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well give us an idea of how much sanctions ahead in the country how much pressure it's under because that will of course have an impact on how willing north korea is how much is willing to compromise n. any talks. absolutely in fact those figures have just been released in the past few minutes and they do show that in 2018 the north korean economy contract by 4 point one percent now these figures are compiled by the bank of career for the south korean economy but they also provide figures for the g.d.p. of north korea because north korea doesn't publish its own figures so it has shown that there was a minus figure last year the economy contracted by 4 point one percent and that is on top of a further 3 and a half percent contraction that we saw in 2017 that was at the height of the missile and nuclear testing crisis when these sanctions really began to bite so for
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2 years now the really shows how much the north korean economy has been hurt by these sanctions this policy of maximum pressure and as you say how much north korea wants to get relief from these sanctions rather thank you very much for that rob mcbride with the very latest live insall thank you. now celebrations are continuing in puerto rico following the resignation of the island's governor ricardo announce he'll leave office on wednesday following 2 weeks of protests the spot to buy the release of offensive messages between was a.o. and his aides adding to the frustration of a government corruption and agalloch of reports from san juan. dancing in the streets of san juan celebrating what's being called a people's revolution demonstrators have for days demanded gov ricardo rajjo step down after text messages revealed a leader who spoke poorly of his own people and used sexist and homophobic language
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the young puerto ricans who spearheaded the marches it to the bed to victory i mean i bet you were here when you saw a 1000000 people on the street and that's amazing that that's. almost a zen martial. beautiful man but it's no worse for that i have 22 sons one is 10 and the other is 8 so i do this for them and for my future maybe grandsons you know and for the people of puerto rico they didn't want to be there we just simply the no one there because they were facts that he wasn't a good governor so we just had to do something the demonstrations began almost 2 weeks ago these were some of the biggest marches in the island's history from a population tired of accusations of corruption and mismanagement later on wednesday night governor ricardo rajjo announced he would step down on august the 2nd oh oh oh oh the streets of san juan erupted in celebrations that continued for hours puerto rico secretary of justice one device is likely to
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replace ross aoe but she's in a popular choice among those who took to the streets organizers say they will watch closely what happens next with their demands for the future of puerto rico the simple so we just want good leaders true leaders people that are just looking for the you know well being of the people. it's all we need really is not it's not really that difficult protesters say they will continue to demonstrate if this u.s. territory fails to pick a governor they like the next few days or a c.e.o. successor will be announced but this political crisis may be far from over for many people here this feels like a brand new day the one that's been used with hope and concern remember the next governor will inherit 74000000000 dollars worth of debt i mean ireland still recovering from 2 major hurricanes come over than anything else the future leadership of this country will have to win its people's trust and that may be the biggest challenge and again approaches here are san juan puerto rico. still ahead
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on the provision that a heat wave is breaking records as it moves across parts of europe and between the rock and a hard place the act of trying has weight behind it and doesn't it's course in hawaii. when it's not just year the same welcome kolarov coming in across a good part of the race and the same is true across much of north america certainly into that eastern side of the us in parts of canada as well we can see the still chain of storms just straddling the panhandle paulse of fraud is still seeing some live the showers nabi to into the dakotas forward time temperatures around 131 celsius that they see a 29 in new york a 31 in autumn won't they still there but not as hot as it has been recently some
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want to into those central areas further west it's generally looking try some wetter weather started to push his way in say british columbia out west as are the kind of the same some clouds and some rain central parts of canada to terri i could back seeing some wet weather down toward the southeast in kona back into florida yet the wet weather still in. place here some of the showers also affecting also the caribbean but for the most part it's looking fine and dry some lovely sunshine coming from we want to especially across the western side of the rate and doubt towards nicaragua costa rica or maybe it's a panama you could see some of us as we go on into the weekend across the main island so it's fine and dry kingston with a top temperature of 32 degrees. the plundering of armenia's natural riches has uprooted residents and desecrated the habitat of some of europe's most in vain your species. but
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a remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the miked of the country's investors and pinning high hopes on its newly elected prime minister people in power investigates armenia mining out the left. on a 0 up. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories libya's navy says at least 150 people are missing and feared dead after 2. capsized off the coast of libya but the u.n. refugee agency says the number could be as high as 150 people ahead of parliament
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muhammad has been sworn in as interim president after the death of 92 year old. and the country on 2 presidential elections are held by september 15th and north korea has confirmed. today were new technology and says they were a warning to south korea but the u.s. secretary of state says the door to diplomacy remains open. now u.s. senators have backed legislation that would block some sales to saudi arabia the foreign relations committee voted $13.00 to $9.00 with republicans joining democrats and backing the measure many voiced concern the weapons could be used in the ongoing war in yemen the legislation which is expected to be opposed by president trump would also impose sanctions on the saudi royal family well one member of the foreign relations committee has told al jazeera that the u.s. saw the relationship will change once donald trump leaves office senator chris
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murphy says there is time to fix what's broken. my hope is that the saudis realize what is happening here the only thing that is protecting them from a fairly radical change in american policy toward saudi arabia is the president states he's only an office for another year and a half and so i met with the new ambassador to the united states from saudi arabia yesterday and i begged her to convince your government to change its position release some of these political prisoners come to the table negotiate peace because if they don't leave the. you could have a very different relationship we can preserve our relationship if the saudis behave differently but if they don't it's down from going to be in office to be there. unconditional champion for so long. the e.u. is refusing to renegotiate the brics that withdrawal agreement with the u.k.'s new prime minister e.u.
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commission president john vause johnson of the fog and that the existing deal is the best and the only one possible but johnson is insisting he can get a deal by the end of october charlie and never ports from london. inside 10 downing street a rousing welcome from a loyal team prime minister boris johnson's new cabinet dominated by breck's it hardliners at the 1st pep talk and we have. to ask the people in our country's history we are. leaving. now if they are not the old i apologize for interrupting the promise of this far too much noise in this strain but in parliament a very different johnson had promised to unite the conservative party but his ruthless decision to sack or sidelined 17 senior ministers may have done the
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opposite. his 1st statement was one of optimism channeling his hero winston churchill promising a golden era for britain and then a message to the european union asking them to rethink the current deal their country the values its independence and indeed it so for suspect could agree to a treaty which signed away our economic independence and self-government as this back story does a time limit is not enough if an agreement is to be reached it must be clearly understood that the way to the deal goes by way of the abolition of the backstop a request leave rejected by brussels with the e.u. chief negotiator saying that eliminating the backstop is unacceptable and not within the mandate of the european council a message reiterated by the outgoing european commission president in a phone call with boris johnson with saying that the e.u.'s position on the
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withdrawal agreement is the best and only way possible this is the last day parliament will sit before breaking for the summer with the challenges facing the new prime minister and negotiate a new breaks that deal in just 98. is a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated and fix a multitude of problems facing britain and health care education and security all with a parliamentary majority of just 3 many say the country could be heading for a general election i think that boris johnson if he sees that he's going to lose a vote of no confidence in the house of commons i think he would rather call the election than wait for his government to fall and the election to follow he would rather stay on the front foot so i think the whole of britain ought to be on the alert for an early snap general election called perhaps right at the beginning of september that might happen. these are the skills to do this is a prime minister with
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a deadline like no other facing unprecedented opposition hoping his optimism is infectious charlie angela al-jazeera london. and political tensions are heating up in spain the voters could be heading to their 4th general election in 4 years acting promised a pederast sanchez has failed to form a new government the socialist party won a snap election in april but fell short of the majority sanchez needed the support of the far left for their most party to be confirmed as prime minister but the 2 parties failed to form a coalition of sanchez can't break the deadlock in 2 months a repeat election will be held on the 10th of november. i hate why it has sent temperatures soaring across europe breaking records and from brush and belgium and the netherlands a new high in germany has forced the shutdown of a nuclear reactor after the water became too hot bought the increasingly common heat waves that also serve as a reminder of the impact of climate change now the reports from london.
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enjoying the heat in paris the waterfront is by the eiffel tower a popular place for those trying to stay cool. as a red alert was issued for northern france in the capital reached an all time national record of $41.00 celsius well french media reports suggest 5 deaths might to be linked to the current heat wave. of wednesday belgium germany and the netherlands all recorded their highest ever temperatures and they did it again on thursday all topping 40 degrees celsius. while some of the belgian capital brussels are making the most of it it's led to a so-called code red being issued for the 1st time we are observing the weather since 1933 so nearly 200 years we never experienced this kind of temperatures over in britain as temperatures soared activists in london staged a small protest outside bass building housing media outlets demanding they
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concentrate less on images of fun in the sun and more in explaining the extreme weather. we can talk about the hottest day on record with headlines like war scorcher without looking into why is it the highest and what does that mean for she manatee what's that mean in the next 102030 years. there were to eat for food for particularly for people in developing countries too this is affecting right now but al-jazeera had no difficulty finding people who are concerned about what's driving the increasingly common heat waves people start realizing that things are changing and quite quickly in climate and so is is the moment to just to change something. before it's too late this is something that makes our planet less . comfortable to live on so we have to think about how to stop it so that also our children can still survive on this planet most people here in britain welcome
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a bit of sunshine but for when the humidity and on a day like this the priority for lots of people is actually staying in the shade more broadly more and more starting to draw the line between europe 6 streams summers and the climate crisis the u.k. government's advisory committee on climate change has warned the country is not prepared for the extremes that global warming is expected to bring here the current heat which prompted health warnings and brought trains to a standstill in some parts. and in southern europe this was greece on wednesday a series of wildfires are a reminder of conditions that many are calling the new normal. of all those conditions how their upsides they bring their own dangers they deem barbara al-jazeera london now a landslide in iraq owes atlas mountains has killed at least 24 people a van was buried by a landslide following heavy rains that happened in a remote area south of the city of lot of cash rescue teams are searching for
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survivors. the governor of hawaii has agreed to negotiate with protestors over the construction of a giant telescope the $1400000000.00 project is being built on a mountain that's considered one of the world's best viewing platforms but many indigenous hawaiians also consider it sacred and have been blocking access to the site for almost 2 weeks mike hanna reports to get 6 government go after more than a week of protests by native hawaiians and activists the government in honolulu was forced to act this week the state's governor visited the controversial construction site of the 30 meter telescope project pledging to listen to the concerns of the protesters the demonstrators say the project would disagree the sacred grounds of the hawaiian mountain. and the governor now recognizes their grievances saying he's willing to work with the protesters and we are committed to. finding
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a week or. in a peaceful more concerned mood most important to harbor dialogue and much opposition will be required. as we move forward i don't want to see anyone suffer and we will see people get sick and die if they're forced to spend 3 weeks 3 months or god forbid 3 years blocking this road i'm heartened by his presence i'm glad he's here i think he will experience what we've been saying about what this place looks and feels like about our conduct about. the passion of all the people who are willing to withstand these these cold temperatures and i should conditions many native hawaiians have long been angered by the presence of a number of observatories on the mountain they know as mana chaos but the $1500000000.00 project also has supporters who are expected to rally at the state capital on thursday among their many native hawaiians insisting the project will
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create jobs the international attention over the mountain protest has drawn star power actor dwayne the rock johnson is samoan but grew up here why and understands the pain of protesters at what they view as sacrilege some of us not play with a perspective a culture respecting people and doing things the right way other people but underlying the debate an argument that his about more than a sacred mountain it's also about the state's economic interests being given priority. over native hawaiian cultural rights a concern that resonates far beyond the big island mike hanna al-jazeera. hello again levels of the problem and our harbor the headlines on al-jazeera the
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u.n. is demanding immediate action after the worst capsizing off why go and vote in the mediterranean so far the seer as many as 150 very fiji's in migrants are not going to have drowned off the libyan coast the u.n. is calling for safe and legal votes for those searching for a better life. but the images that was another thought were normal the mark i lost my 7 year old child because of that are you aware they don't hold they kicked me out they told me and my children to go find our own we why i don't want anything now except to go back to my country to die there. today as he was 1st democratically elected president of the steps he has died aged 92 the head of tennessee is parliament in the home of their nasser has been sworn in as interim president he lead the country until presidential elections are held within 3 months north korea says thursday's missile launches were a warning to south korea chung and want someone to stop importing high tech weapons
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and end joint military exercises with the u.s. the announcement on north korean state television confirms suspicions that tests were new kind of missile rob mcbride has more from seoul all of this rotten anger seems to be directed at south korea and not of it directed at the u.s. which after all is also taking part in the exercises and is supplying the f. 35 fighter jet so still very much following the line of not having any direct attacks or anger directed at the u.s. administration of donald trump keeping open it seems the prospect of further dialogue. the european union says it won't renegotiate the brics it with the troll agreement with the u.k.'s new prime minister e.u. commission pheasant told boss johnson of the phone that the existing data is the best and the only one but johnson says he'll make a breakthrough or sooner a record heat wave is continuing across western europe paris recordists highest
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ever temperature on thursday at $42.00 degrees celcius national records will also set in the netherlands belgium and germany people in power is coming up next the palestine national locust was 1st founded in the 1930 s. but has had to be revived in 2010 all was very important for me to sing in palestine now musicians from all over the world come together to perform in the occupied territories philistine like every palestinian living in the aspirant felt it was the 1st time they performed using their identity al-jazeera world hears music as a force for unity the diaspora orchestra. a new government came to power in armenia amid widespread optimism that its leader they cope with decades of corruption and economic mismanagement but now his
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administration faces a major lever whether to proceed with a huge be defined mining project that summer warning will cause enormous environmental damage and in danger of one of the world's rarest animal species. the former soviet republic of armenia has witnessed dramatic changes in the last 12 months. a bloodless revolution led by journalist turned politician nicole pushing a promised an end to decades of corrupt rule this. is just one
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a snap election and for the 1st time in years there is open to ms m o 1st priority is to continue. to call it was shallow and to make a real difference to see nothing in the economy. or mania has enjoyed years of blockades imposed by its neighbors turkey and azerbaijan the country's economy never really recovering from the collapse of the u.s.s.r. . previous governments resorted to leasing its mineral rich benton's to foreign mining concerns it was driven by need for revenue but it's also cools and momus and wine and mental damage even worse say some of the economic benefits were only ever enjoyed by a few new army of all which will probably a lot. there's still no room go to sue a woman nor should. you or cool loss of slumbers in the bushes if you are both
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chill but it will if the police. now have the latest of these mining projects is proving she usually divisive supported by the previous government and poised to begin work it is said to exploit a massive gold deposit in the south of the country but it is being blockaded by activists who believe that profits are less important than amin is unique environment you can't drink gold or you can't eat gault you can't just bury the gold you need here in violence for life. what happens next for the mine goes ahead all the activists win the battle lies in the hands of the new prime minister nicole pushing and. it's a decision that could affect the future of his administration a threatened ecosystem and even the fate of one of the world's most imperiled animal species. tiny landlocked all mean year
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is the oldest christian country in the world. blessed with rich soils it is also considered to be the birthplace of wine and even today agriculture forms the mainstay of the economy. the magnificent mind era where many believe the remains of noah's ark will one day be found is the national symbol. today the mountains of armenia like the fabled augie remain a refuge for many endangered animals the hunting ground of the world's rarest big cat the cook asian leopard of which there are estimated to be only 10 left in the country. this unique footage was captured by trial cameras.
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alexander marr caution the rules authority on the reclusive animal has been charting the leopard's battle for survival for over 20 years. as an awful events and outdated. golay was shelagh the place so show up short i missed it. but you're not going to be a lot of calls loaf. it's us now now which. are not. yours i'd say. but you're not going to get lick of. but the fate of this magnificent beast hangs in the balance with the new mine ready and waiting to get into production as is our last after the man it. was the only of a but it was enough to go. deep within the car back ridge a mountain cooled which translates as the barren place is ironically the side of a massive gold deposit discovered by anglo-american mining company lydian
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international who intend to extract the precious metal by means of a controversial he pleasing process. may be an international is a biggest point in western culture during the last for been years we invested about 500000000000 over this project is very important for the economy or. we designed the project to be. environmentally. safe. 1st of all he pushed ethnology doesn't have to face down there is no issues with the water no nation's health community. will see things differently fearful that their lives are about to change forever. that tourism in the free trade which have always been the main source of income
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will be destroyed if the mine goes ahead. spurred on by the recent revolution for the last 6 months protesters have blocked all roads to the mountain stopping for the mine construction. at 1st we leave out to our cars then we bring and now we bring temporary housing like this is the place we are living now this is our scene well that we must save on the side with our hands our mom paying our almost depend on and we must say vade made home michael here not going while we were on last night for which i got to tell you a rundown i would be just right laboriously love detox link here for the concord board see i boarded joran and then made it home michael chang got all aboard the. many you mean eons have come to this remote spot to support the blockade has.
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people like annie from the capital yerevan he has a 7 year old son is hire him. every time i go to or i want to. ask you need to stay with him and i just explain him that if i don't go. who who can go so i feel some moral duty to go there and to stand with them anyway it's a little bit difficult because i'm a girl and they're all boys but i can say that during this months we became just like family. well let us know when there's just this nice woman to love ya got so she'll start to hear sure sure start little. would a bunch with. the blockade has proved for a marketplace active. the machinery and trucks light idle the project is
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literally frozen. which is it. it's about hollywood films and dollar but now it's more because we lost people. professionals we had a mean 800270 courtrooms. the blockade is making some people just because of the wider implications. for an upcoming one day close all the mines because they will have basically you will be destroying a big part of your budget thousands and thousands of people will be out of the job . is to chill a head of state president sarkozy and used to be on the board of lydian the blockaders believe he's just one of many power brokers backing the mind his role was more of brokering this potential big investment into into the country as opposed to anything else.
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has been a fixer for this mining project. and we wanted to. we actually asked him directly questions of what was his role and asked him to disclose information that is particularly important at the moment. he denied to disclose information when you join a board you saw him fall of the ditch ugh. my cautious is absolutely clear what i did absolutely clear. and on the less the blockade is a wary of the president preferred to put their faith in armenia's new prime minister nicole pushing him on his shoulders the future of the minaya rests a political ad side and in a fired man of the people last spring the shinya was swept into office on an
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unprecedented wave of popular support. he promised to end the endemic corruption that have dogged his country under the decade long rule of former president says sykes sound of the republican party his attempt to stay in power by becoming prime minister had set off a political earthquake. the legitimacy i mean social legitimacy psychological edge over the public good port was there they were not popular even 10 years ago with this exit became a true. pushing in a former political prisoner began a long march from the west of the country to the capital yerevan much of the time with his wife at his side in her right at that. high up and send up i'll call my dad what. we had a good hour to get it behind our back to someone else almost. like a slum lord yes that's what has called. us that's
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a bargain that's the good knots i levels. most economists that. with hundreds of thousands of supporters on the streets demanding he became prime minister instead of socks in pushing eunice yoon pilot in a velvet revolution. immediately set about tackling corruption with high profile cases like the mayor of yerevan his numerous mansions were filmed by a drain the video of which went viral on the internet. people were incensed love that these are options to push you know that those films should be should dish in your us the real. well there was a rule in the us that in stalking the copy of the. note of the seal sprouted leaves to become tonight when you bustle moment of the mood of the. culture of corruption came from the service.


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