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the presidents this was not in the public interest moreover the chance of a lifetime to go down in history as someone who has combat corruption had all the power disposal all the media attention all the public support and no instead of that you chose a political project you chose to align yourself to a particular group. sergio morrow can complain all he wants about the latest leaks and the news coverage he now receives but having done what he did leaking information and manipulating the media a stand simply in the name of justice and been exposed by an act of journalism he is no longer in a position to judge. we're discussing one other media story on our radar this week with one of our producers full of celebs flo the governor of puerto rico dick out of the last say you know has announced that he's resigning next week as a result of a scandal exposed by local journalists who are these journalists and what did they
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reveal richard russell is down for is in large part a result of an exposé by puerto rico's center for investigative journalism the centro de pettinger de a small investigate tivo or c.p.i. it's a not for profit news organization that relies on donations similar to the american outlet pro publica it's produced a number of big stories over the years but nothing quite like this one on july 13th c.p.i. published nearly 900 pages of leaked messages chats that much like the story in brazil took place on telegram between the governor and his in the circle now i would read out examples but many of them are pretty obscene sexist homophobic exchanges about political opponents celebrities like ricky martin even some journalists including the c.b.s. reporter david begnaud and puerto rican journalist benjamin torres gotye and what was the reaction to these red. lation zone the puerto rican streets i mean it was
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huge which had hundreds of thousands of people hit the streets to protest calling for resignation for years now put a reconsider been dealing with alleged government corruption mounting debt prolonged recession and a number of natural disasters 2700 hurrican maria among them more than a dozen government officials have resigned in the wake of c.p.i. is exposé ross a go himself however took his time this past wednesday 12 days after the protests began he took to facebook live to announce his resignation of the us which look at this and he's going to see in the saloon ritual and even though the press you know you seem to be wanting it up as you see him represent don't know if you could but but i can actually talk i'm so the dude and without the work of a group of journalists at the c.p.i. i would almost certainly still be in the job ok thanks will. here at the listening
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post we've sometimes wondered how many of our online viewers are watching us over a v.p.n. how many of you are the skies in your location changing it from beijing to boston from riyadh to reykjavik to cover your tracks virtual private networks have been around for more than 2 decades now and they were not originally developed to circumvent surveillance and censorship they were too for corporations and governments to connect their offices in different countries to make it easier for people to work together but as the monitoring and control of the web have grown a market has emerged and expanded for people to work around internet blocks and to hide their location online particularly popular and countries with authoritarian tendencies such as iran china and turkey v.p.n. is are now getting downloaded in more and more countries like sri lanka across the arab gulf as well as the us as data theft online tracking and web blocking grow
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increasingly common listening posts meenakshi ravi now on the use and uses of. 3 months ago in sri lanka social media platforms including facebook whatsapp instagram and you tube were suddenly inaccessible. to c.d.'s of data tax across the city of colombo had security forces on high alert. the government said the online docs were necessary to prevent misinformation from spreading this was the 2nd time in just over a year that social media access was cut off across the country and it did not work very well she lankans rely on social media as a primary mode of communication so about a 1000000 of them turned to their v.p.n. rebooting their way virtually back onto those platforms. we peons virtual private networks 1st. came into use in 1906 and they are among the most enduring
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innovations in online browsing popularity on the rise around the would countries like vietnam indonesia and turkey rack up some of the highest numbers of software downloads turkey is notorious for its internet censorship over 240000 websites are currently blocked from turkey and in addition to that all were 150000 euros of well known newspapers and online news media outlets like. b.b.c. news circle new software site to more it. and others so if you're trying to access alternative news you can not see them from turkey unless you hear it has become part of the daily internet use which very recently for example during the protest in sudan do you authorities issued an internet shut down and a lot of people were using v.p.n.
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to circumvent the censorship in reading and neighborhood thousands and thousands of people to have access to social media to share pictures videos to communicate between each other but also with the world about what was going on in the country and one side you suggest some journalists who are using v.p.n. to get information as we country then you have ordinary users who just want to watch pornography or sports and people do that all the time i don't know it has a legitimate use of obviously some legality but people use weekends for all different sorts of reasons n.p.r. news to be quite complicated and difficult to set up now it's a matter of they're downloading your app pushing a button and even the best services are just a few dollars a month so we certainly don't think it's a luxury i don't think privacy and security is a luxury so we peons are no more luxury than saying having a lock on your front door. over the. last few years the number of v.p.n.
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services has boomed. hotspot shield express tunnel their cyber ghost these are just a few of the most popular names on the market by each v.p.n. says it offers something different the underlying principle is the same for all of them it's about setting up i mean to me due to a distant one between you and the web site you want to access so the way the v.p. and works is it's essentially a computer elsewhere in the world so you 1st connect to before going to the end so if you are in trying to connect to. the country us and then go to facebook and then that way you can actually access these services they also encrypt traffic as well so anyone in the same work with us on your home or if you work. a public or even your internet service provider they will not be have to see the websites that you are going to protect as well and effective v.p.n. at 1st is a v.p.n.
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that works because not all v.p.n. work in every country some countries actually block access to v.p.n. and 2nd to get a v.p.n. but the security it means that the telecommunications and the information that transmits between you and if you're in is encrypted it means that they don't use that information or share that information with 3rd parties one you want to make sure that they have strong encryption protocols since encryption is the key way that if you act your security secondly you want to make sure that a v.p.n. has the right policies and measures in place to ensure that no one of your interactivity is logged and a v.p.n. itself or a v.p.n. server itself making sure that you know you're not exposing yourself to additional risks and. the job to b.p. and use hasn't gone unnoticed by governments in countries like iran all mine and russia for the. instance the peons are subject to heavy destructions they don't
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even some laws in place banning them increasingly the peons are coming onto authorities radars and getting targeted in turkey use which is not criminalize so it is not illegal to use services however turkey amended its internet law in february 2014 and there's a provision which states that the authorities could request access working to prepare and services several of these. services are accessible from turkey and if you manage to access their websites or have an account with them then they don't work in china for example a number of the peons don't work and there were actually at some point and that was saying that it would bounce or v.p.n. and they did remove a lot of v.p.n. from the apple store and google play and so on however banning all v.p.n.
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would also affect the economy of a country it would affect how a number of business can actually operate in a country so it wouldn't be reading what is for a government to ban all v.p.n. but it is indeed a concern that especially the most efficient peons are the most secure all rights respecting v.p.n. might be the. chinese authorities on just blocking many fought in the peon services be been actively pushing the use of state approved and created b.p.'s users have to register to use them and explain why they need them the service is guaranteed neither privacy not anonymity and in a country where censorship is stringent i dissent a scorched unsecured d.p.'s that come with beijing's seal of approval leave many people exposed. but it isn't just state sponsored or state approved b.p.'s that have holes in their security with free v.p.n.
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so. it's a case of downloader be there generally speaking users can't really trust free v.p.n. means they may create a log of all the websites and visited and then sell them to a 3rd party perhaps an advertiser on a sort of agency so a painful thing p.r. which is really the only way to actually do it chilly is in some ways a luxury good it can cost anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00 to $20.00 a month to have this sort of additional security before shown that the vast majority of people probably are prepared to and pay for that being so the barrier of entry for v.p.n. says dramatically decrease you no longer have to be a technologist use them you can download an app into reading. low powered android and that can provide a high level of protection as well. as have come along when they were initially used just by large corporations to them they became the online tool of choice for journalists campaigners and political dissidents however as online tracking geo
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blocking web shutdowns at random and unsecured public web collections have increased the peons have become used in some of the most unexpected ways turkish internet users are technologically savy i would say young about the older generation and so are now parents teach their children how to access. to recant so that they can do their homework from turkey you know i've seen. students logging into a server in a different time zones that had to get their test results early or capon fans around the world like india korean servers that you can vote for a favor ban an online poll so some of the more esoteric use cases are surprising when it comes to government and state blocs that is something that we've been seeing all around the world for the past decade and while they continue to increase . and finally britain has a new prime minister and it's safe to say that not everyone is thrilled about the
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news but boris johnson can count on journalists like toby young cometh the hour cometh the man is a gushing 5000 word essay that young wrote about johnson on his student years his political career his so-called skill set even his physique the feedback on twitter ranged from its bizarre to disturbing to it reads like some erotic fantasy we asked young what he made of that and he came back with a quotation from oscar wilde the one that goes there is only one thing in life worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about it will leave you now with some snippets from young's essay read by a voice artist so brace yourself see an x. time here at the listening post i 1st set eyes on boris johnson in the autumn of 1983 when we went up to oxford at the same time. with his huge mop of blonde hair his tire skew and his shirt escaping from his trousers he looked like an overgrown schoolboy yet with his imposing physical build his thick neck and his broad
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germanic forehead there was also something of natures about him you could imagine him in later hosen wandering through the black forest with an axe over his shoulder looking for opus to kill this same combination a state of advanced a shovel mountain a sense of coiled strength of an almost tangible will to power was even more pronounced in his way of speaking in boris i finally encountered the real opt the platonic ideal britain's veteran political commentators are for the most part pessimistic about boris's premonition the rational part of my brain is still full of doubts and uncertainties but it a more primitive level a level impervious to reason i cannot help but believe from the 1st moment i saw him i felt i was in the presence of someone special. the next 3 months will reveal whether that was a historical premonition or a soft illusion. going behind the scenes of one
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of mexico's most love soaps using fiction to mirror the struggles of real life. this week the story line focuses on the basis of systematic violence in mexican society and issues close to home for the producers and actors alike as they struggle to portray in fiction the maquis face of reality soap box mexican every day mafia on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told we must go to to better we're died last week crossing the mexico you know stay with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to the mission wife it is a section of al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and allied news.
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al jazeera exposes controversial allegations about the bahraini government. they told me you're a member of al qaeda you can stop it because of the shia. and it's a collision with al qaida to conspire against the assassinate shia opposition to 20 left bahrain playing with fire on al-jazeera. the world is accused of not caring as days of air strikes in northwest syria killed 100 people including more than 20 children.
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hello again i'm how my he did this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up behind executes 2 men convicted in a mass terrorism trial that was denounced as unfair by whites groups. mothers selling their own daughters enter marriage the extremes myanmar's refugees are going to in order to survive and where in the ivory coast to find out why farmers are banking on coal and outs to be their new cash crop. the un's human rights chief has condemned what she calls the world's end difference to the rising death toll in syria's rebel held at le province michelle bashfully says those targeting civilians should be charged with war crimes in the past 10 days 104 civilians have been killed in air strikes in southern italy at least 26 of
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them were children and a warning viewers may find some of the images in say 100 reports distressing. they are images that have shocked many a tragedies like this are happening nearly every day in northwest syria where the government's assault is if it's there it's not. that it's a mission of love the law desperately trying to save his daughters as they dangled from the edge of a building destroyed in a syrian or russian airstrike the 5 year old we have held on to our 3 year old sister drove one for as long as she could. but then they fell to the ground i died. well when struggled for life but later passed away in hospital. the high number of people killed and injured here particularly children reflects the scale of the humanitarian situation war monitors say there have been at least 800 civilian deaths 200 of them children since the russian
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backed syrian government offensive began in april in the past months at least 33 children were killed according to save the children that's more than in the whole of 2018. they only problem and most of all the places they live in that are being hit marketplace there's hospitals not the facility is schools no one and nothing is the thing more and then. these scenes have become all too familiar rescue workers at times dig for hours to find survivors and remove the dead civilian infrastructure schools hospitals. and help the syrians are protected under international humanitarian law they're meant to be spared and yet they're being impacted more than anything else so there has to be outrage. the latest offensive is no different from previous ones during the 8 year war they are carried out with impunity and little accountability
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. the pope sent a letter to syria's president bashar assad asking him to protect the lives of civilians the european union says attacks on critical civilian infrastructure must stop the united states and the u.k. renewed calls for a cease fire an adlib but the international community statements have not been backed with action. the bombardment hasn't stopped it's intensifying the u.n. describes what is unfolding in it live as a worsening nightmare for the civilians they are not players in this conflict but international humanitarian rights organizations say they are being targeted. istanbul. well rupert coville is the spokesman for the united nations high commissioner for human rights he describes the syrian government's offensive as relentless well we're definitely seeing a military escalation in general particularly from the government forces and their
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allies over the past 3 months or so just in the past 2 weeks i would say that it will further with daily attacks and multiple attacks so it's ongoing it's relentless and the people suffering most of all are not the fighters but her and has gone ahead with the execution of 2 men convicted of terrorism charges despite its international concern about the fairness of the trial un special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings and yes kellam are had called on by her a not to carry out the death sentences handed to shia activists arab and a comment on milan the they were sentenced over the killing of a policeman after a mass trial of 56 men last year and the c. international says the men were beaten and tortured in custody to obtain confessions will her son her mrs chairman of the gulf institute for democracy and human rights he says relatives of the 2 men filed reports detailing torture
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allegations. they public prosecutor's office are announced that alley and i are out where i put on defense on charges of pasta seen clay arms and killing a police officer they are aiming huge carried on the dish plenty as destroyer peace protesters why the united nations and several or several human rights n.g.o.s we were saved at the curation from the prison as family is revealed that there are. they are prisoners aware of torture. and one of them that he was on wheelchair during the period when he was in the jail cell or whole life it was x. extrajudicial and way we was still we were still in the
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process to move formation from the family thousands of people in hong kong or to find a police ban by marching in the same area where protesters were attacked by legit gang members last week the rally is being held in lone a rural town on the outskirts of hong kong near the border with mainland china police banned the rally citing a serious risk of violence but organizers say they're going ahead with its they accuse the police of cooperating with the attackers who stormed into a metro station to target pro-democracy activists sarah clarke has the latest from hong kong. thousands of people are here rallying in a place called year long in the new territories in hong kong and the reason why they're rallying here or protesting here is they're accusing the police of failing to help in a violent rampage last week by a mob of what we call criminal gangs referred to as the triads people were beaten
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by rods that were beaten by battens and more than 40 people were put in hospital some in critical condition so these protesters here many anti-government protesters they're angry at the police and that's the reason why we're in your long now the police tonight the permission to go ahead with this rally so this is it of sorts and legal assembly so they could be arrests down the track and there's another rally tomorrow being sunday here in hong kong other police have also denied their permission to march to an area where beijing's ways and office is his appeal going ahead with the protesters pushing to get that much to go ahead on sunday. a month's foreign minister is in iran for talks about the worsening gulf crisis among his mediating in the disputes over the impounded british and really in tankers well last week the your money government urged to iran to release the u.k. flags center imperio iranian revolutionary guards detained it 2 weeks after the u.k.
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sees the iranian tanker the grease one off the coast of japan all term. joins us now live from tehran and saying just how significant is this intervention and what's are the parties who consider cheve. well this visit comes at of course a very sensitive time but you could say that about almost every visit that any money official has made to iran it always comes at a very sensitive time it's difficult to characterize this as an intervention or perhaps an ongoing dialogue with an ally of course oman is a very significant player in the region a very quiet but strong diplomatic political force oman was the country where iran and the united states held secret talks that eventually led to the brokering in the signing of the 2015 nuclear deal so amman is a very important partner when it comes to dealing with iran and the rest of the world they share important waterways and this is the last trip by view money
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foreign minister was just 3 months ago when the nuclear deal was being discussed as well as ongoing security issues in around the waters of the gulf now on the table during this visit of course the omani foreign minister will be meeting with his counterpart iran's foreign minister zarif and on the table is discussing the release of the oil tankers the u.k. having taken over an iranian oil tanker in iran having taken over a seizing u.k. oil tanker in the last few weeks and they'll be discussing ways of trying to deescalate and resolve the issue and of course this is the visit is coming as the u.k. has decided to send military escorts along with commercial ships to protect them during their naval passage through the waterways of the strait of hormuz it's very reminiscent of the kinds of talk and tactics that were being used in the 1980 s. when military vessels were used to protect commercial cargo ships during the iran iraq war of course it's not at that level yet and what the omani official here
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during his visit will be trying to do will be to make sure that it doesn't get there now iran is expected to give the foreign minister of oman a very warm welcome but they'll also be keen to illustrate to their allied to their friend that there are no. they are very keen to make sure to continue to put on a strong front when it comes to dealing with u.s. pressure when it comes to dealing with the pressure from the united kingdom and that's likely to be what's being discussed as we speak. live for us there in tehran thank you libya's coast guard says it's recovered the bodies of dozens of refugees and migrants who died in what the u.n. has described as the worst mediterranean tragedy this year as many as 300 and fiftie were on board the boats that capsized off the time of columns east of tripoli on thursday around 145 of them were rescued by the libyan coast guards 120 others including women and children are missing the secretary general is
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deeply saddened by the news that some $150.00 refugees and migrants lost their lives after the boats they were in capsized off the coast of libya on the 25th of july children and pregnant women are among the missing he is also concerned by reports that many of the survivors rescued by the libyan coast guard were placed in that the jury at migrant detention center which is close to a military facility and was hit by an airstrike on the 2nd of july that resulted in more than 50 deaths the secretary general reiterates that libya is not a safe country of asylum and that refugees must be treated with dignity and respect and in accordance with international law earthquakes in the northern philippines have killed at least 8 people to tremors with magnitudes of 5.4 and 5.9 struck on saturday a timeless islands at least 60 people are injured and there's been significant
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damage to homes and other buildings. and to stay with is here on al-jazeera coming up for our delegation visit bangladesh to convince rain.


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