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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 28, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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a group of people wearing white shirts attacked them at the local train station. is the people's cry against the coalition of police and danes. allowed the pack on the 21st of july so people are not staying for a thorough investigation and independent investigation on this incident. thousands joined saturday's demonstration of luck streets in a tense standoff that went on for hours but eventually police lost their patience and moved in to disperse the crowds. they fired several rounds of tear gas used a sponge and pepper spray some protesters fled others refused some volunteers also attempted to negotiate an end to what started as a peaceful rally. going on we hope people can peacefully push the opinion on their wishes so please i hope to protest as a police car fake car the crowds then move to your long trying station where last
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sunday's attacks occurred protesters headed the building and use fire extinguishers on police to resist arrest permission to go ahead with saturday's rally was denied by the government this demonstration was an illegal assembly and placed my a number of arrests this protests aren't going away as another rally planned on sunday in central hong kong and this time demonstrators are expected to target china's mine liaison office sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. joseph chang as a political scientist at city university of hong kong he's also a convener for the alliance for true democracy and he says the protesters and police are getting more hostile. to carry them a mystery shopping has been revealed seem to make concessions people are getting angrier and angrier f. lee confrontation between the police and the hottest 1st furthur exacts the base in
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its role as the 30 and then the ball when the trial goes into the question is last sunday night has now caused the crisis to a bit level there are now outs where the carry member station can we in effect in control of the law and order situation as subs are often close of business service life last month is very secondary in bonn another new territories basically the protestants as some going as minimum demands were right to carry them and inspiration to clearly and none was the withdrawal of the country was at peace that it's of legislation and do as the aboriginal and the investigation commission into the net of the bargain and they also asked are just as the we and 2 we moved the label on the pressure to the police that's
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right yes and arm will be for them but very station and for step down but the 1st school of their very very minimal are brought the man the other community and mob that's what marcus you and this this 2 people have died after a balcony collapsed at a nightclub in south korea at least 17 un others were injured it happened in the southwestern city of gwangju many of the injured were foreign athletes they were competing in the world swimming championships. the philippines government has sent aides and the military supports after earthquakes killed at least 8 people to tremors struck early on saturday near the but fantasy island many were asleep when the 1st quake hit at least 60 people are injured and there's been significant damage to homes and other buildings. we have plenty more coming up in this news
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hour including donald trump finds a new target that will tell you why african-american congress alija cummings has attracted the u.s. president's attention on twitter. and behind bars and out of reach the palestinian children imprisoned by israel and denied contact with their families. and colombia is about to get its 1st ever to tour de france champion peter will have the details in sports. the leaders of mexico and hunder as have signed a pledge to curb the number of central american migrants seeking asylum in the united states on their as well dog similar programs to mexico which put people to work planting trees and offer a monthly payment to young students this comes a day after the u.s. got tamala signed a migration agreement under that deal migrants from el salvador and honduras who
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pass through got to mala would be required to stop and seek asylum there 1st or they won't be eligible for asylum in the u.s. the pledge from mexico and on the us was signed in the mexican state of veracruz which is on route or on the route many central american migrants take heading for the united states. is there and this update. the meeting taking place between honduran president of one orlando to members and mexican president. is taking place in me not the plan the state of veracruz where we are of course the subject of the discussions today in the announcement is immigration given that a majority of migrants making their way to the united states from central america originate in honduras the development plan that's being announced today involves a commitment of $100000000.00 by the mexican government toward 3 central american nations we're talking about will solve it or guatemala and honduras again the country where majority of these migrants are originating from this plan is not
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being sold as a handout insead it's being sold as a hand up with the promise of jobs with agricultural subsidies this is something that's that's quite important given that that the lack of opportunity and a lack of jobs is something that is continuously being cited by migrants as they make their way north toward the united states there's also the expectation that the mexican president will continue his calls on the united states to participate more to invest more in development plans as a more sustainable protests a more sustainable strategy toward tackling the ongoing migrant crisis thousands of government supporters in venezuela have held what they call an anti imperialist march for peace in the capital caracas hundreds of soldiers and several politicians joined the demonstration the country is preparing to host a regional conference of left wing parties and organizations opponents of president nicolas maduro have criticized him for hosting the event saying it's
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a waste of resources. the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives that he has denounced donald trump's twitter attack on a democratic congressman as racist the president on lease the online tirades after representative elijah cummings criticized his mexican border policies. response from called him a brutal bully saying his baltimore district is far worse and more dangerous than the border he also calls cummings to strict a disgusting rats and rodent infested mess of the congressman responded saying mr president i go home to my district daily each morning i wake up and i go and fight for my neighbors practical has more details from washington d.c. another norm broken this is a us president denigrating a major american city that has happens to be mostly african-american and it's african-american congressman but the larger cummings is not an ordinary congressman
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he is an icon of the civil rights movement he has huge respect not only in his district but in the halls of congress the president has made it clear this is his strategy to get reelected he believes if you fires up his base core supporters of white supporters that they will come out in droves and they will get him another term there are a lot of analysts who are sending a warning message though about that strategy they look back to 2016 and one of the reasons that trump won in this incredibly close election was because the vote was down in african-american communities and hispanic communities polls show that his racist tweets and comments are hurting his support among african-americans and hispanics so what some analysts are warning while the president is firing up his own base his core support hasn't moved he's also fired up the base on the other side. francis' it's proceeding with plans to tax revenues to big technology firms despite the us president threatening to impose levies on french wines finance
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minister bruno said donald trump shouldn't mix digital taxes would trade other european countries are planning similar taxes now on friday trump blasted what he called president foolishness for pushing ahead with a levy and said his administration would announce quote substantial reciprocal action. 1st democratically elected president said c. has been laid to rest in the capital the 92 year old who was given full military honors tied on thursday have a cheater report from to. foreign leaders came to pay their respects of carthage palace to the man who helped guide tunisia to a new era of democracy. they praised his leadership and courage by g c came out of retirement to become the country's 1st democratically elected president in 24 he forged a link between the secular and religious sides of the political spectrum here
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avoiding the clashes that tore apart so many of the countries in the arab spring uprising. his coffin carried on the back of a lorry with a full military on a god pass through the capital on the final journey to the city's certain century cemetery. everybody here has been out all day lining the streets open to give and pay their last respects to the legacy of the president and. his history and we are considering now is not the father. just died as if we we lost him and we crying about hopefully the next time it will be good and my god protect our country but i've been. just a little. you feel the patriotic soul too noisy and people public and policeman are all hand in hand today. as of today to me
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is here last a real man of the state the man who worked a lot for his country and he saved many time from bloodbaths i'm proud of him. possibly but there are clouds on the horizon unemployment is still increasing in fuel and food prices rising that is though the. that is that you cannot have the surviving democracy without solving the economic and social problems i think most political actors it is yet aware of that it was a dignified into such a political career but a new and much younger generation must now shoulder the burdens of state and those burdens are set to grow by the day. al-jazeera choose. at least 800 fighters have been killed in a gun battle between libya's u.n. recognized government and forces loyal to the warlord. 13 pro hostile forces are reported to have died in the fighting or military camp and tripoli mahmud of the
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overhead has more from the libyan capital. and not clear a military camp a strategic military camp north of the old in active international airport in southern tripoli has been recaptured by forces loyal to the backed government of national accord that's after have to us forces briefly took control of a military camp military sources with the government say that the have those forces that were positioned in the old in active airport just took advantage of the military stalemate in that area that has been creating for the past couple of days and more early on saturday and not clear military camp about 3 kilometers to the. east. of the old international airport and briefly took control of a military camp medical sources at the field hospital say that they have found
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10 dead bodies belonging to have those forces fighters and we know that this advancement this military advancement is there is the major advancements since have those forces lost the strategic city of the end of the capital tripoli in late june this comes only hours after have those fighter jets targeted the air base in the city of misrata that has been used to fly drones that have been targeting have those forces locations in and around tripoli over the past couple of months. an israeli human rights organization is pushing for palestinian minors to be allowed to make phone calls while in detention $210.00 palestinians under the age of 18 are held in israeli jails right now as security detainees or prisoners 2 of them are under 14 that's according to the rights group but it says most children report
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physical and verbal abuse from the moment of their arrest as well as coercion and threats during interrogation many aren't told where they're going or allowed to have contact with their families or even a lawyer now the group come out it is petitioning the courts to change that leader abraham has more from qalqilya that's in the occupied west bank. i thought of it as he missed his little sister the most israeli authorities held the 15 year old under arrest for 3 months last year charging him with throwing stones at israeli soldiers he says he was questioned without any good counsel or member of his family being present and he only saw his mother once from a distance while he was detained. my friend was a restart with me the israeli interrogator told him that i confessed against him that he threw stones they wanted him to confess against me as well he came back to the prison room angry and shouting thinking that i did that to him he almost hit me
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via palestinian prisoners associations say that teenagers like partick and even younger children are often arrested late at night or during confrontations with the israeli army in the occupied west bank they are tried in military court and around half face charges of hurling stones that carry a prison sentence of around 6 months now the israeli human rights organization how good is petitioning the courts to allow minors to have access to phones the phone contact with the pick families is doubly important i mean of course it's a basic right but also when you look at everything these kids are going through it's very important for them to have some sort of support from their families. you know i meant to try to fill that void he spent 2 years in jail until his release a few weeks ago and looked after young this unease while he was there he says some inmates whereas youngest 12 and found him the only consolation. some of them start crying they tell me i want my parents i want my mom but i know there's little i can
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do so i'm forced a lot of them i say you'll be able to talk to mom soon and should visit in 10 days just so they can calm down and start adapting it usually takes more than 2 months for parents to get a visitor's permit but sometimes they never do they're allowed to attend their children's military trial but they're asked not to touch or talk to each other in the gaza strip many palestinians say the situation is usually worse now. for darwin is that his 16 year old son yusef was arrested 3 months ago he's accused of trying to smuggle himself into israel but says he doesn't know much about what's happened to his son since his arrest and is worried he won't be able to visit him. more often i was a wristed in the past so i might be banned from visiting him as they would deem me a security threat the israeli army says the juvenile military court is designed to improve the rights of minors but according to those representing them many young inmates suffer physical and psychological harm in jail and having no contact with their families makes that worse need
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a brain al jazeera the occupied west bank. and still ahead on al-jazeera bahrain of the death penalty is drawn international condemnation. and will be in the ivory coast where farmers are moving from coca so a new cash crop. qualify my man for ferrari ahead of the german grand prix peter will be here with the details. hello the wetware this been producing the flooding recently including in you know and most recently has almost gone now there is cloud flaring again from for jan science words political producer very much he's not really the rain you might
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expect this time of year it looks like the green is forming these are shadows just north of the philippines catching taiwan heading towards hong kong but if you come inland apart from occasional showers up in sichuan and a massive cloud it's not yet redeveloping although if it does more likely it's going to come out of the platter once again and start in sichuan south of all this sun this now normal season showers struck the philippines northern border for example back towards sumatra singapore in calling for mark to get a share on a daily basis asked a big surprise thailand's not quite as well as it was western min mark is but the philippines should be getting rain and that is certainly case in the forecast whereas most of india indonesia they're not all these fronts of the dry the monsoon also is peppa government this is of course is where much of the bush is gone the huge amounts of rainfall cost western man maya certain parts of the peninsula of india and surprisingly the desert state of rochester.
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whether sponsored by cats this. is a new yes new lessons and new rules this is the time when you get to choose your english teacher is for the next 2 years meet the teachers empowering best students might say i'm my cool all about freedom we're going to come out perspective i want you to develop the skill with which you speak by letting them choose the lessons they learned revelent you cation democratic school and united kingdom on al-jazeera . the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square to all to. see. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that
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is our strength. again you're watching out is there in history minor from 8 stories this hour hundreds of people in sudan and stuns capital are back on the streets they're protesting against the findings of an investigation into the deadly crackdown in khartoum last month it blames a rogue soldiers for the violent break up of the sit in demonstrations. syrian government air strikes have killed at least 13 civilians in northwest adlib province many of those killed were children russian backed government forces launched an offensive. recapture the last major rebel stronghold in april. and
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in russia more than a 1000 protesters have been arrested many violently at an unauthorized march in moscow they were protesting the barring of opposition candidates from local elections. has visited. to perswade refugees to return home hundreds of thousands have been sheltering there since fleeing a violent crackdown by me and tree in 2017 and her child has this report from the refugee camps in caucasus bazaar. security was stepped up for the visit of representatives of the me and my government to the refugee camp at cox's bizarre there had been a fear of protests and only a select group of rowing was chosen to meet with the delegation in one of the camps offices. was among those who attended the talks to me and my government is trying to persuade the refugees to return home. they told us that all arrangements are
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being made for us to return they also told us that there are camps built for us with the necessary security and. outside the camps office several 100 running has gathered eager to meet the delegates and ask questions but they were quickly dispersed by police and nearby another group of refugees tried to stage a demonstration but that was also quickly broken up by security officers some of the community leaders at cox's bazaar expressed their concern at what condition will be like if the refugees return to rakhine state we demand before our water going back i want to be done in done have committed to you should visit inside don't know much affected area about assume that what i want to protect and this is the 3rd high level visit by the me and mar government that it patrick of the 1st batch of refugees was to begin officially last november but it stalled amid
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protests at the camps and bangladesh. many are still traumatized from their experience 2 years ago when they were forced to flee their homes during the me and my own military crackdown so rick outlands 25 year old son and 18 year old granddaughter in law were killed by the security forces is that we will see compensation and justice 1st for the loss of our family members we also want to be recognized this will hinder us if these demands are met and we get justice then we will think about going back critics said this strip education plan is just me and maurice latest attempt to divert international criticism from its policies directed at the rowing nearly a 1000000 rowing a refugees are crammed into this densely congested shanty camps in the parks as well as our area they're getting increasingly frustrated and angry about their future but no one is willing to return home to me on mars without citizenship
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papers and security guarantee 100. quid to follow on court for the bangladesh. the european union has called on bahrain to juice a moratorium on executions after 2 men convicted of terrorism charges were shot by a firing squad and a statement that you spokesperson for foreign affairs and security policy said the executions took place despite reported concerns that the convictions were based on confessions extracted under torture the death penalty is a cruel inhuman and degrading punishment which fails to act as a deterrent and represents an unacceptable denial of human dignity and integrity it 3rd man convicted of killing and a mom was also executed so hired has won the cases. the she our protesters in bahrain had gone to the streets to protest against the death sentence given to 2 men who'd been convicted of terrorism related charges on saturday the government executed and. who were in their twenty's it said they were guilty of breaking into
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a prison killing a police officer and carrying illegal firearms but their families say they were coerced into false confessions they are present as family. there are at their prisoners that we have tortured. and one of them that. was on wheelchair during that period when he was in the jail on friday a protester climbed on top of the behind the embassy building in london going on britain's new prime minister boyce johnson to intervene the. international human rights groups had warned against the executions and called behinds actions shameful a last minute appeal by the united nations special repertoire on extrajudicial killings was ignored agnes calamine said the men were allegedly tortured prevented from attending their trial and sentenced to death in absentia but the behind the
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embassy in washington compared it to capital punishment in the u.s. adding the trials were conducted in accordance with the rules of the kingdom of bahrain which maintain international standards the situation to execute these 2 young men came one day after the united states announced that they were going to start federal executions again which of course you know the politics in the gulf you know that the gulf states always feel like they need a green light to commit the violations that they commit from their allies in the us i was some see the executions as yet another crackdown on shias and the opposition by behind sunni led government says the 27 arab. spring protests hundreds of people demanding police group form as well as human rights activists have been jailed silenced or forced to leave. aside at al-jazeera. sam morton as
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a human rights activists is specializes in bahrain and he says the trials in manama are not credible and fail to meet international standards there can be no further on the current judicial system which it would be generous to describe as a kangaroo court but also we've seeing. credible reports of torture. we've heard from the families of the men that one of them was shot during his arrest and those bullets were only removed 23 days later when they came to visit him. in prison he was in a wheelchair his toenails had all been removed he couldn't walk and he said he used electroshock buttons on him and beaten him severely and forced him to sign a confession so these trials are frankly the least credible trials i can think of this really is is par for the course in bahrain we saw 3 executions
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a couple of years ago in 2017 of a very similar pattern and we're seeing these executions now a lot of that has been linked to in fact the reign embassy in the united states linked the executions explicitly to donald trump resuming executions in america and i think it's very important to link the timing of these executions to the recess in the u.k. e.u. and us parliamentary bodies because bahrain does not want scrutiny of excess occasions so it's good to talk about it on the media. among foreign ministers an hour on for talks on the worsening crisis in the gulf amman is meeting thing in the dispute over impounded british and the iranian tanker same bus probably reports the amount of foreign ministry yousif been allowed we've been a visit comes at a very critical time we know that this morning he's met with members of the foreign
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ministry including his counterpart jawad serif no doubt they were discussing seize tankers the ukraine iran those seized each other's oil tankers and later today the your money foreign minister will be meeting with iran's national security advisers so really these tankers will be the crux of the conversations they'll be having he's been here before his last visit was 3 months ago so this dialogue about regional tensions has been ongoing with oman for some time it also comes as the u.k. announced just days earlier that it will be sending as a matter of routine as a matter of course military vessels to function as escorts for its oil tankers and its cargo vessels that navigate the waters of the region especially the strait of hormuz so really the talk and the tactics being employed now are vermin the essence of a much more violent time of a of a much more dangerous time for vessels in the region in the 1980 s. when many oil tankers had become casualties of the iran iraq war now it is
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certainly not as dangerous in those waterways now as it was back then and the omani foreign ministers mission will be to try to keep it that way but also to deescalate tensions even further. colombians have been protesting in bogota against the killings of human rights activists hundreds have been murdered by criminal groups since the signing of a peace deal with fark rebels 3 years ago. the reports. thousands of colombians took to the streets of the capital enough dozens of cities worldwide all united by a single message and the alarming rate at which human rights defenders and civil society leaders are being killed. hundreds of latest have been killed and our government pretends to be deaf and blind they pretend they don't see what's happening to our leaders. to us one of 1300 community leaders
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currently on their threat almost 500 have been killed since the signing of a peace deal with 5 rebels as criminal groups fight for control of look at drug trafficking and illegal mining in remote territories and as paramilitary groups connected to criminal political elites oppose lamed restitution programs. but i think this government doesn't want to find out who is paying to kill these leaders there are very powerful look at how west with high connection to the national power and i believe there is a complicit silence. the 9 year old crying over the dead body of his mother community leader. sparked a wave of indignation that spurred the rally. protesters want the government of president. this part of the peace deal to do more to protect the leaders and impunity and recognize that the killings are systematic in nature. but while
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president ducat did march in the coastal city of kut to hannah his right wing party was the only one not to endorse the rally despite being booed by protesters who came made the call for unity. i don't. hurt when a life is lost in our country when a voice of silence when hope is distinguished by violence we deeply reject old expressions of violence which are filled by drug trafficking organized crime and illegal mining this is the largest demonstration since the signing of the peace agreement and were undoubtedly put more pressure on the president to get everybody here agrees that unless something gets done to truly effect the power structures behind the violence there will be more killings and they will remain the single biggest threat to the implementation of the peace deal in the country. i just you know. the courts in nigeria has given the government permission to classify
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a shia group as a terrorist organization members of the islamic movement of nigeria have been marching in the capital calling for the release of their leader abraham's exact he has been in detention since 2015 despite a quarter order to release him. but ivory coast is known as the world's leading cocoa producer but less well known is its other export coal and. record highs last year and growers say they're determined to become the world's number one producer amid interest has this report from. pruning quality for us to get more not over the last 3 years for almost a year has been improving the way they work and the yield from this 7 had to call it out fall has doubled. 4 years ago zombie cecil brain was of course. unlike many others he says turning to cola not has been easy.
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having been a cook for me before i had a little experience that isn't. for me or for a new adventure.


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