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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 205  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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you know pumped into into into the navy but gradually our when ness has been built in society and the policy makers in any government and there we really been resourced. but more needs to be done in a region where piracy kidnappings and theft of oral are growing problem in 2016 jury alone estimated its losses more than a $1000000000.00 a month. experts say the economies of the region rich in oil and fishing cannot sustain such a drain on resources. greece al-jazeera off the atlantic coast and god. let's hear now from officers nicholas hockin a crowd where commanders have been meeting to discuss ways to tackle the problems of protecting vessels sailing across the world's ocean not just
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a challenge for the 15 navy chiefs meeting here in defense contractors here in the gulf of guinea but across the world because piracy is on the rise whether with the crisis that we currently see in the straits of hormuz where britain and iran accuse each other of state piracy or in southeast asia where tankers are being taken by pirates and its contents sold on the black market here in the gulf of guinea the main challenge is the hijacking and holding from ransom of its crew member it's a global problem and for james fogle the admiral of the american navy in europe in africa it's something that needs to be urgently addressed 90 percent of our commerce worldwide goes by sea so africa is hugely for. every major power in the world there are russian interests in europe and africa there are chinese interests in europe and africa in particular in the arctic and there are u.s. interests there are israeli chinese ship building companies south african
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contractors all trying to find solutions specific to the problems in the gulf of guinea but according to the navy chief in the jared the problem is in the appreciation of pirates but it's the prosecution of all 100 other collective vessels. that were complicit. and they got this in the amount of time given and in terms of put a percentage of the chance on prosecutions with a can of less than 20 percent. here in the gulf of young men coming from communities with high unemployment they see off their shores big container ship and they feel excluded from this global economy every year piracy cost more than $24000000000.00 in order to tackle this issue governments in the region need to tackle the issue of poverty and inequality. more controversy over
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a south korean war plane that fired hundreds of warning shots at a russian reconnaissance aircraft russia wants an investigation into tuesday's incidents during its 1st joint air patrol patrol there with china south korea's news agency says the russian diplomats expressed deep regrets for violating that and space china's defense ministry says that it's didn't invade anyone else's space the ministry also blamed increasing tension in the region on the united states japan and australia bryde reports now from seoul. south korea says that russia's apology for this incursion came during a closed door meeting here on tuesday in seoul between a senior official from russia's defense ministry and his south korean counterpart when he expressed deep regret for the incident saying that it was due to some sort of mechanical error and that a full investigation would now take place it comes as a separate route seems to have developed between south korea and japan over this
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whole incident because it took place in disputed air space between the 2 neighbors above the doctorow islands as they are known here in south korea takis shima islands if you're in japan but they are islands that are claimed by both japan and south korea so japan is none too happy about a russian aircraft chased by south korean interceptors wandering into what it sees as its airspace especially as shots were fired several 100 warning rounds of machine gun fire from those korean aircraft the japanese have lodged their own complaint and now the south korean defense ministry has hit back saying that any protests from japan are not even worth noticing because of course the doctorow islands are very much south korean the chief of staff of puerto rico's cover has resigned it follows 11 days of mass protests that began over leaked messages
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between governor ricardo rosello and his aides the online chats for widely condemned sexist and homophobic. as on the reports now from san juan puerto rico is going to right now is no joke it's not just a couple people out on the streets absolutely it's everyone else sallis ribeiro was at home until adelphia watching news reports of the protests in her native puerto rico and was contemplating coming back to take part but what finally pushed her over the edge. was what happened to her mom pepper spray one of the 1st few days and i was not going to let my mother get it and. my mother being on the front line and participating in this and fighting back and my not being here felt like that what tipped it over for me and i had to be here rockwell and acclaimed poet and activists got on a plane and headed back to puerto rico to take to the streets to call for governor
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ricardo rosso you know to step down she was not alone there are about 6000000 puerto rican americans that live on the mainland of the united states there's no telling how many of them have returned here to the island to take part in these protests but certainly it's in the 10s of thousands of people who do in the protest and it's easy to find puerto ricans who live abroad who have come home to take part in this it's clear what is happening here has taken on more than a protest it's something larger for many puerto ricans i thought that this was perhaps our version of an arab spring and. it's going to look very different but the movement doesn't. a leader at the home that doesn't have an organization. this feels like revolution rock hill indeed her afternoon as she has done every day since she's been back home chanting for the leader of her homeland to resign. she says she will not buy
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a return ticket to philadelphia until it happens. san juan puerto rico. just ahead here on the news hour and sports the olympic president gets all the front foot ahead of next year's tokyo gave us. in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he would want to know what's going on there and to find out. may quickly we know the companies were some nations prison. we are probably international everyone and something much in our country. the shame that we can be fans internationally and this constant source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue.
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again time to support his rival thank you very well it's been a day to remember for irish cricket in more than a zone one they've marked their 1st ever test at lord's by bowling out the hosts for just 85 runs all 10 days ago england were lifting the cricket world cup at lord's wednesday saw them bowled out for their 4th lowest hard to ever at this ground to murther he plays carelessly cricket at lord's for middlesex taking 5 wickets for 13 runs well in all 20 wickets fell in the day with our then being bowled out for 207 in their reply england then the guys you had the farm over all the day they still trial by 122 the irish have played only 2 test matches in their history and they've lost by turns. rabbited might be trying to sell gareth bale but
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the $100000000.00 ford still it's intense on proving his worth by a priest a big performance as the spider sorry debate earl store in a preseason game in the north states as a harmonic now reports. gareth bale stays a real madrid appear to be numbered his coach is in it in sudan has publicly stated the club are trying to sell him and he was left out of the last game with the down claiming a deal was in the works against arsenal the down started back on the bench but the welshman would eventually have an eventful night was a forward could only watch as his team mates had a shaky start without he was handball inside the 1st 10 minutes or not to dismiss the gun is awarded a penalty wasn't strike alexander not because it stepped up to take it was made no mistake was felt further behind rick about me on the new stuff a nice move to make it 2 mil was by halftime
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though real will level at least in terms of personnel. awesome defender socrates seeing red for 2nd booking inside 2 minutes was rails might find he took a serious option when bale was introduced he came on for the 2nd help and didn't take long to make an impact was the board netting just 10 minutes after the break a perfect response to all his doubters was going to come to the real fight but he just 2 minutes later they were level marco asensio getting the qualifiers with the game ending to ward off the 90 minutes it had to be decided on penalties giving bale the chance to add more sheen to his performance unfortunately he would miss but it didn't do too much damage raul winning the shootout 32 you know you know in iraq he's here and i don't know what will. happen he played today he wanted to and
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he did a good job he put in a good performance and i'm pleased for him he wanted to be with us today he trained normally and played the match i make the decisions and he played one half we'll have to see what happens. bails contract doesn't expire till 2022 but the belief from his manager that he can play a major part in the team seems to be all but gone so he'll malik al-jazeera. overtakes the lake from a less than a special start to his career with italian champion given to say his 1st start since his $84000000.00 move from the dutch defender scored an hour window in this friendly against inter deflected free kick for christiane of a now there is sort of scary 19 trying to finish in a 11 draw very going on to be rivals in a penalty shoot out. his goods when we play again seem to be so always a good game stuff games they are a fantastic team they have a fantastic coach so if you go in like to compare it's with the best team so today
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we played good specially in the 2nd half and we deserved to win in my opinion are you going to social believe the majority of manchester united fans will be happy if cup winner paul pogba studies at the club you know at his record signing is spoken publicly of his desire to leave with the events and around madrid possible destinations for now paul is part of the squad that will play top them in a pre-season friendly in shanghai on thursday. our fans know well paul given the club and will be nice he can give us the of course there are so low it's so small minority. you know paul has been absolutely talking of and i think both me and the players will testify to that. the japanese prime minister shinzo will be hoping his arrival and in the olympic press conference isn't a merryman for the actions turkey or games briefly broke into an involuntary brinks . prepared to tell them about the one you count down to the olympics for the.
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sport brings the world together and it affords equal opportunities to all 55 years ago we learnt that when we last hosted the olympics here in tokyo next year we want to demonstrate that again the athletes will go beyond their limits to take on this challenge started out didn't they will then pick president thomas back was also well energetic form shall we say doing his best to recreate the environment when he won a fencing gold medal at the 976 games against the teenager preparations have been hit by corruption it has to go here which resulted in the head of the japanese olympic committee resigning and the budget for the games hasparren from $7.00 to $12000000000.00 but park says turkey is on the court to deliver a successful events i can really see that i have never seen any olympic city being soul ready with their preparation one year before
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the games talk you're already. that's right from a more right royal body thanks indeed that's it for the team in doha maryanne demasi his updates are just a few moments ago. i have been looking at your instagram account and reading talking since the apples fall behind the scenes this is a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president everyone laughed at them everyone has a voice for the best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate
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an exciting inspirational callus mother nominees join the global conversation in your thoughts get twitter and on down to 0. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square to all to. see. if something happens anywhere in the world how does iraq is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength . and new yes new lessons and new rules this is the time when you get to choose your english teacher is for the next 2 years meet the teachers empowering best students my thanks and my cool all about freedom we're going to look at perspective i want you to develop the skill
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with which you speak by letting them choose the lessons they learned revelent cation demick. schooling united kingdom on al-jazeera. what about total exoneration you actually totally exonerate the present you know former special counsel robert muller tells congress donald trump could be prosecuted for obstruction of justice off to he leaves office. hello i'm in london you're with al jazeera also coming up on the program. the doubters the do still the blues does they are going to get it wrong again arse
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johnson delivers a host of promises including bracks it in 3 months as he takes over as britain's prime minister. sudan's military says it's arrested the recently appointed on the chief of staff and thought it a coup attempt. and the puerto rico's governor is forced to deny reports he's resigned after almost 2 weeks of protests against him. a complete program former u.s. special counsel robert muller has insisted again that he did not exonerate president donald trump of obstruction of justice and he said trump could be prosecuted once he's out of office well has spent the last few hours testifying at 2 different hearings in congress about his investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election this is the 1st time he's had questions publicly
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since the inquiry. is it correct that if you had concluded that the president committed the crime of obstruction you could not publicly state that in your report were here today the statement would be that you would not indict and you would not indict because under the oil see opinion a sitting president cannot be indicted be unconstitutional so you could not state that because of the u.s.c. opinion if that would be your opinion. with some guide yes but under d.o.j. under department of justice policy the president could be prosecuted for obstruction of justice crimes after he leaves office is correct. or let's now speak to our white house correspondent campbell. as we all know. to be subpoenaed to make this a parents before congress did anything emerge from his testimony. what we've got now and particularly from a democratic standpoint would be viewed as a bit of
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a victory is that the robert miller's report has now come to life it's the audio book version if you will why is that valuable to them because now they can use this on the campaign trail for their respective campaigns attacking donald trump so certainly the headline from these hearings has been the sound bite you just played there from the judiciary chair jerry now learn it was repeated over and over by members of the democratic side of that committee pressing robert muller to once again sort of double down on the statements that not only has the president not been exonerated but any other american who may have allegedly committed any type of similar crime would be prosecuted or indicted the only exception to this of course department of justice guidelines that preclude that happening in the case of the u.s. or a sitting president so this is certainly something that will be highlighted in that we will hear more of to come not particularly helpful for donald trump as is in the
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2nd hour of the intelligence hearing the fact that donald trump also probably not the best like what was highlighted that he has in the past praised wiki leaks which of course was responsible for the 2016 data dump very favorable to his campaign but not so much the democratic nominee hillary clinton robert muller saying there of the fact that praise the data dump of wiki leaks he said problematic is an understatement it's giving booze to what should be illegal activity expect you'll hear that sound bite being played over and over again but certainly republicans feel that they have also scored a victory in all of this given the fact that what had typically been kind of thought of as conspiracy theory in terms of the origins of this. investigation will now that's come out to the public realm through their questions that they asked although they were not getting the answers they were looking for. from robert muller but essentially that this was office mission research that so-called steel
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dossier just the fact that they had robert muller talking about this even if he would not confirm that that was in fact the origins of the investigation certainly now puts this into the public realm something that the republicans have been trying to do for a very long time. and of course the murder investigation that has caused quite a shadow over the trauma president's you know how obsessed he has been with it what's been the president's reaction to these events today you know there's been a bit of a mood shift because for a president who said he wasn't going to watch this his activity on social media clearly indicates he watched every bit of it he cleared his public schedule we are expecting him to leave the white house in the coming hour where no question and open press opportunity he's likely to talk about this he was agitated leading up to this we saw in the moments before robert muller began his testimony a series of tweets 9 is i counted them discrediting the investigation discrediting
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the special counsel pointing the finger at democrats asking why they hadn't been investigated more but all of that mood seemed to shift once the president seemed to perceive that things were going in his way in other words that there was really nothing new in all of this that it was essentially what was already in the report now just in the audio version so we see tweets from the president and his new press secretary stephanie grisham essentially characterizing this as an embarrassment what you can see here in all of this is there was a deliberate strategy from the white house to be sort of relayed on capitol hill it appears that they feel that that has been effective and of course we're watching very carefully to see what the president has to say about it when he leaves the white house in the coming hour or so to go to a political fundraiser in west virginia thank you very much from the white house committee held it.
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britain's new prime minister barres johnson says the country will leave the e.u. on october 31st no ifs no buts he made that promise during his 1st speech in the child and vowed to change the u.k. for the better chance and got straight down to work carrying out a mass cull of 2 reason may's cabinet and appointing hardline breaks it has to the top jobs in government will bring you more on that in a moment from the team baba is standing by in downing street 1st though a the father looks back now at the day's events one of the most divisive figures abode in british politics is now the country's 77th probabilistic. to the sound of applause and nearby protests voice johnson promised to unite a fractured country and deliver on his defining pledge to lead britain out of the e.u. we're going to fulfill the repeated promises of parliament to the people and come out of the e.u. along tobler 31st new ifs or buts and tool those who continue to
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prophesied disaster i say yes there will be difficulties though i believe that within the gene application they will be far less serious than some have claimed there was a distinct lack of details and strategy in the speech but no shortage of ambition and optimism johnson is going to be a very different style of leader this is how the formal handover of power began with a journey to buckingham palace to meet queen elizabeth a journey interrupted momentarily by protesters this is the pageantry of british politics the choreography of change queen elizabeth has to at all times remain rigorously impartial when it comes to politics but as head of state she has a vital role in fighting the next prime minister to form a government queen elizabeth c. many prime ministers come and go during her reign winston churchill margaret thatcher and now boris johnson his place in british history is still being written
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earlier the outgoing prime minister theresa may also met the queen to formally tender her resignation in her final prime minister's questions on wednesday she was asked whether she was happy to hand over responsibility to a man she refused to back as leader of the opposition labor leader described as reckless this is how may respond it fine i am pleased to hand over to an incoming leader of the conservative party and prime minister who i worked with when he was in my cabinet. and to is committed to it as a conservative who stood on. conservative manifesto in 2017 delivering on the bowser the british people in 2060 and are delivering a bright future for this country where as boys johnson and to seize new home and greet his new star he also mediately faces some of the greatest matters of state will be briefed on national security and will have to write letters of last resort
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to nuclear submarine crews with instructions of what to do if the government is wiped out people either love him or they hate him and i think that's true with world leaders with his counterparts as foreign secretary he's got this comedic element about him which is highly unusual he's used to brilliant effect but we will see very soon whether from beneath this cocoon of bluster a statesman is actually waiting to emerge boris johnson warm said there was more chance of finding elvis on mars than him becoming prime minister his sheer force of personality has brought him here and now the weight of serious responsibility dorms neve barker al-jazeera westminster. anna joins us now from outside the prime minister's residence in downing street where we have been learning more about the composition of the cabinet team. absolutely and we've seen more than half the cabinet go so this is not so much or reshuffle as
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a totally new government if you like a new sense of direction and many of the new faces are well known boat leave campaigners notably dominic robb who's the new foreign secretary he is the former great 6 secretaries of course who resigned over his opposition to to resume may's withdrawal agreements which she struck with brussels incomes earned pretty patel as well as the home secretary she is known as being on the right of the conservative party as an advocate of the death penalty she takes over as home secretary from sajid javid another prominent lever mr job it is now moving in at number 11 here to become chancellor now the person he takes over from philip hammond of course resigns just a few hours ago before judge boris johnson was even officially in office so dismayed is mr hammond at the prospect of his colleagues countenancing the prospect of a no deal prettily said he might even vote against a conservative government to stop that some of his colleagues said that they would
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oppose no deal breaker in other ways we wait to see so mr job it is as the chancellor will be crucial in freeing up some of the money which boris johnson is going to need if he's going to get some of his stated aims through if the last start is for the next few weeks months or years nobody knows that that's right because bracks it may well define parse johnson's premiership survive for any length of time but he has made it clear he wants to make his mark when it comes to other matters as well so did we learn much more about his domestic priorities. what we did he was actually quite detailed in parts he said that he he would be trying to last the plea of the forgotten people and the left behind towns of britain that 2nd in the language that a reason may use when.


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