decisions ongoing matters within the justice department and deliberations within our office is our justice department privileges that i will respect. the department has released a letter discussing the restrictions on my testimony and i therefore will not be able to answer questions about certain areas that i know are of public interest for example i am unable to address questions about the opening of the f.


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