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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 28, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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and independent investigation on this incident. thousands joined saturday's demonstration of blocks streets in a tense standoff that went on for hours but eventually police lost their patience and moved in to disperse the crowds. the fired several rounds of tear gas used a sponge and pepper spray some protesters fled others refused some volunteers also attempted to negotiate an end to what started as a peaceful rally he said. we hope people come peacefully poised to opinion and their wishes so please i hope to protest as a police because they call the crowds then move to your long trying station where last sunday's attacks occurred protesters hit the building and use fire extinguishers on police to resist arrest permission to go ahead but saturday's rally was denied by the government this demonstration was an illegal assembly and placed my
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a number of arrests these protests aren't going away as another rally planned on sunday in central hong kong and this time demonstrators are expected to target china's my office o'clock al-jazeera hong kong. well still ahead here all al-jazeera officials from trying to convince rangar refugees to return home but will it be safe for them plus the very video k. that gives teens the chance to win a share of a 30 $1000000.00 prize we have more from the 4 point world cup straight after the break stay with us. and i was a bit more clouds floating around in iran around the caspian of course markers but i don't think much to be on. and it has not the temperatures back in the forecast
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here on still around the 40 mark if anything done in iraq is actually going to war for the next couple of days back that up to 46 you can think of 48 to 49 kuwait just a little bit lower than that typically though it's still sunshine for the most part and it was so our last few days of forecasts where i've been standing over the levant nothing much has changed the breezes picked about of iraq is running down the gulf at the moment as temperatures probably slowly on its way down having had 45 was their buys on saturday were down to below 40 for both sunday and monday and that usually indicates rather more humid air and look at the wind direction that's probably exactly what to feel like in qatar and in bahrain not necessarily dubba dubba dubai or the u.a.e. typically has got this drier breeze from the empty quarter although it's still producing the relief in salalah which is of course overcast and. now the weather in cape town is warmed up considerably still a bit of
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a breeze admittedly but 70 degrees for you on sunday and more sunshine with the same temperature on monday. weather sponsored by catherine. and new year new lessons and new rules this is the time when you get to choose your english teacher is for the next 2 years meet the teachers empowering their students my take and my course all about we're going to look at perspective i want you to develop the skill with which you speak by letting them choose the lessons they learned revelator cation democratic schooling united kingdom on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching observe me sell robin a reminder of our top stories hundreds of people in sudan's capital back on the streets to protest against the findings of an investigation into the deadly crackdown in khartoum last month it blamed roads soldiers for the violent breakup of the city in demonstrations. also syrian government strikes have killed at least 13 civilians in northwest province many of those killed are children russian backed government forces launched an offensive to recapture the last major rebel stronghold. and more than 1000 protesters have been arrested mainly violently in the north was to march in moscow they were protesting the barring of opposition candidates from local elections. to the u.s. where the house speaker of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi has denounced all trumps twitter attack on the democratic congressman as racist the president unleash the online to raid her
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after representative elijah cummings criticized his mexican border. sees in response trouble called him a brutal bully saying his baltimore district is far worse and more dangerous than the border he also called cummings's district are discussing rats rodent infested nests the congressman responded saying mr president i get home to my district daily each morning i wake up and they go and fight for my neighbor's particle hain has more from washington d.c. . another norm broken this is a us president denigrating a major american city that has happens to be mostly african-american and it's african-american congressman but the larger cummings is not an ordinary congressman he is an icon of the civil rights movement he has huge respect not only in his district but in the halls of congress the president has made it clear this is his strategy to get reelected he believes if he fires up his base core supporters of
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white supporters that they will come out in droves they will get him another term there are a lot of analysts who are sending a warning message though about that strategy they look back to 216 and one of the reasons that trump won in this incredibly close election was because the vote was down in african-american communities and hispanic communities polls show that his racist tweets and comments are hurting his support among african-americans and hispanics so what some analysts are warning while the president is firing up his own base is core support has it moved he's also fired up the base on the other side . the 2 people who died after about the need to in the ninety's in south korea and the 17 others were injured that happened in the southwestern city of one jew many of the injured were foreigners fleet's competing in the world swimming championships. the delegation from his visit to drink it comes in bangladesh to persuade refugees to return home hundreds of thousands have been children in
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a sense fleeing a violent crackdown by me and 2017. from coaxes bazaar. security was stepped up for the visit of representatives of the me and my government to the refugee camp at cox's bizarre there had been a fear of protests and only a select group of rowing was chosen to meet with the delegation in one of the camps offices shade then we was among those who attended the talks to me and my government is trying to persuade the refugees to return home. they told us that all arrangements are being made for us to return they also told us that there are camps built for us with the necessary security and facilities outside the camps office several 100 running has gathered to get to meet the delegates and ask questions but they were quickly dispersed by police and nearby another group of refugees try to stage a demonstration but that was also quickly broken up by security officers some of
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the community leaders at cox's bazaar expressed their concern at what condition will be like if the refugees return to rakhine state we demand before our water going back i want to be done in done her community you should visit inside africa area about to assume that what are perfect and this is the 3rd high level visit by the me and mar government that repatriation of the 1st batch of refugees was to begin officially last november but it stalled amid protest at the camps and bangladesh many are still traumatized from their experience 2 years ago when they were forced to flee their homes during the me and my own military crackdown so we're a cotton story 5 year old son and 18 year old grand daughter in law were killed by the security forces is that we will seek compensation and justice 1st for the loss of our family members we also want to be recognized as if these demands are met and
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we get justice then we will think about going back critics said this trip plan is just me and maurice latest attempt to divert international criticism from its policies directed at the row he got nearly a 1000000 rowing are refugees are crammed into this densely congested shanty camps in the caucasus bazaar area they're getting increasingly frustrated and angry about their future but no one is willing to return home to me on my without citizenship papers and this. cura to guarantee congress to agree or does it out of the following course of the bangladesh but the european union has called on bahrain to introduce a moratorium on executions after 2 men convicted on terrorism charges were shot by firing squad in a statement the e.u. spokes person for foreign affairs and security policy said the executions took place despite reported concerns that the convictions were based on confessions
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extracted under torture the death penalty is a cruel inhuman and degrading punishment which fails to act as a deterrent and represents an unacceptable denial of human dignity and integrity a 3rd man convicted of killing. was also executed so hierarch has more on the case . these see our protesters in bahrain have gone to the streets to protest against the death sentence given to 2 men he'd been convicted of terrorism related charges on saturday the government executed and. who were in their twenty's it said they were guilty of breaking into a prison killing a police officer and carrying illegal firearms but their families say they were coerced into false confessions the prisoners family is. they are. they are prisoners that we are tortured. and one of them that. i was on we had here during the period when you was in the
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jail on friday a protester climbed on top of the buttering embassy building in london going on britain's new prime minister boyce johnson to into the. international human rights groups had warned against the executions and called behinds actions shameful a last minute appeal by the united nations special repertoire on extrajudicial killings was ignored agnes calamine said the men were allegedly tortured prevented from attending the. trial and sentenced to death in absentia but the behind the embassy in washington compared it to capital punishment in the u.s. adding the trials were conducted in accordance with the rules of the kingdom of bahrain which maintain international standards but the session to execute these 2 young men came one day after the united states announced that they were going to start federal executions again which of course you know the politics in the gulf
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you know that the gulf states always feel like they need a green light to commit the violations that they commit from their allies in the us i was some see the executions as yet another crackdown on shias and the opposition by behind sunni led government since the 27 arab spring protests hundreds of people demanding political reform as well as human rights activists have been jailed silenced or forced to live abroad. and jersey. some walton is a human rights activist who specializes in bahrain's affairs. there can be no further on the trains current judicial system which it would be generous to describe as a kangaroo court but also we've seen. credible reports of torture. we've heard from the families of the men that one of them was shot during
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his arrest and those bullets were only removed 23 days later when they came to visit him. in prison he was in a wheelchair his toenails had all been removed he couldn't walk and he said he'd used electroshock patterns on him and beaten him severely and forced him to sign a confession so these trials are frankly the least credible trials i can think of this really is is par for the course in bahrain we saw 3 executions a couple of years ago in 2017 of a very similar pattern and we're seeing these executions now a lot of that has been linked to in fact the the train embassy in the united states linked the executions explicitly to donald trump resuming executions in america and i think it's very important to link the timing of these executions to the recess in the u.k. e.u. and u.s.
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parliamentary bodies because bahrain does not want scrutiny of excess occasions so it's good to talk about it on the media. 2 teens are one of a half $1000000.00 richer than after winning the team final new 1st fortnight a world cup or fortnight started as a free video game and quickly became a global phenomenon it involves players landing on an island armed with a pick axe they then compete to find weapons and other items to stay alive and eliminate other players more than 40000000 players from around the world trying to qualify over 10 weeks of online competition they were whittled down to 50 teams of $2.10 to solo players for the final tournament that's a total prize pool of $30000000.00 for each category carrying a prize of 3000000 dollars for the winner but all finalists received at least $50000.00. is a form of gaming addicts he says young people use the lure of big winnings to explain their addictions to video games. they definitely there are elements of
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personality and i just being able to compete and being getting all the jewelry from the competition but also the games today are very regular you know exploiting and just being where of what makes people think and how to kind of make them play more and more but it's a combination of both personality and the games and self's it gives those players something to the other parents they can say like hey man i'm not wasting all my time on the computer i'm practicing under the be the next superstar i'm going to make that money but the trick is there is only so many people who can win this money and then there's you know 40000000 players who are not winning and that nice only some of them are getting the money but more secret just kind of spending all this time for for nothing and so i think that's then becomes tricky and that really addiction can be a big part of it but just having something to point out as a book i can be i can make money out of this which is not usually the case for most people for me it was of a draw from the real life i was abandoning my social life mostly i was not studying
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much i was still getting going to school and going to university and doing something but i wasn't paying much attention to anything but the games i was playing so i was just of using all my free time just to play a do nothing else every coaster is known as the world's leading cocoa producer but less well known is other export such as conan let's put reached record highs last year and grow determined to become the world's number one producer and with its support style from a group of. pruning quality trees to get more not. over the last 3 years from us here have been improving the way they work. and the yield from this 7 hectic farm has doubled. 4 years ago zombie cecil band was a cocoa farmer. and like many others he says turning to colonise has been easy. having been a cook from before i had
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a little experience that isn't. for me or for a new adventure it's not paying much at the moment but i think it's worth a try. west african traders especially from come here to ivory coast to buy some of the goods find their way to the middle east in 2013 ivory coast produce more color north i mean i did 3 years for about half that of nigeria the world's number one producer but farmers here say they can be good lovin leader if they were given the same support and find i felt as a country school performance. there is little in the way of government support for the farmers but help is coming from elsewhere with researchers helping to improve farming techniques. it's essential for the farmer to be paid a good price per tonne access to new markets is also important that will ensure
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that they keep doing what they do. in africa colinet are mostly used in traditional ceremonies but also used to make drinks and pharmaceutical products so many here see their potential is huge trade isn't farmers say if their government could help them get a fixed price for their goods they would prosper and others would be encouraged to take up farming and that way they say their country would not only be the leading global producer of cocoa but of cullen at toul. maybe trees. i will feel ivory coast. you want yours there i'm still rob a reminder of our top stories hundreds of people in sudan's capital are back on the streets they're protesting against the findings of an investigation into the deadly crackdown in khartoum last month it blamed rogue soldiers for the violent break up
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of the sit in demonstration. i don't believe what happened today undermines the political process unless the military council looks for excuses to prisoner goes you asians or procrastinate the process what happened todays a natural response let the military council see this is a strong message that the people cannot remain silent as the investigation commission was formed not to establish the truth but to conceal the truth syrian government as drawings have killed at least 13 civilians in northwest province many of those killed were children russian backed government forces launched an offensive to recapture the last rebel stronghold in april. more than 1000 demonstrators have been arrested many violently at an unauthorized march in moscow they were protesting the barring of opposition candidates from local elections. in hong kong police have again fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters after
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thousands of people defy the government ban and rallied in a small town near the chinese border a group of men attacked the testers at a train station last week. and 2 people died after a balcony collapse at a nightclub in the south korean city of one jew. the 17 others were injured many of the injured were far enough it's competing in the world swimming championships. the philippines government has sent a military support after earthquakes killed at least 8 people at least 60 people injured and there's been significant damage to homes and other buildings to tremors struck early on saturday in the band test islands many were asleep when the 1st quake hit. the european union has called on bahrain to impose a moratorium on executions after 2 men convicted on terrorism charges were shot by firing squad she activists. were sentenced over the killing of a policeman the executions went ahead despite international concern that their
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confessions were extracted under torture you can follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com more news in half an hour we continue now with the rebel education stay with us. talk to al-jazeera we are going to give to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on how does their own education matter the universal rights to expand arise and offer better prospects. to a better life yet around the globe schools and institutions. systems they deemed to be no longer fit. me linking one school and how they one identifying the field of the knowledge needed in the 21st century and now
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a new way of rebel education is sweeping. educate and radically changing the way. challenging the old and bucking the system creates opportunities which will impact individual and then tie a community. mean . being out on the water with a nautical school like this is a pretty great experience and i love being out here this is a friday period 3 and look where we're on the road victoria docks that in itself
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makes the school a great place to be and i think it also inspires us as disco to do things in different and unique ways we're not bounded by what you would expect which is a great thing. and i 1st came to the u.k. one thing that did strike me was the amount to which the system for education focuses on exam outcomes there's a lot of punishment associated with doing badly in exams it seems it's often leads to really conservative approaches in the classroom and schools that are risk averse process i think there's much more that we should be doing in classrooms then simply getting ready for exams.
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sit down right listen up please there's not words i told you yesterday that we were going to do going to continue to learn about a movement in america at the minute and actually does they have starting in london to call black lives when people come to the streets in large numbers doesn't normally call protest ok and interesting thing about protest is protest and symbols ok you can tell me what a symbol is yes exactly tell you what sounds good so actually what you see the rectally can often be different to what you think of right this is my 1st year
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as a qualified teacher so this is all i've ever done and i think it would be difficult for me now to return. to i mean for lack of a better mainstream education the good thing about the autonomy here is the fact that you can i can push a certain things i can push the issue of representation they give me a framework to do that is a picture of who. i. don't know who is the most famous person. is beyond say right and what i want you to do is only talk to i want you to tell your partner and i want you to ask them why do you think beyonce has put all of these names all behind talk to the person next to go. on the national curriculum says that teachers are allowed to teach pretty much anything they want according to the official document of the government out we have autonomy to do that it's just the case that often as the departments don't put in systems in place in which
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teachers can choose their own text what is trayvon martin's name stand for in all of the list of these other names i hope that the kids feel that english is for them english is is about learning about the world it's about critiquing things in society and it's about how you can stand up to injustice and that's why i hope the kids feel and that's why i became an english teacher and that's why i try to implement on a on a day to day basis when i see. that . this is the time when you get to choose your english teacher is for the next 2 years we
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have a set of beliefs and their english department here about you. the 1st thing we believe is that you can be trusted that you are the perfect person to decide where and how and with whom you learn you decide how hard the program of learning that you think is suitable for you should be you decide the topic you decide the style of learning and then you get on and succeed we do not want to break you and say groups who we think will achieve and groups who we think want that is none of our business at the end of it all you will all say the same g.c.s.e. examinations and you will all have the same chance of succeeding but the path you will follow to get there will be very different i'd like to invite you to come forward. mr vinick has a new teacher. as well as teaching english the boys talk drama media alongside that lots of bring in those different aspects to. begin to look at that perspective
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different people's perspective my take my cool all about. what freedom is free to me i'm interested in the opinions that you bring to these text because that's what makes it interesting if you like exploring social issues or things like talking about what we might call big issues such as race and of course poverty and gender then perhaps my course will be for newt will be a long time for me to your view and you'll be expected to be quite often. texts that i have selected. and you're going to have to be willing to do some hard work if you want to be in the school i want you to develop the skill with which you speak i want you to be comfortable speaking last i want you to. write and your reading so that you understand you so much great stuff out for you to understand all your enjoy the stuff much write stuff.
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i think about but mr o'brien i would teach you if you see him backing. down to a level. you can understand he understands us more it makes you feel like a grown up because it makes you have your own choice your independence to be honest i really don't know you it's a pick because they're all very good with all their individual ideas and everything . we've invited you to have a conversation with us about the way that we work in english department. we need to know exactly what it is that you want to say from the teaches and what we can offer you next year. it would not be better if it was watching what screen whereas.
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the speaker could also see in this scene where we don't think it's our position to choose just you one of the things that has been proven in research that's going to make the most difference to him his learning is the teacher we feel like it's appropriate future have a choice on. the. right. everything has a blog for each class so you can look at the work of that rubens being provided with and each student as a block so you can look at your son's work where you can look at the work with other students and next class if you're interested in seeing what others are doing you can also go on to that same site and find all the information about all the possible badges he could ever want to achieve any concerns or. problems with
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the idea of us publishing all of this material i don't know how to think that very . out and maybe not some alternate i don't mind maybe he thought the sun paid him that you need to check yeah you're lucky he's vulnerable here yeah we think as a school and as educators it's our job to also inform them about how to be online and by providing them with a publishing mechanism that is under control. they we can then moderate the choices they're making and be and be with them in their online world we're concerned with. the. i mean.
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it's important for us if we have or are inclined to do these things to go on to give us because what we do doesn't just come from one person it's actually about all of us it's the student and the teacher is for sharing our experiences of what we've created to get. the thing is a conference for teachers so the only people there except for you will be to clear things so i'm usually very interested to see how that actually works in a school i want and one of the things we did we agreed was that it's actually more real. for students to. get your point of view than we just say students really like it talk about what you want to talk about. you know what the people want to reach of you that might be a different thing i'm not sure. because you can gauge screen it simply with a cheap one not on your own badges and things like that it might be that you're in a position to talk about that also all here all english class is different is that
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it's not is it even though we use our basic skills i was lucky i use it to do want to toss things we're doing right now if you don't know me to get to have that conversation normally you'll go into a classroom and another school and they will tell you what your program going in is going to be and that's what you do if he. tries. to abort along some people from my team in order to validate and verify some of the things we're saying. to talk to you about our whole new system of working the courage is teachers and students to take responsibility for themselves ask.
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and. i mean the teachers can see it. it's really good. to read a book. where the only thing that i know of that their own english teacher and i think that in no way. and now. makes me so you move his book. in makes me more. like yourself and. i think i picked up with the quote i thought his course and i think i could. live and you'll have to believe me when i say this i haven't said to for you and say those things right like and so one for you and says i think that mr bryan scores is
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good for me because it's about in a city and we talk about social issues well i mean i think that if i was in school when i was in school i would have liked to have said that about my teacher and i feel like the fact that we study writers of color. and you can read about those writers of color and he can see himself in those books is very important because if we don't we often talk about the verse in schools right but if we don't have diversity in terms of the things that we study in english how we have or have diverse english teacher says we really. love to hear what you have to say the way the mind the websites for everything. when i 1st saw the students were here my i thought is that it's not going to be quite a stick or smooth or some in the i'm going to get i'm going to really get anything out of but i was so moved about you know how it was so genuine and honest that it got me to thinking about how possibly it's subtle mimic it from my own school that
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came across that they hadn't handpicked the students the students and put themselves forward and it gave me a feeling of genuine that. made it easier for me to sort of take that and see that it worked. i think i wouldn't have any problem having students choose my classes i can specifically think of 2 or 3 members of my department where students wouldn't pick it and i'd worry as well that those members of staff. would be affected by the fact that they were picked we get a very favorable response to our ideas when we share them with people and at the same time they generally say one universal thing and that is we love this but we could never do this we say why not i want to take away. our goods all. what we do in the english department as a whole is sort of.
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this is not an easy within a state school institution. people dislike change their risk averse and within the scope i have had to battle with people in order to get in to agree for us to go ahead with these programs and processes state challenge the very fundamental nature of how schools work giving students parents choice is terrifying for a lot of people in education you've recorded yourselves speaking and you've transcribed those conversations all i want to do now is start to identify as many as possible of these modifications to standard english that you've made in your conversations
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to the right. you know oh yeah why in your life would you put off and you know news i would. want to tell you that it was all about when you're basically telling a story and one more minute why did you just say since we have such high stakes accountability in this country if you are going to do something that is different from the norm school leaders. it's always going to find it quiets quite threatening and sickly when the school leaders there were countable for the course of your work . what. i experienced initially of christie's performance when being observed and also the specter was quite negative enough not to confidence quite a bit if you go on all students but to come in and see the room and they will make
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judgments and those just was kind of factual could inspect the cam and looked at my teaching and defined my practice as an adequate. i guess there is the sense that a good listener is a listen westerns are sitting behind desks they are quiet and they are studiously engaged in some kind of individual inquiry my view is that they they learn a lot in collaboration with each other what are the key people might call chaos i would often just call active engagement. over the years as the results that we have achieved have come through the system and revealed themselves the inspectors are much more in the minimal to the work we do to the extent that the most recent visit from us did ultimately gave us a very good. rating we had to prove ourselves before we would be taken seriously and i do think that if you're going to create change in the way that we have in a system like this you have to have the courage to be willing to fail or to be seen
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to fail by others. and it's not just externalities that we have school principals we've also got convinced of the 1st rules within the school lot of questions that really they don't necessarily know the smoothest looking you need is it's not a model of if you want wants to adults because it is a lot of work and it is a go to different way of looking. at the way that money to students which is a long time used to. say. you've got something of a choice about what you do today the way that you've been planning for the data it's. planning your method i'm getting ready to actually do your experiments i'm
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about to take a bath as head of science at a nice and i've been spending a lot of time working with the english department on the ideas that i have. i have already started to try that after a result was really from thursday even is that i get to try and prove that the yanks have made it refutable because you sign to your sources. in the requested that it has rules again so this all obvious 789 and 11 to about the age of 15 are going to be choosing a science teacher. something that. we're ready. every teacher in my department teaches differently we each have different approaches and different classroom philosophies from today you have been given the chance to make
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a decision that is incredibly important to your success. the kids have been through this before they've done it so many times they know exactly what's right specs and my tame of the people that standing there for the 1st time selling themselves which is something that's not really asked of you very much in teaching way used to being the ones that are very much in control and already you're in and that what you'll be back last year i don't really want to make that we talk about issues that are going on in the world right now that even a little more relevant there is no good going on with. you to. be treated. to work on my team in a science department almost entirely name more than half of my department has never told before the tough stuff in science departments in the u.k. at the moment is generally quite high and the reason for that is there's a real shortage of science teachers there students that without this morning. you
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know seen a few teachers come and go at this stage and a couple of them have said you know what's the point in choosing your teacher if they're going to be leaving soon anyway it's something that may actually that they have come to believe that that we might disappear on them and not be around to see the records to. see if. i. may have to look you. know i woke up this morning right petrified actually because i mean the same feeling as many people in the country is my age you know so what we're going to get i mean this piece of paper with it controls our lives with you oh. oh oh oh oh. 000000 it's pretty exciting to be able to say that the results from this year's
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english program at u.c.s.c. of the best way ahead. the students that we teach fits into some of the categories nationally that are regarded as some of the least likely to achieve we have students who come from backgrounds of poverty we have students who come from backgrounds of where their parents are migrants students that come from difficult circumstances and given that that's the case and yet they come into this go and through their time here succeed at a level that is comparable and better than many other students with much greater privilege in the country is something we well it's what gets us up in the morning. i don't very well possible issues to be using english language and i'll be studying in next year i have highly highly recommend we celebrate is one of the best use you have ever had is the one report for us i was trained in english and he was one who got me to who got me to do this when they free their personality and their own
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force into their lessons busy that's when the lesson comes we're. a in literature and the language. is able to. sort go on no room for white discovery exploration of the language or the text that we're studying in our teachers the students to develop their. ideas that's probably why it is so good that. alice has done fantastically well in english and the reading kind of thing because i am to being an english and not only that easy it's also got a slight hurdle with firm dyslexia and the fact that it's got such amazing results is a credit savings to. the great thing about mr ward is he spends toying with me and yet she likes saying that as i what your child needs. to know the when i said i go back there even many examples over the years where i felt frustrated because i don't think that the school supported me in the way that i'd like to just typical
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for someone who's trying to be something different i think. but at the same time. ending in what we've got to show for what we have done speaks for itself. combining arts and technology. to challenge soviet era methodology. through making creating and performing. turning a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow. after school armenia is part of the rebel education series. on al-jazeera. tibetan culture of down's thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue
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to embrace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the idiot capital you delhi to so be refugees here since $964.00. have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting a better business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. the plundering of armenia's natural riches has uprooted residents and desecrated the habitat of some of europe's most endangered species. but the remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the miked of the country's investors and putting high hopes on its newly elected prime minister people in power investigates armenia mining out the left. on
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a. i've been looking at your instagram account and reading takes into the apples for behind the scenes this is a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president everyone laughed at them everyone has a boyce the best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational callus matic nominee joining the global conversation in your thoughts get twitter and you to find out his iraq. theory in sudan after investigation finds only a handful of military officers responsible for a deadly crackdown on protesters. when
1:49 pm
you're watching al-jazeera live one headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes strikes on syria's province killed at least 13 civilians just a day after the u.n. warns of war crimes at the last rebel stronghold also more than 1000 demonstrators arrested in moscow opposition candidates aren't stupid from local elections. and hong kong police fired tear gas and pepper spray on thousands of people who defied a ban on rallies near the border with mainland china. welcome to the program protesters are back on the streets in sudan expressing their anger at an investigation into last month's brutal crackdown on a demonstration in khartoum saddam's military council is blaming a few rogue officers for the violence which the opposition says killed at least $100.00 people have a balkan has more from neighboring ethiopia. a few offices diverting from their
1:50 pm
orders and no blame on sudan's military town that was the core of the report from the investigation committee set up by the military to look into what happened on june 3rd when security forces attacked a pro-democracy at army headquarters in her town wear them. and i mean one of the brigadier's was warned that he's not responsible for the operation yet he disobeyed orders and led the rapid support forces into the city an area and handed down orders for them to get out of their armored vehicles and force the protesters out it's also stablished that the riot forces led by one of the colonels he alone with his forces moved into the sitting area and some personnel started battling protesters firing indiscriminately into. the attack killed at least 100 protesters and injured over 400 others according to. the central committee for sudan which supports the protest movement the raid was lifestream by protesters as
1:51 pm
they ran for their lives and widely circulated on social media when the internet which was cut off on the day of the attack was restored more than a month later the investigating committee disputed the number of fatalities saying 87 were killed and 168 who are wounded. the attack halted talks between the military and the opposition coalition known as the forces for freedom and change which represents the protest movement talks resume to months later as protesters continue to demand accountability and an initial power sharing agreement was signed earlier this month the sudanese professional association part of the opposition coalition and the body which has been leading the calls for protests since december insists the committee was not independent but says it should not affect the talks to form a transitional government hours after the report was released people protested against its findings. i don't believe what happened today undermines the political process unless the military council looks for excuses to prison
1:52 pm
a go she asians or procrastinate the process what happened todays a natural response let the military council see this is a strong message that the people cannot remain silent as the investigation commission was formed not to establish the truth but to conceal the truth. as the 2 sides continue to try to form a transitional government protest on the streets continue their demand for justice but some analysts believe the investigation report could end up obstructing that justice from the justice perspective the reason they need to be an independent report. and i think the problem and also the information about this is mostly when the ministry of truth witnesses. the victims who have been attacked . this whole thing this went on for. the june 3rd attack was the most violent the start of the protest in december many say that the
1:53 pm
justice and accountability they demand cannot be achieved without a civilian government and a change in the system the reason why they started the revolution in the 1st place people morgan on their own. son of the girl is president of the sudan doctors union in the u.k. she says the report is not surprising because sudan lacks a proper judicial system it has been always request an independent investigation we are all very aware that any inquiry commission or is it is the solution commission that has will be appointed by the transitional or the council will not be independent in addition to that the infrastructure for the legal the design of. them all those are that actually all misnamed and therefore this report today was not a surprise as you are expecting well if you nation as. trying hyperbaric
1:54 pm
and you see a very very controversial that for us as doctors we listen and we are aware of so on once they decide to do it even those are those in u.k. working closely with our colleagues who down there are aware of the beginning of the massacre that they were thousands of militia and they did it. at least 13 civilians including 5 children have been killed in syrian government strikes in province the tanks came just a day of the un human rights chief sounded alarm over the latest wave of killings and warned that those responsible could be charged with war crimes could go to reports. seem all too familiar for the people of north korea syria homes reduced to rubble was families ripped apart. was i really united nations high there are no armed people no
1:55 pm
headquarters only unarmed civilians and armed people. the syrian government backed by its russian ally launched an offensive to capture it labe in late april since then markets schools hospitals have all come under attack children have not been spared more than $200.00 were killed in just 3 months more than $800.00 civilians have now died. but it looks like i'm going to assad is targeting us because he wants us to give up and become displaced but where can we go there is nowhere to go we're forced to remain here despite the bombing. it is the last may just syrian opposition stronghold nearly half of its population is internally displaced people from different parts of syria have sought shelter here in september russian turkey agreed to designate it lip and surrounding areas as a deescalation zone civilians were meant to be protected but the air strikes
1:56 pm
haven't stopped and the bloodshed continues there were 4000 as good as a settler to be deescalated where the violence should be escalated 3 of them were i think one of the one the only specialty about it live that is the last place where people could be deported to and it's continued with the turkish border which could be cleared refugee problem for turkey or for the e.u. and hence where there is some pressure on russia and related to a lead but who actually did not respect the 1st of 3 for the escalation zones we don't believe is going to respect the 4th one on friday the un human rights chief michel accused the world of indifference to the plight of syrians for activists on the ground the carnage and it led to hama represents yet another brutal but all too familiar stage in the war priyanka gupta al jazeera.
1:57 pm
a 1000 protesters have been arrested in and. they were demonstrating against the barring of opposition candidates from local elections so. they chanted this is our city as they came up against the power of the russian authorities it was supposed to be a rallying call for banned opposition candidates to be allowed to run in local elections in moscow. but it was met with a baton carrying of right police soon after the arrests began. i believe this is political pressure to make the independent candidates is just standing there in the street at the broad today that. we of pray to walk around the streets of oil all this is nonsense it's a shame. the un authorised protest had been called by the jailed opposition leader . authorities had banned local election candidates from running because they said
1:58 pm
the candidates in question had not collected a sufficient number of genuine signatures in their support a charge rejected by the opposition movement who say the candidates are being unfairly excluded. all that is being done is an attempt to intimidate tools and we need to show that they cannot intimidate as with these methods the protest also comes at a time of serious questions over president vladimir putin's popularity discontent and anger over falling incomes and a rise in the national pension age appear to have caused a slump in putin's approval ratings that have been denied by the kremlin. but the opposition sees this latest crackdown as a struggle for its right to challenge what it says is a legislature loyal to the president and attempt to be seen heard and represent
1:59 pm
those who want to change and moscow's political scene sunny diagonal al-jazeera. the hong kong police have again fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters after thousands of people defied the government ban and rallied in a small town near the chinese border a group of men attacked protesters at a train station there last week with the crowds refusing to leave on saturday it led to an intense hours long standoff with police sara clock reports. they surrounded the police station in your long a town in the new territories on the outskirts of the city they target this time was the place i protest is of accused of failing to respond to the calls for help last sunday a group of people wearing white shirts attacked them at the local train station today is the both outcry against the coalition of police and gangsters allowed the package on the 21st of july so people are not going for
2:00 pm
a thorough investigation and independent investigation on this incident. thousands joined saturday's demonstration of luck streets in a tense standoff that went on for hours but eventually place lost their patience and moved in to disperse the crowds. they fired several rounds of tear gas used to spend nights and pepper spray some protesters fled others refused some volunteers also attempted to negotiate an end to what started as a peaceful rally he said. hang on we hope people come peacefully post the opinion on their wishes so please i hope to protest as the police because they call the crowds then move to your long trying station where last sunday's attacks occurred protesters had the building and use fire extinguishers on police to resist arrest permission to go ahead with saturday's rally.


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