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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 207  Al Jazeera  July 27, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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this is a very strange disconnect in the puzzle for us to analyze it i mean it you can't see the hurting that so the burden as ever is being born in the countryside by ordinary people workers miners but typically the mining sector is suffering a lot and psalmists frankly the regime doesn't care very much about them we do know from international u.n. agencies and others how they are hurting so but the idea that sanctions will bring north korea to the conference table i think is it's out of the un true if they are talking a lot that's what it's for other reasons so a mixed picture but definitely suffered even as the state continues to with its weapons program now celebrations are continuing in puerto rico after the resignation of governor at ricardo rosales he'll leave office following 2 weeks of protests they were sparked by the release of offensive messages between rajjo and his aides adding to the frustration at a government corruption and he got a report from san juan. dancing in the streets of san juan
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celebrating what's being called a people's revolution demonstrators have for days demanded governor ricardo rajjo step down after text messages revealed a leader who spoke poorly of his own people and used sexist and homophobic language the young puerto rican soo spearheaded the marches it's in the bed to speak truth i mean i bet you were here when you saw a 1000000 people on this street at that's amazing that that's. almost a zen martial. beautiful man it's no worse for that i have 22 sons one is 10 and the other is 8 so i do this for them and for my future maybe grandsons you know and for the people of puerto rico we didn't want him there we just simply the no one there because they were facts that he wasn't a good governor so we just had to do something the demonstrations began almost 2 weeks ago these were some of the biggest marches in the island's history from a population tired of accusations of corruption and mismanagement later on
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wednesday night governor ricardo rajjo announced he would step down on august the 2nd. the streets of san juan erupted in celebrations that continued for hours puerto rico secretary of justice one device because it's likely to replace ross aoe but she's in a popular choice among those who took to the streets organizers say they will watch closely what happens next with their demands for the future of puerto rico the simple so we just want good leaders true leaders people that are just looking for the you know well being of the people that's all we need really is not it's not really that difficult protesters say they will continue to demonstrate if this u.s. territory fails to pick a governor they like in the next few days or a c.e.o. successor will be announced but this political crisis may be far from over for many people here this feels like a brand new day the one that's been used with hope and concern remember the next governor will inherit 74 $1000000000.00 worth of debt on an island still recovering
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from 2 major hurricanes come over than anything else the future leadership of this country will have to wind its people's trust not maybe the biggest challenge and again approaches here in san juan puerto rico. the governor of hawaii has agreed to negotiate with protest as over the construction of a giant telescope the $1400000000.00 project is being built on a mountain that's considered one of the wild best platforms. but many indigenous hawaiians also consider it sacred and have been blocking access to the site for almost 2 weeks mike hanna reports to gather 6 for the moment though after more than a week of protests by native hawaiians and activists the government in honolulu was forced to act this week the state's governor visited the controversial construction site of the 30 meter telescope project pledging to listen to the concerns of the protesters the demonstrators say the project would disagree the sacred grounds of
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the y. and mountain. and the governor now recognizes the grievances saying he's willing to work with the protesters and we are committed to. finding a week or. even a peaceful more concerned move looking forward to. the dialogue and much opposition will be required. as we move forward i don't want to see anyone suffer and we will see people get sick and die if they're forced to spend 3 weeks 3 months or god forbid 3 years blocking this road i'm heartened by his presence i'm glad he's here i think he will experience what we've been saying about what this place looks and feels like about our conduct about. the passion of all the people who are willing to withstand these these cold temperatures and i should conditions many native hawaiians have long been angered by the presence of a number of pubs of
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a trees on the mountain they know as mana chaos but the $1500000000.00 project also has supporters who are expected to rally at the state capital on thursday among their many native hawaiians insisting the project will create jobs the international attention over the mountain protest has drawn star power actor dwayne the rock johnson is samoan but grew up and how why and understands the pain of protestors at what they view as sacrilege some of us a. perspective a culture respecting people and doing things the right way. but underlying the debate an argument that his about more than a sacred mountain it's also about the state's economic interests being given priority. over native hawaiian cultural rights a concern that resonates far beyond the big island mike hanna al-jazeera.
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now space x. her. has reached a new milestone in successfully reusing a record for a time it's the 18th commercial cognitions of the international space station for the company but rockets on to off and we used now this mission is carrying more than a ton of scientific research materials and they include a 3 d. printer that makes human tissue the rocket spruce to successfully landed back on earth. now still ahead on. in sports how refugees from afghanistan are helping to grow the sport of cricket.
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now it's time for sports and so andy i'm hearing heat wave in paris but snow is disrupting the cycling and the out snow hail snow plows it was all happening and it benefited $1.00 money can buy now could become columbia's 1st tour de france champion he climbed the latest yellow jersey as the 19th stage was dramatically cut short it was called off 30 kilometers from the finish when a freak hailstorm triggered a landslide that blocks the road the race times it's taken from the top of the day's permits in a climb when i was 1st out of the summit he now holds a 48 2nd lead over french right here in our felipe with just su stages remaining islands 1st test match against england sent into a nightmare they were bowled out for 38 in the 2nd innings to lose by 143 runs at lord's arlan bolding then out for 303 early on in the day amend their record 182 to win instead they were blown away by the english bowlers chris woakes leading the
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way with 6 for 17. england now turn their attention to the upcoming ashes series against australia the australians have recalled cameron bancroft for the 1st time since he was banned from bowls hampering former captain steve smith open to david warner also sets of by bare 1st tests after serving year long suspensions for their role in the scandal they will come back with open arms is no doubt about it. steve smith and all are. very very good cricketers world class players obviously it was natural that we would include them there. and karen bankrupt of course is a quite a good. playing county cricket. trying can fast bowler safe mullingar has finished his one day international career with a when he ended with figures of 3 for 38 his final wicked giving striker a 91 run win of a bangladesh. now believe it or not cricket is the fastest growing sport in sweden
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its popularity being driven by the arrival of migrants from across asia and as poor race reports from our my the sport is helping refugees from afghanistan into greats into their new home. the new world champions maybe england but nowhere has a bigger influence on global cricket than the subcontinent indians pakistanis on sri lankans have been the catalysts in sweden where cricket is the fastest growing sport from a dozen or so clubs 5 years ago there are now more than 70 with the scandinavian born 2nd and 3rd generations ready to add to sweden's $4000.00 players but it is a huge influx from one of asia's newest cricket contenders. that's responsible for the sudden big spike in numbers. afghan youngsters zakir to car we. were barely into their teens when they arrived among 160000 refugees 4 years ago. they and hundreds of others have found a home from home 3 cricket with zakir only waiting on
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a passport before he can make his debut for the swedish national team i remember when i came 1st to sweden i felt myself very alone i didn't have many of my friends my family and all that meant i didn't know about cricket that there is actually a game of cricket in sweden and it made it very empty for me being here together with many people you do you feel like home you feel like with your with your family you feel like we are with your brothers and sisters to play cricket in sweden and to maybe premier present the country itself is going to be a very great honor for me the sessions for immigrant youngsters in malmo are run by sweden's under nineteen's coach who is enjoying it. boost to the talent at his disposal the likes of zakir are actually crucial to not just the under nineteen's but i think the future of cricket within sweden largely due to the influx of refugees. afghanistan as a massive massive contribution to growth. for the players it's
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a chance to break through social boundaries and speak they're already fluent swedish now from a script. language cricket has been in sweden for a long time but they haven't been so many clubs until we came here it's not easy to just go up to a swede and start talking in the street but through cricket they can approach us afghans and be part of the team it's much easier for everyone and there's a wider purpose to following the gains made by anti immigrant parties at last year's election the mass immigration of 2015 has hardened attitudes in sweden with those on the right complaining that refugees are failing to integrate but for many immigrants this most swedish of sports is helping them to do just that. al-jazeera. football's governing body 1st announced that the final of this year's club world cup will be played in cats on december 21st the 7 seems for them it will begin on december the 11th with european champions liverpool one of the confirmed
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participants qatar is hosting the next 2 additions of this tournament as preparation for the 2022 world cup arsenal footballer said clouston i can see nightmares and as a were left an injured after they were the victims of an attempted carjacking in london a c.c.t.v. footage here showing costs are not care wearing a black baseball cap confronting a man carrying a knife both attackers then sped away on among pet. south korea is me here angry has a one shot lead at the halfway stage of the evian championship in eastern france this is the 4th major of the year in the women's top league hitting a 4 in the par round of 67 she's now on 10 under 18 for the 1st major title of her career. and ferrari looked to be in good shape ahead of sunday's 4 long in germany show a one so for the italian similar hockenheim circuit ferrari's are yet somewhere to race this season title leader lewis hamilton a sadie's whose 3rd fastest period as they do little to quell speculation about his
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future at red bull this crash just the latest twists in it's been a disappointing season for him. ok that is how your sport is looking for starters thanks very much sandy that said for me in a study a tape for this news hour but i'll hand you over to the list he and london will be here in just a few minutes with more of the day's news stay with us. and new yes new lessons and new rules this is the time when you get to choose your
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english teacher is for the next 2 years meet the teachers empowering best students my fact i'm michael all about freedom we're going to come out perspectives i want you to develop the skill with which you speak by letting them choose the lessons they learned revelent acacia and democratic schooling united kingdom on al-jazeera . bogost nigezie i want to want to still best today how in the gun law there's a plundering some of cambodia's last remaining fawas marking 2 years since the start of myanmar's military campaign that schools hundreds of thousands of random muslims into exile how you look in countries and billions of years of supplying arms used to begin to move resulting in the world's worst humanitarian crisis another bid to preserve multilateralism within a group of the 7 most advanced economies will cohesion prevail with challenges but the g 7 faces drawing on a decade of al-jazeera documentary to be behind the visit to find out how the story
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moved on august. on counting the cost this week south africa's debt laden companies need a bailout before they cripple the economy we'll take a look at taylor swift spar with big business over cool and music plus we find out why a radio because of looking for work at both a new book charge of the cost of al-jazeera. young lives of course in the crossfire human rights groups say more children were killed in syria's offensive in ad libbed this month than in all of 2018.
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palaver i've listed bar and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up international sanctions force north korea's economy into its worst contraction in more than 2 decades concerns of a severe ice melt in greenland dies europe's record breaking heat wave moves north . and we meet the americans defying the high cost of prescription drugs by crossing the border into canada. follow the un's human rights chief has condemned what she calls international indifference to the rising death toll in syria's rebel health it led province michelle says those targeting civilians should be charged with war crimes they says human rights groups warn more children have been killed in italy this month than in all of 2018 and the past 10 days have been particularly violent during that time
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the united nations says at least 104 civilians have been killed in a strikes of those deaths $27.00 with children un blames the syrian government and its russian allies schools hospitals markets and businesses have been hit so the u.n. says with the frequency off the attacks it's unlikely they were struck by accident it's estimated that 400000 syrians were displaced in the past 3 months. well in it live those house and hospitals are being constantly bombarded by syrian government forces and russian warplanes say no one has more and a warning that viewers may find some images in her report disturbing they are images that have shocked many a tragedies like this are happening nearly every day in northwest syria where the government's assault is it it's 30 bucks. that's a love the law desperately trying to save his daughters as they dangled from the edge of a building destroyed in
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a syrian or russian airstrike that's the 5 year old we have held on to our 3 year old sister drove around for as long as she could. but then they fell to the ground i died. well when struggled for life but later passed away in hospital. the high number of people killed and injured here particularly children reflects the scale of the humanitarian situation war monitors say there have been at least 800 civilian deaths 200 of them children since the russian backed syrian government offensive began in april in the past months at least 33 children were killed according to save the children that's more than in the whole of 2018. they only problem and most of all it's the places they live in that are being hit marketplaces hospitals that the facility is schools no one and nothing is the thing more and then. these
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scenes have become all too familiar and rescue workers at times dig for hours to find survivors and remove the dead civilian infrastructure schools hospitals. and health facilities are protected under international humanitarian law they're meant to be spared and yet they're being impacted more than anything else so there has to be outrage. the latest offensive is no different from previous ones during the 8 year war they are carried out with impunity and little accountability . the pope sent a letter to syria's president bashar assad asking him to protect the lives of civilians the european union says attacks on critical civilian infrastructure must stop the united states and the u.k. renewed calls for a cease fire an adlib but the international community statements have not been backed with action. the bombardment hasn't stopped it's intensifying the
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u.n. describes what is unfolding in islam as a worsening nightmare for the civilians they are not players in this conflict but international humanitarian rights organizations say they are being targeted. istanbul. libya's coast guard says it's recovered the bodies of dozens of refugees and migrants who died in what the u.s. has described as the worst mediterranean tragedy they see here as many as 350 migrants were on board the boats that capsized off the town of homs east of tripoli on thursday about $145.00 of them were rescued by the libyan coast guard around $120.00 others including women and children are missing and feared debts the u.n. is also calling for immediate changes in the way the waters off the trold the secretary general is deeply saddened by the news that some 150 refugees and migrants lost their lives after the boats they were in capsized off the coast of libya on the 25th of july children and pregnant women are among the missing is also
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concerned by reports that many of the survivors rescued by the libyan coast guard were placed in that the juror migrant detention center which is close to a military facility and was hit by an airstrike on the 2nd of july that resulted in more than 50 deaths. the secretary general reiterate that libya is not a safe country of asylum and that refugees must be treated with dignity and respect and in accordance with international law. north korea's economy shrank in 2018 for the 2nd straight year as it was battered by sanctions and drought is the worst contraction in more than 2 decades according to figures compiled by south korea's central bank the sanctions were meant to stop north korea's nuclear program but on thursday pyongyang tested a new ballistic missile saying it was a warning to south korea from what dr reports from seoul. the figures provide
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the stark is devore dense yet of how sanctions against north korea are hurting it economically last year the economy contract it by 4 point one percent that's on top of a 3 and a half percent contraction the year before at the height of the nuclear and missile testing crisis when the tougher sanctions were introduced compare that with 2016 when the north korean economy grew at nearly 4 percent better even than south korea in the same year figures released earlier this month in seoul also show how sanctions have cut north korea's trade with its neighbors by nearly half with a staggering 86 percent drop in exports especially affected has been its mining sector with a complete ban on one of its biggest exports coal it shows the extent to which kim jong un stated ambition to develop his country's economy rather than the military
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is being frustrated. but state run media is reporting that thursday's launch was overseen personally by kim and that the missiles were a new type of guided weapon much harder for anti missile systems to detect and intercept the north says there were a warning to the war mongers of south korea but seemed calculated not to jeopardize the chance of a further summit with u.s. president donald trump they haven't done nuclear testing they really haven't tested missiles other than you know some are ones. the which is something that large test kim seems to be following the same strategy of using his country's advances in military technology to build pressure for crippling sanctions to eventually be lifted rob mcbride al-jazeera sole. chin is here is observing 7 days of mourning
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for its late president. who died on thursday at the age of 92 he's being remembered for guiding the country in a new era of democracy a state funeral is expected to take place on saturday david chase has more now from carthage. the body of president. is subsea being taken back to his official residence in carthage as tributes to his role in establishing democracy in tunisia followed in his wake the french president emmanuel macron and the german chancellor angela merkel both praised him for his courage. that new phase introduces government is now under way the speaker of parliament mohamed el nasir sworn in to search term purlieus the country's president he will take over for up to 90 days while elections are organized. i swear by god almighty to protect the independence of tunisia and the safety of its lands to respect the constitution and law and fully take care of the
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people's interests and be loyal to tunisia. in such a young democracy the vacant posts of the country's leader could spark a power struggle among political parties there for not what candidates who are considered to be quite popular and quite strong but also very controversial who have been barred from running the presidential elections by parson parliament not too long ago this law has not yet been signed by. before he passed away and i think we'll hear a lot more about this controversy next couple of days. the president spent the last few weeks of his life in and out of hospital he was a leading figure in what was known as the arab spring uprising as prime minister and then tunisia as 1st democratically elected president he helped draft a new constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech. we're going to have his accomplishments were often overshadowed by a weak economy and
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a high unemployment rate oh no worries though he started his mission on a positive note and he finished that the same way may he rest in peace his predecessors hurt the country but he was a good man who served his country no one did that before him no one shall any of he she we hope the next president will be even better we hope our country will be stable and safe we have some terrorism but the country doesn't blame him 7 days of national mourning have been declared as the country honors its fallen president no front runner has emerged amongst the candidates who said they will be standing in the presidential elections in september but all shades on the political spectrum here are united in wanting one thing both a stable and a smooth transition of power david chaytor al jazeera cottage palestinian protesters have clashed with israeli security forces following friday prayers in occupied east jerusalem if follows the demolition of almost 100 palestinian homes
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in what he saw on monday the homeowners that lost a 7 year legal battle to overturn an israeli military eviction order several human rights organizations and the un have criticized the demolition of madison has now. just a few moments ago the prayers here in what he called most ended and the violence began it started when a group of palestinian protesters had also been holding prayers further up the hill started to make their way down carrying palestinian flags the group on this side of the for. since which is the occupied east jerusalem side of the fence started to make their way towards the fences well in order to try to meet the opposing group in the middle as the security forces came down and attempted to stop the thought the protesters from throwing rocks and stones into the road a number of rocks began to increase we saw some tear gas being fired.


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