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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2019 5:00am-6:00am +03

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in the. it's above into this it's all over the kitchen. couldn't listen am and do it right over all this is just to see him to let him see it. look easy to look innocent on that commission to get. him to say personae center. they. did a survey. and i think they're you know. a guy who put us. in a i don't care. who specialty how does it's me how to get started here the parts i did she leave usually by the way although my numbers are not just. flush how did you know it would spin how knew about district. as a session really should arm that's it's not really sure. i'm an object in
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subrings you don't see funny man object yeah. it think they didn't like him. don't let us go down into the room no you can click continue to go. over to the left at the. d.m.v. said that they usually or chill the line at the levee. it like it might have asked that it. might have guessed yes. no it didn't and he did it in medicine dimwit. elect are you google is in only you . and me i'll when it didn't come into the canary that.
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i get the sack i gotta to move them because if they are let know that of a yo coming and a 1000000. photos and funny in astonishment you know as young as we stoop to high and without what you should lift as you should i i hand. in a can look after for that a lot of difficulties in this system. does that now i'd buy it and she now go i go there. because i was interested as i'm just as you might open out your fortitude to get back here todd yeah i'm as easy as what i. say when last i see it doesn't i can tell if there is a secret at the end to. get us out of it going out of the grocery.
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store but i'm done taking. it done if you lend i am. sympathetic it is today well it is i mean it's a loss so you either i want to now get an employer or you to go. get the story for and the compound that impotent and then kill him to control not that amount of money. or get i must admit it. but i do not. i mean it. could be but annoying with other us if she does have a lot of the. i hope he can hit the tom. for a little. bit better with yeah having to see get him to say. a
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little more at that. feet i've come to really. go on. going anywhere. i'm going to need to do this i'm going to lay it down for me. but i said understand i'm flee. for their car or. their own car. put up and put it in a bus on the bus you get on. the bus you and i must i'm going to have used their. chimp does what i want ice dancing. until after. the. incident i get this in the copilot but i must be. putting a lot on the knuckles india. and
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the us army live in africa and given that they had you know forgive me. i took to the phone to go there a good deal to get the puppy love them not to turn it down a little if you could and he doesn't live in a cult and nothing would have is there. they. allow me to. see.
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it. happen or. of the interest. of a little bit of them a lot of them. but generally on the top of the. but i want to.
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see but i'm a little i'm going to let you know me and the thing that i'm. doing. at the salon here for them if. they. think it would. take it would. be. before. you.
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leave. if. your cat i was 11 that he said again it will move in with you begin to see that. they will hit him with. the ice and as i'm with limited by me. you will get. on the internet in the coming today which isn't as he spoke a solution to a slash in our yard i'm aware of this of the thing one village doohickey said would have the music and you will see it was a but it's all flesh from the 1st he took. it as momentum. because according to your comments well i don't. think most intimidating contrasts
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to simulate but once again from the un because i live here and i'm interested. in conclusion. not a context and not a common thing about i mean that if you go. in the know but i'm.
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not into town to sentimental hyperthermia. it accidentally had better not have felt so good at that occupy that. they were empty so. the booth or not the law listen to it and know you. know. that if i said i was in the i would be over the warmer weather coming up so that is no little and then as if he did not get in i see no way this group will know i don't know if he's with. me now you got to sleep like like rather than see tell him. to me. like. yeah.
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yeah. i guess. it doesn't hurt us and. you know compete when he does on us in this moment but the man or none i looked up email visited. him in cleveland call me where to start him. it was a way we could be a. little cause again you give me we're going to give it up and you let the word go mia. and those are. going to talk a little global society local more or less valuable the law gave us a slip where in the wind off way good for me what awful moment of reflection of the guilty. on the day you. most surely is available i mean may make them you know they're mad at me and i mean acquittal intend they'll be clear again. as was the last year that called up you made it up
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as i said as i would have the time i said i'm. not mia you know he personally did a concert on do you. can i tell and i'll bet that. you know sometimes you know what i mean you know people tell me. like i said i am not going to get out of that book and i got to clapping people get to my plan i think i will get my norm which i don't think i want and. if there are some you. know be your family then you. the. people sit around and i mess us economy me one for them. when they get us out of
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the book. so that line of support you know so i kill or get out of so that. you know don't they can add a new sort of i don't plan you so you've got a leg up on you. and you don't get out of sorts. yeah you affect going hunting in the prison. i mean it's only about him going to submit mano a mano with and thank you. because you know i think my you know that you know this idea you see a study out i would like what i meant at the war you know at the musée were there was a could get close as you're going on you can audiences because something meant going to land over on that island of just you know my let's get on and some of them make a film. i mentioned on going to thought of all yakking as an undersea doubling of a modern siege. michigan which you don't want to see and seeing in a few months in any other city a yeoman thing to mail
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a letter way. to. your feet might but the quality of. thing the thing that. i am. thanking.
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you know i don't think i you know moment now i get a honest and. synod i said in the dominican. community and joke sincerely attempts to get in you but unless you're willing to do it look we need us your. immune system though internet and telephone internet at the funny at the photo nagas own both of us don't. want to get that signal come with us i don't know why you and me go for. some telephone on the when you go. to the miss to excrete on the for mother so that you from there but that live here. on the same soledad and. exterminate.
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on the way to begin you're going to call up what on the other side by. now on the 3rd telephone. i tell you not to cut. him but then you don't let a child alone up what. you just look at the only contact you to be like you have to know. this couple it ourselves him better to get along. ok mom again imodium both sounds. a lot better than mama don't have to sunny side up. the palestine national locust was 1st founded in the 1930 s.
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but has had to be revived in 2010 always very important thing in palestine now musicians from all over the world come together to perform in the occupied territories good for nothing it's like every palestinian living in the aspirant felt it was the 1st time they perform using their identity al-jazeera world hears music as a force for unity the diaspora orchestra. there is in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and find out very quickly we know look at the news some nations prison. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and most trusted source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. our war on terror begins with but it
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does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein this is a regime that has something the heart they have here a significant propaganda powerful nation and guess what not one w m d shite was found in iraq so it's about 991 iraq a deadly deception on al-jazeera. hello i maryanne demasi in london with a quick look at the headlines former u.s. special counsel robert mueller has insisted once again that he did not exonerate president donald trump of obstruction of justice but he did say that trump could be prosecuted once he's out of office miller has testified to congress about his
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investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election this is the 1st time he has answered questions publicly since the inquiry took place on the face more questions from the u.s. house intelligence committee a 2nd hearing he warned russia is now trying to meddle with the 20 twentieth's action is this in your investigation that you think that this was a single it soon by the russians to get involved in our election or did you find evidence to suggest they will try to do this again or what mr gotobed are doing as we sit here and they expect to do it. during the next campaign. here in the u.k. porus johnson is taken out of as prime minister he has pledged to get a bold new brakes that dale but one that person will crash out by the end of october if the e.u. refuses to negotiate johnson is now building his new cabinet appointing hardline praxiteles to keep positions several ministers have resigned since he was chosen as leader of the conservative party or johnson's prita sessa trees in may has left
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downing street now after being forced to resign because of our own failure to get parliament to back up bricks that deal may is one of britain's shortest serving prime ministers in the last 100 is she outran just 6 of the $22.00 prime ministers since the start of the last century. a suicide attack on a government building in the somali capital has killed at least 6 people and badly injured mogadishu's mayor the armed group has claimed responsibility for the bombing and says its target was the newly appointed u.n. envoy to somalia the blast went off shortly after james swan had met the mayor abdul rahman omar osman in the government compound. and of sudan's military says it sorted a coup attempt seeking to abort the people's revolution and arrested its own chief of staff members of the intelligence and security forces and leaders from the former ruling party have also been detained it comes one week after a power sharing deal was signed by members of the military council and the civilian
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coalition more everything coming up in the news hour after witness which now continues.
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where are you on let me just. tell you know and well so often the people i meet them i don't get and i mean to me that i don't limit it i don't. see me. about that. and this we don't invade we're going to. give us a lesson when we say. and what i'm the only person who you can see. in my own i mean. you don't you don't want any and the thing on.
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he needed to has a purpose. as a mauser. and i think i heard through some. of that he sticks around and who. you know to me includes memos and clap them on the list and he pushes him at it like a thing or low high he had it was about this is a law he had a lot of stuff is on that i think that he considers going to go it to where only the people who see it as. a good look a lot out of it then i guess you can say it was dumb oh i didn't know ok one of those who is i can tell little as a complicit. if the deal he said what he did is for him that alone nobody is who he
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ended even league and seen coming with i mean like do you i did i say let me add my no i don't land a though leyla then i guess the amount of it would be nice and simple lanny. i'll have to do what i don't get here and there even. saying we seem. to. get it didn't kill it it's all your own uncle john. to my eye if they say it doom eg you know. the kid said what the photo. is doing no take that and not my god oh. my oh no says i don't fall. and
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fall. i met deal see my plea on government and get on with the for that i said you know then you just don't like him which i am seeing did i say i went to him which i you know by now wasn't going to disagree i went to the popular left. but if it did get it to compliment. the delicacy do. it i see don't talk them into it i got around. to the yeah yeah so yeah i'll be 30. just like that i said no you're not much good nobody would be like i said that was about the sun then as it will be with me when i got on my own the secure minister. to get in separate time into.
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a critical mass that was to put out in his office but if i mean then you must what do it. she say yes it's. upon the letter you see come not to but i mustn't get to the last one d.n.a. you have to cut. my throat cut you think one drink once in a topless. woman 2 and in the train i say i mean i mean yeah they're going to monitor your. cynthia went by name to. better look at him you know them and think it's you know. didn't sank in a city any when humans to me. yeah i view it as a good in
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a comedy. of what i don't know. but i get an image of. yeah i get to fight you. for you feel for you feel. it is all i mean if the nation if we could get to hack into a techie. that you're made to look you don't need to go through what it. is going to do and you know what i gave you to my da are you. going to take it down low and i did you know it already hinted to god. it was impossible. i keep on trying not to hello top 71 and. yeah it did a lot of stuff kind of deal with me on the 1000 miss how they might look at this here you know again yes go ahead jump on one alone i don't know yet did on p.b.s.
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. here that he's. going to let. us. make. it then i think yesterday i think last one in the guardian yes i want to go to grant after class as you look like. you know your affair but i got thinking. you know all the dining. room we have you know we need of a mint the only home i want that they will. buy some donuts i lay down they're going to the you're going to miss i. think you're going to be pretty she nice of them one of the you know. i assume sort of better look the more you know them and the menu. it was a commie may call them noble so i'm best both about their. medicine the money you give it is going to see me up there with diminishing and
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people me so i mean when i was going to need to and each of them get on with it you want to set a good journey. in time and thought it best i mean i said going to get. you know to fight one leg at a people. you know go for whom you. can't do it just because it's a little hoot to keep the budget up at this when he said that bulls and to me until . i. could get my own weekend would be will be all a little looking by that i will be with anyone but the ones that will do what they do i will always. no but he will be taken with you when you never. inform that. corner and he's in the village with some ema. one of them in
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a piece here in this interview played it over this. and you in a go the gates the wilmots with. the. corporal that. was a hold of this here. in western. gin gin now they think you may be looking you'll do something this is somebody you know you are very uncivil you know you feel free to stay out of your glory or the noise and some of the feel like you are going to look
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a 1000000 percent even death then he said. give me and a level as a staff this is a day that you did on the same so you must stand alone no i mean how they left he said in his consent in fact. he was so innocent little until. they assume in the game no get their lair like you're going to loughborough i think you see getting a lot of good and you have to sit and do little feeling love the man pointed out there to quote that scene or a and a new little lick of yasser abed all but are you going to get you see that we're not all i was i came into meant to know. are you out of danger yeah get out of that i want to cause i'm.
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sure nobody got into. this is he's in the mustard up with some confused. sort in the. way you know i mean i mean you know you. know what i'm going to get the man of the. universe. again. i say you. didn't. do my thing yes. it was going to other must yeah and. and which of course and we meant them in the proof is inadequate the majority of the course and in this incident the every is do you eat them being human one of these over. you know accounting fraud to the gov like a city no around it. because of your film alex and we fight because like you move.
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the needle by now. to give you a clue that this new game addict bit with inform them that middle they keep the government in the social scene that doesn't. junketing up with the loop the only thing that will do. you for now. i said look you get. when they have i mean in the mind of this. guy. i am one thinking isn't. going to. miss any more than a boy yes it is. the way i'm human q they're hard on him so i. miss him badly some obese and would. both men for going to believe me.
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even the few that's your money who they admire give it all seal it go money will again to go myself in the new get them i'm not that sold to $30.00 that recently killed a many simply isn't a no. way they get. leverage to do all of it does it will. they be but i hinted. but i meant that. he had a mouth that is he not a must see in the letter that laugh as a matter. yeah i mean this is going to. come out i mean you know where you are more than ever.
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because you don't know about it he doesn't do it ok you know go yes for money. for the movie i'm sorry i'm going i mean that they were yo not going to confess and they in the media would come with something. which no no see i guess you got my foot. miss when i'm not real but in the. name of some point in the medium. that i've been able to ban same piece when i believe it when you. looked at me and since you know to me that my. go to my resume is we will my. you would use them whether that would. put. it that you got to move yet is that you had to with i. would obviate the need for me to do that. i said you. could do you know. with you know the need for that is you know gable just the way i see joe.
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for context or do many other people have got to get to where they're not going to try and i mean i know what you again and let it move with the. this is not where. you know what i am putting. your your do but see in a fan and you have to let in there you know i would quite approve. yetunde him to get. what i feel it was that he. said. give
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us a little. listen to one of the what me. as a nerd. but it will also work well to lose your mind and. if you come in to the door looking. for. us you may do not even tang's tell us a whole. lot of us here into. the room is invested in paul that is he must. be put in didn't but then. i'm guessing. that it is the host. opposed to calculate.
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it and that is the. least. if you were innocent i mean but. i think he. committed to it. you are going to but it was only by the bad to see boom bust only minor mithun it was tough. for them to see for see the end of the. flick you want to move it up is a living. but the body can decide oh. i thought i learned how to you
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know you money. or your locality. at a community think about us you're. a good look on the no way to face your. head until your day with a condom out of. the post and what. do you know put it to last. cindy to the. us this you know us. and you know what i'm going to get out what about you are close up but get l.s.o. me to get to keep this going to fit the my low it i said about apolo in the bin in thinking ok it's no good i want them and they die yet they cause a particular cause a lot is so yeah when i left you on my foot the. one toy i took i'm going to look
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at the way they see the cut off. and decide that this is when they get to me i don't know what i see said he i'm a performed. and i think you know them well and it circles at the end of the economic. ok when i thought. so by. it important to say. i'm getting better. and i get better then the. killer percentage get when everything. and does this you know . and i knew. more than anyone then to the point they don't know when they've been in the going to weapon of the never no weapon of a no no but i see. that this will become good again the bottom of the and the visible in the legacy of the now and.
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then with. the. good guys going to people and what they're like i'm going to like i want to get us in this. mean.
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to. say we do indeed well. i mean you will. do good. but i mean. you grew. in gun we got to do with that. but it didn't then which echoes again it didn't. which was i think that i would never go with. one of them even. i mean this one. but i and then that in it is to look at that end and
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that. in this at papa thing on a saturday i thought it. going to do it i listen. to nothing to go. to a book but again today i'm in. an i when i go into him in a god is able to get an afro lima on his own no need thing so. i would he doesn't but and then that is. to make is how it look at the bus. he just simply seemed to. be them being. they left. the believe that i'm going to i'm going to sit at the bit at the super with each. of them left. ok wait that is how he. got in or not but i mean i was about to see better and it
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didn't. move and. any of the thing when i was on my own yes the lines that we've looked at. me do my part in the 3rd are going to take 2nd hour. and 6 if you. look. better. by your. committee. so consoling country when i know a connex i'm committed to not i mean communal meeting. that ought to come at the top.
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of ideas not a schism certainly this don't entitle vog what could be them in the community. that have been as the movie as the korean says because little school says this has put up a scousers in jenin. that is zama 6th authorized me still in the up a $1000.00 of the money thought yeah but also floozy others did janeen lose those dollars there's any but at the bottom in my tips. something don't. i mean daniel you mean feeling the urge to. do it to land then sue man to. sneak in any man and make gavin now move forward in the air the. been coming to. the infield too long better than to don't
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allow even though news this morning. on monday i. got on me it's too cold. hello again welcome back parts of southern australia we are watching one that will move quite quickly over the next few days there it is making its way towards personnel as we go into thursday morning perth are going to sing some clouds as well as some winds but by thursday afternoon we're going to be seeing that front start to approach over here across the by and into adelaide so with that it is
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going to be windy cloudy a passing shower too but it's really going to be on friday that system makes its way towards tasmania we're going to see some rainy conditions there temperatures dropping down to hobart to about their melbourne it is still going to be a cloudy day and widespread clouds across much of southeastern australia as well it is going to be mostly cloud a few with a temperature of $23.00 degrees we have cross northern the south island of new zealand over the next few days we're going to see a little bit of a break but another system is making its way across the tasman sea and by the time we get to thursday we'll be seeing a lot of messy conditions across much of the north as well as the south island and maybe a little bit a break as we go towards friday but really for the north island and auckland it is still going to be quite windy as well as cloudy there and up here towards parts of japan we're going to be seeing fairly clear conditions across much of the area tokyo $31.00 degrees here on thursday and as we go towards friday we're going to see more winds and clouds and your forecast.
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the plundering of armenia's natural riches has uprooted residents and desecrated the habitat of some of europe's most inventors species. but a remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the miked of the country's investors and pinning high hopes on its newly elected prime minister people in power investigates armenia mining out the left. on a jersey. this is al jazeera. hello i'm maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up. but about total exoneration if you actually totally exonerate the present. former
5:49 am
special counsel robert muller tells congress donald trump could be prosecuted for obstruction of justice after he leaves office. the doubters the doom's does the glooms does they are going to get it wrong again the bars johnson promises breaks it in 3 months and vows to change the country as he takes over as persons prime minister. and puerto rico's parliament starts impeachment proceedings against the governor after almost 2 weeks of protests against him. in support anyones cricketers get a rude awakening on their return to the sides of their world cup triumph all down for beatty 51 day one of the test against ireland details from north korea.
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special counsel robert mueller has insisted once again that he did not exonerate president donald trump of obstruction of justice and he said john could be prosecuted once he's out of office well i spent several hours testifying at 2 different hearings in congress about his investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election this is the 1st time he has answered questions publicly since the inquiry is it correct that if you had concluded that the president committed the crime of obstruction you could not publicly state that in your report who are here today the statement would be that you would not indict and you would not indict because under the oil she opinion a sitting president cannot be indicted be unconstitutional so you could not state that because there was the opinion if that would be your opinion. with some guide yes but under d.o.j. under department of justice policy the president could be prosecuted for
5:51 am
obstruction of justice crimes after he leaves office is correct. well jerry has testimony at the 2nd hearing said russia is still trying to meddle in american elections is this in your investigation that you think that this was a single attempt by the russians to get involved in our election or did you find evidence to suggest they were trying to do this again in the single attempt they're doing as we said here and they expect to do it. during the next campaign well our white house correspondent kimberly hellcat brings us more on the story. what we've got now and particularly from a democratic standpoint would be viewed as a bit of a victory is that the robert miller's report has now come to life it's the audio book version if you will why is that valuable to them because now they can use this on the campaign trail for their respective campaigns attacking donald trump so certainly the headline from these hearings has been the sound bite you just played
5:52 am
there from the judiciary chair jerry nad learn it was repeated over and over by members of the democratic side of that committee pressing robert muller to once again sort of double down on the statements that not only has the president not been exonerated but any other american who may have allegedly committed any type of similar crime would be prosecuted or indicted the only exception to this of course department of justice guidelines that preclude that happening in the case of the u.s. or a sitting president so this is certainly something that will be highlighted that we will hear more of to come not particularly helpful for donald trump as is in the 2nd hour of the intelligence hearing the fact that donald trump also probably not the best like what was highlighted that he has in the past praised wiki leaks which of course was responsible for the 2016 data dump very favorable to his campaign but
5:53 am
not so much to the democratic nominee hillary clinton robert muller saying there the fact that praise the data dump of wiki leaks he said problematic is an understatement it's giving booze to what should be illegal activity. well donald trump has given his response to the hearings saying the investigation was a witch hunt from the beginning there was no defense to this ridiculous hoax this witch hunt that's been going on for. a long time pretty much from the time i came down on the escalator with the 1st lady. and. it's a disgrace what happened but i think that they proved a lot to everybody in fact some of my biggest opponents wrote things today that i wouldn't believe they would have written i appreciate that they did that this is been a very bad thing for our country. well today hofmeister joins us now from the university of dayton school of law in cincinnati thank you for speaking to
5:54 am
us on the news hour so these will obviously much anticipated hearings what did you make of robert list of formants before congress today well he definitely looked like you supposedly in the 1st hearing that he didn't want to be there and he held very closely to the script and he gave very short cursory answers you know basically yes or no in it many times he referred back to his report he seemed to loosen up a little bit more during the 2nd hearing before the intelligence committee. essentially much of what we heard was confirmation of his report just a couple of months ago and he said from the beginning that that was going to be his testimony he wasn't going to go really beyond the boundaries of that report but one of the some surprising moments in your view. i think so 1st i would say that it was very interesting to hear
5:55 am
about the fact that yes the president could be prosecuted once he left office for obstruction of justice or report election. monies received or used and so that was sort of a somewhat of an eye opener i think in the 1st and then the 2nd here and i think what were you the one a few times re actually saw all the get off script is when was asked about wiki leaks and then he sort of you know sort of a pint he really wasn't trying to give us opinion too much all day but he sort of got off script there to show how bothered he was and you know he's very using low key type of words but nonetheless he said the word problematic and he fears what's going to happen in the future if you have candidates who are going to appeal to foreign entities to interfere with our elections and so on that matter. lines of inquiry that will now be to see by well democrats in congress
5:56 am
well you know i think the republicans want to say this is the end of any further inquiry i'm not quite sure the democrats going to take that approach. if it's going to be driven it's going to be driven by the house which is controlled by the democrats you know as you can see there is no hearing done in the senate side possibly i could see more people individuals on the staff of the of the independent counsel being called the question because the interview there's also issues concerning the president's taxes i don't think this will be the end of the inquiry i believe that the public will like it to be the end i don't necessarily think it will be the end i think it will get further. testimony further hearings and again the least the house or the congress would point to that is sort of their role their role is to have oversight of the executive branch and and they're going to exercise it. pro impeachment democrats didn't really get the
5:57 am
ammunition they were looking for today given the height surrounding these hearings might want to performance of possibly damage that drive for impeachment. i don't i don't think it damages it for the simple fact that unfortunately i would say probably less than 5 percent of americans have actually read the $448.00 page report and for those who who haven't read it this hearing provided plenty of fodder to show some of the misconduct that was done during the during the election and after the election so i think you know with that said it did help that cause but i do agree with you i don't think it moved the needle one way or the other with respect to those interested in the peach mint i do think though it did help expose some problematic misconduct done by the trump political organization but again for those who were pro impeachment i think they're still in that camp those who are anti impeachment are still are still in their camp and those in the middle i don't
5:58 am
i don't think this was a catalyst i don't think this is going to push them one way or the other and as it stands now the majority of americans are in favor of peace in the president all right thank you very much the day is hofmeister joining us there from cincinnati. but still ahead for you on this news hour from london sudan's military says it's arrested the recently appointed army chief of staff and for today who attempt sees tank as at the center of the crisis between the u.k. and iran and how the iranian president to say he could solve it. the japanese prime minister gets a little over excited. as as tokyo begins the one year countdown to the end of takes. persons new prime minister barak's johnson says the country will leave the e.u. on october 31st no ifs or buts he made the promise during his 1st speech in the job
5:59 am
and vowed to change the u.k. for the better got straight down to work carrying out a mask olive trees and cabinets and appointing hard line breaks attests to the top jobs in government and even baba is standing by for us in downing street to bring us more on that in a moment 1st phony foka looks back at the day's events one of the most divisive figures abode in british politics is now the country 77th prime minister. to the sound of applause and mia by protests. promised you know it's a fractured country and deliver on his defining pledge to leave britain out of the e.u. we're going to fulfill the repeated promises of parliament to the people and come out of the e.u. otoh be the 31st no ifs or buts. and to all those who continue to prophesied disaster i say yes there will be difficulties though i believe that
6:00 am
within the gene application they will be far less serious than some have claimed there was a distinct lack of details and strategy in the speech but no shortage of ambition and optimism johnson is going to be a very different style of leader this is how the formal handover of power began with the journey to buckingham palace to meet queen elizabeth a journey interrupted momentarily by protesters this is the pageantry of british politics the choreography of change queen elizabeth has to at all times remain rigorously impartial when it comes to politics but as head of state she has a vital role in fighting the next prime minister to form a government queen elizabeth see many prime ministers come and go during her reign winston churchill margaret thatcher and now boris johnson his place in british history is still being written earlier the outgoing prime minister to resign may also met the queen to formally tender her resignation in her.


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