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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 27, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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jim for his courage. the new phase in 2 years as government is now underway the speaker of parliament mohamed el nasser sworn in to serve as the country's president he will take over for up to 90 days while elections organized. i swear by god almighty to protect the independence of tunisia and the safety of its lands to respect the constitution and law and fully take care of the people's interests and be loyal to tunisia in such a young democracy the vacant posts of the country's leader could spark a power struggle among chinese us political parties definite candidates who are considered to be quite popular and quite strong but also very controversial. have been barred from running the presidential elections by arson parliament not too long ago this law has not yet been signed by missteps him before he passed away and i think we'll hear a lot more about this controversy next couple of days the president spent the last
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few weeks of his life in and out of hospital he was a leading figure in what was known as the arab spring uprising as prime minister and then tunisia is 1st democratically elected president he helped draft a new constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech. we're going to have his accomplishments so we're often overshadowed by a weak economy and a high unemployment rate oh no worries though he started his mission on a positive note and he finished that the same way may he rest in peace his predecessors who are the country but he was a good man who served his country no one did that before him no one saw the end of he we hope the next president will be even better we hope our country will be stable and safe we have some terrorism but the country doesn't blame him 7 days of national mourning have been declared as the country honors its for them president. front runners if you had appeared amongst the candidates who said they'll be
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standing for the presidential election in mid september but all sides of the political spectrum here want this transition of power that splits smooth and stable david schaper al-jazeera cuteness weather is next and then have europe's relatives and a heatwave confound it could cause record melting of greenland's ice sheets. hello we've got more heavy showers into eastern parts of china but it's still very much in place across those central i was as well and out towards the southwest but i think for the next couple of days the main focus will be along that southeastern corner pushing up towards shanghai and beyond hong kong grey they will be well humid for sas day big chance of seeing some showers coming in he was to go on into
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sunday and elsewhere really really is a case of sunshine but quite a rash of showers as well some showers to into the philippines and plenty of showers along the spells of rain of course with the monsoon rains across south asia big swathe of cloud across much of in the sense of rather heavy rain to ensue karate recently story until a whole recently and that is the scene here central northern parts of pakistan that wet weather pushes right up across northern parts of india 29 celsius in new delhi be i'm seeing lows loci temperatures like this for quite some time you know it may be 29 degrees on saturday but the clouds and the rain warms up a little as we go on into sunday planes here showers for much of india northeastern quarter into bangladesh as well but the star also seeing some of those showers into eastern and northern parts of the country i want to show as well the southern end of the red sea but much of the regulation is dry.
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23 year olds has collected objects he finds on the coast. to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist uninspired. on the voice for the part to countless more. march music. hello again. to remind of our top stories this hour more than $100.00 civilians
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have been killed in syria in the last 10 days $27.00 of them children are increasingly becoming the victims of a government and russian assault on the rebel held province of it. 40 bodies have been pulled from the water off of the west mediterranean tragedy this year as many as 150 refugees and migrants are feared to have drowned off the coast of libya on thursday. and thousands of miners in south africa who are suffering from potentially deadly diseases have reached a historic legal settlement with $350000000.10 major companies a suit for compensation many miners were afflicted by lung disease or other illnesses as a result of their way. now a u.s. congressional hearing on the rising costs of prescription drugs is currently underway on capitol hill they're discussing among other things the increased expenses that are sending diabetics and others across the border into canada to buy medication the so-called insulin caravan design. to draw attention to their
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financial. correspondent on a lack followed one of those sweeps into canada. the entrance here and. activist quinn nystrom shares the good news with fellow u.s. diabetics a drug that they need to survive is available at the local wal-mart store for less than a 10th of what they pay in the united states their caravan crossed 3 u.s. states to make a purchase i decided to bring this today because this kind of shows like my every day like the diabetes look site and this is kind of basically one or 2 months like survival for me also along for the ride nicole smith holt who doesn't have the disease but she's here for a very special and personal reason i am part of this caravan in memory of my son alex smith who passed away on june 27th of 2017 from diabetic ketoacidosis as a result of rationing because he cannot afford it the group came to canada to buy
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cheaper insulin but mostly this is a gesture aimed at u.s. political leaders in the pharmaceutical industry insulin prices are so high that one in 4 diabetics in the u.s. has to ration the insulin they can afford putting their lives in danger. we need a long term solution this just isn't isn't the solution this isn't the fixes to what's going on in america but if it's temporary prices for life saving drugs in canada are regulated by a government appointed body organizers of the caravan say that should happen in the us too we are from a developed country. we are from a great country but we are not taking care of our citizens after buying their lifesaving drugs the diabetics from the united states will come to the home of frederick banting 1920 came up with the idea that lead to man made insulin. banting sold the patent for insulin for a dollar intending it never be used to earn
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a profit but that hasn't happened and diabetics from the united states say it's time to honor the wishes of the man who helped make sure they could survive a disease that used to be a death sentence daniel lak al-jazeera london ontario. well for more on the congressional hearing we cross now to white house correspondent candy health that he's in washington d.c. can be we know that trump's been making a big deal about this all through his presidency and health care has already been hugely contentious amongst all the democratic presidential candidates so with the election foster parching next to talk us through how significant this hearing is today this is significant because once again it represents an attempt by congress to try and resolve what is an issue that has been escalating for ordinary americans for quite some time it's not just the insulin for diabetics but it's also epi pens for those who are out of the lactic aus i'm a drugs all across the board it doesn't matter what social strata that you live in
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in the united states you seem to be affected by these rising prescription drug prices the difference comes in whether democrat or republican on how to resolve it democrats would argue that there's a need for socialized medicine government to negotiate with the drug companies to lower prices republicans say that will squash innovation research and development what's needed is to reform the patent system patients arguing in this hearing i capitol hill are saying simply look at we don't care what you do you just need to do it because time is running out many of us are dying take a listen to what this cancer patient david mitchell had to say every 2 weeks i spend a half a day the clinic getting an infusion of drugs that are currently priest and usually that's $650000.00 i relapsed twice and unfortunately i'm feeling on this current drug regime eventually i'm going to run out about it so the importance of innovation is not clear radical for me it's literally life and death but my
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experience as a patient taught me one year refutable fact and that is drugs don't work if people can't afford them. no the bottom line is that americans pay the highest for prescription drugs in all the world 129000000000 as of 2016 congress doesn't seem to be able to solve that there's too much fighting going on between the political parties that's why donald trump who promised to lower drug prices in the 26000 campaign trail with the 2020 presidential looming is now considering putting in place a sweeping executive order to cut drug prices kind of counter the conservative thinking but essentially what he says and this has a lot to do with this sort of america 1st agenda is that right now american consumers are paying the price for other countries around the world who are benefiting from the research and development but there are socialized medicine governments are negotiating lower drug prices and that's being paid for by the american consumer he wants to bring those down with an executive order this would affect those who are on medicare that's for the elderly in the united states
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perhaps the department of defense as centrally what he wants to do is try and show voters that he's delivering on a campaign promise but again the philosophy of how to do this is what's going to be up for debate as we approach the 2020 presidential election indeed white house correspondent candy how could watching developments for us that in washington thank you candy well sanctions on north korea appears to be having a devastating effect on its economy and shrunk by the most in 21 year is according to figures compiled by the south central bank but it doesn't appear to be having an impact on north korea's military ambitions but young young saying missile tests this week were a warning to its neighbor from mcbride reports from seoul. the figures provide the stark is dividends yet of how sunshines against north korea are hurting it economically. last year the economy contract did by 4 point one percent that's on top of a 3 and a half percent contraction the year before at the height of the nuclear and missile
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testing crisis when the tougher sanctions were introduced compare that with 2016 when the north korean economy grew at nearly 4 percent better even than south korea in the same year the figures released earlier this month in seoul also show how sanctions have cut north korea's trade with its neighbors by nearly half with a staggering 86 percent drop in exports especially affected has been its mining sector with a complete ban on one of its biggest exports coal it shows the extent to which kim jong un stated ambition to develop his country's economy rather than the military is being frustrated but state run media is reporting that thursday's launch was overseen personally by kim and that the missiles were a new type of guided weapon much harder for anti missile systems to detect and intercept the north says there were
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a warning to the war mongers of south korea but seem calculated not to jeopardize the chance of a further summit with the us president donald trump they haven't done nuclear testing they really haven't tested missiles other than you know the moral ones. the which is something that just came seems to be following the same strategy of using his country's advances in military technology to build pressure for crippling sanctions to eventually be lifted rob mcbride al-jazeera sole. now the impact of the severe heat wave across europe has been made worse by travel holdups a power failure in paris is god to north railway station cause the cancellation of trains to and from london you're a star of the company that ferries passengers across the english channel has warned passengers not to travel unless it's essential also in london a technical glitch 2 of the city's main airports cause major flight delays while
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the u.n. world meteorological organization says it's worried that europe's heat wave is now headed for greenland the forecasts indicate atmospheric flow will push the heat towards the world's 2nd largest ice sheet which is essential to the global climate system and then cause record melting this will then cause sea levels to rise even further and the weather to become even more unstable already this month greenland has lost the ice equivalent of $64000000.00 of them pick sized swimming pools in surface melt. well we spoke to ruth mottram who's a climate scientist at the denmark me to roger call institute and she says a clear link can be drawn between climate change and the increasing rates of ice melt in the arctic. we know that the arctic is warm so much more than the rest of the world we have a process is called out to cancer patients so that climate change is felt much more strongly in the arctic than it is here even in europe right now and so when we get
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these big melt events happening they tend to be more extreme than they were in the past at the moment we're not where very close to our record melts year 2012 we're getting very close to matching that front now we won't really know till the end of this month or even mid august which one has been the highest motive but that's what we're looking at right now it's probably fair to say that we will not know until we've passed if it's irreversible or not there have been a lot of studies looking at how much climate change we have and and still keep the ice sheet and it's important to remember that the ice sheet will still take hundreds if not thousands of years to melt completely doesn't go overnight. but there is a lot of work now indicating that one and a half or 2 degrees might be the sort of temperature global temperature threshold beyond which we cannot keep greenland ice sheet frozen. the governor of hawaii has agreed to negotiate with protestors over the construction of
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a giant telescope the $1400000000.00 project has been built on a mountain that's considered one of the world's best viewing platforms but many indigenous why it is also considered sacred and have been blocking access to the site for almost 2 weeks mike hanna reports to gather 6 for the margot after more than a week of protests by native hawaiians and activists the government in honolulu was forced to act this week the state's governor bissett to the controversial construction site of the 30 meter telescope project pledging to listen to the concerns of the protesters the demonstrators say the project would disagree the sacred ground supply hawaiian mountain. and the governor now recognizes their grievances saying he's willing to work with the protesters and we are committed to . finding a week or. even a peaceful more concerned move looking forward to harbor dialogue and much
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opposition will be required. as we move forward i don't want to see anyone suffer and we will see people get sick and die if they're forced to spend 3 weeks 3 months or god forbid 3 years blocking this road i'm heartened by his presence i'm glad he's here i think he will experience what we've been saying about what this place looks and feels like about our conduct of. the passion of all the people who are willing to withstand these these cold temperatures and i should conditions many native hawaiians have long been angered by the presence of a number of observatories on the mountain they know as mana chaos but the $1500000000.00 project also has supporters who are expected to rally at the state capital on thursday among their many native hawaiians insisting the project will create jobs the international attention over the mountain protest has drawn star
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power actor dwayne the rock johnson is samoan but grew up here why and understands the pain of protesters at what they view as sacrilege some of us not to have a perspective a culture of respecting people and doing the right way american people but underlying the debate an argument that his about more than a sacred mountain it's also about the state's economic interests being given priority. over native hawaiian cultural rights a concern that resonates far beyond the big island mike hanna al-jazeera. hello there i'm just in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera more than 100 civilians have been killed in syria in just the past 10 days 27 of them children they're increasingly becoming the victims of
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a government and russian assault on the rebel held province of it lib the un's human rights chief says those targeting civilians should be charged with war crimes 40 bodies have been pulled from the water after the west mediterranean tragedy this year as many as $150.00 refugees and migrants saw fit to have drowned off the coast of libya on thursday around $300.00 people were on board 2 boats that left the town of commons east of the capital tripoli thousands of miners in south africa who are suffering from potentially deadly diseases have reached a historic legal settlement worth $350000000.00 lawyers for the mine workers sued 10 major companies for compensation 6 accepted a deal many miners have been afflicted by lung disease or other illnesses as a result of their way sanctions on north korea appears to be having a devastating effect on its economy by the most in 21 years according to the figures compiled by south korea's central bank does not disclose its economic
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statistics israeli soldiers have fired tear gas at palestinians protesting against this week's demolition of their homes in occupied east jerusalem the houses that were on land controlled by the palestinian authority but their owners lost a 7 year long battle to overturn an israeli military a vixen order the un and various human rights organizations have condemned the destruction. chynna z. is observing 7 days of mourning for its president 92 year old to see who died on thursday his body has been taken to the presidential palace in carthage where he'll be buried on saturday and said he was replaced by the speaker of parliament mohammed and us here who lead the country and in an election is held on september 15th hundreds of activists have packed the main terminal of hong kong's airport for more than 12 hours to call for greater democracy they've been pushing their message to international visitors they're angry at what they see as china's growing
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influence of hong kong affairs and the government's response to weeks of mass rallies well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after my chin is here stay with us. you. see. towards here back towards the.
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