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tv   The Diaspora Orchestra  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2019 4:00am-5:00am +03

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government to stop that some of his colleagues said that they would oppose no deal brecht it in other ways we wait to see so mr joe vitt as the chancellor will be crucial in freeing up some of the money which boris johnson is going to need if he's going to get some of his stated aims through if the last start is for the next few weeks months or years nobody knows that that's right because bracks may well defined parse johnson's premiership survive for any length of time but he has made it clear he wants to make his mark when it comes to other matters as well so did we learn much more about his domestic priorities. what we did he was actually quite detailed in parts he said that he he would be trying to last the plea of the forgotten people and the left behind towns of britain that 2nd in the language that a reason may use when she 1st arrived at number 13 years ago talking about fighting
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inequalities and injustice but guess what her time in office was overshadowed by breck's that many people believe boris johnson's will as well not least because that's what he's been prioritizing he has again said that he will deliver bret's it by the 31st of october of course he said that do or die he'll do it so that might mean leaving without a deal which worries some people in the business community notably here he's saying he's been talking about people having confidence to get ready for a no deal breaker but he also has also mentioned things like putting 20000 more police officers on the streets boosting funding for education improving social care all sectors which have been cut by the austerity measures of previous years and many people are asking themselves firstly where the money will come from and secondly whether that will be even harder if britain does leave the european union . thank you very much with the latest downing street and bob backlund joining me now is a sad. in it the telegraph newspapers breaks it commissioning editor he joins me
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from outside parliament thanks for taking the time to speak to us so let's start by one let me start by asking you is is parsed johnson the man and has he assembled the cabinet that will save bracks it as they've pledged to do. pharmacy the man known to man is mr burke says his major tippers stamp on the government changeover we've seen in the manpower is something as your correspondent was mentioning you see here in the level of scale if there's a national election and this is the thing he's decided that when you have got 99 days 100 days to do a do or die delivery of drugs that you come on surely surely you can all play it safe so he's doing his all going full bore us and granted we think in your view is to be thinking hang on was in the still the same problem with the house of commons the same lack or feeble majority of 3 as my house yes so my view i think is going full throttle to stop and have to go to the election right so the
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temperament might be different he might be hoping to get this through by the sheer force of his personality the challenge is the same he does not have the strength to do it in parliament does that mean a general election is not far away. or his thing if you ask boris or friends and allies close to him will say it's not a priority it's a long way off we don't want it we don't hope it will happen is a wonderful thing isn't it does not mean it won't happen obviously events could change events for certain i've been i would say is parliament it's basically a big now he's saying i have the bricks of team i want if you stop me then this is just the people again that i die mr briggs's will hope people will give me that mandate to get the job done because he's then showing he the time is ticking there he is not going to waste. parties also indicated that he would prefer not to have a general election any time soon and of parliament doesn't want to have a node. at the end of the day is he just going to come up with something very
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similar to to reason may's deal with perhaps a few changes here and there. with us could be fascinating to watch certainly he's going to try and conduct the negotiations with you differently for example you can expect that he'll be extending an invite to them to come visit britain rather than running off to brussels to visit them because it's perceived to be vastly submissive sort of act see where this goes obviously the pageantry and all that may mean that he then tries to pretty find similar deals or trees may have births in the same time if you all just come down to parliament depending on how absurd how big how stubborn and peace will be if they force upon this in the works then at that point he's going to have to turn to the people and say give me a new parliament i want to live a democracy on you want to run the referendum this problem does not elect me and you want to not get it done that's not going to happen is it we're likely to see here a hung parliament in the event of a general election given the way things are going. to just wait polls are looking
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right now but to be fair we live in such for the whole time so obviously we must remember the reason they have a 20 point poll lead with the start of the election went and then with a hung parliament so we live in a world where you know double digit poll leads confounded and they will even then come back and boris for example just to focus on the man himself he starts out 12 points behind the london barrel to race against ken livingstone and there you turn that into a majority so you are looking at election winner that's why he was able to call themselves good do we would you know unifying energize the party let's see at thank you very much though for sharing your thoughts and as we shape to telegraph commissioning at nasa bennett joining us from ice mr. wright well there's more still ahead for you on the program the seized tankers at the center of the crisis between the u.k. and iran and how the iranian president says he could solve it and no wings no propeller and no seatbelts after stealing the show on bastille day. france is flying 9 is now. and to cross the english channel.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast where here across western europe it is going to be the heat they are going to be talking about for the next couple of days because we're talking about record breaking heat particular in some cities where they could be breaking all time records as the highest temperatures i want to take you over here and show you what we do expect to see here on thursday paris 42 degrees there london at $38.00 very close to breaking records if it does go above $38.00 degrees it is going to be breaking a record across that area as you can see we're going to be seeing fairly dry conditions in this is all dealing with an area of high pressure that is dominating most of this area as we go from thursday into friday we do start to see a shift and a little bit of a breakdown of that pattern the temperatures are going to stay fairly warm out here towards the central but out here towards the west you see we are going to drop in
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quite consistently for london at $26.00 paris at 29 and zurich at about $33.00 degrees there now here towards the east it's going to be the storms we're going to be seeing a lot of thunderstorms across much of the area not only for eastern europe for also western parts of russia as well moscow it is going to be a warm day if you with attempt to of $26.00 degrees and the heat is also on here across parts of tunisia tunis over the next few days temperatures are on the rise for you 35 degrees here on thursday but as we go towards friday expect to see about 40 degrees there and because the account 30. victims. being his palms as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for answers revealed. there are often 2 sides to even the doctor's top
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stories witness because of the chameleon amount is there. a comeback just a quick recap of the headlines now the former u.s. special counsel robert muller told congress he did not exonerate the president of obstruction of justice but he did say donald trump could be prosecuted once he's out of office. arced johnson has taken over as the u.k.'s prime minister pledging to get a bold new bricks it deal warning that person will crash out by the end of october if the e.u. refuses to negotiate. his predecessor tourism
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a left down the street earlier on after being forced to resign because of her own failure to get parliament to back the bricks. at least 6 people have been killed off to a suicide attack on a government building in the somali capital mogadishu the armed group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the bombing and says its target was the newly appointed un envoy to somalia last went off shortly after james swan met the city's mayor in the government compound but he say mayor. osman is in hospital now with critical injuries. well to sudan where the military says it's thwarted a coup attempt seeking to abort the people's revolution and arrested its own chief of staff in a statement the military said members of the military intelligence and security forces and leaders from the former ruling party had also been detained and this comes one week after a power sharing deal was signed by members of the military council and civilian coalition well al jazeera is banned from sudan so have
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a morgan has more on the story from neighboring ethiopia. the chief of staff is not the only person who has been arrested are so full of the army officials were arrested as well including the head of the armored division and the head of the popular defense force now that defense force was a force that was established by the former president on that issue was ousted by the military council on the 11th of april the minute sources in the military are saying that there were coup attempts that was organized by the chief of staff along with. other top generals at least 18 people have been arrested so far some of those have been forced into retirement it is worth noting that the chief of staff or someone who was appointed by the military council after they came to power on the 11th of april so he's very much somebody of their choice and so clear if they would basically believe that he would try to stage a coup against the military council several officials as i said have also been arrested as well we understand that they are being investigated and there are
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concerns that what the military council is trying to do is to crank the consumer did its power to keep only the loyalists people who are loyal to the military council for positions of power in the military now iran's president is saying he's ready to negotiate with the u.s. and european nations of the tensions in the gulf but not if negotiations mean surrender as an rouhani hinted at a possible swap to seize tankas but to condemn the idea of a european led protection force for vessels in the strait of hormuz same restaurant he has more now from the iranian capital. in those. and there were 2 important 1st from iran's president during this week's cabinet meeting since seizing the british flag oil tanker stana in peril last friday hassan rouhani is the 1st iranian official apparently suggesting in exchange for an iranian oil tanker the grace one was impounded by britain's royal marines 3 weeks ago if british government leaders were to undo what rouhani said were wrong actions in
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gibraltar they get a proportionate response from iran does this signal a way for both countries to get their ships back perhaps not iran maintains its seizure was internationally legal because the british vessel violated maritime regulations britain denies that. the strait of hormuz is a very important location neither a place for joking nor a place for a country to violate maritime rules so the g.c. bravely sees this violating the british tanker by force as it refused to take orders and follow regulations we reiterate that we won't let anyone create disorder in this region what has been done so far has been proportionate and professional and while the iran has long maintained its rightful role as protector and policeman of the strait of hormuz for the 1st time in recent memory rouhani said iran is also the protector of another vital waterway the strait separates yemen and djibouti the crucially important shipping lane connects the gulf of aden to the red sea and the
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swiss can now countries close by including saudi arabia and egypt are likely to see rouhani comments as overreach. the iranian president's remarks appear to be part of a coordinated effort in recent weeks to let the international community know they should proceed with caution after the wednesday meeting defense minister amir hot to me also reaffirmed iran's military capability denying reports the u.s. shot down an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz last week. the. drawings which shot down that all completed the. missions and return to their bases safe and sound but us should present evidence as we did when we had the aggressors draw on. the us pull out from the 2050 nuclear deal was followed by the realisation of sanctions iran says the inability of the international community to help mitigate the economic fallout is a failure that's left iranians feeling shortchanged despite all the tough talk
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though iran's president left a little room for conciliation as long as i'm in charge of the executive affairs of the country he said we are willing to talk to some rouhani who is seen as a more moderate president his term ends in 2 years but the failure of the 25th to nuclear deal to deliver much needed economic relief for iran has made him deeply unpopular hardliners are poised to replace him so rouhani is message to world leaders might be that if you want to talk to iran now is the time same bus ravi all to syria to from. saudi arabia is reinforcing its military presence in yemen following the partial withdrawal of the united arab emirates these military vehicles have reportedly been moved to a saudi base in the southern yemeni city of aden at ports in the south of saudi arabia have been repeatedly attacked by yemen's who's the rebels spokesman for puerto rico's embattled governor says he hasn't stepped down despite local media
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reports that his resignation was imminent but katara sale has been under increasing pressure after nearly 2 weeks of protest of elite messages in which he made sexist and homophobic comments some puerto ricans even flying home from the u.s. mainland to demonstrate gabriel is on our ports from san juan. because going through right now is no joke it's not just a couple people out on the streets absolutely it's everyone in rock hill south was at home in philadelphia watching news reports of the protests in her native puerto rico and was contemplating coming back to take part but what finally pushed her over the edge was what happened to her mom pepper sprayed one of the 1st few days and i was not going to let my mother get it and not come and be part of it but my mother being on the front line and participating in this and fighting back and my not being here felt like that what tipped it over for me. i had to be here
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rockwell and acclaimed poet and activists got on a plane and headed back to puerto rico to take to the streets to call for governor ricardo roe so you know to step down she was not alone there are about 6000000 puerto rican americans that live on the mainland of the united states there's no telling how many of them have returned here to the island to take part in these protests but certainly it's in the 10s of thousands of people go to any protest and it's easy to find puerto ricans who live abroad that come home to take part in this it's clear what is happening here has taken on more than a protest it's something larger for many puerto ricans i said that this was perhaps our version of an arab spring and. it's going to look very different but but i think the movement doesn't. a leader at the home and doesn't have an organization at home being from this feels like revolution procmail indeed her afternoon as she has done every day since she's been back home chanting for the leader of her
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homeland to resign. she says she will not buy a return ticket to philadelphia until it happens. i'll just see it a sad one puerto rico. europe is sweltering in its 2nd. heat wave of the sama and it's already breaking records belgium and the netherlands recorded their highest ever temperatures on wednesday and the mercury is expected to rise even further both countries could see temperatures exceeding 40 degrees celsius on thursday along with parts of france germany luxembourg and switzerland now he while the crowds on bastille day and the french inventor known as the flying soldier that's him will attempt to cross the english channel on his jet powered flight board frankie's apart his flight on thursday will mark 110th anniversary of the 1st aerial crossing of the channel it's expected to take around 20 minutes and the
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party is only allowed to refuel once on a boat he says he's confident the flight will be a success and smash his record for the longest flight fly bolt f. light. very good to go got. stolen off i'm feeling good but launches i want everything to go though and everything to be well organized is true i have experienced crashes but that's behind me that was when i was developing to fly aboard of course a problem could happen but i don't think about question because we know how to avoid it. just a quick look at the top stories now the former u.s. special counsel robert mueller has insisted again that he did not exonerate president donald trump of obstruction of justice but he did say that trump could be prosecuted once he's out of office well has been testifying to congress about his investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election it's the 1st time he's answered questions publicly since the inquiry. has also been
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facing well more questions at a 2nd hearing on capitol hill answering questions this time from the u.s. house intelligence committee he warned that russia is now trying to meddle with the 2020 campaign. is this in your investigation that you think that this was a single a tune by the russians to get involved in our election or did you find evidence to suggest that trying to do this again or what mr gotobed are doing as we sit here and they expect to do it. during the next campaign boris johnson has taken over as the u.k.'s prime minister he has pledged to get a bold new breaks it deal but one that person will crash out by the end of october if the e.u. refuses to negotiate johnson is now building his new cabinet appointing hardline grex the tears to keep positions several officials announce their resignations after he was chosen as leader of the conservative party. will johnson's predecessor
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to reason may is left downing street after being forced to resign because of her own failure to get parliament to back up bracks it dale may is one of person's shortest serving prime ministers in the last 100 years a term lasted $1106.00 days out running just 6 of the $22.00 prime ministers since the start of the last century. and it saddam's military says it's thwarted a coup attempt seeking to abort the people's revolution and arrested its own chief of staff in a statement the military said members of the intelligence and security forces and leaders from the former ruling party had also been detained it comes a week after a power sharing deal was signed by members of the military council and the civilian coalition coming up next we'll look at why the protests or whether the protests in puerto rico are a major turning point in the island's history that's next in the stream and i'll be back with more news after that in about half an hour's time i'll see that.
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ok you know in the stream today why a puerto rican scorning on governor of a cairo where say go to resign i'm really could be hundreds of thousands of residents have taken to the streets in a historic wave of protests we'll speak with those who are demanding change some of your thoughts via twitter and you tube. share of course in dress when you are in this story. the story has not only
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been big on the streets of puerto rico but it has also been trending online reka lot of people saying. ricky over a month or resign or ricky it's become a rallying cry on social media with many using that hash tag to share photos videos and an overall frustration with the u.s. territories governor the conversation came after puerto rico center for investigative journalism published a group chat featuring rose seo and other government officials they made massage mystic and homophobic remarks about opposition leaders journalists and other public figures the scandal dubbed riki leaks ignited days of protest with many flooding the streets near the governor's residence calling on him to step down but it was a 0 has refused to resign despite mounting public pressure on sunday he announced via facebook live that he will remain in office but not seek a 2nd term to reinforce that position during a fox news interview on monday. my effort my
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commitment is to follow through on some of the efforts that i've established for the people of puerto rico that includes establishing again a plan that i've already circulated with members within the white house so that we can battle this corruption. well his continued refusal to resign has fueled the biggest protests to hit the island in years hundreds of thousands of people blocked one of san juans major highways among them pop star ricky martin a subject of the home of her remarks here's what he had to say. there. will be a lot of emotions on the streets and we'll talk about that in today show let me thank you very much for make it so let's get this conversation started with your
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e-mail but he is a political anthropologist you joins us from new york i'm actually in san juan in san juan thank you very much for updating us even better luna's c.n.n. way goss is an artist an l g b t q activist she is in puerto rico and zola boy is a senator with the new progressive party and that's the same party as governor. she joins us from the capital san juan hello everybody it's good to have you here with us very much you asked the senator such a great question just before we got on the air i said hold it's you are political anthropologist but today you are a journalist what was that question is the question that so many of us are curious about go ahead larry but you say you started out of the season i don't as a red time is going the is the governor going to step down all of this you know have any inside information for us on the. satta well yes of course our 1st of all thank you thank you i'm so honored to be part of those
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and i think of my league and family for their support i mean the end to. all. the ban and so here at for this is. a team we thank you for the board you need and i have to answer that no i do not have any inside information but i do have to say that so long weeks now i have been asking the governor going on to say you know who will until 2 days ago he was the president of the political party that i belong to i have i have asked him to resign and as you were mentioning at the beginning this is what's what's happening but the critical i would say that not only because of legal the chat with her as it might be it was saying many people were offended that people that are overweight members of the commune eat the women people that die during your i can marry at their their families they're all
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a friend that and i am a friend but i would have to say that what we're seeing today it's not only the result of that of the illegal parent chat but also people are tired of corruption unfortunately the recall it is not the 1st time that we see members of the executive branch or even the legislative branch being accused or you know a criminal charges being brought against them for corruption so i think that what we seem to bury its and make sure of the shatt but also corruption and people at last and i am very happy for the people at last are raising their voice and say enough let's change the way we do things simple out of the recall. you know one of those people be raising their voice as you point out on the streets protesting tell us about the outlets for. that is in puerto rico right now from a perspective from
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a protest a space but to have. at the current time there was a lot of unrest and a lot of. i'm going to i saw a lot of to the fire is that people are very fed up people are very upset people want for with you to resign but they also want to government will be held accountable for the object for it negligence right people have been suffering before the hurricane they suffered through the hurricane another suffering hurricane this is a combination of people being on heard of not listened to and ricky in particular being a sort of figure that basically taking all of the brunt of being kind of called out finally you know people are very very good people are out here celebrating of course people are coming together and community and people are really working
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towards actually mobilizing together that's really important that's a big deal but the we got to do that you haven't seen this happen in a very very long time and to see these people come together you have people that community people you have people who brought in. monday and i don't know if you own and you have people who brought food for people you have kids i mean you had a very young people bringing 15000 water bodies for people things that the government was unable to do post hurricane think that community built together like what politico has constructed itself because of the poor people here because the people spending for themselves them and finally they came together because of you saw this chat but it was that chat was real life you know it was not just dismissed arguments and the best thing to humanization of people that was what they were doing to people here that's what they were acting upon it wasn't just words it was
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just hearing the ridicule of no way that these people they're not. there are not about. a big hair or no. what is so in the things that of course here no i mean known there i see you trying to get in there zoe but i want to bring this in our community was watching and i'll give this to you so a couple of people that are really elaborating on what you heard luna say so this is lies on twitter she says ricky leaks as they're called crystallise puerto rico's political corruption because it was him and his cronies mocking the dead it was a massage in a cigar aisle heaped at political opponents feminists even beauty queens it was the squandering of maria donations and that's hurricane maria on gifts and travels and she goes on but one other person sent us a video comment and in it she speaks about why this is different and unlike anything else picking up on that point that you made luna this is alexander marie miranda she's a campaigner at amnesty international puerto rico and here's what she told the
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stream what makes the protests here in britain. that are. there in lodi and really not particular. people are literally teachers social action. is not a. reason more so the catalyst so people have to. organize. and really kind of creating a different country a country that is weak and ready this is so it can you pick up on what she's saying there have you seen anything like this. i have to tell you that no we have paddles there are. demonstrations. but not as biggest this one but i wanted to if i may i wanted to tell lou now that this is my very 1st term as
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a as an elected official and i have to say that some of the very beginning that i started back in january 2018 i have felt that people in puerto rico not to get involved more involved in what we do i'm a senator and what we discuss every day there will impact political regal and for me too many times we have the site and do things fair and you don't hear people raising their voice in favor or against it so i would ask you or now and everybody who's involved in this kind of manifestations are there was traces that we this cannot stop we need. to keep on top of it and and watch what we're doing and criticize all or raise your voice in full in favor of what you think it's the right thing for puerto rico and the other thing that outcast would would be you know. i'm
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a senator and that's been involved in for politics for many years and one thing that i do. it makes me sad to hear and i don't a sceptic is that many times every some people say oh you know all politicians are corrupt they're all of them are are bad all of them are taking advantage of their position and i have to say that that generalization is a spat as when you say a women are the same all members of they. are the same though not many many of us are sitting in a political position because we do move that only have it's a get a cup pause because i know the owner is dying to have a conversation with him i got back yet. ok how long. yes you have you are a new political leader right and whatever term you want to call it that you're asking people who hold and more status to be so to talk and be more outspoken the problem is when they are now spoken when has he actually like
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responded we talked about i talked about heavily that collector so many star last year was talking about the man's about the instability of the government i talked about gender by law and women dying and it was why you so if you're asking for the people in general to have more voices and to have more say the government has to be your fish will have to be accountable for the things that they have done and if you do not like to hear that we're saying oh the government is corrupt it's because of all these he says if you're spending now you are not your stock route then you need to also know that if these people around you that are your colleagues that are in office they're corrupt you are complicit if you are now holding them accountable and if we are blaming the government as a whole it's because you function as
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a whole and because you are the power. for the puerto rican people so when we say this this this this person are doing things is because you are and even if it's not an individual problem it's a systemic problem there is an issue with negligence by puerto rican government it is not just about us they know we're calling him out and we're and we're putting him on and we're putting him on that and people are making it seem like it's just taking on other airlines but in never started with and it's not going to end well so if you want the people to be more involved you'll need to give space to people to be in pain and you need to be centering on. interrupting. and at that they think everything you're saying is so korten but i love it if the senator would speak not just about herself as an individual politician but also her role in the political party because she has taken you know early and asking you know her self as an
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individual for ricky to step down but she has not really make claims on the card and the party has maggie walk towards impeachment which is not what the what the people on the streets want it they don't want an impeachment process that that we don't know what it might end up and it might end up in him being not carried kerry after they have got if i may impeachment is that for me seems so hypothetical that it's not a useful conversation to have today at this moment because i i was suggesting that the governor of puerto rico would not still be in his job by the week and i would suggest i hope that i ignoring. what the party was not moving for him to step down until yesterday the political our political party was asking for the people to calm down to go home and let them do their work and move toward them each man i want to know i literally have a lot of a little thing like jensen not going how individual politicians are going to change how the political parties are going to change because what people want here also is
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a change in that then the party system let me not surjective here let me let me tell you one thing and just i bet that you will members of groups like for example . you lou now belong to this group that fight every day for women's rights and i applaud you but you know that when you belong to a group you cannot be responsible for. all the members in the group within the group tool so what i have to say to you i know many people raised their forty's and some people within government don't listen to them or actually don't want to listen to them but me as a senator and the history is right there every time. i'm i am. i have evaluated. a bill before it becomes. a law in puerto rico i have invited i have open the doors so i can hear everybody who has something to say about the subject i have opened the doors for that and that i can do what i
4:37 am
can not force anybody else to do it and about really and you can hear exactly now it really larry because i don't larry have that i mean i would say to the ladies i am not going to make this a personal grilling of senator. because that is the the issue in puerto rico is much more it's much bigger than one in difference in a senator's attention to our constituents moving on so because this is beyond just the governor i want to bring up this this is from willie on twitter who says demands go beyond even the resignation however who whoever is next needs to one audit the debt to protect services 3 for tax pensions and for declare a state of emergency on gender violence so that's just a minus some of the demands that people have but i want to share with you even a few more this via a video comment we got from men while rodriguez bunch he's a labor and social justice advocate and here are his demands. the demand
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for the resignation of the god of the us as you know was just a sparkle that ignited what has been regarded by many as a revolution we are now demanding the repeal of from messa a lawyer not by congress by fiscal control bor was appointed to push for austerity measures to the peril of our people and to benefit wall street we need the consolation of the dead and we also need a true process of self-examination to put an end to these illegal colonial rejean. so i'll give that to you because it is all those lists of things that people are now asking for how realistic are they and do they dilute the 1st the focus here 1st of all a miss a about repealing but a messiah. against the support but the truth is that we are economy of the united states that's why i'm a lot there are reasons i am an east
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a damn statehood because i believe in equality and i want to be as a us citizen that i am but i want to have the very same responsibilities and obligations so i do. believe that we need to and this is called the new status and i fight for that act and some other people might have another answer to ending the colonial status but even that i agree with with what they're asking what the truth is that we would have to go to congress and law be as much as we could to get that result because we on fortunately don't have any senators or representatives or congressman or limit and i think there are with older rabbits so i guess as a as i get up in here an appropriate time to bring a president trump on what he's been saying about puerto rico so this was the president on monday i have a list. he's a terrible governor i think you have an even worse mare of san juan she is horrible
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i think she's horrible i watched her my people did nothing but complain about her when we come to them with their hurricane problem the mare of san juan puerto rico is a horror show she's incompetent grossly incompetent at the same time the governor is not good the congress of the united states handed him $92000000000.00 and that 92000000000 dollars is in the hands of incompetent people and very corrupt before and i think the government of the united states have to be careful i'm the best thing that ever happened to puerto rico because we did a great job in puerto rico i wish you could see zoe's eye rolling all the way through that she didn't see it she may react to it for you in just a moment said i mean by this is this is what you do go political are for polish huge look at puerto rico so you hear president trump saying that so when we look at next steps what could possibly happen from this situation where do you want i want
4:41 am
to have a couple of things 1st i think that in a weird way trump might be a good thing that happened to puerto rico in the sense that he cast a media spotlight on it after hurricane maria i have no doubt that if he had not been in power and if so many people were not caught up in trying to find his katrina we would not have had so much attention and so many people in the united states would not have discovered that you know puerto rican or u.s. citizens that puerto rican were under colonial rule that there was this thing called the jones act so when in a weird way he did create a kind of moment in which different political upturn it is can be discussed however one thing i've noticed from the protesters is that they say barely clearly that part of why they were able to achieve the numbers that they did was because this was not politics here usual in puerto rico this was not about the usual campaigns for the political parties as as the. as none of the political parties called for
4:42 am
this movement or supported this movement and even the ones that i mean i should say that the mainstream political parties and support this movement and even the new emerging political groups they didn't make this about themselves and i and the young people that i've talked to involved in the movement they all tell me that they want something else they want independent candidates they want a rethinking of how all of our politics is going to play out of where we go and i certainly didn't want to put a congress and the senator on the spot because it was very generous of her to come and speak in a moment weren't politicians in puerto rico are very much you know all on the hot seat no matter which they're sitting on but i think wonder what how she thinks her party and political parties in general are going to be able to reinvent themselves and move and move past this and become something what the people here want which is not the political parties that have existed to date and not just because of their corruption. actually that is
4:43 am
a very good question i have to tell you that every time that i have been able to talk to the press i. i say that you would be so sad and not only sad but bad for puerto rico if all what we're going through ends up being ok once every . governor he got a little said all resigned that's all and everybody goes home i think that for the recounts we had to include myself we need to keep on working because one of the reply urgently needs every form of the political parties and also government and i have to be sincere with you and everybody is watching this i don't have all the answers but i do i can tell you that for example you were asking about the impeachment process i don't think this is a this has to do with our political party it has to do with the duties that we represent the devs and senators have for our land and i have to tell you that
4:44 am
when the president of the or the speaker of the house i should say journeyman the said that he was going to have just 3 our legal specialists ah from different political parities evaluate the shatt to see if there's a new recent 2 percent or percent charges against the governor i was very happy because that was just the start of why and what i think should happen but i have to say too as a senator i have to wait until the house of representatives decides what they're going to do that is apparent you know least for me to insert a community comment because what happened to the next is exactly what people are talking about so on here to one person says there is a replacement is also prop the party is continue to put forward dirty politicians that all are corrupt but it means nothing that there is no accountability for people like or is a so i'll give this one to you lou not just in the closing minute of the show here
4:45 am
what do you want to happen next. i just want to reiterate some of the conversation that just happened we only have and then it so actually short even better he said that time what do you want to happen next i think that 2 tones who are at the ranch that there needs to be as they'd of emergency against germs are vital and means to be addressed because if you know say one has already ignored it there needs to be an audit of the public rethought there needs to be another demanded that anybody who was corrupt and abused need to be prosecuted by the courts they need to be held accountable publicly i don't need to start how i think that there needs to be a commitment to protecting women black people or the undocumented the manacles that are in puerto rico now to be you community yeah i think you have given the senator quite a to do list and the president blessed luna and zoe and jemima thank you so much
4:46 am
for helping us saying what is happening in puerto rico right now at the time we have lake and i will see it next time always on my thanks so much. to. bogost on a edges you want to want to stay best agave how in the go a lot of the plundering some of cambodia's last remaining far as marking 2 years since the start of myanmar's military campaign that schools hundreds of thousands of the hinge of muslims into exile how you look in countries and billions of euros
4:47 am
supply arms used in the gambit resulting in the world's worst humanitarian crisis another bid to preserve multilateralism within a group of the 7 most advanced economies will cohesion prevail over challenges that the g. 7 faces drawing on a decade of al-jazeera documentary reviving visit the archives to find out how the story moved on august. 10th. to. the town to. start. i'm. going behind the scenes of one of mexico's most love soaps using fiction to mirror the struggles of real life. this week the story 9 focuses on the basis of systematic violence in
4:48 am
mexican society and issues close to home for the producers and actors a life as they struggle to portray in fiction the match the face of reality soap box mexico every day mafia amount to 0. hello i'm maryam namazie in london with a quick look at the headlines now former u.s. special counsel robert mueller has insisted once again that he did not exonerate president donald trump of obstruction of justice and he said that trump could be prosecuted once he's out of office spent the last few hours testifying at 2 different hearings in congress about his investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election it's the 1st time he's oncet questions publicly since the inquiry is it correct that if you had concluded that the president
4:49 am
committed the crime of obstruction you could not publicly state that in your report who are here today the statement would be that you would not indict and you would not indict because under the oil she opinion a sitting president cannot be indicted be unconstitutional so you could not state that because there was the opinion if that would be you can see opinion. with some guide yes but under d.o.j. under department of justice policy the president could be prosecuted for obstruction of justice crimes after he leaves office is correct. not a face more questions from the u.s. house intelligence committee at the 2nd hearing he warned russia is now trying to meddle with the 20 twentieth's action is this in your investigation that you think that this was a single attempt by the russians to get involved in our election or did you find evidence to suggest they were trying to do this again and why do single attempt
4:50 am
they're doing as we said here and they expect to do it. during the next campaign. well our white house correspondent kelly holcomb brings us more on the story. what we've got now and particularly from a democratic standpoint would be viewed as a bit of a victory is that the robert miller's report has now come to life it's the audio book version if you will why is that valuable to them because now they can use this on the campaign trail for their respective campaigns attacking donald trump so certainly the headline from these hearings has been the sound bite you just played there from the judiciary chair jerry nad learn it was repeated over and over by members of the democratic side of that committee pressing robert muller to once again sort of double down on the statements that not only has the president not been exonerated but any other american who may have allegedly committed any type of similar crime would be prosecuted or indicted the only exception to this of
4:51 am
course department of justice guidelines that preclude that happening in the case of the u.s. or a sitting president so this is certainly something that will be highlighted and that we will hear more of to come not particularly helpful for donald trump as is in the 2nd hour of the intelligence hearing the fact that donald trump also probably not the best like what was highlighted that he has in the past praised wiki leaks which of course was responsible for that 2016 data dump very favorable to his campaign but not so much to the democratic nominee hillary clinton robert muller saying there of the fact that prays that data dump of wiki leaks he said problematic is an understatement it's giving booze to what should be illegal activity. meanwhile here in the u.k. boris johnson has taken over as the country's prime minister is but to get a bold new threats that deal but warn that person will crash out by the end of october if the e.u.
4:52 am
refuses to negotiate johnson is now building his new cabinet appointing hardline breaks it is to keep positions several ministers have resigned since he was chosen as leader on the conservative party. or johnson's predecessor to reason may has left downing street after being forced to resign because of her own failure to get parliament to back up rights that deal may's one of britain's shortest serving prime ministers in the last 100 years she outran just 6 of the $22.00 prime ministers since the start of the last century and it sudan's military says it's for today could attempt seeking to abort the people's revolution and arrested its own chief of staff and a statement military said it had arrested intelligence and security forces and leaders from the former ruling party it comes just one week after a power sharing deal was signed by members of a military council and the civilian coalition. those are the headlines will have more news for you later on after witness which is coming up next.
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what gets done to him but he got us to here. it's got to like it all don't just give. us the number
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back up on. the bus up into the alley or in a hole to stew for me to keep. up with cooking but that if you want to let me. go i want to know you know what to do . with. and nothing. picturing it if they hear the call of the affordable band ever the bridge that they're going to come in and go back.
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that there are a lot of the bus oh but i do see lindsay. something will turn up with the comic went. from the human can. keep us will continue to pursue. other ways both tell you. what it does on us. but i mean. you know miss all this properly that it's going to want to live is a child in the basement to get to your god to i'm going to.
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use to thank. the boss around here i believe that and. to know the laws of simplest meichi ask if it often sounds like he's. got a human the. we to be the not and understand. on that up till i'm so good to get a feel good man oh yes a x. you know that if you i. to about there was he was only evil. it's only a view of the movie as a love affair you're on the. edge of all the joy and good going to any of us who do you know the need. for us have any more hope here iyanla not console you here to look us in the market in his
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impulses. it is a guy who year old man or little bundle of protective barrier that was here in the old. don't know for sure. one of them is that. you. when you let go is a key you're those without are going to say you get out and get out you know you know you into me now you don't know when you see mr but he had to look at it by saw it and we get out. that there's a good deal you have to give a while a bus at a time to make the way at the end on that knowledge of what i did so i look you know develop on. and on for that of. a fellow with a good director for. that may well that's the one the little letters. that are one
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of them are for help out in another but not about. that cut that down what i did that i ever did i don't believe but. yeah i was standing for that body. and it. goes that's a 1000000 that's what i'm still don't get me. you know they can think so and. kind of the boss but i've been asking on the town. to mature. a mother. so she can talk and by that. i nominate you that in this hobby it's. you know
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as i'm tossing it up as one of the shots you would want as keeps you up as when i knocked up or no in 4 months you want in under 3 you have as one would it in years gone family is and don't even. know if that's your taxes you have as one i know i don't mind as we're not allowed to i'm really fit in so i don't know it's not often zep's is business and that 6 officers is better than that of the then nowhere to go. and i think this is a good. jeanette of the day and the guy. is above into it to nobody could teach me. to listen am doing it i don't know he's. in to let me know it.
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look easy to look in a subtle mosaic at who's in thinking. i could tell him to say prayers on a set of. did a submissive did though and i think that you know. again it does. that. leaves you. in. as a c. s. really.


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